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tavis sella drtir.
Leffert's glasses fit.
Btockert Bel'. carpets.
A store for men "Brno's."
Peterson, gun and locksmith, 4J0 B y.
Irtsmnnd betrothal rings at LcfTert's, eOt)
14-K and lg-K, wedding rings at Loffort u,
"9 Broadway.
Twenty percent discount on picture mold
ings. Alexander A Co., 333 Broadway.
The Every Thursday club will meet this
morning al the home of Mrs. lluiace Ever
ett. Furnished room for rent. brat, gas, bath,
south front. Audresa, X care Bus. Council
Mrs. K. H. Coddlngton' of Mt. Plessant;
la.. Is the guest of riev. and Mrs. tt. Alex
ander. Harmony chapter, Order of the Eastern
Star, will meei In regular session this
The annual inspection of the Dodge IJght
guarda will be held this ' evening In ilia
armory at Hughes hall.
The Ladles' Aid society of the First Ran.
tint church win meet this afternoon at
the home of Mrs. C. W. Ltougiass, 712
Vvlllow avenue.
A number of the members of the Council
UlufTs Whist cluo expect to attend the mid
winter tournament at rJloua Fails, r). JJ.,
February 11 and 12,
Robert 'Wallace, who Is said to have ald
crmanlo aspirations, will adaress the West
i-ml Improvement club tins evening on
'Municipal Ownership.''
Attorney t N. Kllckinger returned yes
terday from a business trip to Lincoln,
Jseb. Through the courtesy of ex-Senator
Allen be was a guest at the banquet to
William J. Bryan.
National Committeeman Ernest E. Hart
goes to Chicago this evening to complete
arrangements for . locating headquarters
lor the lows delegation to the repuoiican
national convention.
Justice Ouren performed the marriage
ceremonyN yesterday afternoon for A. C
Chrlsteneea ana ckllia coyiey. ooin of
bt. Louis, Mo. Tney Were attended by
irienus from Omaha.
Attorney A..T. rikklnrer waa vesterrlav
re.appn.ii ted by Judge Tliornell of the dis
trict court as a, member of tne Board of
Insanity commissioners tor a term of two
jeers trom February K8.
W. B, Van Clilave of Florence, Neb., and
Miss niva C, Ateueck, daughter of J. B.
Matlack of Creecenl, ia., were married yes
terday afternoon at the Kiel hotel In tne
rreaence or a lew relatives and Intimate
Menus, the ceremony being penornied by
luetics Ouren.
Mra. Hattle Turbloom, wife of Charles
Turnbloom, bu3 Kasl I'lerce street, died yes
terday, aged 4o years, from pneumonia,
after a protracted Illness, Her husband
and one son survive her. The remains will
be taken today to Carson, la., where the
funeral will be held.
A aewer on East Pierce street, which
has been giving the city engineer's de
partment considerable trouble ut late, was
opened yesterday and was found to be
blocked up by a quantity ot broken window
glass, liow the glass got Into tne aewer
is a mystery to City Engineer Etnyre and
ills assistants.
The funeral of J. C. Miller, held yester
day afternoon from the residence of his
nephew, W, hi. Tyson of Houth First street,
was uttendea by a large gathering ot
friends and the Moral tributes were many
and beautiful. Services were conducted by
Kev. W. B. Barnes of the First 1'resbv
terlan church. Interment was In Falrvle'w
cemetery, these acting as pallbearers: H.
11. Van Brunt, Dr. H. B. Jennings, A. B.
Nicholas, Charles Beno, .U C. Empale and
E. A. Kisser.
Damage Case oat Trial.
The trial of the personal Injury damage
uit of Mrs. Margaret Cramer against the
City of Council Bluffs was commenced In
the district court yesterday after several
hours had been consumed la securing. a
-Jury. Mrs. Cramer sues for $16,000 for in
juries claimed to have been received from
a fall Into a hole In the sidewalk on Fourth
avenue about a year ago. It Is claimed
that Mrs. Cramer's Injuries, which are to
her spine, are permanent and while she was
OA tha witness stand she appeared to be
Buffering Intense pain. Efforts on the part
of the city to compromise the suit failed,
as Mra. Cramer refused at all times since
tba accident to settle for less than 115,000.
Haft.- sells lumbar, catch the Idea?
No Mot In Saloon Fight.
Tba situation In the saloon fight re
mained unchanged yesterday, neither side
making any move. The saloon men at an
adjourned meeting yeaterday afternoon de
cided to continue running their placea aa
closely to ths mulct law as possible. They
also decided to ask the city council to
amend ths ordinance passed Monday night,
so as to make It a dlsdemeanor for any
person whom the saloon men have been
properly notified not to sell liquor to, to
enter a saloon for ths purpose of taking or
purchasing a drink.
Oleen Bros., plumbers, 700 B'way. Tel.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to Ths Bee
yesterday ty ths abstract, title and loan
office of Squire Annla, 101 Pearl street:
Mary If. Iewla and husband to Msry .
C. McMillan, lot 10, Railroad add.,
Carson, q. c. d. 1
William llaller and wife to Phoebe
Hodgson, lot 21. block 6. Sackett's
add., w. d 600
Frank F, Everest and wife to A. An-
dersen, lots 1 to I and I and 10, block
II, Evans' id Bridge adii., a. c. d.. 1
Tuncretla I. Helleman to William
Helleman, 72 acres in nVi ne'i -76-.
w. d 1
Four transfers, total
I 601
Will You Help a Sick Friend?
Get My Book for Him Now.
' Which Book 1 a Drapepsia.
: .. H I oa nun.
Snail Book I aa ths KUnere.
Book 4 tor Wtan.
Book I for Man (naiad )
book 4 oo Rheumatism.
Son 4 mo no sootr.
iMilr tell tae wblck book to Mod.
You osnaraly know of wu ono who It sick soate
Sufferer woo will so grateful tor too hols my souk
44 tkat book tail of a war to hair Tails of a
ay oo coiiata that 1, aa a pnratclan, offer that help
a trial. Tho hooh tolls how fur M veers In hoe
niiale and at bouaiaee 1 searched for a war to euro
0a),-wato4 and dlflrult diaoaaaa. It tails how I per
frctrd Bar preecnplloa Dr. Hhoop'a Kestoratlve.
How or etleuliac eipertnuut I traced out tha causa
thai bring oo rhromc dteeasee.
I found Invariably thtl wbaro tbaro waa a weak
seas, lha tustde uervre waro waak. Whara thara waa
IS'-e of Tllalily that tha vital nervee larkl power.
Whara waak orgaun wara found. I alwaya found waak
saevee. hot tha serves oo at manly thought of, tut
tho vital orgaua' nerve, tha loalda tha Invisible
Thla was a revalatlon. Thas my raal success
Than 1 rosiblnad tngradlenta that would atrongthaa,
that would vliallao iheaa nonraa. That proarrlptloa
I oallad a natoratlvo. It la knows tha world ovar
sow ai IT. fhoop'a Reatoratlva. Allar that 1 did
aoi fall to ruia ooo oaat In atoh kundrad. Is tho
ailrosialy dlRVult i-aaaa sty fallurra tor Bra yaara
waro ooa la aaoa forty traatfd. I found rancor la
eurabta. t t'anoor la for aursary. sot madlclno.
Than haw to sot Ihta praacrtptloa to al'k onaa
avarywlwra waa my thought. 1 aiuat announce It
lu tho publie proaa. Put. iliouiht 1. will they real
Ita tha truth of sy dieroery lha raal powir of lir.
Phaop'a Raetorattve? Than a way raraa to me like
an Inaplratlon. "I will olttr It la tho elck OB trial.
Toeo they will know 1 am itscaro."
I wrote a reliable drusg at Is each city and village
In AtuvrVa. They agreed to co-vperate with aie.
Now by asy sick one
Dr. ShooVt Restoritive
Iso bo taken oo trial. For a full moats I will let
tu ua ll entirely al my rlak.
rnd no moacy. JuM write mo far tha took you
area. When I nand It I will till you of a drugset
near by oho will permit tha month's trial, t'aa tha
tieotoretlre a month. Then decide. If you any ta
iua Orugeial ''' Otd nut htp that all) lailv.e
roa of say ipeaaa whatsrer. Ms will bill ths coat
to ate.
Tho la my way of flooring your mind of all doubt
l w what lr Snoop's Rtetoratlve ran do. No
nitter bow prajudloed. you rannot d rpute the at-eo-lui
eeruriiy I oSr. Tou cannot roatM aa ofler like
UK if ycu are at all aick.
If you ban a weekaea. write me. If yea ran t
to things Ilka you weed to do thou, tell mo about
" Write la ronftdenca. At a ph'eirtaa I will ull yea
a my to elp Oat w -ok toaty
Ad1r fr. Shrop. Bo eT, clie.' Wle.
Mild raa But ihronif. are el lea cured with ooe
or las bvUtea. At 4iog(teU.
Decision of Eoprm Court Afifocti the
Harriion-PotUwattami" Eohemr.
Contractor Ships Oalflt Home After
Consulting; Ills Attorney and
Scheme Walts for Amendment
of the Preseat Law.
In the fare of the recent decision of the
supreme court that the drainage ditch law
Is In at least one essential feature uncon
stitutional, no work Is likely to be begun
on the Harrison-Pottawattamie drainage
ditches until the law Is corrected. The
same conditions exist In connection with the
Harrison - Pottawattamie county ottch
scheme us were In the case from Woodbury
county, in which the supreme court held
that the state drainage ditch law was In
part unconstitutional.
The supreme court In its decision holds
that the statutes Insofar aa they authorise
the estimation of benefits to lands not abut
ting on a ditch and through which it Is not
to be excavated and the levy of taxes ac
cordingly for such Improvements without
notice to the owner Is a "clear and palpa
ble invasion of the fundamental law for
bidding the taking of private property
without due process of law."
In the case of the Harrison-Pottawattamie
county ditches land not abutting the
ditches, but In some instances a mile or
more remote from the excavation, has been
assessed as being benefited, but, as the law
did not provide for any notice of such as
sessment to the owners of such lands, they
were not notified until after the assessment
had been made against them. Several
suits are now pending in the district court
here brought by owners of such property
to enjoin the spreading of such assessment
on the tax books and the collection of such
special tax. .
County Attorney Klllpack, after reading
the .decision In the Woodbury county case
yesterday, expressed the opinion that no
work could or would be done on the ditches
In Pottawattamie or Harrison countlea un
til the law was corrected, which he believed
would be done at the present session of the
legislature. Brown A Co. of Washington,
lnd who had the contract for the greater
portion ot the Harrison - Pottawattamie
ditches. It is understood, have, after con
sulting with their attorneys, shipped back
their outfit and will not begin the work of
construction until the law is amended.
The Pigeon creek ditch, In Crescent town
ship, for which Wlckham has the contract,
will also be at a standstill. It la aaid, how
ever, that work on the Fensler ditch In
Rockford township will go ahead, as none
of the owners affected will protest against
the assessments.
With the delay thus ' caused It la not
likely that work on the Harrison-Pottawattamie
ditch can be commenced before
next year, as much of the work of making
the assessments . will, it Is thought, have
to be gone over again.
program dF Commencement
Eleven Ont of Seventy-Two Who En
- tered Fonr Years Ago Remain
In the Class.
For the first time in the history of the
Council Bluffs High school there will bo
held this evening the commencement exer
cises of a midwinter graduatlngclass. The
exercises will begin at 7:30 o'clock and will
be held In the high school auditorium. This
Is the program:
Invocation - '
Rev. W. B. Clemmer.
Chorus The dates of the West English
High School Glee Club.
Vocal Solo Selected
Miss Porterneld.
Lecture Some Ideals in Education
Dr. Nathaniel Butler, Chicago University.
Chorus Selection from "Robin Hood"..
High School Glee Club.
Presentation of Diplomas .'.
Mr. J. P. Hess, president of school board.
Class fiong v..
The Graduating Class.
Rev. A. E. BurllT.
The class which entered the high school
four yeara ago thla month numbered sev
enty students, twenty-four boys and forty-
six girls. The class which graduates thla
evening numbers eleven girls. Six boys and
nine girls of the original class remain In
the high school, candldatea for graduation
next June.
Thla class of girls Is unique In several
particulars. All are membera of the full
four-year Latin course -known as ths class
ical course. .All are planning : to - teach.
Nearly" all expect to take some higher
course of training. More than half will
remain In the high school for the next
semester, taking some additional work.
The president, Miss J. McAneney, haa the
highest record of scholarship of any stu
dent whose records are upon the high
school books. The class aa a whole ranks
very high In Scholarship.
The second section of the class of 1904,
which will graduate In June, numbera at
presewt flfty-slx.
Those who will receive diplomas tonight
are: Emma Burke, Jessie V. McAneney,
M. Pearl Gosa, Jessie E. Phllbrlck, Alice
Ethelyne Hanaon, Margaret C. Pilling,
Mary J. C. Johnson, Lulu E. Bpetman,
Mabel Lacy, Winifred E. Sunderland and
Rachel M. Wesley.
The class officers are: President, Jessie
V. McAneney; vice president. Emma Burke;
secretary, Mabel Lacy; treasurer. Lulu
Bpetman. Author of class song, Jessie
Phllbrlck; author of class poem, Mary
Johnson; the motto la gradu dtverso, una
via; colore, gold and turquols blue, and
flower, yellow rose.
Plun.blng and heatlns. Bixby Boa.
Gates or Klaajaaen Wanted.
At the meeting of the city council In com
mittee of tha whole yesterday It waa de
cided to rwcommend that the city council
take the necessary steps to require the
Burlington railroad to maintain either
gates or flagman at Ita crossings on
Eleventh avenue and Sixth, Seventh and
Eighth streets.
The question of constructing a aewer at
Twenty-sixth street and Avenue A, as pe
titioned for by George II. Bchoedsack, pro
prietor of the Twin City Dye works, waa
discussed, but on the city engineer re
porting the probable cost the committee
decided that the Improvement could not
be carried out at thla time, owing to lack
of funds.
The committee on buildings and grounds
was authorised to rent the isolation hos
pital and grounds outside tha city limits
near Mynster Springs on condition that
the house be surrendered at any time that
the city might have need of It.
Wright Oat for Delegate.
At the earnest solicitation of his friends
George 8. Wright, chairman of the re
puhHcan 'central 'eontnn Wee.- as 4 (arKtirhu
for delsaate te the republican national
convention from the Ninth district The
Ninth district Is entitled to two delegate
and It Is expected that Pottawattamie
county will be permitted to name one of
Mr. Wright Is serving his second term aa
chairman of the republican county cen
tral committee and has for yeara been a
hard and faithful worker In the party. He
has never sought any favor before at the
hande of the party and his friends Insist
that at least he should be rewarded by
being selected as one of the delegatca to
the national convention from this dis
trict. Thla much, at least, they say, the
republicans of Pottawattamie county owe
While the announcement of his candidacy
was only msde public yesterday, it Is un
derstood that hla friends have been quietly
booming it for some time throughout the
Ogden Hotel Rooms with or without
board; steam heat; free bath; publlo par
Merchants and Bnslness Mra Protest
Against Action of Express
After a service extending over forty yeara
with the company Colonel Henry C. Beebee
agent for the American Express company
In thla city, has been notified to send In his
Colonel Beebee haa been agent of the
American Express company In this city for
over twenty-five years, and his forced re
tirement came not only as a great surprise
to him, but to the business men generally
of the city. At an Informal meeting yes
terday of a number of the leading business
men and merchants of the city It was de
cided to draw up a protest against the re
tirement of Colonel Beebee and present It to
the officials of the company. It Is not un
likely that the Commercial club will alao
be naked to move In the matter by the
business men with whom Colonel Beebee has
been associated and so favorably known
for so many years.
Special Offer.
Until February 1st. special price of 2 per
dozen on photos. Hansen Haverstock,
43-45 Main street. Mention this ad when
you come.
K. T. Plumbing Co, Tet. 90: night 1" R.
Marrlaaje Licenses.
Licenses to wed were Issued yesterday
to the following:
Name ajid Residence. Age.
W. B. Van Cleave. Florence. Neb !4
Eva C. Matluck, Crescent, Ta JO
Charles N. Ellsworth, Council Bluffs 23
Rosle Owen, Council Bluffs 20
A. C. Chrlstensen, Bt. Louis. Mo IS
Edith Coyley. St. Louis, Mo 24
Ita Great Profusion Was Always a
Cease of Wonder.
Even at the age of 80 years. Queen Vlc
tarla's hair waa a marvel of luxuriance.
The court physician, following Prof. TJn
na's discovery, undoubtedly, treated her
majesty's scalp with a germ-destroying
preparation that was not made public. It Is
now known, however, that the remedy for
dandruff, the germ-destroying element, Is
embodied In Newbro's Herplclde, the only
hair preparation on the market that does
destroy' tha dandruff 'germ. Without dan
druff hair will grow profusely and falling
hair will be stopped. "Destroy the cause,
you remove the effect." Sold by leading
druggists. Send 10c in stamps for sample
to The Herplclde Co., Detroit, Mich. Sher
man & McConnell Drug Co., apeclal agents.
ew Bolldlnaj nt University.
IOWA CITY. Ia., Jan. 20. (Special.) The
plana for the new museum and auditorium
of the State University of Iowa, which will
be begun In the spring, contemplate the
construction of the south wing and center
of the building at once. The building Is to
be located on the ncrth central campus,
corresponding with the liberal arts hall or
the aouth. The new building will be '.
feet long on the side facing Clinton strc
and 124 feet long on the Washington street
side. The building will be built of stone,
three stories high, exclusive of the base
ment, and will be of classic atyle. The audi
torium will seat 1,785 people. The building
la to be completely fireproof.
To Investigate I nl versify.
IOWA C1TT, la., Jan. .-(8pecIal.)-M.
Robert Dupouey of Paris, commissioned by
prominent French manufacturers and edu
cators to investigate the educational sys
tem of the United States, particularly with
reference to the teaching of foreign
languages, will visit the State University
of Iowa during the early part of April, t -
Revivals at Missouri Valley,
MISSOURI VALLET, la., Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) Thla Is a week of tevlvals for Mis
souri Valley. The Presbyterians. Metho
dlsta. Christian and Danish Methodist Epis
copal churches are all holding revivals.
Much Interest Is manifest at all of the
churches and the attendance at the services
each night Is large.
Takes Stockholders to Colorado.
MISSOURI VALLEY. Ia.. Jan. 20.-(Spe-cial.)
A Colorado mining company which
has had agents here for some time char
tered a apeclal car and took twenty stock
holders from here to Colorado yesterday to
look over thtlr gold mines.
Trades shop for Farm.
MISSOURI VALLEY. Ia., Jan. 20-(Spe-clal.V
Charles Harker has sold his harness
shop here to Charles House. In the deal
Harker'geta a farm In Nebraska. He will
give possession soon.
Is your system weak
or run down, the nerves
unsteady appetite
poor or tho blood Im
pure? Loose no uiorejtime
experimenting but pet a bot
tle of Hoetetter'ft Htoniach
Bitter at once from your
druggist. It always cures
even after other remedies
have failed. Don't accept
a substitute. .
8tat Anoois'iou Urgti Legislation for
SjiUmatio Work oo Highway.,
Peter olmae, an Armenian Mission
ry. Proves He Is All Hieht and
Statements Concerning; Him
Are tnfonndrd.
(From n Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Jan. 20.-( Special.) The
annual meeting of the Iowa Engineering
aoclety, composed of the civil engineers of
the state, and especially those who sre In
county positions. Is being held here, with
small attendance. Mayor Brenton of this
city and Milo Ward, accretary of the Com
mercial exchange, delivered short addresses
of welcome, and President S. N. Williams
of Mount Vernon delivered his annual ad
dress. Much attention waa given to a dis
cussion of the good roads problem In Iowa
and the engineers evinced a disposition to
Join with other associations In furthering
legislation looking to betterment of the
roads ot the state along the lines sug
gested In the biennial message of Governor
Cummins. The engineers expressed them
selves as for a better system of road work
and for laying out plans to be followed from
year to year which would Include a thor
ough survey of the roads. Among the
papers presented today was one on "Nlsh
nabotna River Improvements," by Beth
Dean of Olenwood. and J. W. Hoffman of
Carroll on "Some Experiences of a County
Politics Still Mirk Muddled.
The democratic city convention Is to be
held tomorrow, but the democratic dele
gates, nearly all of whom have been se
lected at precinct caucuses, are all at sea
aa to whom they will nominate for mayor.
The efforts of the leaders have been con
fined to trying to Induce former Mayor
Hartenbower to be a candidate for the
place. This evening a letter waa received
from him In which he positively declines.
A large element In the party favors the In
dorsement of the Independent candidacy of
John MacVlcar, the defeated republican
candidate, who Is now well In the race for
the election and will run no matter what
the democrats do. Others who aro conald-
ered possible nominees of the democrats are
Frank Bennett, former alderman; Harvey
Phillips and J. C. Likes. Nothing has been
accomplished In the way of clearing up the
mystery of the theft of the ballots In an
East Side precinct near the state capltol
The county committee today called
meeting for January 28, when the date for
the congressional primary will be fixed.
Solyman Shows lie Is All Right.
Peter Solyman, who Is traveling In the
state In the Interest of some missionary
work In Armenia, has cleared himself of
the accusation of the secretary of the
Presbyterian board of missions that he Is
an ImpoBtar. The mistake arose from a
confusion of porsAns. The man referred to
aa an Impostor Is now said to be at work In
a packing house In Ottumwa. Mr. Soly
man, who had secured Indorsements from
Governor Cummins, Governor Mickey and
many others, produced proofs that he has
actually placed Armenian .orphan children
In good homes In. Iowa, and that hla work
la efficient and honest. He called at the
office of Governor Cummins today and
made the matter right. .
Sitn Telephone Company. v
The artlclea of Incorporation of the Farm
era' .Mutual Telephone company of Lucns
county were filed with the secretary of
atate; capital. $10,000; C. E. Connor, presi
dent; C. C. Burr, secretary.
The board of mine examiners today ex
amined a class of fifteen applicants for
certificates as to competency for mine fore
men, etc.
The Union Surety and Guaranty com
pany of Pennsylvania haa been barred
from the atate by State Auditor Carroll
ecause of Impairment of capital due to
time heavy losses on a contracting firm
at Tampa, Flo.
Kirk on Nebraska Floor.
The Iowa Millers' association haa taken
ateps to Induce the State Board ot Control
to change Ita policy In regard to purchase
of flour for state Institutions and to con
fine the blddera to the millers of Iowa.
This year a Nebraska mlll got the bulk
of' the business for the Institutions of the
state, securing the same on competitive
bids, aa required by law, and the millers
of the state are up In arma against the
Board of Control on this account. A atrong
resolution was passed by their state aaso
clatlon on the subject.
Storm Covers Iowa.
Beginning about midnight last night
snow, rain and gleet fell over nearly all
of Iowa and continued until afternoon
today. In this city the street car llnea
were wholly blockaded early In the day
and some of the llnea did not get to going
until 10 o'clock, the Ice being heavy upon
the tracks, so that much work was nec
essary. The storm did no damage other
than thla Inconvenience, but It is becom
ing colder and there will be some damage
to live stock not sheltered. Some reports
Indicate damage to telephone wires In ths
Conrt Decisions.
Following are tha court decisions :
State against Zeb Peterson, appellant;
Decatur county; affirmed by the court.
First National bank of Corning against
T. C. Reld. appellant; Adams county.
Judge Towner; modified and aflirmed, by
Sam Stephens against Albert Queery. ap
pellant; Wayne county, Judge Parrlah;
dismissed, by Deemer.
Jennie Thornburg sgalnst Farmers IJfe
Association of Des Moines, appellant; Dal
las county, Judge Applegate; affirmed, by
McClain. , . ,
Rebouca Swett. appellant, s sal list Wllllsm
I-arge; Taylor county. Judge Towner; af
firmed, by Ladd.
Northern Telephone company against
Iowa Telephone) company, appellant; Poca
hontas county, Judge Bailie; affirmed, by
Charles Sutphln against George O. Hol
brook, appellant; Poweshiek county, Judge
Scott: reversed, by Deemer.
J. n. Stoner. arinellant. against L. E.
Zachary : Jawper county. Judga Dewey; re-
(ill nni J . (WUTi
versed, by Weaver.
Total Park Is ftllahtly la Ksreas of
Amonnt at Same Time Last
CINCINNATI. Jan. . (Special Tele
gram.) Price Current says: The market
ing of hoge continues fairly liberal. Total
western packing waa 680,000, compared with
bW.000 the preceding week and K&.Otf laat
year. Since November 1 the total ia s.tlO,
000, against S,00,0U0 a year ago. Prominent
placea compare aa follows:
1903 I. l!-$
Chicago I,i".('j0 J.0.u00
SOUTH OMAHA 4?.wi0 490.niX
Kansas City 4Sn. Si5.0u0
St Louie .I. WW JT8.04
St. Joseph 41.f"i0 X),(mt)
Indianapolis S6. 2x7,1.10
Milwaukee , . 233,)
Cincinnati Ka.OO 1S.
Ottumwa 1M. 1."
Cellar Rapids ...,..,.v......14. , .1 .
81oux City : V?.u l5y0
bt. Paul iwut iMi.buv
Snpreme Ceart Says Raise Was Sot
Made Darin Ita Term of
PIERRE, 8. P., Jan. 20 (Special Tele
gram.) In the supreme court today an
opinion by Corson, presiding Judge, was
handed down In the esse of V. C. Thomas
et al. agalnat the atate of 8outh Dakota,
known aa the Board of Charities case. In
this the members of the State Board of
Charities and Corrections brought suit to
compel the state auditor to Issue warrants
to them for the salaries fixed by the session
of 1903, placing the salaries of each mem
ber of that body at $1,500 per year. Ths
payment of this salary was withheld on
the ground that such a change In the
salaries waa unconstitutional, being made
while the members were holding the
office. The court holds that the law In
creasing compensation changed the duties
and the number of members of the board
and an entirely new board was created
by the law, whlh would give the members
the Increase asked for.
Other opinions by the court were: State,
defendants In error, against Ren J. Mont
gomery, plnlntllT In error. The defendant
has been sentenced to the penitentiary on
the charge of larceny and asked a new trial.
which was refused. I
Opinions by Fuller were: Charles M.
Fallon, administrator of estate of Myrtle
Harvey, against City of Rapid City, a per
sonal damage suit. In which the lower court
Is reversed In granting Judgment for dam
ages; Town of Brltton against John Guy,
In which the lower coiu-t Is affirmed.
Sonth Dakota Hardware Men Deride
to Come Into the General
SIOUX FALLS, S. D.. Jan. :0.-(Speclal
Telegram.) Aa the result of a discussion
by the hardware men who are members
of the South Dakota Local Merchants'
association, now holding Ita annual con
vention In thla city. It waa decided not
to organise a aeparate association in which
only dealers In hardware would be eligible
to membership. However, the hardware
men requested that their branch of ths
retail business be given recognition In the
title of the Retail Merchants' association
and that a full day be set aside solely for
hardware dealers at future conventions of
the association.
L. S. Tyler of Sioux Falls addressed the
convention on the subject of Are Insur
ance. His remarks were given close at
tention. A. F. Crlmm, Parkston, and J.
D. Bartow. Planklnton, led the discussion
on this subject.
R. A. Kirk of St. Paul waa among tha
prominent speakers who addressed the
convention this afternoon. T. J. Courshon,
Delmont, addressed the gathering and
argued In favor of the cash system of
transacting business.
The principal address at this evening!
session was by J. F. Jordan, Minneapolis,
who spoke on the treatment which should
be accorded Jobbers and their traveling
representatives by the retail merchants,
George Fa 11 man Dies ns Resnlt of
Shot by Detective George
LEAD, S. D., Jan. 2a (Special Telegram.)
George Northern, the Homestske detec
tlve, has been rearrested on charge of
murder and committed without ball. The
man he shot yesterday, George Tallman,
died this morning.
The coroner's Jury today found that
George Northern had acted In aelf-defenae
In shooting George Talman yesterday.
Northam la In Jail and Colonel Parker,
state's attorney, saya he will remain there
until after tho grand Jury has Investigated
the caso.
Exterminating; the Wolves.
STURQIS, 8. D., Jan. 20.-(Speclal.)-Tha
Wolf association, recently organised In
Butte county for the purpose of exter
minating wolves. Is after them In good
ahape. A. W. Drew, treasurer of the as
sociation, states that ths association haa
simply become a necessity among ths stock
men, as the wolves have actually become
so numerous that they kill more stock, on
an average, than do the winters. So far
the results have been gratifying, and the
good work will be kept up until the desired
end Is reached.
Pays Creditors In Fnll.
ABERDEEN, 8. D.. Jan. 10. (Special.)
The final accounting of Isaao Lincoln, as
signee of the Keystone Mortgage company
and the Western Farm Loan and Trust
company, haa been accepted by ths court
and the assignee will be discharged.
J. L. Brown, aaslgnee of the Western
Farm Mortgage company has alao made
final accounting and will be discharged
In both cases the creditors have been pa
In full and a pica balance left over to
be turned over to the stockholders.
No Ice at Stnrgla.
8TURGIS, 8. D., Jan. 20. (Special.) A
strong south wind blew here all day yes
terday, and It waa quite warm. In the
evening It rained a few minutes. The
winter has been a very open one, and only
a little snow has fallen. No Ice has been
put up here to date, and It la feared that
the crop will be pretty thin unless severe
cold weather sets In pretty soon.
Potter Connty Snndny Schools.
SIOUX F LL8, 8. D., Jan. 20. (Special.)
A convention of the Sunday schools of
Potter county will be held st Gettysburg
on January SO and SI. Among ths prom
Inent clergymen who will be present will
be Rev. C. M. Daley of Huron and Rev.
F. P. Leach of Sioux Falls, who la gen
eral secretary of the State Sunday School
Ranehaann Wants Damages.
CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Jsn. S0.-(Speclal.)
W. J. Somers, a ranchman of Fossil,
Wyo., has brought suit against the Oregon
Short line for $2S,0OO damagea. Somers
was thrown from a load of hay and In
Jured while crossing the trarka of the
railroad near Fossil, the accident being
due, he alleges, to a defective crossing.
Pay Cheeks Are Stolen.
LEAD, 8. D.. Jan. 20. (Special.) ev-
enty-five Homestaks pay checks, aggre
gating about $0,000, were purloined from
Medical authorities now conoede that
nnder the system of treatment introduced
bt Dr. Frank Wbetsel ol Chicago.
Dr.L. D. knott, Lebanon. Kyj Dr. P. E.
Brows, Prlmifnar, Iowa! Dr. J. C.Cnrryer,
fit. Paul. Mian.; Dr. M. L. Craltey. Ot.
Louis, aio.t Dr. C. F. Beard. So. Vramlng
kam, Uat., bear witness to the efficacy
ol hla treatment sod the permanency ol
the ours ta tbeir own eases. Dr. V. helrol's
new me hnrl is a radical doDarture from
the old fashioned smoke powders, sprays.
t sic, wtiK:!! reueve out oo not cure.
I prepared for aay one giving a short des
I cripuoa of the case, and sending names of
I two other aathioatlo aoffeiwa, Aak lor
I booklet of espertonvea ot those eared.
I Dent, ii sm arts en Cwwsee Mels, Cheseae.
tha counter In the Hnmrstakc business of
fice late Monday night by a snoakthlef,
who made, his escape unnoticed out of the
doors and down the alley. The Homestake
company Immediately sent mraorngera to
Deadwood and caused all business hotis-s
of Deadwood, lad and other Black Hills
towns to be warned against cashing any of
the checks. Tho authorities believe they
know who the thief wa, although he has
not been apprehended.
Mob at I.sramle Threatens to Lynch
Prisoner Who Is Jost Ont ot
CHETENNE, Wyo., Jan. IM.-ISoeelal
Telegram. - Frank WIrshII, colored, re
cently released from ths state peniten
tiary, tonight eonfeised that ho attempted
criminal assault upon 12-yenr-old Helen
Krappa at lramle last nlrfht. The girl
was not seriously Injured. Feeling. Is
strong and It Is feared a mob will tne
the negro from Jail and lynch him before
morning. An effort will be made to trans
fer Wlggfall to the penitentiary, but the
mob may prevent.
Will Derilrnte New Chorch.
SIOUX FALLS, S. D., Jim. 20.-(SpeclaI.)
Tho new Methodist Episcopal church
building at Tulare, Spltik county, will be
dedicated on Sunday.
Arrested In New York for Passing
Worthless Cheek on Father's
NEW YORK, Jan. 3.-Frnnk O. Runkel.
22 years old, son of J. B. Runkel, president
of the Kansas City bank, Kansas City,
Mo., waa arraigned today, charged with
passing a worthless check for $1.20 on
hla father's bank and held In $J,0Oj ball
for examination tomorrow.
Runkel was arrested laM night on the
steamer Deutchland, on which he exported
to sail today. He confessed that he had
done wrong, but said that he waa without
friends and money and wanted to start Ufa
anew In another country.
Sick Headsehe and relieve all ths troubles Inei.
dent to s billons state of the ayetrm, such as Dla
slness. Nature, Drowalneas, Distress after eating,
Palo Id the Side, Ae. While their most remark
able success has been shown lu curing ,
Beadsrhe.yrt C'artcr'aLltlle I,ler l'lllsareeqnally
valuable lu Constipation, curing and preventing
tnis annoying complaint, while they alao correct
a'.l disorders of tba stomach, stlmulsta ths liver
and regulate ta bowels, liven if tbry only euro
Ache they would be almost prlcrlers to those srhs
suffer from tbls distressing complaint; bat fortu
nately their goodness dors not eud here, snd tboae
bo ones try thorn will fled .besa little pills valu
able In so many ways that tbry will not be wiliisg
to do without them. But after all tick bead
Is tha bane of so many Urea that hers is where we
make our great boast. Oar Uls core it walls
others do not. ...
Carter's Little Liver Pills are very small and
vrry easy to take. One or two plhs make s dose.
They sre strictly vegetable ana do not gripe or
purge, bat by tbrlr gentle sction pleas all who
lis them, la vlsls at 85 rent; flve for 1. Bold
by druggists everywhere, or sent by mail.
New York Clt
When you've tried all
the rest, then try
the very nest
Highest tirade of
Perfect Ion of age,
urlty of flavor, are
ts winning goallties
At all leading ban,
a. Binaon a no.
osies, urug stores
assas crrv, no.
Imperial Hair Regenerator
is everywhere recognised aa Ui '
fnr Gray or Bleached Rslr. Its appli
cation 1 not aSeoted by baths; permits
curling 1 1 absolutely harmless, anil In
valuable tor HearU and MuaUfbo. ONE
nample of your balr colored free, e
aerialCBea.MI..Ce. UW.U4Sl..Ne Vert
Ehcrman tt McConnell Drug Co., Omaha.
Users Port.Soft.Wblu SUa
aa4 g Beaatlfol lempicuon.
v V . -nrf VritM. IN
eolutelf and Peratanently
removes Black heada, free.
!, Plmvtra, kedueee, ataB-
epota snd laa. ueea wun
I lterae-Koyela Boa a Pax-
feotet-la Iirre4.
Sole bf Oronbrbj. as
mav s ardaree sir tel.
Pssssn-sloynle. SI nor nettle, exswees nnld.
laiaaa ainjaia oeae, f
BexJi la osjo gnennee. area, rvaran note.
THE DERM AROV ALE CO.. Ctoclnnstl. 0.
Omaha, Mt.br., and south Omaha. Nebr.
The Tonlo
Par Excellence.
IA Wine Cordial.)
The best specific remedy for
Malarial and Typhoid
Cottle, InflUonaa, eVo.
a. iui o'ii m i. o aun
. .uuauiii..jl.y.
feaJ St., Council Bluffs. 'Phone tt.
i I IVER Zj)
" - ti
Now is Hie Time
to Use y
Cnrea Cntnrrh nnd Prevents f'nldn.
o atemneh Dosing-, Jest Brenthe It.
At this season of the year, ratarrhal
troubles are very prevalent, and nearly
ever' person suffers to a certain extent.
Catarrh Is aetuslly the result of a suc
cession of colds and can be easily prevented
If the proper treatment la followed.
Hynmol Is a natural yet scientific euro
for the colds and grip troiib'ee that lead
to catarrh, as well aa a positive cure for
the disease itself.
The balsamlo air of Ilyomel breathed
through the small poeket Inhaler that
comes with every outfit Is filled with germ
kllllng snd health-giving qualities that pen
strata to the minutest air cells of the head,
throat and lungs. It kills all ratarrhal
germs, frees the mucous niem'-ratie from
poisonous microbes snd makes a perfect
and complete cure of catarrh.
The complete outfit costs only $1, while
extra bottles of Ilyomel can le procured
for 0t The fthertnan & McConnell Drug
Co., comer 16th and Dodge streets, Omaha,
sell Ilyomel on the "no cure, no pay" plan,
and will refund the money If It falls to
give perfect satisfaction. You lake no risk
whatever In using Hyomel. It la the only
treatment sold under a gtisrantee of this
nature where a leading local druggist agrees
to return tho money If the treatment falls
to cure.
i I
The Only Double .
Track Railway
between the
Missouri River
and Chicago.
Mnlflont. aolid tUil, tmi to rhlwMro. nomrATt
. Jr.wU.sAora a I n a ran. lihrary. mifTAt.
bftrbar. hath, toloiihon. dinln rr 4Uid ot)-rTUoa
I' all man toarl-t ! taping ear and coMht. Dinln
car aait from OH u ton.
HiUU I HI Ilia, anvila.il is mi nsw
Pollman itrawlnn romo nt scarlet eleeplns cere,
free reclinins chair oars, bullet library sad emoalna .
care. Illnlna care.
3 ft . ii Pollmani1rvln-roomsleptnars.hoffe
.411 AM mokln anil llbrart ears and i free reeling
.IW luu chair care to Chloago. Ulalns oata.
II lfl an Throngh aarvico Omaha to Chieairn
I .ill AM North.Wearaia atandaril oer eoachee
sWU "I" ,ud tree ohalr oara. Ulnins oare.
4 IT nil Free ehalr ears to Chlraao. Tollman
i rU sleeplns cur trom Ames to Cuieaso. lia
eW I m 1, M Mrrln break tut.
7Ch 111 Ohaervation cafe ours, parlor oar and
ivU nil xoachee.
81 fa DU Pnllman steering ears, hafts library
, Q I M oar. eud free roclfn ln oh air care,
DU To Fremont, Llnroln.Wahoo.TlavIS Oltr,
itJU INI York, Haatinas, Howard, (laneva, Htipo.
..or, Norfolk, lone: Pine, fleaper, Hot Hpriass,
Icud wood and Lead. Through lerUnln chair cam
punraan sleeping car ran ice.
0 fit 111 To Fremont. Llnooln. Wahoo Nrrfolk,
PUj AM Long Pine, Vordlgra, Bonestettl -) tho
Boeebud Indian Hoenrvntlon oountrr.
1401 and 1403 Fa:. nam Street.
Charges Less Than all Others
Treats all forma nf Utseaaea ml
Twenty-eight years' experience
tlghteen years In Oman
The doctor's remarkable success , has
never been equaled. Ills resources and
facilities for treating this Class of diseases
are unlimited and every day orinas many
flattering reports of tbs food be is doing.
r tho relief he haa given.
All Blood Poisons. No BREAKINO OUT
n the skin or face and avii external sisX
of the disease disappear at one. A yer
manent cure for life guaranteed.
rVFAD in ili.ncase cured of Hydioc.l.
ftLftH JUsUUU Ktricturo. Gleet. Nervoas
Debility, lxiss ft Strength and Vitality
a -id all forms ol chronic diseases.
Treatment by mall. Call or write. Bom
iQH. Ollic 21S South 14th St.. Omaha. Net.
Every Woman
11 uwetUMt ftnr. in on id know
sitKiui itm wotitUrf ul
MARVEL ttb.ri.ng Spray
I mw svtrisasii sstrtsvr. Jntrf
tionmmd Hmrtttm. ht Sf.
Mt-Mntt ouvctileiiU
litUMCM laslsBJlts,
J.B rear arani
It he pamiut supply Ilia
M Am : an-eia no
olbrr, but send alauip for
lllutrat4l tvoB.-.sl.e. Itaivaa
full liarllciller. and rtliectloht In.
ValiiHhlr to Indira SI BV tts tO,
1 fork usa, Kern lark.
lor aaie only by
VIIUN Jt Pft 1,1 n ana Douglas.
LUnH 0u LU., Omaha. Nebraska.
Cure All B pedal
Treatsaveat susA nteelelae
(examinations and advice fres at oftloe or
fcy mall. Written contracts given la ail
eurable diseases or refund money paid foe
treatment. Treatment by mall. U years
la Omaha.
Per. lath am DamnTa-vs. MAJLa. MMM,
Use Bif for eaaalura.
Irritations or ulceteJloa
of mace aismbreaaa.
fslolsas, aa sot aalrla
..nt a. aojaonoua.
stelel ny Braiiruaa,
or sent Is laia wrasses,
Vr ei frees, sieeeid, tej
I to. or I boul.s S3 T.
Cusuiax see "e geeaast
All Guitres Can Be Cured.
It affords me great pleasure to announce
to those suffering from Goitre that 1 can
positively cure them. I use the Qerm-an
trtatoidit, which bas r.ever been known to
fall. i'U cfcu be cured at home. Consul
tation free. If you have Ooltre write me
tor -'rcu.ar.w JENNHT . D ,
Vox. ltt. Eallna. Kns.
v" . nvi v . i
iWs.ta R
illkrH. V fl '
a 1 1.1 een. I .
M . J eeereeeMg U
Ceelf net w twisters.
I j tmmtt C.i.rl.a.
rlrytlvsaiRufHitiii Ca.

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