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Day for But Ball Whtn Whit
Wings Oeti Control
Padducee second. Morning Star third. Time:
Fifth rare, six furlongs. Billing: Over
rain won. Annie Max second, Mayor
nhnanii third. Time: 1:12V.
Ith race. mll end flve-elgtitus. selling: I P,,,'., f ReUm.J avians Will Sarin In
Major Manatr won, Stonewall second. Boas- '
tar third. Time:
ladlapeaslble tat tkt Becce.s of the
Leegee, Whether Tehran Con
trols Dfn or tha
Whole Clrralt.
I ohee
William A. Rourke of (ha Omaha baaa
all team says he la not greatly w HTled
over George Teheau'a breaking In.o the
Western league by scaring D. C. Packard
out of hid holding at Denver. ' Rourke aays
that Omaha Is Indlapena'ble to the success
of bn.ee ball in Denver and Colorado
Spring, and no matter whether the West
ern league haa all cluba or eight or a
doaen Rourke professes to fear nothing;
more than a loaa of sleep Insofar' aa thla
city and his own interests are concerned.
"George Tebeau always hat been noted
for his foxlness and Ma crafty maneuvers,
and nothing- he can do will aurprlsa me
much, for I know that Tebeau la not given
to the love of his fellow creatures to any
noticeable extent," said Pa Bill.
Tebeau'e move at Denver Is the result of
wen laid plans and a desire Tor revenge, for
which he haa been thirsting for some
moons, and the object of his hate la Pack
ard. He haa dope nothing more than force
Packard Into Opposing of his holdings at
Denver. Tebeau wants to be a factor In
Western league affairs and claims to have
an Interest In the Kansas City franchise,
He also set up the plalm that he had an In'
terest tn the . Denver franchise, but the
records of the Western league aecretary
how that this Is merely a supposition on
T beau's part.
"You aee," aald Rourke, "these western
towns cannot get along without Omaha.
, They must have this town In order to make
a success pf base hall further west, so there
Is little ground for worry here except It be
over the entrance of Tebeau Into Western
league matters.
lorry Day if Tebeaa Wlia,
"Tebeau has enjoined us from meeting In
an official capacity Until the courts decide
whether he has a Tight to a voice In the
deliberations of the Western league, and
thla matter will be up for adjudication In
the courts at Lincoln today. I have only
this to say and that Is it will be a sorry
for the Western league when Tebeau
more gets his think tank Into opera'
Hon, In connection with our affairs.
"Relative to the six-club circuit, I cannot
see that this question Is anything to worry
over. Reports recently have been clrcu
lated that Bloux City and Lincoln are about
to back down and do not want membership
In the Western league,' Nothing could be
further "from the troth. Both towns have
raised more money for base ball purposes
than ever In their history, and the six
club circuit If It Is to be such will be com
posed of Omaha, Dee Moines, Bloux City,
Lincoln, Denver and Colorado Springs.
"Tea1, J have signed some new men a
catcher, third baseman, shortstop and three
pitchers but I do not care to announce
their names at this time."
Hitch la Tebeaa'a Plana.
DENVER,- Jan. 20. Specta4 Telegram.)
The officers of the Western league In Den
Ter are In a muddled oondltloa and Oeorge
Tebeau, who Worked so .ardently to gain
oontrol from D. C Packard, may not be at
the head of the aggregation that will rep
resent thla oily this year. According to
well authenticated rumors - Tebeau
"angel," who Is aald to be no other than
Ft O. Bono Is, declined at the last moment
to hand over the requlJooWflltbr lucre,
the reason being that Tebeau had mis
represented matters to tilm during the ne
gotiations with Packard. . It U aald that
f 26,600 was Packard's figures, while Bon
nie had banked on getting out of the deal
for $30,000, . Tebeau denies that there baa
been any ""hitch In the purchase, but he
virtually admitted aa much today when
he aaked Packard for an option of a day
or two, assuring the latter that he would
secure the necessary money within a day
or two.
In the Commercial league on the Lents
Williams atleiM the Ulnrk KatH took two
out of three games from the Oate Cltya.
let. 2d.
Cochran 2"1
Wamholt 12
Weymuller 1T7
Martin i'
Hull 15
Early p ingtima.
!td. Total.
Street Railway Company Decides to
E.xtend Its Doable Tracks to
Coaaty Ma and Aid la
the Improvement.
Totals tea
1st. 2d.
Landon 1
Button 11
Bonine W
m 791 2.483
Jd. Total.
Total 20 8H8 802 2,510
mi v.ilnn.li uopeeiled In taking two
games from the Armours, thus neming i
make the race for the championship all
the mora interesting. iiiti k
M. Total.
214 m
22.i 641
173 52
212 666
Rrunke n
Hnhnolrier 1 (
Dxnman 175
Totals 860 26 1012 2787
1st. 2d. 8d. Total.
Bprague w
Ahmanson 1M 170 163
Jones m M
Olerde 176 2 2"2
Chandler 24 182 190
Totals 920 966 916 2S01
Laat night, on the Western alleys, ths
following scores were made In the two-
men tournament:
lat. ta. in. tn.
Tates m 148 167 168
McKelvey 168 168 186 190
Totals 380 Sl 342 858
1st. 2d. 8d. 4th.
Bengele 171 148 167 187
Lehuiann 168 175 188 161
160 816
188 m
838 1714
6th. Total.
Totals 839 82! 340 348 377 1727
Iowa College Ball Games
AMES, la.. Jan. 20. (Special.) The base
ball management at Ames has reported
the arrangement of schedules for the com-
n iMHnn wirn tnt teams or. me lows
Intercollegiate Base Ball league provi
sionally and the datea arranged will prob-
aDiy be accepted permanently, in, kh-
ii i k mvm A rnntf aerie, oi noma Kan rs.
Two games will be played with each of
the three other members of the league.
Orlnnell, Iowa and Cornell, one at Ames
n r, nn h hfYilft
The Iowa Btato university game ana m.
Cornell tun, have been arrangeo. lo do
nivi nn one trln. The schedule ss ar
ranged Is as follows: May 7, Iowa at
An,k- M.v is Amea at Orlnnell: May 20.
Cornell at Ames; May 30, Amea at Iowa
City; May 81, Amea at corneii; June a.
Orlnnell at Ames.
Billiard Toaraey,
The billiard tourney at Byrnes' hall has
mttan unrier wav. The contestants are
playing 150 points each nignt at
balk line. Last night Chambers beat wen
son by 160 to 102. Chambers' average was
as opposed to an average of 1V4 by
Tu.inn The tournev will not be con
cluded for two weeks. The winner Is to
im known aa the Dossesaor of what Is to
k- AmiimmtmA the chamolonshlD cue,
hiw ! m remain hi. nrouerty until It
la wrested from him in a tourney. Plana
City Engineer Beal Is preparing plans and
specifications for the grading, curbing and
paving of Railroad awr.ue. The prepara
tion of these notices for publication has
been delayed for the reason that ths city
officials did not know what the street rail
way company proposed to do. Yesterday
the city engineer was notified that the
company proponed laying double tracks
from Q street south to the county line.
This will make considerable difference In
the estimates, as the cost of paving to the
city will be reduced about 114,000. The un
derstanding la that the company will com
mence laying Its double tracks before the
paving Is begun. Grading and curbing will
be done at the same time that the street
railway company starts laying Ita double
Work on this new line Is to be commenced
Just as soon In the spring as the weather
will permit There is a report current that
the transportation line will soon extend the
tracks as far as Fort Crook and open up
a line of communication between the garri
son and the city. It will cost the city of
South Omaha about 300,000 to pave Railroad
avenue, the balance of the expense being
paid by the street railway company,
Business men are In favor of thla work
going ahead aa rapidly aa possible, aa It Is
stated that the paving of thla roadway
will add greatly to the receipts of mer
chants here on account of giving Sarpy
county farmers a good road Into the city
Instead of compelling them to go to Other
All Want Office
Democrats In South Omaha are hunting
for a candidate for mayor. There waa
meeting held last night and a number of
names were suggested. Colonel C. M. Hunt
Is being talked of,' but he Is not conoid
ered to be popular enough to win .out. Dr.
Elisor's friends came to the front and
pushed the claims of this candidate, but
those who were present did not look with
favor on the doctor. Sam Shrtgley, the
present city clerk, was suggested, but the
caucus decided that Shrlgley was not ths
man for mayor at this time. Then there
was Dan Hannon. He wants to be mayor
and Is willing to go Into the campaign
with John McMl'.lan aa his political man.
ager, but the crowd would not stand for
In speaking of the meeting after It was
all over one who waa present aald that It
Is going to be a hard matter for the demo
crats to And a man who can beat Frank
Koutsky at the polls. While trying to ae
lect a candidate for mayor those present at
thie meeting talked over the selection of
which Indicates why the bounds from Bea
trice were unable to trace Miss Thomas or
er abductors. v
Testerday Mtaa Thomas was again called
to the witnees stand for. the purpoae of re
butting testimony of the proacutlon.
Whenever she Is told that she testified at
the preliminary hesring entirely different.
wherein sho swore to asaaulta, giving place
and time, and even went Into llttlo particu
lars', she falls back on the statement she
waa threatened by her mother and waa
afraid of her mother and had to testify at
that trial on account of her mother.
After this trial John Blair and his hired
mtan, L. Bice, will be tried, charged with
concealing and Interfering 'with witness'
appearance and obstruction to Justice.
are being laid for 'a W"' ""l'! candidate for councllmen. but no conclu
at Byrnes' and If this event can be ar- I .....
ranged some of the crack players of the slon waa reached. A number of namei
east will visit this city and give exhlbl
tlons of their work.
Takes Child from Father.
PLATTBMOUTH, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
About one year ago Mrs. Cora Blair re
ceived a divorce from her husband, Louis
Blair, and was also given the custody of
her two ' daughters, who have since made
their home with their grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Brobst, who are also par
ent a of the plaintiff. Two weeks ago a
sister of Blair, residing near Ashland, went
to Loulivillo and' prevailed upon the grand-
were suggested, but as so many wanted po
altlons it was declared that the question
of selecting councllmen would have to be
left to the primaries and the convention.
Drives gleepera Into Jail.
Night Jailor Turnqulst says that for
week past from fifteen to twenty vagrants
have been given accommodations. The po
lice say that these sleepers, as they are
called,, do not come back again. They
assert that the vagrants who apply for
floor room at the Jail are coming a from
the rangea and from the Paclllo coast and
are working their way eastward. Police
parents to allow the older sister, who Is
only years of age, to accompany her home I Judge King is easy with this class of peo-
to spend the holidays, promising to return pie at this time of the year and when
the child on the Monday after the New
Tear's day. Thla she failed to do, but
sent a letter stating that the father had
decided to keep the girl and had been
there and taken her away. Mr. Brobst
went to Ashland and demanded the child.
but being refused secured a writ from the
eourt and In company with an officer re
turned and got the child.
Ora-aalsatloa Perfected and Delegate
Coaveatloa to Be Held
May IT.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 20.-(Speclal Telegram.)
A state Roosevelt league was organised
tonight, and these officers were elected:
Norris Brown, Buffalo county, president;
A. B. Allm, Johnson: W. B. Raker, Sarpy;
C. B. Marr. Dodge; T. E. Sedgwick, York;
W. O. Meyers. Harlan, 3. E. Evans, Lan
caster, vice presidents; Frank McCartney,
Otoe, treasurer; John H. McClay, Lancas
ter, secretary. An executive meeting is to
consist of one member from each club.
A meeting will be hold on the evening of
May 17 in Lincoln, delegates to be the presi
dent, secretary, vice president and treas
urer of each club, one delegate-at-large and
one delegate for each twenty-five members
of the auxiliary clubs.
Governor Mickey presided at the meeting
and a number made speeches.
Children's Home Auxiliary.
PL ATTS MOUTH, Neb.. Jan. 20. (Spe
cial.) The work which is being done In
this state by the Nebraska Children's
Home society was presented In the Presby
terian church by Mrs. Irma G. Allen of
Omaha. A meeting of the advisory board
was held In the evening at the home of
Mrs. W. H. Bchlldknecht. Waya and
means for looking after homeless, neg
lected and dependent children were dis
cussed and the following persons were
elected officers of the local board: Presi
dent, Prof. E. L. Rouse; vice president,
Miss Alice Eaton; secretary, Mrs. M. How-
land; treasurer, Mrs. Bchlldknecht; execu
tive committee, C. 8. Polk, Rev. A. F.
Plots, H. Zuckweller, G. L. Farley, Mrs.
Kate Miner, Anna Qorder and W. L.
Light Docket In Dodge.
FREMONT, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
Judge Hollenbeck called the docket In the
district court for the purpose of setting
cases for trial In the equity courtroom this
morning. There are only twelve civil cases
for trial and but two or three criminal
cases. The caso of Kropger against Schai
lenberg appears on the docket, aa usual
for the past twenty years, and Is up now
on proceedings to set attide the Judgment
rendered last summer for the plulutlffa,
Kroeger and Monnlch, on the ground.
among other things, of the mental Incom
petency of Mrs. Anna Scuallenberg, the
principal defendant. i
Paplllloa Bars Frame Buildings.
PAPILLION, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
An ordinance has just been put into effect
by the town board prohibiting property
owners from erecting - frame buildings
within a prescribed district In the business
portion of Papllllon. In tho future all
buildings must be of brick or stone. Thla
Is done with a - view of eliminating the
danger of fire, besides having a tendency
to give the town a betten appearance.
Fa Tart tee 1st Baa FraseUee Oo Dovra
to Dataat aad New Orleaas
Wlaset Dlaaallaed.
BAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 20. All the favor
t Itee went down to defeat at Oakland today
and the twenty-eight bookmakers In line
hud the better of the argument. The main
attraction was the Owners' handicap at a
mile, In which a trio of well known per
formers met. Fossil was a 3 to 5 favorite
and set the pace, with Claude close up.
Three furlongs from the finish Claude as
sumed command and won pulling up from
Fossil. The ' muddy track prevented fast
time In the handicap. Results:
-yirat rane. seven furlonss: P'laneur won.
Soptlmo second, Bugden third. Time: 1:304.
Hecona race, tnree ana a nan lununsa.
purse: Peggy O'Nell won. Henry Ach sec
ond. Golden Idol third. Time: 0:42H-
Third race, thlrteen-alxteenths of a mile,
selling: Halnault won, M ureses seoond,
Nervator third. Time: 1:22.
Fourth raoe, one mile, handicap: Claude
won, Fosall seoond, Colonbridge third.
Time: l:41i.
Fifth raoe, mile and a quarter, selling:
Byronordale won. Chickadee second. Ex
pedient third. Time: 2.11.
Blxth race, seven furlongs, purse: For
nasler won, Dungannon second. Military
Vlan third. Time: 1;2V
IX") 3 ANGELES. Jan. 3a Results:
First race, three-quarters of a mile: Mao
Ana won, Silver Fir seoond, Seaforth third.
Time: 1:17. .
Seoond race, thirteen-sixteenth of a mile,
selling: Anlrad won, Iluapaia seoond. Strife
third. Time: Ita.
Third raoe, Blauaon course, selling: Colo
nel Bogey won. Lauretta Phillips seoond.
Judge Napton third. Time: 1:1214.
Fourth raoe, mile and a sixteenth, handi
cap: Princess Tulane won, Ooeaa Dream
second. M. F. Tarpey third. Time: l:4tii.
Fifth raoe, Blauson course, sailing: Dolly
Welthoff won, Laocoon second, J. V. Klrby
third. Time: 1:11V,
Sixth raoe. mile and seventy yards, sell
ing: Greenock won, Farmer Jim secoud,
Martin Brady third. Time: 1:48.
NEW ORLEANS, Jan. ta-Rssults:
First raoe. . sis fund a half furlongs:
Neither One won. Miss Hume second.
Mtladt Love third. Time: 1:30. Banana
Cream finished second, but waa disqualified
for foullna. -
Second raoe. three furlongs, 2-yesr-olds:
All bilk won. Fair Calvpso second. Dancing
Nun third. Time:
Third race, six and a half furlongs: Ben
Howard wna. Emigre second. Icicle third
Time: 1:104.
Fourth race, sis furlongs: Ascension won.
Chamberlain's Coagh Resaedy
Very Best.
"I have been using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and want to say It is the best
cough medicine I have every taken," says
Geo. L. Chubb, a merchant at Harlan,
Mich. There la no question about Its being
the best, aa It will cure a cough or cold In
leas time than any other treatment It
should always be kept In the home ready
for Instant use, for a cold can be cured In
much less time when promptly treated.
Bellevae Commencement Orators,
BELLEVUE. Neb., Jan. 20. (Speclsl.)
The faculty of Bellevue college has chosen
three of the senior class to speak at com
mencement time. The selection was not
made on a basis of scholarship honors, but
aa a fair representation of the clasa Those
chosen are: Matthew If. Wilson of Seward,
Perry McD. Wheeler of South Omaha and
Eunice G. Nlcholl -of Bellevue. There are
sixteen In the senior class.: -
Sleet Does Mick Dasaaa-e.
AUBURN. Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)-A
heavy rain fell here last night. The rain
began about 11 p. m. and continued until
3 a. m., at which time It turned Into a
sleet. Everything is weighed down with
Ice. Great damage haa been done to tele
phone wires, and to trees of every kind.
A slow mist continues and the Ice on every
thing Is gradually Increasing.
Goes from Bad to Worse.
Always true of constipation. It begins
many maladies, but Dr. King's New Life
Pills cure or no pay. Only 25c For sals
by Kuhn Co.
Maa aad Moaey Disappear,
NEBRASKA CITT, Neb., Jan. 20. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Willis Kelsey, who has
been In the employ of I. Iverson, suddenly
disappeared yesterday and no Information
as to his whereabouts has yet been re
ceived. He had In his possession some
money collected for his employer, the
amount Of which Mr. Iverson Is unable to
state at present.
Is to love children, and v
home can be completely
happy rithont them, yet the
oraeai tnrougn wnicn tne ex
pectant mother" must pass usually is
so full of suffering, danger and fear
that she looks forward to the critical
hour with anorehension and dread,
Mother's Friend, by its penetrating and soothing properties.
allays nausea, nervousness, and all unpleasant feelings, and
so prepares the system tot the
ordeal that she passes through
the event safely and with but
little suffering, as numbers
have testified and said, "it is . .
.t- -I. i 1 1 it FT ?T
valuable information mailed free. U U UNULl vLi
brought before him these vagrants are
given a notice to leave the city immedi
ately. As a general thing the order of the
court Is complied with.
Oatslda Construction Completed.
Contractor WIese, who Is building the
publlo library, said laat night that the out
side work was practically completed and
that he was waiting for the plumbers and
electricians to get busy and do their part
of the work. Aa soon as the wiring Is
completed the contractor will proceed with
the Inside finish. It la expected that the
library will be completed by the end of
May. Another draft on Mr. Carnegie Is
to be made within a day of two In order
that the plumbers and electricians may be
paid for their work.
Maa-le City Gossip.
Dr. W. L. Curtis announced yesterday
the birth of a son at his home.
It Is reported that a meeting of the
Board of Education will be held tonight.
Dr. T. H. Ensor expects to leave on Sat.
urday for El Paso, Tex., and old Mexico.
As usual on cold days there waa verv
little heat In the city hall building yester
H. C. Bostwlck. vice president of the
South Omaha National bank, left laat
night for Denver to be gone a few duvs
looking after busluess Interests.
The Fire and Police board will not hold
any meetings this week. A decision in
regard to the legality of the board Is ex
pected from the supreme court tonight.
John Karacek died at his home. Nine
teenth and Y streets, yesterday evening.
The deceased was sick only four dava,
pneumonia being the cause of death. The
funeral win ue neia noay morning rrom
the family residence. Interment at St.
Mary's cemetery.
People of York Coaaty Are Show
las; Great laterest la tho
. Trial.
YORK. Neb., Jan. 20 (Speclal.)-There la
continued Intefeat tn the John Blair case,
wherein Blair Is charged with criminal as
sault on Beulah Thomas. Over forty wit
nesses have been summoned to appear and
already a large number have been on ths
stand and testified. All of these witnesses
are from Arborvllle township and with the
attendance of others from that locality the
large court room is crowded at each day's
session of court. Among the witnesses ex
amined yesterday Miss Colby gave what
seemed to be the most damaging evidence
against Blair of the many witnesses ex
amined. Miss Colby testified that she had
asalated the Blatrs tn housework and that
at the same time ahe waa employed there
Beulah Thomas was' also employed. She
testified that one evening she went to her
room to retire, leaving Blair and Miss
Thomss downstairs, and that after reach
ing her room she returned to get a drink
of water and through a door she saw Miss
Thomas sitting on Blair's lap and Blair
having hla arms "around her. She also tes
tified that Mrs. Blair had retired for the
Louis Bloe, the hired man, also gave tes
timony that was damaging to Blair. Bice
told about forking for Blair and that at
Blair's reqhest he hitched up the team on
thst cold November night, driving to Ar
aorvllle, where he tied the team near the
Thomas home, and there by appointment
which he sold had been arranged by Blair
he found Miss Thomas Just outside of her
home at church time and took her to a
family IHli.s weal uf Arborvllle by the
name of Anderson, where she stayed a
short tlms until Mra Anderson became
sick, and then John Blair drove to the An
dersons and brought Mies Thomas to ths
Blair home. After taking Mlas Thomas he
purchased red papper at Arborvtlle, and
going over the trail from the buggy to the
Thomas aocna and back ae threw pepper,
Stricken In Coart Room.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Jan. 20.-(Spe-
clal Telegram.) John Gear was suddenly
attacked with heart failure In the county
court tnts afternoon during the trial of a
case In which he was Interested. Doctors
were summoned and worked with him for
some time before he regained conscious
ness. The Jury in the case was dismissed
until tomorrow.
Aid for Masonic Home.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Jan. 20.-(Spe-
ciaL) The women of the Eastern Star last
night gave an oys-er supper at the Ma
sonic hall) the proceeds of which will go
toward furnishing the new Masonlo home
In Plattsmouth. One hundred and sixty-
five tickets were sold for the supper and the
net proceeds will be about 340.
Roosevelt Club at Ploomlagtos.
BLOOMINOTON, Neb., Jan. 20. (Special.)
The republicans in this vicinity met Mon
day night at the courthouse and organised
a Roosevelt league. Great enthusiasm was
displayed. Officers were elected and com
mittees appointed. Hon. J. P. A. Black
was elected delegate to attend the State
Roosevelt league at Lincoln.
Brings Hamas' Slayer to Omaha.
AIN8 WORTH, Neb.. Jan. 20.-(Speclal
Telegram.) A deputy United States mar
shal arrived here this evening from Spring
view with Dan Roby, whom he will take to 1
Omaha tomorrow for the killing of Jim
Ramus, a quarter-breed Indian.
Business Chance at Battle Creek.
BATTLE CREEK. Neb., Jan. 20. (Bpe-
L clal.) August Stgrfen of this place has
bought the furniture and undertaking stock
of C. W. Merts. He will continue the busi
ness at the old stand.
To Organise Roosevelt Clab.
GENEVA, Neb.,' Jan. 20. (Special.) A
Roosevelt club will be organised In Geneva
on Saturday evening.
mwrnssmrnHmBmrnmamsmmmmammamm miiiiihii iiiiinisnisrTtisrTiTT'mTTi i 1 1 i t
QUR California excursions are popular for
many reasons. One of them is the care
and individual attention paid to our guests.
Carefully selected men act as special
conductors of these parties. They have a
thorough knowledge all points of interest
enroute, and know how, to do the best thing
in the best way. They make traveling
These Personally Conducted Excursion
parties run twice a week, via the Scenic
Route of the World through Denver, the
Rocky Mountains, Salt Lake City, etc.
I shall be glad to send our California booklet to you free, and
t will help you in planning your western trip. Write for It.
1502 Farnam Street,

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