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3 TO THE c
Well, now is the time to go and escape tfye sleet, snow and generally disagreeable weather of the North and enjoy the
perpetual sunshine and beautiful flowers in a land which is a paradise in comparison.
'Augusta, Ga., anil Tcfrini.
Charleston, & CL, and return
'"' :-"'" nr .- rtw:f-eir,i';-rrrrirrr'".
,, $46.70
.. 49.50
IZaTana, Cuba, arid return (ria New Orleans). ...............,...,,..,............ ,r.7.r.-.-.i.--...:..:.1.:.i........ 7T.50
Havana, Cuba, and return (via Tampa or Miami). ..................... .... ... .(OQiTO
Ilot Springs, Ark., and rctnrn,.t.raMnwKm.W(,lfMi.tlMMtM t.wiitrV......iiiiM:ni,.37i45
Jacksonville, Fla., and return . ... ...,.-..-.,..., . ... . . . . ... . . -. ......... V. . . . ... . . .52i5 0
Lookout Mountain, Tenn., and return r.m.vnr.nn. ...... ...................r..... 4165
Miami, Fla., and return..................
Mobile, Ala., and return.. ...... ..... ...r.. .....l.:. ............ . 4li50
JSew Orleans, La., and return. . . . . . .r. ............ 43i00
Savannah, Ga., and return. . , ...... '. . . . ... . . . . 49i50
Biv Louis Flyer leaves Omaha 5:25 p. m. Only one change of cars Omaha to Jacksonville in Union depot at St Louts. ;
Ticliet Office, Ii02 IFarnam Street.
J. B REYNOLDS, City Passenger Agent.
. . annamnaBng f
UnioB-FMiflo Labor Qnaitlon Art Aniwp
htTkamialTM HatnriUj,
w) Car Shops Will Likely Be First
. Erected mm Contemplated la tn. -OeaoaJI
Deslsra of HarrL.
:i -
i promtnetil official connected with the
loo FarJflo said last night that every
nc at the Union Paclflo shop, la mor
V alone nicely at present and that the
Cor situation ! working Itself out rery
sely, with no prospect of trouble arising
om either aide.
Regarding the reports concerning lm
rovem.uta to be mad. at the shops, he
Jdl .v
1 "jstr are no largo Improrements In
yroepect at tha present time. Tha plan
J hlch was outlined when tha first shops
VI. uuill will w utiinv vui Mwinumi
program. This will necessitate the
ulldlng of soma new buildings, but none
hlch have not been contemplated for a
)g time. I believe tha first of these to
erected will be a car shop, which has
en,, badly needed. Just what tha build
I will cost I am not prepared to state,
no plans have been drawn and In faot
thing has been done. This Improve
tnt, tike all others at tha shops, Is
ly prospective and to round out the
glnal plan. '. .. . .
There will be no assistant general man
ager appointed unless we And It neces
aary." said this official. "Mr. Bancroft
wlU spend a great deal of his time In
Omaha for a while and the rest of It will
be spent In looking over the eastern por
tion of the Union Pacific system. He Is
quite familiar with the western lines now,
but feels that he should know the eastern
end of the system better. He will also
spend some time on the Kansas division
during the next few weeks. He was form
erly employed on the Kansas division,
but that has been a great many years ago,
and of course the knowledge he gained of
the property then would be of but little
benefit to him now. ir, after Mr. Ban
croft has been connected with the line
a while, and he then feels that he needs
someone here to help assume the respon
slblUty, of course, someone will probably
b appointed to fill the position of as
sistant general manager. But as matters
stand now I can assure you that nothing
In that Una will be done at present
"When It comes to the matter of changes
In officials I think I can safely say that
there are no changes contemplated at
the present time. Of course, the railroad
business, like everything else. Is uncertain.
We run along from day to day. A man
may be giving perfect satisfaction today
and be very unsatisfactory tomorrow, In
whloh latter ease we would probably make
a change. But I can state now that there
are no changes In prospect so far as I
Improvements In Prospect.
"There are a number of Improvements
to be made which have been under con
sideration and decided upon for a long
time past. But, as I said before, business
Is uncertain and It would not be good
policy tor me to state what the nature of
these Improvements are when our plans
Above all other things we strive to
save the thouaanda of young men and
middle-aged men who are plunging
toward tho grave, tortured by the
won of nervo-aexual d.blllty caused
by self-abuse, exceaaes, .to. We have
evolved a special treatment for n.rvo
e.sual debility and special weakness
that Is uniformly suooeeaful In cuu
where success was before by other
doctors dsemad Impossible. It does not
stimulate temporary, but restores per
manently. It allays the Irritation of
the delicate tis.uea surrounding the lax
and unduly expanded gland, and
seminal ducts, contracting them to
thwir normal condition, whloh stops
night emiaatona dries up day drains
and prevents preinatureness. It tones
up aud str.ngih.ns the blood vessels
that carry nourishment to Important
organs, rsstorlng full power, strength
aad vigor.
-We make misleading statemeata er aansln.ssllk. prere.t
tlona to the amieted, do wo promise to ears them la a few days
ts order to seooro their patromsgo, hat wo sraaraatee a perfect, sat
amd lastlaar earo la the elek..t poaalble time, wltkoat leavlag la
iarloaa after effeots ta the system, aad at the lowest possible ee.t
for hoaest, ehlllral aad saeeoestal troatmeat."
Stricture, Varicocele, Emissions. Ncrvo-Sexaal Debility,
Impoteccy, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal
Kidney and I'rlnary Diseases,
and dlseaaes and weakneeaas due to Inheritance, evil habits, abuses, excesses,
or the result of speelno or private dlseasae.
CONSULTATION FPEEI' roa coil writs for.ymptom blank. Office
W.t lakL hours, I a. m. to I p. m. Sundays. W to 1 only.
1 3 OS Farnam at, Bet. 13th and 14th Sts., Omaha, Nab.
might be changed within a week, from
oome cause unknown to me now.. I can
state, however, that none of these Im
provements will be of an extensive nature.
That is, none which will be taken up
"Mr. Bancroft will not go to New York
at present. The first trip he makes will
be one to Inspect the Nebraska and Kan
sas divisions of the Union Paclftt. At
least those are his present plans."
Attorneys for Base Ball Magnates Ask
for Continuance of Llaeola
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 21. (Special Telegram.)
That there Is a hitch In the negotiations for
the sale of the Denver franchise In the
Western league by D. C. Packard to
George To beau was confirmed today by the
receipt of telegrams by the attorneys rep
resenting the two factions In the injunc
tion suit begun 'by Tebeau In Lincoln last
week and which Is still pending before
Judge Holmes
The telegrams, which came before Te
beau and Packard, request that the at
torneys go before the court and ask for a
continuance untlf February. 1, also stating
that the negotiations for the sale are still
pending, but are not yet concluded. Jadge
Holmes will grant the continuance this
Last night on the Western alleys the
Woodmen of the World won three stralrht
fames from the Browning, King & Co.
earn. Bcore:
W. O. W.
Tates H9
Foley 147
Johnson 1ST
Stiles 125
McKeivey 173
Des Moines, was In attendance with a
number of prominent horsemen from all
over the state, and nearly all the cities In
the circuit were represented. Waterloo gets
the next annual meeting. The schedule I
adopted Is: Nashua, fourth week In May;!
iNew Hampton, nrst ween in june; wesi
I'nlon, second week In June: Decornn, third
week in June; Cedar Rapids, fourth week
In June; Marlon, first week In July; Water
loo, second week in July; MarshRlltnwn,
third week In July; Oekaloosa, fourth week
In July; Mason City, first week In August;
Fort Dodge, second week In August; Boone,
third week In August.
8.1. Totsl.
13 44X
161 . 1! 4S
1H4 INS 6M
134 3fi
1G6 bfl
Totals 760 815 764
UK. id.
Bryant 1H7 U'4
Meehan 167 1S9
Havens 136 146
Hoffman 120 144
ll.aton 134 162
Totals 744 75S
Hi. Total.
139 450
Now Towas la Racing- Clrenlt.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia.. Jan. n.Soeclal
Telegram.) Four new cities were admitted
to membershlD in the Cedar Val ev raclna
circuit at the annual meeting held here
' ....... X - l. . . .. t.- .. T I XI.... . J ' 1 , . .
and lloone.
K. P. Curttn of Decorah was elected presi
dent and Leopold levy of Wavwly secre
tary. Secretary Simpson of the stats fair,
FOR to
you caa get a good cigar! MONOGRAM, la
Is the only kind to smoke.
Ask Tour Dealer.
1404 Douglas fet, Omaha.
Oarsman, the Favorite, rtnmbles and
Throws Jockey la the Fourth
ttace at Oakland.
BAN FRANCISCO, Jan. a. Immediately
after the field broke In the fourth race at
Oakland today Oarsman, the 1 to 2 favorite,
stumbled and threw Jockey Wonderly. The
boy escaped Injury. With Oareman out the
evint proved easy for Wnewlft, a 16 to 1
chance. Bcherso, winner of the third race,
was bid up from $400 to 80u by Frank Does,
but he was retained. Caseins was given a
bad ride by Bell in the fifth race, and after
he appeared to be winning was beaten by
Princess Tltanla, tho even money favorite,
Jockey Bullman, suspended for failure to
keep nlH engngements, will be allowed to
ride In the Lissak handicap Saturday. Re
sults: First race, seven furlongs: Ltbby won.
Harbor second, Emily Oliver third. Time:
Second race, three and a half furlongs:
Arlsbo won, Pel Curina second, Sea Air
third. Time; 0:43.
Third race, five end a half furlongs:
Bclierzo won, Tagctte second, Quaker
Girl third. Time: 1:08.
Fourth race, one mile and fifty yards:
WaswUt won. Grafter second, Hugh Mc
Gowan third. Time: 1:43
Fifth race. Futurity course: Princess
Tltanla won. Casclne second. Letola third.
Time: 1:10.
Blxth race, seven furlongs: Kthel Abbot
won. Mountebank second, lllll Masale third.
Time: Lis1.
LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 Results:
First race, one mile: Taxman won. Rio
Chleo second, Jlngler third. Time: !:!'.
Second race, three furlongs: Urown Study
won, Melar second, Hilona third. Time:
Third race, one mile and a Quarter, hurdle
handicap: Cambaceres won, Poorlands sec
ond. Indian tnira. 'time: i:ik.
Fourth race. Slauson course: Andrattus
won, Athelrose second. Scepter third. Time:
Finn race, rive rurionrs: Eawood won.
Dara-ln second. Atlantico third. Time: 1:02.
Sixth race. Blauson course: Stemwlnder
won, BeHt Man second. Tower of Candles
tnirfl. Time: l:W4.
NEW ORLEANS. Jan. Jl.-Reeults:
First race, six furlonga: Shortcake won.
rceaponauve secona, enowcap intra. Time
Second race, one mile: Felix Rard won.
Caterpillar second. Circus Girl third. Timet
Third race, six furlongs: Clangor won.
nig Ben secona. i-ansienne intra. Time
Fourth race, one mile and a sixteenth.
handicap: Luralla-hter won. Ethics second.
Hands Acroas third. Tims: 1:6.
Fifth race, three furlong, and a half;
rTiar tuck won, Marret wuson second, St.
rteaniuie mira. j ime; u:as.
Sixth rata, one mile and an eighth: Hand
spinner won, Free Admission second. Lee
Al"l lllll U. A 1111. , . .UO.
Bostoa Determined te Break Vp Exhl
' bltlons of Prlae Fighting aad
Arrrsts Are Made.
BOSTON. Jan. . The carrying out of
a plan of the Boston police board to stop
all boxing exhibitions snd prise fighting
In Boston todsy resulted In the holdlpa
to a grand jury of Joe Choynskl and Kid
Carter, who were arrwuted Tuesday night
at the Criterion Athletic club, after Carter
had knocked Choynskl out In the first
round. Light others were arrested, charged
with aiding and abetting a prise fight and
were held, to a grand Jury, bail for each
was placed at tU0.
Awfal Loss at Life
Follows neglect of throat and lung dis
sasea, but Dr. King's New Discovery cures
such troubles or no pay. 60c, 1.00. For
sale by Kuhn Co.
It begins to look as though the Board of
Lady Managers of the St. Louis exposi
tion Is to have a chance to make up In
service what it lacks In authority. The
special act of congress that created the
board provides that It shall "appoint one
member of every Jury that is to pass upon
tho work that Is produced In vholo or In
part by female labor." The number of
juries to oe appointed is about 1,200. Be
sides serving on these juries .of award,
women are having a substantial part In
other departments of the exposition, a
number being engaged as sculptors or
painters In the deooratlon of the buildings,
and one at least, as an architect. The
building occupied by the Board of Lady
Managers Is a two-story, fire proof, red
granite structure to be used later as the
laboratory of physics by Washlngtcn uni
versity. The exhibit of the Jub'lee pres
ents of Queen Victoria will be placed in
this building and the Colonial Dames and
Daughters of the American Revolution
will exhibit there also.
The recently Issued year book of. the
Nebraska Women's Christian Temperance
union Includes a courso of study for unions
that Is being followed by many with most
beneficial results. The outline Is broaden
ing. Including a variety of subjects, a
knowledge of which Is most helpful, If
not altogether essential to any organisa
tion that would attempt reform. Among
the subjects are: A parliamentary dilll, a
study of the counties and cities of the
tate with reference to their government,
their offlslals and the manner of choos
ing these officials; taxes, the state In
stitutions, state ' history and government
and a course in 'Bible study. One fre
quently hears the complaint that a union
or a club Is not growing; that the mem
bers do not take an interest. It Is safe
to say that the adoption of this program
will Insure something Interesting to all,
while the growth desired may be easily
attained if the members already In will
each do their share In the way of the lit
tle courtesies that make friends and hold
them. -
Each month oeems bat to Increase the
work and the usefulness of the Visiting
Nurses' association and the new year
hns started out with more than ever be
fore. In fact, aha work was so heavy
that the service of an extra nutse had to
be secured In addition to that cf tha
regular nurBes, special nurses having been
required In eleven cases. There were In
all eighty-seven patients cared for; e'ght
patients were sent to hospitals; four to
friends o.it of tho ci'.y and there Were five
deaths. IhAre wns a large attendance at
Thursday afternoon's ir.foitng and It has
been decided that the v.nnual birthday
party will bo celebrated February 2i. The
place has not yet been definitely nodded
however, though It Is custmary for one
of the larger homes of the city to be
thrown open each year for this occasion.
Each guest brings a birthday bag contain
ing a penny for each year and this fund
Is usod In carrying on the year's work
and Is one of the chief sources of support.
Mr R. M. Stevenson will addrcus the
Sunday afternoon gospel meeting of the
Toung Woman's Christian association at
4:80 o'flock..
The question has been asked, "What are
the privileges of membership In the Omahi
Toung Women's Christian association?"
and besides naming the various social, ed
ucational and other privileges tho Weekly
Budget, Issued by the rssoclatlon, says:
"The first and most important Is the priv
ilege of being one of the host of the
women of the world who are today or
ganised for the upbuilding of oung
womanhood. Every woman who loves
other women and .cares for their eternal
welfare must feel she wants to be one who
shall not only get, i but give." The mem
bership fee Is enly fl a year and any woman
who has ever had a glimpse into the lives
of the many, many women in Omaha who,
employed all day, have little or no social
or educational advantages, should feel that
It is wrvrth the dollar te girt them what the
association affords.
The P. E. O. society has arraagsd an ex
ceptionally attractive program tor Satur
day afternoon's meeting, to he held at
1:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. George
I-rvey, 1116 North Fortieth street A fea
ture of the afternoon will be a talk by Mrs,
Walter Preston, nee Myrtle Robinson, on
tho Klondike. Mrs. Preston, In oompany
with her husband, spent nearly three years
there (.nd an invitation has been extended
by the society to iJI friends Interested la ,
the tubject to attend the meeting. .
Tho u: fingglng Miergy of the Chicago
club women keeps one constantly wonder
ing what they will do next On Tuesday
of this week every club In" CMnkgo was
Invited to attend a reciprocity meeting
arranged by the Social Economics club,
and every club In the state was Invited to
send a speaker to occupy not more than
three minutes. A luncheon followed.
It Is a significant fact that w-ever
women's clubs have undertaken I aocom
pllsh retorm through leglslrtlve er.-tment
civic and political tudy clubs nave resulted.
fa BTemory of Train.
In token of the memory of the late Oeorge
Francis Troln, after whom the school whs
r.amed. the American flag floats at half
mast from the Train public school at Sixth
and Hickory streets In addition to this
tribute ths pupils are being taught some
thing more of the character and life of
this strange but markahle man, who was
so devoted to the cause of education, as to
many ether laudable works. '
ni A T sf 'JEST
AT nanwnBanw-F
and the
World smokes with
you. Smoke & substitute
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