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to Oovreot He Ntrf-hn Biol '
Aaaaaltod He and Kopt flea
Vaaoe Hypo41o SpolL
TOn it. Nab,, loa, (BpocJ&l Trirpui.)
i-ln tha cetebratao1 John Blair oaoa tha jury
thought in Tardlot ttua morning finding
Blair KiA'-ty of arlmlnai assault on tha par.
oon of Pooiah Thomas, a minor, Blalra
attorsveye have made motion for a, new
trial, Tha aenteoea ' Judao Evans pro.
fiounoea ), H la believed, ba tha BhortMt
tlnta, which la thrao years la tho panl tan
Wary, Thar la eonatdorabW armpalhy for Blair-
family, which nasal at a a wlU, who U
frail and baa stood hy bin throuchoat this
(rial, and t tiros roan- children, Blair has
ac aaulty la a ssaail farm near Arborrtlla
And la reported, not to ba In tha beat dr.
auo phuui laanmony in toe trial
waa aTiven today by Mas Thomas, wherein
ha testified ontlraly different than aha did
Monday this week, whan aha testified to
Shield John Blair, Tha testimony last
pjght waa all fn and tha attorneys had
worrTlhea.tJw)Sa,'helr plaail to the
Jury whan Mlea Thorns telephoned Judge
Evans that In tha Interests of Justice and
troth aha wished to change her testimony
and eorract testimony already siren, Judas
ana at onos cava his consent and this
mmmi niuinaa WM UI on in. Wlt-
pesa stand and told that aha had been
tinder tha hypnotlo Influenoa of John Blair
and that whan aha waa In his preaenoa aba
was not atrlotly accountable for all that
aha did or said, admitting that ha had
gr enter Influenoa oyer her than any other
person and that aha could not prevent
herself eft Mm fmm v.i M i - . ,
" . - ... wntymmy
within his power,
are aha Was Hypnotised.
Whan questioned why aba now testified
different and what caused her to telephone
Judge tH-ana asking for the privilege of
testifying again aha replied that Bherlff
Brott had told her that attorneys for Mr.
Blair had severely arraigned and denounced
her father and mother and that aha 'then
realised tha unenviable position In which
aha waa placing her parents and this was
tha reason why aha requeated tha Judgi
to allow her to testify again, Bha told Ok
name aiory an aha told whan on the wit
Baaa aland In County Judge Taylor's court
at tho preliminary trial, going Into par
ticulars, giving tha same dates and time
and places wherein tha assault oocurred.
Stating that Blair had that Influenoa over
liar and whan with hire alone aha waa
hypnotised and powerless to resist him.
County Judge Taylor said that when she
waa sworn In his court Miss Thomas hsd
mads tha request that ah would ba seated
po that she could not aea John Blair, be
cause when he caught bar eye the spell
would com over her so that aha would
act and asy what he wanted her to. and
tha judge aeoommodated her by placing
the witness chair so that ah, waa not In
tha view of Blair,
la rebuttal John Blair was again placed
on tli witness stand and denied every
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statement that Miss Thomas had made.
At 8:30 p. m. the case was given to the
jury, who arrived at a verdict by 12 o'clock,
but owing to the judge not being present,
they brought In a verdict thla morning of
guilty(as charged.
Blair will probably be tried at the next
term of court for aiding, hiding and se
creting Beulah Thomas, the prosecuting
Oil Compaay Iarrea.es Capital Stock.
BEATRICE. Neb., Jan. 22. (Speclal.)
The annual meeting of tha stockholders of
the Globe OH company was held In this
city last nlpht, and It was decided to In
crense the capital stock of tho company
frorri 1500.000. to tl.000,000. The annual re
port of the treasurer showed thi business
of the company to b In excellent shape.
The following officers were elected for the
coming year: R. H. Yale, president; C.
M. Hemler, vie president; F. H. Kline,
aecretary; A. W. King, treasurer; W. Z.
Warner, general manager; Jf.. M. Bmethers.
superintendent of field work. The property
of the company is located" at Fossil, Wyo..
and the officers and stockholders ara nearly
all residents of Beatrice.
For Central Nebraska Chaataaeaa.
FUIX.ERTON. Neb.. Jan. S2. (Special.)
Tha .Central Nebraska Chautauqua ' as
sembly will hold its fifth annual aesslon at
Fuller-ton from August 18 to 28 Inclusive.
Tha citlsens of Fullerton ere awake to the
Importance of this assembly and hare
taken the Ih'tlatlve In the matter by sub
scribing a guaiantee fund of 11,000. A mass
meeting of the e'.tisens will be held. Satur
day evening, at which time the reorganisa
tion will be perfected. A. varied and In
structive program, with the beet of talent,
la guaranteed. It Is the aim of the man
agement to make the Central Nebraska
Chautauqua a permanent affair.
Bntldln- Activity at Ord. .
ORD, Neb.. Jan. 21 (Special.) Something
like fifty new residences were completed in
Ord In 1903 and yet there is a dearth of
houses. It Is Impossible to find a vacant
house In town and present Indications are
that there will be much building here the
coming season. There are a dozen dwell
ings in course of construction at the pres
ent time. Among the buildings projected
for the coming season are a number of
brick blocks on the square. There is a
demanofor all the building done and Ord
Is experiencing a healthy growth. The
boom element so often- in evidence la en
tirely lacking.
Gage Coaaty Sopervisora Act.
BEATRICE, Neb., Jan. 22. (Speclal.)
t the meeting of the County Board of
Supervisors yesterday the list of deputy
assessors for Gage county, aa aubmltted
by County Assessor W. W. Scott, was ap
proved by the board. Each township re
ceives one. Beatrice elsht and Wvmnr.
,two. Hon. A. B. McNlckle of Cortland
"a. weciea a memDer or tne Soldiers Re
lief commission and W. R. Jonea appointed
superintendent of the Gage county poor
farm. "
Goes Trkamah One Better.
OAKLAND. Neb.. Jan. 22. (8peclaJ.) J.
A. Longford, Jr.. carrier on rural route No.
a, from this city, made the trip on his
route Thursday by team In two hours and
fifty-eight minutes, driving twenty-four and
a half miles and aervlng sixty-two boxes.
The team used was one of those which has
been driven on the route for the last two
years. ,
Cakes, for 9cfe!.jl
23, ami Monday
Diictui Adrantagcs af Becoming Fart of
tha Rational Organic I'Joa.
Ja'ment for Loss of root Cot Dtin
frosa, Twrlrc to Sloe Tkoiwit
Dollar la Caee from Mer
rick C'oaatr.
(From a Buff Correspondent)
LINCOLN, Jan. 3.-8peclal.) The Ne
braska Millers' association this afternoon
dlscursed plans to grt Into the National
Federation of Millers. In a speech de
livered by IL 8. Kennedy, secretary of
the federation, he pointed out to the Ne
braskans the advantages of being in the
federation. H. O. Bradley, secretary of
the North Kansas Association of Millers,
talked along the same lines.
The chicken show will end tonight and
owners will begin to cart away their be
longings. The show has been unusually
well atended and much Interest has been
manifested from the start Today the
auditorium was crowded from the open
ing hour, special ratea having been made
to school children. The judges have not
yet concluded the list of prises and aa
they are so numerous this will take some
Preparing Teachers', Program.
The executive committee of the State
Teachers' association met this evening st
the Llndell hotel for the purpose of dis
cussing the program for next year's meet
ing. The members of this committee are:
E. J. Bodwell, Omaha; William Kern. Co
lumbus; D. C. O'Connor, Norfolk, and J.
E. Dalzell, Lexington.
Two Days with Editors.
The Nebraska Press association will hold
Its thirty-second annual meeting in this
city January 28 and 27. The first regular
session will be held Tuesday afternoon and
In the evening of that day there will be
a reception to the editors and their wives,
tendered by the Lincoln iodge of the P.
E. O. There will be business sessions
Wednesday forenoon and afternoon and In
the evening the visitors will be the guests
of the local newspaper men.
Nine Thousand for a Foot.
The supreme court has decreed that the
Burlington Railroad company must pay
to Leo Krayenbuhl of Merrick county
W.OOO for the loss of a foot A Jury in
Merrick county first fixed the damages at
118,000. but the district court" cut this
down to $12,000 and ;.esterday the supreme
court cut out 13,000 more. The plaintiff
had his foot cut of! while on a turntable
which an' employe of the railroad had
failed to lock. Krayenbuhl Is 4 years of
age and was playing on the turntable
with some other children.
An Abase of Discretion.
Because the Antelope district court was
guilty of an abuse of discretion In grant
ing Mrs. Julia J. McKnlght a separation
from bed and board when she proved she
was entitled to an absolute decree of
divorce, the supreme court awards her that
kind of a decree and says McKnlght must
also pay her $160 alimony. The decision is a
lengthy one, and la an Interesting discus
sion of the divorce problem.
McKnlght was married in 1867. and after
living with his wife for twenty-two years.
conceived the notion of leaving. The only
excuse he gave was that he wanted to
travel. He remained away over two years,
came back and resumed his relations with
her, but within six months Severed them.
Before he left the first time he gave her
half of his possessions, but left her an in
valid with several children on her hands.
Her only support waa an adult daughter,
who taught school.
After his final desertion she brought suit,
but when the court decreed that the pre
vious settlement was a bar to any more
alimony and that she was entitled only to
a separation from bed and board ah ap
pealed to tho aupreme court.
Rood Losea Oat Again.
John Reed gets nothing from his two ap
peals to the supreme court from Douglas
county. Reed began a suit some years
sgo against his wife for divorce, alleging
adultery and asking that the title to the
property In her possession be transferred
to him as the real owner. His wife filed
counter charges of Infidelity and claimed
the property waa bought with her own
mr-ney. The court denied a divorce to
either party and refused to pass on the
property question. Reed r.ppealed, but the
case was reversed, the lower court's denial
of a divorce being, upheld, but It was or
dered to Inquire Into the property matter.
On retrial Reed threshed over the old
questions, and was again. denied a divorce,
the court holding In a separate , case that
the property belonged to the wife. Reed
again appealed, but the derision Is af
firmed In each case. The court says the
lower court wss right when It held that an
action to determine property rights not
growing out of the marriage relation could
not be joined In a divorce rase, and thst a
husband was not a competent witness In a
suit to declare a trust In his favor In prop
erty in which she wss in possession.
No Gallty Knowledge.
The spectacular failure of Spooner R.
Howell, once a western lumber king, la
recalled In the-decIsionNf Orandin agalnet
the First National Bank of Chicago, an
appeal from Douglas county. In 1S91 Howell
became Involved for tl.SOO.000. He owed the
First National bank of Chicago 1700.000 and
cancelled 1150.000 of the notes it held by
deeding to It property In Omaha worth that
sum. Other creditors attached when after
ward Howell went to the wall, the rlaim
being made that the president of the bank
had guilty knowledge of Howell's intentions
to defraud other creditors. The case laid
dormant In the district court for years, but
finally rearhed a determination.
The supreme court holds that while
Howell's Intentions to defraud his creditors
were made clear by the evidence, there Is
nothing to connect the bank with the fraud
and it acted within Its legal rights.
' Seat Back for Retrial.
A curiously complicated case Is that of
Mary J. Sharp against ths Cltlsena bank
of Stanton, which the court sends back for
a retrial. W. T. Sharp was county treas
urer of Stanton from 1XS4 to 1890, and after
he went out of office his books disclosed a
shortage of between (2,000 and 13.000, which
waa afterward compromised for 11.200. In
July, ISM. Sharp was drowned In a stream!
and administration waa had upon his es
tate. Claims amounting to M.0OO were filed,
but as It was Insolvent, these were never
Nina year, later his family dlacovered
that there waa a balance In the bank to
his credit of fJSllO, the existence of which
was unknown to them. The widow began
suit igalnst the bank to secure the money.
Two of Sharp's sureties on the bond In
tervened and aiked for the money, while
several special creditors, who had paid
notes at the bank that they had signed
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glata. S dooas S oenia. Never sold La
Pit, kuXU MJEDICAI. COk. filahart, tad,
with Sharp, and his generst creditors Joined
In the scramble. The bank pleaded the
statute of limitations and refused to pay
the money to anybody. The district court
gave Judgment for the sureties on the offi
ctsl bond and cut out all of the others.
The supreme court says thst the bank's
claim of the statute of limitations is not
good, that this ststute doe not begin to
run until demand Is made for payment by
the depositor or his asolgnee; thst aa be
tween the bank and a depositor there Is
no promise to pay until demand la made.
It holds that the family cannot recover
because before they can sue in their In
dividual capacity they must show that
the estate has been administered and the
debts all paid. It holds against the sure
ties on the bond because the evidence
did not show they had paid ' after the
shortage had been scertalned. It finds
that claims filed against am estate do not
become dormant within five years because
there is no method of securing execution
in an attempt to collect
Proceedings af Supreme Coart.
Admitted to the court and sworn In ns
attorneys: Joseph P. Baldwin and I. N:
8uppreme court proceedlniss: Farnham
against Lincoln; continued as per stipula
tion. Horst against Lewis; continued. 8haw
against Equitable Mutual Accident Asso
ciation; continued. Penn against Throm
pen; . continued. Osst-nkop against 8hea;
dismissed. Oordon against Omaha; con
tinued. Halsh against Dillon; continued;
order re briefs. Pet-r against Peter; con
tinued. Perrlne against Knights of the
Maccabees Association ; continued: ordt-r
re briers. Oeneral Assembly A. K. against
Kremenchuck ; sfnrmed. Pappe against
Pappe; objections to Jurisdiction overruled;
leave to appellant to file costs Instanter:
application for suit money Massed. Ookfn
against Dalluge; motion tor leave to nl ad
ditional transcript allowed: order re brlets.
Stemm against Camp: affirmed. Commer
cial National Bank against Grant; con
tinued. .Nelson against Mets Kroe. Brew
ing Company; affirmed. Wells against
Hawser; affirmed. UafTey against North
western Mutual Life Insurance Company;
continued. Dubois against Martin; con
tinued. Martin against Abbott: continued
Union Pacific Railway Company atcainst
Smith; leave to plaintiff to tile briefs In
stanter at Its own cost anO on payment
oi iu attorney ree to the defendant.
Kitchen Bros.' Hotel Company against
inxon; continuea. noimes against I onim
bia National Bank; continued. Baldrtge
agRinst iorrman; continued, swan against
t raig; motion overruled. Prltschau atrainst
Rice Bros, of Nixon; continued. Singhause
against uammell; leave given Anderson
to enter appearance; leave given to file
aaamonai transcript. fclge against Edge;
leave given to flic briefs instanter at plain
t'ff's cost and on payment to defendant
of 110 attorney fee. Natidaln against Ful
lenwleder; motion Fustalned. Chicago Cot
tage Organ Company against Standen;
motion denied. Chicago Cottage Organ
Company against Standen; motion denied.
Blakeman ' against Wiseman; motion sus
tained; action dismissed. Colfax against
Linton; motion sustained. Moores against
Dunn; motion sustained. Flala against
Ainswnrth; motion for rehearing denied.
Gillette against Sweeney; order re rehear
ing briefs. Pritchau against Sornberger;
leave to docket granted. Woodruff against
Douglas County; leave to docket granted.
Lombard Investment Company against
Hamer; motion to correct Judgment over
ruled and mandate to Issue instanter.
The following opThlons will be reported:
Grandln against First National Bank of
Chicago; affirmed; Sedgwick. J. Klabunde
agHlnst Byron Reed Company; reversed and
remanded; Holcomb, C. J. Vogt against
Dally; reversed, with directions; Klrkpat
rlck. C. Albln against Parmelee; Judg
ment; Ames. C. Van Anthrop against
Lathrnp; affirmed; Hastings. C. Hull
against Kansas City Omaha Rallwav
Company: affirmed; Oldham. C. Reed
against Reed; affirmed; Barnes, C Repd
against Reed; affirmed; Barnes, C. Brum
baugh against Jones; affirmed; Barnes, C.
Banking House of Castetter against Stew
art; affirmed; Letton, C. State Savings and
Loan Association against Johnson; af
firmed; Hastings, C. Sharp against Citl
sens' Bank; reversed and remanded: Old
ham. C. Cady against Conkllng; affirmed;
Duffle, C. Farmers' and Merchants' In
surance Company against Warner; af
firmed; Duffle. C. Chicago. Burlington
Qulncy Railway Company against Krayen
buhl; remlttur of 13.000 or reversed; Old
hsm, C. Vradenburg against Johnson; af
firmed; Barnes, J. Nebraska Land and
Feeding Company against Trauerraan; re
versed and remanded; Barnes, J.
Unreported opinion-' Bauer against Tay
lor; reversed sjid reWmnded; Klrkpatrlck,
C. Lackner against Sawyer; affirmed;
Klrkpatrlck, C. McKnlght against Mc
Knlght; Judgment: Klrkpatrlck. C. Mc
Murtry against Engelhardt: affirmed; Let
ton. C. Powell against Burroughs: ap
peal dismissed; Ames, C. Sharp against
New York Life Insurance Company; af
firmed; Barnes, C. '
Orders on motion of rehearing: Glason
against Pruhs: motion for rehearing de
nied. Farm Land Company against St.
Rsynor; rehearing denied. Lamb against
Wilson; rehearing denied.
Thomas 3eck of Garfield Coaaty
Maat Serve Two Yeara la
Bt'RWDLL. Neb.. Jan. J3. (Special.)
Thomas J. L. Peck, an old resident of -Garfield
county, was taken to the penitentiary
at Lincoln yesterday, to serve a two years'
sentence for attempting to murder his son
William. Peck was tried and convicted at
the October term of district court, but has
been out since on bond pending the decision
of the court on his motion for a new trial.
The case was argued to the court all day
yesterday, the court overruling the motion
and sentenced him for two years.
The crime for which he is punished oc
curred last June. It was disclosed by the
evidence that there haa been trouble In the
family for yeara and that tho father had
attempted to keep the son from traveling
a certain road, and on the day of the trou
ble went out with hia revolver to atop ths
boy. A fight ensued, in which wrenches
and cluba were used, and finally the boy
started to run and the father ahot him in
the back. Inflicting a serious but not fatal
wound. There seems to be but little sym
pathy for the convicted man, but many
think the boy ought to go also.
Kansas City Baak Loses.
TECTUMS EH. Neb.. Jan. 21 (Special. )
The county court here yesterday was en
gaged In hearing the case of the First Na
tional Bank of Commerce of Kansas City
against Samuel F. Hays. The plaintiff
sought to recover the amount of 11(0 which
If claimed was due upon a promissory note
the defendant gave the failed Chamber
lain bank of this city. The evidence elicited
the following facts: Mr, Hays did give the
note to the failed band, but a few days
before its doors were closed he called upon
Cashier C. M. Chamberlain and expressed
his desire to pay the note. Mr. Chamber
Iain Informed him the note was In the
hands of the Kansas City parties, but
said that he could pay the amount and take
a receipt for It and the note would be
sent for. This was done. The Jury found
for the defendant Mr. Hays.
Sead Woman to Asylom.
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Jan. 21 (Special.)
Th Caas County Board of Insanity ex
amined Mrs. J. W. Richards, who reaidea
two mile west of South Bend, yesterday
and ordered thst ah be taken to the State
hoapltal at Lincoln for treatment. Sheriff
J. D. McBrlde and hia wife accompanied
her to that institution In the afternoon.
Mrs. Richards haa been growing worse for
some time. She haa two children, aged
about 7 and I y
Ceataeioaa Dlaeaeea la Sarpy.
PAP1LLION. Neb.. Jan. 22.-(8peclat.)-A
caae of smallpox haa been reported In
the home of Wllilant Selkotter, ten miles
weal of Papllllon. The dtseaae la of mild
form. The mump have been epidemic In
tha weatern and southwestern part of the
county for several month and some cases
of scarlet fever In tha vicinity of Springfield
have caused the country schools to be low
In attendance.
- laaalrlag Aeeat rkamk.rlala.
TECUMSEH. Neb., Jan. 22. (Special.) A
number of letters have been received by dif
ferent Tecumaeh parties within the laat
fw days which coma from a prominent
citlaaa of Havana, Cuba. TV tetters aakj
whether or not there Is a reward for th
return of Cha-les M.' Chamberlain, the ab.
sconding cashier t the failed Chamberlain
bank of this city, sod If so the party de
sires particulars. There Is a reward of
11.2i0 for the conviction of Mr. Chamber
lain and It Is presumed that his return to
this city means a conviction. The Havana
party Intlmatea that he is possessed of the
knowledge of Mr. Chamberlain's where
abouts. Baoer Welcomed Home.
NEBRASKA CITY, Neb., Jan. 22.-(8pe-clal.
Mike Bauer, the newly elected chief
of the Nebraska Volunteer Fireman's asso
ciation, was welcomed home by the citlsens
here today. Mr. P.uuer has been -chief of
the locsl fire department for twenty-six
years and during that time) there hns never
been a man fatally hurt while under his
The citlsens turned out to welcome home
Mike Bauer this evening. The fire depart
ment and Loeb'a concert band headed the
procession. After the parade the speech of
welcome was delivered at the armory by
Mayor Bartllng and other addresses were
made by many other prominent citlsens.
Strike Coal at Nebraska City.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Jan. H.-(Spe-clal.)
Frank Loveland and a few other
men have struck an elghteen-lnch vein of
soft coal In the bluffs south of the city on
land leased of B. D. Tn.lt. The vein Is of
fair quality and is gradually getting thicker
as they get farther Into the bluff and of a
better grado. They expect to commence
active mining operatiors as soon as the
necessary material can be secured.
I.lahtalng Kills Stock.
BEATRICE. Neb.. Jan. 22-(Speclal Tel
egram.) Word reached here tonight that
during the storm which prevailed In this
locality Wednesday night Emmett Nuctcr,
a farmer residing near Steele City, south
west of here, lost three head of mules,
three head of horses and thirty head of
hogs, all killed by one stroke of lightning.
It was sleeting and snowing when the bolt
First Toaeh of Winter.
EDGAR, Neb.. Jan. 22 (Special )-Edgar
Is having Its first touch of real winter.
The weather has been remarkably fine for
more than two months, but last Tuesday
a change came and the weather has kept
steadily cold ever since. A little snow fell
on Wednesday. Just enough to whiten the
ground and complete the appearance of
Sarpy Coaaty Teachers.
PAPILI ION. Neb.. Jan. 22-(Spoclal.)
A meeting of the Sarpy County Teachers'
association will be held In Papllllon Feb
ruary R. Arrangements are being made for
an elaborate program. Deputy. State Su
perintendent McBrien will be present and
address the meeting, while several other
prominent people will be In attendance.
Mortgage Record la Sarpy.
PA PILLION. Neb.. Jan. 22 (Special.)
The following Is a list of the mortgagee
filed and released In Sarpy county during
the year 1903: Farm mortgages filed. 113.
l.99i; released. Sfl. 1218.0P.50. Town
mortgages filed, 76. 127.611.76: relessed. 42,
115.119. Chattel mortgages filed. 264, 1101,
S14.70; released. 114. 104.669 SI.
Frnltmea Are Frightened.
HUMBOLDT Neb.. Jan. 22. (Special.)
The sleet which hns for the past three
davs covered everything to the depth of
a hslf Inch or more. Is said by fruit men
'to have destroyed all the prospects for
a fruit crop another year, as far aa this
section is concerned.
Sentences Cklekea Thief.
NEBRASKA CITY. Neb., Jan. 2J.-(Bpe-
clal.) Frank Robinson, who was recently
arrested for stealing chickens, pleaded guilty
to petit larceny and was given a sentence
of fifteen days. He was caught selling
atolen chickens to the local cold storage
Tou may trust Plan's Cure to stop coughs
and relieve sore spots In the lungs. 25c.
B.taras from Navy Yard.
EAVELOCK, Neb., Jan. 22. (Bpe.-ial.r-Charles
F. Langstcn returned home yes
terday from the Brooklyn navy yards after
a year'a absence.
Bedridden 10 Months
with Kidney Disease.
. ...: tSt"-' -J
Mr. C. B. Rlehter, of Wilmington, DeL,
70 Yeara of Age, Given I'p to Die
of Kldaey Troable, Saya He
Waa Completely Cored by
Warner's Safe Cure
"I am now 70 years o'.d and In perfect
physical condition, all of which I o to
your grand medicine, and 1 want to tell
you about my case.
"I waa taken ill In March, 1&94, and the
doctor told me I had a serious case of kid
ney disease. He treated me seven months
but 1 kept getting worse until I took to my
bed. 1 was bedridden for about ten mouths,
snd was reduced to a mere skeleton. 1 was
advised to prepare for death at any minute.
"Friends told me Bafe Cure had cured
them and urged me to try it so I stopped
the doctor's medicine and took nothing but
Safe Cure. 1, began to improve within a
fow days, and nine bottle restored me to
perfect health and strength, and 1 have not
bad a touch of kidney trouble since."
We have thousands of Jut such letters
from men and women who have been cured
of kidney disease by Safe Cure.
Thousands of leading doctors and hos
pitals have been using Bafe Cure for years
aa the only positive cure for all dlseaxea
of kldneye. ,b'adder, liver and blood the
one remedy that cures and leave, no bad
after effect.
Sold bv druggists, or dlreet, 50 cents snd
II a bottle. Be sure you get WARNER'S
BAFE CURE there are dangerou Imita
tions. Medical booklet with testimonials
and doctor' advice free for writing. War
ners Hafe Cure Co.. Rochester, N. Y.
SAFE PILLS move the bowels gently and
aid a speedy cure.
of HAND SAPOLIO makes it
a very desirable toilet article; it
contains no animal fats, but is
made from the most healthful of
the vegetable oils. It is truly
the "Dainty Woman's Friend. "
Its use is a fine habit.
ii i al .a hii
Correct Dress
Former ffi.OO and $5.00 mines po for $3.00
Former $3.50 nmi $.'UH) values po for 1.50
Thousands of new colors, best materials, highest char
acter makes, unmatehable values, prices cut beyend recognition.
MggguaM Overcoat Reductions
Long overcoats, medium length overcoats, belt back
overcoats, bell fchaped overcoats, tourist overcoats, auto
mobile overcoats.
Former $35.00 overcoats go for .... $25.00
Former $25.00 cvereoats go for 18.00
Former ?22.50 overcoats go for 15.00
Former $15.00 overcoats go for 11.00
Former ?10 and ?12 overcoats go for .... 7.00
Pre-Inventory Clearance of
Winter Middle Weight Suits
Inventory, Feb. 1st. Everything sacrificed to clear up
broken lots. Finest hand-tailored, high character clothing.
Former $25.00 suits go for , .. . .$20.00
Former S20.00 suits go for 14.00
Former $15.00 suits go for 11.00
Former $12.00 suits go for .8.00
Unequalled Sale Broken Lois
Men's Fine Underwear.
Pre-Inventory Clearance of all odds and ends of men's un
derwear at ONE-HALF PRICE.
Former $1.50 fine wool underwear . '. . .'. . ,75c
Former $1.00 merino and camel's hair underwear. . .'.50c
Former 75c fleece lined underwear 45c
Former 50c fleece lined underwear- 35c
Mens Fine Shirts Greatly Reduced.
Former $2.00 and $2.50 qualities go for . .$1.35
Former $1.50 qualities go for 95c
Former $1.00 qualities go for (5c
All Neckwear, All Mufflers, AH Fancy Suspenders
These Goods Now on Display in Our Show Windows.
New Orleans La.
OmaJvaL to New Orleans
For further information and copy of Mardl Oraa Booklet eall at
Illinois Central City Ticket Office. No. 140t Farnaia 8 treat, Omaha,
or writs.
W. II. BRILL. District Paueofer Af eat
rrtriunnuAi mi 1 1
sl a riUCHtATKK'a F-M.iaea
Umrm ll mXL. - T1 , aM M
MuU, fa
i w
for Men and Doya.
"iVV,f Win knu WUMLil.
UUil t'MlMf tikf anutni
to I ab auckari.,iaBiaii
Utmimmmmt U irrltaUua T alcral
M M HJUMM- mi B.SS !
' ruiUH, . au4 as
leuCe. wi r snunsis
IT -f aanw aiswti
i ee at la aUis or
r I J fwi, snaa
'J af at. m a mu u t
r pa CliwUaf ate t
i iiBCUMun,t
LiDeraistopovers en Route Allowed

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