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On SaJe
On Sale
n n7 7& x
mi ii i J La L' mm
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ttnator Tells Prs'iideot Built of Hit Visit
to the State.
Effort Being Made to Bring tbe Two
.to- Irons the - State. Into
' : Aeeerd Regarding Dele
. gattea.
WASHINGTON. Jan. ' 12. A conference
which, though brief, was pregnant with
lgnlftcance, was held at the White House
today between the president and Senator
Foraker, The senator returned yesterday
from a sojourn of several days In Ohio,
where he conferred with many of his
friends regarding the political situation.
It- was to Inform the president of the re
sult of his observations that he called on
' It seems Improbable at this time that
Senator Foraker will precipitate ! a con
test In Ohio over the selection of dele
gates to the Chicago convention.
It is known that many close friends of
the president believe that nothing would
i gained by such a contest, whatever the
result of It might be. Efforts are being
snade now to bring Senators Hanna and
Fwtraker together In the selection of Ohio's
national delegates. It Is known that be
tween Senator Henna's close friends there
Is a disposition to attempt to relegate Ben-
ator Foraker to the rear if he desires to go
to the Chicago convention as a delegate-at-large,
provided that no content which
knight Imperil the Integrity of the repub
lican organisation In the state Is made.
Today's conference lasted only a short
time, but the situation was discussed In Its
aallent features. It ' Is understood that
the president will not permit himself to
te drawn into any factional trouble, either
In Ohio or In any other state.
Senator Foraker understands the presi
Bent's position In this regard. The confer-
nee today was not prolonged, because the
enator had an engagement for a com
tnltteo meeting which he was obliged to
keep, but It Is likely that a further and
fuller discussion of the matter will be
liad at a later time.
Coaaeel Withdraws Remarks.
In the postal trial today several witnesses
irere led through a tedious line of question
ing ty the asslntant district attorney, most
of which, as counsel explained, was for
the purpose of showing a pemonul Interest
en the part of Machen regarding the Intro
duction of the Oroff fastener. The govern
snent announced that It was nsarlng the
completion of Its case.
After counsel for the defense briefly hsd
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Weikiuate L aad tuim Avm tkk.-t
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touched on the statement made at the
close of yesterday's session by Mr. Con
rad that Machen on a palary of $3,500 a
year had managed to make 0,000 a year,
Mr. Conrad secured permission to withdraw
his remark, saying that he would not con
vict the defendant on any statement that-
fell unguardedly from his lips.
The disputed transcript of Mac'hen's ac
count with the Union National bank, West
minster, Md., was then admitted on the
express understanding that only such Items
as were shown to relate to Machen In the
transactions between him and the other de
fendants should be considered.
Justice Prltchard discharged the rule is
sued yesterday against Postofflce Inspectors
Mayer and Gregory, charged by the de
fense with coaching witnesses, being sat
isfied with their answers us contained In
affidavits presented by them. An adjourn
ment until Monday was taken.
Colorado Woman Reappolated.
The president today sent to the senate
the nomination of Miss Martha C.
Brown as receiver of public moneys at
Ounnlson Colo. Miss Brown Is renom
inated, having been originally appointed In
April, 1898. She la stated to be the second
woman ever appointed to the office of re
ceiver of publlo moneys, the other cans
betrtg that of Miss Minnie Williams, who
held that office in Lander, Wyo.
Senator llaiu Is Better.
Senator Hanna, who has had another al-
tack of grip, Is reported much better today.
Awards Lsmkcr Contract.
The secretary of the Interior has awarded
bids for 95 per cent of the merchantable
pine timber of 9,707 acres Included In the
first section of the Minnesota national for
est reserve In the Cass iake region. Th) ag
gregate of the bids Is 11,218,132. and the
timber, which Is located on 815 sections,
consists of 193,786.000 feet, of which 121,441
good feet Is Norway pine and the remain
der whits pine.
(oilrrai Nominations.
The senate today In executive session con
firmed the following nominations:
W. H. Brown, register of the land office
at urana Korku, N. U.
Nebraska: Henry E. Pnlmer, Omaha
Iowa: Thomas J. iKIilltree, Morning
Sun: Charles U. Warner. Central City.
Kanxas: F.lon G. Liew.y, Mullne; Ed war J
i tun, nurr Oak; f rank W. Carroll,
juronio. ,
UlMxiurl: Mills T. ChaMain, Marshall;
Florence M. Low. Hamilton: Frank A,
Hardin, Cubool; William Ueisner, Lock
wood. France May Increase Dalles.
A movement Is making for an agreement
between the governmenta of the United
States and France In lieu of the projected
reciprocity treaty, which has not received
the approval of the senate and consequently
has failed through the expiration of the
lerlod of time allowance for ratification and
exchange The French government has let
it oe Known mat it. contemplates a con.
sidcrable Increase of dutlts on Imported
meats. An effort on the part of Ambassa
dor Porter to secure the minimum rates
for American goods disclosed the fact that
some concession must be made In return by
the United States. A recourse has been had
to section t of the Dlngley tariff act
and if this projected arrangement should
take effect the outcome would be one of
the commercial agreements which mill re
quire bo action on the part of the United
States senate.
Representatives of other natlona than
France are keenly Interested In the success
of this undertaking.
Barbanaa Will Retara.
Confirmation is had at the State depart
ment of the report that Mr. Buchanan,
American minister to Panama, is about to
Tempi to th United States, starting Iq a few
cays from Colon. hniKirtant prlvtiie busi
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as $3. 50 each, at
ter's action. Mr. Buchanan consented to
assume the Panama mission only upon an
understanding that his appointment must
be temporary, and It Is possible he will con
sider that he has carried out his full Un
dertaking when he returns to Washington.
Children Barn Barn.
HUMBOLDT, 'Neb., Jan. 22.-(SpecIal.)-
T. F. Kmtgh, a farmer living about ten
miles southeast of the city, lost his barn
by lire, the flames also consuming three
head of horses and a quantity of grain and
harnees. The blase was started by chil
dren playing with matches.
Fifty Thoaaaad Loss.
CLINTON, Is-, Jan. 22. (Special Tele
gram.) Fire at Lost Nation, a small town
In this county, late yesterday afternoon de
stroyed property valued at $50,000. Mc-
Meel's drug store burned, also Wlllard's
general store, the Henderson office building
and the I-ost Nation hotel.
Fair and Colder Weather for Parts
of Nebraska and Cold Wave, with
Frost, for Several Statea.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. Forecast:
For Nebraska and South Dakota Fair
Saturday and Sunday. Colder Sunday Iti
west and central portions.
For Iowa Fair1 Saturday, except snow
flurrle in western portion.
For Illinois Fulr Saturday, except snow
flurries and colder In northern portion; Sun
duy fair, fresh west to northwet winds.
For Wyoming Snow and colder Satur
day; Sunday fair.
Special forecast: Cold wave warnings
have been ordered for Western Minnesota,
Southeast Wisconsin snd Northern Illinois,
and froBt warnings have been tssuod on the
Louisiana and Texas coast.
Loral Record.
OMAHA. Jan. 22. Official record of tem
perature ana precipitation comparea wlin;
ine corresponding uay or me last inreo
1904. 190.1. 19(C. H01.
Maximum temperature... 20 87 81 45
Minimum teuieruture. . . V 17 20 2d
Mean temperature 14 27 2S 3t
Precipitation T T .00 .00
Reoord of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day since March 1. 19U3:
Normal temperature 19
Dericlenry for the day 5
Total excess since March 1, 1903 234
Normal precipitation 02 inch
deficiency for the day 02 inch
Total precip. slues March 1 32.55 Inchei
Excess since March 1, 1903 1.S3 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period 1"8... l.4 Inches
Dertclency for cor. period 19t2... . 30 inches
Hrporta Irons Stations at T P. M.
3 g
' c
: t
: c
: a
: ?
; 5
Omaha, clear
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear
Cheyenne, partly cloudy
Salt Lake City, cloudy .,
Rapid City, snowing ....
Huron, cleur
Williston, cloudy
Chicago, snowing
Ht. Louis, i loudly ,
St. PjiuI. clear
Davenport, snowing ....
Kansas City, cloudy
Havre, partly cloudy ....
Helena, cloudy
Hlornsrck, cUar
Ualveston, clear
24 i
Mi .00
3b! .0
2 .04
84; .M
Ss .02
i .00
2i .01
) T
1M .01
24 i T
24 T
221 .00
8o Ml
o .oo
to I .00
"T" Indicates trace of precipitation
lui'lcatea gero.
' L. A. WELSH. Local yorscaittr.
ii Raw v -ML . ff ci.
Wmm I Sa,e
Specials for Saturday
Children's Pretty Cloaks at $1.50
House Paiset 209 Bills and Bssolntioa
Seeking Information.
Articles Donated at tit. Loals Exposi
tion to Religious, scientific and
Fdnratlonal Institutions Will
Escape I'snal Tax.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22. The house to
day passed 209 pension (.Ills and also reso
lutions calling on the secretary of war
and the attorney general for Information
as to the number of horses and carriage
maintained at government expense. A bill
permitting the withdrawal duty free from
the St. Louis exposition of articles do
nated to religious,' R'.ientlflc, educational
or literary institutions also passed.
A resolution submitted by Mr. Jenkins
(Wis.) from the committee on Judiciary,
calling on the attorney general forlnforma
tlon as to the number of carriages main
tained at the expense of the government
for use of tbe officials of the Department
of Justice was passed.
A bill to allow the free entry of any arti
cle not specifically Imposed by incorporated
Institutions established Tor religious, philo
sophical, educational scientific or literary
purposes, or by any state or municipal
corporation when Imported for exhibit at
the St. Louis exposition and ihen donated
to such Institution was passed. .
At 8:30 o'clock the house adjourned until
Senate Also Takes 1 u Qoeslloa of He.
cess Appointments Following
Kitra Session of Congress.
WASHINGTON, Jan. 22.-The senute to
day adopted the resolution of Inquiry con
cerning affairs In Panama, Introduced on
the 5th Inst, by Mr. Gorman, and listened
to a speech on the Panama quest lou by
Mr. Dolllver, and another on the subject of
recess appointments.
Following Is the text of the (Jorman reso
lutions: Resolved, That the president be requexted
if nut, In his JudKment, Incompatible with
puiillc interest to inform the senate:
Ulrst. The date when and the circum
stances under which the United States, for
the tlrst time and each succeeding time,
used a military force in tli Internal af
fairs of New Uranada, or Colombia, under
the treaty of 1Mb; whether such use of
military force was on the initiative of the
United States or hy the request of New
Oranada or Colombia, or In consequence
of any official representation of either,
and also to transmit to the senate copies
of the letters, or notes. In the department
of state, and of the orders l the navy
department relating to such use of military
Second. Also to Inform the senate whether
or not the I nlted State I. as been asked
by New Granada or Colombia, or any of
ficial represf utatlve of either, to execute by
armed fort, either the guaranty of the
neutrality of the isthmus or of the sov
ereignty of New Granada or Colombia over
the name: and If the t'nited States has
been so asked, then the dates and circum
stsnces thereof; and to send to the srnats
copies of the letters or notes In esch case
conveying the application and what was
uoue tnereuinier ! tlu I mtea states.
Third. Ami also to inform the senate In
which. If any, of the disturbances on the
isthmus of Panama referred to by the
uresldent in his last annual message to the
senate the United States used a military
force solely en his own initiative and un
invited by the government owning the
isthmus, and also to Inform the senate of
the circumstances In esch esse which re
quired such use of military force, and
trsnsmlt copies of the orders isxued by
tne nsvy aeparimont for sucn purpose.
Fourth. And also that he will Info!
the senate of the (tales when snd circum-
stances uudcr which the United tilatna baa
Every cloak is fresh and brand new, of
the most stylish cloths and colors, they
are exactly the coats you have seen
priced at $15, $15, $20 and
$25, your choice of
the entire
employed military force In the Internal af
fairs of New Granada or Colombia on uc
count of any revolt or rebellion or dis
turbance of the people therein.
Mr. Tillman quoted a letter from Secre
tary Shaw concerning the appointment of
Collector Crum, taking the position that
there had been a constructive recess be
tween the time of the adjournment of the
late extra session of congress and the be
ginning of the present regular session.
This, Mr. Tillman contended, was In vio
lation of the constitution.
Mr. Tillman quoted a number of prece
dents In support of his position, citing ut
terances of Charles Sumner and John
Sherman, both of whom the senator lauded,
Mr. Spooner rose.
"I don't suppose," said Mr. Tillman,
"that the senator from Wisconsin objects
to my eulogising members of his party?''
"No," replied Mr. Spooner, "but I can't
understand why he should wait until they
ore dead." ' "
. Without disposing of the Tillman resolu
tion the senate, at 2 o'clock, resumed con
sideration of the Gorman Panama tesolu
tlon, and Mr. Dolllver addressed the senate.
Mr. Dolllver said that since our Interven
tion In the Cuban war the canal question
had Increased vastly In Importance and he
predicted that some of the democratic sen
ators who were opposing the canal treaty
would find It to be a "burning question."
He deprecated criticism of the president In
connection with the Panama revolt, refer
ring to him as ,a ' Godfearing, patriotic
As a precedent for the president's rec
ognition of Panama, Mr. Dolllver showed
that President Pierce had recognised five
revolutionary governments within four
Mr. Patterson (Colo.) Interrupted to stats
that those recognitions were In accordance
with International law; that It was a rec
ognition of de facto governments and In
no case one of secession.
Will the senator say why twenty na
tions of Europe have recognised Panama?"
queried Mr; Dolllver.
Because the United States set the pace,"
replied Mr. Patterson.
'Does International law in Europe con
sist of following the blunders and crimes
committed by the United States?" retorted
Mr. Dolllver. Continuing, Mr. Dolllver de
clared vehemently that the I'anama rev
olution had been going on for twenty years.
Talk to me," said Mr. Dolllver. "ubout
the United States, interfering to aid the
Insurrection, of Panama; the United States
could not have stopped the Insurrection
if It had desired to do so." Mr. Dolllver
declared that all that had been done by
the United States In Panama, "was done
In obedience to the requirements of our
When Mr. Dolllver concluded ha was
loudly applauded from the galleries.
Mr. Teller declared that the treaty of
1446 was a canal treaty and gave the United
States any sovereignty In the canal strip
which was In conflict with the authorities
all the time.
At 4:30 the senate went Into executive
session and at 4:38 adjourned until Monday.
Indiana Woman Asnaaltrd aad Mir.
dered by 1'nldeatlned Party,
Mho Escapes.
BEDFORD, Ind , Jan. 22. The body of
Miss Sarah Schaefer, teacher of Latin In
ths Bedford high school, was found In a
carriage house today. She had been as
saulted and the body mutilated.
The appearance of the shed Indicated a
struggle with her assailant. Miss Schaefer
came here from Elkhart, Ind.. a year agj
and was much admired. There is much
excitement over the case and blottlboundi
will bs given the scauU (
"CSS1 7 ft. 1 ?J)
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ptir, at, pair
Frtnch Chamber of Depntisi ths Seen of
Mnoh Exoitsmenu
Old Woands Dating Bark, to the
Franeo-Prnsslnn War Are Re
opened and Noisy Demon
stratlons Follow.
PARIS. Jan., 22,-The Chamber of Dep
tles was the scene of much excitement
today, in connection with the case of Fa
ther Delsor, the Alsatian priest, who was
expelled from France recently on the
ground that he was a foreigner seeking to
foment' agitation against the government.
His expulsion nas revived the animosities
growing out of the Franco-Prussian war,
a considerable element of the press and
public asserting that the txpulslon of Del
sor as a lorelgner marked the flnul aban
donment of Alsace to Germany.
Owing to the chamber taking up the
question today extra military and police
precautions were taken inside and out
side the Iiourbon palace, as wsll as to
protect the Strasburg statue, on the Place
de la Concorde, where a popular manifes
tation was announced to take place, and
for the suppression of disorder In the
neighborhood of the German embassy.
Yfter a iong and heated discussion, some
blaming and ome approving the govern
ment. Premier Combes intimated tnat he
would accept a motion made by M. Sarrien,
with the understanding that this should
be taken to Imply approval of the gov
ernment's action. The discussion resulted
In a ministerial victory, the vote being
258 to 243.
During the sitting of the chamber there
was a noisy pro-Alsatian demonstration
In the Place ds Concorde, which resulted
in the arrest of about sixty persons. Lutcr
the persons arrested were released.
Cashier of Produce Exchange Busk
Said to Bo Defaulter In
Large Amount.
CLEVELAND, Jan. 22-The Produce Ex
change bank, corner Broadway and Cen
tral avenue, closed Its doors today. Thu
Insolvency court has appointed the Cleve
land Trust company as receiver. The as
sets and liabilities of the bank are each
placed at tl.&oO.OuO.
Attorney Andrew Squire, on behalf of
'the bank, maae the following statement
this afternoon:
There Is a defalcation of tnfl.GjO, which
is more than the paid In capital and sur-
I'lus combined. The original capital was
.110,000. but only .'0 per share was paid In.
The depositors will be protected fully. The
stockholders will have to pay in IlOO.uuti
more on their capliHl stock and 820u,xio in
stockholders' liability.
The directors woiricd all day trying to
mske up ths deficiency hut the hurden was
too heavy, and they decided to close the
I For many years nose nss oeen spee-
.... 1- .11.1 .. ...... I 11- .
UlSlins; III 1 - IIH niai,i. lie ,-..-, -u ma
peculations by manipulating the bank's loan
accounts. He voluntarily confessed yester
dsy. He will be taken Into cuxtody this
afternoon. The directors know where he Is.
It is announced that branches of the
Produce Exchange bank of Defiance, Hud
son and Bedford, O., will be closed at once
as a result of the fuilure.
. Balls, Sores aad Feloae
Find prompt, sure cure In Burkten's
Arnica Sal vs. also ecsema. salt rheum,
burns, bruises and pllns, or no pay. ic.
For sals by Kuhn A Co.
Underrausliiis at $1.50
1 1 ItUU
to, at
,25 c
trimmed and
ladles' wootfinlf Gloves
warm all wool golf gloves
just the thing Tfh
lor winter, oil sizes J O r
for la iea nd misse? r-
Snrh Is Opinion of Company Which
Will Wind Ip Its
8A.N FRANCISCO, Jan. J2. -The Exam
iner says that the Chinese American Com
mercial company, organised e'rhteen
months ego with a capital of 11,500 Owl, la
now rapidly settling up Its affair (u d will
surrender its charier in the near future.
The prospects for business in tho Orient
did not, !t Is raid, warrant continuation,
so :t has een decided to settle the afalrn
r:f the company as soon as possible mid
close no.
Doable Wedding; at Beatrice.
BSSATK1CK, Neb., Jan. 22.-t8peclal.)-A
dol le wedding was rolemuized yesterday
morning at 10:30 c'clock at the home of A.
L. Stanhope at Filley, when aMss Hths
fctanhope was married to Mr. Hobert J.
Flaws of Weill ter C'ty, ?a., snd b'laa Ruth
Stanhope tsst her lot w.th Mr. Fr-hnglsr A.
Brugh tf Rockford, this county. Ilev. J.
W. Merrill of this city officiated, the cere
mony being witnessed by about f.fty friends
of the contracting parties.
HUMBOLDT, T eh., Jan. 22. 'Special.)
Rev. Lehrer of the Dry branch church last
evening officiated fit tre riotrrlage of Miss
Lena C'berly to Mr. Archie R. Houglaml.
which ix-curted at the homo of the bride's
father, John Cdni ly, . veral miles south of
this city
Turkf r rlsg.
NKHBASKA CITY, 'eb., Jan. 22 (Spe
cial.) Winifred Tucker and .Visa ida
Sprigs, both of this city, were married
tsterday by Judge Timblln.
Blck Headteha snd rellere (II On troubles laaV
cent to s bilious ttate of ' b system, such as Die
S'ness, Ksum-s, Drowsiness, Dutrrss sftnr sstutg,
Palo in tbe Aide, Ac. While tbstr saost ressars
bl eucttM Ins been ihowo la caring
Bidsrhe.yrt Csrter'aLlttls Liver Pillisrsnaaslly
iinbl in Coudipatloa, curiae sad praatisf
tins Mooring eotupU.nl, none they also cermjl
all disorders of tue slomtrh, stioiulste to liver
and tcgulal the bowels. Xvcn U tiu-y only cure!
Aehft they would be.nioi prirrlrM to these Whs
tuff.-r from this ditireM ng complaint; but fortu
i.aisly their goodness do not cud bers, see those
hoooceuy tbeu will Snd these milt pills vsla.
1 1 is in so many way that they will not be wuliag
to db without ibem. ilu after all tick bead
It ths bane of so susny Urea tr st her is where we
mast eur giesi UaM. Our cue U wbiia
ntbrrs do not. T
Caxtsr't Little Uvar PHI are very vmaO sag
, eery assy to take. Ob or two pihs make s duS.
Tt'jr art alnrllr tegetablt anil do aol gripe ct
urgt, sat by tn'lr gentle aciain plr-aae all whe
lastbam. In visit st 25 emia: a for ftL 8uM
by oraggistt every wbws, or asut by ma 1.
NW York Clt
r?IVER 4

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