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Davis Mill drugs.
Leffert's glaes fit
Stockert sella carpets.
A store for men '"Beno's."
Peterson, gun and locknmlth. an B'y.
Diamond betrothal rlngi at LefTert a. 40
14-K and 1-K wedding rings at Lelterfa,
409 Broadway.
Born, to Dr. and Mrs. Henry C. Deetken
or ireynor, a ion.
Special to February l oval cabinet
photos at $1.60 per dosen Williams.
Twenty percent dlsoount on Dlcture mold
ings. Alexander (k Co., 333 Broadway.
furnished room for rent, heat, gas. bath,
south front. Addreaa, X. car Bee. Council
Rer. Henry DeLong went to JIarel Dell
yesterday to assist Kev. Dietrich in a revival-meeting.
Mra. O. W. Hefner and Mrs. W. W. Hef
ner of Fullerton. Neb., are ruesta of Mrs.
J. P. Oreenshlelds of Oakland avenue.
Another big candy snle at Brown's randy
kitchen, frM Broadway, today (Saturday).
All fresh and home-made candles. In order
to stir business up a little we will give one
full pound for 10 cents.
Frank Keenan of Omnha complained to
the police last ' night that while he was
visiting In a resort In the northwest part
of the city some one stole his overcoat and
hat, leaving In tlu-lr place an overcoat and
specimen of headgear, both of an ancient
vintage and much the worse for wear.
Major J. A. Olmstend, U. 8. A., retired,
who was unable to be present at the In
spection of the Dodge Light Guards Thurs
day evening, will make an Inspection of
the company at some later date. Major
Ulmatead Is the officer detailed to make
the Inspection of the Iowa National Guard
on behalf of the government.
Jamns Stewart, colored, commonly known
as "CufT Johnson," will have a hearing
thla morning before Justice Carson on a
charge of assaulting Thomas Laws, also
colored. The two are said to have had
a quarrel In a Broadway saloon, which ter
minated in Stewart administering a beat
ing to Uwt.
Woodward Bros., architects of this city,
have been awarded the third prise In the
competition for plans for a new high school
building at Carthage, 111. The Board of
Education of that city offered three prizes,
the first the adoption of the plans of the
winner. the second 1300 In cash and the
third $aX). The winning plans have not yet
been accepted and may sot be Anally, owing
to some technicality, and In that event
Woodward Bros, will receive the second
The county authorities are experiencing
considerable trouble In securing H. V.
Itucker, the Omaha real estate man in
dicted by the recent grand jury, here on a
uhargs of cheating by false pretenses. In
connection with the sale of lots in Okla
homa. Rucker has secured his release on
bonds aoross the river and the hearing on
the charge that he was a fugitive from
iustlce was continued yesterday In Judge
Jay's court until next Wednesday.
Plumbing and heating. Blxby 4s 8os
library Plans Progressing;.
Grant C. Miller, the Chicago architect,
has written Woodward Bros., local archi
tects of the Carnegie library, that the plans
and specifications for the new building
are progressing favorably and that they
will be ready to submit to the biddors
about the middle of February. He states
that hs Is having prepared a handsome
waiter color drawing showing the exterior
of the library building in profile, which
will soon be In the hands of the Board of
.Library Trustees.
Woodward Bros, have completed the plat
for the site on which the library Is to be
erected, showing the location of adjoining
buildings, street car tracks, sewer, gas
and water, tpans, ..and other ... Incidental
data. ThJ .surveys', for", tfie plat" were mads
by City Engineer Etnyre and blue prints of
It were sent to Chicago yesterday.
The work of taking soundings to deter
mine the character of the substratum of
earth upon which the foundation of the
new building will rest will not be begun
before the - frost is out , of the ' ground.
Upon this Investigation will depend the
necessity of using piling for the founda
tions. Kafar sells lumber. Catch the Ideal
Tries Electric Filing; Machine.
Freeman I Reed, clerk of the district
court, was experimenting yesterday with
an electric" filing stamp machine. The
machine, which Is run In connection with
an automatic clock by dry batteries, stamps
the day, hour and minute on the instrument
filed. Heretofore papers filed with the
clerk of the court were only stamped with
the date filed and not the hour - of the
day. Recently a dispute arose . In court
over the question when a certain paper
was filed and Judge Thornell ordered that
in future all papers when filed shall show
not only the date, but the hour of day
when filed. This the machine now on trial
In Clerk Reed's office does to the very
minute. Clerk Reed will suggest to the
Board of County Supervisors that one of
these machines be purchased for his office,
but has soms doubts whether the board will
not consider It too costly.
Qa . Plumbing Co, Teu 30; sight T Ml.
Boosts Hick School Enrollment.
' With ths close of the first semester of
the school year yesterday eighty-three pu
pils from the Washington avenue school
were promoted to the high school. This
addition to the high school makes the en
rollment there 640, and this. It Is expected,
will bo augmented to 6711, as a number
Of new pupils from out of town are ex
pected. The total enrollment of the high
school last year was K3, and the present
enrollment la the highest In Its history.
Bachelor Girt Contest.
There ' are twenty-eight entries in De
Ixmg's Bachelor Girl Voting Contest To
night's ballot will be printed In all the
Sunday newspapers.
Ogden Hotel Rooms with or without
board; steam heat; free bath; publle par
tar. Special Prices
Meats way have advanced at
Pork Loins.
per' pound
Porterhouse Steak,
Sirloin Steak,
$ pounds
Round Steak,
per pound.. v.
Good Steak,
t pounds
Po Roast.
per pound
Boiling Beef,
per pound, $0 and.
Mutton Btew,
per pound
Mutton Roast
par pound
i tsoetal rotes to Hotels an Reetaarnnts.
Tel. 46.'
Tirt Letttr Ro?ptaole ifa 801th Ftrt of
the City Art Broken Open.
Federal and Police Authorities Work
Ins; OB Case, bat t P to Date Have
Seenrea No time to the
Letter carriers, on making their, first
rounds yesterdsy morning, discovered that
five mall boxes In the south part of the
city herd been broken open during the
night. In each case the door by which
th carrier takes out the mail was found
to have been pried open, evidently by a
jimmy or steel chisel. What the thief or
thieves secured Is merely a matter of con
jecture, but Indications are that a number
of letters were carried away.
The mall boxes broken open are located
at Tenth avenue and Main street. Thir
teenth avenue and Third street, Sixteenth
avenue and Third street. Seventeenth
avenue and High street and Twenty-first
avenue and Tenth street.
The federal authorities and police are
working on the case, but It Is said that up
to last night no clew had been obtained
as to the guilty parties.
Mass Meeting; Called to Dlavass the
Offer of the Kansas City
The executalve committee of the commer
cial club has decided to call a mase meeting
In ths city hall next Wednesday night at
which time Charles) IS. Sweeney of Kansas
City, one of the promoters of the American
uressea Beer company which . seeks to
establish a plant In this city provided a
sufficient Inducement In the shape of a
bonus Is offered, will present the advan
tages to be obtained by Council Bluffs by
inducing his company to come here.
This mass meeting has been called by the
committee at the suggestion of W. B. Reed,
secretary of the executive committee of the
Commercial club. Mr. need made a visit
to Kansas City to Investigate the standing
of the company which offered to establish
a packing plant In this city. His Investiga
tion disclosed the fact that the American
Dressed Beef company was as yet only on
paper. The company Is organised under
the laws of Oklahoma but Is said to have
plans In negotiation for establishing; plants
In Leavenworth, Kan.; Dallas, Tex., and
Council Bluffs.
Mr. Reed was assured that ths company
while composed of young men had ample
financial backing and that McSwseney, one
of the promoters, who will present the
proposition to the mass meeting here, has
for a number of year been connected with
one- of the packing houses In Kansas City.
According to the statements made to Mr.
Reed the company proposes to expend at
least 1390,000 4n bMlldlnpn 4ere trevlded a
site ef twenty acres ia gtven ft. In addl
tlon (to the site the company asks that
local capitalists Invest about $60,000 In ths
stock, and further asks a bonus of 8 cents
a head for cattle killed up to the number
of 500,000, or In other words. a bonus of $125,
000 when the company's plant here reaches
a business of 600,000 head of cattle a year.
Mr. Reed was informed by the promoters
that the company anticipated employing
about 800 men In Council Bluffs and that
the annual distributive sales of the plant
would amount to not less than $16,000,000,
In fact, according to the Information re
ceived by Secretary Reed the. company ex
pects to do a business equalling if not ex
ceeding that of the large packing houses
In South Omaha.
Olaen Bros., plumbers, 700 B'way. Tel.
Real Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported to The Bee
January 22, by the .abstract title and loan
firm of Squire & Annls, 101 Tearl street:
White River Savings bank to Eliza
beth Schoup, lot 6, block 4, Sackett's
add. w. d t 409
Chris Petersen and wife to Samuel
D. Welser, lot 8, block S, Fisher's 1st
add to Underwood, w. d 1JS
Samuel D. Welser and wife to Chris
Petersen, 3 acres in ne corner wH 18-
7-42, W. d 1.000
W. B. Currle and wife to Christ
Drlckmeyer, lot 9, block 6, Under
wood, w. d 626
Ohio Knox and wife to John Beno,'
lots 9 and 14, block 86, Railroad add, .
q. c. d 1
Archibald A. Walker to Emmet Tin
ley, lots 1 and I. block 1. and lots 12.
13 and 14. block 6, and lot 1. block S,
Park add; lot 12. block 10, Williams'
1st add; lots 11 and 12. block U,
Ferry's 1st add; unrtlv E-S6 of e part
. ne'i 1-74-44, and 10.68 acres In w part
' nv4 G-74-43. w. d 1.500
Total, six transfers
Matters In District Conrt.
The motion for a further .continuance of
the case In which Peter Burke, a black
smith. Is charged, with stabbing Real Bum
mitt, with Intent to murder- him, was par
tially heard la the district court yesterday
by Judge Thornell. The trial of Burke has
already been continued over one term and
the county attorney is determined to try It
at this term If possible. On the part of the
defendant It t claimed that a certain wit
ness whose testimony Is Important for the
defense cannot be here st the trial, which
has been set for Monday next.' In order
to avoid a further postponement of the
for Saturday
other Markets, bnt not hero.
13 pounds Leaf Lard,
Spare Ribs,
per pound ,
Pork Roast.
per pound ,
Veal Roast.
per pound...
Veal Stew.
per pound
Cornea Beef,
per pound
Pickled Pork.
per pound...
Best Lard,
per pound
for ,
- 6c
537 Broadway.
trial the county attorney will admit as evi
dence on behalf of the defendant the testi
mony which this witness is supposed to
Following the Burke case the .trial of the
cases against W. W. Koller of Omaha and
Mrs. R. Cohen, Indicted by the recent grand
Jury on a charge of unlawful cohabitation,
will be taken up, a change In the criminal
assignment having been made yesterday by
Judge Thornell In order to bring these two
cases to an early trial, as desired by the de
fendants. The trial of the $16,000 personal Injury
damage suit of Mrs. Margaret Cramer
against the City of Council Bluffs continues
to occupy the attention of Judge ThornoT.
and a Jury in the district court, and It is
doubtful if It will be completed today.
Leonard Bloedel of East Omaha, whose
wife Tlllle, secured a divorce from him in
the district court here lnet September and
was awarded the custody of their minor
child, a little girl, yesterday filed a motion
for ft modification of the decree and for an
order transferring the ruetody of the child
to him. In support of this motion Bloedel
alleges that his former wife Is not a fit
person to have charge of the little girl.
Special Offer.
Until February 1st. special price of $2 per
dosen on photos. Hansen A Haverstock,
43-45 Main street. Mention this ad when
you come.
Harrison for Wright.
George 8. Wright received assurances
yesterday that he would receive the sup
port of Harrison county In his candidacy
for delegate to the republican national
convention from tho Ninth district, un
less there should happen to be a candidate
from that county, which It was said would
not be likely. Several leading republicans
of Harrison county, since learning of Mr.
Wright's candidacy, have assured him of
their unqualified support
Erldeace In Harder Trial Shows She
Wanted to Leave Her
ELDORA, la., Jan. 22. But little prog
ress was made today In the tlal of Eben
B. Blydenburg, on trial for the alleged
poisoning of his third wife. Witnesses t i
tlfled to the sale of arsenic and to dissatis
faction expressed by . Mrs. Blydenburg
prior to her death and to her having de
termined to leave her husband. Blyden
burg, who was a Sunday school teacher
and deacon In the church and a philan
thropist, was arrested in October last. Ev
idence has since developed tending to snow
that two other wives also died violent
deaths. Emily Hawkins, Blydenburgs first
wife, died mysteriously at Btoneybrook,
L. I., five years ago.
Bapposed to Have Bern Dropped from
Some of the Northwestern
MISSOURI VALLEY, la.,' Jan. 22. (Spe
cial.) The deed body of a child, probably
less than a week old, was found this morn
ing by the slda of the Northwestern rail
road track near California Junction. The
child Is believed to have been dropped from
an early morning passenger train. Coroner
A, JB, . Haabraok went to .CaUfornla Junc
tion; to investigate the. -matter. -: -- - . .
Effect of Storm at Iowa City.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. Jan. 22. (Special. )-Ten
thousand dollars has been lost directly,
with a prospect of a consequent loss of
greater magnitude, by the telephone- and
electric light companies of Iowa City as a
result of the eleet storm of the last' two
days. The Johnson County Telephone com
pany, capitalised at $100,000. lies powerless
ss a result of the storm. The cessation of
Its telephone service for a month and the
Installation of wire cables Instead of single
wires Is necessitated.
Rock Island Makes Improvements. ,
CEDAR RAPIDS, la.. Jan. 22. (Special.)
The Rock Island road Is doing great
things for Cedar Rapids. It has put $20,000
In repairs and Improvements Into- Its large
shops here, and this week has added forty
men to the already large force employed.
This means an addition of $3,000 to the
monthly payroll of the company. It Is also
said that the number will be Increased by
100 before the year la out and that more
extensive additions will be made to the
Goes to Chtcaaro Hospital.
AVOCA. Ia.. Jan. . (Special.) George
Maler, one of Avoca's pioneer and prom
inent business men, having come here In
the early '70s, left Thursday evening for
Chicago, acting upon the advice of his phy
sician, where It Is expected he will undergo
an operation for cancer of the stomach.
Mrs. Maier accompanied him. Their jewel
ery store will be closed until their return.
Proseeatlns; Attorney Dismisses ' All
I'ntrled Cases Aacalnst Kansas
City Commission Man.'
KANSAS CITY, Jan. 22. All cases against
Frank Siege!, once president of the de
funct Slegel-Sanders Live Stock Commis
sion company, who was charged with em
bezzlement, on seven Indictments, were
dismissed by the prosecuting attorney here 1
today. The prosecutor stated that as one
of ths cases against Blegel had resulted In
acquittal there was no chance of convict
ing him on the others.
The chargea were instigated by Frank
Rockefeller, a brother of John D. Rocke
feller, who loat nearly $250,000 In the failure
of the firm two years ago.
Federal Grand Jnry Investigations
Into Elkhart Bank Pallor to Bo
Followed hy . Arrests.
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind.. Jan. 22.-The fed
eral grand Jury which has been Investi
gating th Elkhart bank failure has made
Its report. It Is known that more than one
Indictment has .been returned, but the
names will' not be announced till the per
sons Indicted are under arrest.
ifa Material Change in tho Ballot for
'a Calted States Senator to Sne
eocd MeComna.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Jan. 2. There was no'
material ehango In the ballot today for
United States senator to succeed Mr. lie
peal C Council Bluffs.
'Phone ST.
Special Ilfctbn Held in Preoioot When
Ballots Had Bees Stolon.
Indicates He Is Sot Look Ins; for Any
Compromise In the Matter of Del
egate to National Repub
lican Convention.'
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DBS MOINES. Jan. 22. (Special.) Ths
political situation 'got another turn today
in this city. When the republican city
primary of last week was rounded up with
a sensational scene of ballot stealing and
shooting at the thieves snd a pretense of
trying to ferret out the thieves. It left
some of the positions decidedly In the
air. Ths failure to get the vote counted
In -the one precinct where the theft took
place was the occasion for calling a spe
cial primary In that precinct and It was
held today. Three positions were at stake
city assessor, aldcrman-at-large and
ward alderman. There was very little
doubt as to how the precinct went on each
of these, but the city committee decided
on a second primary and this concentrated
the fight In one day on one precinct hav
ing the power to decide the whole matter,
, The election was conducted peaceably and
quietly and there was no shooting and no
As a result of the balloting, A.C. Mor
rison gets the delegation for assessor,
which will nominate him over George
Schramm, the present assessor. Morrison
is pledged to make further reductions in
the assessment and thus had back of him
the large corporate Interests.
For alderman-at-large B. F. Whitney
was the victor and for alderman of the
ward, Emll Schaub.
Commlns Also Stands Pnt.
A local paper publishes a dispatch from
Washington stating that before leaving
Washington last night Governor Cummins,
in an Interview, saldt "The Iowa con
vention should select four delegates-at-large
who are In sympathy with a ma
jority of the convention. Instruct them
for President Roosevelt, adopt a ringing
platform including the 'Iowa Idea' and ad
journ. The district convention should do
"There should be no attempt at division
of the delegation, and so far as I am con
cerned there will be none.
"The effort to convince the people that
what I am doing and saying will Injure
the president is not In good faith and can
not succeed. I am In full sympathy with
what he has done and Is doing. I am
for him unreservedly, first and last and
all the time. I think I can be trusted as
his friend, as confident at least as those
whose leaders bear so close a relation to
the Northern Securities company."
Fights Holdup Mea.
, Charles Sewlsler, '-.a conductor on the
Great Western, was held up by three un
identified men within a block of the union
depot about o'clock tonight. He resisted
and was knocked down. He seised one of
the men and tried to hold him, and made
such' an outcry that the two other ran
away. The man he grappled with shot at
him, - inflicting aaavara scalp wound, and
then' ran- a way, 1'm got this' watch (,
. Cosirt-Dcclalons.
The following are the decisions filed by
the supreme court today:
Roxana Hult, appellant, against William
Hult; Mahaska county, Judge Dewey; af
firmed by McClaln.
Katharine VVissler against City of At
lantic, appellant 1 Cass county. Judge Thor
nell; affirmed by Biahop.
1 W. M. Rhoadee. appellant, against Ed
Cook; Jasper county, Judge Scott; reversed
by Deemer.
A. T. Cooper, appellant, against Emma
Maurer; Cedar Rapids superior court Judge
Rothrock; reversed by Weaver.
Maria L. Wilson against City of Cedar
Rapids, appellant; Linn county. Judge
Thompson; affirmed by Ladd.
N. .A. Impson, appellant against Sac
county; Sac county, Judge Elwood; af
firmed by the court. 1
D. M. Osborne & Co., appellant, against
Rlngland fe Co.; Boone county, Judge Ken
yon; afllrmed by Deemer.
Ilawkeye Insurance Company, appellant
against Frederick W. Llsker; Poweshiek
county. Judge 8uott; affirmed by Sherwln,
Town Legislation Desired.
A meeting of the legislative committee
of the Iowa League of Municipalities has
been called for Des Moines January 27 and
the committee will have sessions with the
appropriate committees of the senate and
house in relation to some needed legisla
tion for the betterment of conditions in the
cities of the state. One of the first and
most Important things to be ssked Is a law
for a uniform system of accounting in the
cities and towns of the state. They want
a law to Improve the manner of gathering
vital statistics of the state and for report
ing vital statistics.' They may also ask
that there be some general law relating
to gathering statistics regarding all munic
ipal matters,, such as paving, sewering,
garbage, water works snd engineering.
House Chamber Nearly Ready.
Work on the temporary Improvement of
the house chamber In the state capltol
for the use of the legislature has progressed
In a satisfactory way the past week and
the chamber will be ready for use 'when
the legislators return. The chamber has
been lined above and at the ends with
white duck grecefully looped up and dec
orated with blue bunting, and the portions
of the sides of the hall that were burnt
have bten temporarily restored In the same
manner.' The effect Is excellent and the
house will meet under a great white tent
that will in every way be as comfortable
as the hall was before the fire. The car
pets have been put down and the dek
and furniture fully restored. The old sys
tem of heating was found to be all right
and temporary lights have been put In.
The rooms for the speaker and clerk and
nearly all the committee rooms will' be
available for use. .
Assailant of Laramie Girl Is Sen
tenced to Fonrteen Years In
LARAMIE. Wyo.. Jan. 22. (Special.) -Frank
Wlggfall, the colored man who at
tempted criminal assault upon U-year-o d
Helen Kruppa Tuesday night, was brought
into court at noon yestetday, pleaded
guilty and waa sentenced to fourteen years
In the penitentiary. He was first taken be
fore a justice and bound over to the dis
trict court, immediately taken before
Judge Carpenter and given the limit The
specific charge was asault , with Intent to
commit a felony. '
Wlggfall's crime .was committed at T:$(
Tuesday night and at 7:90 tonight he will
be In the penitentiary, a record for quick
justice In the state courts.
Feel Your Pulse
If It beat fast thB slow skips beats,
your heart 1 weak and should be treat
ed at one. Dr. Miles' Heart Curs la
the best and safest remedy. Sold on guar
antes. Send for book on tne heart.
, 1H. MU-kA MfcJ'JCal. CvX. JUkaart, laA
Alien; that Some of Their linker
Are Vlolntlnar Law Regarding;
LARAMIE. Wyo., Jan. 22. (Special.)
Flockmasters In this county owning clean
sheep and who spent considerable ' money
In eradicating scabies and bringing the
bureau of animal Industry and the State
Board of Sheep commissioners to recog
nise the county as clean and permit he
passage of clean sheep for any purpose
from the cout'ty, are Indignant as a re
sult of several flngrant violations of the
state law by local owners. It Is charged
that E. J. Bell and three other owners
have recently shipped Into the county
bands of sheep affected with scabies and
that the bringing In of these diseased
sheep may cause to be Infected Jhe flocks
of the entire county.
The Bell sheep are now in quarantine
and the other bands will also he restricted
to a limited range and Isolated from other
sheep snd If no more scabby sheep are
permitted to enter the county the flock
masters will continue to enjoy the privileges
accorded to clean counties. 4
The State Board of Sheep commissioners
Is Investlaatlng the reported violations of
the rules In bringing sheep Into the state
without first notifying the board and prose
cutions may result, for the practice must
be stopped, as In no other way can the
disease be handled and the clean flocks
be Insured against Infection.
NEWCASTLE. Wyo., Jan. 22.-(Speclal.)
Weston flockmasters report that owners
of two bands of Crook county sheep re
cently violated the laws In driving their
ahocp across the line Into Weston county,
which a clean section. Crook county Is
In quarantine and Its flocks cannot legally
enter Weston or other clean counties. The
local owners have applied to the state
board for copies of Its rulings and are
preparing to prosecute the Intruders.
Co-operotlre Insurance Company of
Booth Dakota In Prosperous
HURON, 8. I).. Jan. 22.-(Speclal.)-At a
meeting of the stockholders of the Publish
ers' Mutual Insurance company, these offi
cers were elected: Levi D. Walt of Ar
mour, president; John Long-staff of Huron,
vice president; Clate Tlnan of Kimball,
treasurer. The directors are the offlners
elect and . J. H. Reeves of Pro
ton, J. P. Halllday of Iroquois, H. C.
Shober of Highmore, Glenn Parley of
Madison, W. M. Farmer and E 8. Dan
forth of Vermilion. Among the Items of
business discussed was the cut in rates
made by the old line companies and It
was decided even at the "cut rate" the
Publishers' Mutual had yet a clear advan
tage and would continue to do business
on the plan originally proposed, which Is
fully CO per cent below the regular line
rates. . Examination of the business of the
company disclosed the fact that a much
larger volume of business Is being trans
acted than expected, $366,000 worth of
risks now being In force.
Program of Dakota Breeders.
MITCHELL, S. D., Jan. 22. (Special.)
The following Is the program for the an
nual convention of the South Dakota Im
proved Live Stock Breeders' association.
The convention will a'ssemble In this city
on Tuesday, February I, and continue
until February 4:
Address of welcome by Mayor George A.
Response on behalf of ths association,
Mr. Edward Spurllng, Brookings.
President's address, J, M. Erlon of
Mltcneii.:' . t . ..''
"Advantages' 1n South, DaKOta fof stalsv
ing f-ure-nreu Morses, j. a. uavy, Koy.
"Winter Care of the Breeding Ewe." J.
C. Hallof Ordway.
"My Experience with Registered Cattu
In South Dakota," J. W. Reedy of Beres
ford. "Benefit of Artesian Water to the Live
Stock Industry," John H. King of Huron.
"What Is a Hogr: P. W. Peterson of
"What the Government Is Doing for the
Live Stock Industry," Hon. J. H. Brig
ham, assistant secretary of agriculture,
of Washlngtnn, D. C.
"The Breeding and Care of Pure-Bred
Cattle," George McEathron of Huron.
' Profits In Poultry," A. J. Keith of Sioux
"Economic Production of Mutton Sheep
on Dakota Farms," M. F. Greeley, Gary.
"Best Kind of Poultry for the Farmer to
Keep." T. T. White of Mitchell.
"Value of the Live Stock Journal,' N.
E. Carnlne of Aberdeen.
"The Horse for the Farm," J. M. Dun
mlre of Scotland.
"The Industry," Prof. James W. Wilson,
of Brookings Agricultural college.
'Aids Dakota University.
MITCHELL, 8. D.. Jan. 22. (Special.)
Dakota university has just bad another
pkce of good fortune. A month ago the
Institution received $1,000 In cash from
the estate of Rev. Mr. Smith of Platte,
and yesterday the entire library of . Rev.
Frank Brush, D. D., of Oitumwa, Is., was
given to the college. Rev. Brush has been
In poor health for a number of years and
although he has tried several climates he
has not been benefited. Finally his phy
sician ordered him to California and to
go on a farm and retire, permanently from
the ministry. This he. wlU do, and to
make a better use of his library he pre
sented the 900 volumes to the university In
memory of his father, Rev. William
Brush, D. D., who years sgo was the
backbone of the college, being president
and was mainly Instrumental In raising
the funds for its reconstruction after' the
fire of 1888. A portion of the library In
the college building will be set apart for
this collection and It will be known as the
William Brush Memorial alcove.
Facta Abont the llomestnke.
LEAD. S. Jan. 22. (Special.) A paper
delivered before the January meeting of
the Black Hills Mining Men's association
at Lead by Bruce C. Yates of the Home
stake engineering corps on "Some of ths
Features of Mining Operations In ths
Homestake Mine." Mr. Tatea presented
facts and data that are of exceeding value
to the mining Intereets, particularly of the
Rlfflit In Front
of the Elevator 3d Floor
A Buite ft two rooms south front
the most desirable location in
The room directly in front of ths elevator Is ftdO feet the adjolnlaa
room IsttxJt feet. Hard wood floors and finish throuahout. A wan will
almost tumble In this office when hs cats out of the elevator. Tbe lljht is
splendid. There Isn't a better office suite tn Tbe Bee Bulldms, which
means that it's ths bast office la Omaha. If this Interests you, you would
better call before the other man, snaps It up.
Rental Agents.
B'eclC Hills. His paper covered the num
ber and names of various properties In
cluded In the Hnmest.ike group, the acre
age, dip and trend of the ore veins and
other facts that have been much sought by
the mining men. It was one of the most
Important papers ever present! Ix-fore the
Moses Manuel, who with his brother Fred
discovered the Homestake mine In is?, had
prepared Ma autobiography and If was read
before this meeting of the association and
proved of much Interest.
Veterans Like Stoddard.
LEAD, S. D., Jan. 22 (Special. )-Fol'ow-Ing
a meeting of th Board of Commission
ers of the South Dakota Soldiers' home,
Dr. T. M. Shanafelt of Huron, president of
the board, vlxlted Lead and Deadwood. Dr.
Bhanafclt Is suiierintendcnt of Baptist mis
sions for South Dakota and was visiting
various charges In this end of the Black
Hills. At the recent meeting of the Sol
diers' Home board only thv routine business
was transacted. Colonel Stoddard, the new
commandant at the home, is said By Dr.
Shanafelt to be the most satisfactory head
the home has ever known. The old soldiers
at the home are deeply attached to both
the commandant and his wife, Mrs. Stod
dard being the matron and proving a ma
tron in fact. Both Colonel Stoddard and
his wife are doing everything In their power
to make the home comfortable and pleas
ant for the old soldiers and are succeeding
Chamberlain's Comtb. Remedy tho
Very Best.
"I have been using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy and want to say It Is the best
cough medicine I have every taken," sayi
Geo. L. Chubb, a merchant at Harlan,
Mich. There is no question about Its being
the best, as It will cure a cough or cold In
less time than any other treatment. It
should always be kept In the home ready
for Instant use, for a cold can be cured In
much less time when promptly treated.
Sore Aid to Uni Life.
Electric Bitters give an active liver, per
fect digestion, healthy kidneys, regular
bowels, fine appetite, or no pay, SOo. For
sale by Kuhn Co.
Dismisses Murder Charge.
DEADWOOD, S. D., Jan. 23. (Specials
After spending several weeks In the Law
rence county jail under the charge of hav
ing murdered Matt M. Laltala, Jacob Juntl
of Roubalx, a Finlander, has been dis
missed. The state's attorney moved for the
dismissal of the case against him owing to
Itching, Burning Palms,
Painful Finger Ends,
Shapeless Hails.
Inflamed, Itching, Burning,
Sore, Tender and
- Perspiring v
Soak tbe handi on retiring ia a strong,
hot, creamy lather of Cutlcor Soap.
Dry and anoint freely with Catlcnra
Ointment, the great skin core and purest
of emollients. , Wear, daring the night,
old, loose kid gloves, or bandage lightly
In old, soft cotton or linen. For red,
rough and chapped hands, dry, flaanred.
Itching, feverish palms, with brittle,
shapeless nails and painful finger ends,
this treatment Is simply wonderful, fre-
qnently coring In a single application.
Complete local and constitutional
treatment for every hnmonr of the
skin, scalp and blood, with loss of hair,
may now be had for one dollar. Bathe
with hot water and Catlcnra Soap, to
cleanse the surface of crusts and scales,
and soften the thickened catlcle. Dry,
without hard rubbing, id apply Cntl
cora Ointment free!;, to allay Itching,
. Irritation and Inflammation, and soothe
and beal, and lastly, take the Cutlcora '
Resolvent Pills to cool and cleanse the
blood. This treatment affords Instant
relief, permits rest and sleep in the
severest forms of Eczema and other
Itching, burning and scaly homonrs,
and points to a speedy, permanent and
economical care of torturing, dlsflgnr
Ing hamoars, from pimples to scrofala, .
from Infancy to age, when all other
remedies and the best physicians fall.
SoU thmartioattKl worM.
Cilffii RmoItotI. OS. (la
Ik. Ski. m vial m Sav Oakt-
ma CkoaotM CtUri Nta, SM.
Mttat. wt., S-MS. SM. t'l P,H 1 iMMiaus. Sf Cm
tfq 1 Pvli.ltiKkltlliii Soai-o, in Cdwkat
rutin Drue a L'ta. Crp.. Sola rraprWton.
as-SraS tar B to Can Svny Hum.'
Hair n
fruiuoies the growth of the hair and
gives ltthelusire and saltiness of youth.
When the hair la fray or faded It
It prevents Dandruff and batr 'ailing
and keena thik ar-jilp clean and hr-aithr.
VaS)i ,aai
Ground Floor
Bee Building.
the insufficiency of the rvMenew. I.sllala
evMenvw. I.sllala
uniiltlnn near Rmi- -rf
sted on the cYinrMf
a..,,,wt II,- r...Ti
was found In a dying cn
baix and Junfl was arrow
of nnving iimined ino woumt mat ran
Ms death. The evidence asHlnxt Juntl,
however, wns only clrcurnst:intl;il. T.al
tala's death occi.rred on or about Decem
ber 2T of last yenr.
Medlrnl at thnrttlc now enm-ede Ihnt
tinder the rvlem of trentinetit introduced
by Dr. Frank WbcUel of Chicago,
Dr.L. D. 1'nott, Lebanon, Ky.; Dr. Pi F".
Brown, ITI-. crisr, Iowa; Dr. J. C.l'urryer,
St. Paul, Mfnn-I Dr. M. I.. CrnHev, St.
Louis, Mo.: Dr. C. F. Menrd. So. Kramlns
hsni, Man., "ear witness to the efficacy
of his treatment snd the prrmnnency of
the cure In their rwn rnaes. Dr. Whetrer
new nit hnd Is a radical departure from
1 the oid 'uhlonrd smoke powders, sprays,
' mil-' , ..I K... . ' .. .
prepared for any one clvlnir a short des
cription of the ense, sntl r ending names of
two other Bxthmstlc sufferers. Ak for
Icooklet of experiences of these Cured.
1 CRANK lurT7fi aa n
..IT b I LblU. 111. l- .
lopt . Amertoan Li.v.ss Bldo, Chler.no.
hssBajnassssnvnawm a -.namMwovsM
-ltitKV'narM Pore.Soft.wfcueSUiB
ti-; vVv tad Beiotlfal Complexion,
f ft - Jm - i torm Kosms and Tttr. Ab
r J"'r snlnlHjr suit rsrsianenllr
& ""V remoTi-i niv'Vhenifo. Frfo-
L ' jf V V ! kl, Piinplrs hJa-, Situ-
3 Vl'l- n I t.H. vw.-. .1111
j ikm tt It.--1 -1
Selt) hf On ji'.cti, a
may b ordirto tilnxit.
nermn-Royole. tl nerhoUIe. irf i paid.
Derasa-Boyale Heap, li cents, ly matt.
Both tn 0010 aeknre &1.SS. expert paid,
VHE DEKM A-ROY ALE CO.. Cincinnati. O.
Omaha, Nebr., and South f ma ha. Nebr.
The Only Double
Track Railway
between the
Missouri River
and Chicago.
MacBlflcwtitawlid (.ally trnin to Chicago. Oomrt
lTnt tnri A wlnt-nxim l-pln mrs, horary, iffet,
brbr. bath. UUnhontj. lntim otira and obMrvtjl.oa
or. EltxHrlo l.'f. td ihroiitfhnitt.
?alIno tovrtft ilMptnc oar and waehea, Ulcftint
cua Mat from Clinton.
Pullman dr wing-room anil toniiRt alAflpins fr.
fraa nolmlns ohiur ran, bullet librur snd uK&iug
an. LHutujl oars. '
3 i( ail Pullrandrtna-roomlplnB-r.lITt
.ftU AM moklns n l llhr.rj run ml fr Mfln,
ing chair MM U Chlwmo. Ulnlng cerr.
II OH .11 Thmnirh rlffe Omnha tn 'hliviti
41C (III rVaa ohalr c.r. to Chloato. PnUtmn
i3 rU lMplna onr tram AiPft. to CbicAga. iJiu-
S.W m (n, cr wring brkf..
7 50 AM 0bMt,l m' m parlor etr.nl
81 C B Pnllm.i iMptrg ran, nnfM llbrarf
IU If, eara and fra raelin Ing chair cura.
2CJ1 DU Torrfnnt,riao1n,Whoo,rafidrity1
sUU m York. HaattngB, Howard. -Janava, Unix. .
ttor. Kdrttk, Jjaa ., tint -HJo-aatfy rial , i4iiiaVuf,w
laadircod antf Laad. Thrcmf h raollnfuK hair omi
Pullmaft alaapiiM oar aarrica. . ,
To Framont. TnootnWaiioo, Norfolk,
Lona Pin. Tardiara. Bouaateal and tba
tad Ind.au Raaarratlon country.
1401 and 1403 Farnam Street.
Chsrges Less Th2n all Oihe
Treats all forma of l' area of
Twenty-eight years' experience
tlghkfii jears in Orcah
The doctor's 1-ex-ni.ble njecesa L&a
never been equaled, ilia r.rc and
facilities for treating hi. oaaa of t:iataea
are unlimited and every fay oring. oiany
flattering report of the good be ia doing,
or the relief he haa given.
AU Blood Pnlaona. No 'DlUCAlil.Na CUt"
n the ikln or face and au calMosl llgus
of the dlaeaaa dlxapoear at enca. A rt r
inanent, cure for Ue guarant.sd.
I'd Rli nrn If Curra KUiu-antaed a
VFlD "ifi nnO caw cured of Hydiocelc,
ULnif JUUUU Strlcturu, Gleet. Nervous
leblllty, loaa if Htrength and Vlt'illi
and all forma ol rhro.tlu tlisoaaea.
Traatrnant by malL Call or wnte. Boa
:6. Olflce m South Mtn at.. Omaha. Nan.
an asrloo...
iTU out uuufa 1
VY peia and dla-
-va eowiori, aaa '
F f aumetliiie. ae- ,
'W , .l Al Kill.. I
liohlng andatJof
lo(, then tnii pain, aoreneM and
MMdljuf. Tumor, form. eiilaii!i).
proU-Qda, and 1nrclertad, ulcerate, benora
laa rarrsariou.aDa painful. Tecuntheai
I quickly, and palolan.17 ua
Inrtant relief. Ourua in several day. 7L
tieut wlin ayrinte, for $.Oi V
dnerman & Mcumucll, Cmalia, Neb.
Milr.ur Co . LniaUr. C.
Ta.k V. r-unvr-vai : noi .luirii: Uuurc: n.i.g.-'-t. tfiu.t
olMl.1.41. curl lallnrej lu a lrr ; t."K l
niieraiun U Mct'onm;!! Prug Co., Omaha.
Ours All Special
21033 P0IS0
li.-nlmvnl and l-tice
r.ia.TiH.i.'. i nd Mlvir free at ofQoe or
,v lnan v. linen .-onir.icm s"n ;a w
cirable dla.rtc m rcfurJ money paid to
treatment- TreatBu.-nt l" mall- 1
In Omaha. .
tr. nil. ua Uo .. Ottilia, BBV
4 '.o V

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