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Wtk of Cinnt.'iaid Laocet and Tin atd
Oihir Tbiogi.
thins Bis, bat All Pleasant, mud
Eaeb Mltlrltil In Itself to
lilM the tlrcls
Last leap year, I, affrighted,
Wh tiouoled and dtstreMt,
For fear aume winsome mulCen
My fancy would molest.
Last leap year t was chary
Of all my turn en why,
I kept my graces hidden
f rom malacng pausing by.
Last leap year I had dollars
Thin leap year I have none,
At present I am Harkla
To almost anyone.
If soma rich unsought maiden.
Who has a tidy bit,
Will only hl unto me,
Sha ll truly rind me "IT."
Horace Seymour Keller.
Til Social Calendar,
MONDAY Mrs. Alfred Mlllurd, 4 o'clock
tea; Dr. and. Mrs. H". 1.. Burrell's cird
farty; Mrs. Frederick McConnell's nleis ti
ns part.
TUESDAY Mrs. Herman Kounttf. a
Itincheon; Mrs. E. A. Cudahy, Tuesday
Morning Musical; Southwest i Dancing
club party; Mrs Benjamin White, a
euchre party; Crescent club dancing
party; Corona club dancing party; Mrs.
K. E. Bryson. South Side Whist club;
Temple Israel slsterhooil whist party.
WEDNESDAY Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Scott
entertain a card club; Mrs. Felix Mc
Shane a luncheon for Mls Alice M
Shane; Mr ar.d Mrs. E. V. Lewis' dumlni
FRIDAY Mrs W A. Aycrlgg, a lunchoon;
Mrs. Herbert Wheeler, the Cooking cl.il
luncheon; the Capitol Hill Dancing club
The same round of teas, and dances, and
card parties, and dinners, only with a new
list of hosts and hostesses, has given so
ciety a merry whirl the last week, and this
week there will be more of the same kind,
but these are ever delightful and then
there la always something new or some
thing different to talk about. There were
soma really gorgeous affairs last week,
most of them given In honor of someone,
though there was nothing especially large.
There was almost no end of skating par
ties and little chafing dish suppers after
and ' this .week,: If the weather permit,
there will more of the same kind and In
addition society will have Its first bob aled
According to authorities on the correct
thing, graceful dancing has become a lost
art and evidently the eaatern fashionables
have accepted the announcement as a fact,
for. they have set about learning theold
steps and reviving the graceful figures of
the minuet with a diligence that pro
vides lucrative occupation for masters of
the same, and that threatens to put an
end, for the time at least, to that popular
fashionable romp, the cotillion. It la held
by these critics that there Is nothing aee
.thetlo In the present day so-called round
dances; that they develop muscle and In
ternal dlsordera, rather than bodily grace,
and s plea Is made for a revival of the
muslo and the ateps that call th body
Into harmonious action. While this con
demnation may be a bit sweeping there la
no doubt that the "terpalchorean art" has
sadly degenerated In some respects and
one needs but look on for an hour to be
convinced. Thla la true even among the
aet that bride themselves upon doing things
right and one haa to think but a minute
to recall certain of the fashionables who
present a truly remarkable appearance on
the .ball room floor, the loose-Jointed danc
ing of some being exceeded only by the
absolute stiffness or rigid contortions of
others, as they complacently gallop or
move with automatic- Jerks over the floor.
The wonder of It is that the delusion has
clung to some so long and the fact that
it haa makes one almost question society's
appreciation of the ludicrous.
As for the cotillion It, too, haa departed
somewhat from the original deftn':.lon, but
when it la remembered thatl novelty con
stitutea the chief merit of such affa'rs thla
la not ao much to ba wondered at; however,
one can't help an occasional mental com
parison of the stately figures of the
mlnuette, with the scramble of fix men
in dress sulta, over a ball room floor, in
pursuit of three live chickens or a young
woman in evening toilette trundling i a
wheelbarrow full of vegetables about the
waxed floor and yet these are figures of
recent fashionable ootllllons.
Weddlnss Eacagemsati.
The marriage of Miss Jennie Oberg and
Mr. Oaoar Samson of Oakland, Neb., was
solemnised at ' the borne of the bride's
parents, tot South Twenty-seventh street,
at C o'clock Tueaday evening, Rev. J. W.
ConWy officiating. Only the membera of
the family and Immediate relatives attended
the wedding, which. waa followed by sup
per, after which Mr. and Mrs. Samson
left for California, where they will remain
. unUl March 1. after which they will be at
home at Oakland, where Mr. Samson . Is
connected with the First National bank.
social Chit-Chat.
A son waa born Friday to Mr. and Mrs.
ti. u. Hamilton.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis H. Watts have taken
apartments at the Barnard.
The Alamo Dancing club will give Its
next party Monday evening at Chambers'.
It is expected that quite a party of
young people will go down to Lincoln Fri
day evening for. the Junior "prom." . .
The many friends of Mr. Joseph Cudahy
will be pleased at. the announcement of bis
expected return to Omaha thla week, to
reside. '
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Howe sailed from
New York on their wedding tour for Kings
town, Jamaica, arriving there January 24,
ailing next day for Santiago de Cuba.
The meeting of the Tuesday Morning
Whist club, to have been entertained by
Mrs. William Guthrie, waa postponed In
consideration Of Mrs. Ogden, who Is one of
th members.
Mrs. Robert Steel Hyde haa taken pos
session of her residence on Thirtieth av
enue. and Mr. and Mrs. Will Hoagland,
who have been occupying It during the
yast year, will stend the remainder of the
Perfect beverage,
winter with Mr. and Mrs. George A. Hoag
land. Captain and Mrs. Brad Slaughter and
daughter. Mrs. QamHe, Bulled from Ma
nila for home January IS. Captain Slaugh
ter Is under orders to report at San Fran
rlsco and does not know to what station
he will be assigned.
Mrs. Wakefield and Miss Wakefield ex
pect to Join Mr. John A. Wakefield In St.
Louis In April and will accompany him In
January ti Portland, Ore., where he goes
to begin Ms duties as director of conces
sions end admissions to the Lewis and
Clarke exposition. They expect to be ab
sent from Omaha about two years and will
be much missed In society. Miss Wakefield,
who was Introduced last winter, Is one of
the most popular membera of the younger
Falling to secure the use of the Harney
street courts for the coming season, the St.
Cnlx club, organized last summer for ten
nis and that has given a aeries of dancing
parties during the winter, has decided to
select a location that will ndmlt of a dosen
or so roomy courts and will build a perma
nent and substantial club house, equipped
with reception room, grill room, lookers,
bf.tha and like conveniences. Tc do this the
memlxTHhlp will be enlarged. The club will
Join the National Lawn Tennis association
and the Western association.
Promise for the Fntore.
Mrs. W. A. Aycrlgg has cards out for a
luncheon Friday.
Mins Marl Coffman will entertain at aup
per this evening.
Mrs. Harry Lyman will entertain at sup
per this evening.
Mrs. Alfred Millard will entertain at 5
o'clock tea Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Herbert Wheeler will be hostesa of
the Cooking club luncheon Friday.
Mm. Law ton and Mrs. Heth will give a
buffet luncheon one day this week. .
Mrs. E. A. Cudahy will be hostesa of the
Tuesday morning musicals thla week.
Mrs. Benjamin White will entertain at
six-handed euchre Tuesday afternoon.
The Capitol Hill Dancing club will give
a party at Chamhera' on Friday evening.
Mrs. Herman Kountxe will give the sec
ond of a aeries of luncheons Tuesday at
Forest Hill.
Mrs. Felix McShane will give a luncheon
Wednesday In compliment to Miss Alice
The next dancing party of the South
west club will be given at Chambers' on
Tuesday evening.
The Crescent club will give 1th next
dancing party Tuesday evening, February
2, at Metropolitan club.
The Corona club will give another of Its
series of dancing parties Tueaday evening
at Thurston Rifles' armory.
Mrs. Frederick McConnell will give a bob
sled party Monday evening for her daugh
ter. Miss Ellisbeth McConnell.
"Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Lewie have issued
Invitations for a dancing party to be given
at Chambers' on Wednesday evening In
compliment to Miss McLean Of Chicago,
who Is the guest of Miss Lewis.
Dr. and Mrs. II. L. Burwell have invita
tions out for a large euchre party to be
given at their home, 1824 Bouth Thirty
second avenue, Monday evening In compli
ment to Mr. and Mrs. W. McManlgal.
Pleasures Past.
Mrs. O. W. Wattles entertained at lunch
eon Saturday.
Mrs. E. Q. McGUton Is entertaining at
cards this afternoon.
Miss Julia Officer gave a dinner to twelve
guests Thursday evening.
A reception to the membera of St. Barna
bas' parish was held at the rectory Thurs
day evening.
The members of the Optimo club were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. L, J. Nedd at last
evening's meetllg.
Mrs. F. A. Hrogan entertained informally
at luncheon Wednesday for her mother,
Mrs. Torley of Emporia, Kan.
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge Prltchett gave a
handsomely appointed dinner last evening
In honor of Miss Fredrlcka Wesaells.
Miss Cornelia Butler of S318 Charles street
entertained a flinch party Saturday even
log In compliment to Miss Dolla Kaufman.
Mrs. D. H. Wheeler, Jr., gave an Informal
tea Wednesday afternoon to which a few
women were asked to meet Mrs. Deertng
of Tortland, Me., who la the guest of Mr.
V'arren Rogers.
Mr.Und Mrs. William H. Gould. Jr., en
tertained the members of the High-Low
club Friday evening, cards, music and re
freshments contributing to the evening's
pleasure. There were sixteen membera
The 8. W. met last Wednesday at the
hi.me of Mrs. Gramlich of the Winona. The
prlsea, a cut glass berry bowl and a picture,
were awarded to Mrs. Marley and Mrs.
Iteaton. Mrs. Fordyce will entertain the
club Wednesday at her home. Til North
Nineteenth street.
Miss Mary Sheets was pleasantly sur
prised Friday evening at her home, 4041
Seward street, by a party of twenty-six
young friends. A number qf games con
tributed to the evening's pleasure and
prises were won by Miss France Damon,
Mlsa Margaret Prentlsa, Richard Johnson
and George Helnt.
Mrs. H. C. Butler and Miss Agnes S.
Leary of t32S North Eighteenth street, en
tertalned Informally Thursday evening, mu
sic and guessing games affording the
amusement. The guests present were:
MesdameB J. E. Miller, McGrath, R. B
Gowery, A. H. burns. Holmes, Blrnbaum,
8. A. Ochenbleu, Thompson, E. J. Qulnn;
Misses Cecil Duncan, Mary Adams, Eltta
beta Adams, Ida Lloyd and Mlldren Cuth-
For her daughter, Miss Mary, Mrs,
Amelia B. Fenn entertained a party of
young people Thursday evening at her
home, 2006 Burt street. The guests present
were: Misses MacDanlel, Morton, Plerson,
Janvleson, Lloyd, - t'nrtt, Miller, Qrace-PleT'
son. Edaon. Cameron, Luurella Jamleson,
McMlllen, Wrenn. Grace Fenn, Ratchford,
Beard, Carey, Cecelia Carey, Carpenter,
Hart Is, Fensch; Messrs. Hamelster, Me
Mullen, Hathaway, Jensen, Homan. Garner,
Dlsbrow, MacDanlel, Wrenn. Smith, Black,
Taggart, Carr, Boyle, Fenach, Marsh, Hob-
InMon, Kuri, Craighead, Wheeler, Ruben
stein. Hurry Dlsbrow, Evans.
in celebration of I heir wedding anntver
sary Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Templeton were
surprised by a party of friends at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. R. D. Miller, at the
Albion, Friday evening. Mra. Miller ar
ranged the gathering, which was most en
Joyable, and the evening waa devoted to
light and delicate,
and sustaining.
eucnie, lour labiee bwlruj ueu. Ilia guvsia
e.e air. and Mrs. C il. jjai.tait, uug nj
his. oeoige v . lay, Mr. auQ Jars. .
untiitn, mi-, ana Mrs. M. r'. unahoui,
Mr. and Mrs. A. f. lirlnk. Mr. and mis.
lempieton and Miss Clair Nurthrup. 1'riies
lor tne game were aaarued Mrs. Funk
nouser and Mr. 'lempieton.
Mrs. F. L. MlIo)' gave her six-handed
uchie party yesterday In compliment to
Mrs. Ruth ut Marshall town, tune tables
being in play. Mrs. Marry Welier won tne
lone hand prise, Mrs. Foster first and Miss
Oail Comstock the second prlxe. Mrs. Cole
waa assisted by Miss Comstock and Miss
Wyman. The parlor was decorated In pink
and the dining room In red.
Master Paul Hungate celebrated his fifth
birthday Saturday afternoon with a party,
given between 1 and G o'clock, to twenty-
four young friends at the home of. his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hungate', Ifcly
North Twentieth street. A number of
games occupied the afternoon, a fish pond
and little guest boxes furnishing Souvenirs
of the occasion. The party closed with
refreshments served from a prettily
trimmed table, the center of which waa oc
cupied by a birthday cake decorated with
candles and flowers.
As a farewell to Captain William E. Mor
ton, who has been ordered to Governors
Island, the bachelor officers of the Thirtieth
infantry and "a few othera gave a hand-
omely appointed dinner at the Omaha club
last evening, each man being accompanied
by a young woman guest. The hosts In
cluded: Captains Wilcox and Castle, Mr.
John L. Kennedy, Mr. Bell, Lieutenants
Howard, Clarke, Allen. Williams and Law-
ton. Captain Horton has been acting quar
termaster hern for several months, and
during this time has been a frequent and
genial host, and his departure now Is re
gretted by the many friends he haa made.
One of the delightful week'a end affairs
la the house party being entertained at
Nebraska City by Mlsa Jean Morton, who
came out from Chicago last week to attend
the cotillion. Miss Morton went from here
to the family home at Nebraska City, tak
ing with her her iwo guests. Miss Wells
and Miss Canlngton of Chicago. The other
members of the party are Mrs. Frederick
Lake, Mrs. Floyd 3mlth, Miss Helen How
ard, Miss Helen Peck, Miss Mildred Lomax,
Miss Faith Potter, Mr. Bell, Mr. Bob Burns,
Mr. Harry Tukey, Mr. Frank Haskell and
Mr. Tom Crelgh. Among the entertain
ments provided for -the party was a cotil
lion danced last evening.
Come and Go Gossip.
Mrs. Wilson Lowe has returned from
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Smith have returned
fura St. Paul.
Vra., C. K. Coutant left Friday for Chi
cago for a month's stay.
Mrs. E. H. Symington of Baltimore Is the
guest of Mrs. Daniel Baum.
Mrs. Oeorge Tuttle of St. Louis is the
guest of Mrs. Charles Lyman.
Mra. Arthur r. Brandela will leave Mon
day for a month's visit In New York.
Mr. Robert Steele of Albany, N. Y., Is the
guest of his sister, Mrs. H. R. Penney.
Mr. Milton Darling haa gone to Boston to
attend the wedding of hla sister and to visit
his mother.
Mrs. Harry Nott, who has been visiting
In Chicago for the last month, returns to
Omaha today.
Mrs. J. C. Emery will leave soon for Los
Angeles, where she will be the guest of
Mrs. H. I. Bettls.
Mrs. J. R. Fleming and Mrs. J. MacKus
ker of Scranton. Pa., are visiting their sis
ter, Mrs. E. F. Riley.
Mrs. A. Y. Blddick has returned from a
five weeks' visit with her son, Mr. Tom
Blddick of Salt Lake City.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Paxton of Keystone
are guests of Mr. and Mrs. William A. Pax-
ton, expecting to remain about a fortnight.
Mra. E. M. Fairfield is In Sioux City, the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Duncan, having gone
here for a dinner and ball tomorrow even
Mr. E. W. Dixon leaves today for New
York to Join a party of friends and accom
pany them on a trip through the West
Indies on their yacht.
Miss rredrlcka Wtssells of Hannibal,
Mo., who has been halting Mrs. Caldwell,
will be the guest of Dr. end Mrs. Moore
for a few days before returning to her
Miss Blanche Sorenaon, voice, 660 Ramge
Finding that I am greatly overstocked 1
an sorts of materials, I will for the next
month make a great reduction on every
thing In ftock making evening and dinner
gowns for less than cost, shirtwaist dresses
for $50 and $63, handsome lace gowna for
less than cost, cheviot walking skirts for
$28, mixed goods. $26. E. H. TERRILL.
Woman with Canine Pet Refases
Rent House to Mas with
Llttlo On.
'While the matter of race suicide Is so
generally under discussion and In view of a
remark an Omaha minister made in his
published statement on the subject In a
Chicago paper to the effect that people
with children could scarcely get Into fash
lonable flats, I want to tell a btt of my
own experience," Bald an Omaha man.
who does not believe In race suicide nor
prefer doss to children In the bouse.
"I had been out on a house-searching
crusade In Omaha for two weeks and was
about fagged out and disgusted at my in
ability to find what I Wanted and at some
questions I was asked by ownera or keepers
of renting houses and flats. One thing in
particular disgusted me. I was out In the
west end of the city siting up a nice
appearing flat, which Just struck my fancy
I.dacldeA to go. In, sod see what .the pros
pects were.
" 'Good morning.' t said to the matronly
looking woman who met me at the door,
'are you the woman of the house?' On be
ing answered in the affirmative, I told her
that I wanted to rent some rooms In a
flat, liked the appearance of her building
and would be pleased to look It over If aha
did not mind. Her face waa radiant with
smllus at once and ahe replied:
"'Certainly; just come right in and by
the way, have you any children? came the
Inevitable question. -'
" One,' I said. But the good woman did
not understand me, for about that time a
snarling, ugly, little, old poodle dog ran
out and nut up such a howl that one could
Scarcely hear. She thought I said 'none,'
but when I repeated that I had one child
the woman with the dog became almost In
dignant to think that a man with a child
would have the unlicensed audacity to eft
tertaln the thought of getting into a first
class, respectable flat. And she took her
little darling up In her arms and opened
the door for me."
Trinity Enworth social.
The Bpworth league of Trinity Methodist
Episcopal church held a most success'ul
miMslonury sociable In the purlors of the
church Friday evening. Tbe proceeds of
the lunch baxket eale were large and go
to the siipoort of a mlsalonary of th s
league. There was a fine program of music
ana recital. Mary Wllmoth and Frank
Marks rendered each a piano solo, and
Plih and Arthur Newell a piano dut.
Alice Troxell sung a solo, and E' ii'.r
Jaquith read a "cuttlns" from "Mrs. VixS
uf the l'aitage Patch' all to the delight nf
the audience.
Attention, Uarneld Circle No. 11.
Attention. Garfield circle No. 11, La lies ef
the Grand Army,' there Will bo ieuta
moetlns- held at Idlewlld ha'J. Uih anl
Orajit streets, Tuesday nlabt, February t.
The sufruge movement having grown
beyond the ability of personal or social
Influence to retard It. the opposition to
further extension of the rights of women
have enlisted the assistance of a number
of women writers In an effort to render It
unpopular, from a woman's standpoint,
through the presj. Such articles have been
especially numerous of late and regretably
overdrawn and sweeping, as haa been
proven In the columns of newspaper dis
cussion they have occasioned. The most
recent of these Is an article on "Woman's
Assumption of Sex Superiority." In the
North Amerlcsn Review, by Mrs Annie
Nathan Meyer. Considering what has made
It possible for women to raise their voices
In public, whether from the platform or
In the press, It seems a pity that, having
attained this privilege any woman should
direct It against the very Influence that
haa glv-n It to her, and It Is a question
after all whether she can Beek to Influence
public. opinion against her own sex without
doing herself and her cause more harm
than good. No matter what one's opinions
may be regarding woman suffrage, the
thinking person can scarcely be greatly in
fluenced by such attacka and accusations
and the fact that they are directed by
women against the conscientious efforts of
members of their own sex, must disgust as
many aa are influenced by them.
Here are a few bits or advice recently
given members of the Chicago Woman's
club by one of the Illinois district vice
Kick. Always stand up for your own
opinions. ,
Agree to aisagree in a way inai is in
Greet new members as if they were Old
frlf nds.
Learn to live to help others.
Always stand ud for the president you
have elected; It la a privilege aa well aa a
lie loyal to your cnio.
Never shirk your ahare of club work
without Just cause.
Guard your clubs reputation.
Sustain Its Rood work.
Consider It the best club In the city for
von Individually.
Express your opinions during club meet
ing" for the benefit of all: don t go off In a
corner and tell them afterward to a few.
Learn to talk.
The following circular letter is sent out
this week by the General Federation sec
retary to the club women of Nebraska:
Dear Madam President: Sometime since
the directors of the General Federation of
Women's Clubs sent out an open letter to
the federated and unfederated clubs. The
supply, however, was not equal to the
demand at least In our state.
Havlne? In mind that not a few of our
clubs are considering the matter of joining
the General Federation of Women'e Clubs
before the next biennial meeting, which
convenes In St. Louis May It, 1H04, your
secretary, through the medium of this cir
cular letter, presents a few or tne most
important arguments presented in the
open letter. .
'The great beneficent movements for
women and children today are belns car
ried forward by women, en masse, not by
the Individual woman, for the crying need
is so great that only the streDgth of union,
power of co-operation and oneness of fed
erated purpose can nope to sucoeea.
"It must be self-evident that the strongest
club, led by the wisest, most brilliant and
oooleat-bralned woman, is yet unable to
Cope with and carry forward any of these
far-reuching plans as effectually as when
allied with other clubs of like objects. The
movements are going forward, and not to
be a factor In them ia to linger, perhaps
unconsciously, with the customs and tra
ditions of the past to stand aside and let
the world go by. .
"With federation comes not only a breath
of outlook, of purpose, of association, of
work which means growth, the thing su
premely to be desired in the Individual or
the club, but there Is that which cannot
be put Into cold words a broader charity,
a more tolerant spirit and a sweetness and
Strength of sympathy and co-operation
among strong, reserved women, widely sep
arated, vet atandlna together In a concerted
movement for common good. With It comes
a reciprocity, rrom lacK or wnicn, wmiuui
realising It, you may be suffering.
"Federation flnds Its true expression Ijj
reciprocity, an equation composed of 'givo
and 'take.' Having outlined the known
quantity of 'take.' It may not be without
profit to consider how 'give' fan best be ac
complished through general federation,
which calle for closer relationship and
united effort, hearty co-operation in en
larged opportunities and unity of action
with diversified methods.
"The relation of the General Federation
to the Individual club Is that of the Hm to
the wheel. The Individual club Is the hub,
the various Interests of clubdom the spokes.
Perfect though the hub may be, the rad
iating spokes without a rim form . very
imperfect wheel that would at best make
little progrees. The General Federation is
the strong tire, the band of steel uniting
all Interests, imparting strength at every
nnint nf contact, formlnar a wheel of sym
metry and power to carry forward great
"Ho lona- as children years of age are
employed in mills and factories In any part
of the United States and there Is the cry
lng need for uniform laws regarding child
labor, so long as t0JO.OOO.OOO Is waated every
year In homekeeplng of America for want
nf th knnwleritff of household economics.
so long as women who live In mountains
or on prairies are hungry for books and art,
so long aa there la need of the creation of
aeneral sentiment for national Irrigation
bills that homes for women and children
may.be created a nd ' preserved, so long aa
the moat vital work for social betterment
can onlv hrlnff results by co-operation, can
It be that any club can say It has no re
sponsibility In the larger work, that It Is
enough that It dust its own room! Or If It
take a hand in the world outside Its own
door, can It wlselv say It proposes to sweep
In any direction it desires? .
"So may we all realise the value of being
an InteKral part of a frreat potential force
for service, to humanity, through an or
ganisation that has more varied Interests,
(.rcster possible power and more direct
effectiveness than anv other among women,
this club woman'e trinity of club, state and
general federation 'a three-fold cord, which
Is not easily broken. ' "
If your club has not entered this "trinity"
will you read this letter at your next meet
ing, and I shall be pleased to correspond
with you as to requirements and send you
srii)lcat1on blanks. Verv cortllnllv yours,
Plattsmouth. General Federation Secre
tary for Nebraska. (
A communication from Mrs. Emma M.
Van Vechten. treasurer of the Oeneral Fed
eration, asks the clubs throughout the
United States to send their unpaid dues
before May 1, the limit allowed by the by
laws Hhe begs that dues may reach her
by March 1. The opening of the seventh
Mrs. J.
.- a, Wf - K .'tyr4
and Finished Tops at ONE-HALF AND ONE-THIRD
OFF Former Price.
i f 15.S5 Pillows for $10.75 flCtSO for lt.07 $15.00 for $7.50
$12.50 for $J.48 $15.00 for $10.00 $12.10 for ?$.07 $10.50
for $5.25$ 12.00 for $0.00 $7.0 for $5.05 $7.50 for $3.75 $1.50
for $1.00 $2.00 for $1.00.
Finished Topii $6.50 for $3.25 $5.50 for $2.75 $5.25 for
, Three dozen all wool cloaks, best color, ageu 2 to C. gold for
$3.00, $3.25 and $3.50 as long as thej last to jj QQ
biennial In St. Louis on May 17 renders
this change desirable.
The following program lias been an
nounced for the qunrterly meeting of the
Woman'a Auxiliary of the Kplsoopsl
Church of Nebraska, to be held at St.
Mary's church, Blair, Februnry 1 and 4.
All delegates will be guests of the women
of St. Mary's church:
Missionary meeting, I p. m., February $
sddress of welcome Rev. A. K. Marh of
Blair; address by Bishop Williams; mla
Ftcnary addrexs by Hev. Colers C. Tste of
Blue Earth, Minn.; "Kketch of the IJfe of
Bishop Tugle," Miss Hnncock: "A Tribute
to the Memory of Bishop Tugle," Rev.
Francis S. White.
February 4, 10 a. m.: Holy communion:
business meeting:; t p. m., missionary meet
ing; address, "Alnkn." Rev. A. E. Marsh.
"The Missionary Work In Nebraska," Hev.
W. It. Moor; 4 p. m , meeting of the Junior
auxiliary; address by Bishop Williams and
Mr. Frank Heller will deliver a lecture
or, "Constitutional Law" before the law de
partment of the Woman'a club Thursday
afternoon at t:15 o'clock In the club rooms.
Temple Israel sisterhood will give a whist
party Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock in
the vestry rooms of the synagogue.
Last Car at Msht on North Twenty
Fourth street Leaves Twenty
Minutes loiter.
Beginning Monday the Omaha A Council
Btuffa Street Railway company will put In
effect a new time schedule on the Hanscom
park line. The last car on this line south
will leave Farnam street at 12:!S at night
Instead of 12:16 as formerly. The last car
going north will leave Farnam at 1:10 In
stead of 12 60.
The Interval between cars has been short
ened so that Immediately after S o'clock In
the evening there will be one minute serv
ice on the line. Later In the evening the
cars will be gradually taken eft until there
will be an Interval of ten minutes between
them. The service during the day has been
rearranged to better suit the traveling pub
lic which patronizes this line.
The last cara on the varinua lines now
leave as follows:
Dodge street line east, leaves Sixteenth
street at 12 o'clock; west at 12:18.
Farnam line, leaves Sixteenth atreet west
at 12:20, to Dundee at 13:10; east at 12:30
through, at 12:60 to ilepot only.
Harney line, through car east leavea Six
teenth street at 11:4!); west at 12:10.
Walnut Hill line north, leaves Thirteenth
and Farnam at 12:40, for Forty-fifth and
Grant streets; north 11:30 for Benson.
South Omaha line south,' leaves Four
teenth and Farnam at 12:35; north at I to
car barn, and north at 126 to Thirty-sixth
and Ames.
Florence line north from Twenty-fourth
and Amea 11:30, and aouth from Florerice
Council Bluffs and Omaha line west.
leaves Pearl and Broadway In the Bluffs for
Omaha at 1:20; eaat leaves Omaha for
Council Bluffs at 1:46.
For Seml-Centennlal Celebration.
On Monday afternoon at t o'clock the
general committee of the Old Settlers' as
Bociatlon having In charge the arrange
ments for the semi-centennial celebration
of the admission, of Nebraska as a terri
tory will meet at the parlors of the Ne
braska National bank. At that time a
commltte of seven from the Bona of Omaha
will meet with the general committee to
discuss plans for the celebration.
Ladies' Perfect Syringe
PRIC6 $2.00
We carry a com
plete line of Syr
inges of all styles
and makes. We
are headquarters
In Omaha for this
e I a b s of goods.
Call and see us.
No trouble to show
II. J. Penfold
Invalid and Sick
Room Supplies.
Goldman Pleatinf Co.
Pineapple and
Side Pleating.
Etc .
107 South Uth Street
MM Dooslaa Bloelt- ' feeond Floor,
TsUlkeae 1MO.
Mm. John R. Mustek,
Osteopathic Physician
Ottlce, Douglaa Block.
Tel. 3.
Sell All Our Finished
AMJ ' J .d S - ''.-. Mi V RKI'i -f f
9 mM sum f-rr"" -(""i- -ni minr' -a- r nnm iiiriwi hit t i -i T-i ut 4
1 v f sstTn
YOfifljei. 5. Omaha andColmcI BLurra Homes
WHZfijsTtfzyWuLDo The Most Good C?il
Ok WfvrzFon PjRTtcuuiR, Th& t a Nor A
Catch Advertspmtnt But! Bona Fjdz
Hdvcrtisiisq Offer HMeo fvmncuLAfwri
At The Lttjut Oxra. WeWANTfitisTrtous.
PttlCCS: S-2 T 10022
-oMONE- IOl a. rx e.
v lfJO
Marshmallow Caramels our "own make," and
me you'll like try them. There's always something
loins: at Halduff's.
m huff
Wedding Invitations, Announccmonts,
At Home, Hoccptloiit Jlddross Crtrds,
ISngmvlng, Stamping, ISmho&Hlng.
Kngravlng for Business, Bank and Pr ivate Stationery Initials, Monograms,
Crests, Heraldic Devices engraved to O rder and embellished In gold, Hllvur
or colors.
Diamond Rlnjrm
often clay an Important part In the life
hlBtory of Individuals. You will make no
nlstaku by starting with one of our diamond rliifts.
KiiRraved wedding Invitations, announcements nnil .'t
homo cards. Elegant society stationery stamped wl''i
.our monogram or address die.
lMje jivvrTiiTJNmY&'B.'YJi.Ti Co.
8 jrr
IB t
'13 -
These Prices
DAVIS Five-drawer, golden oak, drop
head, on trial a few weeks, ifood as
new, regular ma- 1R PJ1
chins, for 10' UU
VICTORIA Finished In oak, live
drawers, drop head, uaed J ftf)
on floor aa sample only It'UU
HEW HOSIH five drawers, drop
head, very latest improved, Just Ilk
new, regular prioc 06. 2100
WIIX'OX "it GIBBS Made by Na
tional Sawing alachtua Co., goldan
oak, flvo . drawers, everything; com-
l'.l.T. 30-00
ITAKDikll OR A SO Five drawers,
sample machine, woodwork slightly
surrea, an auacnemnis, y-j rn
complete, reduced to
. & u
- Jf
1 .wrrMt n J .te
Sewing Machines Rented at 75 cents a neck.
We sell arty attachment or part of any sswlnr machine manufactured.
We have engaged the services or an expi-rt sowing Imicltlite d.-inmiKl rator of
Chicago to condui t a KKKE si lmol of lnMriu Hon si our store. Tl.oro will l' l"l
exlili.il Huttenburu. lntwn and l.uo Work. -tc.
Iteniember, it will COST YOU NOTH1NU to examlns or learn thla work, r
garOlevs of the machine you muy ow n. -
15th and Homey
Breaches 114 Broadway, Ciuncll
You'll Enjoy
Luncheon Here.
PHONE. 711
Clcarunco : Sale of
Scuffed and Slight
ly Used Sewing
Wa ba a number of machines on
band with the woodwork i-IIghtly
scuffed from handling on our wagons.
Tlieaa iU4Chinu. to all manor auJ
purvoucH, ar Juat as guod aa ucw, and
If you coma In early and ruuko a -loci
Ion you will secure, una of the big
gnat bargains ever offored in ttrat
ulaaa 8win jluchiaea.
Vhile They Last:
NIX;i'.lt sptcliil-l'lv drawers, fur
nished in oak, returned from a
biaiicli ollito, wooduoik - allghtly
a ruti lid. niaohlns yat t n ' d us
haw, will ne cluasU out
for only
WUITIC-Thro White machlues taken
in exchange for Wheeler a. Wll'n,
bJI in flrst-claas condition and guar
anteed, your cnoics lor
DOMESTIC Two Pomosttcs, firs
drr. wins. Kur'i, repture.1 uii'l put lit
spleniild condition, a bar- (ft Aft
guiu, your cbotou only IU' VU
your choioa of M Wliltaa. fuunrs.
m.iniiurim. ouitios una .-ew
llumra, ooud-buud ma-
china, for ouly...
'Phono 1663
Bluff; ill N. 24th SU South Ouiatu.

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