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The bcglnnlns; cf the end for the Infinite i
mrlnty of sportln; event confined almost 1
exclusively to th' winter months may fairly
and truthfully re said to lx in slKht. But
an thn athlete and the. have-beeri and
tha wotildhc and the Just plain partici
pants in thfe who chine with more or less
ffularnce wh le they ran have the beauti
ful snow for a background, befrln to show
the sign of tear and wear that constant
fclKli pressure Inevitably brlnfrs, "then and
not till then" do the boys and girls yes.
.'Indeed, the girls who love the good old
:. ummerllrre and Its sports begln to do
business at the old stand. Which Is the
J larger clase, those who love the trees and
their hrrezes, or those who prefer the
4 nows with their sneezes, Is a matter of
:- conjecture. Both have their adherents, and
both clnsses get much out of life. But there
Is another division larger than either, made
tip of thoee who keep In the game, with
more or less vim, the year around, so that
while amusing: and health-giving exercises
vary as do the seasons themselves, like
Tennyson's brook, they keep on forever.
Bowling and hllllnrds. scrapping and skat
ing, cards and coasting, will, generally
peaking, soon Join hands and retire
languidly to the tall grass, doomed for a
time to be superseded In popular favor.
And then comes base ball ah, base ball
and tennis and golf and a drvien other
thing at one or the other of whose shrines
the great American public la content to fall
down and worship, either as actor or on
looker. The past season In Omaha has been
an exceptionally profitable and enjoyable
one from the standpoint of the sporting and
athletic fraternity. While no phenomenal
i w:uniB ijrivv pren mane in any particular
line, much good work hss been done, par
ticularly on the alleys, and this may truth
fully be said of nil other departments cf
ports and athletics, as exemplified In this
town. And that Is not all, for at present It
appears to thoee who are able to read the
tgns of the times In this particular direc
tion that the coming spring and summer
will witness seme of the best amateur work
with golf sticks and bat, racket and gun
that Omaha has ever known.
The base ball fan la only waiting; the
promise of spring hns set him to talking at
a great rate and the burden of his chat has
to do entirely with what Is coming. Other
stance far below what each had made In
the Saturday afternoon shoots, when no
visitor were present and no prises at
stake. For example, the beit Billy Town
send could do In his shcotoff for the Iirkey
cup was twenty-two birds out of a possible
twenty-five, while at the Kansas City shoot
he got forty-nine kills out of fifty. Lnomls,
too, scored twenty-two birds, but at the
Saturday shoots at ten birds he has mado
a straight kill for the last four weeks.
The star ahoot of the mid-winter season
heretofore has been that of the Sunny
South club at Brenham. Tex. This was
held In January, this year; and there were
barely fifty contestants and seven of these
were professional sharps from the north
who weren't allowed to shoot In the main
events. There were 100 entries In the
Omaha tournament. The local club now
numbers forty-two members, and with such
material aa Loomls, Montmorency, Town
send and half a doxen others cannot fail
to be heard from to good purpose later.
There can be little doubt that the coming
season will see a great Increase in the golf
enthusiasm In this city, notwithstanding
the general popularity of the game last
year. The course of the Omaha Field club
has been put In such shape aa to make It
one of the beat possible, aa Is shown by a
new blue print drawing of It made by
Architect Harry Lavrje and put on exhibi
tion In the Townaend Gun company'a store.
Many members of the club have called to
see It, as well aa many not members who
are devotees of the game. The Field club a
120 acres of ground makes what Is unques
tionably one of the best course In this
country. Its nearness to the city and every
thing else considered. It Is doubtful, too. If
another course could he found where It
was not necessary to make artificial
hazards. The rearrangement of the grounds
this winter brings the player at the ninth
ar.J eighteenth holes back to the clubhouse.
Instead of leaving him or her a nille or
more away from It, aa waa the case for
merly. That thlsone thing will' be appre
ciated, especially by tho women players.
goes without saying. Then, again, the
monotony of the west forty acres is broken
by changing the course so that the holes
run parallel with and at right angles to
the creek. Instead of crossing it aa for
merly. Another advantage of this Is that
aeasona are forgotten In the prospect forjfewer bang wln probably find watery
the summer and each old war horse Is as
again flap his lungs, across the diamond.
-.Omaha's loyal supporters have again
choked down their disappointment at not
being able to get Into a bigger league, and
will do their level best to enjoy the article
of ball furnished by the 'Wetsern league
this summer. Papa Bill's line-up looks
rood ao far aa It goes and they hope to see
a team that wlll move as It should. Bill
doesn't rlalm that he has a bunch of world
belters, but he doea expect that the men
he will present will put up a game cf ball
that will please the public. Out at Denver
a number of the strong playera have taken
advantage of the opportunity .afforded and
have Jumped to the roast. Among these
are Tom Petehanty. Burt Jones, Emll Frisk
and Aleck Whltridge. The management
announces that all can be spared but Pele
banty, who leaves a gap at second base
that will be hard to fill. Waldron haa
balked on the transfer from Kansas City
to Denver and iAida la trying to get rid of
the Western league reservation. It Is very
apparent that Mr. Tebeau Is to have his
troubles In the mountain town before the
season opens. The Sioux City lineup has
tmt been given out yet, but the ownera
there have the promise Of assistance In
making UP t ttm. It oortalnty
should be that way, for Sioux City Is a
cracking good ball town and ought to have
on of the fastest team In the league.
The' members and friends of the Omaha
Gun club certainly have every reasonable
excuse for being proud of the Interstate
shoot held on thrir ground the first of the
month. It waa one of the best and most
largely attended of any like affair ever
held, not only In this city, but In the en
tire middle west, and the unanimity of sat
isfaction as expressed by the shooter who
were In attendance waa as unusual as It
was pleasing to all concerned. And yet
while the two Omaha tea ma got Inside the
money In the most important event of the
tournament, the Individual score of the
club's crack shots were In nearly every In-
grave. It Is estimated that 250 players can
now use the course at one time. The club
house ' is also to be Improved as to the
kitchen and dining room. It Is a matter
of much regret to all the members that W.
K. Cundlff, who waa one of the charter
members, and. Incidentally, la one of the
best players. Is soon to withdraw from the
organization and leave the city. The mem
bershlp, which la limited to EO0, now num
ber something over 490. three new mem
ber having been taken In at the last meet
ing and three more applications being
under consideration. At the last meeting
of the club the membership fee w
doubled, being made $50 In the place of $25.
About as little Is said or known of the
"Squash club" of this city aa would be the
rase if It were a branch of the Mafia. It
Isn't, really, you know, anything of the
kind, but Just a club organized for pleas
ure purposes only, that Is. of course. If so
strenuous a game a "squash" can be
called a pleasure. For the benefit of those)
who may not know Just what "squash" Is
It may be said that It I a sort of Indoor
tennis, a second cousin to ping-pong, a dta
tant relative of base ball and somewhat
similar to . chopping wood. It Is played
with a net like a ennle net, only different.
and with tennis balls that have had a coat
of paint or something added to their ex
terlors. Bald balls are propelled with I
freak sort of noise and racket, and alto
gether It la great sport and good exercise
and lot of both. The local club' room I
located In the Dally News building and the
membership Is composed of auch well
known people as Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Stewart, Mrs. Charles Kountze. Mr. and
Mrs. E. H. Sprague. Frank Haskell, W. IT.
McCord, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Burns, Sam
Bum and many others.
"It Is surprising what a revival there has
been of tennis playing In the past two
years," said a well known sportsman and
dealer In sporting goods, the other day.
"When golf began to be the craze In this
(QoOeSs and! (Soughs
We ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE to cure the most
obstinate cases of the above diseases
Your druggist IT authorized to return the purchase pric if the first
bottle doesAnot bring the desired results.
Read th Testimonials
Which corns from ths hearts of thoso bsnsflttsi by this remedy:
Milks' Emulsion Co.. Terra Haute, Ind.:
(.ienilemen 1 believe I will write you and let you know how much good your
EmuMon did ma I have had a great deal of trouble wlih mv right lung for the last
foiir years. 1 be doctors called it pleurisy, the sttu-ues and pain were aotnethln- awtul
audi could ool KetaoyiblDV to build me up. But since taking Milks' Emulsion I feel
all right oguln. Am ginning strength every day and think I will soon be like young
DiansvHla ou I may tell your buu-here and grocers to recommend Milks' Kmulsioo.
t will make loia of Dunnes tor them aa It gives a poraon a great appetite. To
Qnliu my letter, will say Milks' Emulsion haa done me a wonderful amount o good.
Yours respectfully. WM. Khru;b.
March 8, ltful HA Elm St., Indianapolis. Ind.
The Milks' Emulsion Co.. Terr Haute. Ind.:
U en licn-en For year I have suffered from bronchial and lung troubles. About a
month mtio Milk' KinuUioo we burbly recommended to me aud I commenced to use
It. I fouud thai it give me unuiediabe relief and feel continent in a aliort time it will
effect pe rmanent cure. My cough dm almost left me entirely and when I do couuh
now It I Dot so (.crura as It waa before taking Milks' Emulsion. W hen I consider
that I have bait ih cough for year and never before found relief. I (eel thai I cannot
say too much for Milks' Emulsion, Your respectfully.
Mack W. Piaohii.
1318 Barth Ave., Indianapolis. Ind.
The Milks' Emulsion Co.. Terr Haute. Ind.:
UDtlemenMy son had an absoeaa on bis left lung. He doctored a long tlm
wlthu.il any good result. Finally nome friend recommended Milks' Emulsion. I got
a boz and fount! it waa tbeonly thing that had ever given my nun any relief. He ha
taken it for at verul months and it has benenttedblm more than any medicine be ha
ver taken. I believe it to be one of the beat remedies on the market.
r.Yo,ur!L,JulJ, J J' VtVVUlMTt. Cuinl Fire Department.
October si. itog. Terra Haute, Ind.
Too Milks' Emulsion Co.. Terr Haute. Ind.:
Uent.rmen-Here a a word from an old soldier. I have had throat and lung
trouble furaevenu-en year n:id iut lots of money for medicine, but never fouud
anything thai did me half a much good as Milk- Emulsion. I ftel a hundred per
cent belter since Wktng ycur ICrniilaion and shall oonunue iu ua My wife la also
taking it for oooaupaiion with excellent result, and we are glad to recommend it
w eyeryou. Your truly. Da SuXHZUfcaJCD, Soldiers' Home.
Juno 4. 1900, Lafayette. Ind.
Milks' Emulsion is pleasant to take and is wonderful in its results.
Money refunded by yoar drurrust if ths first bonis ued doe not bring rsaolts.
Druir Jl
country, tennis wss correspondingly neg
lected, but golf wss found to be a little too
strenuous for a good many people, with the
result that they went back to the ribboned
court with renewed vigor. Owing to th
lack of demand the manufacturers of ten
nis goods quit making them altogether,
with Uie result that last year when the
renewed demand came It waa next to Im
possible to fill orders. Peveial times I sent
n 'order for a dozen racket and In th
course of a week or two would get perhaps
threw by express; but there will be no diffi
culty of that kind this year." In the minds
of a good many people golf never saw th
day that It wss as good an all-around game
for men and women both as tennis, but It
Is nevertheless undoubtedly a fact that
many a good court has become grass grown
during the past year or two, or since the
general taking up of golf. A new racket,
by the way, has been put on the market for
the coming season that will delight the
hearts of all exponents of the game. It Is
a thlrteen-ounce creation with a new
fangled handle and nn Ingenious braiding
of the gut that will give It an added
strength and firmness In the band. Of
course the price has been msterlally
strengthened, too, but that will make but
little difference to those who like the game
and the appearance of the new racket.
The executive committee of the Country
club haa not as yet engaged a professional
golf Instructor for the coming season, but
haa under consideration the names of
several well known experts whose service
may be secured, and will make a selection
and engagement this week. Meantime the
club' course Is being gotten Into shape
for the season, though several Important
changes that are contemplated will not be
made until art Instructor and overseer Is
engaged and installed. In order that the
work may be done under his supervision and
dlreotlon. ..
The thlrj of the Interstate mld-wlnter
shooting tournament will be held at Sen
eca. Kan.. March 8 to 10 Inclusive, and
the promoters thereof are using all kinds
of bait to make It as big an occasion and
as largely attended as was the shoot In
this city. There Is nothing small about
the Omaha gunners except their appetite
for dead birds, so they are planning to
send a rousing big delegation of their
members and help make the Seneca shoot
a success. But it Is barely possible that
their motive In going Is not altogether
phllarthroplc, for a good bunch of prizes
has already been hung up and If aome of
the Omaha men don't bring home a large
sized piece of money a the result of the
trip. It will be because they did not keep
their powder dry Hesldes the regular
pool prizes the Seneca club has chipped In
$190 that will be added to the various
events during the three days' shoot. Then
there Is a very handsome silver cup, all
of which, taken with the rivalry of the
teams from the four states represented,
will make things go Borne.
It Is stated on Indisputable authority
that the St. Croix Tennis club Is to begin
the erection of a new club house Just as
soon as a selection of a site Is made from
the three or four now under consideration.
The plans are not made-yet only In a
reneral way. but the house will be adapted
to the grounds, which It Is proposed to
have laid out with a view to the greatest
and best accommodation for all the mem.
bera. The club Is In a flourishing condi
tion and the winter months have been far
from wasted by Its members, for they, as
a club, have had a number of exclusive
little soirees that have been most enjoy
The board of directors of the Trans
mlsslsslppt Golf aasociatlon recently held
a meeting In this city and decided that
the next meeting of tha-assoclation should
be held at Minneapolis next July. It l
but natural that aome of the local en
thusiasts should question th wisdom of
this selection and wonder why Omaha wa
not selected, especially when the Field
club ha one of the finest and largest
courses to be found anywhere. But the
one who question the wisdom of the se
lection of Minneapolis are as a rule the
ones who, for some reason or other can
not go and their criticism is therefore but
natural. And It Is Just as natural for
those who can go to be glad of the chance
to get away from home and. Incidentally
to visit so beautiful and aristocratic
town as the Mill city la acknowledged to
be. Here's hoping they all hav a glori
ous time.
The Field club tennis eonrt. already
among the finest ever, win ne put into
extra good shape this year, preparatory
to the holding of the Middle Weat tourna
ment this season. The date has not been
decided upon a yet, owing to a desire to
make It not conflict with the date of any
other meet and thus get the greatest
crowd possible. Already some national
experts far east of the big river have
promised to come and more are being ne
gotiated with. It look now If it would
be a memorable event of Its class.
The eyes of all the stay-at-home bowler
and there I a big bunch of them In
Omaha have been on the Cleveland tour
nament this week, waiting to see the na
tion's best fall down to Ignominious defeat
before our representatives at the big tour.
nament. Thus far they have looked and
waited In vain for anything that looked
like a victory for the local contingent, the
only time any of their names have gotten
Into the press dispatches being Wednesday,
when Welty and Wlgman rolled up the
creditable score of 1,048 In thalwo-man
match. But even this was not good enough
and left the men well down the line. There
1 nobody but what would like to see the
Omaha boys come home with a little of
the money and a lot of the glory of the
Cleveland tournament, but It Is well enough
to remember that while this town Is un
questionably the best one In the United
States, it 1 not the only one, oh, dear,
no, and there are men who know how to
bowl some, east of the Mississippi. In
other words. It's of no use for Oinaha
bowlers to cry for what they can't have.
What they've got to do is come home
and get a reputation. There will be
other tournaments. Meantime there h
been lot of fun on th local alleys th
past week and some good scores tesides.
On the Oute City boards Gale Martin
scored 5 at seven up and won a prize,
William Ahmanson rolled up 244 at ten
pins and did likewise and C. S. Seaman
scored 615 In three consecutive games and
got first money. That's not so bad. Fol
lowing are the high scores o these alley
aside from those mentioned:
8clple. zl4. 3. JC9; Jim I'sher, Jon, !m
21.S; ". B. Bridenbecker. 21. !!, 2i9, 2-8,
2i'4. 130. sett; Hen nun. ami. af. a. Z13, 2:'0
'. S. Seaman. 222. 220. Johnson. iD3
Molyncaux. V: Ahmanson, 244; Joe
Meechan. 223. 2v0: Bald v. 204: Tyon. l)
Snyder. 219. ?6. V: Windham, ion. 200
JoKeph. 2m. 2'2; Pete NelNen, 203; I.uc.is.
b. as. 4. Jfi. 2i": iijortn, t, zn
Georax Meechan '2i. 2o7. 220.
In the Commercial league the Drexel
Shoe company team bowls the Browning,
King & Co. boys on the Gate City alleys
Tuesday evening and on Thursday evening
the Gate City play the Stevens at Smith
Unsolicited Opinion of An Expert Chemist
Uricsol Chemical Co., Los Angeles, Cal.
Gentlemen: Having had the opportunity
of testing your preparation for the treat
ment of the Uric Acid Diatheses, very ap
propriately called Uricsol, It Is a pleasure
to be able to say that It has made Itself
deserving of much eeteem and confidence.
The opportunity waa one of which the
manufacturer had neither knowledge nor
ntlmatlon. The Incident of armuininnivi
was brought shout by a happy chance.
Edwrd U. S. Holmes was In China at the
earlier date of the Boxer outbreak and
he first Peking horror drove him from h
Celestial Kingdom. Suffering Ironi terriblo
exposure before he sailed, and still worse
xposure while a passenger on u freight
teamer. he reached this country InvallilnH
with Rheumatism. At a nhice chIIpH
Turner, not far from Salem, Oregon, he
found friends. The disorder, muscular
and articular combined, had possession of
him In the most aggravated form: it waa
then that his friends obtained Uricsol from
woodward at to., Portland (driiKglsts).
Ills report, as given August 6, on his com
ing to Newark,, was In four words: "It
cured me promptly. " The c;tse was one
of much Interest, although full particulars
were not brought, and led to the laboratory
acquaintance, tne samples ncing bought
through a Salem druggist, the person or
dering it having the Impression that Wood
ward & Co. manufactured It.
I have no "testimonial" to write. Mr.
Rrsleetlona f a Bachelor., ,
Money makes th morals go.
A girl la very sensible not to get married
till she ha a chance.
It take almost a much hop to be
promoter aa to be a candidate for office
There I a certain atage about woman'
dressing whr the mora she put on th
Y7 tp o
yO f T58 Tu
1 A w
Uricsol not only cures tho common forms of Kheuinatisni but it docs what no other remedy ever has
succeeded in accomplishing before.
It dissolves and eliminates deposits in the joints, where they have been accumulating for years.
Records are in our possession, not of one but of many cases where the joints of the fingers were so
thickened as to be practically rigid and useless; where the hip or knee joints were, so filled with the deposit
as to render the patient wholly unable to walk, and who have been restored to health and activity by
the systematic use of Uricsol.
An occasional case is found which refuses ,to yield to treatment, but these are rare, and we can truth
fully claim the remarkable record of 90 per cent of cures, where a proper opportunity is given the remedy
to accomplish the result.
Holmes' esse Is mentioned simply to state
the circumstances of Introduction. The
results of laboratory and somewhat limited
clinical research present several striking
points of Interest. To these I desire to
cull particular attention, in proof of the
deserving esteem and confidence to which
reference has been made.
It neutralizes tho Uric Acid without over
stimulating the kidneys. This, of course,
Is the secret cf Its success, as a neutral
subject will not produce detrimental re
sults. It does not disturb the digestive pro
cesses. It controls the action of the heart with
out depressing 11 and without causing any
exhaustion. In regulating the pulse It
does not cause any nuusea or other dls
agreeble symptoms.
It acts In accordance with nature's own
laws in controlling the nerves of voluntary
motion. ,
It does not Impair the quality of the
blood In other words. It does not Impair
the constructive energies of the system.
It has an action on the liver which Is
very gently alterative. 1
It seems to produce a mild, pleasant,
physiological and healthy stimulation of
the intestinal glands.
These several facts concerning physio
logical action go to accentuate Its value as
a Uric Acid solvent,
WILLARD H. MOORE, M.D., F.S.8.. eto.
Consulting Chemist.
An Instance of Prompt Relief.
Pomona, Cal., Aug. 20. 1902.
Uricsol Chemical Co., ts Aiireles. Cal.
Gentlemen: I had Rheumatism for about
seventeen months, both articular and
muscular; was so I could not walk part
of the time. I tried the doctors and got
some relief, but was not cured. Tried also
various patent medicines to no effect. Was
In nt Mr. Sudden's drug store to get some
thing to relieve the Rheumatism In my
shoulder, and he spoke of Uricsol. hut did
not know what It would do, as It was new.
I bought a bottle snd have not been both
ered with Rheumatism since takinp half
of It. Took nil the bottle nml expect to
keep It on hand. I am sure any one suffer
ing from a urio acid condition will gri re
lief If they take Uricsol as directed.
661 W. 4th street I.ULU CI.AYPOOI,.
A Well Known Druggist Praises I'ricsol.
Atlanta. Gu., Aug. 2t, 1902.
Uricsol Chemical Co., ,on Angeles. Cal.
Pear Sirs: I have long suffered from
Rheumatism In my shoulders and else
where, and could scarcely use my arms
or hands. I had tried other remedies with
out success. 1 used two bottles of Uricsol
and regard myself as completely cured.
It hns not only cured the Rheumatism
but It hns very materially benefited my
general health. 1 regard Uricsol aa a line
remedy, and will gliidly recommend it to
all who suffer with this disease.
Very respectfully,
ALEX JOHNS, Druggist,
1 lawn street.
A Prominent Journalist Cured.
Los Angeles, Feb. 23, lfOfl.
Uricsol Chemical Co., Ixis Angeles, Cal
Gentlemen: Having suffered for some
years from Rheumatism and disease al
lied to It, caused by uric acid. I wish to
give my testimonial, wholly unsolicited by
you, to the merits of Uricsol.
I consider myself cured, and believe your
remedy Is one which cannot be too highly
commended. I have met a number of other
victims of Rheumatism, one of th most
painful and dangerous diseases flesh Is heir
to, who nay they nlso have been relieved
and cured by Uricsol.
Very truly yours,
Staff writer Los Angeles Western Graphic.
Acute Inflammatory Rheumatism.
This letter from Mrs. F. L. Holllriay, ex
plains her feelings toward Uricsol for what
it did for hir son:
Los Angeles, Cnt., March 6, 1902A
Uricsol Chemical Co., Los Angeles, Cal
Gentlemen: My son Joseph recently had
nn attack of InfltimmHtory Rheumatism. He
took one bottle of Uricsol nnd was qulcklv
relieved. He commenced this treatment on
a Friday and was well enough to be up and
about on the succeeding .Sunday, and Is now
perfectly well. , Yours respect full v,
onnell, Cor.
I6!h and Dodge, Omaha
Mrs. F.O.Appel
Recording Secretary
846 Mission Street, Saw Francisco, Calif., May 28, 1903.
A few month ago I found my health in a state of total collapse. I iu run down and nervous. In fact I
had to give up my work aa I wa physically nnable to go on. At one of mr periods I had taken cold, which hod
stopped the flow and caused all the trouble. Where to turn and what to do I aid not know. Luckily for me I was
advised to try Wine of Cardui. A friend of mine who was visiting me from the South told how universally it had
helped women there and praised it to highly that I felt that it must be good and began to take it. A half doten
bottle was all that was needed for my case and at the end of that time I . . SI
was able to go back to work and haven't known a sick day iince. That jllt,A , ( A24rW '
is what Wine of Cardui did for me and 1 am very grateful indeed. ' ' K. t" V J'
aaooaois sbcbtabt, lbib' aciiuabt to a. c .
, Constant dragging pains and suffering drain the delicate female organs of their strength and'
cause the "all worn-out feeling" the nervous collapse so many women complain of.
3 Have you been affected in this way? Wine of Cardui will cure you. This pure vegetable ,
Wine is a mild medicine. But it is a Dowerful tonic to strengthen and build ud the weakened '
female organs, upon which the health of every woman depends.
living is only worth while when you are well and to be well depends on yourself
depends on Wine of Cardui.
Wine of Cardui cures nineteen out of every, twenty cases of female weakness, leucorrhcea.
bearing down pains or menstrual irregularities no matter what or in what stage the patient may
Ladies Auxiliary
AnCtCtit OrdeK Of HibsmiOnS sufferin" Wmc o Cardui yours t0 Go to your druggist today and secure a bottle
What! Dancing in Divinity hall at th
University of Chicago! That' Just what'
going to happen though. Th divinity stu
dents are tired of ounday chool ;eson
and long hours of study In Persian and
Hebrew literature. They have grown Jeal
ous of the social successes the other men
are having and have arranged a series of
monthly Informal receptions. Just as are
held In the other men's halls on the
campus. All the co-eds have been invited
to the first reception and as they are al
lowed to dance In the other halls and fully
expect similar privileges In South Divinity,
th embryo preacher will be compelled
by, gallantry to entertain their fair guests
as they expect to be entertained.
Henry V. Seawell wa republican-popu
list candidate for governor of North Caro
lina In 1900. In the course of the cam
paign he visited the town of Bhelby, where
ha addressed a meeting, scoring the demo
cratic party vigorously. A good many of
hi hearer were democrats and they re
sented this line of talk. Some of them
pelted the orator with eggs of great an
tiquity, fifteen of the missiles striking
him. Beawell brought suit against a rail
road company because Its station agent
and other employes were among the egg
throwers. The case waa decided in his
favor, but was appealed. Now the supreme
court, which Is composed of democratlo
Judges, haa affirmed a verdict awarding
th plaintiff K.&00 damages.
A series of games of Chines checkers
began In China 620 years ago was com
pleted last wtek in Cleveland. Ong Lee.
clerk In a Chinese grocery In Buffalo, and
Hop Ylng, an artist of Chicago, were th
last playera. Ancestors of Ong Lee and
Hop Ying were, enthusiastic student of
the gam of checkers. A contest between
them was Interrupted by th death of on.
The other wrote down the statu of th
uncompleted game and the manuscript
wa preserved. Recently th descendant
found each other in this country and fin
ished th gam.
George Hoyt of Cleveland, O., aged 82, a
member of a cultured and wealthy family
and a college graduate, has renounced so
ciety and, unknown to his parents, become
an associate of tramps and loafers In th
Michigan street lodging house district.
When arrested he said: "I've a good home,
but I've grown tired of the society of peo
ple who think of nothing but clothe.
These people In society bore themselves and
each other with talk of books and music,
and think they are cultured. In the down
town streets on find people In th rough,
people who have seen things and who really
live. 'Whoa business Is it If I car for
Whiskey and Beer Habit
"O R R I N E,"
Physicians pronounce drunkenness a disease of ths nervosa system, creating a morbid
rr a aiinmiani. loaunceo indulgence in wnifckey. Deer or wine eats away the
ining and ttupefita the digettiic organs, ttaus destroying tha diKCstioa aud
craving for a stimulant. Coatinced indulgence in wbikkey. beer or wine eats away the
lomicn lining una tiupruts ifie aipettiic organs, nus arstroring I
rniuinr tha bvaltn. No "will oowcr " en heal tha innimed stomach mrmbranaa.
"OKklNK ' permanently removes tbe crating for liquor by actinir direciiy on the
affected nerves, rasioring th stomach and digest Its organs to normal conditions, improving
tha appetite and restoring tha health. No sanitarium treatment necessary ; " OKKINt "
can be taken at your own home without publicity. Can b gives secretly If desired.
yon direct. I waa a common drankard for
Mr. K. T. Stma. Brooklyn. N. Y.. writes:
"Ct mr name aa a twenty-year drunkard
raatorna to manhood and health br four
boaaaof 'Ok KINK.' It is a wondsrful and
marvclou can for the drink habit."
Mrs K. Wyciiff. New York City, wrltest
"OKHINE' cared my h unhand, who was a
steady drunkard for many years. 11 now
has no deaire for stimulanta. his health is
rood and bale fully restored to mannuod.
ll naed only flv boxes of OK IN C "
Mrs. W. L. D., Helena. Mont., writes! "I
have waited one year before writing yon
of ths permanent car of my son. He took
sanltarinm treatment, aa well a other ad
vertised cures, bm they all failed aetil w
gave him "OH BINE.' Le Is now fully re
stored to health and has ao desire fordrink."
Mr. U. L. R., Kanaaa City, Mo., writes:
I am eatiafWd that ernnkeaaeas Is a dia-
twenty years, bat to-dav I am free of iir
deaire for liquor. Yon have loand th spe
cific. God bless yon!'
Mr. A. E. L . Atlanta. Ca. writes: "I waa
-born with a love of whiskey and drank it
for thirty-two year. It finally brought me
to tha gutter, homeless and friendleas. I
was pomerle to resitt the craving aad
would steal and lie to get whiakev. Four
boseaof 'ORK1NE' cured me of all detlr
and I now hate the smell of liquor "
Price Si per bos, boxes for Ij. Mailed In
plain, sealed wrapper by Orrine Company,
I7 14th street, Washington, D. C. I ale real
ing booklet (sealed! (era on requaat.
bold and recommended by
Stan & McCcomll DrugCii
Cw.lllktl4 D)faia,, Otuatlka
Missouri River Teminils
to Ban Francisco, Log
Angeles, San Diego, and
many other California
to Everett, Fairhavea,
Whatcom, Vancouver
and Victoria.
to Portland, Atoria,
Tacoma and Seattle.
to Ashland, Rosebur
Eugene, Albany and
Balem, including branch
lines in Oregon.
to Spokane and inter
mediate O. E. Si N. point
to Wenatcbee and inter
media to points.
to Butte, Anaconda,
Helena, and all inter
mediate tnaia line points.
to Ogden and Salt Lake
City, and intermediate
main line points.
For fuller information call or addre
rity Ticket Office, 1.124
'1'hone 316.
Faruaia V
Department i
less h seem to b clothed. Nw Tar
lndlh.Bnr.1 l.lk.BnrlH 'nSiUXF
I'rea ,
mopiaioa, will car aa caa U taaaa aa

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