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Kailroad Mem Fear General Tight aa Keenlt
of Grain Tariff Content
Mllrraakre anil llnrllno;oii rrnmpllr
Mt (ire.t Western', latest Rr
d.etlon and Xorthwratrra
is Esneeted To.
The Mllwaukoe nnd Burlington have
promptly met the Chlcnuo 5rcat Western's
latent rut of grain rates and the North
western Is exported to moot It. As these
rate, are about as low as they ran he, It
Is anticlpaterrnow that the war will bmnch
out so as to Involve all the Omaha-Chicago
roads over all classes of commodities.
The last cut of grain rates Is one of 2
cents per hundred, making the rates from
Omaha to Chicago H cents on wheat and 7
cents on corn. The rates from the Mis
souri river to the Mississippi river are
not affected by the last cut, and still stand
at 5 cents on wheat and 4 cents on corn.
The cut was promptly mot by both the
Milwaukee and the liurllngton, and as J.
A. Kuhn, assistant general freight and
passenger agent of the Northwestern, was
called toChlrugo Sunday evening by freight
officials of his line It Is believed that the
Northwestern axe Is In progress of sharpen
ing to again take off a huge chunk from
the through rates from Nebraska territory
to the east.
"You can look for trouble," said a well
posted freight man. "The grain rates
have now been nit to the very bottom, and
If the war Is continued there is but one
thing left to do, and that Is to begin taking
olt the rates on other commodities. I be
lieve that If the Northwestern gcxto below
this last cut of the Chicago Great Western
the latter road will retaliate by cutting
the rat-. on packing house products, live
stock or some other class of freight It
looks to me now as though both tho
Northwestern and Chicago Great Western
are In the field to fight this battle to a
Orkney's Iasi Move.
The last move of Mr. Btlckney In an
nouncing a reduction In the rates to Chi
cago without making a like reduction In
the Mississippi river and Iowa rates shows
that he Is about at the end of his string
eo far as grain rates aro concerned, and if
he proposes keeping up the fight, which
he evidently Intends to do, he must, cast
about for eome other kind of ammunition
with which to carry on the war.
"The through rates on grain to the At
lantic seaboard are based on the rates be
tween the rivers, so that Mr. Btlckney's
cut In the Chicago rates Is of no benefit
to export shippers of grain. He will con
tinue to get his proportion of 7.9 cents on
export business, the same as when the Chi
cago rate on wheat was 10 cents. The cut
In the Chicago rate Is of no practical
benefit to local grain shippers, for tho rea
son that very little grain Is going to the
Chicago market .at present."
The Rock Island announces that for the
present no further reduction In Its grain
rates will be made.
"We will wait." said an official of that
line, "and see how thla war Is going to
terminate. I cannot see what advantage
there la In cutting the rates when there Is
very little grain to be hauled. We desire
to get our rates lined up again, and If
there Is' any more cutting to be done we will
make a new start after we find out Just
where we are In the matter. This action
on our part will probably complicate mat
ters, for when one of the roads stands
aside It mixes up matters by making differ
ent seta of rates over different lines."
Ksr JO
Thousands of Yards of Highest Class
Embroideries on Sale at Rare Bargains
. From Arnold B. Ilolne. Importer, of New York, wo sortiml nt miction
n plKnntlc stock of tho very fluent Embroideries ever Imported from
Swltzerlnnd. We have some of the very choicest lots from the stock of
thin ureKt importer. The lvmbroiderioR nre the rliiest Swiss, nainsook and
cambric ever shown nt an Omaha sale up to 18 Inches wide nnd actu
ally worth as IiIku as .lOe a yard on bargain squares tomorrow at yard
tub reliable: itore.
Our Own Stamps. Our Own Premiums
The goodness of our goods, the lowness of our prices, the su
periority of our premiums makes "Our Big Store" THE PLACE
for economical buying. Thousands know this to be true. Inves
tigation will prove the same to you.
A Great
Opportunity Wednesday
B 25c Drapery Swiss at 10c Yard
X.w Improvement Organisation Kl.ct.
Full Corp. of Officials aid
The officers of the Qlvlo Improvement
League of Omaha met for the flrwt time
yesterday In the Board of Trade building' nnd
appointed the committees called for by the
recently adopted constitution. In addition
to President Slab, ugh. Treasurer Luther
Ik KounUe and Secretary Miss McCartney,
there are nine vice presidents, one from
each ward.' These Monday selected the ex
cutlva board of seven, which will be the
real executive head of the organization.
Those named were E. A. Benson, E. J,
Cornish, A. A. Buchanan, W. II. Green,
W. A. I'Uley, G. Y. Craig and S. P. Bost-
' Wick.
The general committee of 100 will be the
controlling body of the association and part
of these were named Monday. The constitu
tion provides for four standing committees
and these chairmen have been appointed
For ways and means, E. A. Benson; press,
publications and public meetings, A. A.
Buchanan; membership and organisation.
W. II. Green; legislation, C. I. Saunders.
Membership rendezvouses were named In
various parts of the city, where member-
Ship tickets may be obtained. Ampng these
were O. P. Klpllnger, at Thirteenth and
Farnam; N. P. Podge. Jr., on Farnam. and
Schmidt's dn;g stoe. at Twenty-fourth and
Cuming streets.
Those named for the general committee
K. A. Benson. A. A, Buchanan, S. I.
Bostwlrk. Charles Williamson. K. J. Cor
nish. R. B. Howell, C. K Saunders, Dr. O.
L. Miller, Captain H. E. Palmer, W. IL
Green, I I Kountie, Alfred Millard, Theo
dore Johnson, T. J. Muhoney, N. P. PoilKe,
Jr.. J. Y. Craig. W. 8. Poppleton. F. W,
Filch. Pr. C. a Oifford, Pr. W. O. Henry,
C. G. Pears, Gua Anderson, J. It. Butler,
W. A. Tlxley. John W. Bobbins, W. F.
Johnson, Major P. II. Wheeler. John Laten-
aer. Rev. M. J. O'Connor, John F. Dal ley,
Count John A- CreiKhton. T. J. Fits
morris, C. 8. Loblngler, William
Hayden, O. W. I.lnlnger, George W. Ban-
oha, E. F. Morearty, O. A. Pope, W. O.
t're, Henry W. Yates, C. C. Belden, J. E
Baum, William Bushman, George A. Jos-
is surely coming.
Doti't wait for it.
V If you are run
down and thin
and take cold
easily, try
It will strengthen
and fortify your
system and keep
you well.
Sale of Laces atlc,2lc,5c,10c
A spocltil pale of Laros for tomorrow Includes n great nrrny of fine
Lnros that are tip to 5 inehos wide, They aro In Tint Vnls, Normandy
Vnls nnd Torchons also some specially tine Net Top Orientals, suitable for
sleeves worth as high as 35c a yard tomorrow at yard
!c, 2c, 5c, -10c
Silkoline at lc Yard
111 Mill Remnants
We place on sale tomorrow 10,000 yards of Sllkollne In mill
remnants this rMlkoIIno Is net ually worth up to
flftiHn cents a yard tomorrow on bargain square at
yard '
One big table of white and dotted Drapery Swiss, In long' mill
lengths, generally sells at zoo a yard,
Ladies' Silk Petticoats $4.50
A beautiful assortment of the Bmartest and daintiest Silk Pet
ticoats ever shown In all colors and black msido with
accordion pleated ruffles, pleats and clusters of tucks
on front bargain square at
Ladies' Embroidered Turnover Collars
at 5 Cents Each.
JJew Styles in Pillow Top Handkerchiefs
at Hi Cents Each.
Armour's Ex
tract of Beef
3v Menu
3 -
, Daily
lyn, Guy C. Barton, Hugh McCaffrey, F.
W. Judson, Thomas J. Kimball, F. A. Hen
nlnger, Harry Lawrle. Mrs. F. II. Cole,
Mrs. George Tllrten, Mrs. C. 8. Loblngler,
Mrs. J. II. Dumont, Mrs. Philip Potter,
Mrs. R. M. Stephenson, E. Rosewater, R.
Metcalfe. Mel Uhl, Alfred Borenson,
Clement Chase, S. F. Neble, Vaclav
Furesh, Phillip Andres, T. P. Mahammit,
K. S. Eradley, T. E. Anderson, A. li.
Heath, J. II. Dvrmont
Hundreds of pair of Men's and Women's Sample Shoes, bought from the best
factories In Massachusetts,
At 33', Per Cent Discount
The verv best leathers in nil the finest tirades and made up in the very latest
shapes for winter and soring- trade. The men s shoes Include the following well known
;nakes: M. A. Packard, t'pliam Bros., Harry & Co. In the women's shoes such makes
ss i:. 11. Auorn Ac o.. iioas; Miiuuen, a. . .Minimis ot a, r. cmun anu many
others On sule Wednesday a. m. Bee our IKtn street windows.
All the 12.50, $3 no, $3 50 ladles' shoes In kid, patent colt and
kanearoo rnlf. with hand turned and Goodyear welt soles....
All the $2.60, J3 00 and IT BO mn'B shoes in patent
cHlr, vlcl kid and patent colt
All the J3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 men's fine patent colt.
Ideal kid, vlcl and enamel
All Shoes Are Fitted by Expert Shoe Hen
The Laurel Silks
For shirt wnlst suits are scoring1 a exeat success. They are the finest silks for
shirt waist suits on the market and are sold BY 18 EXCLUSIVELY for Omaha.
Call and see.
Specials for Tuesday
Wash silks In black, white, and all colors,
86 In. wide, Tuesday, at Efln
yard, only wOC
Black silk grenadines very choice 20 styles
to select from they sold for CO it
$1.00, $L25 and $1.50. Our sale price. .U 30
10 pieces Foster's black silk lining, 45 In.
wide, worth $1.50 rer yard, QRa
salo price 906
Pure silk ponBe, very fine quality, "4 In.
wide, worth $1.00 per yard, 7 Kit
sale price 131
neqnlre the Most Carefnl Att.nl.n
as Well as Good Soil.
. Dirt vou ever see a rosebush which
despite' the most beneficent environment of
,,llof sunshine and of atmosphere
seemed never to achieve a healthy g-owthT
A ton of manure will not help a plant
that has a ranker eating- out its heart.
You must, destroy the causa before you
can remove the effect.
You cannot euro Dandruff and Baldness
by rubblns; on hair lotions, and rubbing in
vaseline, etc.
You must look to the cause of the trouble
It's a germ at the roots of your hair
which causes it to fall out.
Newbro's Herplclde destroys the germ.
nd healthy hair is the sure result.
Sold bv leading flrusralsts. Bend 10c In
stamps for sample to The Herplclde Co.,
Detroit, Mich. Sherman & MoConnell
Drug Co., special agents.
Kew Depot of Great Western Planaed
to Be Oae of nest Structures
la West.
It Is said that the new freight depot to be
built on the Groat Western terminals will
be the finest structure of its kind In the
west. Tho entire building will be con
structed of brick and stone. A frost proof
cellar will be constructed umlrr the
building which will be coment-llned through
out. All of the floors in the building will
be convex, sloping from the center to the
sides, so that in case of Are on one of the
floors the water thrown in to quench the
flames will run oft without damage to the
goods which may be stored on the floors
below. Each floor will be provided with
troughs at the sides to carry off tho water.
The building will be four stories in height.
and electric-lighted throughout. There will
be fifteen doors on each side of the building.
and by running three lines of cars along
side It will be possible to unload fifty
freight cars at one time. On the side of
the building opposite the tracks there will
be space for fifteen teams to back up to
the doors for loading and unloading
purposea The driveway will be either
brick or asphalt paved so that in muddy
weather no difficulty will be experienced in
handling heavily laden wagons. It is
said that the improvements when com
pleted will have cost $150,000. '
Marriage Llceases.
I'p to noon. Fehruary 15, the following
couplea had been licensed to wed;
Name and Residence. Are.
Charles McDowell. Omaha 5
Kyma Dlllt'hay, Orralia 2
Joseph W. Dalley. Omaha 27
Helen Clemen, Omaha 2S
Andrew M. Olsen, South Omaha 23
Mary Gram, Couth Omaha 2U
William Mayers, Missouri Valley, la 21
Heurlelta Harder, Missouri Valley, la.... 1&
George A. Mulrlnxer, Omaha 23
Martha M. t 'uklser, Omaha i
John H. Rlrli.irds, IJnooln JH
Lillian McAUUler. Uinxilu tl
18 K. Wedding Rings, EUholrn, jeweler.
V s.a.Bssssasi
FostmaUer Glasgow of South Auburn Pays
P.ve Hundred Dollars Fine.
Judge Manner Convenes Adjourned
Term, at Which Rash Present.
Ung List of Indictment,
for Disposition.
The adjourned term of the United State.
district and circuit courts openod yesterday
morning at the federal building. The Jury
was not called until afternoon. Dep
uty United States District Attorney Rush
presented a long list of criminal Indict
ments set for hearing and disposition was
made of these:
R. E. Dutton, Lincoln, Indicted on the
charge of mailing unmailable matter. Cap
tain L. W. Ullllngsley appeared for the
defendant. A motion for the demurrer ha.
been filed in the case and Captain Hillings
ley stated that hi. client wa. ready for
trial at once and that could the hearing
proceed without further delay the demur
rer would be withdrawn. The district at
torney was not ready for Immediate trial,
as witnesses had to be summoned from
Georgia and other distant states. Judge
Munger stated that as the case was noted
for trial on this date he would give the
district attorney until Saturday to sum
mon his witnesses and the case went over
to that date. The witnesses will be turn
monod by telegraph.
John Klllelea, South Omaha; Indicted for
sending a threatening iiostal card through
the malls. Klllelea pleaded guilty ai d was
sentenced to pay a fine of $J5.
Sherman Ennls and Fred Rorgman, Ban
croft, Neb., charged with selling liquor to
Indians. Bond declared forfeited, because
of nonappearance of the accused.
Get. Fine ot IOO.
Theodore Stanlscul. of Omaha, Indicted
for aendlng obscene matter through the
malls. Pleaded guilty. Fined $100.
Charles Green Rainbow and Lewis Trlest,
Indicted for alleged selling of liquor to In
dians, pleaded not guilty. The case is set
for Tuesday, February 16.
Edward Walker of Lincoln, Indicted on
the charge of sending obscene matter
through the malls. The recused Is now
confined In the Hastings asylum aa lncura
bly lusano and upon the recommendation
of Postofflce Inspector Sinclair and the dis
trict attorney the suit against the accused
was nollled.
former Postmaster Glasgow of South
Auburn, Neb., indicted for neglecting to de
posit government fundi with a designated
government depository," pleaded guilty and
was fined $500.
The hearing of J. T. Walker of Raymond,
Indicted for alleged embezzlement of a let
ter, was aet for hearing Monday afternoon.
February 15.
The cases of James Smith. Sim Chidlcr,
Samuel Thomas and Charle. Moose, In
dicted on th. charge of selling liquor to
Indians, was aet for Monday afternoon,
February 15. ,
The cases against John Mitchell, postmas
ter at Alma, and W. M. Erwln of Alma,
indicted for the alleged sale of postage
stamps and conspiracy for trying to in
crease the revenues of the Alma postofflce,
are set for Thursday.
Klaed for Hough Haas.
Mathew and Minnie Rodger, and Irene
Irixter. arrt-sunl laat Haturday afternoon
by Otttcers Crowe and Ja kim fur disturbing
the peace at the Rodger home. Eleventh
and i'apttcl avenuu, by fighting and
drstrcylng furniture, were arraiKned in
Hlk' court this morning. The Rodger.
woman was nneu siu anu costs, tie evident,
showing that slm was the angreor, while
the ott.t-r two disturber wr diHriiui'Ked.
Ilotli of the women buar abrasions of the
cuticle a. re.ntnders of the ooasioii
i rurmanuigs .ml window Uichta at the
I house lwr vkdocc. u liavlug tlguxvd la a
tuvugr iuua
Optical Department
Frnprf Fiftlno- Correct Frames
jfM ' r ' " "J WW
iW I amiocI Prime
Free exfimlnatlon by experienced opticians.
Do You Own a Grip or Suit Case?
Now Is your chance to own one at Just a fractional part of It. value.
Sample Bags Sample Dress Suit Cases
$3.50 and $4.95
Having purchased the sample lines of traveling bags and dress suit tasns from two
of the largest manufacturers In the coun try at a great bargain, we will j lace them
on sale Tuesday a. m., giving you the benefit of the low price. These goods would
sell regularly at from $5.50 to $10.00 your choice QC mm! R fl
of the two lots Tuesday, at allU WWlSU
$2.00 worth free Tuesday to every purchaser of 5 pounds Dried
Fruit Any kind you want.
The b"st bulk laundry starch, per pkg Sc
Egg-O-Hee, Vigor, Vim, Malta Vita,
Neutrlta, per package 7Hc
wool soap, tier oar sc
Tho very best soda, oyster or butter
crackers, per pound 6c
Fresh Fruit! Fresh Fruit!
Nothing more healthy to eat than our
fancy Highland brand of fnjlt.
Fancy Highland oranges, es-ch.. In
Fancy Highland lemons, each lc
Fancy California oooklng ns, per lb.. Tc
Pure white clover honey, per rack 120
21 lbs. pure cane granulated sugar for. .$1.00
Large sacka corn meal ...Mtc
Large sacks pure Graham flour 2T.c
Large sacks pure buckwheat flour 3Sc
2-lb. package self rising pancake flour.. 7Vio
lbs. na.no picsea navy Deans, rice,
sago, tanloca. Farina or barley, for lrc
S-lb. cans solid packed tomatoes Tiio
2- lb. cans wax or string Deans rc
Oil or mustard- sardines, per can 4c
Quart cans fancy golden table syrup.. 10c
Quart cans fancyTeTinessee sorghum.. 10c
3- lh. cans pure sppie hi tter 7Hc
lb. cans rancy Alaska saimnn vo
Celluloid, F.lastlc.. Klectrlo or I. X. L
starch, per package vtc
Heals as by Maa-le.
If a pain, sore, wound, burn, scald, cut
or piles dlstrea. you, Bucklen'a Arnloa
Salve will cure It, or no pay. 23c. For sal.
by Kuhn & Co.
Mortality Statistics.
The follYfc.ng births and deaths have
been reported to the Board of Health dur
tr.g the forty-eight hours ending at noon
Hlrth. William Si-enoer, MJ North Twenty-third,
boy; Hall, loil North Klgh
teiith. biy ; Frank Podlaskewsky. 2321 South
' leuty-svuUi, girl; ttaiu UuganuaUt
War-News Service
Full Associated Press Reports
Exclusive New York Herald Cables
Complete New York World Dispatches
For Reliable War News Read
With three sources of news each
covering the field completely The
Bee will have it first and hsxve it
right This triple arrangement gives
The Bee absolutely the strongest war
news service of any paper in the
country stronger even than that of
either the New York Herald or New
York World The Bee has the com
plete service of both;
Don't believe it till
you see it in
The Bee.
1706 North Seventeenth, boy; Zimmer
men, '.u7 Ludge, boy; 'Julius Alexander,
D'-'Ol Charles, girl: J. Kpps. 4i'A Cuming,
boy; Arthur J. Folsom, rlS Maple, boy;
Join Zimmerman, 3715 8outh Twentieth
avenue, girl; Charles McCartny, iMl bouth
Fifth, boy.
Death Paul Mancuss. 7"7 South Four
teenth. 4; It. It. Hinder, T'S, Lake. 46;
Ma.-y tUk.r, 1113 South Smth. tij; May
lingers, county hospital, 29; (Joldie Iay. kJ4
North Eighteenth, 1; Pearl Bordtr. For
Uia and J.Uutwui N. Edward, tiU Jwei-'a
hospital, 63; Minnie C. Bpurgeon, tl South
Twentieth, 2D.
Don't be guided by sham prejudices.
Order Champagne according to your own
good taste then it'll be Cook'. Imperial.
Auction! Auction! Auction!
Unredeemed pledges at Adler's loan of
fice, a, . Cur. aa4 Faroaia sta
An Unusual List of Special Values We
Quote Here for Women.
Women's Furnishing Goods
at Half Price.
We want to tell you rifiM on the start, in the
Btronpest terms possible, that prices nre half and
less than half on most all of our ladies' furnish
ing goods. And, even then, you have but a slight
inkling of the extraordinary values we nre offering.
We do not want you to underestimate one word of
this great saving newstake every sentence in its
fullest meaning, nnd then when you come, you'll
be bound to admit that -we've 'underestimated,
rather than overrated the bargain importance.
THIS list or SPECIALS OX SALE tufsday
1 P Indies' fancy, striped and solid colored outing f.annel skirts
X J W regular too value at 15o each.
" IIeavJr ou'.lng flannel skirts, In fancy and plain colors, with good
jH quality cambric yoke band, with oecp ruffle-tegular COc value
mm W at 25c.
Boys' and girls' heavy, Jersey ribbed combination Pults, in na
X JL tural un, whltR rojru'.nr Bc values reduced to i:4o a ult a
m 4 Fplendld garment for this season's wear.
1 Cf- Children', heavy flat and Jersey ribbed, fleece lined lindorweiu
I JC blrts and drawers-in r.aturnl, ecru t.nd white nil s'teg, trom
3 to 12 worth originally up to 4."c reduced to 19c.
Si "V E'K lot of ladles' Mack ests and tights, natural and white vests
jJC an1 P;nt9 children's combination suits, ladle, comb.'-u tlon sultw,
which regularly sold at 75c, J1.00 to $1.50 one price, 59c
gT 0 doz,'n Jadles fine muslin long cloth and cambric corset covers,
jjC te,,utlful styles in V, square and round necks, trimmed In fine
laces and etnbrolderles-styles that sold at 30c, 60o and 75o-all
go at one price 2oo.
. H f Ladles' and children's fine imported golf, tr.ercerlzed cashmere
nd .Ilk gloves and mittens all go at one price many pretty
stripes and flgures-also black, tan, gray and white regular Ijo,
35c, 60a and 7Go values at 19c
staples that are beacon lights in the grocery world, because
of purity, freshness, honest weights and measures, neat clean
packages; goods prepared especially to. our order, coniform
ing especially to our demands, received direct from the fac
tory and handed directly by us over to you no agents, com
mission men or go-betweens, but
fresh, ideal, fine goods,
which the manufacturer knows will be subjected to the
closest scrutiny by the livest consumers in the west Ben
nett's customers.
great GREEN TRADING STAMP sensation sale. Every
housewife, housekeeper, every mother of a family in Omaha
is asked to watch for this CAPITOL SENSATION.
Grocery Grocery
Tor the best and freshest table products at lowest pitces, cat Grocery
Department U second to none.
Navy Beans, per lb o
Oil Sardines, can r
Salmon, 1-lb. can
California Prunes, per lb Bo
Peas, 2-lb. can J
Lemon Extract, bottle o
This Is received direct from the best dairies of the country.
B-Rifjtr roiTNTRY BUTTER. 1 Wisconsin Crmm Cheese, per lb.
.7lb . .7.....:..... I Medium Sour Pickle, pint
Cleaned Currants, per rb......
Jam, assorted, large Jar
Pure Jelly, assorted, glass..
Rolled Oats, 2-lb. pkg
Wheat Hreakfa.rt Food, 1-lb. pkg,
Castile Soap, cake
Parlor Matches. 500 In box
per lb.
R F Japan, Oolong, Gunpowder, Eng. Breakfast, good value, per lb....
Tea Sittings, per lb - ,
headquarters for the best values fresh roasted every day.
Maracalbo Coffi'e, goo., per in no I Jinineii ureaaiaui unoo
JUonnctt's Capitol Conee, per 10.
. .100
a-lb. can 480
A Sensation in Dry Goods Section.
HI JM. J.u Not till Wednesday a. m.
VfCUnCSUay -we will place on sab
Swiss Scarfs, Shams, Commode and Stand Covers.
This is a manufacturer's clean-up sale and is a" wonderful
and valuable collection. Goods nre in all fjf ffil
sizes and are worth up to 75c We will close Jf jig fj
them out Wednesday, at, each L-fVM
And Give $2.00 Worth of Green Trading Stamps With Each Sale.
Green Trading Stamps in Ail Departments All the Time
A Few Desirable Rooms at
Reasonable Prices.
There ar four, and only four, vacant room In tha whole bulldMnir Amort'
them ara one or two exceptionally desirable medium vised rooms, a
Room 61- Th, ilu of this offlr it Hi 19.
It h-i Urpft. burglar-proof ult and ha
II i,t lh k'lvinliKti In th way ot tclng In
a fire-proof building, aplrDdld Janitor and el
valor at rvire, frr alert rtc light and watf-r.
It ta coDvaulciitlr locatt-4 Mt both tha
eitars In Jon and Foata.1 uraJn-b Ulirrajb
offlits. Pni par month i ua.
bulla 04: . tfxiO rlicht In front of tha el
aior on l ha aiaiS floor; divide Into watting
rtxm and private oific; fa-iea aoutb. Prlca Jw,
Eoom tit: TbU offlea la 14x20 and ts loratal
alsuoai In front of tua flevaior, on turn itni-1
floor. Ibia la ooa of Uia V w amallvr o trie a
facing Itia aouth. ll la finiLt(l tu bard oou.
iucludim tha floor. l'riva I-U.yy
Room 4M: Ttila ofloa la 13xl and la vary
ronvaiiittiit to th alt-valor, it. i-lriia b-U4
alaioat opoai to tha alfvtr,r iloor. It !-..
tlia wutb and la a vcrjr fmV rtaul offl a boih
l au miliar auid wluter. r'rua I.i.' i
C. FETEHS & CO., Renlal Agents. Ground Flocr, Vie RullUlr.u

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