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Y. M. C. A. Building. Corner Sixteenth and Douglas St.
Japanese aplea at Mukden: that an Ameri
can named Rtlly and a Canadian named
Ivtnn had Mysteriously disappeared from
Mukden under circumstances aurh thnt
raised suspicion of foul piny. Tho Foreign
afflce replied thai tllsy had no Information
yhatever upon ths wubjeet and do not b
Heve that tha atatamant can b true, since
a.nr action affecting foreigners would ho
Immediately reported. It In their belief
that the statement IS unfounded.
The state of alrge haa been extended to
11 tha towns adjacent to tha Siberian
Veaaela Near Petrvaavlovsk Coald
; ' ' Reader fa Assistance.
ST. PETERSBURCI, April 22.-The text
kf Viceroy Alexleffs report to tha am
poror concerning the Petropavlovsk disas
ter and the torpedo engagement, which
r receded It, reada aa followa:
I respectfully report to your msjtsty that
pn April 11. the whole effective squadron
Jt Port Arthur Bailed out to tho southward
lo maneuver and toward evening returned
Jo port. On April is a flotilla of eight
Torpedo boat deatroyers went out to Inspect
he Islands, haying received ordera to at
tack the enemy should he be encountered
in i the course of the night
Owing to darkness and a heavy rain three
tl t2s destroyer became separated from
Jhe flotilla, two of which returned to Port
Arthur at dawn. The third, however, tha
Besstrsshnl, having, according to the evi
dence of the seamen, encountered several
destroyers, took them, In the darkness, for
Russian ships, and, giving them tha signal
of recognition, joined them at dawn. It
waa recognised by tha enemy and there
was a right at oloBS quarters, Irt which Ita
commander, mldahlpman and engineer, and
fnoat of Ita ctew were killed. Mslelff, Its
lieutenant, although wounded, continued
firing on the enemy.
'At dawn on April 13, tha orulssr Bayan
went out, preceded by destroyers, and hur
ried to the rescue. About sltteen miles
Yrom Port Arthur tha Bayan saw the de
stroyer Besatrashnl engaged with four
Japanese deatroyers. Shortly afterwards,
an expioalon oecurrsd and tha Bisstrashni
'.Driving off tha enemy's destroyers by Its
lira, the Bayan approached the scene of
tha fight, lowered Its boata and had time
to save tha remnant of the destroyer's
craw. Unfortunately only Ave men were
awlmmlng. Their lives were saved.
. The cruiser' waa obliged to fight on Its
starboard aide with alx Japanese cruisers
which came up. Having picked up Ita
boata, tha Bnyan regained the harbor, suf
fering no damage or loss, although cor
ared with fragments of Shells.
' Tha cruiser Diana and Ave destroyers
hastened to Its auccor, and at the same
time the other cruisers, the battleships
petropavlovsk and Poltava and soma de
atroyers came out from the roadstead and
the battleships left the harbor In column
formation, with the Bayan at tha head
and the destroyers on tha flank. Vice Ad
miral Ma kurort preceded to the scans of the
Bnsetrsshnl'S fight, whither more Japanese
destroyers and cruisers were approaching.
After a short fusllade at fifty cables
lengths distance, (1.000 yards), the ships
drew off.
A squadron of nine battleships appeared
el S:0 a. m. and our ahlps retired toward
Port Arthur. In the roadstead they were
rejoined by the battleehlpa Pobleda, Bvlet
and Sevastopol, which' were coming out
through the channel. The squadron was
drawn up In the following order: Aekold,
Bayan. Diana, Petropavlovsk, Pereavlet,
Pobleda, Novla, five destroyers and two
torpedo boata. They turned toward the
left, but when approaching the mouth of
the channel tha destroyers were algnaled
to return to the harbor and the cruisers to
proceed. Maneuvering with the Pstropav
lovek at their head, the aquadron turned
to tha east, making toward tha enemy on
their right
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Bee, April a, 1901
At 1:41 a. m. an explosion occurred at
the right side of the Petropavlovsk; then
a second and more violent explosion tinder
ita bridge. A thick column Of greenish
yellow smoke waa soon to rise from the
battleship; Its mast, funnel, bridge nl
turret were thrown up and the battleship
heeled over on Its starboard side. Its poop
arose from the water, showing Its screw
working In the air. Tha Petropavlovsk wm
surrounded by names and In two minutes
tank, bow first.
Somn of its crew escaped. The cruiser
Oaydsmak. wnlch waa a cable length sway,
lowered boata and succeeded In rescuing
Grand Diike Cyril and forty-seven eetmeti.
The destroyers and boats from the Poltava
and Asknld nlto picked up some of the
Petropavlovsk's crew. Altogether seven
officers and seventy-three men were saved.
The Poltava, which waa following the
Petropavlovsk two cable lengths astern,
stopped Its engines end remained on the
scene of tha disaster.
At a signal from Rear Admiral ouktom? ky
the ether warships made for the harbor,
maneuvering toward the Paresvlet In line.
A mine exploded under the starboard side
of the Pobleda. It listed, but proceeded
and entered the harbor with all the other
ships astern of It. The enemy remained
In sight until I o'clock and then disap
peared. The night preceding the sortie of the
squadron lights and the outlines of ships
were seen In the dlstsnre from the road
stead and the commander of the fleet kept
watch In person until dawn from the
cruiser Diane, ststloned In tha outer road
stead. He left tho Diana at o'clock In
the morning.
In concluding I vake the liberty to an
nouncs respectfully that, despite the Ill
success which has attended the Pacific
fleet, tha crews of the ships retain their
morale and are reedv to perform all dutien
required of them. The gracious words of
your majesty addressed to the seamen at
this painful hour cf trial serve as a con
solation and a support to all the force In
their efforts to overcome the enemy, to the
glory of their beloved sovereign and their
Russians Believe Japanese Are Try
Ina- to Outflank Them,
LONDON, April 23. Rumors of aevere
fighting on the Talu are repeated In var
ious forms and from various points. The
Shanghai correspondent of Tha Post eaya
he hears that tha first Japanese army hna
crossed the Talu almost without opposi
tion and Tha Chronicle's correspondent at
Seoul Says that heavy fighting haa oc
curred, but that for strategic reasons it
la Impossible to send particulars. No au
thentic newa, however, haa reached Lon
don ahowing that anything haa happened
beyond skirmishing.
According to Tha Telegraph's St. Peters
burg correspondent, tha Russian strategists
are reluctantly arriving at tha conviction
that General Kurokl la engaged In tha ad
venturous plan of advancing along tha
middle reaches of tha Talu river via Kang
Oe. and despite enormous difficulties. Is
moving hi army over tha mountain paths,
hla purpose being to outflank tha Russian
position on tha right bank of tha Talu.
Ne Newa ef Bombardment.
8T. PETERSBURG, April 22. I :S8 p. m.
The Associated Press la authorised to an
nounce that tha government at this hour
haa received' nothing to confirm tha re
part of tha alleged bombardment of New
Chwang or the landing of Japanese troops
In that vicinity.
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fla'uku Tr'.fa!eT SiysThr't Eaoceu Mann:
Mongol Control of Alia.
Russia a Wedge In Mancharla Oaly
Thing Which Separates the Two
Great Mongol napes Which
Japan Would Dominate.
(Copyright, by New York Herald Co., 19f4.)
NEW YORK, April 22-(New York
Herald ScrvKc-Spiclul Telegram to The
Bee.) That Japan's alleged reasons for go
ing to war with Russia were mere pretexts,
and that Its success would mean death to
American and European commerce and In
fluence In the east and a menace to west
ern clvlhxatlon, Is the opinion of Baron
Ernst Von Hese-Vartegg, a well known
traveler and political writer, who arrrlvel
today on the Qraf Waldcreee of the Hamburg-American
Baron von Hessc-Wartegg Is regarded as
an authority on matters In the far east,
having traveled extensively In that part of
the world and his book on the far eaatern
questions haa been translated into several
languages. He has been Invited to lecture
on the subject before German societies
hers and In Chicago.
"Three main objects are placed by Japan
In extenuation of Its action," aald Baron
von Hease-Wartegg.
"They may be summed up as the preser
vation of the Integrity of China, the pol
icy of tho open door and the cauta of clv
lliratlon. They sound well, but examine
"The Integrity of China and the Inci
dental occupation o'f Corea mean nothing
less than the political consolidation aa
well aa the geographical union of three
Mongol empires, which are now kept arart
by the Russian wedge, Manchuria. The
military, political and economical leoigan
Izatton of China, under the benign Influ
ence of Japan, would be forwarded by the
collapse of Kuropean power and Influence
In Mongol Asia. The yellow race would
gain and try to maintain the ascendancy,
and this would mean constant danger to
white resldenta In that part of tha globe,
the domination of paganism, the decline
of European and American trade and the
realisation of the much decried 'yellow
Door Only Ooen tor Japan.
"The so-called 'policy of the open door'
means an open door for Japan only. The
Japanese, aa all the world knows, are an
Imitative race. The whole character of
their modern civilisation Is Imitative. The
imitate evei . .ilng from an ' Ajnerlcaa
pickle to a Krupp gun. Perhaps they
don't make them quite as well, but they
do them more cheaply and, too, they can
make a great deal more than they can use
tor themselves. How long dues It tsks a
load of goods to reach China from a Ger
man or an English port, even from an
American shipping point? It only takes a
coupla of days to send a oargo from Japan
to porta in Manchuria. Besides, the oost
of the transportation and tha Insurance
are very small.
"In Manchuria Japaneaa goods would be
dealt In by Japaneaa merchants, who are
contented with cheap modes of living and
email profits. They are kin in a race and
morale to the native' Manohurisns and
agree with them In their hatred Of the
"Russia opened up Manchuria with the
Transslberian railway , at an expenditure
of l.GCO.OOO.OOO rubles. True, It waa for
Itself, but It was also for tha rest of
Europe. Tha money was furnished hot by
Russia, but by other countries. Russia la
one of the best markets In the world.
Japan Is one of the worst and one of tha
moat dangerous competitors. It Is prac
tically closed to foreigners, who may not
own land, and the small 'trade they onca
controlled Is passing out of their hands.
"As to the cause of civilisation. Japan
haa adopted our Institutions and haa given
us nothing In return. They are heathen,
and of their morals It Is best not to speak.
It must be admitted that they are courage
ous and patriotic to a degree, but these
qualities are directed against Europeans,
whom they despise.
VRussla will be weakened by tha preaent
war, no matter where victory rests. The
Japanese will remain a constant menace to
Russia in Asia, Victorious, It will be a
constant menace to the whole white race In
tha east." ,
Belief Qeaeral that Japanese Forward
SEOUL, Cores, April l-(Vla Shanghai,
April U.) The belief ia general hero that
ho attempt will be made to cross the Talu
river before tha end of this week, by whioh
lima tha arrangements for a Concerted
Japanese movement, a simultaneous rush
toward tha river from thrao Oiatant
points, will have been perfected.
Tha second Japanese army ia supposed to
have left Japan April It and it probably
will attempt to land near Port Arthur,
while other forces will try to laud on the
Manchurian coast near Takuahan, - about
fifty-five miles to the west, of the anouth
of tha Talu, on tha Tatung Kao, about
fifteen miles west of the river's moutli.
Tart of the general advance will be to
ward Lao Yang, and a division of guards,
10,vKW strong under Major General Inouye.
will be the flrat troopa aent aalnet the
Husslans at Chlu Tien Cheng, which Is op
posite Wiju, on the Manchurian side of
tho Yalu..
Major Oeneral Inouye won hia laurela in
the tight at Cheng Ju on March U. .
The auppllea now being landed at Chul
san, near the mouth of the river, on Corean
territory, can be forwarded easily to Wlju.
not more than twenty miles away. Wlju
Is to be the Japanese buse In northern
The artillery and the cavalry constitute
tha weak point In the Japanese army. The
horsea are not well trained, nor are they
strong, and, although tha Japanese cavalry
behaved splendidly In recent skirmishes
with superior numbers of Cosiacka, It la
probable that when the first lot of trained
horses la exhausted the employment of a
second consignment of raw animals will
hamper their movementa.
The bowltsers which are now being em
barked at Chlnnsmpo are evidently in
tended for use In the movementa against
Tort Arthur.
Govorameat Refasea to Aeeept Code
Measacaa from Via Kaw. '
TIEN THIN, April tl If Viceroy Alazleff
haa declared Yin Kow aa terminus of the
imperial Chinese railways, opposite New
Chwang, to be within the region under
martial law, the management of the Chinese
Imperial railways will consider It an un
friendly act, aa It waa arranged that Tin
Kow should' be considered within a neutral
one. Tha Imperial Chinese railways gives
uotlce thla morning by telegrsph that it
will not receive code messages at Tin Kow.
When this is considered, the war corre
spondent sow at Mukdaa a4 Now
VV the first place in the nura-be-
t.f Iho Illustrated Bee
which will be out on Suiuhty, but
not to the exclusion of other mat
ters of Interest. Ixical topics nre
very largely dealt with, Iwth In
illustrations find text, nnd yet the
ffenernl field is covered with the
isii dip en re that lias marked the
course of the pnper since Its Incep
tion. One of Trederlck I,, rnlnior's
letters to Collier's Weekly. Illus
trated from photographs made at
the front. Is tfven: an Interview
with (ienernl Poaell I 'lay ton.
t'nltcd States minister to Mexico,
tells of conditions, commercially
nnd Industrially, In the southern
republic; the life nnd romance of
a stoker on an ocean liner la prnph
Ically recited by William Thorp;
the workings of a modern telephone
exchange is described nt some
lenpth In a special article; the
propress that is brine made in the
development of Oniiilia's tuslness
district Is frtven attention; nil thew
articles are Illustrated from fhoto
praphs made expressly for The
Illustrated Hee. A fine portrait of
Henry D. Estabrook, who will be
the orator of the diiy on the occa
sion of the "elcbratlon of the Ne
braska Seint-Centeniilnl in Omaha
on May 31, is used for n frontis
piece, and in addition the portraits
of a number of people who are
more or less in the public eye at
the moment will be found, each
with some bit of chatty comment.
The regular departments of the
pfiper. with another Installment of
the Interesting serial story, will be
found carefully made up, and noth
ing that would contribute to the
general excellence of the f.nmber
Iiiih been omitted. If you are not
now a subscriber, you should leave
your order with your news dealer
chwang will not be allowed to forward
news of the slightest Importance.
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counties. He then read tha . resolutions
for tha joint primaries.
blackbnra la Vote Dot a.
Tha resolutions were inatantly opposed
by the Blackburn faction. H. M. Waring
voiced an amendment to eliminate auch
parts of the resolution aa referred to the
congressional and national delegates, and
N, P. Dodge tacked on a provision for a
conference committee of Ave. Then Black
burn offered a substitute, In which ho
Bought to arrange for primaries to eleot
atate delegatea on May IS and to apportion
them among the various warda and pre
cincts. This was the motion that was put
to a vote by roll call. It met defeat by
48 votes to 25. and after that there was
no real opposition to tha resolutions. The
committee adjourned aa soon as they were
rontrrrsslonal Commltte Meets.
The congressional committee met behind
cloaed doors In the office of A. H. Burnett
In tho Paxton building after tha county
committee meeting was ended, and, after
several hours' deliberation. Issued the fol
lowing: A oonventlon representing the rspubllcnns
of 'he Becond congressional district of Nt
ornaka is hereby called to meet at the
Lincoln hotel In Lincoln, Neb., May 18,
1M4 at t o'clock; a. in., which Convention
shall consist of the delegates elected to
represent the three counties, Douglas,
Barpy and Washington, comprising the
Second congrcsslonnl district, in the repub
iican state convention, ssld delegates to
eject two delegates nnd two alternates to
represent the Becond congressional district
In the national republican convention and
to do no other business. A delegate con
vention will be called later by this com
mittee to nominate a candidate for con-
T. W. BLACKBTRN. Chairman.
WEBLET J. COOK. Secretary.
"We propose to call our own primaries
for the congressional nominating conven
tion," said Chairman Blackburn. "It Is
violating no confidence to say that tha
plan adopted la one I conceived several
weeks ago. It will not Interfere with a
'Convention to select delegates to the na
tional convention, and at the same time
will give the congressional committee an
Opportunity to assert Ita rightful suprem
acy In thla matter. Credentials given dele
gatea elected at the prlmariea May 13 will
hot be recognised In the congressional nom
inating convention."
Raker la Not Pleased.
W. 8. Kaker of Oretna. Burpy county's
candidal for oongress, does not Ilka the
resolutions adopted by the county commtt-
! teo. "It practically disenfranchises 8arpy
and Washington counties so far aa making
the nomination for congress la concerned,"
he declared. "Acordlng to the rules the
Liouglas county delegates must vote for
the candidate who has submitted his name
who recelvea tho largest number of votes.
This means that whoever wins out In
fiouglM has ft cinch on the nomination
and the other counties have absolutely no
voice In the selection becsuse of their
much smaller representation."
"Could not a candidate from another
county submit hla name to tha people of
Douglas?" wss asked.
"Possibly," responded Mr. Raker, "but
there might ba difficulty because h Is not
a resident. In any event It would do hi in
no gocd, becauae ha would not receive a
plurality of the votea cast."
Raasla Waats Warships.
PARIS, April 22. Information reaches tha
officials here to the effect that Russia Is
negotiating with Greece and Argentina for
the purchase of warships.
have some dlseas caused by It.
Ask them.
They get well if not "too deep"
wben they leave off
and uss
PaDaira WalarwH Row tba Pre; arty of tkt
United lU'.ft,
Stockholders Will Today Ratify Cow
veyaace and Formally Ri
alga Property la tho
Canal lest,
PARIS, April 22. The Associated Press
Is authorized to announce that the con
tract by which the ownership of the Pan
ama canal passes to the United States Is
signed, sealed, delivered and completed.
The title to the canal rouM Is now1 vested
In the government of the United States.
The document by which this transaction
Is consummated bears the signatures of
President Bo and Director Rlchman of
the Panama Canal company, who signed
for the company as Its responsible offi
cers. The transfer is complete and .without
restrvation end the United States secured
a perfect title. This result has been
quietly acccmpllshed and unexpectedly ss
the public had been given to understand
that the contract would not be executed
until after the meeting of the stockholders
of tho Panama Canal company tomorrow,
at which the question of ratification would
be presented.
When the meeting take place tomor
row President Bo will announce that the
sale haa been completed, and Instead of
asking for authority to execute a future
contract It will only remain to ratify the
contract of sale which the officers of the
comapny have already formally com
pleted. Only a few of the highest officers of the
company are now aware of the secret
which will not be known except by this
announcement In the United States up to
the time of the meeting. It Is confidently
believed that the completion of the ssle
before the meeting will Increase tho vote
for ratification, ss It will be recognised
thnt nothing more remains but to ac
quiesce. When W. A. Day and Charles W. Rus
sell, United Btatea assistant attorneys
general, who sre In Tarls to assist In the
trsnsfer of the property, were seen to
night by the Associated Press they re
luctantly admitted that tho transfer had
been consummated and furnished the fol
lowing offlclsl statement in writing:
The pnpers transferring the rights snd
property bv the new Panama Canal com
pany to the United Plates have already
been STeeuted and delivered. They will
be ratified tomorrow afternoon by the
et"ekholiters' meeting.
The srrsnirement includes a general con
veyance and provisions for depdo and
reflsnstlon In the republic of Penem snd
In the canal sone now under th 1url!dle
tlon of the United P stes. under which
sone the civil lew continue In foce bv
fe'on of the pension n' the -on" f'oni "
civil lsw sovereignty. All fr-nrMMes of
the local lsw on 'the Isthmus hsve bei
errnnpred for and secured to the United
The property will shortly be, de'vred
on the Isthmus snd voon that being dons
the purchase price will be paid. Ths full
tert of the principal documents will be
made public tomorrow rtlRht. Tha United
Btstes gets an unencumbered title.
(Continued from Flrat Page.)
few steps away. Into Marx's room. When
the two faced each other Marx said:
"Harvey, I hope to see you soon, and I
think we will meet again."
Van Dine seemed to be mora affected than
Marx. He replied:
"I hope so."
Marx said:
"I am ready," and went to tfho scaffold
with the priests.
Preparatory to tho third execution tha
rope was tested with a bag of sand. It was
feared the strands might have become
weakened by the strain of the two previous
hangings. The rope, however, was found
to be satisfactory.
Why Men Were Haaged.
Tho specific offense for which Van Dine,
Nlcdermeler and Marx were tried und sen
tenced was the murder of Frank Stewart, a
clerk In the Chicago city railway car barns,
during a robbery there on the morning of
August to, 190 J. James B. Johnson, a m
toiman, was also killed and two peraona
were wounded. The bandits escaped after
having secured 2,Mu. Rocskl waa not con
cerned In thla crime, but after tha convic
tion of his companions waa tried sepa
rately for one of the murders In which he
waa the principal, convicted and sentenced
to Ufa imprisonment.
On January 6 the trial of Niedermeicr,
Vsn Dine and Marx, who had been Indicted
the day after the capture, began. But lit
tle testimony favorable to them waa of
fered. No defense at all waa mad for
The aged mothers of Marx, Nledermeier
and Van Dine were In court during the
progress of tho trlst, as ware widows of
some of the men who had been slain.
Nona of tha bandits had yet reached t)it
age of 26 years.
Following are tha names of persons they
Were known to have murdered:
Bauder, Otto, In aaloon of Ernest Spirts,
July , im.
Lagross, Benjamin C, In his saloon, Au
gust 1.
Johnson, Adolph, In saloon of Benjamin
C. Lagross, August 1.
Johnson, J. If, motorman. In robbery of
Chloago City railway car bsrns, August 50.
Htewart, Frank, dark, In robbery of Chi
cago City railway barna, Auuust 30.
Qulnn. John, detective, while trying to
arrest Marx, November 11.
Driscoll. J. D., detective, wounded by
Nledermeier in light at "Dug-out," Novem
ber 27, died December 1.
Sovla, John, urakemart. when bandits
Stole train In Indiana, November f7.
EXETER. Neb., April !t (Special.) The
Exeter Woman's club entertained about
twenty-five of their elderly friends at the
home of Mrs. J. N. Cox Wednesday, April
to, from 2:to to l p. m. After having their
regular program for the day tnterxpemed
with music the guesta were escorted to
tables beautifully OVeorated with carna
tions, and refreshments mere partaken of.
PLATTBMOUTH, Neb., April 2J.-8pe-cial.)
The Board of County Commissioner
has adopted a resolution authorising the
enforcement of chapter Ixxv of the session
lawa for 1903, which Is known a the
"eavenger set." and directing County
Treasurer Wheeler to proceed to collect
all delinquent taxes or those which will
become delinquent on May 1 In Csss
STELLA, Neb., April z2.(Spectai.)-MIa
Clara Btolts was opening a fruit jar with
a butcher knife whin the Instrument
slipped and cut a deep gash In her arm
sbove tho wrist, just missing an artery, it
required three stitches to close the wojnd.
8 P. Hinds has sold his residence prop
erty to M. J. Clancy and is parkins up
preparatory to moving to Ksnsas City.
Sir. Hinds was Missouri Pacific agent here
for the lust seven years.
HOOPKR, Neb. April 22. 8eolal.
Aaron Btenvers. the young man who waa
accidentally shot last bundav morning, died
on Thursday afternoon at :X o'clock The
Injuries, which at first were thought not to
be serious, were found afterward to extend
further than waa supposed, and a number
of the shot took effsct In the abdomen, und
the patient suffered Intense pain until death
relieved his bufferings. The funeral will be
held from Bt. Paul's Luthersn church next
Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock.
FREMONT, Ntb., April 22 (Bpeclal.l
Thoinas Adams and some other parties
have lea m-1 a lot north of ths new union
depot of Mrs. Nancy Turner and will at
once begin tne construction of s new hot I.
designed especially for railroad and tran
sient trsde. Tha building will be two
stories In height, about ninety (eel dep.
will contain a restaurant and about twenty-five
rooms for guests. Mr. Adams was
formerly a railroad msa umil he loal so
arus la aa oUUuU eouditlua of the
CIUS. w. LttUN, rru.
J. A. SttDMUW, Pre.
Ft Cirr savings bw";) .
lease Is that no liquors shall be kept or
sold on the premises.
HUMBOLDT. Neb.. April I2.-(Speelnl -The
cold and dismal weather of the Inst
week wound up last night with a soaking
rain, and this morning the mm came out
and iho thermometer made a decided Jump,
bringing all kinds of vegetstlon up at -a
rapid rate. Fruit growers are delighted
at the present prospects of a bountiful
crop, ss the severe westher has checked
the growth of the hurts snd kept them out
of the way of tha frost.
F.d Hughes, a young laboring man In the
employ of Cooper ft Linn, millers, wss the
victim of a serious accident last evening.
He fell downstairs, striking on his leg In
such a manner as to crush the thigh bone
PAPILLION, Neb., April Ti-8peclBj -Mrs,
Ellen Woods of Fort Crook hsa filed
a suit In the district court In an endeavor
to recover 15,0(0 damages from Frank
Ketchmark, a saloonlst of that place, and
his bondsmen, Adolph Bruckner nnd I).
Lttrsen. In her petition Mrs, Woods de
clares that upon April 20, lfiC, her son. Ed
ward Woods, became intoxicnted at Ketcli
ninrk's saloon, and that while tinder the
influence he laid down on the Missouri Pa
cific tracks and wss run over nnd killed.
As a result of trying to have a drunk
upon bs.y rum Walter Dunning, a private
In Company A, Thirtieth infantry, lies iIshJ
at Fort Crook. Dunning wss company har
bor and drank the liquid, not realising Its
probable effect.
ANSLET, Neh.. April 22. (Special. ) A
heavy rain visited this county yesterday.
It ruts the ground In excellent condition.
There was considerable complaining about
the lack of moisture before the heavy rain
of yesterday.
The dairy Interests of this vicinity Is
folng to make great progress this yesr,
ully B0 . per cent Increase will be made
over 1S03, when $10,0uQ was received nnd
pnld out for crenm at Annlcy and a like
amount nt Mason City.
C. C. Tabor, a workman at the Burling
ton cunl sheds, was dangerously hurt Tuea
day by a chunk of coal falling some thirty
or more feet snd striking him. For a
time It was thought his back was broken,
but Inter this proved untrue. At the pres
ent time he Is not expected to get well.
TECUMSEH, Neb.. April Ui. (Special. )
The senior class of the Tecumaeh High
sehool Includes fifteen members, four boys
and eleven girls. It Is presumed that all
will graduate. The graduating exercises
will be held at the opera house Friday
evening, May 27,
The Biownvllle Biograph has discon
tinued. Mr. J. A. Ranney has been giving
the people of the old river town a good
local psper, but It did not pay.
Willis m Hohne, the 17-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hohne of Bterling,
has been sent to the reform school. Mr.
and Mrs. Hohne came Into the county court
of Johnson county snd declared they could
i nl i ontrol the bov.
At a special meeting of the Board nf
Education of the Tecumseh district Miss
Katherine Wood of Madison. Neb., was
clcctel principal of the high school.
The Tecumseh Military hand has reor-
Jsnlsed for the season and Is practicing
or the open air ooncerte to ba given each
Tuesday svenlng during the simmer. Tha
nrst one win De
given Tuesday evening.
May I
BEATRICE. Neb.. ADrll 81. (Bpedal.)
Uavm JLiituejonn, residing sdoui nucen
miles northeast of Beatrice, was badly In-
lured In a runaway accident at Ms rarm
Wednesday evening. He was thrown under
tne wagon, wnicn passed over mm, oraaa
Ing three ribs snd bruising his body.
Prof. M. 8. Calvin, for the last twenty
years at the head of the musical depart
ment of the Beatrice publio schools, yester
day tendered hts resignation to take effect
St the cloae of the present school year.
The Beatrice District institute of the
Methodist Episcopal church, which has
been in session here for the last three days
as a school of Instruction for ministers
and laymen, closed yesterday afternoon.
Vesper chspter No. . Order of tha East
ern Star, met last night and elected the
following officers for tha coming year:
Bister Coulsa Bpellman, worthy matron;
V. W. Wright, worthy patron: Sister Delia
Palmer, sssoclata matron; Sister Myrtle
Hare, secretary; Bister Lizzie Linton,
treasurer; Sister Kittle Flake, conductress;
Sister Edna Miller, associate conductress.
Word was received here yesterday by
Mrs. Harry Qldrilngs , that her brother,
Will liorton, a former resident of this city,
had been killed at Moberly, Mo., by the
cars. Mr. Borton was a railroad man and
It Is supposed he met his death In the
yards at Moberly. He was S3 years of age
and leaves a wife and three children. Tne
remains will be Interred at Wymore.
NEBRASKA CITf, Neb., April 22 (Spe
cial.) Marshall Bradley, one of the lead
ing druggists here, was taken suddenly 111
yesterday and Is threatened with pneu
monia. The doctors today entertained but
little) hope of his recovery.
COLUMBUS, Neb., .April 22. (Special.)
There are three cases of scarlet fever under
quarantine In this city and there has been
one death this week, a 2-year-old son of
Mr. and Mrs. Ixnils Zlnnecker. A child of
Mrs. Edward Klnton Is said to be very low
and not expected to live. The rases ars
said to be of a very mallgnnnt form, but
eery precaution Is being tiiken to prevent
any contagion. One caae of smallpox two
miles from town Is under the care of the
County Bonrd of Health.
Owing to tho continued cold, wet wentner
many of the early sown oats have rotted
In the ground and reports from several
parts of the county say these fields sre
bclns Dlowed ui) and replanted Oats sown
Inter have not been affuctud. Winter wheat
Is said to bo looking very good In thla part
Of the state.
At the last meeting of the city rottncll
the rules were suspended nnd the ordinance
forbidding the use of giant flrecrnckers nnd
toy or blank cartridge pistols was read tha
second time. No firecracker over three
Inches In length enn be used for celebrating
purposes or even offered for sale, and any
violation is punishable by ft fine not exceed
ing in). A crmmlttee of the Woman's club
waited upon the council and naked for un
appropriation of about $T0 to prnvids sew
erage for n drinking fountnln to be erected
In Frsnklln park. The Woman's club will
place the fountain at a cost of 1V, hut hfl
no funds shove this amount. The city will
meet the deficiency and plenty of good, oool
water will be on tap at the park.
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I6 h and Douglas Streets.
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W.HILLIS, Auk Tress
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r mm from Olintna.
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fn. rwlinlni ch.ir can, bullet library and making
US, During rum.
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t 13 fas ear. trM runlngohir or.
2Cfl Dli ToFramont,LlnMln,Wgihoo,nftviarHr.
9U rM fork, HaMtlnsja, smart, ttnT, Hup
I tor, worioist. JLon mpr, nor, nprinw.
toAftwood tsnd Lm Through ftoHntna obftir Carat
Pullman tlspfo car vrriosx
111 Ta IframnnL T.tnttols. Ws.'iAA. Norfolk.
Fr" Lotis Pin, Ytrs).r, Bon, an.1 ttift
ad in tat. IX; ration ftountir-
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Omaha. Nab.
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