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E auitiai Ebrv El had State Got "Big
Ebaracf Germta Immip&ttfc
tr-t Blwveeet D te C-atlaeed
FrewFe-rita, feet Awtawrttle Ink
Fwr bnlttl rUH
la iMkm,
The. leteet report of lb Hurra of Com
xnero and Labor relating t emtgritian
Iron, I ore km countries te the Vnlted State
baa Just two made public.
That portion of tb report dfalli.g with
Gertnaa emigration iLbvi that from 1KT1
to JtUl Inclusive, X.Ki.T emigrants Ifft
niary for foreign countriae. Tb dis
tribution of this Tact i amber of peopls
ss aa fallows:
Europe, e.BK; mited States. Ida;
ritiah America, .ZB; Braatl. 171; other
..mcrioa countries. ilaS; Africa, ll.TlH;
.Asia. Ilea, and Australia, Jt.r.Tr. Tba above
ligures were taken trim t turtle eots
plled try ttie imperial bureau of statistic
of Uia Oerman government- Tba fulled
States, therefore, got H.7 per oeot of the
Tbe report ear:
The ex-sitne wtth which ' erolgratior
from OwBwr ha fluctuated to eccord
ano with the ra of prosperity or e
jrression at bow, tba persistent preference
of a vast majority for the United (statea
abo" all other countrie. are aa striking
In the abov exUhti aa tl.e irresistible oe
flme of Ormm emigration In reoeni year
t South and Central America as well aa
to Afrtra. Aula and Australia With ail
tli efforts that have been made to aUmu
lfct emigration to Braall. and to tbe Ger-
itian rolonie m Afrtt-s and Asia, It baa
dwindled to a mearer fragment of what It
was durlnr the period from IKK to Ml
Ot tli Iti.M emigrant who left Germany
last rear, a.m. or 81 per oent, went to
tb Vntted "nates.
Ortejla f Baaalarrmaita.
The following table shows tha origin of
German emigrant during the rear 1K.
naming the various province from whloti
tbey cam, together with tha proportion
of each IMi.MX) Inhabitants which Bought
bv-nea In foreign land:
Total, intiabtta.ni".
Kaabvill. which was detained at afemphlf
beesae of rnb.lity pass the bridge
on account of high water, arrived at Kick
man, Kf, yesterday, and pi ouseOed the
sum d y The torpedo boat Lawrenr
was lean reported at nTvanevUle. lnd. These
two veasela wis reach Bt locals ra tier
for tba opening ceremonies of tli exposi
tion. April KL
Fur-aTif, U Coniortkbk ii Cutlt
vtta TaOaia .f atlU aa the
.. i.a.i
.. i;x
.. .7t,
.. L.n
.. l.P t-
.. l.fiU
.. t.ir
.. l.r.
.. lJLb
.. l.Oii
17. Ml
. 1.
V"ewt Prussia
I rm.dmiburg
Pomorama .....
J'oeen .,
V eetphalla ... .
This table acrounts for onlr S.M2 rml
rratita. addltig tberrto those aatling from
anher porta. t.&n, there are rtiU K7 un
arooutitaS for.
Tliuae enumerated In the foregoing table
were but a r.klmilrh line, eo to spenk, for
the vast army of emigrants, 20.4B) rion
Germaua. Run-latin. FoIok, HungarUna,
etc., wl.lrh was poured out aat pear
through German porta, mainly Hamburg
and Bremen. FYora Bremen there ero
tmrked during the y-ar 1M. lLMb Oeranan
aod lajfiB non-OfrnB emigrants, while
7D -German and t2.B noc -Oerman per
sons ahtpied as emigrants from Hamburg
Tiie destinations of the tvelgn persons
wn have shipped through Oerman ports
during the pant two years are recorded
as follows:
Ta 1M1
T'nttefl States M7.P7I
Great riUiln . lk.M
Jtrltieh Kortb America .... l.inr
Jirarll M
ArgeiiUna iU
(at Colony 4
Australia (
r.tabtr-cia-bt rvr it rf iiee.
Of the whole number In the 'aaors cata
g'T whs migrated from Oerman porta la
1ft; Hungary was credited wtth 43., Aoav
tria with 67.CS and Kuasta wtth K.PK. of
whom all In all about fl per rent were des
tined for the fnlted Bib tea ami If per
ent te all other nountrlea combined.
Tba larger portion of those emigrants
who oajos te the fnlted States during U3
by wsy of Bremen csme from the agricul
tural aiettirts In Prussia and Bavaria,
where tba roost of them had earned their
Uvmg as farmers or farmhands. Their In
comes were eaceeotngly small.
Tha Oerman government does not fll
rertly discourage emigration to other coun
tries, kut the existing laws conoarntng mil
itary aervtre Indirectly make It extremely
tftfTtrult fur male adults ta leave their
The report ssys Indications are this
erreat tide of emtgratlon will nut continue
ta Increase, according ta statistical tabla,
which ahow a rise and fn.Il. Experience
ahows emigration rnaponda te national
prosperltr, and It Is aald to be due te th
ara of proa -an ry now on In the Vnlted
(ttatas that thla rising tide rtf emigration
1s new rushing ta thla country. If hard
times eh en Id come wtth the Tntted States
ft is believed thla Influx wtTJ subside, la
fact, a Large drop Is antld)iated during
tha oomlng pear.
XHirtng rha Uiat pear the North Oerman
Uoyd anaamahlp Una advanced lis rates
for sresrags pasaage Ct for every ticket
old an a fast atoaaaer. and tJ0 far all
either eteanmrs, For poor people thla la
Ouita aa Item, stftl Sremen ta said te be
art an aw arming wtth emigrants anxlouslp
waiting te leave wtth the next Meaner.
Showing that they ara wtlllng te pay any
price eimply te gvt away, and the fast
ateamere are the moat sought, kut many
are iarost te taae a aiew aiaamar for lack
as apaoe on the Cast ernes.
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"WABHIJCOTOX. April a New Tork
Kerala Bervtee Special te The Bea Ever
strtoe the beginning of the pi es nt suasion
at cotigreaa, Repreeentatlv ljeveriiig of
Maasachueetts lias been endeavenng to
bar some action taken on his bit! pro
posing te liberalise the drawback. He he
riven p all hope., however, of everooming
tba Inertia ul Chairman rarne of the ways
and means committee But hs was pot
willing te allow the session to end without
a presentation ef the arguments in favor
of his bin. He addressed the house upon
It, aartng in part:
For more than two years the exporting
of manufsruirlng Interests vf the I'tiiifU
Htatee have been sptmaltng la vain te con
gress for the enactment of a la wbKh
would free their foreign trade from the
burden of tha tariff.
All civilised nations have adopted th
plaa of aii wing good tc b imported
wttnout the paring of duty. trovided aucb
foods are depimlted In a warehouse unW
tlie onntrol and custody of government
At the present time, at all our gre.t
seaporta, lnioried meroliandiea, the prod
uct of foreign awbor. is rtred la bundd
warehouses under government custody, and
Is oully offered for sale en the tioore ut
cur fummiimi est'tuukge on a euty-rree
basl for exjurt, in cuiiiiietiUoa with like
Or meet I c tiw.aa. It fmuuenuv lianuene that
tle Ilk domestic erucie are manufactured.
In whole or pan, from Imported niateriais.
the duties paid on which. If not returned
to tbe American manufacturer In the form
ef a drawback when exported, would mAe
It Impoftditil for turn ta eompete with th
foreign duty-free goooa in the bonded ware
bouses, Canada I now looming up up a formid
able ooihjietltor of the I nlted States In the
mark eta of the world, and has so far ad
vanced, for example, In the manufacture
ol hoots and shoes tbst ft is now only a
oueetlnn of a lltue time, if that time has
not already arrived, when ft will e.iccea
fully oomiiete with American manufactur
ers la th markets of the world Its prog-
resa in that direction is. of course, due to
a great extent te its wine policy of placing
hioea on the free list.
Tli Canadian manufacturer, paying no
fluty on hides, and knowing that he can
ahlp hie guoua acrosa Amerioan territory
to th foreign port In bond, without the
payment of duty, quote a jirloe based on
free tildes. As there Is no sentiment in
trade., he si-rures the orders When the
gnous are finally shipped end reach the
boundary line, they pan into the custody
of the Amenoan ruetnm officials. A bond
la executed to pay the dutie in the event
that tbe goods are not exhorted, and the
oar then proceeds under oflicial seal to the
American seaport, where the shoes are
laden on the export vesail under the su
pervision of the collector of PtiBloma When
this Is ikcootnpliptied and the vessel hu
departed for the forclpn port, the colle'tor
forwards a certificate to the custom
house on the pounuary line, which can
cels th bond given to secure the duties.
The chief imrpose of th Ml! Is to amend
and liberalise our Imperfect drawback laws
and to to give to American manufacturers
seeking foreign markets the sum freedom
from customs duties and internal revenue
taxes thst our tariff system has extended
te foreign manufacturers, through the
bonded warehouse system, since our gov
ernment was founded.
tng. and hesitated 1c fr.r.t absolution. I
Thereupon the brigands put their pistols
to the bishop' bead and demanded absolu
tion, not. only for having disponed him. but i
for all tbe t rimes they had committed
Th bishop shrived them.
Th same day th h-ifano placed them
selves In need of further nbsolutlon by
murdering a peasant who had set tli po
lice on their trsck.
rails te Take Ale aai ta Ar
rested Pvadlag Ct
pie eat lea.
fCopvright T New Tork Herald Co, 14 I
Jf E7W TORK, April 3. (New Tork Her
ald emcr fiperlal to The Bee .V A patron
handed Jamea Ryan, tha head porter ef
the Barthnldl hotel, a dress stilt case on
day late tt.la week, and aald:
"Get a cab for zne and put this In It; 11
be right out."
Rymn shook up Itanie! tfrran, who wae
sleeping an the box of his cab.
"Here's a fare for you. Doran," he sail,
as he opened tbe door, f hrew the suit -ras
inside and siut the door. Ryan ran bark
to the door to ee If the owner of the suit
cue was coming. Dnren, 'hinklng his
far was Inside lb cub drove off. A -ao-ment
later the guest walked b-lRk!y
through th door and hailed Ryan. Ryan
looked for th cab.
"Well, m be blowed If that chump
hasn't gone away." ejaculated Ryan.
one " shouted the man. "There was
S1C.M0 in that grip'''
The clerk was Informed of the situation
and he asked th polio to send out a
general alarm for the cah. The initial on
the case were H. X. B.
11a If an bonr after Doran left the hotel
he was riding up Eleventh avenue, fast
asleep on tb box. Th horses were gotng
tn a algxag way and rVillceman Goetxger
Btppped tbe cah at Eleventh avenue and
Forty etvi nth atreet.
He awakened Doran, who aald he diflnt
know where be had been. Ooetager placed
him under arrest. Hs was taken te tb
start rrs house Is the cab th polio found
tb dress suit aaae and opened ft: tnald
were negotiable stock eertinoatea to the
amount of tWi.Bal
Uairal Vseeary ex ext Elortteav, Hew
ever, Mas- Oust Their Pleas
aaarwaal aa Pare Bap
term te ladia.
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LONDON. April a iNew Tork World
Cablegram Special Telegram ) Lady Car-
Bun (Mary Letter), whose third oaarbter
win be i week old tomorrow, has be
out driving and la making arrangement! t
take up her residence In 'Wanner castle,
bear Dover, the beautifully situated and
auaint aid building which will be Lard
Curaon'a official residence In oonnectlon
wtth hi new sinecure offio of lord warden
of tb cinque porta.
Already Lady Curaon has had the castle
reported upon by a furniture expert and
has given orders to make good 4t defects
ta those respects. The autalde to aa Lord
Salisbury left it, but be sever cultivated
peraonal comfort or luxury ant was satis
fied with the barest, most frugal furnish
ings Aa tb Curaons naturally look for
ward to having W aimer aa their eeeaid
residence for tbe remainder ef their Uvea,
tbey naturally Intend te make It com
fortably habitable.
Lord Curaun Is to be entertained at a
big banquet by his personal friends during
hi holiday stay In England. He asserts
positively that It is not hi Intention to
return te India for two years.
Tber Is a tertaln Jink, however, In his
doing this, because if tb liberal wis tn
the autumn he will have to clear out of
the India rtoeroyalty next spring.
Mrs. Lielter and her uaurbter," Daisy.
Bailed 'Wednesday tor New Tork. Tbey
will go straight to Washington to arrange
to have Lady Curaon come ever later In
tb season. Lady Curaon wanted te have
her mother remain until tbe viceroy ar
rived from India and their new baby was
chrlBlened. but this -eas not ontieeiilent
for Mrs. or Mis Igniter, so after a busy
time during the aarlr part of this week,
buying frock and hut at tbe Dover street
shops, tbey left.
Asaerleaas at Pwart.
Quite a big circle of Americana were
presented at the first court last fclffbt. Th
most notable American debutant wa Mier
Phillips, the sister ot Ambassador Choate'a
private secretory. She was greatly ad
mired. So was Mr. Kpofford. the wife of
one of Andrew Carnegie's partners.
Tli duke and duchess of Manchester will
not entertain King F (5 ware at Xrlemor
castle during his Irish tour. The visit wbb
abandoned some time ago, as tbe king de
cided not to go to Cimtienare this time.
He will be In Ireland barely a week, will
attend three race meetings near Dublin,
pass two days at Kilkenny castle as the
guest of tbe marquis of Ormonde (whose
brother and heir married General WagaJ s
daughter of Chicago), and three at L
more castle with the duke and the Ancbea
of Xtevonshlre. Th king new Intends t
visit an me part of Ireland annually.
J. C. King, tbe New Tork hanker, whs ,
married last week pretty little Miss Perth
Dibble of Chicago, a niece of Marshall
Field, returned to London with his bride
from the first stage of tb honeymoon to
see her parents before tbey sailed for th
Vnlted States. Mr. and Mrs. King have
now gone to Paris to start on a long motor
tour through Prance, Italy, Spain and Por
tugal on a new car built especially for the
honeymoon trip.
Th bride is said te be very wealthy
and the husband is a member of the New
Tork Stock exchange. Glfta were ehow
ered upon both far tb wedding and the
check which Marshall Field sent te his
niece will go far toward equipping a home
wherever she likes to choose it. Her
trousseau, costing $4,000, all needful house
hold silver and Mnen and a motor landau
were given by her mother.
Mrs. Newhouse had an American lunch
parry pester day at Clarldge'a. She wore
blue, aith a big blue hat. Mra. Ronalds
was in mauve. Mrs. Sturgls. just arrived
from Parle, was quite a la Prancals, wtth
aa stonnous cascade of black lace twisted
around her hat and neck, tha whole falling
tn a long funnel te tbe knee. She was all
In black.. Mrs. Stanley "Kllson was la
brows. Afterward tbe four women went
off In motor cars.
asle a-ral Eveat
Ktae wt the Leedea '
f the
(Capynght, 1W1 by Press Publishing Co.)
LONDON, April tt (New Tork World
Cablegram Special Telegram. Th most
notable spring wedding In London wa the
marriage this week of Miss Arm tha
Thvnne, tb famous beauty, to Lord Hlnd
llp. head of the great brewing firm of
Allsop. end a man of larpe fortune. The
wedding was tn Westminster ahbey where
there wa such a gathering of tb British
nobility as to rarely witnessed.
For BevemNj-ears Lafly Hlndlip has been
on of the greatest prts of London society.
Of all th British beauties she was gener
ally conceded to he th loveliest, and no
London hostess wa bo happy as wben she
was entertaining Agatha.
Lord HlndHp to on of the most popular
of tbe young peers. He I conceded ts be
one of the wealthiest and th match wa
regarded as an ideal me. He 1s T7 rear
old and a business man of ability. lie was
a lieutenant 1n the Eighth hussars end
served tn the Boer war.
Orchard & Wilhelm Garpet Go.
innmmer Draperies
UoTif? tlcaniiip and preparations tor tb summer st-ason demands a ihaiipe of window
curtains &dJ yrtirTR. Lar awar xb? bearT (in"s and freshm up tbe bouM wi:b cool and 5rj
material. This week we will in ate a ?'ial fbowinp of daintr, prtttt UDOwflate Cnnina
TlK'T come in rrt am and white rounds, witb colored cnss triiH-s. Almost acj color jotx
mux desire, red, blue. pink. Tellow and greens. Price ranpe, 1.0. fLTo. $20, 3 50 and up
to 12.50 per pair. Same material bj tie Tard. 35c to $2.00.
Pawartte ef Brttlaa Ktae;
with e ef Her Two
Artistic Imported
Scotch Madras
A large asfortmerait of patterns and colorings. Ten
nan depend upon the colore to stnd against the laundry
or run. Prioe range, a.l te SJfc e per pair.
Madras by the yard, ortc te C W
Colored Applique or
Novelty Curtains
Mounted on gwod net and fuD width and length. These
rurtalns are very (IxV-abl for th dining roem. library er
en w have a tor- tartety of colorlnr nfl ras ntrh
ITnrt SnV e l n o""uu. t n-wm. aa.au, e.w, e etw,
gh 7K and up to M0 fl per pair.
Stock Rugs Room Sizes
The greatest values we can offer jtj w
Ollii. jruj . u- ....
prices Here are a few ot tne pricca
and fifty patterns to select from.
borfleTs. at
abort lenstAt
cne hundred
(Corvrtght, lm. hr Prs Puhllst.inr O
UOMOX, April CNew Tors World
Cablegram Special Telegram Mra Ren
nle Oreyllle. an Intimate friend of Mrs.
Oeorge Keppel and persona grata with
royalty, ha adopted one of Mra. Oeorsr"
Keppel's two daughters.
Bh has no children of her own end thts
win b a splendid thing for the little
Kepnel girl, as Mrs. Orevllle Is tb heir of
an enormously wealthy brewer. Mr. Mc-
Ewan of Edinburgh, whose i.hllanthropy I
built tip the Medical university of Edln- I
rurgh. The arrangement appear to be
highly sstlRfsctory to both women, a well
as to their husband, while the llrtle girl
herself to dpllghted.
Paste Apstalnts Oeassaiselea ( Car
dlaala ta t ader-tahe tbe
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ROME. Aprfl S (New Tork World Ca
blegram Special Telegram P.'i-sen cardi
nal have been named by the 7 ope aa mem
ber rf the commission which 1 to vreer
take the codification of th law rf 'he
church. The secretary of the commlislon
Is Mgr. Oasparrl. archbishop of Cesarea,
and the cardinal arc Arllgardi, Batnlll,
Vanneutella, Ka.mpnlla. Oottl. Perrara,
Caasetta, Mathleu, Gennarl. Cavlcchlnnl.
Del Tal. Btelnhuher, Segna, ve V Tuto
and Cavamls.
Th pop himself 1 at the heed of the
The work of dlBentangllng the mass of
obsolete laws from 'those which are still
tn vigor will be laborious.
Oaaaaas ea War ta a. Laala.
WASHINGTON. April zT-The Kavy ae
Bertmeat ts tnformed that tbe gur.bnat
Velvet -
Ex. Atmlnstor
Hm'y Brussels
Ex Velvet
Ex Axmiuster
Ex Wilton
13 50
14 00
15 00
20 00
12 50
10 00
20 00
12 50
18 50
13 50
Axmlnstnr -.
ItrtiHsel. ..1 ......
F Ril-r
KovsJ WIHon...
t Sx8-r
Ex Armlnstrr.
liodv rtrussels..
Koval Wilton...
x -txf-f,
Enflv Brussels..
Koval Wilton...
Body Brussels..
15 00
.16 00
11 50
26 00
21 00
22 50
. 13 50
18 50
14 00
14 00
A x minster
L x Axmlnster. . ........
BoOr Brussoto. ..........
Itodr Brussels
Coquette ...........
Hi Axmlnster. .........
Ex xmtnster ..........
21 00
-....21 00
.....18 00
13 50
... 2150
14 50
...23 50
24 00
30 00
20 00
The choicest metal beds are
represented In our sj.ring
.h,vinr We are in position
to 'ff:r you some out-of-the-usual values.
Pull slse iron Bed. strong and substantial.
ninny enameiea - -
Other at K.i. B 7l. Thl, v.
An extra ppe-lal value In our Iron Bed for S.0. This oea
is finelv tininlied in choice enamcle. any color. ln
rnld trimmed chllla. has the heavy continuous post : effeit.
with rich interior wo-k and a id that In Hi rdinarr
mr would sell for ooiisiCorahly more tlian our O.00
Fioe stec.ial, each
At a, hli we are oaring choice of four different petterns of
In lefc, extra heavy ikih! and continuous Tt Jffert.
These ."xne in tne rombmati-m -olira. wah gold tf
( VllV ano ranae f-om t to h inc lie high in the heed aU
,ndsomely ftnlsbed. scrr.e trimmed wlU, ta. I bee bert.
will compare In oesign. tmb and style with any g.5(J
III bed on the murkrt our very 11m pnce--och
Our line or bed which we ar Belling at ) 00, C2.50.
Hi.50, tlatld are from K..0U to XT..W under regular selling value.
Tou will have over MO distinct and separate pattern of
hods to choose from, which, together with the price lndooe-
menta. should brini: you nnre ior i
Luxury and
Couch Elegance
and Economy
are cleverly blended In our April offerings. A f urtunat pur
cntsi fTimi Tone of the Lading maaere g.v 1 u. an Itialde on
iw irloes thBl we art pleased to pass along t our trada
5-hi maAes posslhl exoej-tioual couch value.
Ouarter-aawcd, golden oak frame couch, with claw
ftet. vrholrtered in figured velour, plain or turted
rtlaai aviu. i Bu, HOsu, gltst). SU.bu. I ATI.. ait.aH. ala.stl.
Sever bef or have w shown so larg an sasortmeTit as
offering tbe trad at tb 3T- eent time. Cscer J
pa'.rT.. to select Irom. in Ul th. newest and l.teat de
aiia arid flniahes v"'J attention ha P', I''1'
Jeason to the Bilargedhowtng of our medium prad wooda
wT?.rer some very choic patt. rar In -esola oak
with French bevel mirrors, prtitry deeigi,-. - JJ,":
sornent at Ik.iO. eU.HI. Cl.dl. tim Kl.a, SI&Ml ttt
and np.
Frrark Pallee Cklet Crass Urs.
faaallaa ail the Hardy 1
Caejalsaaaa Daera.
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FAJOS. April 23 (New Tork World Ca
blegram Special Telegram. Police Pre
fect Eepine Introduced a brigade of dog
some month ago for rescuing persons from
tbe liver Seine. Tbe performance did not
come up to hi exjiectatlons and he blame
the dogs. So he set about producing a new
breed, ar.d he thinks he hue obtained Just
what he wants tn a cross tietween tbe pow
erful swimming Newfoundland and the
hardy Esquimaux dug, whsch he calls
Tola new breed has the big neck and the
large paws of th former animal and tbe
sharp noes of the latter.
, I
Powell Automobile Co. s
Visit ef Prrark PreaMesI ta ate
Cassises ftaaae Pewallar
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ROME, April a. (New Tork War Id
Cablegram Special Teigrajn.) Owing to
the determination of the Vatluaa authori
ties ta tenure President Eioufert ' -visit, the
position of M. Xisard. the French ambas
sador te the Vatican, baa given rise to
The alarm for the grip had not reached mE- alffleultlee. As tb French repreacn
the station house at that tune, and ttoraa
was taken te th West Side court. Thar
he was held Tor further examination. Xater
in tbe day Ryan called at the atatlon
fttnise and claimed the grip. He (ailed te
tell the polios who owned ft. but tnttmated
that M was a westerner whs wa In New
York en business and pelaaur combined,
and aa pleasure got The herter of htm for
the time being while h was "aolng" thi
TenOsrlatn, business Buffered.
190 Hew
205 S. 15th St.
Send for Catalogue B.
En -a
tatrve la Rome he cannot absent himself
frcm th reception to the head of hi na
tion, ee It has been determined that h
t hall attend th reception and tbe lunch
eon at the Fames paiawoe. la company
wtth his colieag-ue. whs repreeents Franc
at the Wuirtnsl.
Bhren more troublesome waa tba question
ef tbe part Cardinal Mathleu, Mgr. Du
chesne and tbe other French prelates re
siding tn Rome should take In the festivi
ties. Plue X. has decided that aa French
subject tbey ahall attend tbe reception
and tb luncheon if in rived.
It la highly probable that M. Loubet will
pay aa official visit to the French national
collar for priests at Santa Chtera. and
perhaps te ether French Catholic Institu
tions of Rome, beside th Villa Medici,
which Is the seat of the French national
Aaadamy ef Arta It Is also expected that
many of tha persons acoompanying th
Frenah president will visit the Titkmt
uiiisiiiiiii and trait1"1, but te such event
they win be received aa prreate otttaena
Even tf M. Telosse. tha Frenla foreign
minister, aba II Aectda. as it ts highly prob-
jhla. te pay a visit ta the cardinal eenre.
tary of state, ee military honors will he
nm area and ha will have t and his rie-
tttna; card ta th cardinal" apartment tike
any ether private omasa.
Pape leeaee Ee let A gal est Dtspaatag
f Art TTeaearee la the
(Copyright IV. by Press Publishing Ce.)
ROME, April X (New Tork World Ca
blegramSpecial Telegram.) Partly on rep-
asentatlons made by the Italian official
that too many art Treasures found their
way from Italy te foreign countries. Plus X
Issued a decree strictly forbidding
priests and bishop from disponing of th
valuabl statuary and painting existing in
their churches and cathedrals. Clergy who
shall rn the future dispose of eioeedingly
valualile painting or monuments te deal-
era or foreign collectors will he disciplined.
a Baa m Vtstea Cits- Is ta a
st re rd L4ae C I ties at
tbe Ptsta.
(Copyright. IPX, by Press Publishing Ca.)
PARIS, April New Tork World
CaWegram Special Telegram.) Aug-nst I
Wstrln. who has ths reputation of being a
respectable and worthy man. has had a
vMtua and prophesies that Paris is going
te meet the fat of Bodom and Gomorrah.
Torrenta of flame will stream dowa on tbe
center of the clry and will wipe tt out amid
scenes of horror and despair.
M Watrtn entreats Parisians ta repent
of their wickedness and folly before tt Is
everlasttngly toe lata.
eesrk avrtawaa taaea a PmaHar laea
f Btvllartea aaa a Prtear'a
(Cm ff right. IPX. by Prasa PubBshtng Ce )
BAEONTCA. Vaeeaoala. Aprfl X (Tfw
Tork Wort Oabtserrasi - elpfUU Telegram
Eight Greek bnganda. b have been
terronxlng the region a tout Salonlca,
baited a tushoa of the OrUMHtos Greek
church oa tbe highway a few day aga
Waih snaxy es cases for tbetr aeemtng lack
of swearenea. tha hrlganas gently aeprtved
tha btabop ef la purse and watch. Then
being truly pious rentier, they asked the
good- priest te aheolsv them from their
crime, declaring that. else, tbetr
aciencee would forever smite rhem for
having preyed oa a man of the cburoh
Cad7ac, Haynes - Apperson,
Knox, While "Slezmef, Pope
Toledo, Locomobile.
Trace te Cat It
fraaa WaU
Heave la
$750 to $5,000
No finer line can be found between New
York and San Francisco. If you con
teaiplate the purchase ol a car write us
for catalogues and information regarding
our machines before placing your order-
3 Powell Automobile Co.
-sS .'
'A, V.;
Mine. Yale's
Almond Blossom
af Ex-
(Copyright by JCw Tork Herald Co 1st )
KEW TORK. April 1 New Tork Her
ald Vir1o Bpeclal te Th Bee.) A woman
tried te rot off a section of a eoatly tap-
estry ta Mra John X Gardner's palao
ta tba Fens, ta Boston, ttot long age. A
party eenatsring of aeventy-flve member
ef a Cambridge club, thirty af whom eeer
beliig aaoarted by Mr. Gardner, while tbe
janitor had tbe others, were being abown
about the famous bouse.
Tb Janitor's party were about to enter
the Veronese roam when be noticed the
costly tapestries that hang at the door
abaka H ran forward and heart a pair
ef BUlseore fail ts the floor, but Old not
Batch sight of the person erhe had been
using them.
Twe elite had been out tc ths magenta
border of tb valuable fabric, fiume of tb
palace servants ear they saw a won
leave the Veronese roam hurriedly. They
Ila HiV
Deformity Braces,
Invalid Chairs,
Bath Cabinets.
Tfcs H. J. Puf3l. Co
UOS Farota St
Oeatnaaa, aofUuia. jrtJrAfie, whlt!iig
and beevtUiM tbe akin, taap and wakf
onlj cle&Baaa uperfidaUj. Jdiue. Tale
a&j-a: X little Almond BloaaoxB Owa.
plexkm Creaxo should l applied rveffy
time tb fuce and band arc wa ah ed
it remove tbe dust. Boot. cflm. CXBVt
and grxuflfe from tbe lnteratlcM of tb
skin and miike tbe surface gmoota as
trivet. A dulJy iMeaiitjr at bom a&4
abroad; a treasure arben trarcUnf ky
land or water, or wben on aa eating, t
any kind, and particularly priaad at a
see nde or mcrnntaln reeort. Protorta
tbe skin from ccttiaf wlniA bu trine
rav of tbe aua and every lnjnriafUl ef
fect of tbe eleinenia. Prrrema and
rare abnormal redheaa of tba toe or
any part of tbe fane, and tbat pnrplteb
; toe doe to exposure to cold, alaa cbaje
pine, cbafing, eold aorea. fever bUatara
and an Irntatloa of tba akin. It U tba
free test known apadnc for burn; taaaa
tba lire out more quickly than aatytbinf
alaa, aootbea, beala and preveuta aoara
and aoripuraUon. Indiapenaabla for
nee of infanta and every member of tba
bonanboid. An extjolarta utoral ataatv
Cfier. A (TsftJ appllcatloB after aba
Inc. excellent for raraaara purpoeea.
Now in two aisea; Uma, Tale's AJnsra4
Bloaaom Complexion Cream la euld Ire
Dru Dept., Boston Store
Our Special Prices 45c and SOc
WhAt To Eai ftor2S!
iMli tor MWW M Mia
kabaXia Beajth Anrue. 1
su i. ta Full of asial nirassruasi
TW Wo Bolt NIMH bmb
mwmm a hm naiw auw
w li ml Uila mu saall
Wait TO Eat Os i mt shy aaat
ayasaMsgssa as, aad ua Aea.
Old not detain her. as tha Janitor had net
r . Tw tha iteKn MA lurf S
a sew'

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