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The Omaha Daily Bee.
For R.nL,I AHL,n War
Nows Hoad THB I3B&.
The Bee prints more Paid Want Ads because
English Find Adaoo ia Thibet Barrou by
Obitrnctiofii tod Angry Thibetan
i mmmmmmm'
ritiih Surrounded by Enaray and Exci - and adjourned.
. Bhof.lutH.CMEe.nlt. .-j-M.f
1ered. This Will
One of lb Efforts of ths Assoelatloa
Will B Directed Against
DENVER, May 4. Th convention com
posed of delegates of the cattla growers
of the states wrat of the Missouri river to
day completed the organization of the Cat
tie Growers' Inter-late Executive commit-
Britiih Eeoonnoltetlng Party Wu Tryin
U Croat Fan When AtUck& .
farther IMe el Hire Reaa already
Ileld by Tblbotaaa aa tha Brit,
la a Expect a Itikkora
' Fight.
" !
LONDON, May 4. A report, brought
by a mounted dispatch rider, la to the
effect, aya a Times dispatch from Gyang
Tee fort, Thibet, that the farther aide of
the Karo peas, on the direct road to
Lbassa, is trendy held by the Thibetans,
some of whom were drawn from the lata
garrison of Gyang Tse fort.
The British reconnolterlng party, after
crossing- the summit of the pass and de
scending a short way, saw the road barrel
by a wall, and suddenly a heavy lire
from Jingals and .European rlflea waa
opened, bullets striking the ground all
round, but oa using no casualties.
The number of Thibetans Is estimated at
1.800 and their position may threaten the
British, Una of communication with
Khangma. No reply was made to the
Thibetans except two or three shot to
keep down the enemy's firs during 'the
retirement. , , '
This action on the part of the Thibetans
Anally disposes of the possibility of any
useful purpose being served by the visit
of the amoan, from whom Colonel Young
husband has received no further com
munication. It suggests, Indeed, that the
only object of the visit Is to gain further
time for the defense of the Lhassa road
and probably anticipate help from the
north. 1.
one-fourth of 1 cent on
stock by those who Join was
1ered. This Will furnish a fund of 1100.-
it I. mm a it vi UntilnMn of Denver
i elected Irt-aauier. Committees w!l! be
Mnted by the board of managers, which
V V :'fin a vigorous canvas of the varl-
ock yard and packers of the country.
y-' os of assistants will be employed to
at trust. . '
v - conference, will be held with heads
of railroads handling live stock transporta
tion regarding Improved transportation and
lower rates. Following Is an outline of
the objects of the organisation as given In
the reports of the committees:
To formulate, prepare and put Into effect
a plan and active operation looking to .the
securing and passing of such laws or
amendments thereof by the congress of
the United Btatea aa will afford relief to
which the live stock Interests are entitled
against exorbitant rate and injurious
practloea In the shipment of live stock, to
urge upon the agricultural and shipping In
tereata generally the necessity of organisa
tion against Injurious practices by the rail
roads of the country and to do any and all
things that may seem to this organization
and to the organisation it represents to be
of benefit and advantage to the live stock
lalted itates Assumes Possession af
Property oa the Istbasa.
PANAMA, May 4 The United States
Canal commission today took formal pos
sesion of the .canal rout and of tha prop
arty of the Panama Canal company.
From today tha canal works will be
tinder tha direction of Mark Brooke of tha
engineer eorpe of the United States army.
who represented tha canal commission at
tha ceremony of tha transfer. Immediately
after tha transfer the United States flag
waa hoisted over the legation and over the
canal offices in the Cathedral Plasa.
Machinists' I'nloa Officers lay that
Meal Have Only Begaa the
TOPEKA. Kan., May 4. Santa Fa rail
way officials announced today a resumption
of shop men all along the line from Chi
caa-o to the Paclflo coast. They state
that In most cases shops are running with
a full complement of men. In many places
union machinists have gone out, but their
positions, the officials assert, will all be
filled by the oloee of the week.
Vlc4 President Buckalew of the Machin
ists association, aay that the trouble has
Just begun and that not another man would
return to work. He say further, that
many will go out In sympathy.
The Topeka shop seem to be running
about up to their usual capacity, though
there la undoubtedly a shortage In toe force
of machinists. Neither the railway com
pany nor tha striker are aaklng for con
oeeiona No report of violence I made.
goat hs Amerleaa War Improbable.
Tennessee Company Will Not Be
' Oasted Wltheat Exbaastlnsj
Legvl Remedies.
NAHWVTT.T JKL Turn.. Ifav A President
RIO JANEIRO, May 4-Tbe Associated I c.Mwel, of th, Cumberland Telephone
pre - oer-esponaent is assures oy gov- i Telegraph oomcany. has given to tha Asao-
ernmest qfnciala who are In a position to I dated Pros a statement concerning Chan-
spaa or iBuiri)fi i wnis. wui i cellor Allison's decision la the ouster pro-
Braslllan and Peruvian armies are being ceedlnga against the Cumberland company.
reinforced on tha frontier between th two l Mr. Caldwell say:
countries, war la improbable. Th differ
ence over the boundary line are th Sub
ject of dlplomatlo : negotiation and will
probably result In arbitration. There I
no excitement her As th people are
utterly Indifferent upon tha matter.'
Eii Supporters Dominate Evsryth nf in th.
State Convention-
Delegates Selected These Power-
less Aecoant ol mate lonven
. tloa Voting? to Enforce) tnlt
Rale at St. Louis.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, la., May 4. (Special Tel
egram.) The democratic state convention
was a clean-up for the Hearst men today.
They demonstrated that by reason of a
perfect organisation and abundance of
money they had secured a solid delegation
with about 146 clear majority on any bal
lot. They seated their contested delega
tions in four countlea and gave their op
ponents two, then adopted rigid Instruc
tions for Hearst with the unit rule Im
posed. They chose as delegates at large General
James B. Weaver, E. M. Carr, James Par
sons and S. B. Wadsworth.
Iu the caucuse the Hearst men demon
strated that they had control of the state.
They got all but six or seven of the dis
trict delegates, there being some doubt as
to the standing of on of th delegates In
the Third district.
There was much Impassioned talk In the
caucuses, but In the convention the de
bates were more deliberate, save when the
aotlon of the Hearst men sought to be
smirch their opponents In certain counties
where there are contests. It was In this
debate on credentials that there seemed
at one time great danger of a bolt. It was
well understood, however, that Congress
man Wade, who expected to be a candi
date to succeed himself, had protested ail
dsy against any bolt. Hs wss opposed to
Hearst, but he desired that the opposition
take Its defeat with good grace In order
to sav htm in his district. Because of
this It waa decided' early In the day that
no matter what happened there would be
no bolt. The convention remained in ses
sion from 2 p. m. until after 9:30 o'clock
without taking any Intermission.
The convention proper for the most cf
the day was about as Interesting as a
democratic convention could be. Before
noon Chairman George Culllson talked and
wss listened to patiently and almost
silently as he waded through his speech.
The only applause came when he abused
the republicans. The convention was to
meet at I p. m., but for one hour the as
sembled delegates did the unusual In sitting
patiently waiting for something to turn up
without asking anybody to make a speech.
Then th speech-making Instinct prevailed
and speeches were railed for.
Hisses for Gannon.
The convention was well organised. M.
V. Gannon of Chicago, formerly of Iowa,
got th floor, but he was hissed for full
ftv minutes by bis old associates In east
ern Iowa because he appeared as a Hearst
man. Other who spoke were Walt Butler,
C. A. Wlndle and 8am a Wright. They all
avoided factional references.
It was i o'clock before th convention
was allowed to do business. To reports
on credentials were returned. Th ma
jority would seat Hearst men in Van Buren
Scott, Franklin and Hardin counties, total
forty-three, and seat tha opposition In Des
Moines and Keokuk counties, total thirty.
Notorlon Labor Leader Saccambs to
Consumption " at Slag sing
OS8INING. N. Y., May 4. Sam Parks,
the New Yoik labor leader who was sent,
to Sing Sing prl n Some months ago after
his conviction on a charge of extortion,
died In the prison todsy. He had consump
tion at the time of his conviction and had
failed rapidly since ha was sent to Sing
The prison physician visited Parks In the
hospital at 9 o'clock last night. The pa
tient was then barely conscious. Later he
became unconscious and remained In that
condition until his death. Only the hospi
tal attendants and one or two prison offi
cials were at his bedside when he ex
pired. Parks, after his first conviction, was
brought to the prison on August 27 last.
On securing a new trial he waa released on
ball on September I. After his second
conviction he was brought back to the
prison on November to serve a term of
two years and thre month. He wss
at first put to work In the fiber brush
shop, but his condition soon became such
that he was admitted to the hospital and
was under treatment there to the time
of his death.
Sam Parka was prominent for years In
labor circles, being a leader In Chicago
before coming to New York, and the loy
alty to him ot his associates was remark
able. He waa walking delegate, or busi
ness agent, of the local housesmlths' and
bridgemen's union fur several years and
It waa under bis leadership that the big
strike of Iron worker in New Tork last
year was Inaugurated. That strike In
volved th National Iron Workers' or
ganlsatlon and National President Bu
chanan finally announced himself aa
against Parka and the general strike
throughout this country which th New
York leader sought to have ordered. The
contest was carried to the annual con
vention of tie union, WTiere Parks won
to the extent that he prevented the recog
nition of a rival local union, which had
the approval of both President Buchanan
and the New Tork contractors. During lust
summer charges of extortion were made
against Parks and he Was flnnlly Indicted
It being alleged that he had taken t"00
from an employer on a promise to call oft
a strike. Other similar charges were made
but at no time was h tried on the same
After returning to New Tork from Sing
Sing, the first verdict having been over
turned by a higher court. Parks was one
of the central figure in th Labor day
parade last September. When convicted
the second time and sent to Sing Sing he
announced he had given up the Cght for
imself and for labor, and a anted to die
Tim McCarthy, one of Parka' associates,
waa also convicted and sent to Sing filiig
on the charge of extortion.
Sine Parks' condition became mors se
rious and death seemed only a question
of a few days, there was talk of making
an attempt to secure his pardon, but Gov
Th reDovta sent out concerning th de
cision In the Cumberland Teltmhone &
Tales-ranti enmrtanv ease are unwarranted.
uur attorney nave appaaiea in case to i me majority report was signed by eight
JupV"r.".,ihr'i,-.vr.S members and the minority by thre mem-
there' I now no decree of any kind against he from the FlrsL Second and Third dls-
the company. It will be born in mind trlcta.
that this Is a fight between rivals and is
not a suit Involving money claims. The
Harrloaaa Destroys Lite.
lirnnu .-.v. in A r-v. i m u.m a a I r-zimnsnv wss nevsr more rroarerous or
v ' i -..., .u. k.. . better established than at present. It re-
"u"'" -'- . ' . - gards tha occurrence as unimportant,
hundred native were killed and great dam- I
age waa done. All th telegraph line In CnDFST FIRFS IN WISCONSIN
Balgon were destroyed. Many native ves
sels sustained Injuries, but otherwise there
was no damage to shipping here, though ,
mall craft In minor sorts suffered.
Homesteaders and
Las by Raaaoa
f tha
Oamadlaa Merchant Palls.
LONDON, Ont.. May 4 -Ths assignment
la announced of C. J. Woods, of Wood's
Fair. Th star covers seven stories, and
the company controls several stores In
Ontario. Tha sssets are placed at 1130,000;
liabilities not stated.. . .
TOMAHAWK, Wis.. May 4. Forest fires
ax burning and spreading rapidly in this
section and north of her, and along th
Soo railroad. Homesteader and farmers
are suffering losses through th burning of
'A dispatch from Eland, Wis., says travel
A warm debate followed, in which John
T. Sullivan, A. E. Howard and A. L. Mat
thews spoke for th minority report and
A. W. Maxwell. Charles Walsh and Gen
eral Weaver spoke for the majority report.
It waa during th attempt of National
- a-... i vumiuiuoenuui rvaisn o explain wnai nap
pened In Scott county that pandemonium
broke loose, and he was finally hooted
down. He waa greeted with calls of "How
much did you get?" and "What did they
pay your'
He had been In Scott county working for
Hearst and when he mentioned that cer
tain prominent democrats were left off the
local . delegations he waa greeted with
Maxwell nearly queered th Hearst move-
Member of Hotel '!",' Assol41
ays 'Maay- CasaaJtlea Are
Da la Carelessness.
DENVER, Colo., May 4. At the meeting
of the Rocky Mountain Hotel Men's asso
ciation today, Mr. John B. Laughlln, a
member or tne executive board, read a
paper on "Firetrap Hotels." He said in
isrtil r)M .! ili n.
LONDON. May 4.-Charles Frohman has Tom ths north report the woods full f roent by referring to th money spent by
arranged for tha dramatisation of "Ml- free, A message rrom r.iaren. a village i nr in peneoung nis organisation nere.
trim's Pro -Kk-h .in h w,. nln miles southwest of here, says fir I The majority report In favor of th
next season In New York and r,n creeping up on ths buildings and asks for Hearst delegates In four counties was sus-
Thera will be nineteen scene and ever two assistance. tnJ 476H to 8344. The ousted delegations
hundred parsons In th cast.
Jlethlsg Haa Beam Bee-a ot Alleged
' Marderer aad Depot? BherltZ
Slae Taesday.
got up and moved out amid great con-
filDIC TIIRNFn INTO TnRfiHFS fusion,
Gasoline Tank la Laaadry Explodes
aad Employes Are Serloasly
Baraed by Flames.
, OGDEN. Utah, May 4. No trace has
been discovered of Charles Lennox, the es
caped prisoner, and Deputy Sheriff Miller
Instruct for Hearst,
two reports 1 on resolutions were pre
sented, the majority stating the principles
of the party at length and attacking trusts
ST. LOUIS, Msy 4. Ftrnr persons were I and Instructing definitely for Hearst. The
burned, two seriously. In an explosion in I minority report was signed by the members
a laundry at Klrkwood. a suburb of St. I from the First. Second, Third and Fifth
Tuils tnrfnv. The exDloslon was In a I districts. Tha member from ths h?l.v.nth
of Silver Bow courUy. Montana, who dls- Kasolna tank Bnd Eva Doyle and Anna J did not sign either reports, but voted with
t-"' incoming imnir train 8mith, employes, were covered with burn- the minority
y..rrusr. di viuinn tt ouvrr oow ,n, Wlth thelP dothlng In flames Then came another spirited debate on In
county and pollc omcr are engaged in thy ru,he,j nt0 the street and two men .tructlons. Jerry Sullivan, last year's can
a olos search of th surrounding country. .ninVe at the laundry were burned while I riMsta for s-nv.mnr r. a
..1?C? I?"Vk m.urderer extinguishing th flame which completely ,nd he wss followed by Congressman Wade
killed th deputy sheriff gft.r leaving th .nveloned th. two airls. of lwa Cltv end w -
FIVE LOSE L Ft IN WATER roe Instructions Mr. Weaver, George F.
wenan ana james fx u gent spoke. In his
Texas Cblldrea Drevra la Creek I mcnan ciaimea credit for starting
train, threw hla body Into the Ogden river
and then escaped. Lennox is wanted In
Montana' on th charge of murder. He was
capture! in Nevada.
Tea Thoasaad Posad of Powder
Oa Blowing; Two to
NEWPORT, Ind., May 4. A powder
welled by Ralaa Hear
AUSTIN, Tex.. May 4. As a result of
th cloudburst In central Texas and this
section, not a train has moved to the
north. Several miles of International A
till owned by tha Northwestern Powder Great Northern tracks hav been washed
enmSanv. three miles from Newport, blew ont aorth of here.
up today. Four men war killed and two
wers Injured. Th dead:
DrSota Brlgga.
Albert May hew.
r George Mayhew.
, Henry Griffin.
Tea thousand pounds of powder exploded
and the bodies of Brlggs and Orlflln were
blown In such small places that they could
jnot b picked up. Th other bodies were
not badly mangled.
Ftv children were drowned In a creek
the Hearst movement In th United States
snd declared it was because of his love for
Bryan and left the Inference It was because
Bryan wanted Hearst named
Healy declared opposition to instruction
because ne neueved the nominee of the
St. Louis convention would be on who
Is not now known to be a candidate
On roll call Instructions for Hearst had
BIS votes to 171 opposed.
On motion of A. W. Maxwell the report
five miles from th city. Fields are under I was amended to demand the entire dele
from four to eight inches of water to th I gatlon vote a a unit and In this form was
south ot her. Rivers and creeks are I adopted.
Cag-tala af Craft Sara Ha Forolgm
Government Haa Delro
4 Bay.
BRIDGEPORT, Conn.. May 1-Captain
Simon Lake, who has arrived her from
' Newport on th submarine torpedo boat
Protector, was asked about th reported
sale of tha boat to th Japan govern
ment. H replied:
"You can say for me that I hav received
no offer from aay foreign government.
H added that it was true that th boat
has been examined within a few days by
Japanese officers, but naval attache of
For delegates-at-large th following were
placed In nomination: James M. Parsons.
Lyon county; jamea a. Weaver, -Jasper
E. M. Carr. Delaware ; a B. Wadsworth
Pottawattamie; D. D. Myers. Dubuque
J. I). Butler, webater; Jerry B. Sullivan
Polk; John Foley. Chickasaw.
It waa evident that th slate had hn
Two Orders Coasoltdat.
CEDAR RAPIDS. Ia.. May ,-(Bpeclal
Telegram.) At a Joint meeting of the two
order her today a complete consolidation
of th Highland Nobles and Court of Co
lumbian Circle was effected under the
nam of tha Highland Noble. The officers I made up and Persona, Weaver, Carr and
of tne new society were equally divided be- I Wadswortn were elected.
tween th two orders. Ths combined order
will hav a membership of t.000, Th ques
tion of headquarter Is now being discussed
and Cedar Rapid is working for that
President and Party Ladsr Bntj Sinofl
Adjoarnmtit of Oongresi.
National Committee Decides to Ree-
ommend Ex-Secretary af War for
Temporary Chatrntaa ot
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 4. (Special Tele
gram.) The secret conclaves which hsve
been going on since Sunday, between the
president and leaders of the republican
party in the two houses of congress, ter
minated by reason of a number of th
"inner cabinet" leaving for their homes
Senator Allison, accompanied by his sec
retary. Mr. Dawson, who Is slated for
congress from the Second Iowa district,
left this afternoon, as did Speaker Cannon,
Senator Cullom and Senator Alurlch.
Durlne- these conferences, which have
been held almost continuously since Sun
day, the platform, vice president and chair
man of the national committee were dis
cussed at length.
Senator Lodge In the last few days has
presented three different drafts of a plat
form to his associates, dealing particu
larly with tha tariff and trusts, but none
of these drafts have been wholly- sstls
factory. Th platform builder, aa Lodge
1 now regarded, will take the ubJeot
horn with him to Massachusetts.
A to the chairmanship, It la no oock
sur thing that J. W. Blythe of Burlington
has been wholly eliminated. It was learned
today that Mr. Blythe was being very ser
iously considered for national ctuUrnif.n
for conditions which operated against him
two mouths ago hav been minimised,
namely, the supreme court decision In the
Northern Securities case. Mr. Blythe is
recognised as a very strong roan for the
place. He Is looked upon as being a very
resourceful politician, with a comprehen
sive knowledge of the party' need In a
national campaign. He is also master of
detail and la. next to Cornellu. N. Bliss,
who could hav thn ohairmanah'.p It he
would take it. regarded a tha most likely
man thu far mentioned for the position.
Senator Allison, rpesklng about the Iowa
convention, said, previous to hia leaving,
that tho platform would In all probability
have something to say about tariff and
trusts, together with a clause about reci
procity In its broadest sense, As to th
national platform, he said nothing definite
had been decided upon.
Th vie presidency 1 again In tho air
by reason of Speaker Cannon's protest
against the use of his name. Th polltl
ciana hereabouts look upon th selection
of Fairbanks as assured, although in the
six weeks befo'r the convention meets
much may be don for om other per
son. Snbeommtttea Bseki Up.
Th subcommittee of th republican na
tUnal lAmml t tV aoDolnted to make ar
mor Odeil ar-d yesterday that no appll- ..,. ,nr the eomlns national con-
cation for a pardon had rt ached him. . w the nurooae of
completing a preliminary organisation ot
Showers Thursday Frlrts),
Warmer la West Portion.
Fair and
Hoar. Des. Hour. Des;.
II i, m (7 1 p. m r
a. m AM U p. m t
T a. m nil a p. m...... M
a a. m 03 4 p. m tiH
0n.ni li.t II p. m o
10 a. m MT H p. m
11 a. at 4 T p. m "O
IS at Ol M p. m no
H p. at tiO
Bosnians Elated Over the Dead Piled
tp oa tho Banks of (ho Yala
Dartas; Flifht.
the convention-
After axreeirui that former Secretary ot
War EHhu Hoot would be recommended for
temnoranr chairmen, th subcommittee in
looking up the precedent found that It
had teen the custom for the Ml committee
to select the temporary chairman, and this
will be done at a meeting whloh Chairman
Payne will call tor Chicago June 16
Chsrles W. Johnson of Minnesota was
agreed upon as general secretary to th
convention. The committee also agreed to
Statistics showlna- the wholesale land tan recommend the following officer
frequently unnecessary) loss of lives fro,n Assistant Secretaries Chief ' Asslstsnt
hotel omiflagratlons In the past twenty-five I - . v,n- -hl .Tames o Cannon
years are so appalling that they almost John R MaJ, , h'' rn
tHssrer numan creoence. or mew lorn, t.ucifn urrj u nimui,, mi-
e cannot, nay muat not. close our eyes i tinn nt Wisconsin. T. Lnrrv Frve
5 . -fr ,Vh." r LJm1m:n" L.r-.'KTlS. of Pennsylvania, Rome C Stephenson of
gross negligence, with an almost utter dls- Indiana, John H. King of South Dakota,
reRarn or even the ordinary methods of
proper protection ta hotel guests, aside
from thoee which the laws afford, and
should compel.
Hence It Is up to the honorable hotel
men themselves to bring about a thorough
ar.d radical reform in this direction, and
that they can do It if they set about It
In the right manner no sane person among
inem ror a moment nas a aouot.
Walter 8. Mellck of California. .
Reading Clerks W. D. Harrison of Ne
braska, Dennis E. Elward of Michigan. E.
L. Lampoon of Ohio, T. W. B. Duck welt of
West Virginia, James II. Ston of Michi
ST. PETERSBURG, May 4 12:40 p. m.
The gloom which prevailed here yesterday
waa almoet completely dlitpelled this morn
ing when the people read the story of the
glorious fight mode by Genrrul Zussnlltch's
handful of rough regiments against the
flower of the ml kudo's legions at the Ya'.u
and ot the utter defeat of Vice Admiral
Togo's new attempt to seal the entrance
to Port Arthur.
It Is now plain that not more than L0O0
Rusgianb were actually engaged in the
fighting at the Ynlu against the Japanese
army of a total strength of between 30.000
and 40,000. The losses on both sides, which
are expected to reach 1,000 and possibly
1,200 in the Russian force and twice that
number for tho Japanese, make it ono of
the bloodiest fights In history. At the
river crossing the Japanese dead lie piled
up literally In heaps, and General Kurokl's
success was purchased at such a heavy
cost that the Russians are disposed to
regard it as rather a defeat than a victory
for him.
General Kouropntkln's dispatch shows
that the Russians fought with such bulldog
tenacity and bravery against the over
whelming superiority ot the enemy that
I ths latfv's nominal victory was rendered
expensive by tee prowess ot the csar'a
General Kouropatkln'a report also served
to restore General Zassalllch to public
favor. Those who were disposed to oritl-;
els him, even at tns headquarters of the
general staff, where It is considered tha;
he made a tactical blunder, now say that
he redeemed hlmse:f by his gallantry In
action and tha damage he inflicted upon
the enemy. About bulletin boards the peo
ple are Imprubsod with the desperattt
bayonet charge of the ElevontH regiment.
Tho mental picture of the regiment ad
vancing against the enemy, with bunds und
bugle blaring and the priest with cross
aloft at the head, appealed to the dramatic
sense of the Russian population as nothing
else could. Tha survivors of this heroic
regiment, which cut Its way out, declare
tJiat the position was surrounded by mors
than 1,000 dead Japanese.
The loss ot th guns, which, according
to the best Information obtainable, con
sisted of twenty-two field pieces and eight
machine guns. Is considered particularly
unfortunate, even though they will be of
no service to the enemy, on account of the
removal of their breech blocks, but mem
bars of th general staff say the science
of war offers many Instance where guns
hav bean saerinced to allow Infantry to
retreat. In good ider..
T)i official reports were Issued too late
for comment In this morning's papers.
Th emperor today revel ved the following
dispatch from General Kouropatkln:
Malor General Kaahatolinskv rcnorts a
'1 consider It my duty to report the cir
cumstances of the grievous, yut glorious
battle fought by ths troops under my com
mand Willi the superior lorces of tho Jap
anese on May 1
"Early on the morning of Aorll 30 the
Japanese begun to oppress our lelt Hank,
having on tho previous evening occupied
the Khtiesan heights sfter sn attack, in
consequence of which 1 ordered the Twen-
ty-seconu regiment, wnicn naa occupied
Khussan. to retire somas the Ai river to
our position at - Potketlnsky,
on tne morning or the same aay an
extraordinarily irolnn-d kih! violent
bombardment of our whole position at Klu
Lien Chang commenced from Wlju. I fore
saw that the Japanese, after the bombard
ment, in wnicn over z,ouo projectiles' were
discharged, would take tho offensive. Re
ceived orders from Lieutenant General
BansHlltrh to accept battle snd to retain
Jgpnn Tak Adtantifaaf aDsnia Tog
to Aocomplisi tha Taak.
Remaining Bissian Ehipi at Fort Ajthnr
Uoabla to 0t Ont
TwVU of Tcklo Sfjsicics Orsr This and
Victories on Yala.
School Cblldrea glng-lng la Street and
Today Will Be Oivea Over to tb
Fete Day of tb Boys of
at President's Desk Asher C.
Firetrao hotels are not only a great I Hinds of Maine.
menace to any community, but they are a I Official Reporter-MIlton W. Blumenberg
distinct reflection upon the legitimate, im- I t ,,,,-
portant and expensive notei nustness it-
self, so that In the Interest of this Im- Tally Clerks Fred B. Whitney of im
portant Industry, s well as human life. nnls. George R. Butler of Nebraska,
these should peremptorily be closed and m,.i-j.n..ei- t,,..
permanently, or their owners compelled to Messenger to cnslrman Ourley Brewer
comply with the laws In rendering them of Indiana.
as safe as it Is possible to make them. SerMnt-et-Arms William P. Ston of
First Assistant Rergeant-st-Arms David
Case Against Former F.mployea of
Postal Department Moves Slowly
at WasblBBjtoau
WASHINGTON. May 4. Richard M.
C. Owen of Wisconsin.
Chief of Doorkeepers Charles B. Montell
of Maryland.
Btato Gets Land.
Th secretary of the Interior today ap
proved the selection by th state of South
Webster resumed the stand in th Tyner tkota of thirty-on acre In the Plerr
and Barrett trial tonay. , . d.trtet ta k. ummA . f, .
A. S. Worthlngton. counsel for the de- ..... normai -eool The selection is m.i.
fense. cross-examined tne witness in regard an(, rrlultei unJer tn, ,abilng; act
to HIS testimony as iu ma pruceuure in lot- i
tery cases and the rule by which the fraud Postal Matters.
orders are recommended, and asked If his Rural routes ordered established June 1:
testimony before the grand Jury bad been I Iowa Humboldt, Humboldt county, on ad
the same as on the stand today. Assistant dltional; area covered, thirty-five aquar
United State Attorney Tnggart objected, 1 miles; population, 650. South Dakota-Con
but Justice Pntchara permitted the ques- ter Point Turner county, one routs; ares.
tlon "for the purpose of impeaching the thirty-two squsr miles; population, 40s.
wltneaa snd on no otner grounds. Ramona. Lake county, on additional:
Mr. Worthlngton argued that If It would area, twenty-nln auar miles: nooulatlon.
d nown wax mo Biumony oi in witness i jnj.
had varied on tb two occasion th court Rural carriers annotated for Iowa; AI.
blon, . Nettle Bee son, regular; George B.
Beeson, substitute. Soldier, Charles Isom,
regular; Dorsey M. Isom, substltuta
Mrs. Anna Welsh has been appointed
postmaster ' at . Horace, Greeley county.
Neb., vice E. B. Welsh, deceased.
would be bound to quash the Indictments.
The witness declared that his answers be
fore the grand and petit Juries wers In
tended to convey the same meaning.
The witness said that the case of suspen
sion reported from the office of the fourth
assistant postmaster general were first sub.
n4 t mA a TTuehner. a memhfir nf lh fifflp.
force. In regard to the bond Investment KlUNArlNU SI KIKE BREAKERS
companies under suspicion Mr. Webster
Novel Charge - Preferred Against
Members of Bakers Cnloa at
lid h had little knowledge.
Aay Candidate Acceptable If other
Party Will Endorse Called
Christian Platform.
CHICAGO, May 4. An attempt to import
twenty-nln baker from St. Louis to fill
th place of strikers lesulud today In a
ST. LOTTTS. May 4.-Th National Com- oomplalnt to the pollc that twenty-vn
mlttee and the delegate to th National t h Bt- Loulalan had been kidnaped by
convention of the United Christian party, member of th Chicago Baker' union.
who hav been in session her sine Bun- Two or tn s'.rming palters were arrestee
my intuition at the forts of FotietlnsKy
Family Poisoned by .Milk.
CEDAR RAPIDS, Is., May 4. Special
Telegram) Ths family of 3. C, Johnson Is
seriously ill from poisoning, but It Is
thought they will recover. Bread and milk
was served for supper and shortly after I Third and rourth districts were elected by
ths entire family wa taken sick. It Is the anti-Hearst men. but they will t,
Th convention seleoted A. M. Maxwell
or Wayne chairman of th state commit
t and instructed ror Charles A. Walsh
ror member or the national committ.
Following wer elected alternate delel
gates-st-lsrge: John Denlson, Wright
county; A. P. McQuIrk, Davsnport; Wslter
H. Dewey, Lucas, and Louis Murnh r..
District Delegate.
Th delegates rrom ths First. Second
suppted thst formalin was used to pre
serve ths milk snd that it was this that
sAbaf aivsraniU ogy alga lck,4 1; (fcymr, I catunxl Uit yolgoolri;
unsbl to do anything as they are tied
Co&Uu.ul a So4 Pat
day, hav appointed a nominating com
mittee of twelve to select candidates for
a national ticket at the next presidential
election. Th convention has adjourned to
meet here, after efforts have been made to
secure the endorsement of ono of the prin.
ctpal political parties of the planks eon.
snd the pollc are looking for th twenty-
seven mon who hav disappeared.
Th men arrived in Chicago and started
In a body for ths plant of the Schultse
Baking company, where they .had been
promised employment. When within half a
block of the shop they were surrounded by
talned In the Chrlstain party platform, several hundred union bakers ana sym-
udopted last Monday. If the platform Is pathlsers. Tb striker warned th nw-
rndorsed. It Is a Id, there will be no ind- comer not to accept work at th be-
pendent ticket, the I'nlted Chrlstain party leaguared bake shop. Soms of ths non-
agreeing to support the nominee of the I union men insisted, now ever, end a fight
party endorsing Its 1 1st form. I seemed Imminent. A riot call was sent in.
William R. Benkert of Davenport. Ia.. I but when th polios arrived tb crowd Sad
was re-elected as chairman of th na- disappeared. Only two of the 8t. Louis
tlonol executive committee. State chairmen men had uccedou In reaching the Schultse
wer alao appointed to secur funds tot g plant and th otaars bad boas, spirited
naUooai ooipsja, ., away.
v left flank waa defended l v two bat
talions of the Thirty-second reviment and
the Third battery of the Sixth brigade. The
Japanese took the offensive at 5 o'clock tn
tne morning, aispaiuning at least one di
vision of Infantry, whlcS advancing In
column, sustained enormous losses, but
crossed the ford and attacked our position,
which was exposed to the fire of thirty-six
field guns and alege batteries. The Jap
anese advanced and occupied the position.
"Towards noon I , ascertained that the
Japanese had nuted the lattullon of the
'1 wenty-secona . regiment nosiea si tjnin
Gow and were turning my left flank. At 1
o'clock in th afternoon my left Hank waa
reinforced by two battalions of the Elev
enth regiment and a battery commanded
bv Lieutenant CPlonel Mornvsky, which
were sent from the reserve by General
Sasnalltch with orders to hold their ground
until th departure of the xsiuth and Tenth
regiment from Sakhodss. 1 ordered the
Eleventh regiment tn hold a commanding
position In the rear from which tliey tould
fire on the enemy from two sides.
"I held Lieutenant Moravsky's battery
In reserve and ordered the Twelfth regi
ment the Third battery and the aulck-
firing gun to retire urtaer cover or tne
fjieventn regiment- my ciuei ot ston: lea
the rear guard te Its position.
"At 1 o'clock the Japanese approached
ao close to the Dosition held bv the Elev
enth regiment . that the Third battery could
not pass along unoer tne crons-nre, ana
taking up a position a short distance from
the Japanese, remained there until the
end of the fight, losing Its commander,
Lieutenant Colonel Moravsky.
"A company with quick-firing guns wa
brought up from the rear guard: and the
omcer commanaing mat torce, seeing in
dimcuit situation or Aioravsicy oatiery,
took ud the position on his own Initiative.
He lost half of hi men and all hla horses
and attempted to remove th guns by
hand to the shelter of the hills under the
Jspanese croea-fire. The quick-firing piece
discharged about ab.uuu bullets. .
"The Twelfth rrrlment cut its war
through snd saved its colors. Th Second
battery ot th Sixth brigade, having s.l
temnttd to reloln the reserves by another
route, oould not ascend tha mountain sioa
with only half Its horses, and retiring to
Its original position, received ths J .panes
"The Eleventh regiment, which held Its
around fur three hours witn neavy losses
forced a passage at the point of the bay
ivnet and crossed the ravines with Its cot
ors. It lost its colonel commandant, forty
officers and about 2,000 noncommissioned
officers and men. Th Japanese losses must
have been enormous.
"The Russlnns retired In good order on
Feng Wang Cheng,
Minister at it. Petersbargr Gives As
surances to Rnsala.
ST. PETERSBURG, May 4. Th Chinese
minister, who, having heard rumors of th
possibility that China might not remain
neutral, applied to Peking for information
and repelved a cablegram from the Peking
government ana viceroy, luan or.l Kai,
which! reads ss follows:
In reply to your telegram of Aoril 23. with
the object of putting a stop to unfounded,
rumors, we request you to deny them, de
claring sgain In the most formal manner
that China and the Chinese pjople will
faithfully oboerv neutrality. foil
authorised to say that the Chinese govern
ineit4 has given rigorous orders to the local
authorities to tnat neutrality Is strictly
Yna In talned and that the most complete
order is preserved In the whole territory
declared neutral. Moreover, w are able I
guarantee that owing to the measures w
have tsken any renewal of rvsut Ilk
(Copyright, by New York Hereld Co.. 1904.1
TOKIO. May l.-(Se Tork Herald
Cablegram 6peclal Telegram to The Bee.l
During a dense fog yesterday afternoon
the Japanese successfully , blocked Port
Arthur by sinking nln merchantmen at
the entrance which 1 now absolutely
sealed. Th Japanese fleet in effecting th
blockade stesmed Into th entrance at full
Naval officers who hsd mads previous
attempts begged permission to carry out
the next attack in daylight, that being
easier. Th roqust was grafted. So de
termined wer th naval chief to succeed
this time that they decided, it necessary,
to lose half their men, Th number of
insanities ha not ret bn cabled to
Tho cftcea of th War snd Navy depart
ments ai.d of tho general staff war tha
scenes of th greatest enthusiasm. Two oi
tse Imperial princesses visited ths Nov
department snd th assembled crowd wel
comed them with cheer. Than th throng
demanded Admiral Ito, chief of th general
staff and the hero of th fight on th Tslu
during the Chinese-Japanese war. Ha ap
pealed In response to ths calls of th peo
ple snd they saluted Mm.
It had been expected that tldlnjrw of th '
Port Arthur engagement would com from
Vice Admiral Togo some time durlni ths
day, but none war received. The report
which hss reached hor from Europ that
General Kouropatkln, ths commndi-!n-cVlef
of the Russian troops In the fsr east.
Is personally leading 20.000 troops from"
IJao Tang to Feng Wang Cheng, Is wel
comed as good news, on ths theory thai
th mora aggressive the Russian oampstfn
becomes th more speedy will be Japan's -
success. '
- t
Congratulatory telegram ar being re- -cetved
' frdtn foreign .THend and' re also
being exchanged between : th ' authorities'
at" Toklo end th naval and Tni'.ltarr cf-'
flclala nt ho front. ' .
Last night, ths populace organlcsj l-n-
promptu lantern ana transparency ' pro
cessions snd today ths school ehl'eren '
are singing In ths streets In honor of the
Japanese victory.
Tomorrow, May 9, I th boys tet day
In Japan and Gars rcnresentlna fish nr.
flying over every household. Ths. fins'
day Is on March S, when doll are displayed
representing famous heroines, Th 'Im
portant to May S Is accentuated by th
fact that It I being dedicated by th em
peror to commemoration of th memories
f the sailor and soldiers who hav died
for their country. " .
Thousands of persons will visit Yssukunt
shrine and make obelssnc to th slides
of the heroes. ?
LONDON. May 8. The Tokio correpnd-
ents of both th Dally Telegraph and th
Dally Chronicle assart thst Port Arthur
Is effectually "corked."
Heavy Flrl.gr 1. Heard to Seaward Off
Port af Waaaoa, Cerea,
(Copyright, by New Tork Herald Co., I0t)
WON SON (Via. Beoul). May 4. (New Tork
Herald Cablegram Speoial Telegram to
Ths Bee.) Heavy firing haa been hara to
seaward off her today and It presumed a
naval battle Is taking place. ,'
(Copyright, by New Tork Herald Co., IM.)
SEOUL, May 4. New York Herald Cable
gram Special Telegram to Th Beo.) Tho
Japanese merchant steamer Haglnowia
Maru, enrout from Wonson to- Fusao, la
considerably overdue and fears ara enter.
talned that It hat met th sams fat as
th Klnshin Maru.
Another . Russian raid ' down ths oast
coast wss reported. . '
Five hundred Russian cavalrymen hav
passed through Nong Song south boubd.
The Coreans In tl at district are welcom
ing tbem and repairing ths roads to faclll.
tat their Advanee.
PI nee Csar Removed to Rniumer ftonta
Correspondents A Delayed. ' ,
8T. PETERSBURG, May . Sloro th
mpror' removsl to Tsarskoy Salo, a
new system has teen Introduced of com
municating official messages Intended tef
publication to a special commission of
milltsry snd naval censors. Formerly ai;
telegrams addressed to ths emperor, re
ceived direct at the Winter pal act, wars
ssnt to Admiral Abasa, who d4ilphared
them and forwarded them to a commission
sitting In ths telegraph office. Th cn
sors read the messages carefully, omltled
a word or passage likely to prov Usaful
to th enemy and then a duplicate was
given out to ths onrratpondents, quartered
In an adjoining room. Ths only delay
sros from th censors sdjournlng from
t p. m. to ( p. m. Ths present arrange
ment Involves further delay. Messages
hav to com back from Tsarskoy Slo
after being deciphered. Those relating to
th Und operation go to th War minis
try and those referring to th sea move
ments ar taken to tb Marin ministry,
which ar respectively n trusted to glvs
them out .
Yssterdsy General Kouropatkln' first
taitftrfcia reached, th War nUulgtry ai
tAOSg 04 UUV M unpossiMS .
ti . v . "

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