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i t
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lOJIm lrSiOJlRL JM E L 0) K HU 0)
AY. M. C A. Building, Corner Sixteenth, and Douglas Sx,
Secretary Lansdowne has received explicit
Information which leads him to the be
lief that there la ho danger of the fail
ure of the Chinese to main atrict neutral
ity. The Chlneae minister called at the
Foreign office here thla week and so as
sured Lord Lansdowne. Any attempt at
mediation, according to tbe general opin
ion In official and diplomatic) circles, must
for the present at any rate be post
poned. , , ...
At the Japanese legation It Is thought
that RuBRla doea not Intend to make a
very determined resistance at Port Ar
thur. In support of this Idea, It ta pointed
out that Russia already has largely de
pleted its garrison at Fort Arthur and
that Viceroy Alexleffe departure from
there hardly seems a step that would be
adopted by a commander who dealred to
koep up the morale of his troops and
enable them to withstand a prolonged
siege. The Japanese officials here do not
court so much on the Japanese com
mander rucceedlng In starvlt.g out Port Ar
thur as to the Inevitable discouragement
which they believe will spread among the
already rather disheartened sailors and
aoldlers at Port Arthur, and which must
necessarily be heightened by a constant
sea bombardment,- menace by the land
force and complete isolation.
As regards the land fighting in Man
churia and the . disposition of the other
mysterious Japanese armies. Baron Hayshl
aid today: "You may be pretty sure that
the Japanese will not undertake any en
gagements In the near future unless our
forces outnumber those available by the
Russian commander, and I think you will
And the superiority of numbers will gen
erally, for ttla present at any rate, be
on'our side." .
Japs Meats Rapid Fire Gone.
BHANG HA1 KWAN, China, May 7.-An
officer of a torpedo boat who arrived here
from Tin Kow today, after confirming the
announcements of the landing of Japanese
troops on the Uao Tung peninsula, saye
the Japanese rapidly entrenched them
selves and mounted rapid-fire guns.
'(Continued from First Page.)
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pnuOka, Neb. - x
o'clock Tuesday mornlne-. The First de
tachment under Vice Admiral Togo arid Rear
Admiral Isashlha second In command, ar
rived off Port Arthur at In the morning
ior tne purposo 01 protecting tne destroyer
and the torpedo boat fotlllas and to search
for the crews of the sunken merchantmen.
The vessels of these detachments remained
until 4 o'clock of Tuesday afternoon, bui
their search was fruitless. The day was
foggy and It was Impossible to observe the
condition ot the enemy.
The detachmenta then returned to their
base and since the morning of May 4 have
oeen engagca in other operations.
Einperor.Whlle Grieved Orer Affairs,
lias Faith in Konropatkln.
BT. PETERSBURG, May When tho
war commission adjourned this morning it
failed to give out any official dispatches
regarding the situation on tbe Llao Tung
peninsula or at Feng Wang Cheng. Never
theless there Is no doubt that the Japanese
troops were In touch with the Russian
forces at Feng Wang Cheng, and the re
port that the latter had evacuated that
pluce is generally credited.
Surprise is caused by the withdrawal of
Oeneral Kouropatkln towards his base at
Llao Yang, as it Is stated that immedi
ately after he learned Of Oeneral Zaasa
lltch's losses he sent reinforcements to
him to enable him to retain his position.
What little Is known here shows that he
Intends to 'observe the same caution that
has distinguished the operations of the
Japanese Finding that he could not offer
battle at Feng Wpng Cheng with as even
chance of succesa, he has decided to fall
back, it Is thought, to tho Mao Ting pass.
Back of this pass Is another pass, with a
railroad connecting with Llao Tang.
It ia not at all unlikely that another
Japanese army will be landed upon the
peninsula. During the Chlno-Japnnese war
the Japaneao captured Port Arthur two
weeks after their disembarkation upon the
peninsula. The Russians say that the
Japanese will not find It so easy a task to
reduce Port Arthur as they did before.
The Japanese army marohlng . northward
along the railroad, once past Kol Ping,
can compel the Russians to evacuate New
Chwang or else undergo a battle or a state
of siege.
The possession of Feng Wang Cheng Is
or the highest Importance, as it places
under the control of the Japanese without
further opposition a large strip of Man
churia territory bordering upon the bay
of Corea and the road connecting Lino
Yang, Hal Cheng, New Chwang and
Pltsewo. The command of the road to
Pltsewo will enable this army to estab
lish communication with the Japanese
operating on the Lino Tung peninsula.
The stoicism of the people Is wonderful,
but the fact that It Is displayed shows
louder thnn words tho depression that Is
felt. Nevertheless, there Is no disposition
to criticise Oeneral Kouropatkln, In whom
tho people believe, and they will wait with
tile doggedness of the filav character, mani
fested In the dark days of the Turkish
war, for the victory which they are sure
Is to come.
The emperor is deeply " pained over the
Russian losses on the Yalu and regrets
that tho Investment of Port Arthur could
not have been prevented. He will, how
ever, acquiesce without question In the
plan of General Kouropatkln, even should
that plan contemplate the withdrawal of
the Russian army further Into the Interior.
after fierce fighting, and that the losses on
both sides wag very heavy.
Fighting has been - reported near Feng
Wang Cheng, but neither Japanese nor
Russian advices have announced a decisive
engagement. It ia unlikely, therefore, that
the rumor current at Antung ta correct.
Advices from Bt. Petersburg Indicate that
news of an Important battle near Feng
Wang Cheng Is expected momentarily.-
Itnsstans Decide Jfot to Give Battle
at Fens; Wang Chens;.
BT. PETERSBURG. May 7.-8:80 p. m.
Accordlng to a persistent rumor, General
Kouropatkln decided not to give battle n.
Feng Chang Weng. The Russians have
fallen back and the Japanese have re
occupied Feng Wang Cheng.
It Is believed hers that two other di
visions of Japanese troops will land near
New Chwang and attempt later to effect
a Junction with the army from the Yalu.
Report Is Kot Hollered fcr Those
Keeping Watch of r. rents.
SEOUL. May . A dispatch from Antung
aays It la rumored there that the Japa
nese captured Feng Wasg Cheng May 4.
Comment Over the Fact that Asnerfen
Take Jo Bonds.
PARIS. May 7. The critical situation et
Russia's land and sea forces ascites fever
Ish Interest, Russian reverses causing al
most aa much degression here as at Bt.
Petersburg. The officio view Is that Russia
has suffered a serious If not an Irreparable
blow. The Foreign office has not received
tonight official confirmation that Port Ar
thur was completely Invested by land and
son, but a leading ornclal saia:
We accept the Investment as an ac
complished fact for even If the harbor Is
not completely blocked an investment ea
sts for all practical purposes. The land
ing Is considered merely preliminary to a
upreme struggle which will soon occur
nrar Mukden. Upon that will largely de
pend the outcome of the war."
Diplomatic negotiations during the week
took a definite form to restrain China from
Joining Japan or otherwise breaking neu
trality. The French minister at Peking
and it Is understood all the ministers of
the powers, Including the United States,
Joined In the representation. Officials are
somewhat doubtful of Chinese promises.
The readiness with which the Russian
loan was placed in Paris is further evi
dence of French sympathy, and a belief
In the certainty of Russia's eventual suc
cess. Although the outside amount Russia
desired was liau.OOO.OOO, a single group of
French bankers were ready to underwrite
a $300,000,000 loan. Mm. Hottlnguer and
Noetslln will arrive from Bt. Petersburg
Mcnrtny and complete arrangements to
li-sue the loan. American bunkers! say thut
no portion Of it is likelv to be taken In
New York. It Is pointed out In thla con
nection In tho placing of Russian securi
ties on tho New York Stock Exchange
has not proved the success that was ex
pected. A leading Russian official here
said that not a single Russian bond has
been bought in America since the listing
took place.
Cbeo't of (40,000,000 on Account of Pc
ami Can si
Warrant Is Many Times Larger Thnn
Any Waleh Has Ever Before
Been Issued by This
Methods of Commnnleatlon Employed
nt Port Arthnr.
8T. PETERSBURG,' May 7.-10:10 p. m.
The Russian Admiralty expects to be able
to continue communication with Port
Arthur In spite of the cutting of the tele'
graph line. Masts for use In wireless teleg
raphy have been erected at the fortress to
communicate with stations at the north end
of the peninsula. Trained carrier pigeons
were also sent to Port Arthur soma time
ago and through one means or another the
Russian officers hope to retain communica
tion. The Admiralty is in possession of
specific Information to the effect that the
harbor of Port Arthur Is open.
Report of Russian Retrent front Fens;
Wans; Chens; Is Conflrahed.
BT. PETERSBURG, May 7.-8:10 p. n
The Russian retreat from Feng Wang
Cheng ts confirmed. The Japanese pressed
the retreating troops, though with few
losses to either side.
The Japanese destroyed the railway at
Fort Adams, blowing up the bridges.
Japanese Spllte Russian Gnns.
ANTUNG, Manchuria, May 1 (Monday,
Via Seoul, Corea, May T.) A Japanese
force today charged a thousand men of (he
Russian rear guard, consisting of a bat
talion of infantry and two batteries of
artillery, near Hamatan, west of Klu Lien
Cheng. After sustaining heavy losses the
Japanese spiked tbe Russian guns and
oaptured 400 prisoners.
Refuse Measagrea for Port Arthnr.
BT. PETERSBURG, May T.-The tele
graph office refuses to accept messages for
Port Arthur.
tnprerae Court Renders Deelslou
Important to Memhera of
Labor Unions.
TOPEKA, Kan., May T. The supreme
court today declared void the statute
which makes It unlawful to discharge an
employe because he belongs to a tabor
organization and which provides for the
recovery of damages for the discharge.
This la a decision of great Importance to
labor unions. T. P. Berry, an employe of
brick and tile company, was discharged
from Its service and he brought action to
reoover damages, r.lleglng that he was
discharged because he was a member of
a labor union. He recovered judgment In
the lower court and the brick company
appealed, Attacking the constitutionality
of the law.
Democratic Politician Accused of In
tlmldatlngr Voters In Eleotlen
at Jollet.
JOLIET. 111., May T.-Mayor William C.
Crollus, three of his police officers and
on cltlssn were Indicted today for con
spiracy. The policemen were also hold
for alleged intimidation of voters. The
mayor and police officers are alleged to
have Interfered with a number of repub
lican Italians, who, by arrests, threats and
other means were prevented from voting.
Mayor Crollus Is one of the leading can
didates for the democratic gubernatorial
Baby Finds n Bottle of Carbolic Acid
and Drinks It.
While the mother was unpacking an
old trunk a little 18 months old baby got
hold of a bottle of carbolic acid while
playing on the floor, and his stomach
was so badly burned, It was feared he
would not live, for he could not eat ordi
nary foods. The mother says, In telling
of the case:
'It was all two doctors could do to
save him, as It burnt his throat and atom
aoh so bad that for two months after he
took the poison nothing would lay on his
stomach. Finally I took him Into the
rountry and tried new milk, and that
was no better tor him. Ills grandma
finally suggested Grape-Nuts, and J am
thankful I adopted the food, for he com
menced to get better right away and
would not eat anything else. He com
menced to get fleshy and his cheeks Ilka
red roses, and now he is entirely well.
"I took him to Mstamoras on a visit
and every place we went to stay to eat he
called for Grape-Nuts, and I would have
to explain how he came to call for It, as
it was his main food.
The names of the physicians who at
tended the baby are Dr. Eddy of this
town snd Dr. Geo. Gale of Newport, O.,
and anyone can write to me or to them
and learn what Grape-Nuts food will dtj
for children, and grown-ups, too." Namo
given by J'oatura Co.. Battle Creek, Mich.
Look in each package for the famous
lltue book, "The Road U WeUvlile."
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. May 7-t8peclal Tele
gram.) Secretary Shaw this afternoon
Signed his name to the largest treasury
warrant ever drawn by the United States
government. The warrant is to pay for tho
concessions owned by the Panama Cnnal
company of France, and Its amount Is ,
000,000. The next largest treasury warrant
ever tesued was that which was drawn to
pay Russia for Alaska, $7,200,000. The small
est treasury warrant ever drawn was
signed by Secretary Foster for 2 cents,
made payable to Grover Cleveland. Th's
warrant was drawn shortly after Mr. Clevle-
land went out of office tho last time, and
was merely drawn as a matter of form to
straighten out the treasury books, this in
significant sum being found due the x
presldent. In 189 this government paid paln,
through the French ambassador, lo.Oilfl,
000 for the Philippine islands, but this
sum was represented by four warrants
of SS.OOO.OOO each. The 115,000.000 agreed
upon as the purchase price for the Louis
iana territory was paid In lf03 by the as
sumption by the United Stales of the
claims of citizens of this country Hgnlnst
France, amounting to $3,7.W,00), and the
Issue to France of certificates of atock
in the sum of 111,250.000.
Berry la Edltor-ln-Clilrf.
David S. Barry.' for fifteen years !n
charge of the Washington bureau of the
New York Sun, has resigned to become,
on July 16, the editor-ln-chlef of the Provi
dence, R. t., Journal.
President Confers with Walker.
President Roosevelt had an extended
conference today with Admiral Walker,
chairman of the It:'.. mien canal commis
sion, concerning matters connected with
the canal work. Admiral Walker sold on
leaving the White House that at present
the labor supply on the isthmus wis amplo
for the purposes of the commission. Just
now between 700 and SCO men, principally
Jamaica negroes, are employed. Thus far
It has not been decided by th? commission
whether tho work of construction Bholl
be done by contract or directly by the
commlnslon. Major William M. Black of
the corps of engineers, United States Ma
rine corps, had .1 talk with the president
today. He expressed the belief that the
sanitary problem confronting the commis
sion was not a serious one.
Appointments for West Point.
The president today mudo the following
appointments ut to West lolnt: j
John L. Clem, Jr., -nn of Colonel John
L. Clean, quarter..!.. . ., ,.1.1. an. ii. Em- I
ery. Jr., son ot Cniaulu tmeiy, L". S. A.;
Jfltilr W Itos rH urn ,11 t nnljln .limit W. '
Heard, U. 8. A.; jetemiah H. Drennan,
son of Ordnance nnd Cavalry Sergeant
Drennan, deceased; Gailsche A. Ord, son
of Captain E. O. C. Ord, U. 8. A., retired;
Horace Hays Fuller, son of Major Ezra
B. Fuller, U. S. A.
Two alternates for each of the six ap
pointees were selected and in case of the
failure of any ot the first six to pass the
examination, the alternate standing high
est In his examination will be selected.
The twelve alternates are aa follows:
James R. Altshlre, son of Captain Alt
shire, quartermaster; J. R. Smith, son of
Colonel Bmlth, U. B. A.: Theodore Mosher
Chase, son of the late Lieutenant Colonel
C. Chase, V. 8. A.t William Stannard Kel
lar, son of the late Colonel Kellar; Robert
H. Fletcher, son of Captain Fletcher, re
tired; William Trent Rosell, son of Major
noes ii, engineer corps; unester f. Mills
son of Colonel Mills, superintendent mil
itary academy) Miles Standlsh Slocum, son
of Major H. J. Slocum. Second cavalry;
Stanley Maddox Rombough, son of Captain
Rombough and grandson of General David
Btaniey. retired: tamuna Russell Andrews
son of Major Henry M. Andrews; Herbert
Baldwin, son of Malor W. H. Baldwin.
commissary; A. P. Barry, son of Chaplain
tienry Barry.
For the District of Columbia the presi
dent appointed Herbert Harries, son ot
Oeneral Oeorge H. Harries, with Logan
Cunningham and Kenneth Taylor as alter
nates. Cunningham ts a relative of the
late General John A. Logan.
Acting Commissioner of the i Indian Bto.
reau Tener today Issued a circular letter
to Indian agents and bonded school super
Intendents throughout the country notify-
lng them that It has been decided to hold
Indian service institutes, to be devoted
mainly to practical work and discussion,
as follows: Dopartmont of Indian educa
tion at St. Louis from Juno 2S to July 1.
Paclflo coast Institute at Newport, Ore.,
from August 2 to 28. At a later date It
may be decided to hold several local lnsti
tutes In other sections of the country.
Rural carriers Appointed for Iowa routes
Castana Regular, Charles A- Rawllnga;
substitute, Nellie V. Rawllngs. Humboldt
Regular, Oeorge W. Lovrlen; substitute,
Frank H. Loverlen. Charles E. Bnavely,
appointed postmaster at Manhattan, Cook
county, Wyo., vice Ettle M. Lincoln, re
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This Week
' 10-lnch
lawn mower-
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Poultry Netting.
ltnkrs Mailable iron
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Wire Screens.
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time may be saved by promptly applying
Chamberlain's Pain Balm to the Injured
parts, It will cure a sprsln in one-third
the time tequlred by the usual treatment.
Last winter Herb. W, Edwards of Des
Moines, la., got a fall on an Icy walk,
spraining Tnla wrist and bruising his knees.
'The next day," he says, "they were so
sore snil stiff I was afraid I would have
to stay in bed, but I rubbed the parts well
with Chamberlain's Pain Balm and after
a few c.ppl!?et!enf an soreness oaa disap
peared. I feel that this bottle of Pain
Balm saved me several days lime, to say
nothing of the ruflerlng."
Supreme Court gsjetalns lower Court
ia Proceeding Against AN
lrced Coal Trust.
TOPEKA, Kan., May T.-The supreme
court today upheld the decision of District
Judge Hasen in the coal trust cases, so-
called, who last winter sentenced two
Kanaaa coal operators for contempt of
court for refusing to answer questions put
by a county attorney In a state Investiga
tion Into the workings of sn alleged coal
combine. John Jack and John Bell, the
operators, refused to testify on the ground
that their testimony might Incriminate
them and were sentenced to the county
Jail. They appealed to the supreme court
for release on habeas corpus. The su
preme court, while upholding tne decision
of the lower court, however, holds that
persons cannot be prosecuted for any
disclosures they may make on the witness
stand. The decision Is of the utmost Im
portance to the stale as It makes It pos.
slble for the attorney general and county
attorney to Investigate alleged violations
of the law by the trusts.
pZZZs It is not so much of a calamity
y that a man contracts disease or
weaknesses, but that he neglects
them or fails to secure the proper treatment
for their cure.
Twe Ord Weddings.
ORD, Neb., May T. (Specie I. ) The past
week has witnessed two mnrrliiges or Url
young people. Wednesday evening C!:ir-
ence Mayo and Emma B. Keown were the
contracting parties and on Thursday even
ing the groom was Arthur W. Perkins and
When you are sick and suffering
with a disease that Is sapping your
life away, you muBt not experiment
with free treatment propositions or
incompetent doctors or specialists. It
Is then you need the very best, the
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ment. Come to the State Medical In
stitute, where you are sure to get the
DON'T WAIT until your whole sys
tem Is polluted with disease, or until
. your nervous system Is tottering
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physical and mental wreck, unlit for
Worn, stuay, ousiness or marriage.
With special diseases and weaknesses
We will make a thorough and scientific examination of your ailments, an
you can make no compromise. You
must conquer them now by the rltrht
treatment, or they will till your whole
life with failure, misery and woo.
I'ncertaln, improper or half-way treat
ment can only do harm. The worst
cuses we have treated wure tlioi"e tliut
had been Improperly treated before
coming to us, some huvlng heen
maimed for life by bunKllug nurgtc.il
procedure. We uure by restoring and
preserving Important organs. We do
not advocate their mutilation or de
struction In an effort to make a quick
cure. Every afflicted man owes it to
himself. Ills family and to the future
generations to get cured BAF1-JLY and
examlnatlon that will disclose your true physical condition, without a knowl
edge of which you are groping In the dark
thut they cun onme to th
We want all ailing men to fei-1
Is Institution freely for an explanation of their condi
tion without being bound by any obligation whatever to take treatment unless
they so desire. We cure:
Stricture, Varicocele, Bulsilom, Nervo-Ssxuil Dsbllity,
Impotency, Blood Poison (Syphilis), Rectal,
Kidney and Urinary Diseases
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abuse or the result of specific or private diseases.
AaiCI'l TATIASJ fDFP Office Hours 41 a. in. to S D. m.
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Sundays, 10 to 1 only.
1308 Farnam St.. Bet- 13th and 14th St.. Omaha, Neb.
the bride Maude M. Morris. The young
people are all well and fuvorably known
throughout the county.
TECVMBKH, Neb., May 7. (Special.)
Leslie V. Hays and Miss Jennie Bchinidt,
popular young people of this community,
were msrried at the home of ths bride's
parents. Mr. and Mrs. Henry BchmlUt,
Wednesday evening. The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Stannard of Raymond,
a relative of the groom.
Chssikcrluln'i l!oeh Hr.irli '
West Made.
"In my opinion Chamberlain's Cough
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Thrre Is no doubt about Its being the best.
No other remedy will cure a cold so
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