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Telephone (M.
BM, Msy 1. 144.
"Whatever U creates
within man as wilt
Hve sooner
or later."
a pair.
Fnnrr hose supporters made of good quality fancy frill satin cmmihi are m fear ihat their
taHCJ nosehuppnrio iua t b i,u Mark 7.V will be destroyed when the Russlnn
on and silk elastic; colors, pink, blue, white and black, toe Um of New Chwan(f compIete
forcee In the direction of Harbin, and It hi
not thought that they will rlik any fight
on the Liao Tunc Peninsula.
Aa they retreat to the north the Russians
are burning the railroad stations and such
foodstuffs aa the are unable to take with
thm. Much Chinese property has been 1e-stroyed.
The Chinese stocks of merchandise at
New Chwang are the largest In Manchuria,
being ralued at $50,000,000, and the local
black and
Klelnert "Hook-on'
white, 60c a pair.
Vlclnttrf'a "Hnflk on'
nlnV. hlu. red. black and white.
w mn rirrr a enmDlrte line
pad. in pink. blue, wni.e '-" J" ,h. ,.. numbers, at pop-
s-i i t m in nwrii n u v t-i i ir mm t . -v .
WW a R it I lie in DincK ina wmi?. -ii
.f,i.itn. fancy frill Ilk .Haatlc, In pink, blue,
. . . i av1a.e.lr-
and Bldo Elastics, made of best quauiy
of the Foster Hon Supporters, made with large
from 600 to ii. a a pair.
tilsr prices.
u,j mi, " ' . , i war
Psvs 4 per cent interest annually, compoun oea iuur - .
iMnt nr withdrawn
Soft Leather Belts In black
md bro
on all deposits, until
n at 60c and 11.00 each.
Our Dennsit Account Department
Open a Deposit Account and bare your purchases from this etoro charged
""youmay draw out all or part In CASH or merchants, any moment you want it
Colonel Muenthe, military adviser to Yuan
Shal K!, commander-in-chief of the Chi
nese forces, hits returned to Peking. He
would not talk as to the nature of his er
rand here.
United States Consul Miller has been per
mitted to receive cipher dispatches from
Minister Conger, but he Is not allowed to
answer these messages in cipher. The cen
sorship Is adamantine.
The railroad to Port Arthur has been re
paired temporarily and a tralnload of am
munition haa reached there.
Tl S-W 9
IrYrarr rrtlrCT Ci I
M. C A. Building. Corner Sixteenth and Douglai StV
Ping Tao, where It was said the enemy;
scouts were lurking. Westward gleamed
the Mlao Tao IslHnds and nearer the
Tiger s Tall and Uho Te flhan, while be
hind, far, far away, towered the Eagles
Net, whence a view is obtainable of the
whole of the Regents Bword peninsula.
Out upon the limitless ocean twelve tiny
spots Indicated the Japanese warships, and
smaller dots the enemy's swift-moving tor
pedo boats watching the coast to PTnt
iny of our craft slipping through to Cue
Foo or New thwang. I decided to steal
through during the night across the stretch
and Ueneral Stoessel proposed
time. We thought that poor Odlntsoff
would never return. .
n i.t aw the smoke of an sp-
rin Aa tha JaDanese were
L.YX f?v landed an engineer batUllon,
with rails, locomotives and cars, we wero
.-a-i eaB. am. a as an Kste. f1 hilt W O"
elded to go to meet the train. A turn or
the line brought us In sight of a long
bridge. The train had halted beyond, ir
ussiana were on ooara we inuuani
ust have met Odlntsoff, who had cer
ilnly told them that the bridge was fe-
that 1
should accompany Captain Odlntsoff, who
had been empowered io enter iniu "sa
tiation with the enemy. We left Port
Arthur at S o'clock In the morning and
two hours later reached the position com
manded by the energetic and tireless Gen.
. eral rock, who defends the whole north
ern section of Liao Tung. Reports were
coming In every few minutes of Japanese
lending", large and small, of first en
counters With our outposts, of first losses.
The busy work on every side, digging
trenches, throwing Up redoubts and general
feverish military activity, contrasted with
peaceful nature, adorned by, beautiful
sprliur, the bloom of lilac, almond and
apricot blossoms. ........ .
It waa a fairy picture framed by hills of
hue. The Chinese villages nestling
In the verdure continued to wear an aspect I
of Idyllic repose. -General
Fock haa learned the secret of
ublnulty. He does not reaulre food. His
men are bright and active. Beoutlng parties
penetrate every nook and corner, appearing
when the enemy least expects them. We
went on to Kin Chow, distinguishable In
the distance by the threatening profile of
Its defenses. .
We decided after passing Kin Chow io
Stick to the railroad, boarding an open
freight car, which the locomotive pulled
along the deserted line to flanshtllpou.
There waa not a single employe there, but
the station waa crowded with Chinese. As
soon aa we neared the station three horse
men dashed off toward the hill to the east.
The station building was Intact, but the na
tives reported the railroad building at the
station beyond afire.
Captain Odlntsoff njnunted the locomotive
and ordered the engineer to go ahesd,
lesvlnor m behind in command of the
frelshl car and a second locomotive With
soldiers on board. Captain Odlntfoff or
dered me, If the Japsnese cavalry ap-
peered, to return to Kin Chow without
awaiting him. adding that If he did not
return by 1 o'clock that evening to turn
back, anyhow,
Two hours later Captain Odlntsoff met a
small detachment of our cavalry eight
mllea ahead and sent back to me note
book, requesting me in case he failed to
turn up to proceed to Port Arthur and to
hand the book to General Stoessel. we
waited another hour, saw smoke In the 'dis
tance and concluded that It came from de
serted barracks. Then followed an anxious
li2'7 "V.I Vu.i .V;: .h i ere on board
the train were Inapectlng the bridge ami
concluded they must be Japanese. Conee-
t. maKing prep-
Flnally. as
quently we began to retreat
. . u n v ftmeraencv.
f. , ,in nut- Held Blesses re
vealed Russian uniforms It proved to be
nsrtv neaaea ny voionn d iniuunn..
.SJ.. m.n nf the Fortieth Amur rell-
road battalion, who had boldly, come pver
the damaged .line, repairing
It as they
We Joined the colonel and went back to
Wafandlen. Whence the following day he
took through an ammunition train to. Kin
Chow. It waa one of the braveat feata of
the war.
nmrn nennrts Kldnaplaa" n
RleU Nettves.
vmw f HWANG. May l.-(Vla Tien
Tmn irhlneaa bandits are committing
denredatlona In the vicinity of Tin Kow.
Several rich natives who were kidnaped
h ih.m rrnm New Chwang have been
M. Pavloff. formerly Russian minister to
Cores, and now the representative of
Viceroy Alexleff, who Is one of the ablest
of Russian diplomats, Is now In Peking, and
It la bellev.td that ha is endesvorlng to
Japan Takes Rlgoroas Action to Ces-
- eeal Movemeat of Troops.
SEOUL, Monday. May . via Shanghai.
May 11 The second Japanese army, num
bering 70,000 men, left Chlnnampo on thirty
three transports May 4. The soldiers were
crowded on board In the closest manner
one ship having J.SOO men on board. So
closely were they packed between decks
that exercise was Impossible, and very
little otr was obtainable, but In spite of
these discomforts there was no grumbling.
Every precaution was taken to prevent
news of tho departure of the army from
leaking out. The residents of Chlnnampo
were strictly disciplined and no one was
allowed to enter or leave the town. Thrse
Americans, however, aucceeded In escaping
from Chlnnampo on board a Junk. Twelve
days later thoy reached Chemulpo.
The Japanese will probably compel the
emperor of Corea to resume his residence
at the Kauvel palace, from which he fled
on April 14. This would make Japanese
Influence over the emperor supreme.
The Japanese merchants, soldiers and
coolies are becoming arrogant and the
Coreans are subordinated and helpless.
The Japanese have established a naval
base at Port Lataref, on Broughton bay, a
short distance north of Gensan. The en
trance of Port Lataref is defended by
The Russian squadron at Vladivostok Is
practically bottled up by the Japanese
fleet. Scouting vessels are watching the
It Is asserted here that only one dlvu Ion
of the second Japanese army Is landed on
ths Llao Tung peninsula, and It Is asserted
that the rest of this army will go ashore
it Taku Shan.
CriiitKot let At;t d Dpiti the W h
d awat ?f Trooa,
Coaclasloa of tho 1'ieaeatatloa of the
Brasilia Case la tho Contro
versy Ot Boa4ary
WASHINGTON, Juay II Notwlthsind
Ing reports by cable to the effect that
Peru has consented to withdraw her troops
from the Acre region now in dispute be
tween Peru and brasll, It is said that the
offer is coupled with the demand for the
neutralisation of tho territory, ths crisis
has not been averted. Meanwhile the ar
gument between the representatives of ths
two countries "in Washington continue
and the latest contribution, which It ui
said marks a conclusion of the presentation
of the Brasilian case, waa given to the
press today from the BraxMan legation.
The statement follows:
The Interpretation given by Brssll to the
treaty of lofil lias aiways iteen the same
ana the oniy one compatible with Inter
national la, nunieiy, mat by tiie prin
ciple Utl Possideila as adopted in the treaty
of 1861, Peru recognised iub teri.ui.es i
the soutn and earn ul the I'atu as be
longing to brasll.
The L'tl Possidetis, as outlined by the
Peruvian leifiiLioil itAHtfU Uuwn U CuiOlUSl
title, the treaty of 8t. lldetonso of utt Is
unfortunately a novelty, lor It would
amount to basing right on a tr-aty null
and void by iniei national law as well as
by the recognition ol l'ortugul and bpaln
and the bouth American nations, after
their independence, 'that treaty, in fuot,
became invalid in consequence of the war
whloh broke out In lew before Portugal
and Hpain, and never since waa re-established.
The best proof of the Invalidity of that
title was given by Peru herself when she
thought a new treaty necessary and set
tling the boundary with Brasll adopted
In W51 the principle of utl possidetis, as
the only title remaining. No mention or
reserve being made of the defunct treaty
of 1Ti7. Peru also has no right based oh
actual possession, for that possession, up
to the sources of the rivers Juruit and
Purus, has been shown to be Brasilian
under the prinoiple of utl possidetis fol
lowing the rule of Plnckney and Monroe.
The protest made by Peru rE!nt the
treaty of 1M1 between Brazil and Bolivia
waa never admitted nor given the least con
sideration by Brasll. Besides, by that
tre.Uy Brazil did not recognize the terri
tories as belonging to Bolivia. It is true
that later, under a' very liberal interpreta
tion and with a view to favoring Bolivia
for political purposes, some governments of
Brazil ceded the territories to it. But this
was only a cession and a cession msdo
against powerful expression of public opin
ion. The recent treaty of Petropolls was for
that reason designed to readjust the matter
bv tho reassertion of Brazil's rights.
The title of Brazil to the territories Is
not. therefore, the recent treaty of Petro
polls. Against Bolivia, as against Peru, the title
on which the right of Brazil Is established
Is the title possessed pre-exlstent to any
treaty. I
The right of Brasll being thus Clear and
perauade the Chinese government to take Wth tt.gATi to tne rep0rt that the Japa- i freuiy of lbl, Brazil Is but fair and friendly
admitting the new claim or reru ana
SnsB-eetlon that Japanese May Oecapy
Plaee After Rosslana Leave.
ST. PETERSBURG. May 13.-4:27 a. m.
over the New Chwang section.
Japanese scouts were seen yesterday
even miles southeast of Kal Chou.
A part of the Japanese army la at present
marching from Hslu Yen to the northwest.
The number ol this force cannot be ob
tained, but It Is known to be considerable.
The Russians are moving two regiments
In and out of New Chwang. for the pur
pose of, creating the Impression among the j
natives that they have a number of men
here. These two regiments comprise the
only Russian force In thla vicinity, the re-
nese have threatened the Peking govern
ment that they would occupy Chinese ter
ritory unless the Chinese drove out the
Russians, tho Foreign office denies there
have been any Russians In Chinese terri
tory except opposite New Chwang and Sin
Mln Ting, the terminus of the Chinese rail
road, and in view of their retirement from
New Chwang no one kfiowa the exact situa
tion at those points.
The Foreign office recognizee that the
protection of foreigners at New Chwang
must be provided for. While it seems prob-
malnder of tho troops her formerly being ab,e that Chinese regulars will be asked to
moved toward Mukden.
Tho belief prevails hero that the Rus
sian authorities will soon move the Mukden
Mil ' ' i
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enter New Chwang there Is a, suggestion
here that perhaps an arrangement could be
made by which the Japanese would occupy
that place Immediately after the withdrawal
of tho Russians.
Ko Coadrmatloa at Hew in wan 01
Reported riftht at Wa Fane Tien.
NEW CHWANG. May U.-The Russians
deny the report circulated In London that
a fight has occurred near Wafung Tien, In
Which the Russians were defeated with
great loss. No continuation of tno rt..mor
la obtainable from other sources.
A dispatch from London May 11, aald
the Dally Chronicle dispatch from Shan
Hal Kwan, said the Japanese army, march
ing In division. In order to co-operate with
General Kurokl, had defeated tho Russians
nesr Wa Tung TJcn, great loss.
The Chronicle's correspondent noted tnat
there are two Wa Fung Tlens, one on the
railway north of Port Arthur, twenty miles
from Pltsewo, and tho other forty miles
west of Pal Ping, on the road to Feng
Wang Cheng. .
Rosslana at Artillery Practice.
SHAN HAI KWAN, May 11.- p. m.-A
private letter which has been received here
from New Chwang, dated May 18, declares
that there Is a division of the Japanese
army twenty miles south of that place.
The letter says further that the firing heard
south of New Chwang yesterday haa been
plained by the Russian authorities
artillery practice.
Port Artbnr la Isolated.
ST. PETERSBURG. May 18. Both tele.
arson and railroad communication with
Port Arthur have been cut off.
Write for Catalogue.
1BU Douglas Street.
(Continued from First Page.)
Omaha De Exposition Coupon
A Trip to St. Louis
0i Vote fsf .
tlons In certain casss. This change waa
adopted by the conference.
Matter of Time Limit.
The committee on Itinerancy met and
heard the report of a subcommittee on
the matter tf a time limit upon tenure of
pastorates. The report favored leaving the
matter where It Is at present; that is. an
unlimited tenure. Ths sentiment of the
..n committee seemed to approve, of
this recommendation, although formal dls
usalon was fleferred. It ssems to bo the
opinion of the commltte that a rule adopted
four yeact n" "ol ,vrn ",r
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Omaha Deo Exposition Coupon
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ahnwlnor Its dlartosltion
nation under the usual conditions, snd Is
resort to arbl
ldltions. snd li
lustltled in asking the evacuation of the
territories unlawfully occupied by Peru, a
condition accepted and followed by other
nations In similar cases.
Mabea Annaal Address.
tr. D. A. Foote returned this moraine
from a three days' trip to Chicago ana
Michigan. He gave the annual address at
the alumni banquet of the Chlcsgo Homeo
pathic Medical college Tuesday evening at
the Auditorium hotel.
A permit has been Issued authorising P.
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The committee was unanimous in arnv-
... . . . . I
Ing at this decision ana ieeis ui n
done ths very best thst was possible under
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ter were attruded to at the mejling yes
terday, but nothing elss of special Importance.
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the Indlotments found by the present grand
Jury are taken up.
The fsderal grand Jury concluded its
labors yesterday at 4 p. m. by returning
bunch of eight Indlotmenta. Among
them were the following: Arthur Bmlth,
a soldier of th Tenth United Btates cav
alry, charged with stabbing with intent
to wound and assaulting wltn intern io
kill one Roy Matney. a hack driver on
tha Fort Robinson military reservation,
February U; Liorenso U Hllo, assistant
postmaster at St. Michaels, Buffalo county,
embesslement of $646.66 postofflce funds
March Ml W. 0. Wright, allaa E. W.
-&'rlght, for Impersonating a federal of
floer with Intent to defraud Mr. and Mrs.
Otis D. Reeve of Omaha of a board bU,
having, it la charged, claimed to ne a
United States gauger and upon this claim
was enabled to become Indebted to them
board and rent. Another case tor
which an Indictment waa found was that
against a newspaper emior oi wayns,
Neb., for violating the United Btates laws
In the printing and circulating obscene
literature. A capias has been Issued for
the Utter and a deputy marshal has been
sent to arrest him.
Thirty-nlns Indictments have teen rounu
by the grand Jury at this sitting. The Jury
was discharged last evening upon the sub
mission of its Anal report.
Indian Walks lata Arrest.
An indictment was found against Peter
Roulllard, a Santee Indian, for selling
llQuor to Indians. A capias has been Is
sued for him, but the exact whereabouts
of the accused was not known. However,
he very conveniently put in an appearance
In Omaha within a short time, not sus
nactln hs was wanted by the .United
Btates authorities, and he made a personal
appeal to Deputy Marshal Allan for
financial aesistance to get dbck noms. i n
deputy marshal flashed the capias upon
Roulllard and took him into cusioay. ,
Roulllard was unable to furnish the
requisite bond and was lodged In the county
Jail to await trial.
Indlotments also were returned against
Frank Matesr and William O'Donnell. sa
loon keepers at Center, for bootlegging,
and both men were brought here Thursday
night and lodged n Jail In default of bail.
An indictment haa been returned against
Richard Olaf Olson of Omaha for opening
and secreting mall of another peraon. Ol
son Is charged with having appropriated a
letter addreese to Harvetto KlrkendaTl of
Omaha end converted the contents, valued
at II. to his own use, on March .
Hehbery at Postofflca.
Edwin Oordon was Indlctsd on the charge
of robbing the postofflce at Newoastlo.
Dlaon county, on the night of December
T, X. He Is charged with breaking Into
the poatofflce and stealing postage sumps
to the value of 10
amount of Jua.lS.
A number of the Indlctel persons are at
large and their names are withheld for
prudential reasons.
The trial of criminal cases will begin
June S. The first es.es to be tried will
be those Indicted by the November term
of the grsnd Jury, which will Include the
land fencing cases, with Bartlstt Rlchsrds
and others as ths most prominent
of these esses, and ths esse of former
Adlutsnt Generst I.. W. Colby. The specific
dates for these respective hesrlngs have
not yet been ned. However, the oiq In
dictments ail will be disposed of befois
Mrs. 8. D. Sargent entertained Informally
at whist Wednesday afternoon at her home
at Twenty-third and Webeter streets. Tha
high score east and west waa made by
Mrs. E. C. McShane and Mrs. R. C. Moorei
north and south by Mrs. Arthur Pinto and
Mrs. Fred Hall, Amerloaa Beauty roses
being the teward. Three tables were used.
Mrs. Charles Kountse entertained In
formally at luncheon Wednesday compli
mentary to Mrs. Robinson of Rock Island,
111., who Is tho guest of Mrs. William
Tracy Burns.
Tho Toung Ladles' Pleasure club gave
the last of Its series ot danoes Wednesday
evening at Chambers' academy, seventy
five couples being present. The olub colors,
red and white, wero used In the decoration
of the hall with most pleasing effect The
club has arranged for a series or summer
dances to be given at Manhattan beach.
The members of the Phoenix High Five
olub were guests Thursday aftarnoon at
the home of Mrs. B. Harris, 1906 North
Twenty-fifth street, Mrs. E. A. Leopold of
Cleveland, O., and Mrs. J. H. Harris being
the guests of honor. The first prise for
the game waa won by Mrs. Julius Ungor
of Council Bluffs and tha second by Mra.
Joo Phillpps.
Mrs. Herman Kountso has returned from
New York, where she accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Nash 2d on their way to
Miss Mary Malone Is spending the month
at her former horns at Springfield, 111.
Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Snyder of Des Moines
are spending a few days in the city, the
guests of friends.
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Prltchard are en
tertaining Mr. and Mrs. Hay den of Chadron
this week.
Cablegrams have been received from Parle
and Havre announcing the arrival of the
Nash party. Mr. rred Nash Id stood the
trip very well.
The Toung Ladles' Harmony elub gave a
very onjoyabls dancing party Thursday
evening at Chambers' academy, about sev-enty-Ave
couples being present. Ths hall
was trimmed effectively with violet and
white hangings.
Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Snow of Dead wood.
ft n . have announced the ei.aagement ot
their daughter, Miss Queens' Hortense, to
Mr. Henry alven Cox of Fella, la. The
wedding will take place In June.
Among the larger affairs arranged for
next week Is a dancing party to be given
at Chambers' academy Monday evening by
the Han scorn Park and Capitol H1U Dane
Ing clubs.
Save Money
by buying your
what you WANT, what
Hear from us before you buy. J'ar
tlculars mailed free. Olvo your occu
pation and data of birth In first letter,
this will enable us to answer you In,
veillgently. References Commnrolal Ageaeiea or
Omaha banks. Address
Ilrown Block, Omaha, Neb.
Tou not only save money, but gt
r&at vou WANT, what you cun DiC-
1- END on and what Is OUAHANTKKU,
food xnsiMaor.
Office aaa Infirmary, Uth and Mason Sts.
OKAtfA. NEB. Telephone ESS.
cm tts
Woodward A Burgssa,
Prices, t0ct 75e. II. Si. 60, $1. No Free List
Monday and Tuesday, May 10-17.
As Robert of Sicily, In
Beginning Sunday Matinee, May 15
jss Snd Emma Jeaa Carlatoa In Ibo
Baantlfnl Pastoral Play
Was She To Blame
Base Ball!
May IS, 18, 1, 1.
t o sua o
Everything conducted on the same high moral standard us
in the fast.
the same tlma Tor man or wasi. rrice, on.

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