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Ii-CLa:ra.ai; Lebr Visits Headquarters,
C(lu die ting Canards of Tricton.
( bilrma Borri Take Oeen.lon t
ElfertlTely Ksplode Cmpii
I'tkri Conrorted b tkr Opposi
tion 1're.a for Thunder.
Hnry F. thr f AlHm, who res:gnd
from the chairmanship of the repub.lcan
n.te central committee because of press
of private busine and the llln" of his
wife, was a caller el the state headquar
tera. "Mr. Lehr-" visit demonstrated better
titan anything elm- that h. resigi.arlr n m
not the result of uisautisfaxlion with the
nominee or the propria d conduct of the
campaign," declared Chairman Burgers. He
rae every Indlcati'ia that he Is anxiu for
republican success In Nebraska this year
end 1 doing what he can la bring it about.
He in the head of one of the beat county
organisations we have, and a republican,
ail the time. He expressed the belief that
the republican ticket will carry the Hate
raslly thl year."
Chairman Purge s.lso ha taken occa
ion to deny statements to the cffct tha.t
National Commituwnmn R. B. Schneider
of Fremont Is trying to arrange matter
o that republican members of the next b-g-
lslatura would be unfriendly to the Farm
ers" and independent elevator Interests of
the stale. The fart that Mr. Schneider la
heavily Interested In the grain and ele
vator business, not only in Nebraska, but
throughout the west. wa raid to have been
uand a the basis for this argument.
"Th matter was brought up at the meet
Ing of tha committee and candidates last
Saturday," aaid Chairman Burguas, "and
Mr. Schneider denied ajiy such Interest or
efforts. His statement satisfied the In
quire and Jeft no doubt but that tha re
ports are unfounded. There la pimply no
truth In these allegations, which have been
started by tha democratlo press for cam
paign fuel."
Effort era under way toward retting
speakers of national prominence from the
eaat to apeak In .Nebraska, but who may
be assigned will not be known till after
the first of the month. Borne of the best
stump talkers of the party are In view and
no pains or effort will be spared to get the
best there Is to expound republican doc
trine to reputolioans and other open-minded
voters of the state.
Efforts' f local democrats to organise a
Parker and Davis league in - Omaha are
limping along without much display of
spontaneity or enthusiasm. , After the St.
Louis convention leaders of the defunct
Success league, which was unmercifully
turned down at tha primaries, announced
that a big Jollification meeting would be
held to gloat over the downfall of Bo an
In the national convention. Le-ter this idea
was abandoned and a plain "ratification"
meeting at which W. J. Bryan and demo
crats of all factions would be Invited was
proposed. Finding do special response to
this proposition, the Suocee leagtffcrs
dumped the thing on the Jacksonian club,
which stood It In a dark and lonely ooroer,
to accentuate the "ghastilness" that Dan
Custer talks about. No tneetiag of any
kind ha been held and since the fusion
deal at Lincoln about every democrat In
town of any prominence not out for an
office begs to be excused when asked to
talk "politic. The proposal lor a Parker
league 1 the last hope of the chosen few
who desire to reap a harvest by federal
appointment tf the democratic ticket should
win out.
While little Is being said and the work
jelng done at republican state headquarters
is on the Quiet, It has been given out thnt
cue of the principal campaign documents
to be used in the state fight la the re
markable showing the republican state ad
ministration has made in the economical
conduct of publlo institutions. Figures al
J ready prepared show a great saving over
' the last fusion regime, the analysis re
's veallng that it has coat 118 less per inmate
f per annum under the Mickey administra
tion than when stats affairs were handled
by the democrats said pops.
No secret whatever Is being made of the
fact that the Union Pacific is doing all It
can to force the nomination of W. F. Gurley
for congress. Political callers In John N.
i Baldwin's office are told so frankly and
i urged to work for the road's preferred
candidate, The Burlington, also, is not
' Inclined to place any obstacles In Gurley's
path. Burlington man said the other
day: "Yea, the Union Pacific gets the
credit of backing Gurley, but we are en
tirely satisfied with conditions, reports to
' the contrary notwithstanding."
"I doubt whether the railroads will dare
to get out and bustle openly for Gurley
at the primaries," said the local attorney
; for a third railway company. "I should
think the lesson taught two years ago In
' the Mercer fight should be sufficient. It
' was the activity jf the railroad agents at
the polls and throughoia'. the whole scrap
Think what this means. Imagine the
amount of misery that exists and is endured
simply because people do not know there Is
an absolute cure.
The only way to cur any complaint is to
remove ths cause. There are very few dis
eases or ailments that can be cured by ex
ternal application and piles is not on of
them. 1'Ues can be cured; the treatment
nt, however, be internal, for the cause of
piles is an internal disorder of the liver or
the bom els. Even catarrh of th stomach
ai d bowel can be cured by Da. PFaklx'l
Pile Sriciric, Th Internal Remedy.
Here is an instance of what this practically
infallible remedy will do
Dr. C A. Perrin, Helena, Mont Dear
Sir. I hare nearly finished the former bottle
cf Perm's Pile Specific and am practically
well. My caae was one which most phyu
ciant would ha pronounced incurable, at I
was afflicted with a dysentery and compelled
to goto the toilet room from three to five
timet each dsy and each time would bleed
from one-half to on teacupful I had to
resort lo bandages and absorbent cotton to
check th now of blood, and now th past
tea or twelv day there hat been no sign of
Ueeding and m appetite is rood; have
p.aa4 ten pounds in weight and fed like a
-' Wee of hi was given me.
yt truly yours,
T. JL Hasan,
October Khh, 1801 , Verbgton. Nev.
Dr. renin's Tile Specific Is sold by U
itllalle druggist at $1.00 th bottle, under
ia abeolut guaratue to refund th money
,'.ould this great Internal tcmedy fail to
Da. PKaalM aITcaiX-0. IIlXMA. VIokX
that went -a lox.g ways tuwagi neUiruc
Hitch"' ck. However, Jjst now the two
. thnt r.E-ure the b;irget In Nebraska
.oiltlcs are logins no opportunity to turn
ut tri ks for Mr Gurley. r-emonnily. I
m for John r. Bren. because I do Urt
Ink tvat Gurley can be elected if nom
All Farm Tro4arts Tenia; Along
Hie la Territory Covered
by the B. at M.
With a few exceptions there has b"n
plenty of mol.ture sire the last Burllnr
ton crop report. In the vicinity of Fair
mont, Sutton and Hasting on the Lincoln
division of the B. & M the surface of the
ground Is somewhat dry and practically
no fall plowing Is being done. There la
also a narrow strip of country between
Norcatur and Kanona where the around
la extremely dry, hut with rthfs excep
tions the rainfall hns been ample on both
the Lincoln and McCook divisions for -rowing
vegetation and frill work. There are
points on the Alliance division where the
rainfall ha not bcn abundant, although
there Is no suffering for the want of mois
ture. Light rains have also benefited
vegetation en the Sherldnn division.
Threshing In the efit-m part of Ne
braska ia nearly completed and the small
grain crops have turned out better than
was predicted when the harvest began.
This is particularly true of the Llnco'n
and Mr-Cook dlvislcns, although on fhe
Wymote division complaints verify the un
favorable reports first sent out. On the
Alliance division the harvesting has been
somewhat later than on the western di
visions, but the small (Trains are surpass
ing the earlier expectations. An average
yield ia also reported on the Sheridan
Com la in good condition on all parts of
the line west of the Missouri. All the re
ports of this crop are exceedingly favor
able and the only danger now to be feared
is an early and severe frost.
The pastures and range are still In ex
cellent ehape, and, while th ranges in the
northwest are turning brown, the feed is
still good and cattle are In superb shape
for the market. Haying is about finished
and the crop win be a large one.
Sugar bwts are in splendid ahape and
the danger from dry weather is now past.
Another large and promlslas; crop Is found
In potatoes and farmers are highly pleased
at the unusual quality of the crop this
year In eartem Nebraska.
W. J. Connell Iterlarea Contractor's
Intervention In Lbeek Case Kot
In Good Faith.
The mandamus proceeding begun by the
Nebraska Bitullthlc company to compel
Comptroller Lobeck to Issue a warrant to it
for the payment of 13.091.70 for paving re
pairs, was heard by District Judge Kedick
City Attorney "Wright appeared for the
comptroller and said the latter official was
ready to order the amount paid, but had
been estopped by the Intervention of
Charles E. Fanning, who opposed the mat
ter before the council and has since given
notice that he intends to appeal to the
courts from the order for payment.
Attorney TV. J. Connell, who represented
the petitioner, declared the action of Fan
ning was not brought in good faith and
was In the nature of a "holdup." The court
took the matter under advisement.
Wkea the Kew Scalp Antiaeptlo ,1s
A good head of hair la as much a "crown
of slory" for a man as It Is for woman,
notwithstanding all the poetry on the sub
ject is applied to the female sex exclusively.
In the season when files bite, the bald
headed man can sympathize with the Egyp
tians who were so sorely plagued on ac
count of the children of Israel. Why not
try Newbro's Herplclde? Others have been
benefited and are lcid In Its praise. It
cleanses the scalp, kills the germ at the
root of the hair and by keeping the soalp
sweet, pure and whoiesorpe, the hair Is
bound to grow' as. nature .intended, rerurd
lfss of the temperature.. Try It and be con
vinced. Bold by leading druggists. Send 10c
in stamps for sample to the Herpicide Co.,
Detroit, Mich. Sherman & McConncl Drug
ccmpany, special agent.
home: visitors' txtiRsiots
Tei Indiana and Ohio.
On September 6, II, 20 and 27 the Mis
souri Pacific will sell round trip tickets
at very low rate to points in states of
Indiana and Ohio, located on and west of
line drawn through Sandusky, Columbus,
Washington, D. C, Wilmington, Cincin
nati. C, and to Louisville, Ky., and Inter,
mediate points. For further Information
call on or ad drees any sgent of company,
or Thomas F. Godfrey, P. tt T A., south
east corner Fourteenth and Douglas
streets, Omaha, Neb.
M. Lonlt nnd Retara.
Coach excursion tickets at very low rat
of fS.50 from Omaha to St. Louis and re
turn on the Missouri Pacific will be on
sale for all trains arriving in St. Louis
September 4 snd up to noon SeptemlxT S.
This in addition to every Tuesday and
Thursday during August and September.
For full Information call or address City
Ticket Office, Southeast Corner of Four
teenth and Douglas streets, Omaha, Neb.
F. F. Godfrey. P. T. A.
Popular Einriloi to San Franrlaeo.
The Grand Commandery Knights Tem
plar of Nebraska have made arrangements
with the Union Pacific for a handsomely
equipped special train to leave Omaha at
11:120 p. m. Sejjtember 1, making only neces
sary slops, arriving at Bait Lake City at
lam. Saturday, September t, leaving Salt
Lake City 6 p. m. Saturday, September 3,
arriving at Bun Francisco at S a. ni. Mon
day, September I.
One of the special feareres of this trip
Will be a stopover at Salt Lake City, where
arrangements have been made to visit all
places of Interest.
Sleeping car reservation will be made
In the order reoeived and all are advised to
make their reservations prompuy. All
Knights Templar and families and friends
are cordially invited to Join, as this will be
a most enjoyable trip. If rot convenient
to com to Omaha the train may be
boarded at Intervening points. For further
information call or write to City Ticket
Office, 1U Fartiam street, 'phone SIC
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Marrlae Licensee.
The following marriage licences were Is
sued up to noon August 4:
Name and Address. Age.
Harry Rex. Omaha 23
Llia Grace Oranth, Omaha in
Arthur H. Gross. Omiha 3
Bertha Saxman, Omaha li
Guy R. Mardia. Omaha 23
Marie Onek. Omaha Is
U K Wedding Rings. Edhdlm. Jcaelrr.
GOETZ FMmon, aged years, at his resi
dence, 2ViI Maauu street. Tuesday niurn
ltig. August 1.
Funeral Thursday afternoon, Augi-at S.
It 1 u civM-k from (he faml.y resifleiire. In
terment at Pleasant Hill cemetery, friends
Toting Kchine Question Eat Sot Tet
Been Finally Decided.
L-al Objections Their lee sfvet
Be Hratitl ky Legislative Aetlea
Before the Machine tan Be
I aed In Ontnha.
The c ity council '1 m s-v-..y night declined to
adopt a report presented by Councllmen
Nicholson and Evans declaring that the
city is not financially able at this time
to buy voting machines and postponing
the mattir indefinitely. Councilman Hoye
said thnt the Juit.t committee from the
Omaha and South Omal.a councils and the
Koaid of Coui.ty Commissioners would pre
sent a rtport within a week, comprehend
li.g the objections raised by the city at
torney, and making recommendations. He
asked that the Nicholson report be recom
mitted and considered with the other. This
was ordered, only Nicholson, Evsna and
Huntington voting against It.
City Attorney Wrlgbt, In an opinion, said
he did not think the eity bad the right to
enter into a contract for muchlnee on the
installment plan, thus mortgaging fulur
city revenues, nor to make the purchase
without advertising for bids. He also
pointed out certain sections of the statutes
which militate ogainet the use of votlna
machines, one of them being the limitation
of iiKi voters to a machine. He advised
that nothing be done for a while, as the
city would not really need the macninoe
for use until UuE.
Whit May Be Recommended.
Councilman Hoye said that the oommlt
tue will probably recommend the purchase
of sixty-eight Standard machines, the con
tract not to be signed until after the laws
have been changed at the legislative ses
sion next wln'.er and all thauoe for legal
diflicultlcs removed.
Acting Mayor Zlmman Introduced his
ordinance making it obligatory upon city
emrioye6 or appointive oflloere to pay their
debts or subject themselves to dismissal.
The ordinance is brief and provides that in
cases where debts that have been reduced
to a Judgment are evaded, the offenders
shall be removed from the service of the
The rejection of the bid of the Nebraska
Bithulithic company for repaying South
Thirty-second avenue west of Haneoom
park with asphalt at $1.71 a yard, was
reconsidered and the award approved. A
recess .was taken until this morning at 11
o'clock, so the council can meet and ap
prove the contract In order to expedite
the work. The bid was turned down a
week ago because It was thought too high
and the eouncllmen wanted a chance to
luklag for Krw Fire Hoase.
A resolution was sdopted directing that
suitable temporary quarters be obtained
for the fire department force in the house
at Twenty-fourth and Cuming street in
order that the bouse, which ha been de
clared unsafe, may be torn down and an
other built as soon a th eity ha the
necessary fund.
Comptroller Lobeck was directed to fur
nish the city claim agent with a list of
leases for city property and Information
whether or not th rent had been paid
and the amounts owing In each case. This
was done to help along the work started
by Acting Mayor Zlmman to get efty prop
erty occupied by private parties Into reve
nue bearing condition.
Comptroller Lobeck submitted the fol
lowing report of tbe cash in the hands of
the city treasurer on Saturday, August 13:
Cash in drawer $ g 373 9
Checks for deposit LJSSE
BaJunce in banks, city funds:
Commercial National IllG trTl OS
First National H6,P04 74
Merchants National HB.1H6 33
Nebraska National M.416 82
Omaha National 12S 0K 15
I'nlon National f.2S3 48
United States National.. 1U2.85 16
Kountxe Urns , N. Y 4S.J1M 7S9,yfr) 72
Balances In banks, school funds:
Commercial National $ So 73POO
First National IS. 710 R5
Merchants National 7.744 (15
Omaha National S 'itn Ry
United States National.. 14.9T36
Knuntse Bros., N. Y...,. 76 7 81170 0
Police relief fund:
Merchants National.. $ 8,000 00
Union National 2Q 24 J 381 24
Speciiil fund:
Union National B 000 00
Total funds on hand I8H6.!7 08
Mr. McKoon, Who Wn Cnxrled Arroa
Continent, Visits Slater, Mr a.
SanannI Reea.
Mr. McKoon of New York, who jassed
through the thrilling sensation of being
kidnaped In tbe Bmpir City and rescued In
Lo Angeles, having been taken across the
continent by hi captor. U In Omaha vl
Itlng his sister, Mr. Samuel Res. Mr.
McJCoon declined to be Interviewed on his
exciting experience, the recalling of which
Is not a source of strength to his nornt,
Special F.sruretona.
To Oklahoma, Indian Territory snd Texas
points are run by Rock IsUnd system,
August 23, September 13 and 27, at which
time unusually low rates will apply. These
In addition to regular homeseekers' excur
sion rates In effect on first and third Tues
days of each month.
Rock Island makes several hours quicker
time to above mentioned territory than
other lines.
Inquire Rock Island agents.
1313 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
Mortality statlatlra.
The followlns births and deaths have
been reported to the Board of Health dur
ing the twenty-four hours ending at noon
Wednesdny :
Itlrihs l:. R Kimball, 123n South Seventh,
boy; 8. KalieiiiMii. boy; George Blakeley,
21 "6 South Fciiy-xecond, boy; Andrew
Cooper, 1C47 VliUin. boy; John Empkey,
iV7 South -ventei nth. girl; Andrew Kaer,
:i',L'4 Charles, tul; Brewster Cribb, SiiJ
Franklin, boy.
Deaths lniaiit Shallberg, 1130 South
Twenty-ninth, J; Infant Howorth, Swil
Big Meals
Big Rooms
Small Cost
Notwithstanding the malicious reports t
tha contrav. the ln:-.lJe Inn at the World
! Fair, BU Louis, hi'. thoroughly sustained
1 the high reputation of Mr. L. M. Sailer, It
I manager, for giving ftrfct-clas accommo
j dalioiis at reasonable ratea
! Thanks to Its encrrr.ous else and wonder
ful equipment. It hi. ; Um enabled to prop
! eriy care for the n irnious crowds which
1 have sought Its hospitality, without over
loading or dlscomfi.rt.
I Standing, as It dt upon an eminence,
' snd surrounded by htauliful natural for
est. It hue enjoyed t. t popular verdict of
being the couUst ai a :iui.t delightful spot
In ail St. Louis
Tti extraordlnay ci i.venlence of being
right Inside the ground ur.J thereby saving
all Urcsum street car Journeys has been
appreciated by every fj.n, and the man
agement have won high praiaf fur their tun.
ceasful efforts in catering to the comfort,
safety and enjoyment of each arid every via
tor. The rates, which are very reasonable,
range from II 60 to (L int per day European,
and from X.06 te 7 0 American plan.
m.or.da, 1 T-"T!tv.; Henrj D St. FelVx, S3
p-ru-h TMrueih. 77; Slmoa Ooet 3J
Mamxa, aa
Onlrers itemed for Jelat rifteUaal
and'jnalrlal Primaries Third
f September.
The following list of Judrrs and clrks for
th congressional and Judicial primaries
PWiptemher t was given out yesterday by
Chairman Plaikburn as the result of the
congressional committee meeting Tuesday
afternoon :
First Ward Judges, Otto W. Homers and
A H. Wlihs; clerk J. A. Dunlap.
fecend Ward Judces. Joseph Choal and
Emmett Dorxn- cletk Frank J. Kasper, Jr.
Third Ward-Judpes. Frank Lynch and C.
H. Kubat; clerk, l-ouis Rubin
Fourth Ward Judges. James G. Carpen-'
ter and Thomas Grovox; clerk, W. A. An-
Fifth Ward Jurts-es. John R Harding and
A P.. Walker: clerk. T. B. Elllngwuod.
Sixth Ward Jurices J. S. Bennett and
Charles McDonald; clerk, Bam J. Rumel.
Seventh Ward Judges. 11 E I'eterson
and C L. Thomas: clerk. J. D. Ptsrr.
Eighth Ward Judces. li. A. Whipple and
Will Whitmore; clerk. W. C. McLean.
Ninth WardJudges. A. M. Evans and
H. O. Beattv; clerk. P. S. MoGuire.
First Ward Judges, Ed Hofsky and W.
F. Hofskr; clerk. James Smith.
Second Wsrd Judges. John Larson and
John Mangold; clerk. C Griggs.
Third Ward Judges, John Smith and
Gln Miller; clerk. Ivor Thomas.
Fourth Ward Judge. Atipust Miller and
Urnev Tavlor; clerk, John A. Nelson.
Fifth Ward Jodpea. William Tepena and
J. Jefferson; clerk. Joseph Strselecki.
Sixth Ward Judpea, Henry Peterson and
Henry Moseiv; clerk. Frank A. PhotwelL
Benson Judges. Dr. li- F. McCoy and
McGuire; elrk EL. E IlaJch.
Chidtgo Jutgs, Charles Wltte and H.
A, Nolle; clerk, Andrew McCormick.
Douglas Judges, T. T. Hunt and E. C.
Hensman; clerk. Henry J. Roesss.
Dundee Judges, Jacob P. Fyke and
George Voorhuis- clerk. E. R. Hume.
Bast Omaha-Judges, C. I'. Cowden and
Fred Mtira.11; clerk, C. W. Moore,
Elkhoru audges, C. V. Shumaker and F.
J. Bessey; sieia. Zui acArdle.
Florence Judes. Frank Leach ami L
Khipley ; clerk. Hngft Puttee.
Jefferson Judges. Fred C. Gortscfi and P.
A. Anderson; clerk, Georre M. Ms.r(roJd.
McArdie Judges- Wiillam Nicke and
Geurg Rulir; clerk, William GlaraJt.
M'.liard Judrea, Join Lemke and Wil
liam &ekeuer, cierk. Henry VanDuhren.
Platte Valley Judges, John H, Ingram
and William Peterson; clerk, Lewis R.
UriHjn Judges. C. C. Curtis and G. B.
Williams- clerk. Win. A- Slotenbrrg.
Waterloo Jutiges. J. C. KcWnson and
EtJulU Hopper; cierk. Smith Brown.
De Bato Judge. A. Laxure and George
Cacheiin: cltra. Win, Michaelaea.
Fort evnoun-Judges, W. K. Duncan
and John Trialer; cierk, C. H, Jipp. -
ttiair Township J udgea, Peter Keeh and
M C Bustuu: clerk, Jacob Bros.
Klalr OU Judges. J. P. Siricklett and
George P. DeTemple; clerk. John Hender
son. Herman Judges, W. T. Meador and A.
Jones; clerk, U. N. Rose
Cummlng City Judges. Carl Rowner and
Robert Wllaon: clerk W alter McCracken.
Richland J udges, H. T. Welse and Ole
Larson: cleik, Fritx Jahnel.
Lincoln Judges, Sam eitewart and Chris
B. Hansen; clerk. Hoy Blolee.
Grant Judges, H. J. Fiats and H. P.
Slocum; clerk, Peter Jensen.
Fontanelle Judges. W. F. Cole and
William Lallman; clerk. E. H. Carpenter.
Sheridan Judges, L. Bartllng and H.
Weitkamp; clerk, T. B. pawling.
Arlington J udgea. Jas. Brlce and O. N.
Unthank; clerk, Edgar Reynolds.
Papllllon Judges, Jamee Robinson and
Perry Jarman; clerk, C. B, Tower.
Fafrview Judges, John Becker and Ed.
Fase; clerk, J. F. StandeA.
Bellevue Judges, Ed. Hoover and H. V.
Baker; clerk, O. Kayser.
Forest City Judge P. J. Langdon and
N. Buinbridge; clerk, H. G. Buroank.
La Platte Judges. George Wall and
Henry Upjohn; clerk, David Hann.
Springfield J udgea, George Behm and
Frank Conte; e'erk, Charles Thompson.
Richland Judges, Henry Bletil and Chris
Zimmerman; clerk, W. Slckkntter.
Plattford Judges, Byron Sage and Zack
Jarman; clerk, W. J. Morrison.
Illinois Woman Will Give Five Dol
lars lo Locate Msn Who De
serted Her.
Mrs. D. W. Scannell, Hamilton, 111., is
anxious to find her husband and like an
avenging nemesis Is exhausting her efforts
In her search. In order once more to get
her hands on the man who bears the title
of husband to Mrs. Scannell and prevent
him from marrying another woman she
offers to give ta to the person who will
lead her to the absconding spouse or sup
ply Information that will disclose his where
abouts. "It has been four years since he deserted
me," writes Mrs. Scannell to Chief of Po
lice Donahue. And instead of time lending
enchantment, or, in other words, softening
the wrath of this deserted wife. It has ma
terially accentuated it.
"I want to advertise this man," she
wrote, to keep him from marrying some
girl and ruining her life, as be Is not di
vorced from me."
The letter lays bare the broken heart of
a wronged woman.
"My husband deserted me four years
ago," It says, "leaving with me four chil
dren, tiie oldest of whom was 7 years of
age. I have had to slave to keep them
alive and the 15 reward that I offer for the
arret t of this man is all that I can give.
The warrant ia out against him, so do not
be afraid to arrest h(ni."
The letter goes on to say that the wife
has followed the huslmnd to several towns.
Large Cuntlnarnt of Oanahn, Business
Men Will Go to Gage County
A delegation of &0 will go on the special
train leaving the Hurlinpton depot this
morning for the Beatrice races. They
will take with them Klpllnger's band and
will carry umbrellas made In Ak-Sar-Ben
Beatrice business men are delighted with
the acceptance of their Invitation to the
Omaha people nnd will return the courtesy
by visiting the horae show and tbe Ak-Sar-Ben
The eacursionlsts will leave Beatrice at
7 o'clock this evening and return over
the 'n!on Pacific road. All the excursion
ists will wear the colors of the local knights
and they are expected to display Omaha
enthusiasm hi large wads to the Beatrice
James J, llsrdlu Declared Hopelessly
Insane and le Seat te
Aay lnm.
James J. Hardin, who kept a sporting
supply store in Omahs for many years,
was taken to the Hate asylum at Lincoln
yesterday by Jailer Itouch and Turnkey
Heaton. The physicians who examined him
declare Hardin's mind is hopelessly
Hardin was taken into custody Baturday
r.ight after his friends decided it would be
unaafe. to allow him at liberty any longer.
He has been violent at intervals since and
made repeated eff n-le Tuesday r.ight 10
tear his way through the iron bars of his
cell to freedom. Hardlti is 40 years of age
and at one time was considered tbe bwt
shot in Nehratka slih a gun.
Alleged nMlle -r Arrested.
Ieputv I'niled States Marshal Pides re
turned Tuesday night from lecatur, Keb .
hih.tUt.g with him Lou biiayer, an tileg-d
hoout;er. and lodged hitn in the i'o.j'-r.ta
coui.t jail in ddauit of hall. feti)er
was arraigned bclor L'nlied nlatns Libia-
It's astonishing what a little thing will spoil your butter. Lven the
delicate odor of ripe berries will entirely change its flavor. That's the
reason ordinary butter is. worse sometimes than others. It depends upon
whether it has been associated with flowers or fish. Meadow Gold
Butter is made amid wholesome surroundings and packed at the
creamery in airtight, odor-proof packages, which protect it against
W 1
a. . A t.
(Tuesdays and Thursdays;
August and September
Sixty Day Tickets
Fifteen Day Tickets
Every one should visit thia, the greatest Exposition the world has ever kno-ca. -This is a
delightful season for viewing the wonderful sights.
Ample hotel and boarding house accommodations for all. REASONABLE RATES.
. See local agents for further information.
City Ticket Offices S. E. Cor. !4th & Douglas St Omaha
Pass, and Ticket
Ceneral Passenger and Ticket Agent.
missioner Floan at Fender and was bound
over to the federal grand Jury on the
charge of nelling liquor to Indians.
Kaperlntendent Davldeon Prrparea fur
Opening of Public Schools Sixth
of Srptentber.
Superintendent of Schools Davidson la
making general preparation for the open
ing of sessions September 6. The assign
ment cf teachers will not be made until the
lest of Augutt. The new Monmouth Park
school is nearlng completion, the heating
and ventilating plants and plumbing now
being installed. Architect Kimball says It
will be ready for the opening. Superin
tendent Iavldson has not yet decided what
grade school will be used for the exierl
mental manual training course In the fifth,
sixth, seventh and eighth grades, which
the board baa authorised. A special exam
ination fur teacher held at the high
school Monday and Tuesday was for the
particular benefit of E. A. I'otler, who was
elected to the position of teacher of pen
manbhlp and arithmetic at the hfgh school
In the place of F. A. I5Hrler. resigned.
Mr. Potter had never qualified for the
plae by taking the required examinations.
Only three or four other candidates for
certificates applied.
Emptors Chicago Man to saalat At
torney and CnKlnrcr la A y
prniaal of stent.
The Water board has decided to employ
L. W. Cooley. an engineer connected with
the Chicago drainage canal, to assift City
Attorney Wright and City Engineer Rose
water in handling the city's side of the
controversy In the water works appraisal.
Mr. Wright while In Chicago this week ar
ranged with Mr. Cooley to do the work.
He will arrive soon, and, besides checking
over the showing made by tie water com
pany, will design an independent water
plant and estimate Its cost in order that
the appraisers can be shewn that the city
la not absolutely dependent upon the pre.
Hit plant for supply. The city engineer ban
outlined one or two tentative plana of this
Mlaakriai Takes (.plaisrr Vn-ate
hf tlaipioa, Uko Succeed. Ie
suiri Aealalnnt utrf.
C. P. Wlndhelm. who wu reduced by the
Board of Kire and Police Comniisxiotirrs
from sJii-lHturit chief in tbe fire depurtmen'.
to captaincy has been ansiied to in
line house No. t at tlghiotnih ai d Htn.tr
tree'., t the ioeiUui mad vacaut Ly
" Butter
contact with anything harmful or injurious. Its delicious flavor
and appetizing freshness invite a trial. Try a package to-day.
10th and Howard Sts.
M !J
mm eh
the elevation of Captain J. W. Simpson.
Tbe transfer was made Tuesday night.
The IMrect Route.
The Vandalla line will sel! tickets from
St. Louis to Terre Haute for the Old Boys'
reunion. August 2H to September S, one
fare for round trip. Trains leave union
station, St. Louis, at 8:44 a. m. and 12:45
noon, daily. This Is the direct route.
You can leave Omaha at 6:30 p. m. and
arrive at Terre Haute next day at 12:uX
Be sure your tickets read via Vandaiia,
Town Lot Sale.
The new townsite of Gllliat, Pottawatta
mie county, Ior.'tt, on the Chicago Great
Western railway, will be opened to the
public by an auction sale of lots at the
townsite Tuesday. August Si), at 10:30 o'clock
a. m. For plt.tt and full particulars ad
dress Edwin B. Magill, manager, Townsite
department Chicago Greut Western railway.
Fort Dodge, la.
tr.nd of Meek kir.rai.. to Cleat
Lake, la.
Via Chicago Great Western railway. For
trains Friday night and ail trains Satur
day of each week round trip tickets will be
sold at one tar to Clear Lake, la. Tickets
good returning dn any train untl tbe fol
lowing Monday. For further Information
appiy to b. H. Parkhurst, general agent,
lilt Farnam street, Otuana. Neb.
If you have anything to trade, advertise
it in the Thl for Th.it column in The Bee
Want Ad I'ages.
Bolldlnti Per ui it a.
Biilding permits have neen Issued to
A H. Feiters for a Ili-SnO frame dwelling at
7711 Poppleton avenue, and to Joseph
Kwasniewskl for a -" frame dwelling at
Thirtieth and Spring streets.
Visit the New Studio
Finest in the West.
81H-SXO-X22 f. 15th St.
WEST Side of Street.
Be Sure it U II II E Y N
Itosia f CoiiUocctal block, I5is ft Dosrlai
1 1
Trav. Passenger AerenL
UnmeTe. Tap, rUnplecrrackl.
: u . ...l ....... ......
aiul every bieDiUb
teautr. aim
JirflM irMotlon. It
Cm UMS tli tut
of M ytara. and la
' bar nilex we
twtr It to tie Bur.
ilia firnperl)' niad fl.
coj.uu cuiiuirr
flt of lml 1st
Hume. lir. L
burie said to e
(loiiy 01 ia. uanu
kvu (a &tl.iit.if
'A. v .0 1 ad In
will um them. 1
tiro is n t B I
'Gouraud I Cram'
a the IrMt harmful of all tbe (kin tintpnreUmit."
I m ulB bj all bruitrl"t and Fumy GuoU lwuleri
in tlie 1T. ft., CatikUa. 4BU turla.
fi.it!'. T. riOPMNa, Prep r. 87 Great Jon, tt, K. It
100 iairs iut-n's ricvcle
Shoes, tnken nizew, but
most sizes in the lot, have
been .-felling all season fur ?2
to ?4, tomorrow at
100 pair boys' and youth'B
Tan Shoes, sizes 10 to 13$, 1
to 2 and 2 J to 3 J none ever
sold for less than if 2.00 and
$2.50 tomorrow to close out
This is a pood time to pet
the boy a new pair of Bchool
Droxel Shoo Co. i
Cx&hi't l'p-t9-Ca!i StDi Eesti I

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