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h't far High and Various PuMio Scbooli
Art Annonaosd.
aperlaten4aat Davldaoa Wilt Preside
at Ht(U(l Prtalala mud
Teachera Moadar Ot '
ISdIm Work.
j Assignment of 'teabhtra to ths publlo
schools and grades for the year beginning
Tuesday, September 6, haa been announced
by Superintendent Davidson. The corps la
practically tha same aa last year, there be
ing few new teachers and changes. Had
tha Pesrse' scheme for the arbitrary re
moval of a number of principals and teach
ers who offended him politically succeeded,
a very different story would havo bcon
Tha principals will meet at 9 and the
ttachers at 10:39 a. m. Monday for organ
isation by Superintendent Davidson, who
for the first time will preside at the open
ing; of the Omaha public schools. Following
are the assignments: - ' '.
High Bchool-A. H. Wa-house, princi
pal; Kate Mcliugh, assistant principal; J.
l' Woolery, second assistant principal;
Anna Adamr, Ada I. Atkinson, Nathan
Dernstelo, Ioly Bonnell, Theodora Borg
lum, Abba Bowen, C. 11. Bracelen, Helen
Brandcls, Carrie Brown. Alphonslne Chate.
Islno. A. 1 Consdon, May Copeland, Min
nie Crane. Ida. t). Kleminir, K K. pvr.k.
Meo Hantirig, Edith illggins, Mary Kel
logg. John Kerrigan, Alice Lnndls, Robert
LiuiKlng, Winifred Lemon, Florence Mc
Hugii, Gugenle Mackln, Belle von Mani
fold, Joanna von Mansfclde, May May
nard. Rosa Nickell, Maria Okey, Susan
Faxson, C. A'. Pearson, Anna Peterson,
J.lla Phelps, B, A. Potter. Mary Quacken
busli, Nellie Randall, Jasper Robertson,
Pearl -Kockfcllow. Ellen Rooncy, H. A.
Senttir, Zora Shields, Villa Bhlppey, Caro
line Stringer, Penelope Smith, Besnlo Sny
der, Kunlco Btebblns, Minnie Stevenson,
Grace Sudborough. Mary Sullivan, Jessie
Towns Bmma tfre, Georgia Valentine,
Janet Wallace, J. E. Wlsman, Bella Wilson,
la the tirades. ,
Bancroft School Kate Brown, principal;
Carrla Robertson, Louise Adams, Mary L.
M. Hodira. Anna. Rvailn RmiIa Anrtrasa
Helen Leigh ty, Laura UoeU, kindergarten
Beais School Virginia White, principal;
Carrie Pratt, kindergarten director.
Cass School Mary Blroends, principal;
Katharine Crane, Agnes Dawson, Mary El
gin, Llda Bralnard. Bessie Chambers. Hat
tie Duncan, Rosa Bernstein, Neva Shlpherd,
Camilla Gsantner, Ella Sandberg, Martha
Homellus, Mary Ellsworth, Emily New
comb, Grace Lillle, Kate Brown, kinder
garten director; Louise Hamilton, kinder
..urten assistant.
Castellar School Mary B. Newton, prin
cipal; Mary Goodman, Eolla Nichols. Mabel
Carey, Martha Cooke, Margaret Barr, Min
nie Esplln,, Elizabeth Dunn, Martha Grym.
Nettle Khett. Alma Spetman, Ruth Patter
son, Vivian Alvison, Lydla Bruechert, Min
nie Neal, kindergarten director; Helen Ed
wards, kindergarten assistant. ,
Central School Mary Fitch, principal;
Cordelia Johnston, Cora Anderson, Ida
Johnston,' Frances Gross. Mary Thompson,
Mary L. Kidder, Eethel Lynn, Cabellt
Schaller, Helen Hibburd.. kindergarten di
rector; Evelyn Jones, kindergarten assist
ant. Central Park School Elisabeth Rooney,
frlncipal; Kate Miles, Delia Beal, Alice
laver, Maude Kimball, Elisabeth Oliver,
kindergarten director.
curton Hill School Clara Mason, princl-
1 T..1I C. 1 T7- . I 1 T . . 1 L. .
van iian.1 a fjrunam Mara win, an.
kindergarten director; Elisabeth Williams,
Kinaergarton assistant.
Columbian School Margaret Vincent,
principal;' Ada Alexander, Irene Under
wood, Jennie Hultman, Lydla McCague,
Sophia Grau, Katharine. Powers. Mayme
Hutchinson, kindergarten director.
Comenius School Helen Wyckuff, princi
pal; ivy-Meed, Amelia Pearson, Olga An
drean, .Alice Jordan, Persls Stuart, Mary
Ueedle, Daisy Kunkle Anna Bartos, Anna
Meyer. Amy Hughes, Ora Claytor, Qenevra
West, kindergarten director; DeEtta Mason,
' kindergarten assistant.
Dfuld Hill School Martha Chrletiancy.
principal; Sophia Elsasser.
jjuponc ocnooi rraaces uuuerneia, prin
cipal; Nellie Sc.liults, Bertha Knight. Ethel
Burns, Delia Hogan, kindergarten director.
Farnam School Agnes Harrison, prlncl
1 pal; Dora Harney, Carolyna Scherer, Helen
Longsdorf, ima Mllrnv Martha Parratt,
Edith PartrldgSr ElKTlVTWhilo, ,Ora Hoo
tan, Mary ' Smith, Elsie McKenna, Allca
Harper, Anna Hanna, kindergarten direc
tor; Halliq Hardin, kindergarten assistant.
Forest School Franc Eaton , principal;
Mattle Carmlchael, Jessie Pontius, Stella
Flanagan,' Carrlo Kumpf, Anna . Bennett,
kindergarten director. '
Franklin School Anna Hutchtna. princi
pal; Mary Mee , l.ucroiia Bradley, Mauds
BhlpheraV Grace t trier, Edith Isakson,
Nellie Parsons. A..i.e.t DeBolt, Minnie
Dye, Winifred W .iiiuLt-. Scleiya Burns, Olga
Mohr, Klndercai ten (hector; Agnes Lund,
Iflnilnnnirtrtn .i.fiitAn-
Gibson School Jarile Nash, principal,
Kellom bc.iool Anna Fooa, principal;
Frances FmK, Kat Wlckham, Iowa Mul
len, Mary McMuh-n, Myrtle DeGraff, Stella
Graves, May -tmlorin. Mlgnonnette Cook,
Beasa Hall. Hester Lane, Elizabeth R.
Parke, Mary VVaKace,- Council Bluffs;
Catherine Foos. Klizubeth Allan, Hattle
White, Sophia Cleveland, Cassandra Schal
ler, . Ad ale Grutlot. kindergarten director)
Anna Boutello klndergv rten assistant.
Lake School Emm '.. Whltmora, principal;
Mary Brolllnr, Ell-ibtlh Elcock, Helen
Thompson, Mary .Vi'-'in. Anna Anderson,
Hifth Hogan. Ml him' Moore. Alice Gil
chrst, Mae McMxstrrj, Alice Root Nellie
Morlarity. Harrlette Seirle, Mathllde Fried,
Ixila TillotHon, Clara Blackburn, Florence
Brown,' May Torre v, kindergarten director;
Jennie B. Gluck. kindergarten assistant.
Leavenworth School Lizzie Banker,
principal :; Katherlne W. Van Horn, Eliza,
beth Halcomb, Iiura Maullck, Emma Llt
tlefleld. Nellie McDonald. Km ma Levi. Edna
I lobar t. Leah Leger, Anna Peters, kinder
Carten director.
Lincoln School Jennie Redfleld, principal j
Klla Reed.. Eliza Westcott, Clara Martin,
Marie Novaeek, Resale -Waterman, Emma
Roslcky, Isabelle Willlnms, Lillian Wilbur,
Margaret Boyd, Grace Hungerford, kinder
garten director; Pearl Riley, kindergarten
. assistant. .
Long School Sarah McCheane, principal;
. Virginia Kennedy. Huldah Isaacson. Ida
Blac.kmore, Eva, Hamilton. . Sarah King,
Mary Hauor, Cnrria. Fatrchlld. Mary Nel
son, Myrta S:hnelder, Currle Nelson, Stella
I suffered far a long time with a bad case
of Catarrh, and took a great deal of medi
cine without any benefit.
I had aN continual headache, toy cheeks
had grown purple, my noaa was always
stopped up, my breath had ft sickening and
disgusting odor, and I coughed inceksantly.
I heard of your 8. &. 8. and wrote to too.
I conunepced to use it, end after .taking
several bottles I was cured and hav never
eiuce had the slightest symptom of the die
esse. . Miss Ma&v L. Storm.
I Cor. 7th 4 yelijt Sta, 6t Joseph, Mo. .
Wheeling, W. Vs., JIy 99, loov"
X had Koaal Catarrh for years for which X
used S. 8. 8. with Terr gratifying 'results.
X tried local applications for sotoe time, .
sod gettisur no permanent relief I came to
the conclusion that the seat of the trouble
was la the blood. Knowing & & 8. to be
a good blood medicine X began its use, and
after using it for some little while it did
away entirely with the offensive mucus in
the nostrils, and I did sot have to hawk
and spit, especially is the morning, to dia
lodre the catarrhal matter.
i&27 8oath6t. I'xxo H. Tuxasv.
The filthy secretions and foul mucus that
are continually dropping bock Into the
tbroaC&nd their way into the stomach and
are absorbed into the blood. Catarrh
then becomes . con
stitutional, and the
only way to get ri.l
of It U through the
Write us if you
have Catarrh, and
our physicians will
advite you without
Tha win Speclf.o Company, Atlista, Ca.
Oarn, Amna Brown, Cora TTenrT, Aims
I'henJx, Kate Hutinaker, Emily Wood,
Margaret Hamilton, kindergarten director;
Lee Coruatork. kindergarten assistant.
Lothrop School Nora h 1L Lrnon, prin
cipal; Ella H elf rich, Anne Jensen, Jessie
rrytle, jeannette Mewiesn, ary . onper,
Claire North ud Minna Olver. Juliet Morris,
Luoy Eloock, Jennie Phelpa, Minnie Baker,
iouise iem. Kinaergarien ainxior; ssarian
Hamlin. klnTrgartn assistant.
Mason School Eshma Whnatley, print
pal; Ellzabetn Lelghty, Mattle Craig,
Florence Lelghtnn, Fannie Meyer, Ella
Andrews, Gertrude Carey. Mary Grlf
flth. Ama Ourake, Grace Edwards,
Gurska, Orara Edwards, Anna Nelson,
Nellie Van Duyn, Eulalla Overall, Lizzie
Needham, Jennie Salmon, Carrie Boutelle,
kindergarten director; jJora Ullrich, kin'
derrartnn assistant.
Monmouth .Park School Etta Smith,
nrlnctnal: Elizabeth Mulr.
Omaha View School Effle Reed, princi
pal; Alta Peacock, Fanny Hurst, Florence
'Jordan, rannle orsytn, Emma Lervi, Aia
Neville, Grace Shorrock, Lillian Bondesson,
Elisabeth Will, Edith Otis, kindergarten
Pacino School Margaret McCarthy, prin
cipal; Meiie Bennett, wertna -rnoeiecse,
Agnes Bhapland, Kathryn Hantlng, Laura
Jordan, Emma Nestor, Emma Bradshaw,
Emma Lonergan. Blanche Murphy, Edith
Dahlstrom, Marie McArdls. Maud Ay ers,
Allle Campbell, Blanche Campbell, kinder
garten director; Frances McOavock, kin
dergarten assistant. .
Park Rrhnnl Susan fiveleth. prlndnal!
Matilda Evans, Jeannette McDonald. Mar
garet Wallace, Eva DeMaas, Zora Me
Knight. Alice Craig. Anna Qulnn, Macy
Btapenhorst, Eliza oidds, ciara ooeimniin,
tii. Nawenmh Kit Hunaerford, Eliza
beth Wilson, kindergarten director; Mary
Wyman. kindergarten asjatant.
Saratoga School Emily Robinson, prlncl-
pal; Ingleetta F. ware, Anna
Alice Orr, Julia E. Haven. Marie Vom Weg,
Jeane Charde, Mary Rood. Mary Dletrick.
xki nMt Alvina flnetmann. Margaret
Lat y. A lice' Chambers, kindergarten direc
tor; Edith Ewers, kindergarten assistant.
Saunders School-Mary Held, principal;
t u.. wmma fimmm. Claud a Galla-
way, Mary Vsllnce, Mlnta Cooley, Louisa
Burnett, kindergarten director.
Sherman School Isabelle Doyle prlncl.
pal; Bertha van camp, iui muma, ahho
Broad field. , , ,
Train school Jennie McKoon, principal;
Mary Alter, Anna Glllls, Theresa Tracy,
OUle Rlchey, Ruth Cultra. Emma Roslcky,
Ida Goodman. Mary L. Templeton. Mary
Kreba, Minnie Davis, kindergarten director;
Em man Wlnslade, kindergarten assistant.
Vinton School Jeannette t Woodward,
principal; Jennie Ross. Joanna M. Gram
llch, Flossie Archer, Anna Goldstein, Ella
Thorngate. Ellen M. Bnyden, Elisabeth
Allen, kindergarten diictor.
Walnut Hill School Martha Powell, prin
cipal; Peart Macumber. Katherlne Morse,
Ellen Rogers. Gertrude Wnrren, Minnie
Dve. Lucv Mack, May Seaman, Agnes
Vfirh,1l Kunov Lewis. Elisabeth Ryan.
kindergarten director; Gertrude Bailey, kin
dergarten assistant.
Webster School Sadie Plttman, principal ;
Margaret Scott, Ada Hopper, Margaret
McAra, Louise Salmon, I4da . Burnett.
Theresa McArdle, Florence Maynard, Ethel
Davenport, Ellen Davis, Louise B. Mann,
Dora Cobtirn, Alice Parker, kindergarten
director; Grace Weston, . kindergarten . as-
Wlndsor School Harriet Eddy, principal;
Neva Turner. Nellie Craig, Myrtle Sey
mour, Ida M. French, Mima Doyle, Her.
mine Blessing, kindergarten director. '
Several Meets Already Are Scheduled
Which Promise to Interest
These Sportamea.
Local trap shooters are more or less' in
terested In various shoots to be held this
month at points not very far distant from
Omaha. One of the most Important of
these events and to which a number of
Omaha cracks will go. is to be held at
Broken Bow next Wednesday and Thurs
day. Besides being $600 added money In
the events, tha Denver Post trophy will be
contested for. This cup now Is held by a
member of the Broken Bow club and al
ways Is open to challenge. William Clay
ton of Kansas City has challenged the
present holder of the trophy.
The Interstate association will give a
trap shootlrg tournament at. Concordia,
Kan., on September 28 and 29, for tha Con
cordia Blue Ribbon- Gun club. It Is ex
pected a number of local trap artists will
attend this shoot. - .
Reports from the .front state that a gun
club of . twenty members . has Jut. been
formed at-Tekamah , .Heavy, firing aviy be
heard for' the first, time In tha Tekamah
offing ' September U, 1 when the new club,
holds its first shoot J. J. Shamburg is
secretary of the young club. ' ".' t
The Berwyn, Neb., Gun-club announces
a shoot on September 28 and 30.
Tha Omaha Gun club wilt hold a trap
shoot at its grpunds across the river next
Saturday afternoon, beginning at 2 o'clock.
Both Dial Gone Wilt. Make Addreaaea
In Omaha Daring; the
Campaign. s y
Chairman Rlgg of the speakers' bureau of
the republican state committee has an
nounced that Senator Fairbanks and Secre
tary of War Root are among . the well
known public men scheduled to address Ne
braska voters this fall. - The dates for their
appearances In . the state have not been
set, but their presence is assured. As at
present contemplated, there will be two
campaign trains, one having Senator Fair
banks as tha leading feature and the ether
with Speaker Cannon on board. Tha itin
eraries have not been completed, but they
will include Nebraska. .
T. H. Doran of Burwell, who Is tha re
publican! candidate' for representative in
the Forty-ninth, district, was among the
callers at state headquarters...
"For sixteen years wa have had a popu
list representative in the state legislature,"
said Mr. Doran, "but we hops to Changs
this in November. The last time the suc
cessful man had' a majority of only stxty
elght, and this year we think we can win
out. ' 'The fact that 'the democrats and
populists have dectded to concentrate every
bit of strength on the legislative tickets
and ease off on the state ticket will make
It hard, however. W. J. Bryan Is at tha
helm In this move, but It la doubtful
whether he can command anything like his
old following."
Holds for Trial Medical Company Mast
Charged vwtth Violation of
Mail Laws.
Charles M. Edwards, proprietor of tha
Edwards Medical company, at UM North
Twenty.fourth street, Omaha, : was ar
raigned before United States Commission
er Anderson this afternoon charged with
using the United States mails for Improper
purposes. . He waived examination and was
bound . over , for trial In the sum of $500.
It Is alleged' In the complaint that be was
conducting a medical practice by mail that
Is In violation of the United States laws,
the eomplalning witness being1 a woman
from Denver, CoL
Edwards pleaded not guilty, having put
In bis voluntary appearance In answer to
the charge.
Geaeral Manager Mohler Saye All la
ate ss Sere, las Bis;.
General - Manager Mohler of the Union
Pacific, who has returned from his west
tern trip, says that 'contrary to reports,
corn Is doing splendidly. It has been re
ported that the crop would suffer from
several causes. Too much cool weather
was glvenvsa ens of the unfavorable fac
tors which prevented tha corn from ripen
ing and It was said there was danger that
It would be overtaken by the heavy frosts.
Too much rain. It waa alleged, also has
had a bad effect 00 tha crop la aeme places.
Mr. Mohler saya that so far as the weather
Is boncerned. the crop la out of danger sad
that it Is doing nicely,
, ' . . .... .V . i
Boodler Prosecutor to Crater liie on Eafl
' road Oeadidat and Lobbirt. .
letter Are Fraaaln V9 Blgr Rally
Audltor-teaa, Oastlac ' Semina
tion af John H. Bnldwla'a
Man Gerley.
Joseph W. Folk, the boodler prosecutor
and democ ratio nominee for governor of
Missouri, will speak In Nebraska three
times during October, and, contrary to pre
vious announcement made by certain Lin
coln functionaries, one of his speeches will
be made In Omaha. This advice comes
from one ef the democratic leaders who Is
Instrumental In getting Mr. Folk to this
"Mr. Bryan Is making a number sf
speeches for Mr. Folk Jn Missouri." . said
this man, "and Mr. Folk will return the
favor with three speeches In Nebraska in
behalf of the democraUo ticket here, and
the agreement Is that one of these speeches
shall be made In Omaha. "
It Is planned to secure the Auditorium
for the Folk meeting here, which is to be
the biggest meeting ef the democraflo
campaign In Jfcraska. At least, that Is
what the democrats who are getting up tha
affair give out. .
"Mr. Folk wiU do all In his power for
Berge and ths entire ticket," said this
leader, who is responsible for this an
nouncement, "but he will, In accordance
with the plans for this big Omaha rally,
devote special efforts to the congressional
race' In the Second district. Tou see, we
are counting on 'the nomination of-Ourley
by the republicans; that nomination will
be made by the time this meeting Is held
and we propose to make that rally a grand
congressional demonstration. It will take
In democrats from every county In the
Second district and the combined effort
will be centered on Mr. Hitchcock's Inter
ests as opposed to those of Gurley. , Of
course, the meeting will be held just the
same, whether Gurley Is the republloan
nominee or not, but we are counting on
nothing else than Gurley's nomination.
"This meeting will be opened by speeches
from Congressman Hitchcock and Mr.
Berge, nominee for governor. We have not
concluded arrangementa for the Auditorium,
but negotiations are under way and there
Is little If any doubt of the big rally being
held there." '
Mr. Folk, being the champion prosecutor
of professional corporation boodlers and
Mr. Gurley being the candidate of the allied
corporations, and having been one of the
most prominent professional railroad lobby
ists In the state legislature, will. It is con
templated, enable the promoters of this
meeting easily to realise the fruition of
their purpose and give all the weight and
point to the presence and address of Folk
If Gurley Is the nominee of his party. .Mr.
Folk has been advised of the situation and
will be further advised on his arrival, so
that" republicans who are supporting Gurley
will find quite as much of Interest In this
meeting as the democrats if ' Gurley is
nominated. ...
The ' Blackburn-Gnrfey literary machine
has been grinding and sending out large
lots of mall during the last few days. The
feature of this mall Is one card on which
the Baldwin candidate .makes a really pa
thetic appeal for support In the primaries.
"I need your vote," is the' burden of the
plaint, and in this Mr. Gurley Is given full
credit for uttering the truth. But the mis
chief has been played with these' cards.
It had been agreed between Byron G. Bur
bank, who- was 'the- candldaW front- the
Sixth ward, and Gurley, that Gurley should
moke' no effort to capture the Sixth, that
It should be conceded and left to Burba nk,
In compensation of which these two men
were to put In joint delegations in the
Fifth and Eighth wards. But now comes
Gurley with his Blackburn postal cards In
the Sixth ward, appealing for the votes of
the republicans In that bailiwick and try
ing to take them away from Burbank, con
trary to the agreement. No little friction
has been aroused by this Blackburn-Qurley
As a parting service In his capacity as a
resident of the Seventh ward, A. H. Burnett
has assumed the obligation of delivering
that ward to Gurley In the primaries and
convention. Both he and his law partner,
H. C. Brome, are moving Into the Ninth
ward and Burnett has. Just for old time's
sake, kindly agreed to box up the whole
Seventh ward and hand it over to the
railroad candidate, ready for use.
Modern Woodmen or Amerlon.
Special Train to St. Louis.
The M. W. A. have arranged with the
Wabash to run a special train leaving
Omaha Union station at 8:00 p. m.. Council
Bluffs 1:15 p. m. Saturday, September .
A very low rate, S.60 from Omaha, $8.W
from Council Bluffs with correspondingly
low rates from all stations.
Everyone invited to Join special train.
Insist upon your ticket reading via We
bash, the only line with Its own station
at main entrance of World's Fair grounds,
thus saving time, extra .cor fare and an
noyance. For all latormatlon call at Wa
bash city offlee, 1601 Farnam St., or address
, G. A. P. V., Wab. R. R.,
Omaha, Neb.
Woodmen of the World Special Train
to St. Louis. "
The Woodmen bf the World have ar
ranged with the Wabash to run a special
train, leaving Omaha Union station at 8:46
a. m, Council Bluffs a. m., Sunday, Sep
tember . 11. .A very low round-trip rate.
$8.00 from .Omaha, 18.26 from Council
Bluffs, with correspondingly low rates from
all stations. .
Everyone Invited to Join special train.
Insist upon your ticket reading via Wa
bash, the only line with Its own station at
mam entrance of Worlds fair grounds,
thus saving time, extra oar fare and an
noyance. For ail information call at Wa
bash city office, 1101 Farnam street, or ad
dress HARRT E. MCORES, G. A. P. D.
Wabash Railroad, Omaha, Nab. . ,. .
Special Snmmes Tourist Hates to Kea
- tacky, Tenneaaoo, North Care --
Una and Virginia,
Tha Chicago Great Western Railway will
sell special round trip tickets st very low
rates te Crab Orchard, Ky.; Middle bor
ough, Ky.; Tate Springs, Conn.; Olive
Springs, Term.; Aahevtlle, N. C; Hot
Springs, N. C; Roanoke, Va.; Glade
Springs, Vs.; Radford. Va, and ether
points. Tickets on sale daily, good to re
turn until October tL For further Infor
mation apply to S. D. PAIUCHURST. Gen
eral Agent. 1SU Farnam street, Omaha,
Col tax Par ox Water.
bottled at tha springs. Gladstone Bros,
iwa-uiv iwugias street.
Mortality Statistics.
Tha following births and deaths nave
been reported to the oBard of Health dur.
ing in iwemy-jour nours ending at boon
Births R. L. Bhepard. MM Miami, girl; VL
B. Frisk, l41 South Twemy-slxta. boy!
Ponl faoco, Vi South Thirteenth, buy
John David, 1 William, boy; Charles
Morriaoa, " rxortn J wenty-faurth. boy;
Robert L. Robinson, ibli ctiuitol
aul: Georse H. Way. SIS South TV ml, i,..v
Axel Andnrson, UI South Twenty-eeventn
avenue, gixij vosepi itfowo, U swula
Thirteenth, hen WTTl .Doftann, 1SU Ohio,
ber; A rent Jensen, 2fW, boy.
Deaths Stephen K. States, CI1 Chlcagti,
41: Vlrlaa O. M. Tjcnr&laca. ZSli Arbor. II:
Lea Wilson, TurtlrXh and XojuoUdna ave
nue, zu. -
Will Peak Independent Telephone
If Old Rates Are
Hot Cut.
A. B. Hunt, one of the projectors of an
Independent, telephone company made up
largely of local men, says an attempt will
be made to get a franchise If the Zlmmaa
ordinance to out the rates of the N
breaks Telephone company falls In the
"The telephone people think they hare
control of a majority of the council to
do exactly as they p'.ease," said Mr. Hunt.
"Now that a majority has gone on record
against a second company in Omaha, they
think they can defeat the ordinance en
forcing a reduction In rates. If this Is
done we shall apply for a franchise and
made a mighty warm fight to get It."
Several councilman who have been asked
bow they will vote on the Zlmman ordi
nance refuse to commit themselves. They
give as sn excuse that the problem Is a
deep ons snd they do not care to say any
thing until they have Investigated It fully.
Some say they think the proposed reduc
tions are too heavy while others are pro
fessing a fear that If rates are knocked
down the wages of the telephone girls
and other employes will be v reduced and
poor service follow. The ordinance Is ex
pected to come up for discussion next
Tuesday morning, provided Chairman
Evans of the committee that has It so
"The Impression that the telephone com
pany is willing to accede to a reduction In
rates in order to bar competition is not
correct in my opinion," sad Acting Mayor
Zlmman. "The cut means a loss to the
company of about $120,000 a year and no
corporation will stand for .that without
making a fight. The ordinance seems to
have some chance of success, but this
cannot be said for a certainty until the
voes are cast and counted.
Cause Suit Between Former' Partners
for Equitable Distribution of
r the Property.
William C. McNamara of Sioux Cltv has
brought suit in the United States circuit
court against his former partner1, Nels An
derson, and his sort, Harry Anderson of
Cedar county. Nebraska, for the eaultahla
settlement of their partnership affairs
growing out of their Joint purchase of two
ranches, one of 1,135 acres In Loud
county and another of 2.000 ' acres in
Rock and Brown couuntles, Nebraska, with
several hundred head of .stock on the re
spective ranches. The amount of tnnnnv
Involved approximates $35,000. The ranches
were bought in January last, the first
named of the A. D. Cattle company, and
the other of 2,000 acres of Christie Bros.
McNamara claims to have put ud most
of the cash for the purchase of tha ranches
and that the "defendants have as yet paid
In little or nothing, but still claim their
part of the profits accruing from the busi
ness. August 2 the partnership between the car-
ties was dissolved and It appears the de
fendants have applied for a receiver for
the ranches. McNamara protests against
this-proceeding. In his petition he claims
the Andersons have failed to carry out any
part of the original partnership agreement
and that they have no' reason to ask for
the appointment of a receiver. Therefore
McNamara asks that the application for a
receiver be denied until Jhls court shall
have heard all the evidence on both sides
nd shall, have passed its judgment accord
ingly.- -. , i,. 1 .'-rm.k..!;. .', . ...
Special Summer Teuriaf hate to De.
trolt. HIch.
The Chicago Great 'Western railway will
sell round trip tlcketii at one fare plus
$2.00. Tickets on sals dally.' Good return
ing until October 81. For further informs,
tion apply to S. D. Parkhu'rst, General
Agent, 1512 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
920.00 to Chicago.
The Chioago Great Western Railway will
sell special round trip . tickets . to Chicago
at $20.00. Tickets good for return until Oc
tober 31. For further information apply
to S. D. Parkhurat, general agent, 1512
Farnam street, Omaha, Neb. . .
Moore-Rent f row.
John Moore and Addle Rentfrow, daugh
ter of Ernest Castile, were married
Wednesday evening, Aug. 31., by Rev.
A. a-
1 "tV
Charles W. Bavldge, st his home on
Chicago Expert Arrives to Assist la
- Determining Appralaal of
Water Works.
S- B. Cooley, the Chicago engineer who
Is to assist city authorities in the water
works appraisal, has Arrived and estab
lished himself In the water board offlres
at the city hall. He conferred-with City
Attorney Wright, City Engineer Rosewater
ani Secretary Koenlg of the board this
morning. He will be placed In possession
of all the facts and work under the direc
tion of the city attorney. About a month,
and possibly longer, will ' be required by
Mr. Cooley tb do the expert work the water
board thinks necessary to offset the claims
of the water company.
Suit for Separation Is Way Woman
Will Celebrate Her Twentieth '
Marriage Anniversary.
Mrs. Line Riss has decided to celebrate
her china wedding with-a divorce suit. She
was married to John Riss twenty years
SSO) and .has new applied to the . district
court for a divorce on tha "ground of non
support. The couple formerly resided ut
Grand Island, but now live In this city.
Marriage Licensee.
The following marriage licenses were Is
sued up to noon. September 1:
- Name and Residence.
Homer A. Brown, Omaha............
Tede G. Beerup, Omaha
Robert A. Halladay, Panama, la.
Delila Colburn. Panama, la
John. Briley, Blencoe,. Ia...
Edith Mobley, Blencoe, Ia.
Antonio Paul, Omaha
Anglllno Damato, Omaha
.., 24
... 41
... 47
... 23
... 18
... 21
... 18
U K. Wedding Rings. Edholm, Jeweler.
- Try Colfax Purox water.
Fix Ball for Han Patterson.
NEW YORK. Sept. 1. Ball for the, re
lease of Nan Patterson, Indicted for 'the
murder of Caesar Young, was fixed today
at $20,000 by Justice Amend in the supreme
court. It- was said that tha necessary
amount would be furnished.
,4 i
..k- - a n
k:-' .... . tij'
The Easy Shoe for a
Man's Purse and Feet
You may talk about the
mate of this the style of
hat and the comfort of the
other, but the shoe that gives
the best all-around satisfac
tion is the-one that wears the
easiest, lasts the longest and
costs the least all of which
comfort, durability and econ
omy will b: found in the
Walk Over. Shos at $3.50
and $4.00 for all styles and
leathers. ;S! 1 ' ;
Decatur Shoe Co.,
1521 FARNAM ST.,
Frank Wilcox. M gr.
Sellers of Netttetons and Walk
Overs Exclusively.
. t
For a eataltraeol ths
Qlditt ind Largest
Military Schosl "
itMsUddls West,adorsss-
Bee Want Ads
ip 1
o 1 '&
66 (g
In the September
Met T o p o 1 i t a n
"A 35-cent Magazine for 15 cents"
For Sale by your Netasdealcr
.. .-. . .' . .
The Perfected American Shoe
tor Women: , 1
Pall styles are now ready,
We are showing : Jn our
south window- samples of
our complete line of boys'
and girls' school shoes,
We are fitting the '"little'
kindergarten people as . well
as the larger boys and girls.
Our welted School shoes
do not sejueak,'-
Sorosis Shoe Store
203 S. 15th St
Frank Wilcox, Mf iv -' -
Leudnctott ssa
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i IF

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