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- - ,-, -w-mi I . - . .
li ' .ii .. " " - i ., .i , . , I a ' ' am-r
ntiVATE money. T. tr. WsaH, &20 Doutr.
w m
WANTElV-Cltr loans, anl warrants. VY.
FarosnV BraltH CO.,
ICt Far nam it.
XlONET TO WJAN. Payne Investment Co.
.1 per cent loans. Oarrln Bro., ism Farnam.
... . . - - - . , - . T
LOWEST rates. Be mis, Paxton block.
. ... . . . W-M10S
MONET to loin on real estate at I and Stt
;pnr cent W. B. Melkl, tub Ramge Bldg.
, . W-MMi
E. F. MOREAHTY. Atf.. 437 Faxton. Tel.
AJW38. -J'J
bid;., room H and S19. Tel. 1062. 104
LOST Envelope cciytalrdna; two photo-
graphs, on J4th street cat between Hr
nf and Spaulcllnaj streets.' Reward If re
turned to 3u city hall. LOST 234 lx
(Should be Varf dally by all Interested, aa
Change may occur at any . time.)
Forelun rnalln for the wock priding August
CTi l90i will" close (PROMPTLY In all
' i-a)ai nt the. toncrui nusioiiice as fol
lows: , Parcels-post malls close one hour
"nrllor than cUrnt tli" anuwn rie'iiw.
. Parcela-post mall!) for Germany close at
"' B p. m. August 22(1 and 81st.
Hegular and supplementary mnlls eloee at
Foreign station (corner of West and Mor
' ton streets) half hour later , than cloning
time shown below, (except that supple
y mentary mall for Eurooe and Central
America, via- Colon, cloaa -one Jiour later
.: at Foreign station) ...
. SATURDAY (3d) At a.t m. for EU
( ROPE, p! St. Paul. ia Plymouth
.. and Cherbourg (mall for Ireland muat
be directed "per s,..s. 6t. Paul"): at 6:30
".a. m. for EUROPE, per s: a. Umbrls, via
4 Queenfitnwn and -Liverpool; at R:M a. m.
j for BELGIUM direct, per si a. Kroonland
(mal! must be directed '"per s. s. Kroon
land"); at : a. m. for SCOTLAND di
rect, per s. . Anctlorta (mail must ba
- directed "per a a.. Artchoria")
- Tanaatlntla Simla.
fOrtCF. Flv cents) per half ounce, lit ad-
- dltlon to he regular postage, must be
-"prepaid on all letters forwarder bv the
Supplementary mail., and letters
- deposited In ' the drops marked "Letters
i' tor-Foreign Countries," after the CL08-
patch by -a particular vessel, will not be
mo forwarded unless such sddltlonal post-
- age Is fully prepaid thereon bv stamps,
i Supplementary r. TranSatlantlo Malls are
also opened on the plars &f the AMEB--1CAN.
ENOLTSH- and FRENCH steami
re whenever the sailiags' oconr at a.m.
- or later; and lata mall may bedeponlted la
: the mall- boxes on the piers of the Oer-
- nun Unes sailing from. Hoboken. The
mails on .the -piers .open one honr and a
ifore -sailing time, ana clone ten
minutes before sailing time. Only reg
ular postage (letters 5 cents a half ounce)
4s required on articles mailed on the piers
of the American, white star and
r GERMAN sea post)' steamers; double
!,i postage (letters 10, cents a-half ounce) on
jarHmllm tor goothamd Central Amerlcn,
-V-.'. "-i . .Waat laidlea, K.
f Sl'RTDAY (2d). At 9 lC m. for 'ANTTOUA,
S a.r r.riTV rrTTC 1TT1 CT ftTTi IT O 1 T).
jvi Ani iniwu r uuaii uv j a hj . n x-
. and FRENCH GUANA, per s. s. Pa.
' prcla; at :30 v. m. tor BERMUDA, per
steamer rrom naurax. i
RATtlRDAY 3d). At B a. m. for AROEN-
mi s. Cannlna: at 7:30 a. m. for NEW-
rf FOUKOLAND-. 'per a. a. Silvia; at . 8:80
'-'-tn.' (supplementary 9:30' a. m.)"for
ZUELA.4per a. a. Philadelphia (mall for
1 Colombia mast be directed "per s. s,
,JPhlladelphla")r,'at . 9:30 a. m. (supple
'mentary 10:80 a. m.) for FORTUNE I8L
. 1 AND. JAMAIOA and COLOMBIA, except
('' Magdalen Dep't, per a. a. - Alleghany
(mall for Costa Rica must be dlreoted
"per s. s. Alleghany ) at : a. m. (sup.
s-nfmntftrv 10:30 a. m.) for ST. THOMAS.
- fe'f, ColX-.I.EBWARD -an 1V1ND-
and FRENCH GUIANAjJper s. a. Fonta-
belle; at w a.- nvi ior- uuba, per's
Morro Castle, via Havana; at .10 a. m.
v for GRENADA... TRINIDAD and C1U-
.i DAD .BOLIVAR, per a. s. Maraval; at
12-an r m for Cuba, ter s,. s. Curltvba.
J vla'Matansae. (mall rouat be dlreated per
Halla Kore O-rartanaj, icte ' fix.
Mt'i-ecpt-i Tranaaincu
CUBA Yla Port Tampa, Florida, .closes at
this office daily, except Thursday, a; (;I0
-a. m. (th connecting- malls close here' oa
Mondays, Wednesoay and Saturdays:'
MEXICO CITY Overland, unless speolally
ilrirMsad far dlsnatnh bv steamet. closes
at this office daily, except Sunday, at 1;W
- m. and iv:ihi p. m. eunaays at ;w p.
in. and 10:80 p. m.
NEWFOUNDLAND (except' Pa reels-Post
Mulls By rail to North Sydney, and
thenoe bv steamer, eloees ac this offloe
daily at I:t0 p m. (connecting malls elosa
are every, aionaay; weanesoay-ana eat
urdavl. - .
JAMAICA By. rail to 'Boston, and thenoe
by steamer, -closes at -this office at 4:30
?. an Tuesday and Friday.
QUELON By rail to Boston, and thenoe
- by steamer, closes at this office daiiy at
6:30 p. m,
. Coast) - and . GUATEMALA By rail ta
i New .Orleans And thence oy antamer.
, closes at. this ofhea dally, except Sunday.
at 11:80 p. m. and 10:S0 p. ro., Sundays
. ai 11:00 p. m. and (10:80 p. ra. (connecting
: mail clooea her Monday at 110:80 D. .m.t
COSTA RICA By rail to New Orleana. sad
thence by stearner, closes at this oitlce
daily, except eunaay, at ii:su p. m. ana
. lio
wt, p. m uunaays, at, p.- m. ana
i :3d n. ua. (oon.-iectinn mail closer here
jesdays at I10:8U D. m.).
NICARAGUA (Eaat Coast) By rail to
New Orleans and thence by ateamer.
closea at. this office dally,, except Sunday,
! at 41:30. p. ja and 110:30 D. Hi., Sundays
. it 11 :0ft n. m. and. 110:80 ih.in. Iconnertln
'. mull 1 .closea.. here , Thursday . tt (10:34
,D. Til. . ,
Regia)Me.maU closea at p. m. previous
TraiBspsclfla Malls,. ForwyrMed . Over
' ' " land Dally.
"The schedule - of closing - or "f ranspacifle
r malls, la arrangea on the presumption of
t their 'uninterrupted overland transit to
.port of -Bailing. .The final connecting
., malls (xcpv registered transpaoltio
' malls which close nt p. m. previous day)
close at thp general pestoffice. New York,
as i fellows:
'V18LAM38, via Vanoouver and Victoria.
-UjC.; close' at :8 p. in. Augilst 30 for
rilnnnti!h tier s. s. KmnrsaS of China.
PINbl ISLANDS, via 'Seattle, ekise at
..SO p., m. August so, lor uiepawn per a. a
' -Francisco,' close at V.S0 p. m. Septemlwr
-I for dispatch per S. s. Sierra, (If 'the
Cunard steamer carrying ths British mall
"for New Zealand does not arrive In line to
connect with this oiapatoh, extra malls
cloning 'at t:3 a. m., :-a. m. and 8:80
p. m.; Sundaya at 4:30 a. tn., 9 a. tn. and
- i:8 u. m. will awariada up and forwarded
- unnl tD arrival of tne . unara steamer, i
I: i i. , 1 1 . MtA2 . l r.- i rulvii ,.4
i'Iimio, oloaa-at .)&. in . sleptember"8. lor
t' dispatch per s s. t optic
- Kan Francisco, close, at (:3d p, m, Sep-
-tember ith for diapatco per a.-a. atari
' ' DOS. ' -'''
-.IV ,and NKW CALEDONIA Via Van-
pouvr and Victoria. B. C., clyfce at 4uJ0
, p. m. Deptemper iv tor umiMtic-a yvr a.
HAWAII, via San Francisoo, oloea at 9:8
p. m. 6 ptember 13. for tflapatcli per a.
. alnil0(la..
. specially aaareBura man lur riiu.ir.
' i'iktio ISLANDS . via San Franclstco.
'close at 4:30 p. in.' Eeptember 13, for dl-
Datoh per s, s. vura.
JAPAN. iVRKV. IHJNA .and opaclnUy
-addressed mill for PHiLIPPINb: 1SL-
ANDS. via Tacoma, ioe at a.80 p. m
. September t 23. for dlaputch per a.
PHILlFi'tNE, I&LAND8' and .GUAM, via
. .. .l . tf.uA r. n,
ran rant im -u, iiw ! p....-i-r
in. for dispatch er ir.,4?. 'lrannport,
UlNruilull .nil KA&TEHN SIBKRIA at
prsaant forwarded via Kusaia, luaiead of
via Japan, tha usual route
JOTE I nles otherwise addressed. Wsst
Australia la rorwarand via Europe: NtW
' ICealaml Via San Franrir oo. and cert la
puces in tha Chinese Provinces oi I un
it a, Kuelrhow. ei-hwan and Kwangsl.
via uinan inniane iiun-Kvai (gui
fr:!lpptiies ape'4allv kidrrf.d "via Can.
ada" or vtr Lurobe" must be fully pre-
- puld at tha foralan rates. Hawaii Is for
' warned vis nan iTa.-icl-K-o xoiusiveiy.
Poatofflca. New York, N. Y., Aug. 8. 14,
Imttwc rnr txttpt?t7QT prom tow a I
MIfOR MKXT101, , ' i
Davis sells drugs.
lXIerfs glasses fit.
Btockert sella carpets.
Schmidt's new studio, 406 Broadway.
Swell photos at shrunk prices, William.
Western Iowa college opens September L
Special attention given to pictures for
wedding gifts. Alexander, 833 Broadway.
Open Sunday. Tucker s B'way studio.
A. P. Anderson of Stanton, la., aged
70 years, lied yesterday afternoon at
Mercy hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Beatty have gone to
Minot. 8. D., where Mr. Beatty will take
he position of assistant manager oi
Implement, house.
Judge J. E. F. -McOee, formerly tnis
city, now of Independence, hn., I visit
ing relatives here. He Is accompanied by
his wife and son.
Mrs. William Arnd and daughUjra, Uliva
and Hescl. snd Miss Esther Tpomns. joii
last evening lor a wee a visn .av
Louis expoaltlun. -
Word was received here yesterday of the
sudden -death In Minneapolis of Major J.
H. Marshall, formerly . wilh the iMorth
weetern railroad here. .
Mrs. O. w. uranam anu uiii". v .
Millie Graham, of the county recoraer s
oftJce, are home from a visit to v-uicagu
and the St. 'Louis exposition.
Mrs. Jennfe 8. Cottle, me new auiiju
tendent of the Woman s Christian Associa
tion hospital, has arrived from Coloiado
and .yesterday entered upon her duties..
Tk. An r... tn have been clveu by the
Council Bluffs Rowing association at Lake
Munuwa this evening num ucl-ii ...j
for two wceka on account of the death of
Mrs. E. H. Lougee. ...
jiidB ,N. W. Macy; who win presiae ai
the Septtmber term of the district court.
n me cny j-fneiuii; ,uu .imwuuvt
hat he would impanel me grunu jury
Tuesday afternoon, Septemuer , at i.ev
o'clock - ;'-'
The fegular meeting of council munn
lodire of Ulks will be bold this evening. . A
full attendance Is desired, as arrangements
will be completed for the laying ol the
Carnegie library cornerstone next Tuesday
morning.' , .," " " ',
Tha rnnnlar meetlnk 1 of the Woman S
Christian Temperance . union will be held
this afternoon at 3.30 o clock at thexlub
rooms on Willow avenue, between Muln
and Pearl streets. The annual election ot
officers will be held.
Henry A. Barnes and Llllle B. Smith,
both ol Hamburg, la., were married In this
city yesterday. Justice- Ouren ptttclating.
Justice Ouren also performed the marriage
ceremony ior a. d. reicriuu nun
M. Christofferson, both of this city
Mrs. Louise Walker filed an Information
yeatei day..- charging her huoana, oamu
Walker. 14 Avenue -O, with using .pro
fane and obscene language and assaulting
her and Mrs. Sage, a neighbor. A war
r.n i. Walker's arrest waa issued.
Hulda Hulbert filed an muirmniiou
tha superior court yesierauy, . ,' 'B"'
Henry Gllman with . disturbing tne .pe:-
by using profane and obscene language, In
vading the premises at 1024 Avenue L and
isVatlltlng A man named Taylor. A ar
rant for Oilman's arrest, was Issued.
A. J. Larkln, a local real esiaie uro..,
has filed a voluntary P''f """ .a
His liabilities are -',;
his assets at .ouv. .it"vi.
brought suit in the district oourt .to nave
certain, tax deeda to property ""' -t
Larkln rataue suojeci w ' -
George Apple, aged 66 year, aiea y-
tefday afternoon at Mercy nuv-if
tuberculosis. One daughter, MrsM. Hart.
iik 'mai Tenth avenue, survives nlm. ine
funeral will be hold Saturday morning at
8:30 o" lock from St. . Peter s church and
burial win oe in tn.- iwi"i
- On of the balloons containing a coupon
f ood ' for a season ticket for the street
air and carnival sent up from the Llks
club bouse nearly two weeks ago waa
brought In yesterday by -Carl Frlsbe,
small boy living' in Crescent township, who
found It Weanesuay vniiiB. . V"""1
traveled 'several mlleh.
.The funeral of Mra. iuain n. iioug wm
be. hqld this afterpoonai t o cioc irum
St. trawl ";. 4iscop cuun.... 'i',1'-""--
Rev. tk. ..w. tDiac.. win'cuuui,., J. . . .
leva! and lniermeAt will be in .ir-Vw
cemetery. t rieima awinu
remains ran- do so at tba bouae, m JThlrd
street, between 11 a. m. and 8 p. OLi
Mrs. Augusta Bonn, agea oo y"",
it a late hour wednesaay- nigrn . u
home of her daughter Mra A. H. Schulta,
800-Eighth avenue. Death waa due to the
lnfirmlUea of old' age. Besides Mrs.
SchuTt". one so, John Bmirt survives her.
The luneral- wlll'be held from the reel
Jence U Eighth avenue, this "ternoon
at. 3 o'clock and hurial will be in Fair-
view cemetery. Kv..u. v. puj. ('.IC
of. St." Johni -English Lutheran churth,
will conduct the services.
Real Batata Transfers.
Theaa transfers were reported to The
Be September 1 by the Title. Guaranty
anil Tniit comDiuiy of Council Bluffs:
George W. ,L1pe and wife to Ellxabeth
tturpnage, im.n, ui- 'i t SK
addition, .a. c. d............--. -"--i'
Joshua. H-Spn tl and wire i o i
and J. ii. epaiii, set '",""
wU neWi 214-76-81. W. d...
Joshua. H. Spalt and wire to
una J. it. epam, iui , .u.vrv" "7,
Joshua, Ti. Spaitl ' and ' wife to H. ii
JU . , oir. i.l w 17 and 18. block
anu a. I OJin,.'. ' - : . .
1. Oakland, w. A;.. .'ii
Joshua H. Spa U ana wire xo .
Oakland; lot 24. Auditor's aubdl
vlsion seia BW 12-76-40; w. .d...i....
The Anderson company to J. x.. Jpn"-
son, lot . piocx , nuiu
' l .I.IJM.in w A
Hattle E. Wright' and husband to CTirta
Chrlstensen. ii , V: " " "a "
wi w a uawM'i addition. W. d...
Jennlei: feojand and huaband. Charles.
J.Tt.n a. HolwayVTot 6, block .
Carter-f Third addition to Hancock,
Charlei RoVand' and wife to John Hol
way., part lot 6, block 8. Carter
way,, part lot o, - -
Third addition to Hancock; w. d.... ww
Elghf transfers, total........ I13.6T8
Plumbing and heating. Blxby m.
Retailers Blert OIBeera.
The" Council Bluffs Retail Grocers' and
... a a. 1 a 4.A
Butchera' aasoclation last inigoi
these . officers: . President, John T. Mul
queen; vice president, Jamea Jensen; trea
urer, R. E. Daniels; secretary. R. H. Hunt.
Ington; board of directors, Jacob Zoller,
Mat Bartel, Martin Nelson, vonn n. loiirr,
John Olson and H.. T Xnudsen.'
The association. Intend to make every
effort to secure the next annual meeting
of the state' association for ims cny anu
work In thle -direction, will, be Degun a
once. The meeting will be held In May and
would bring about 6.000 ylsltqrs to Council
Bluffs. -. '' .' ' .
"p;'T. Plumbine Cn. Trt. JSC Klght, Wfl
: : Marriage Lirenae.
tioensea to ' wed were Issued yesterday
to the following: .. .
' N.ime aid "Realdenoe, '--George
H. Carter, CounclliRluffs..
Madge' E. Penney, Council Bluffs..
Henry A. Barnes, Hamburg, Is.,..
Llllle B. Smith, Hamburg-. Ia....
B. F. Donaldson. Council JBluffs
pora - Waltf nberry. Council Bluffs
Ed Miller, Omaha
Dora M. Burk, Omaha V......
A 81 Teteraon. Countlll til II IT S
Marie M. ChrlstotTerson, ppuncl Bluffs.. 19
Fall term bnen September 1. New Cat
alogue and College Journal for the asking.
Writ or can tor n.roreaiiop. - , -
B. P. MILI EU. President."
Maaonlo Temple. 'rksst B81i
Connell Blaffa, la. "
I Peart St., Couccll Bluffs. 'Poena SI.
Hamilton Wilcox of QriBweld tha Demo
cratio Nombea for Confess.
COBVcatloa Adopts Xo
-. hat " Contents 'itself
. . "; - doralng the" St.
'v Platform.
With En
Louis Hamilton Wilcox - of Grfswold. Cass
county; waa yesterday named by tha dem
ocrats of the Ninth district as their can
didate for congress. The nominee la prea
ldent of the Bank of Grlswold and one
of the largest cattle raisers in southwest
ern Iowa. He Is known as a sound money
democrat and Is said to be In accord with
Judge Parker'a views on the money Ques
tion. Th convention waa presided over ty
Judge Exra Wlllard of Atlantic, who waa
named aa temporary chairman by S. B.
Morrlsey, chairman of the state democratic
central . committee and also chairman of
the congressional committee, when he
called' the gathering to order,' one fipur
after the appointed time. B. W. Gregory
of Shelby county was named aa temporary
secretary. The temporary organization was
later made permanent.
When Judge Wl'lard assumed the gavel
there were only nineteen delegates present.
Adair county, with Its seven votes, was
not represented, so -in place of there being
eighty-two votes In the Convention therw
were only seventy-five. Judgo Wlllard re
frained from making any speech and the
convention got down to business by .naming
the following committees:
"Credentials L. L. Delano, Cnss cotinty;
N. D. Hamlin. Audubon; C. F. Hflland,
Guthrie; W. J. Burke. Harrison: J. R. Ora
ham. Mills; William Boll, Montgomery;
Roscoe Barton,-Pottawattamie; O. P. Wy-
land,-Shelby. ,,'.
Permununt Orffonliatlon J. C. Bryant.
Hamlin. Auduron; r. nei-
(and, Guthrie; W. H. Remington, Harrl- ,
nrie; W. C. Campbell, Shelby
.'-When It came to the appointment of. a
committee on resolutions, Roscoe Barton
Of Pottawattamie suggested that a com
mittee b dispensed with and that the 'con
vention adopt as its platform the platform
adopted by. the national convention in St.
Louis. His suggestion met with unanimous
favor. -' ; 1 '
.There was a tedious delay before the
committee on credentials reported. ' It de
veloped there was a contest In , the repre
sentation from Guthrie county, C. F. Hel
land was the only duly elected, delegate
from that county present,' but L. N. Nea
aelroad of Gjithrle Center was .there with
six proxies. -Now, It happened that at the
county convention In Gdthrle, when the
deiea-ates to the congressional convention
were selected, .a resolution waa adopted pro
hibiting any proxies, Neeselroad contended
that the action of tha county convention
waa undemocratic 'and illegal and should
not be recognised by the congressional con
ventton,' and that h ahould be permitted
to vote hla alx proxies. The credentials
committee, however, deolded otherwise,' and
Delegate C F. Heiland had the honor of
castlnar tha full- aeven - votes; of Guthrie
county all by. htrhsel.., ;In itg report the
committee on credentials recommended
that all proxies be . allowed "except from
such counties wher the oounty convention
had ruled otherwise. The report of the
commute waa adopted and Mr. - Neasei-
road was compelled to take a seat among
the spectators. .
' Then cam the work of naming a candi
date to make' the race against . Congress
man Walter Ii Smith. ' Hamilton Wilcox
waa placed .In nomination by Charles F.
Chase of Atlantic editor of the Atlantic
Democrat. Mr. Wilcox, tha Caas county
editor aaid, had learhed hla democracy
when a youth In New . Xork under Samuel
J;: Tllden, and had - faithfully adhered to
itg principles ver plncei The name of. 8.
B. Wadsworth of Council Bluffs, who was
nominated two years ago and defeated by
Judge Smith, waa brought before the con
vention by Roscoe Barton of the Pottawat
tamie delegation.
No. other names ' were brought out and
the first ballet ave the nomination to wu-
cox' by 40 votes to 85 for Wadsworth. un,
motion, of L. Ia Delano of Caas county the
nomination waa aeeiarea-unanimoua. uc
ballot waa aa follows:
Wilcox Cass county, 9; Aububon, ; Guth
rie, 7; Harrison. 7; Pottawattamie, l;
Shelby, 10. Total, w. '
Wadsworth Hnrrlson county, 3; Mills, 8;
Montgomery, 6; Pottawattamie, 19. Total So.
A committee consisting oi ur. nmni"
Roscoe Barton and Frank Tamlsea was
sent to escort the nominee before the con.
ventlon. Mr. -Wilcox said he ought to ba
thankful. for a nomination . for congress In
the Ninth district, seeing that two years
ago (ha republicans had a majority of 7,000.
However, he said he appreciated tn nonor
and as the party had placed the banner in
his hands he would carry It as high aa he
could, although he could not carry It alone
and would want every democrat In the
nine counties to assist htm. Ha thought
that by organisation the republican major
ity ot 7,000 could be lowered to 2.0O0, which
It waa in 1891 .'
The congressional committee waa reor
ganised aa follows '..Cass; L. L Delano, At
lantic; Audubon, N. D. Hamlin, Hamlin;
Guthrie, J. W. Morris, Panora; Harrison,
W, J: Burke,' Missouri Valley; Mills, Paul
Flammant, MLneola; Montgomery, William
Boll, Red Oak; Pottawattamie, W. H.
Schurs, Council Bluffs; Shelby, C. O. War
ren, Harlan. Tha commute met after the
convention and selected L. I Delano as
chairman, who will appoint the secretary. -
For Rent. .
An excellent offlc location, fronting on
Pearl street, only half i. block from Broad
way, with a- nice larg showwlndow which
can ba used for display. Be offlc, 10
Pearl street. Council Bluffs. ,-
ekool Baliaing In Readiness.
Work on repairing apd placing the several
school buildings In the city In condition for
th opening of school on Monday, Septem
ber1 12, la almost completed. The Twen
tieth 'Avenue, Eighth Avenue and Pleroe
Street achools have been painted through
out on th inside, and the Third Street,
North Eighth Street. Harrison Street and
Madison - Avenue , buildings hav bean
treated to a coat of paint on tha outslda,
At tha Twentieth Avenue and Eighth Av
enue buildings metal ceilings hav been put
In. The eoa( of ths repairs carried out by
tha committee on buildings and grounds
wlll-mt,.xceed $S.600 which., Is S$0Q lea
than, what the total expense had been esti
. .' Fnneral of JDngeaa Darraagh,
Th funeral of tuncan,IJL Darraugh, son
of Mrs. Anna Darraugh.' who died Monday,
was. held ' Wednesday morning from . St.
Francie Xavler'a CathoHo church.' High
mass of requiem was celebrated at t o'clock,
R., Father Smyth officiating, the serv
ices being attended by many sorrowing
friends of th family who had kaowa th
deoeasd sine childhood. There wera
many beautiful floral tributes' and iha mu
sic furnished by a qoartr-l . composed! of
Messrs. Harry Burkley, Clinton Miller and
Mra. Belhge of Omaha and Mrs. John Beno,
Jr., was Very Impressive. Miss Margaret
Swift of Omaha presided at thd organ.
The pallbearer were : Messrs Ous Louie,
M.t Q. Moxley, Harry Larson, Theodora
Tholl, James P. Mulquoen sad Charles F.
Paschel. Interment was In , St Joseph
Cemetery. , -
Tonches Clerk Reed Wall H la
Maklnst Oat Commitment.
"Fainting Bertha" Llebbecke will one
again be corns an Inmate of tha Stat
Asylum for the Insane at Clarlnda as a
charge of Pottawattamie .county. Tha com
missioners on lmanlty yeaterday adjudged
her Insane and decided that her legal resi
dence was In this city., She will be de
tained for a few days at 8t. Bernard's
hospital and will thea be' taken to Clar
lnda. . .
Bertha was brought .over from. Omaha
yesterday morning, tha1 authorities there
deciding ' that she rightfully belonged on
this side of the river. County Attorney
Klllpack protested "against her being re
ceived from the Omaha offtoere, but Attor
ney A. T. FUoklnger of the Insanity board
took the position that the board had no
alternative but to receive the young woman
and examine Into her case, aa It had done
on several prevloua occasions. Bertha was
born, and raised In Council Bluffs and Is
regarded purely aa a local product, al
though the city has no reason to be proud
Of her.
When the board yesterday morning de
cided to adjudge her Insane and send her
back to the state asylum at Clarlnda, Ber
tha adopted, her usual tactics of weeping,
alternating with hysterical spells of laugh
ing. Before, being taken to St. Bernard's
hospital Bertha asserted she would appeal
from the finding of the board, as she was
perfectly sane, shrf said,, and Jf, only given
another opportunity would reform.
While Freeman Reed,' clerk of the dis
trict court, and secretary. of the insanity
board, was making out Tier commitment.
Bertha sidled up - to him and before Mr.
Reed was aware of it, she had succeeded
In purloining his watch and chain. She
laughingly, however, returned the time-
piece to the Astonished official, saying she
" un. When the commit-
ment was prepared an4.,Sher1ff Canning
was .waiting to escort the young woman
to St. Bernard's. Bertha,; made a dash for
one . of the outer, offices, .exclaiming she
would jump' through the window. -No ef
fort was made to restrain her,, and, In
fact, she would probably . have been as
sisted to make -the leap, ;so anxious' are
the authorities' here to be rid of her, but
Bertha on 'reaching the .window changed
her mind. v ' ' !
Getting Ready, for Cnrnlrnl.
xFlrst avenue, between- Pearl and Sixth
streets; was closed to vehicle traffic 'yee
terdaV, as the turnstiles and gates to the
street ' fair and . carnival grounds were
placed In position. Workmen are now put
ting up tha.. canvas fence, around the
grounds and by Saturday night they will
be entirely' enclosed. Foir- the accommoda
tion of visitors, the management haa had
cpnstructed a numbet.of large settees, cap
able of seating ten persbrls. " These will be
In addition to..the regular, park seats and
hundreds of camp e&alra.n- i .- ji:
This year the carnival grounds will be
enlarged by the adltlin. of the large va
cant Jot on Sixth sre ojjp'pslte th post
office,, on which onei'of'flha Gaskill com
pany'r big ahows will be Jocated. '
The Daughters- ofthe American. Revolu
tion have tendered their ' service? Jothe
management Iti entertaining the visiting' old
settlers who attend the exercises on Old
Settlers' day, which will; be -Tuesday. The
Woman's Christian Temperance associa
tion' has offered the use of Its hospital tent
on the grounds, and there) the visiting pio
neers will be received and provided with
badges and other provleton oipde for their
comfort and entertainments .,- .
. Wedding Gifts.
Pictures make Ideal, ones. .7 Alexander's
Art Store has a large assortment, 833
M. H. Wheeler, Injured la Accident,
Asks Damages from Fort Dodge,
FORT : DODGHX Sept! M.-KSpeclal.)
Judge Whitaker of the district court Is
now engaged in hearing, xa case against
tha city of Fort Dodge, for' 120,000 damages
for personal Injuries sustained by one M.
M. Wheeler on July 4,' 1903, who was
struck by Clara Rasmusseni. a "slide for
life" performer who met her death Eera
on . that date by the breaking of the har
ness which she wore. '
The case involves a question of liability
on the part of the' city 'for the accident
and the Injury of the plaintiff who was a
spectator. ' Th best lefc-al talent has been
engaged by both sides andr. the case Is be
ing bitterly fought. r-.-
Ope of the attractions on July 4,. 1903, was
a . slide for life" act. A strong wire waa
fastened to the top of , the court house
and run to a large telephone pole aoma
800 'feet distant. The performer was on
amateur and the proper harness for th
aet did not arrive In time to he
A temporary on waa constructed of web
bing and preparations were made for th
attraction. A crowd of people estimated at
several thousand were on hand to wit
ness the thrilling and daring act. The per
former was a beautiful young girl whose
home waa In Omaha. She had been en.
gaged by th people with -whom she trav
eled to do vaudeville work,;, but agreed' to
make the allde for the regular performer.
She was given the start, but tha puller
tuck and ah complained that something
waa wrong. A hasty examination was
mad and everything pronounced all riant.
She waa. given aaother start and had pro
ceeded but a ahort distance when the har
ness which supported her; gave away and
she waa precipitated Into the -crowd below
with fearful velocity. In her downward
descent she 'Struck M. M.' Wheeler, who
was felled, to. the" pavement and taken to
the, hospital, where his Injuries, while very
painful, did, not prov serious. The girl
a-as Instantly killed and her manager and
nls wife served a sentence for criminal
negligence. Mr. Wheeler now aeeka to re
cover damagea from tha city on the
grounds that It ia 'llabls. Th question
of liability Is conceded .tq. be a close on
and la creating wide Interest.
Barnaaa at Bailer's Los Estimated at
Eight .Thousand.
IOWA CITY. Ia.. Bept l.-(Speclal.)A
violent wlndatorm blew down the . Bar
num A. Bailey tents tonight shortly after
7 o'clock, doing great daaiag- Th cir
cus and menagerie . tent a ' fall ,nd gaso
line lamps Ignited th main tent, part of
which waa burned. Nobody was Injured
except fiv 'ahowmen who' suffered light
burn In axUngulshlng the' fir. . Th man
agement, fearing th atorn, had refused
admittance to several thousand people,
hene th teats wer empty except for em
ployes. The cage wer overturned, but tha
animals ' wer also removed befor th
atorm broke, and thus i stamped was
averted. Th damage to th tent, eto., 1
estimated at SS.Out
Joint Board if Trying to Adjust ths Differ
noes Three Flaoes.
Employment Agencies Report Strikers
-from Varlona Parkins; Towns Are
Seeking Employment later
Asanmed Karnes.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DES MOINES, Sept. 1. (Special.) A
meeting of tha Joint board of mine oper
ators and coal miners In district No. 13 Is
being held In this city for the purpose of
considering some of tha .recent .labor
troubles In tha mine district. The seal of
wages waa agreed to for the entire district
last winter and it will continue two years.
In case of disagreements the board will
decide all matters. There are disagree
ments at three points In th district. At
the Numma mine, near. Oskalooaa, the
miners were dlswatlsfled over the wages
and conditions and claim that In some
slight particulars the operators ihav not
lived up to the, agreements. They all quit
In a body. No strike waa ordered' and the
local miners' organisation disclaims any
responsibility,, but. the. men .quit aa n
dlvlduals. The mine was shut down. At
Mendota, Mo., there waa a misunderstand
ing as to the screens and It waa submitted
to arbitration, but th operaSprs declar
the mlnera have not acqulerced. At Colfax
600 miners stopped work In mine at Seeyers
and Andersonvllle. Since the purchase of
the Jasper County Coal railroad by th
Colfax Northern an arrangement haa been
made by which the miners are required to
pay for transportation to the mines. Th
coal road formerly carried the -men, free
and they insist that this waa part ot the
agreement they entered Into. Th road was
owned by the persons who owned th coal
mines and runs from Colfax out to the
mines. . This matter ta subject to arbitra
tion here. The conference Is not yet con
cluded. ..,'
Bank Interest to Iovra.
The state treasuier today figured up the
Interest due the state of Iowa from Des
Moines banks for the month of August and j
found that It amounted to 82,194.21. This Is ,
less than the previous month. The balance
In Des Moines banks to the credit of the
state was II, 210,000 for the month. It Is
expected the balance will steadily decrease
until about the middle of October, when It
tvHI begin to Increase again. The new law
requiring banks to pay the state Interest on
balances held will yield the state about
828,000 a yesr. ' .
Strikers as Strike Breakers.
Managers of local employment agencies
who have been active In furnishing men to
bo aent to Kansas City, Omaha and Chi
cago for the packing house work declare
that recently they have had many appli
cants from members of the union who Ac
cept employment as breakers of the strike.
In many cases they show their cards and
state plainly thtt they are union men, but
that they must have work and desire to be
sent to some place other than where they
have previously, worked and to go under
assumed names. In this way the employ
ment agencies say they have secured a
large number of persons for tha packing
hcuses who ara skilled workmen. ,
Want n Vladnrt Change.
Residents . of ' Marshalltown today . peti
tioned the state railroad commissioners to
rhake a change in the location of the pro
posed viaduct over the railroads In Mar
shalltown, changing from Center street,
where it has been ordered, to Third avenue,
where It was originally planned to place
the viaduct. 1.
There was filed ' with the secretary of
state today amendments to the articles of
Incorporation of .the Iale of Pines Land and
Development 'company, an Iowa company
having headquarters in the Isle of PJnes
and one ef the companies protesting against
cession of th Jsland to Cuba. There are
several Iowa . companies doing business
there. '
Consummate m Merger.
The Dea Molnec plant 6f the Continental
Biscuit company In this city was. taken
over today by the National Biscuit com
pany of New York, and thua ends a long
fight here between rival trusts. It Is stated
that the same , change was made as to tha
plant at Cedar, Rapids .which . has been
owned by tile' Continental. The old man
agers are retained by the v new owners.
Similar changes are expeated wherever the
Continental , has maintained factories, '-
Demurrage on State Coal.
Attorney -General' Mullan haa given th
Btate Board of Control an opinion in which
ha hold that the railroads cannot collect
demurrage charges on coal and other ship,
ments to state Institutions by aelsure of
the material shipped, aa U done In ilia case
of private property. Other methods of col
lectlng must-be ised,. But he points out
that the only question In regard to de
murrage charges, the legality ' of which
have long been upheld, by the courts. Is
th reasonableness of the charge and the
method ot applying.
No Voting Machines.
The litigation over the purchase of vot
ings machines by thia county will result
In failure to make us of the voting ma
chines at th coming election unless a com
promise Is reached. Injunction and other
processes wer secured and the voting ma
chine company Is so tied up that It will
,do nothing' toward delivering the ma
chines. ' This Is regarded as certain to end
In nondelivery In time to fulfill the con
tract and then the county will refuse to
purchase machine at all. Fifty machines
had been purchased.' but the makera of
rival machines declared those purchased
were not good.
Rebekaha Eleet Offleers.
ONAWA. Ia., Sept. 1. (Special,) The dis
trict convention of the Northwest Iowa As
sociation of Rabekahs waa one of the beat
ever held tin the diet riot. Delegates wer
present from Suton, LeMars, Mapleton,
Correctlonvllle, Sloan, Sioux City, Smith-
land, caatana. Mount Whiting and other
polnta. Mapleton gets th next conven
tion. , Tha new officers elected are: Presi
dent. Mrs. Laura Churchill, Onawa; v!c
prealdent, Mra. Emily J. Counts, Mapleton;
treaaurer, Jeanette Roes, Correctlonvllle)
warden, Mrs. Nelll Harrison, LeMars;
conductress. Flora Burgess, Onawa; Inside
guard, Mjr"- Sadla Wilson, Correctlonvllle j
outside guard, Mr. F, B. Gates, Sloan)
chaplain, Mra. Lillian Becker; secretary,
Mra. Anna C. Harrington; press corre
spondent, Alice J, Blair; organist, Mrs.
Jennie Cox. .
Tornado nt Blgonra, Iowa. '
SIOOURNET. Ia., Bept. l.-A smail-slsed
tornado which struck her tonight demol
ished several barns, Vprooted trees, tor
dowa windmills and did. much other dam.
age. There was no loss of llf,
NEW YORK, Sept. l.AU gradea'of re
fined sugar wer advanced i cent per 100
(ounda today.
- Ft Ball for Nan fatter sen.
NEW YORK, Sept. l.-Ball for tha re
lease of Nan Patteraon, Indicted for the
murder of Caaaajr Young, waa Axed today
at $30,000 by Justice Amend In th suprenae
court. It was said that th necessary
amount would be furnished.
Attorney to Theater Proprietor Bay
II Is Rot Entitled to Bank
rnntey Relief.
TOPEKA. Kan., Sept. 1. L. M. Craw
ford, owner of a string of opera houses
from St. Louis to El Paso, withdrew hi
petition In bankruptcy tn the federal court
today. His attorneys stated that Mr.
Crawford waa not entitled to auch rdlef.
Litigation In this case haa been before the
court for five years. Mr. Crawford's
wealth Is estimated at close to tl.noo.OCO,
while the amount of his debts Is unknown
to the public.
Woodmen of the World Special Train
to St. I.onls.
Th Woodmen of th World hav ar-
rranged with tha Wabash to run a special
train, leaving Omaha Union station at 8:43
a. m.. Council Bluffs 9 a. m., Sunday, Sep
tember ,11. A very -low round-trip rat.
88.60 from Omaha, 88.26 from Couacll
Blurts, with' correspondingly low ratea from
all stations. - '
Everyone Invited to Join special train.
Insist upon your ticket reading, via Wa
bash, th only line with its own station at
main entrance of World's fair grounds,
thus saving time, extra car far and an
noyance. For all Information call at Wa
bash city office, 1801 Farnam street, or ad
dress HARRY E. MCORE8, O. A. P. D.
Wabash -Railroad, Omaha, Neb.,
Texas Parking Plant Damaged.
DALLAS, Texas, Bept. 1. Fire today
partly destroyed the smokehouse of the
Armstrong Packing plant In this city.
Loss 113,000.
' Bright' Di.ast
Caused the death of Doctor Bright. Bright'
Disease is simply slow congestion of the Kid
neys. In the lent stage the congestion becomes
acute and the victim lives a few hours or a (ew
days, but Is past saving. This Insidious Kid
ney trouble is caused by sluggish, torpid, con
gested liver and slow, constipated bowels,
whereby the kidneys sr Involved and ruined
Drake's Palmetto Wine is a foe to eonrestlon
of Liver. Kidneys and tissues. It promptly re
lieves the congestion and carries it out of the
Liver, Kidneys, tissues and blood. Drake's
Palmetto Wine restores the mucous membranes
to healthy condition, relieves- the membranes
throughout the body from Inflammation and
Catarrh and cures Catarrh. Constipation and
Liver and Kidney disease to stay cured,. . It
gives relief immediately, builds up vigor and
health, prolongs lire and makes It enjoyable. A
trial bottle always gives relief and often cures.
A trial bottle will be sent to every reader of this
1 per who will write for It to Drake Formula
mpany. Drake Building. Chicago. 111. A postal
card will bring this wonderful tonic Palmetto
medicine to you absolutely free. It Is a boon to
diseasa-ladened, pain-ridden men and women.
X5he Best of
The Only Double
Track Railway
to Chicago
; Only
S15 00
Tuesdays and Saturdays
Till September 17, inclusive
i' W '
'City Offlce
1401-1403 FARNAM ST.
v OMAHA .c
TEL. 834-681
For Menstrual Suppression
told In Omaha by 8hermB A McConnall Drus Co.
Mall orders Alloa. Tredo tuppllod. II a Soil I boioa fi
GOVMRNME.IT hoticfji.
master. Fort Leavenworth. Kan.. Aug. 31.
1H04. Sealed proposals, In triplicate, will
be received here until U a. m.,-. central
time, September 29, 1904, and then opened,
for the construction of three (8) double
sets of lieutenants' ' quarters, .Including
plumbing, 'heating and elefctrlc wtrlng, at
Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Bidders will state
In their bid the time In which they will
complete the ' work na time will form an
important consiqeration in me awara. r un
information and blank forms of proposal
furnished on application to this office,
where plans and specifications may be seen.
United States reserves the right to accept
or reject any or all proposals, or any port
thereof. Envelopes to be endorsed "Pro
posals for Public Buildings," and addressed
to Major V. J. McCarthy, Quartermaster.
,. '.' . 8 1. J,,. 6. ip, 28
L a
Very , popular are the Burlington' IIOME VISI-,
TOKS' EXClJIaSIONS each autumn to the middle'east,"
t'nibradng large sections of Ohiojnd Kentucky,' as well
aa all points In Indiana. ' : lj .', , ..
, KATE: One farfe pluB two dollars, round trip. '
DATES OP SALE: Each Tuesday In September
also Tuesday, October 11 Good thirty days. '. ,A ,
STprOVEHS IN ST. LOUIS. These tickets carry"
World fair Btopover privileges in St Louis within final
limit of the ticket. r
A large section of the middle states can be reached
cheaply on these low rate excursions. . For exact rales
nnl all particulars, of your journey, for .berths, folders,
etc., write or call. . -
REYNOLDS,- City Pas a.
via; v.'.
' - s ' FROM"
Missouri River Terminal
(Kansas City t Conned Blnfts, Inclesfv) ,
to San Francisoo, Los
Angplea, Fan Dlcgo, and
many other California
points. . V
to Everett, Falrhatcn,
Whatcom, Vancouver ami
Victoria r-
to Portlnnd, Astoria, Ta
coma and Seattle. . . . ;-
to Ashland, 'itoaebnrp;,
Eugene, . A lb a n jr a;d
Salem, Including branch
lines in Oregon.
to Spokane and Intermf
dlnte O. n. & N. point
to Wenotchee and inter
mediate points.
to Butte,- Anaconda,
Helena, and all interme
diate' tnaln line points,' ,
to Ogden and Salt Lake
City, and Intermediate
main line points.
sFor fuller information cpll or addrea '
City Ticket Offlce, 1334 Farnam $U
rThone 810. "V
O. M..& Tel. 611 7 ,
1611 Farnam Street.
- L
1 - . J i .
Chicago, Rock Island Pacta.
- BAST- '.
' Lost. antra,
CRlnt D7lllt Wmlto a S:t any
Chlcaso Dajrhsnt Looat - 1 :00 -a MHa
Chicago Eipreaj ....ll:ll sat a t it oat
Dm Molnn Kipmo a :M pm hlliMaoi
Cblcaso f aal Kiproas a :
Rocky Mountain Limited .a TrSSaa a tiMas)
Lincoln. Colorado Springs. Da-
Tor, Fvoblo and woat al:Mss !:(
Chicago Great Western. .
St Paul Mlonoapollf Ltmltoa..e (Km s T: liars
St. Paul A latnacaaolls Siprooo.a 1:aia a :
Chicago Limited : al:Mat
Chicago gproaa ....,,,,-. am aaifltpui
Union Pacific
The Overland Limited li:Hta s list sat
Colorado A California sUpraas..a 4:10 m a SiotaaS
Chicago-Portland SMlal ..a av.
Eaetera Biproos a l:N a
Columbus Local , .,..,..... J:J pnt g S:M as,
rntf.r.dn Bncrlal ...'a T:4lasi
Chicago Special . ..-..Ii.. . ..J aSiStsat
Beatrice Local
wm-mmwm aft'iopm
rait Mall ...
Cblcaaro 4
Fast Chicago
Local Chicago
at Mao I4ssa
Kortavtraates-n. A
.....'...a I Wpis 1Mm
...... .aUMsa
Hall mimxii... i-hvb e-avsi
Daylight St. Paul s t sa H:Mpi
rtlw.Kt frAmm I..... ....... ..a f'.rt ana Uiana,
,.a a:i pat g.gssas
Limited Cblcaso , I P J:llaa
Local Carroll ...... a pm I Nia
Fait 8U eas'v ... l:lpe T Maal
Local Sioux City SU rami...-. diOtsaa a l-Nia
rait Mall S : pas
Chicago Bipraas ..,.....,.... . a :
Norfolk A Boaoataol .i.--a I: OS am M-Maat
LiBeola A Long Plna. ,.,,-... i:JJ aa U:ti aa
baadwood A Llncolk
.mcoia . ,,.vpa
Caapar Wyoming ....
Uaatinga- Albion ......
Mlaaunrl Pacltta.
4 :H)a 1:1 pa.
MHMiiMiilMia ooopsi
St. Lonla anproas ...........,....al:
SlS 'l SiStaea !
Kansas City A St. Laula Bu
wm i iw, pan :
pa aUMaa
Woild'a Fait Spoola
St. Loulaannao Ban Bzpi
.IIMM aS-SSaaa
Now World'a ralr
......a 1:i am a t a pa ,
Irf-f troa council hiubb...
..ai:iam es:) a
Illinois Central.
Chisago Ey-proaa ............,..,...S J Hla tH H Ml
Chicago LlmlUd aTitop HiNia
Hlnncapolla S Paul Bipms. .k f :tn aa buiaapa
Minneapolis St. Paul Umltou..a tiM pa a S.-ttt pa
CUIcaao, Slllwnulae . aL
Chicago UayllSht tapntaa ! t M aa all: pa
Lailioiula-uraaou auirea a 1:1 pa
Uierlau Unuud a :( pa a t:e ai
iios Moians a uaotiojl Bapraas...a tiM aa .a SU aa
CblcaBO, Bnrllnton as Sgnlaer.",
. . ..anava. Arrl.' '
Cblago aperisl ..........'...A -l aa a l:H pa
Cblcaao VaotlbuloU Bipxaaa.,... a :Wa. a t M am
Cblcaso Local ?:H H:9!l"
Chicago UmiMd .....a pa. a Tie pa
Past Matl ..r "... Slat pa
Unrllnaxtna a Ua'BM . Uv. , ' '
W;aaora. BaaUto a Llooola ...., S:H aa U:S) pa
Mcbraaka Bipraas ..aiea aliogpas
Poutoi Llmwad '.upa a (:W aa
Black Uilla aa Pusot Sous Bs..aU:ipa a .M pa
Loioradii Vaatlbulod riya a lie pa
Liacola raat Mall :St Pol alt ai pa
Fort crook 'uttamoata .... t:at pa M:Uaa
Bellevua A Paoino Junction .,u..i 1 It i a M aa
UalloTue PaclBO Juuetloa aS:Maa-
ballayu and , PlaUaiaiuik.,....hUiU pa .. .
Kaaaaa Cttr alospi at Conncll
.Blnfla. ...... v.
Kanaaa -City Day
i . . . ,
,.B.1f sa s!pa
a l:a pa aUxa aa
..aM.aapa :et aa
a,. Lakib riror
Kaaaa City Might Eipraaa....
Mlssonrt Pacta. ..
lata, : AM.
h 4:1 pa lU M pa
M'braaka Local,
Via WoOBtBg
Chicago, , It
atlnnantU ,
Omaha. " ;'
f win City Paaansar H Nia t:Mpa
Slous City raaiieoaar .............a l oo pm all M am
Oakland Local k M pm . k 14 a
D Deity eacapt Soaday.
Dally etoept Motf.
d pally neapi
Agt, 1502 Farnam St., Omaha.

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