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. TWO-8TORT building;, 1511, and th nreond
6 -floor 16(8-10 Howard. V. M. Buhran.
. r I-12
. jK A OOOD HrM l nsetW.-we can show
' you north front office on the fifth floor
r a splendid room, at the moderate prlo
. of . R. C. Petera A Co., ground floor
Doe building, . J .
. A flO office In the Bee building carrres with
-i It all of the eoner.ler.e , and adwin
taares In the way of heat,. light. Janitor
aervlce, all night and nil day and Sunday
eleva'or et-rvlce. A $10 office la now va-
cant. Call at once. R. C Peter & Co.,
ground flcor Bee .building. " ' I 2S
-3-HTORT and basmnt brick building. HKtt
,.i Farnam, 22x100, hydraulic levator, suit
able for wholeeMe or manufacturing. 311
Flrat Nat. Bank building. 1-130
i TO LET-rSeptembor t, fine, rommodloua of
fice room with large vault and fixture,
aultable for banking, insurant. iallrnar.1
or had office of any large concern; for
' tnerlv occupied bv McCngtie Paving rinnk
. and Banker' Reeerve Life Insitntnr C.
M-Cngue building. Fifteenth and TVdge.
Apply W, Farnam Smith Co, VT";
at - ' j
DESK room for one or two good pnrtlea
In nice nflflee In'Hee bunding, with vault,
llghte and water. Call room 4"1 or tele-
b.hone ms.
IOfiT Wednesday, bead watch f ob, J
and Maltese crji i Rewardi iOO Stanford
circle. - f . -. ' H
lOO .Reward
... Stolen. Tuesday, night,' Augtint JS. ,1904,
i from J. t;. Andersdn'a feasturte. David City,
'' Neb., one light gray rnur;" years old, half
Rhlre bred, weight about 1,S"0 pounds, small
J wart bnrlght'eox," nicerimoorth mare; also
one fair leather saddle and bricH,' nearly
ne: M of Je reword will be paid for, the,
" return of th property in good order by the
Owner, J. Q. Anderson, and J30 will be paid
. by BuUef county for the arrest and oonvic
' tlon of the thlej, Wire any information to
' the, sheriff. 'I. J. West,' David City, Neb.
. . ' Lost M319 t
f I HESS A SWOllODA, 1415 Farnam. 116
..Li. HENDERSON, 1619 Farnam. Send for
f;, prta llatrof out Howei and plant.'
r.- . V- " 117
jjLFED DONAGHUt. JR., 1607 Farnam.
Tek MS.1S, . v 1W
FOR SALE, barber shop. For particular
call an or write to John Bclilcketans, sr.,
I 100'B, Main t., Council Bluffs, la. '
Should be read7 dally by all Interested, a
ohangea tnay. occur, at any time.)
Foreign malls for the week ending August
- r,-1904,-'will Close (PROMPTLY In all
eases) ... Uier "'gerer:i ptistonlre as fo'.
; lows: Parcals-poat malls clos one hour
.-..-. earlier tl.arr closing time snnVh below.
Paroals-post malls for Germany close at
vc" 5 p nv August H2d and 81st.
Deaular and sunDlementary mail close at
ru. Foreign station- (comer of West and Mor-
xl ton- streets) hair hour later tnan closing
time shown below, (except that supple
mantary mail for ' Europe and Central
America, via. Colon, do on bour later
at Forelan station!:
, SATURDAY (3U)-At 6 o. m. for EU
,,, KOPJE, per s. . St. Paul, -via Plymouth
', and' Cherbourg. Cmail for Ireland muit
b" directed "per , 8t. Paul"): at 6:30
....B.'tn.-foe EUROPE, per s. a. Umbriu, via
r ' 4CJiiApfiHio-n. and l,lverf6ol: at 11:30 n. m
, ' for BELGIUM dtreot. per .'. Krooivland
,'(mail must be .directed per s... Kroon-
Utritd"); at a. m. for SCOTLAND di
rect, per s. . Anchrla (mall must be
directed, "t'peir . Anchorla'' s ,
I!-r : '' ,,TrM'alntlo Mn".
..tioTTCB. Fim centa uer lialf Ounce, In ad
, dltlon to the regular postage.- must be
prepaid on all letter rorwardaa bv the
deposited In the drops murkad ' Letter
for Foreign Countries," after th CIX3B
A INC1 OF .THE KOULAft MAllI .fpr de
'patch 'by Vpa'rtfftuTar ;vesel, wfu not bs
no orwsded unles such additional post-
." age Is fully prepaid thereon. by. stamps.
Z. l Supplementary. Transatlantic) 'Malls are
also opened on the piers of the AMER
ere, whenever the sailings occur at 9 a.m.
or later: and late mall may be deposited In
" the mall boxes on. th piers of the, Ger-
man 'lines sailing from Hobokn.: Th
rnalls on th piers open one hour and a
- half before soiling tlm. and close ten
minutes before sailing time. Only reg
ular postage (letters 6 cents a half ounce)
I required on article mailed on the piers
GERMAN - (sea post) steamers: double
postage' (letter 10 cent a half ounce) on
other line. -
Mafia for gonth mnA Central America,
West Indies. Ete.
BATURDAY (Sd). At 5 a. m. for ARGEN
s. a. Canning; at 7:S0 a., m. for NEW
FOUNDLAND, ' per s. . Silvia; at 8:W
a m. (supplementary 9:30 a. tn.) for
ZUELA, per a. . Philadelphia (mall for
Colombia must be directed "per s. a.
Philadelphia"): at : n. m. (supple
merHary 10:) ft. m.) for FORTUNE ISL
Magualemv Dep't, per . s. Alleghany
(mall, for Cpsta Rica must be directed
,. ''per s. s. Allt-Mianj'"); at :!. a. m. (sup.
' rfmentary 10:50 a. m.) for ST. THOMAS,
and FRENCH GUYANA, per a s. FonU
belle; at 10 a. m. for CUBA, per s. . a.
Morro Castle, via Havana; at 10 a. m.
DAD BOLIVAR: per s. . Mnrfivnl; at
18:30 p. m; for CUBA, per s. a. Curltyba,
via Matanzas (mall muBt be directed ''per
. s. -a. Curltyba").
Mall KorsirteJ O-rerlanff, T.tv Ex.
".",' eep TranspaelAo.
CUBA Via Port Tarn Da. Florida, clou.
tbla offloo dally, except Thursday at 6:SS
. iu, Lin JlllaullIla, nittiM uiube nr on
, Mondays, Weanesuuys and Saturdays).
' MEXICO CITY-Overland, unless specially
! addiCHSed for dlenutch bv steumei. r.lnii
I at this office duy, except Sunduy, at 1:W
- ' p. in. ana iu:v p. m.. unauy at 1:W p,
' ni. and 10:30 . m. . .
T.7 NEWFOUNDLAND .(except Parcela-Poat
-' Malls)-By rhil tp -North jiytTnsv, ,rt
' thenoe by steamer, close at this nfflu
" ' dally at 6:80 p. m,' (connecting malls elos
hot mi Hwur, weanesuay ana bat
' urday).
JAMAICA By rail to Boston, and thenc
-e by sttHmer. closes a this office at 6:30
p. m Tuesday and Friday.
M1QVJELON By rail to Boston, and thenoe
by steamer, close at Uils ofllce da4y. at
Coaat) and - GUATEMALA By rail to
New Orleans and thenc oy steamer,
cloae-at this office daily, exceot dunrlav.
1 I at 1:S0 p. in. and t0:80 p. m.. Sunday
at 11:00 p. m and IW:30-p. m.' (connecting
mnll close her Monday at 110:30 t. m
COSTA K1CA By rail to New Orlean. ad
- thenc by stenmer. Closes at this ante
dally, except Sunday, at jl:M p. m. and
iiu:u p. m., ,y gnoay. au i-m p. mr and
i; 10:30 p. m. tconnectiug mall ioar hers
Tuesday at (100 p, m ).
. NICARAGUA (East Coat) By rail to
u new uriean ana tnenc py. si earner,
close at this office dallv. axoent ftundav
at :30 p. m. and 10:SO n. m., Sunday
' at 11:00 p. m. and 110:90 a. m. (connectlns
niail cloe - hsr Thursday at 110.30
j- ... . .. .
(Registered mall close at i- m.' previous
.. day. ...
C Trasiaparlfla Malls, Pevwsrflet Orr
. : . laa Dsilr. ,
.. Th chedul . af closing ot -franspaclfle
, malls la arrangea ou ti presuruutloa f
port 01 sailing, Th final connectlna-
. .. mans wiul'h viua i . m. previous day)
,' . close at th genersj poaioltlu. New York,
.(except " Paroala-poat ' malls),
ISLANDS, via Vancouver aud Victoria,
' )i. C, clos at . 30 p. m. August to for
dispatch per s. s. Km ores of china.
-PINK ISLANI'3. vIh. ScatlW, cloae ut
b.tt p, m. August su, ior aispaicn per a a
(J l.yra.
:M-:w ZEALAND. " AU8TRALIA (except
Fianclx-u,' clos at t.M p m. September
for dispatch pr . Sierra. lf th
Cunard steamer carrying the Billlxli mall
for New Zealand does not arrive In 'line ta
' c;innct with till aiMtcli, extra malls
f .closing at :k0 a. ru., .30 a ra. and t:l)
' l. in.; Sundays at 4:30 a. m.. a. in. and
p. nt. will 1m mad up ana forwarded
UD'il ttj arrival of tn Cunard eleamur )
fl1 1 .v. A x, V -! A A K - o REA, CHINA and
- Cisco, close at p. m, HepleiuUer 1 for
. .- dixpnton r s s. optli. "
bun 1-rsnclsoo, close it :S0 p. m. S(
tember Ktn fur dupato Jvr a, a Marl-
west). tid NEW CALEDONIA, rla Van
couver and Victoria, B. C. close at 6:30
r. m. September 10 tor dispatch per a, a.
Msnuk.1. . . . ' .
HAWAII, via Bon Francisco, clos at :W
p. m. September 11. for dispatch per a s.
speclsllr addressed mail for PHILIP
PINE ISLANDS via Pan Francisco.
close at 6:90 p. m. Kepicmner io, ior ais-
Xstch per s. s. Core.
PAN. COREA. :HINA nd specially
-addressed msll for PHILIPPINE ISL
ANDS, via Taeoma, close at 6.30 p. m.
September 13, fo llspatch per a. ,S.
Pan Francisco, close at 6:30 p. m. Septem
ber 29. for dlsnntch r"r XT. S. Transport.
present forwarded via Russia, inaieaa oi
via Japan, the usunl route.
OTE t nlc oth-rwo addressed. West
Australia Is forwarned via Europe; New
Zealand via Bnn Francisco, and certain
fvlaces In the Chinese Provinces of Yun
tan, Kuelchow, Szechwan and Kwsngsl,
via British lndis tne oulcket rontea
Pr.'llpplues specially addressed "via Csn
" ada" or "vl- Europe" must b fully pr.
paid at the foreign rates. Hawaii is for
warded vis Sun Francisco exclusively.
rostoffice, Newi York. N. T., Aug. W, 1904.
' O. M. E. Tel. 611
1613 Farnam Street.
' ; ' uan' M7C1.
Cbleag, Rock Island fc Paclflo. '
AIT. ' ..." , t
. fcssv. Arrive
CMrsce Dtrllcbt Unite lIHia
rsicsso PsriisM Loosi .s l w mm a I :M pa
Chlrano Riprcei bll tlpm s 1 11 an
Dri Holnn tipmt ... 4:Ha bit II aa
Chicago Fast fctprsss i 6 1 a I Jk pa
. Wg8T.
Ksckr MeunUIn Umlt4 ai t: sa .a l:tsa
Lincoln. Colorado Spring. Dea
ver, Paeble an Ht .....al:Mpa a t:H pa
Ctitvaso Great Werters,-
t Psal Mlnseapolls Umlte.. psi a T:tl sa
St. Paul A MinMspells Cxptsh.s 1 M sa a :M pa
Chiracs Llmlu ......,., 4:M pa al:M aa
Chicago I:pts a 4:M pa
I nlou rnelfl.
The Ovsrlsn Limited' ....i.'. s 1:43 ra a l og pa
Colorado a California Express.. .a 4:10 pm a g:4 sa
Chlcago-Porllaud apwlal .. 4Jpa .
gaet'ra gzprass .. a f : pa
Columbus Local ..... f:00 pa ;ti aa
Colorado Special o.a 1:41 aa
Chicago IpacUl SI Maa
Bfatnra Local .,.... l:Ipm k 111 pit
rast Mall ' (1Hsi .1:1 pa
Cliicngv Kortawatcga. . '
rast Chicago .,-... ...s 1:10 pa TiMaa
Local Chicago ,A all:laa .
Mail :...... I:W po . I HI am
Lallght St. Paul ii.l t: aa 14:0 pa
Dsyll(bt Chloagi ..II Villa 11:40 pa
Limited Chicago a t :lk pa 1:11 aa
Local Carroll ...... ...s 4:00 pa in am
rast St. Pssi ... ...a I 11 pa Lttlaa
Local Sioux C4lr U Psal 4:00 pa s t.io aa
rast Mall..... at IV pa
Chicago Bxpross .a 1:41 pa
Horlolh ttontstool a I aa 10. U aa
Llnol a Leng Flo .....I l:N ta 10:Maa
Deodwood A Llocsla a 1:U pa 1U pa
Caapar A Wyomta d 1:10 pa e g:ie pa
lUstisss-AIWos ... .... 10 em 1:10 pa
Missouri Pacific (
St. Louis totprsss .:,.S10:4I aa k t M pa
Kansas CltrASc Louis Bxprsss. .all :4I pa a 1:00 pa
World's Fair Special ...IH(a .Ul.Hu
Wabash. '
t. Louis Cannon Ball xUprsss.. :0 pa sl:taa
Now World's Pair .-. a T:45 aa s M pa
Lsesl froa Cownoll BluOa ...a :ll sa a l;W pa
Jlllaals .CcatraL . . .. .
Chicago Kipae .'. a f:M (a i:M pa
Chicago LlmiUd .- a 1 :v pa a 1:01 sa
Ulnnoapolla a St Pan! Bipres,. ?:lv aa ;bl:i pa
Minneapolis SU Paul Uulto4..a 1:M pa a .0t pa
LUicags, Ullwaukss Ut. Paul.
Chicago DayUfbt gxpress ........a lis allYoo pa
CalUsrala-Unsoa Stxpiwa a k:4i pa s 1:10 pa
overland United . ( JO pa. a 7:14 m
Ms Mouis a osoboil giprsss ..a 1:M Sa l:i pa
Cbtcaaro, Barllnstoa v alay. -.
. ' fcsses. AM
Chicago Speelsl 7;0t aa a S:tl pa
Chloaao VsttUule Bxpnss a 4:00 pa 1 1: ia
Chicago Limits ilMls a 1:44 pa
rast Mall .... .. ,; 1:41 pa
RarUnartoa Sl anasoari Ulrar. v
tVjraoro, Beatrice Llaoola ..... t:M am blJ:0 pa
h'brsks guprau a (40 aa a :44 pa
Tt.n ... ii-iud . . . . . ..a a:lu sa t I u
Black llllla Pusst Sound Bz..all:le pa . a : pa
CeMraOH Vstlbul4 Fur a (:W pa
Uncola rsat Mall b I I? pa aM:0pa
Sort Crook a PUttsmoul a ........ b 1:M pa kiP:Usa
ellteu a Paolflc Junction a I:M pa s 1.11 aa
BollsTus a Paclflo Junction a (:M aa
aWlleeu as4 Platuueulk BlliU pa
Kaaaaa City,
Bt- Joscpn Coaaoi
Blaffa. '
Kansas City Dnt Kxproas
.a 1 11 la s I N pa
.a l .u pa U:04 aa
.sl0.il pa a 4:41 aa
St. Loals rijrer .. .f...
gUaass Clgr Mlaat tiprMa.
Mlssoarl Paclflo.
.. ........
Kebriaka Local, via WsrtHag
. 4:10 pa al!:S pa
Paol, ollnneapoli - e
.' Omaha.
Twin CttT Paeoaager (:M sa t:lta
loux Cltr PasMngor a 1:00 pa all:! ea
Oakliud Local , k !:4en kl:14aa
a Dsllr. ' i Dally' sseept jundsy. 4) Dally except
Stturasp . . Dsllf except Mosrs.
Scandinayisn-Krnerican Una.
Fatt Twin-Screw Paeaeoger Steamers Direct to '
' Norway, Swadin and Denmark.
. Direct Connertloa '
With Russia and Girm-ny.
A. E. JOkSlea at Ct.,'1 Broadway. Mew York.
master, Fort LeaA en worth, Kan., Aug. 81,
1!HM. Sttaled proposal, In - triplicate, will
be j-eeelved here until li.-i a. m.,- centrRl
time, September 29. 1904, vand -then opened,
for the construction of - three , (.3) double
set .of iiouWimnts: . quarters, Including
plumbing, heating and elctctrltt wiring, at
Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Bidders will state
In their bid the time In which they will
complete the work, a time will form an
important consideration In the award. Full
Information and blank forma of proposal
furnished On application . to this' office,
where plans and speclllcatlpiM may be eeen.
United States reserves the right to accept
or rcjeot anv or all proposals, or any part
thereof. Envelope to boi- endorsed "Pro
posals for Public BulldlnwfA.7 nnd addressed
to Major V. E. McCarthy Quartnrmnater,
... iV . . ; v f t . ? .
f ttatKeNt I UMBigsaforannstaral
la I M 1 4n.
dl.rhargao, Inflammations,
rrrltAilons it alcersiload
cf a usees manbraaaa,
Pstnlees, saa not astrw
HI F WANSRHf tiieftl OS. HBInrMlituU
OIHWNSill.l PJT1 sa1 ay rsgguss,
r sent la plain wrsppni
. I tif-w pme, prepal. 11
Hm i 1 aim, a. a I.A..1. SI )L
i proee, prapai,
or I bmtlte (3.71.
t Ciiraiuax soa naaafj
Shermun 4. McConnall Urug tpo., Otnaha.
Omaha. Nt.
Quicker and for
than other
Cure all apeclal dis
ease of nin kidney,
bladder and . disease
of women.
for hfe. Boon vry
Blood Polios
------ iBii.
symptom, sore on
body, in hiouth, tongue, throat, hnlr nnd
yob4ow trailing out) disappear compltiy
I Yirlcosi Veins WXltJ
. cuiting, pain r loss or time iver tails.
I. vuici
t-kost cur In th workL
I !Aai g a refine Uaa
. ....... a.. waal,lg.
nervous debility, early . deilln.
Visor and slrenn-tn.
frestnient by mall. 11 TEARS) OF BUC
aar 14th aad Douglasv
nS M
Dart Mil drug.
' Lefferf glssses fit
Stockert sell carpeta,
Bchmldt' new studio, 40 Broadway.
Swell photos at shrunk price. William.
Western Iowa college open September L
Open Sunday. Tucker' B'way studio.
Students- enrolled In th Western Iowa
college sny week day.
Special attention given to pictures for
wedding gifts. Alexander, 333 Broadway.
Caller received at Western Iowa College
ev'nga. Information given and rooms shown.
Born, to Mr. and Mr. 1. XV. Jacobs, Jr.,
of 1CH3 Seventh avenue, yesterday, a daugh
ter. Mrs. S. Brown of Los Angeles, Cal., for
merly of Omaha, Is th- guest of her sister,
Mr. S. M. Chernlss 'of 1603 Avenue A,
fnroute hum from th St. Louis exposi
tion. . , .
Th free public library will be closed all
day Monday, It being Labor day, and on
Tuesday until 2 p. ra,. on account of the
laying- of the cornerstone of the new Car
hegle . library building.
A meeting will be held In the Modern
Woodmen of Anxtrlca hall. in the Merrlam
block this evening to complete the charter
membership list of the Junior Woodmen, a
new branch of the order Including youth
from 11 to II years of age. , ..
E. P. Schoentgen of the Iowa State Capi
tol commission arrived home yesterday
morning from Chicago, where,- with tire
other members of the commission, he made
an inspection of flr safety contrivances
In many of the largest building In the
Windy City.-
John Davis, 2128 Sixth avenue, has been
called to' Sacramento, ' Cah. by the sudden
death of his son, John Davis, jr. Although
tne son recently wrote that he was 111, hi
death was entirely unexpected and came
an a great shock tn his family. The re
main will be brought here for burial.
Harry Oilman, charged by Hulda Hulbert
with disturbing the peace bv using un
parliamentary language and assaulting a
man named Taylor In her house, was fined
$i5 and costs' in police court yesterday
morning and ordered committed to the city
Jail until the fine was served out. Later In
the day Judge Scott released him during
good behavior. -. .
As the members of the public library
board have failed to reach an agreement
on. a suitable inscription for the corner
stone of the Carnegie library building, th
atone, will probably be laid next Tuesday
without any inscription appearing on Its
surface. The Inscription will be put on
later after the board decides on what It
The special committee of the city council
to 'which the matter was referred and tn
committee from the West End Improve
ment club held a meeting last evening at
the city hall to discuss the question of
paving Lower Broadway. The committee
Is "expected to make ome recommendation
at the meeting of the city -council next
Monday night. . ' '
Bertha Llebbecke will appeal from the
action of the Board of Commissioners on
Insanity In adjudging her Insane and order
ing her committed to the state asylum at
Clarlnda. She has stcured the services of
Attorney H. J. Chambers and he Is pre
paring the necessary papers to bring the
case before a judge of the district court.
Berth will be kept at St. Bernard's hos
pital until the court passes on the appeal.
These special officers have been appointed
for duty at the street fair and carnival:
O. Ia. DeWltt. J. C. Baker, O. E. Beswlck.
J. W. Kirk, Andrew Lorensen. O. L. Mar
tin, D. Maltby, J.. A. Craft. Dan Ellis.
John McQlll, John Bates, Thomas Eaton,
F. E. Bender, W. J. Halladay, L. C. Stiles,
E. E. Campbell, A. W. Melsner, Henry
Lauch, Ben Darnell. J. W. Scott. Wallace
MeFudden. They will be In charge of Lee
Albert!,- constable in Justice Ouren's court.
For Rent.
Aw 'excellent office location.' fronting on
Peart street, only half a block from Broad
way, with a nlceJarge showwlndow which
can be used for display. Be office, 101
Pearl street. Council Bluff. .
,.W. .'.Fnner'al of, Jfrsl iuauae. ... . .;j
ii The" esteem and loVe W s-lllch the late
Mrs.Eldln JL Lougee was Beldwas evi
denced by the large numberAof sorrowing
friends who attended the furteral services
at St. Paul' Episcopal church yesterday
afternoon and by th numerous beautiful
floral tributes which covered the' casket
and almost filled the chancel of the chuich.
The services were conducted by -the rec
tor, Rev. H. W. Starr, the. music being ren
dered by the vested choir-of the church.
Interment was In Falrvlew cemetery,' tho
cortege to the graveyard being a long one.
Th pallbearers were: , Fred Empkie, L.
Zurrrruehlen, jr., A. W. Casady," Dillon L.
Ross, Wood Allen and H. 8. Ogden. The
members of the Woman's auxiliary of the
church In which Mrs. Lougee was a de
voted . worker, attended the services In a
Plumbing and heating. Sixty Bon.
Ileal Estate Transfers.
These transfers were reported September
S to The Bee. by the Title Guaranty and
Trust company of Council Bluffs: . .
Henrv H.-Snaltl et si to Joshua H." "
Spaltl, lots' 20 and 21, block 1, Oak
land, w. d : $4,000
John H. Spaltl to Joshua H. Epaltl,
'lot , block 4: Oakland, w. d 4,500
Henry H. Spaltl et al to Joshua H.
Spaltl, lot 10. block 4, Oakland, w. d. '4,600
Luke Dermody and wife to Charles
Schmidt, jr., part lots 8 and 4, block
19, Avoca, w. d . , ,...,' 1,000
Five -transfers, total
. .$ JS.000
Eye 'Here
Uneeda Biscuit, Ifls
3 pkgs........ei..IUU
Baker'B or Lb whey's O ft ft
Cocoa, per can ..... . . U U
Rice,' regular 10c ft
quality, lb: . . . . . : .OU
Borax .Naphtha Soap, t
6 bars.. .......... .uC
Starch, best gloss, .. IK
package. . . . ; . .....
"'Phbna A-883. .540 Broadway.
Fall term opens September 1. New Cat
alogue and College Journal for th asking
Writ or call for Information.
' K. P. MILLBH, President.,
Masoalo Temple. 'Phoae B-l.
Cotsncll SlatT, la..
Q Pearl BC, CoaaoU biuit. 'PnoaatT.
I"""1""""" 111 "l" 1 11 1 ""'J
Member of City Council State Reason, for
Hii Stand on Matter.
Cat Broadway. Dow a to Twenty
: Seres Feel Eaclk:8lae ( th Park
Ins, Which WM Be Scaat
- foj Bnslnes Purposes,
"Buslnesa men whose stores front on
Broadway in this vicinity should carefully
Investigate the proposition , . before they
Acquiesce In th establishment of a pork
!n the center of Brondway at the Inter
section of Fourth Street,"; -was th state
ment of an alderrniui, Jesterday who has
been asked to Vote fbr It. The alderman
In question, after looking Into the matter
thoroughly, announced that . he. waa op
posed to the sohema-c - ,t .;
He said:-''On" papeV he proposltldn to
beautify the street with a small triangular
park looks good, but closer Investigation
shows that It is not. It Is contended that
'the width of Broadway, except at this
polrtt, la fifty-four feet and that this width
would' be sufficient 'there for all traffic.
This may be very weU, but If the park Is
put-there the street win not be fifty-four
feet wide. There will be simply tw alley
ways, so to speak," saoh twenty-seven feet
wide. . Two passageways of twenty-seven
feet each do not afford the same conveni
ence that a street of fifty-four feet Jn
width would. I do not believe this phase
of- the matter ha been given sufficient at
tentlon by th business men whose stores
front on this portion of Broadway. With
the park occupying the center of the street
they would have, left only a street of
twenty-seven feet In width- opposite their
stores' and' with Wagons backing up to
load and unload how much space would
there be left on each side of the park for
the public travel of vehicles T"
Since this wns explained to them a num
ber of the business men on this section of
Broadway - have declared themselves un
alterably opposed to the proposition. :
City Attorney Snyder when asked yes
terday, gave It as his. off-handed opinion
that the city council, had not the right to
give away a portion of .the street for park
purposes under the- circumstances. It Is
understood that the' matter will be' brought
before the city council next Monday night
unless those back of it realise that the
sentiment against It Is too strong.
Firemen Squabble Over Cap.
Sheriff Canning, under a writ of replevin
issued by the district court of, Adi.ms
county, recovered possession of a silver cup
won by the Neola Are team at th tourna
ment of the Southwestern Iowa Firemen'
association In Malvern) .
A protest was filed against the Neola
team and. the. Judge,, after the cup had
been awarded, , ruled th Neola team out
The team," however, refused to surrender
possession of. th pfise. and the Southwest
ern association brought replevin proceed
ing tn the Adams ifcoiliaty court. Neola, be
ing in Pottawattanye-ieounty, th writ wu
Issued to Sheriff Canning. ' n' ' 1 ; .
When Sheriff Casing gppeaJVd at Neoi
yesterday morning wiyi. the writ there wat
considerable excitement.! The., fire bell was
rung and for -a frhlle It 'looked as If the
officer would have trotbie before securing
the cup,- When it was seen, however, that
It would be' useless resisting -the order of
the court, the1 team ' reluctantly handed
over the coveted prlxe. It Is said the Ne
ola firemen will hot'., let the; matter rest
here, but will appeal fa the courts to re
cover possession of. the cup.
Dredgre Oat of Commission.
A broken pinion put the . Indian Creek
dredge out of commission yesterday, much
to the mortification --of Admiral Waver,
a It will be at least forty-eight hour be
fore the broken piece can be replaced. The
work, of - excavation has now passed the
Nineteenth avenue bridge and the Nine
teenth avenue sewer now has an outlet Into
the creek. ' f ' ; '
Th bridge at Nineteenth avenue was
easily removed, th derrick of the dredge
lifting It bodily from, It foundations and
depositing It on the, bank as rapidly as
If It had only been a- shovel load of mud.
The other bridges which will be encoun
tered on the voyage , to the mouth of the
creek at the Missouri river, it Is expected
can be, raised 1n...tyie same manner with
the exception of one bridge belonging to
the Burlington railroad. Which will be re
moved by . th railroad . company. This
bridge Is on a switch, track at present not
in use, so the railroad company will not
be inconvenienced any...
Forgret Where HI Home I.
Walter Rogers, a young man 24 years of
age, who was -found wandering about the
city yesterday morning by -the police, was
taken before the ' commissioners on in
sanity. He claimed that his home was in
Louisiana! but couKL not remember the
lowri, H said that a few weeks ago he
was discharged from th hospital for the
insane at Independence, this : state, and
Started to make hla way to Colorado. When
he reached, . Kearney, Neb., he became
homesick and turned back, succeeding- in
making his way to .Council Bluffs, which
he reached Thursday night. He was placed
In the county Jail, but w,!!!. be released this
morning and allowed' to continue his way
otith. The young nali Is apparently some
what' simple minded. .- -,,
Child Wanders Away.
Th ZH-year-old daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Hubbel of 72. Mynster street gave her
parents considerable Cause for anxiety yes
terday afternoon. Th ehild, bareheaded
and barefooted, went 4nto the yard to play
shortly be for the dinner hour. When the
meal wss on the table the child waa not
to be found. She could not be located In
any of the neighbor's yard aad the din
ner went un tasted, th anxlou parent
fearing that th child had been kidnaped.
Finally the police wer asked to assist In
th search and the little on was found
nearly two and a half miles from bom
at 1511 East Btoadway. .
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tet ttO. Night, rsfl.
Boy Breaks Both Arms.
Climbing a tre in Baylls park last even
ing to capture one of the carnival and
street fair balloons to w'nlch was attached
a coupon for a season ticket, proved disas
trous for Oeorg Ehle, th lS-yer-old son
of Frank J. Ehle of ES North Second str t.
Th boy, when about twenty feet from tht
ground, climbed out on what proved to b
a dead limb, which broke under hi weight.
Toung Ehle In falling broke both arm
Just above th wrist Jolnta He was taken
to Dr. Seybert's office near by and later to
his home.
Boy Sell Stolen Wheel.
Jo Lee and Ro.y King. boy, wer ar
rested yesterday afternoon Just after they
had sold a bicycle which. It developed
latr, they had stoln from In front of th
public library building In Omaha. ' They
were taken bark to Omaha last evening by
Officers Dunn and Ferris. When arrested
young Lee claimed the wheel was hi
property and that he had bought It In
Sioux City. H said hi home was In Da
kota City, Nell. The boys sold the wheel
for $3 and divided the money. When con
fronted by th Omaha officer they ad
mitted the theft
"Trey a or Man Show Indication
Although suffering from a broken neck
and paralysis of almost th entire body,
John Wortnian of Treynor, la., a farmer,
I likely to live, and the attending phy
sicians have strong hopes of at least his
partial recovery.
About two weeks ago Wortman foil from
a load of hay and sustained a fracture and
dislocation of the spinal column at .the
conjunction of the neck and shoulders.
Complete paralysis below the point of In
Jury ensued and the man was brought to
Mercy hospital In this city. An operation
was attempted a few days ago, but as
soon as the anesthetic was applied the
condition of the patient became no critical
that the physicians decided to abandon the
operation, at least for the time being.
Vortman was placed In splints and band
ages and has been extended under a steady
pull with the object of bringing the 'sev
ered portions of the spinal column together
again. ' Sensation has commenced to re
turn In the portion of the body below
the Injury and much to th surprise of
those attending the case, yestereday there
seemed to be a strong possibility of the
man's partial recovery at least.
Monona Republicans Oraanlse. -
ONAWA. Ia., Sept. 2. (Special.) The Mo
nona county republican central committee
met at the office of J. A. Prltchard, county
chairman, yesterday to form plan for the
coming campaign. Every town In th
county was represented and there was a
fair attendance from the county townships.
There seemed to be a demand for speakers
and at leaRt one speech will be made In
every town in the county. Senator Hub
bard, the congressional nominee, la In de
mand, and at least two towns filed claims
for his service. Senator Hubbard Is very
popular ln Monona county, where he has
Quite an extensive acquaintance, and there
seems to be. a general desire to hear him
speak. Chairman Prltchard will attend the
meeting called by the state chairman in
Sioux City, September 8, when the general
plans for the campaign In Monona county
will be formulated and active work com
menced at once.
Bnalness Changer p.t Creston.
CRESTON, Ia.. Sept. 2. (Special.) Swan
Bros, have sold out their large, depart
ment store to the M. Koehler company.
The Messrs. Swan have not stated their
future plans, but It Is hoped that they
will still remain In Creston. Mr. -Koehler,
who assumes charge of the business under
the new firm. Is an energetic business
man, and was formerly active In the busi
ness circles of this city. ' Mr. Koehler come
from Salem. 111., to take his new position
I. J. Molby has sold his Interest In the
Jewelry firm of Molby & Co. to L. J. Wen
die, who has been connected with the firm
for . some time. The object of the sale Is
to give Mr. Molby the opportunity to de
vote his entire time to the music buslnesa,
which he has handled only ait a side line
In the past. u "v-
"Innrdvnient.'a Jlnnlati. . '
. DtJNLAP, 'Ia. ASepL -t(Speeial.)-rMariy
improvements have been made In 'the town
of Dunlap during the present season. John
R. Wheeler, lumber dealer -and ex-repre-'
tentative, has Just completed a $10,(100 res
idence. A. L. Rule ha built a brick bard
ware store to replace a frame structure.
The First National bank ha put In an Im
posing brick front J. A. Moore has erected
a warehouse. Lewis Felts and E. R. Cad
well have Completed fin residences.
' Democrats Are Swift.
FORT DODGE, Ia., Sept. 2.-(SpeclaI
Telegram. )-r-Forty-flve minutes sufficed for
the ' county democratic convention to end
its work of nominating a county ticket In
this city this afternoon. The convention
was a love feast from sttrt to finish and
all votes were made by acclamation. The
following persons were nominated: Clerk,
Henry Weiss; auditor, George Knudson;
recorder, Charles Newton; attorney, Jos
eph Fitipatrtck. .. ." .. .
Creston Miner Encouraged.
CRESTON, Ia.; Sept. .-(Spclal. Pres
ton stockholders, who have shares in the
Golden Eagle mine at Saltna, Colo., hav
received much encouragement that the
mine will prove a profitable one. It Is now
being worked, and the ore found Is of a
very good quality and Is estimated to run
at from 140.00 to $80.00 a ton.
Allegred Burarlara Bound Over, s
ONAWA. Ia.i Sept. (Speqlal.)-Carl,
Mary and Frank Johnson, who were ar
rested at Mapleton, charged with bur
glary, were committed by Justice Perkins
of-Tte to the Monona county jail at Onawa
to await the action of the grand Jury.
cs 4 xt i7't a x-nTcr'n
SEATTLE..,. ........ J
fifioci uotjittlek mm
UEST Ml iraUESl.:;
WASHINGTON ....... . . , . .". . . , . .
. CITY ':'.,.....'. ,.v,....
' : . ... .....
Daily tourist cars to Puget SountLand California. Personally conducted through,
sleeper excursions to California on Thursdays and Fridays. These excursions provide
high class facilities; double berth from Omaha or practically any Nebraska point to
the Coast, costs only $5.75. . r , ''''
Lt me send you folder and tell you about the '
excellent service we offer for any place west. .,
s. " ' ' ' :''
J. B. REYNOLDS, City Passenger Agent, 1502 Farnam St., Omaha.
Colonel Eiboeck Proposes that Ho Admis
sion FftM Be Charged.
. ..
mm ssaaa a,
Arbitration Board Decides Two Cases
of Miners' Troubles la Favor of
the Operator aad Take
t Remaining One.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, Sept. 1 (Speclal.)-A
novel proposition In regard to the future
Iowa state fair Is made here by Colonel
Joseph Eiboeck editor of the Ansleger,
the leading Oerman newspaper of the state.
He proposes that the legislature approprl.
at all the money needed o build the
permanent buildings for the state fair nnd
provide) for 'expense where necessary, then
to make adintweon to all fair absolutely
free to nil persons. He would have the
fairs securer all their support from fees
clwrged exhibitors and from concessions
and' Irom tile, race track foes and admis
sion to same. In other quarter a move
ment has bV$n started to at least allow all
children and young people to attend the
fulra free. ' '
State Teachers' Association.
. Preparation I being made by. the officers
and committee of "he Iowa State Teachers'
association for the annual meeting In this
city, commencing December 17, which will
be the semi-centennial or "golden anni
versary" of the association. The program
committee has announced that It has Just
been assured that Governor Cummins will
deliver a notable historical address on the
occasion, In which he will review the his
tory of Iowa In the last fifty years. Prof.
Harvey of Menominee, Mich., hits been
secured to deliver a lecflre on "The Pres
ent Movement' .Toward industrial Educa
tion," which will be notable. The program
will have as a special feature a half-day
devoted entirely to reminiscences a.td to
the discussion of the progress that has
been made In educational matters In the
stale of Iowa since the association was
founded. A record will be kept of the pro
ceedings and they will be published in a
form to make the report of great historical
Disappointed nt Plana. .
Iowa republican are disappointed over
the fact that the national committee has
assigned th only two date given for
Speaker Cannon and his party In the east
ern part of the state, on. the Mississippi
river. He Is to speak In Davenport on
October 1 and at Clinton on October 2.
This will be for the purpose of assisting
A. F. Dawson In his fight against Judge
Wade In the Second district.
Mine Trouble Partly Settled.
. The arbitration board of miner and op
erator for District No. 13 went to Colfax
today to make personal Investigation of
the troubles there Involving 500 men, who
are out because of refusal to pay fare over
the coal road leading to the mines. The
board decided tn the case ' of troubles at
Oskaloosav and In Missouri that the oper
ators were in the right and that the min
ers had. no cause for complaint, but should
live up to the agreement. Information waa
received from these points to the effect that
' the miners will abide by this decision.
- Camp at an Bad. . .
The - companies of the Fifty-third ' and
Fifty-fifth regiment, Iowa National Guard,
broke camp today and returned to their
home after one week' In camp.' The camp
wa not very pleasant, aa soma of the days
were cold and they suffered from a heavy
rain on th last day.' None of the 1.CO0
men becime 111 and the camp, which Is the
last of the year for Iowa, ended most suc
cessfully. Investigating Colored Preacher.
The officers- of the Associated Charities
have received inquiries' from' St. Paul in
We have received a Carload of Fkticy,
Native. Corn-Fed Steers, that we will sell a
prices below: ' ;;. " y,'
Beef Roast, per pound......... .....5C'
Beef Steak, per pound. . 5c
Boiling. Beef, per pound.... T... ..21c
Porterhouse Steak, perpound. . . .............. . . .OC
Best Breakfast Bacon, per pound...; 2c
The Central Grocery and Meat Market
'PHONE 24.
' ':
, -i;
relation to Rev. F. C. Lomack. who,-It ap
pears. Is there Interesting persons la a
home for the aged colored people In Dei
Moines. Mr. Lomack Is under sentence' of
a yer In the peniwntlary for criminal
libel and ha arbealed to the supreme
court. Ills "home for the aged'! In rhls
clty Is rented out as n apartment house
ant rorentlv a mrtBB on the asm Wa
recorded and a movement stilted to fore
' Will tend a Craade.
John and Emma Dlrkerhoff, who wer
convicted of enticing two girls rxonv La
monl to De Moines for immoTal puYpose
and given sentence, have returned from
the penitentiary on appeal bond pending
a review of their case In the suprem
court. Today they announced they had re
formed and will heaAa crusrade to clean
up the city, ana declare tney win
to give evidence that will startle the peo-
nle as to the condition' of affair her. In
thla work they are receiving th ehedur-
agetnent of everal ministers or tne city.
Campaign t lob at I.oaan.
l.ntlAN. Ia.. Sent. v 1 (Special.) Lat
night, at th courthouse, a large number
of enthusiastic republican met and organ
ised the Logan Roosevelt snd Fairbanks
club. The following officers Were selected:
Proairiont. Oeorae W. McCord: vice preal-
drnt, W. .t, Stern; secretary, Edgar A.
Moore; financial committee, w. n. jonn
n v n Stearns and Charles Watson;
captain of marching club. Doranee H. Sea
bury. Attorney J. A. Traver of Dunlap was
the orator of the hour. A large member
ship -was enrolled. . , ,i.
Carnival nt 'Dnlnp.
DUNLAP. Ia.. Sept. t-fSpeclal.V-At a ,
tntlnr cf f ltisens It was decided to
hold here the first annual business men's
carnival. Thursday, Friday and saturaay.
o. k- is i and 17. The following
committees were., appointed to mak - ar
rangements: Executive, r. v. v .-.
Sellers. O. Dnnlnbaum and E. T. Child;
finance. James T. Barrett. William limits
and Thomas Lohan. There wM be no N
gamblers, snake eaters or dancers St pils
carnival. . .. , ,
Condition of th Treaanry.
WASHINGTON.' Sept. t--'??'
ment AtheAreasury'bM
"Serve In the division ' ofjmptlon.
shows: AvalisDie casn oaiairec,
gold, $49,0J1,913. i.
We Are All 1st the) Apprentice Claa.
When a simple change of diet bring
back health and happiness the story is
briefly told. A lady of Bprlngfleld, III., '
says: "After being afflicted for year with
nervousness and heart trouble, I received
a' shock i four years ago-that left in In
such a condition that my life was despl4
of. I could get no relief, from dp'cXTS nor
from the numberless heart and nerv medi
cines I tried, because I tlldn't know that
the coffee was dally putting me bock more
tfiari the doctors could put me ahead.
"Finally at the request of a friend I left
oft coffee and beganthe -use of Postum.
nnd against my convictions I gradually
improved in health Until for the past or
g months I linve been entirely free from
nervousness and thos terrible, sinking,
weakenlnc spells ot heart trouble.
. ."My troubles all came frorn th us of
coffee, which I had drunk from childhood,
and yet the disappeared When I quit cof
fee and ' took up the us4 . of Postum."
Narpe given by- Postum Co.f Battle Creek,
Mich. .
' Many people i marvel at the effect of
leaving eff coffee and drinking Postum, but
there' IS nothlna marvelous about It only
common srnsp, r., .. . 4, ... .,
Coffee is . a destroyer-ostuth Is a re-
biTllder. ' That' 1 WW reason.. '. v V -s'
Look In each pkg, for1 the famous UtU
book "Th .RoadX to. .Wellvllle;" - ,
AFK, Ai7.r.Bbi. U'l,Mtntur;
sx in ituuign A nauuim
Is MCA 4 Vol4 aMltllle kia. MM
win klae rtttoa. Tali. etksr. Brin
laSrae Snsvtllauoaa aa lalla
tUaa. 0y et yr DragglM, ar.wag 4. a
aiaaiae r Pert!alare, Taatlaaalals
aa "Rallsf WrLa.la,a Uir, ra
ta ra Mall
1 n.flll Tanlai-alato. BOaar
an Dragf'"-
'hlrfcaata (-kalanl fla
Malaa Haam 'Mil fa.
a. j
' J.
rC -I
. $22.50
. 20.00
CHiorira-rtfrn r

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