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Committee Vaksi An Appeal to the Rank
. . and File to Contribute 0aih.
Street Hallway Mel Dravr Hum
Resalt ( Ifroiil la
Coateat with Llaeola
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Sept. 17. Speclal.)-The pop
ulist , state committee expects to se
cure some financial amlstance from the
rank and file of the party and a letter
Issued today from headquarters acquainted
the rank and file of this fact. The letter
also makes a strong1 plea for the legisla
ture and says nothing of Berg-e, fivina
out the Impression that Chairman Allen
of the democratic committee I getting: his
hands on the populist committee.
Street Railway Mrs Flaed.
The polio department and the street ear
employes had their Innings today in police
court and nothing else was doing there.
At tht morning session Vivian Waller a
conductor, was fined $5 and costs for run
ning his car within less than 10 feet of
the car In front of him and with the con
sent of the city attorney and police the
oth-r thirteen men arrested were dis
charged. The case will be taken back to
the district court on error. Attorney Allen
for the traction company holding that
every street corner Is a station for the
car company, while Judge Cosgrave and
City Attorney Strode held that the com
pany's station was merely the headquar
ters where the cars are kept. The city
oruiuanee provides that cars near a sta
tion may be run closer than 100 feet apart.
The company agreed to Instruct Its men
In regard to the ordinances and to see that
they were not violated In the future an 4
for that reasop no other prosecutions were
Waller, "Doc" Payne and William Ross,
however, were held to answer to charge
of abusing an ofllcer, disorderly conduct
and iissault and battery, respectively.
Both Candidates to Speak.
Governor Mickey and Caadldate Berge
.have both been Invited to speak at an old
settlers' picnic at Bloomfleld, Knox county,
September 27, Governor Mickey to occupy
the forenoon and Mr. Berge the afternoon.
The Invitation to Mr. Berge was received
at the populist headquarters this morning,
'and In -that It was stated that Governor
Mickey had also been invited.
Tax Case Will Be Appealed.
The brief In the Nemaha county tax case
in support of an appeal from the decision
of Judge Kelllgar will fee filed In the su
preme court probably tomorrow.
Receptloa for Tibbies.
Members of tho Laymen club, an organi
sation of lawyers and university professors,
will on Tuesday njlght next give a recep
tion A the home of Judge England In
lienor of T. H. Tibbies, candidate for vice
president - on the pepullst ticket. About
fifty prominent people of Lincoln will be
present, and Mr. Tibbies will' read his
speech of acceptance, which he now has
Jn preparation.'
Occasion Is Made n Festal One by
I'eople of Raahvllle.
RUSHVILLB, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special.)
The cornerstone of the new courth jjse for
Sheriavu county was , laid yesterday amid
Joy and festivities. At 10:30 o'clock a pro
cession was formed on Main street, when
ail tho fraternal societies, the-local hOso
company and several floats moved through
the principal- streets -to" the TraTns"6f the
Rushville Cornet band. .An Immense crowd
was present to watch .the procession and
take part in the ceremonies, which were In
charge of the Masonic fraternity. Kqbort
French of Kearney; grand custodian, laid
tho stone, the beautiful ritual and cere
monies of the Masonic order being carried
out with a fidelity and thoroughness that
excited tho admiration of many who were
used 'to such things. After the stone was
laid Judge Westovef made an appropriate
and well chosen Speech and was followed
by Attorney W. XV. 'Wood at length. A
grand barbecue followed, when several
roasted oxen, sheep and hogs were served
cut to the hungry crowd. Coffee and bread
were likewise served free, and after a
.hearty meal the crowd made its way to the
liose ball ground, where a ball game was
played between Pine Ridge and Rushvllln,
resulting In a victory for the former, 28 to
A. After the ball game various sports were
held, lasting till after supper time. After
supper a dance was held in the opera
house. .
Find Remains of an Infant.
ALLEN. Sept. 14. (Speciol.)-Last Sun
day while William McCIoud was camped
In a deep gulch west of town he discovered
an old "horseshoe nailed to a board Thtf
board had been sanded to preserve Its last
ing qualities, which attracted Mr. Mc
CIoud ' attention, and. pulling It up, dis
covered tt marked the burial place of a box
about two by three feet. Using his knife
for digging, he unearthed, the box, which
had been covered with sheet iron, the cor
ners being reinforced to make it extra
strong. Tlrne had so rotted the woodwork
that It fell to pieces as soon as touched.
To Drlngr tne Babies Aronnd.
When a little human machine (or a large
one; ue wrong, nothing" U so important
a the selection of lood which will always
bring it around again.
"My little baby boy IS months old had
pneumonia, then came braiu fever, and no
sooner had he got over these than he began
to cut teeth and. being so weak, lie was
frequently thrown into convulsions," uya
a Colorado mother.
"L decided a chango might help, so
took him to Kansas City for visit. When
wo got there he was so very weak when
he would cry he would sink away ana
seemed like he would die. '
"When 1 reached my sister's home she
said immediately that we must feed him
Grape-Nuts, and, although 1 had never
- used the food, we got some and for a few
days give him Just the Juice of Grape
Nuts and milk. He got stronger so quickiy
we were soon feeding hint the Grape-Nuts
itself and in a wonderfully short time be
fattened right up and became strong and
well. '
"That showed mo something worth know
ing and, when later on my girl came, 1
raised her on Grape-Nuts and she 1 a
strong healthy baby and has been. You
will see from the little photograph I send
you what a strong, chubby youngster the
boy Is now, but he didn't look anything
like that before we found this nourishing
food. Urape-Nuta nourished him back to
strength when he was so weak he couldn't
keep any other food on his stomach."
Name given by Poetum Co.. Battle Creek,
Mich. .. .
AU children can be built to a more sturdy
and healthy condition upon Grspe-Nuts
and cream. The food contains the elements
nature demands, from which to make the
soft gray filling in the nerve centers and
brain. A well fed brain and strong, sturdy
nerves absolutely Insure a healthy body.
- Look la each package for the famous lit
tle book. The Road to Wellville."
Why can't we. com over to your house
es4 play aay snore r
Because papa frets so mad wbea we
sake a little bit of noise.
What saakes him that way ? i
Mamma says rfs dyspepsia makes him I
act so crssy.
That's about, tbe war It strikes thai
small boy. The dyspeptic has no Idea
of his own unreasonable ueas or harsh!
Beta. Little things are taagaified audi
seem to justify hia quick eager.
There's health for the dyspeptic and
happiness for the family by the use of
Dr. Pierce" Golden Medical Discovery.
It cures diseases of the stomach attd
other organs of digestion and nutrition,
and restores perfect tealta and strength,
by enabling the perfect digestion and
assimilation of food.
03,000 FORFEIT
Will be paid by the World's Dispensary
Medical Association, Proprietors, Buf
falo, N. they cannot show the orig
inal signature of the Individual volun
teering the testimonial below, and also
of the writers of every testimonial among
the thousands which they are constantly;
publishing, thus proving their genuine-1
I have taken ene bottle of Dr. Pierce's.
Golden Medlrsl Discovery for Inrtlge'tion and
liver coisplstnl." writes Mr. C M. W linos, of
Yadkla College. DsvMsoe Co., N. C. Have
had a bed spells since I commenced teking
your medicine in bet, save not felt like the
same man. Before 1 took the ' Golden Medical
Uiacorery' 1 could not est anything without'
awful distress, but now I esq est aovthing I
wish without having eapleasant feelings.
Df. Pierce's Pleasant Pellet .clennae
and regulate the bowel.
Digging Inside the box, the bons of what
Is Huppoeed to be an infant were found,
but badly decomposed. They have been
left at the doctor's, and further excava
tions will be made, as it Is thought a
treasure of some kind may be also buried
Reatrlee Man Is Touched.
BEATRICE. Neb., Sept. 14.-(Special Tele
gram.) H. F. Sells, a resident of this lo
canty, was touched for 149 in cash, two
money ciders for 170 and $90 and three
railroad tickets at tho Rock Island pas
senger depot this afternoon just before he
and his family boarded the train for a trip
to California. Barnum & Bailey's circus
exhibited In the city today and the theft Is
supposed to have been committed by pick
pockets following the show. There is no
clew to the thieves. The management of
the show refused to pay the license fee of
150. claiming that the grounds were located
outside of the city limits. The license was
finally paid under protest, but the parade
was delayed several hours as a result. '
York County Pnnlonlsts.
YORK. Neb.. Sept. 14. (Special.) The
derrocrats and populists held a county con
vention yesterday at the court house, and.
as In years past, fused on candidates.
Charles Keckley, who several years ago
espoused fuslonlsm and recently announced
thnt he was a democrat, was nominated
by the democrats for the legislature. Rob
ert James, a farmer living near York, was
nominated for the legislature by the popu
lists. Joseph Hoover of Benedict received
the nomination for county attorney and
Charles Messner, a merchant of York, was
nominated for county supervisor In thin
township. At McCool Junction .next week
the fuslonlsts will nominate some one for
state senator.
Find Murdered Man's Ou.
SIDNEY. Neb.. Sept. 14.-(Special Tele
gram.) The pistol belonging to Frank
Wiser, the murdered night watchman, was
found this morning at Pine Bluffs, Wyo..
near the plat Indicated by Mclntyre, one
of. the murderers. A search Is now being
made for his watch and chain. District
Judge H. M. Grimes will be asked to call
a special session of court to try tbe ac
cused at once. The men are fearful of a
mob and today begged Sheriff Lee to afford
them every protection In. case an attempt
was made to storm the jail.
Sews of Nebraska.
PLATTSMOTJTH. Sept. 14. A cold wave
struck Plattsmouth this morning and the
mercury went down to 40 degrees above.
PLATTSMOUTH, Sept. 14. Mrs. Lutie K.
Hatch departed today for her home in
Jacksonville, 111., after a pleasant visit
with her sister, Mrs. A. W. Atwood and
other friends in this city, Omaha and Lin
coln. PLATTSMOUTH. Sept. 14. Mr. and Mrs.
Stoutenborough have gone to St. Louis,
where the latter will attend a meeting of
the board of directors of the General Fed
eration of Women's clubs, of which she
is a member.
NEBRASKA CITY, Sept. 14.-A heavy
rain fell In this vicinity last night and
todty. Over one Inch of rain fell in this
portion of the county. In the western part
of the county two and one-half Inches of
rainfall is reported.
BKWARD, Sept. 14. The German-Americans
of Seward have made arrangements
to nold their second annual picnic at the
Seward county fair grounds on Friday,
September 23. A program of sport and en
tertainment is being arranged. . '
SEWARD. Sept 14. Hon. Joseph G.
Cannon, speaker of the national house of
representatives, and hon. James K. Wat
son, member of congress from Indiana, will
address the people of Seward and adjoin
ing counties on Thursday afternoon, Sep
tember 29, at 2:30 o'clock.
NEBRASKA CITY, Sept. 14,-Last Satur
d;v there was born to Mr. and Mrs. Bell,
wljo reside twelve miles aouihwewt of tins
city, triplets, all girts. Two of them died
last nignt. The vlher In -doing well and
will pruoubly live. 'Ihls is tiie nrst case of
tiiis kind reported in this county for sev
eral years.
NEBRASKA CITY, Sept. 14.-Mrs. Haiel
K. Koser was granted a divorce in the ms
trict court toduy from her husband, George
S. Koser and was restored to her mamen
name, Hazel K. Richardson. All the parties
are well-to-do society people. Mrs. Koser
is a stepdaughter of Captain Logan Kn
gart, one ot the wealthiest men in -the
COLUMBUS, Sept. 14. B. P. Duffy has
filed a petition In tne district court, wherein
he seeas to recover damages in the sum
of $l,owi from August Wagner. Both par
ties in this action ure practicing attorneys
in this city, liuny bases his aneged dam
ages as the result or an assault mudu by
Wagner ou July i, while they were trying
a case before Justice O'Brien. Dutty claims
that his hearing has beeu permanently af
fected. CuLUMBUS, Sept. U-Vol. 1. No. L-of the
Columbus Dally Journal made Its appear
ance last evening. It Is a four-page paper
and contains some of the Very latent tele
graphiu news. F. H. Abbott, the publisher,
says he has the promise of a very flutter
ing patronage and it is generally believed
that the daily has come to stay. The last
dally published here was, six years agu dur
ing the Spanish war, and was unuer the
management ot J. L. Paschal. ,
PLATTSMOUTH. Sept. 14.-The young
man who gave his name as John E. Welsn,
when arrested in Uucoln last week by
John DeLong, a special agent for the Mis
souri Purine., pn the charge of having
robbed William Letter of Eimwood, while
on a passenger train enroute from that
town to Lincoln, was given a preliminary
hearing before Justice M. Arcner yester
day utternoon, and was bound over to the
district court, his bond being fixed in the
sum of 6vo.
COLUMBUS, .Sept. 14. Captain Wagner
of Company K, Nebraska National Guard,
has been missing property belonging to the
company for some time and believes he has
at last caught the thieves, but refuses to
furnish their names until be hears from
General Culver, to whom the matter has
been referred-. Legglns, shirts, shoes, etc,
to the value of about IjO. have been nilssedT
Two members of the company are said 10
be the culprits and they may have to an
swer In tae Federal court (or their shortcoming.
Official Hat Three Suit in
Progress at 0e Time.
Sympathisers of Men . Under Arrest
Attempt to Assault oncer and
Warrants Are Ont for
All Coneerned,
AUBURN. Neb., Sept. 14-(8peclal)-Game
Warden Ranney filed complaint against Ed.
Mlnick, L. D. Boatman, George Clark, and
Ed Lewellen for fishing In the little Ne
maha liver with traps and selns, and alt
of said parties were arrested on warrants
Issued by the county Judge. The defend
ants took a continuance for thirty days.
Before the 'defendants were arrested but
after they knew of the Intention of the
warden to do so, Wesley Worthen went to
some of the defendants and told them he
could fix the matter with the game war
den, aad obtained from Boatman the sum
of 110.00 for this purpose. The warden took
the money and then went before the coun
ty Judge and filed a complaint against
Worthen for bribing him, and Worthen
was arrested and placed under bonds in J
the sum of $300.00.
The fish commissioner was m tne first
ward this afternoon and two of the de
fendants arrested by htm and about 1f
teen of their sympathisers surrounded
him, and would have handled him roughly
had he not stood them off with his gun.
They threatened to tar and feather him,
and gave him one hour to get out of town.
Instead of going he proceeded to the office
of the county attorney and swore out a
complaint against all concerned In the at
tempt to assault him and to drive him out
of town.
Legislative Candidates . Named In
Varlons Counties.
STANTON, Neb.. Sept, 14 (Special.)
The republicans of the Seventeenth sena
torial district, comprising Stanton and
Wayne counties, held their convention here
this afternoon. Charles McLoed of this
county was nominated for senator by ac
clamation. Mr. McLeod Is a prosperous
farmer and stock feeder and has an ex
tensive and favorable acquaintance In both
counties. He is highly educated and In
every way competent "To fill the position
creditably. A. A. Kearney of Stanton and
F. M Gregg of -Wayne were selected as
NORFOLK. Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) At the republican county conven
tion held at Madison this afternoon Jack
Koenlgsteln was nominated for attorney,
F. W. Richardson for representative and
John Harding for commissioner. The
nominations were all by acclamation. Every
precinct was represented and perfect har
mony prevailed. Congressman McCarthy
made a short, pointed address. Madison
county republicans are united nnd will give
a good majority for every candidate on the
ticket from Roosevelt down.
FAIRBURY. Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) The republican float convention for
the legislative district comprising Jefferson
and Thayer counties was held here thi
afternoon and D. B. Cropsey of Falrbury"
was nominated for representative for dis
trict No. 36 and W. II. Jennings of Thayer
county received the nomination for senator
for district No. 23. Both nominations were
made by acclamation and the nominees are
the present Incumbents of the respective
SIDNEY, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) At the republican county conven
tion, held here today, Henry E Gapen
was nominated for county attorney and
William Dugger for commissioner of the
Third district. Tomorrow the Fifty-fourth
representative convention will be held and
several candidates are being groomed for
the position. The contest promises to be
an exciting one.
ents of South Sioux City with -removrng
mortgaged property out of the state. ' Smith
for a number of years past had been es
gaged In farming in this neighborhood, nnd
had a wife nnd one child. Sheriff Hansen
will leave for Minnesota today to find
Not Heavy Enonarh Anywhere to 1)1
Any Tin ma are.
OAKLAND, Neb.. Sept. II. (Special.) A
light frost Is reported in this vicinity Tues
day night, but no damage was done.
GRANT, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) Light frost last night. Not much
damage to corn, but garden killed.
NORTH LOUP, Neb., Sept. 14.-(Spclal.)
A heavy frost fell last night. Corn la
mostly all safe for the large crop, but some
late planted was caught.
ALLIANCE, Neb , Sept. 14.-(Speclal Tel
egramsFollowing several days of the hot
test of the season, the first and a most se
vere frost visited these parts last night.
Owing to the fact that nearly all agricul
tural products were far enough advanced to
be practically safe, little harm was done.
COLUMBUS. Neb., Sept. 14.-(Speclal.)-A
light frost visited this section last night,
but seems to have done little damage, ex
cept to garden truck and plants. The only
frost reported Is in the valleys, and the
highlands escaped. The government ther.
mometer registered only 36 above, but a
thin shale of Ice was formed in unpro
tected places. The damage to corn, If
any, will be a very small per cant.
LEIGH, Neb., Sept. J4.-(Speclal.)-A
white frost fell here this morning. It la
considered heavy for the first of the season.
The corn' as a rule la out of the way of
frost, although there is some that will be
damaged. Garden truck was mostly killed.
LINWOOD, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special.)
There was a- light frost here last night.
No damage to speak of, only garden truck
being hurt. The thermometer registered J4.
Llsrht Frost la Northern Kansas.
TOPEKA, Kan., Sept. J4.-Tliere was a
light frost last night at Leavenworth, Clay
Center . and Concordia, Kan. As far as
known no serious damage was done corn,
but late vegetables and peaches probably
were injured.
Wants Farmer Broaa-ht Back.
DAKOTA CITY, Neb.. Sept. 14.-(Speclat.)
County Attorney J. J. McAllister has re
ceived from Governor John H. Mickey a
requisition for the return to this state from
the state of Minnesota of C. H. Smith, who,
about the first of this month, left this
county,, boarding tbe train at Sioux City,
with his chattels billed for Lyons county,
Minn. Smith is charged by Joseph Clem-
You hav doubtless keard
a great deal about Ayer's Sar
saparilla how it makes the
blood pure and rich, tones up
the nervous system, clears
the skin, reddens the cheeks,
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Remember, "Ayer's" is the
kind you want the kind
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Ayer's Pills are a great aid to Ayer's
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safe for tbe parent, and just as safe
for tbe children. Purely vegetable.
U casts. oAVEtCtVUesU,!
Three People Under Arrest Pendlnst
the Coroner's laqnest.
DECATUR. Neb.. Sept. 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Last night David Monett, a
quarter-blood Indian, was shot and killed
two miles north of this place on the reser
vation. A party consisting of a man and two
women passed through town yesterday and
went into camp north of the place. Dur
ing the evening a" number of men called
at the camp, Monett being In the party.
The men are supposed to have left and
Monett returned. There was some trouble
and he was shot As soon as this was done
the party hurriedly packed their goods and
Parties who heard the shot went to the
place and found Monett's body. The party
in the wagon was overtaken and brought
to Decatur, where the coroner's inquest
Is now In progress. As far as the evi
dence has been taken It Is conflicting and
It Is Impossible to tell whether the man
or one of the women did the, shooting.
To the officers the members of the party
gave their names as Ella Brown, Matilda
Fleming and Felix Richie. They are all
The evidence this afternoon showed that
Monett when he was shot Was accom
panied by a white man, James Merry; that
they had been drinking and attempted to
enter the wagon where the women were
getting ready to go to sleep; the man
ordered them to leave and Monett struck
at the man who then ran away. The shot
was then fired. Ttlchle says that he did
the shooting.- Merry says the shot came
from the wagon and the women were the
only ones In the wagor. at the time
The verdict of the Jury was to the effect
that David Monett came to his death by
a gunshot wound from a gun held In the
hands of one of the three people. All have
been held to the district court.
Indications Point to n Most Interest
ing; Session.
WAYNE, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tele
gram.) The north Nebraska annual con
ference met for Its twenty-t.ilrd session at
the First Methodist church In this city
today. Bishop Isaac W. Joyco. D. D.. I
L. D., of Minneapolis, presiding. Rev. E.
T. George wus elected secretury. Rev. J. P.
Yost statistical secretary nnd Rev. G. A.
Luce treasurer. Eighty-five ministers re
sponded to the roll call. About 120 pastors
and their wives and other visitors are in
attendance and 200 are expected during the
session. Rev. T. C. Cliff, one of the secre
taries of the Board of Church Extension,
was present and mude stirring address to
the tinference. Rv. H. H. Millard, P. E.,
reaQ his report of the Grand Island district.
The) report showed a good growth on the
district. '
- At 2 o'clock Rev. S. C. Bronson, professor
of pastoral theology of Garrett Biblical
Institute, gave his lecture on "The Pastor's
At 3 p. m. Rev. A. P. George of St. Louis
addressed the conference on Sunday school
Rev. E. S. Dunharris an evangelist of
Minneapolis, lead the evangelistic services
today. These services will be held every
day at 4 o'clock. The conference promises
to be one of the best over held. A number
of Important questions will be discussed
and some decided changes In pastors and
presiding elders' districts. The conference
opens "with a deeply religious spirit, which
promises great good to. aH in attendance.
i ii. i ill' i
Prairie Fire ; nt Sutherland,
SUTHERLAND, Neb!,. Sept. 14. (Special.)
One of the most destructive prairie Jlres
which ever raged In this section burned
over a large scope of country to the south
and west last evening and night. A farmer
living seven or eight miles southwest of
town let the fire get uway from him shortly
after noon. The wind was blowing a gale
from the northeast and soon a line of fire
several miles long was sweeping In a
southwesterly direction. Thpre. was enough
old grass on the range to burn good, and
at times the fire, ran almost as fast as a
horse. Ranchmen, farmers and townspeo
ple hurried forth and worked for hours in
an effort to check the flight of the flames.
A strip of territory six miles wide and
nearly thirty long was burned over and
much valuable range was destroyed. Re
ports are too meager to admit of a definite
estimation of the damuge done, though It
Is thought It wll! reach far up Into the
thousands. The Tange of the Taylor sheep
ranch was destroyed, together with the
hay, of which there were many stacks. G.
C. White of this place lost something less
than a- hundred tons of hay. Other resi
dents along the strip burned over lost more
or less hay and feed.
Otoe Ticket In the Field.
SYRACUSE, Neb., Sept. 14. (Special Tel
egramsThe Otoe county republican con
vention today was largely attended, en
thusiastic anj harmonious throughout. The
following ticket was nominated: For sen
ator, R. W. Jones. Dunbar; representatives,
Job Cassel, Nebraska City, and 8. M.
Parker, Palmyra; county attorney, A. A.
Bischoff, Nebraska City; commissioner
Second district, W. M. Ashton, Dunbar. All
but the last were named by acclamation.
Twenty-two delegates were chosen for the
float convention for Cass and Otoe. Reso
lutions were Introduced by William Hay
ward of Nebraska City and were unanim
ously adopted. Indorsing the nomination for
United States senator of Hon. Elmer J.
Burkett. State Candidates McBrlen, Ga-
lusha and Eaton were present and ad
dressed the convention, calling forth fre
quent applause.
York College Opening.
YORK. Neb., Sept. 14. (Special.) York
college opened this week with a large at
tendance and the coming seeslon, which Is
the fifteenth year, promises to be the best
In the history of the Institution. Returning
students find many Improvements made
since last year. In making repairs and new
buildings amounting to a total expenditure
of about $15,000. The large three-story and
basement musical conservatory, one of the
finest and largest In the west, la about com
pleted and ready to occupy.
Carnival Opens at Ravenna.
RAVENNA, Neb., Sept. 14.-(Special Tele
gram.) The Ravenna carnival opened
today with a large crowd present to enjoy
the attractions. Some exciting horse rac
ing, a chariot race and otiier street fair at
tractions were witnessed. The Ravenna
ball team defeated the .Loup City team In a
hotly contested game. Score, t to 0.
Snperlntendent Rhodes In Chara-e.
ALLIANCE. Neb.. Sept. 14. (Special Tel
egram.) Mr. G. W. Rhodes took possession
of his offices here today as general super
intendent of the Wyoming division of the B. i
& M., which embraces the Alliance. Sherl
dun A New Sterling division.
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a condition more favorable to soeedy recovery. The child is
also healthy, strong and .
food n atureo. Our book I V 1 1
Motherhood, is worth jt
its weight in jrold to every
woman, and will be sent free in plain
envelope by addressing application to
Drodfield Regulator Co. Atlanta, Gn.
Warmer la Nebraska Today Friday
Fair and Cooler In the West
WASHINGTON. Sept. U-Foreeast of the
weather for Thursday and Friday:
For Nebraskn Warmer Thursday. Fri
day, fair; cooler In west portion.
For Iowa and Missouri Fair and warmer
Thursday. Friday, fair; warmer In east
portion. .
For Colorado and Wyoming Coller
Thursday; warmer In east portion. Friday,
For South Dakota Fair and warmer
Thursday. Friday, fair and cooler.
For Kansas Warmer and fair Thursday
and Friday.
Loral Record.
OMAHA, Sept. 14. Official record cf t?m
perature anu precipitation compared with
the corresponding day of the last thiee
years: 1904. 1903. 1902. 1901.
Maximum temperature... 64 49 78 71
Minimum temperature.... 42 44 Bl 51
Mean temperature 63 46 64 61
Precipitation 00 .58 .00 .01
Record of temperature and precipitation
at Omaha for this day sinca March 1, 1901:
Normal temperature 64
Deficiency for the day 13
Total deficiency since March 1 314
Normal precipitation m inen
Deficiency for the day 10 Inch
Tntai rntnfnll inre March 1 21. 27 Inches
Detleiencv since March 1 2.89 inches
Excess for cor. period, 1003 5.58 Inches
Deficiency for cor. period, 1902... 2.26 Inches
Reports from Stations at T p. At.
I a svfrl4fllap1
Omaha, clear
Valentine, clear
North Platte, clear ,
Cheyenne, clear
Salt Lake, clear
Rapid City, clear
Huron, clear
Wllllston, clear
Chicago, cloudy
St. Louis, clear
St. Paul, clear
Davenport, clear
Kansas City, clear
Havre, clear
Helena, clear
Bismarck, clear
Galveston, cloudv
L. A. WELSH. Local Forecaster.
if! I I
: "v o
: 3
611 . 64 .00
68 6 .00
64 68 .00
641 68 .00
80; 8'J .00
70 72 .00
56 66 .00
66 '.2 .01
64 68 .00
58 64 .00
66 68 . 00
56 5S .00
68 t)2 .00
80 80 .00
76 80 . 00
60 66 .00
76 78 2.28
Think what this means. Imagine the
amount of misery that exists and is endured
simply because people do not know there la
an absolute cure. ,
The only way to cure any complaint is to
remove the cause. There arf very few dis
eases or ailments that can be cuied by ex
ternal application and pile is not one of
them. Piles can be cured; the treatment
must, however, be internal, fo-the cause of
piles is an internal disorder of the liver or
the bowels. Even catarrh of the stomach
and bowels can be cured by Dr. Pesrin's
Pilr Specific, The Internal Remedy.
Here is an instance of what this practically
infallible remedy will do:
Dr. C. A. rerrin, Helena, Mont Dear
Sir: I have nearly finished the former bottle
of Perrin's Pile Specific and am practically
well. My case was one which most physi
cians would have pronounced incurable, as I
was afflicted with a dysentery and compelled
to go to the toilet room fiom three to five
times each day and each time would bleed
from one-half to one teacvpfuL I had to
resort to bandages and absorbent cotton to
check the flow of blood, and now the past
ten or twelve days there hat been no sign of
bleeding and rny appetite is good; have
gained ten pounds in weight and feel like a
new lease of life was given me.
' Very truly yours,
T. R. Harris,
October 20th, 1002. Yerlngton, Ner.
Dr. Perrin's Pile Specific is sold by all
reliable druggists at $1.00 the bottle, under
an absolute guarantee to refund the money
should this great internal remedy fail to
Dr. Perrin Mf.dicalCo.. Helena. Mont
The Burlington It the) only line with
Its own train snic between Omaha
nntt CMcngo gild St Lonle, nd in view
of the many rate to the east Applying
on way Tla St. Louie and the other Tin.
Chicago, it con arrange tho moat desir
able variable tours of the eaat
St. IiOul" nnd return tickets (rood in clinlr curs (sents frpp)
and conchPB-on sale Sept. 13, '20, '1, i!7 nnd -9
St. Louis and return,
St Louis nnd return, one way via Chicago,
ChlrnRo and return direct or via St. Louis, In one
or both directions dally
Buffalo nnd Niagara Falls and return
dally r v
Mackinnc Island and return (via boat from Chicago),
Bay view, Charlevoix. Harbor Springs nnd Tetoskey, Mlct
and return (via boat from Chicago), dally
Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo and return
dully Denvpr, Colorado Springs and Pueblo and return
Tuesdays nnd Saturdays until Sept. 17
Hot Springs, S. D., and return
dally Hot Springs, Dendwood and Lead, S. D., nnd
return Tuesdays and Saturdays until Sept. 17..
Ogden, Salt Lake City and Grand Junction and return
Yellowstone National Tark and return
daily, r
Sheridan. Garland nnd Cody, Wyo., and return
September 15 and 'JO
. $19.75
September 13, 30, 27 nnd October 11, one fare plus $2.00 tor the round
trip to many points In Ohio and Indiana.
Dally, from September 15 to October 16. one way colonist tickets to hun
Jrerls of points west and northwest at practically half rates.
Daily to many points In Kentucky. Tennessee, North Carolina and Vir
ginia, half fare plus 60c for the round trip. World's Fair stopovers at Bt
Louis permitted on all through tickets.
I can Rive you all the latest Information
about excursion rates and furnish, free,
illustrated booklets about all excursion
resorts. See me or write about your trip.
J. B. REYNOLDS. City Pass. Agt., 1502 Farnam St., Omaha,
5 HomeVisitors
BV 'i
Illinois Central R. U
Ft. Wayne. Ind 819.20
South Bend. Ind $17.30
Logansport, Ind.... S18.2S
Kokome, Ind t18.65
La Fayette, Ind $17.85
Terre Haute, Ind S18.35
Vlnclnnes, Ind ..118.35
Evansville, Ind $18.50
Indianapolis, Ind 819.40
Richmond, Ind 821.00
New Albany, Ind 821.25
M uncle, Ind 810.00
Elkhart, Ind $17.75
Sandusky, Ohio 823.00
Toledo Ohio. 82J.25
Columbus, Ohio.. ... ... $23. 10
Dayton, Ohio. 822.00
Cincinnati. Ohio. $22.50
Lima, Ohio..,.. ..$21.00
Springfield, Ohio. $22.50
Marlon, Ohio...... '..U $22. 50
Findlay, Ohio....... .. $21.5 5
Gallon. Ohld........... $22.75
LouiBvlIle, 'Ky.'.;;..... 421.50
Oweneboro, Ky... $24.90
On sale September C 13, 20, 27, October 11. Return limit 30 days.
Correspondingly low rates to many other 'points In Ohio, Indiana.
Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin. Minnesota, Ontario, New York, Ken
tucky, Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia.
Full particulars cheerfully given at City Ticket Office, 1402 Farnam
Street Omaha, or write.
W. H. BRILL. Dist. Pass. Agt., Omaha. Neb.
r "r' - - 1-W-- m - f --.11 IB), jamiii
lm sfite'E
As a superior nerve tonic, well adapted to assist the functions of nature, I
consider that Wine of Cardui ha no superior, jjrs. H. E. SOLOMON,
119 North High Btreet, Nashville, Tenn.
Wine of Cardui haa mada a womderful change ia my life.
10 Cypress Avenue, Campbell, Cat.
I am enjoying spleadid health today and feel that it ia all doe to Wine
142 West 58th Street, Chicago, 111.
Have you taken all kinds of treatment and failed to aeoura relief P
Have you been told your case is hopeless t
Are you discouraged P
Ii Wine of Cardui has done so much for other women, why won't It
cure Touf Your trouble, though painful, may yield readily to Wine of
Cardui. Wine of Cardui never fails to benefit the worst cases of disordered menstruation, bearing
down pains ard female weakness. The wonderful healing qualities of this medicine have surprised
thousands of Respondent sufferers, by bringing them tfuickly to health. It is needless to say that Win
of Cardui has cured thousands of sick women who have been given up as beyond possible) recovery.
Wine of Cardui Is a mild tonlo that every woman should take. Every druggist sells $1.00 bottles.

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