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Iowa Expert Finishes Three Daji with
Better Than 95 Per Cent.
. f
Annnal Shoot lader Gnlrlance (
. Omaha Can Clan Prores One of
XOui Bacceaafal Etfr Held
la Wast.
The annus! Interstate shoot held the last
three flays under the auspices of the Omaha
Gun club at the shooting park across the
river waa closed yesterday afternoon. Aside
from the wind that prevailed most of yes
terday the weather conditions were gen
erally favorable for the shoot, which has
been Voted one of the most successful
events of the kind Riven In this part of the
country for some time. Nearly eighty crack
amateur and professional trapplsts from ail
ports of the country, particularly the mid
dle west, participated in the various events.
Of the professionals who shot for targets,
Fred Gilbert of Spirit Lake, la., made the
highest score In the thirty-six events of
the three days, breaking 5S0 blucrock tar?
gets out of a possible BOO. W. P. Crosby
of O'Fallon, 111., was second professional,
with a record of 879. while W. II. Heer of
Concordta, Kan., won third professional
honors with 878 out of 600 targets.
H. O. Taylor of Mecklln, 8. D.(was high
amateur, with a total score of 661 out of
600 targets In the thirty-six events. C. M.
Powers of Decatur. III. was second ama
teur with 668. and Adolph Oleson of Hol
drege was third with 657. Taylor Is fast
gaining for himself a reputation as a trap
shooter. Out of the last thirteen tourna
ments he has attended he has won twelve
general high scores and nearly $6,000 In
Fred C. Whitney of Des Mnlnes handled
the clerical end of the meet with unquali
fied satisfaction. Charles A. North had
charge of the two traps, which threw 45,000
bluerock targets during the sixteen hours
of actual shooting time of the meet.
Weatherhead Wins rap and Wateh
. In the target team race for the T. L.
Comha trophy and Townsend gold watch,
, Frank Wentherhead of Red Oak, William
Hoon of Jewel. Ia., and William Veach of
Falls City tl.d, the tie befog shot off at
twenty-five targets, Weatherhead making
24. Hoon 23 and Veach 22. Mr. Weather
head left for his home last evening with
the cup and watch.
Gilbert made the highest daily score yes
terday that was made by anyone at the
shoot. In the morning fie broke 98 targets
out of the 100, and In the afternoon 99 out
of the loo, missing but three targets In the
200 for the day. He made perfect scores In
the- last five events. Taylor, the amateur,
'made the second best score yesterday with
193 targets out of his 200 shot at.
Yesterday's scores were:
15 16 15 15 20 20 15 16 15 16 20 M
McDowell ....14 14 13 12 18 17 13 13 13 15 20 18 ISO
Heer 13 13 14 14 20 20 14 15 15 15 20 19-102
Marshall ....14 15 12 12 19 19 14 1.1 15 15 13 16177
Adams 1312 18 9 1 16 9 14 14 15 18 14 1H3
Taylor 14 16 15 1 5 19 1 9 15 13 14 15 19 20193
Crosby 13141214 191915 1414 15 18 18185
Powers J4 14 15 14 20 19 12 15 13 14 20 19189
Burmelster ..12 14 9 18 13 18 12 13 12 12 18 15171
Kline 13 13 7 13 17 19 14 14 16 15 18 19177
Gilbert 16 15 14 15 19 20 14 15 15 15 20 20197
Bills -13 11 1214 18 18 14 1214 15 18 1H-175
Beverson 11 14 13 16 19 17 15 14 14 14 18 19-183
Plank 16 14 14 14 19 17 13 13 14 13 19 17181
Gottlelb 13 13 12 14 17 19 11 14 13 14 17 18-174
Elliott 1011 8 (ill 13 9 12 10 10 15 ltt-131
Veach 10 14 13 14 19 19 12 15 15 15 18 19 1S3
Olsen 15 15 15 13 1 19 13 15 14 14 16 19185
Rogers 16 14 12 14 16 17 14 14 12 13 16 19-178
Fisher .12 14 12 14 18 18 13 13 15 13 18 SO 180
Anderson ...14 1211 14 1 18 1214 12 15 1716171
Clayton 14 12 14 13 16 16
Borden 14 16 14 15 17 17 13 16 13 13 17 19182
lliian .........13 13 14 13 18 15 13 12 11 10 1818 liW
Vletmeyer ...13 13 91213 171211 11 12 13 16-151
Budd 12 13 16 13 18 18 12 15 13 13 20182
Burke 14 15 15 9 20 15 13 13 1314 1718176
. Townsend ...14 14 111119 19 13 13 1214 18 16174
Bray 15 13 13 14 18 18 14 15 14 13 19 16184
Bchroedor ,...13 14 13 10 17 18 14 14 14 15 16 13170
Need 14 12 14 13 20 18 13 IS 13 13 19 19181
"Arno" 15 14 14 15 17 18 11 13 14 13 16 18178
Hoon 14 15 14 15 17 16 14 15 15 12 17 19183
Thorpe ..18 14 13 14 lfi 15 11 12 13 11 14 19165
Llnderman ..15 14 14 12 17 13 13 12 13 14 17 17171
No. 2 18 13 12 U 20 18 13 13 14 14 . . 16
Carter 13 13 13 13 16 16 13 13 13 14 12 14162
B 27 12 11 13 12 12 18 11 12 13 13 13 16-156
Bell ,.14 12 11 12 17 19 13 14 13 12 15 17169
Veach 1212 14 13 ...
Mann .... 111210 1410 16 101212 816 10147
Tickel ........ .15 13 1H 12 18 19 ii 14 15 12 19 19181
Gutchell ...1.14 131113 13 15 ...
,7Auto" ..,... 811 911 11 .-.. ...
Miller .. .......15 14 12 11 16 1C 13 15 14 15 17 19-177
Hardy 15 12 13 13 15 18 13 12 13 14 17 19-174
Spats ....... .11 18 13 12 14 1018 11 1314 15 16160
McGee -..11 14 16 14 13 12 12 15 15 18-...
Scott ; 12 817 16 1313 12 10 ..
Hughes , 811171812111115 17 15...
Morrell 13 13 10 13 15 19...
C, Lewis ., , .v 14101718...
Smith . .. 911 ..
Iowa Wins Team Shoot.
Four trams, one from Omaha, one from
Nebraska and two from Iowa, entered the
Interstate target team race. The Iowa
first team won the race with 238 targets out
of 260, 50- per man, shot. at. The All Ne
braska team won second and the Omaha
' team third. Weatherhead and Hoon of the
first Iowa team and Veach of the All Ne
braska team tied for high gun In the team
race, each breaking 49 targets out of the 60.
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Via uuura a a. av a. ai saadara, t
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14. iawa sc. OauOM. Mas,
The tie was shot off at B targrta, Weather
head breaking M and winning the rrophr
and match. The team scores were as fol
lows: IOWA NO. 1. I IOWA NO. t
Weatherhead 49;"No. t' 44
Hoon 49 Flrkel 46
Hills 48;rbener 37
Kline 47;Hughes 4
McDowell 4fi Workman 46
Total TiiS Total 211
Rogers 41 Bray - 46
Iwis 39. Olson 46
Morrill 45 1 Veach 49
Drlesbach 40 Reed 43
Townsend 44 Sleverson 45
212 Total 2Z!
Oalr Three Favorites Wis at New
Orleans Fair Oronnds.
NEW ORLEANS, March 22,-Edlth May,
Evelyn Klnsey and Huhtle were the win
ning favorites at the Fair Grounds today.
Fch of thf-se three was the best In her
race and each scored easily. In the last
furlong of the third race, Homestead Inter
fered repeatedly with Ooldage and was dis
qualified. Fllatory seems to be going back
and ran a miseraole race. Results:
First race, six furlongs: Dtajitianous won,
Keogh second. Many Thanks third. Time:
1:14. .
Second race, five and a . half furlongs:
Edith May won, J. W. O'Noll sec6nd, Han
nibal Key third. Time: 1:07.
Third race, mile and a quarter: Evelyn
Kinney won, Velos second, (Homestead fin
ished third, but was disqualified), -Goldage
third. Time: 2:0H.
Fourth race, six furlongs: One More
won, Darnlvan second, Ir. Stephens third.
Time: 1:14.
Fifth race, six furlongs: Fair Calypso
won. Mayor Johnson second, Matador third.
Tims: 1:14.
Sixth race, flvs furlongs: Subtle won,
Capltano second, Hadrian third. Time:
Seventh race, four furlongs: Jack Ker
chevllle won, Black Eyea second. Handbag
third. Time: 0:48.
Events at City lark track:
First race, tivs and a half furlongs: Bryan
won, Nevada second, FUia third. Time:
Second race, one mile: The Don won,
Ada N second, Royal Deceiver third. Time:
Third race, seven furlongs: Twemlow
won, Rudnbek second, Mary Worth third.
Time: 1:2.
Fourth race, handicap, mile ' and an
eighth: Brand New won, Bon Mot second,
Pretension third. Time: 1:64.
Fifth race, mile and a sixteenth: Lord
Hermence won, Ora Viva second, Cursus
third. Time: 1:48.
Sixth race, seven furlongs: Thespian
won, Demurrer second, Lecnja third. Time:
HOT SPRINGS, Ark., March 22.-Results:
First race, four furlongs: America II
won, SarKaparilla second, Let tie third.
Time: 0:6o.
Second, race, five and a half furlongs:
Sorrell Top won. Lest Faustus second. Miss
Affable third. Time: 1:09.
Third race, five and a half furlongs: J.
Ed. Grillo won, Jim Along second, Follies
Bergeres third. Time: 1:01.
Fourth race, six furlongs: Crown Prince
won, Otto Stlfel second, Oudon third. Time:
Fifth race, five and a half furlongs:' All
Black won, Sir Francis second. Miss Gunn
third. Time: 1:08.
Sixth race, mile and a sixteenth: Do
llnda won, Falkland second, Colonsay
third. Time: 1:48.
SAN FRANCISCO, March 22. Results at
First race, six furlongs: Hulford won,
Laura F M second, Rtesca third. Time:
Second race, five furlongs: Abe Meyer
won, Daruma second, Busy Bee third.
Time: 1:02. :
Third race, mile and an eighth: Homage
won. Dandle Belle second, Hella third.
Time: 1:68.
Fourth race, mile and a sixteenth: Dr.
Leggo won. Judge second, Nigrette third
Time: J:47.
Fifth race, seven furlongs: Flaunt won,
Best Man second, Trapsctter third. Time:
Sixth race, six furlongs: David Boland
won, Eckersall second, My Order third.
Time: 1:14.
LOS ANGKLES. March 22-Results at As
cot: First race, five furlongs: Falsetto won,
Fer De Lance second, Sunmark tHIrd.
Time: 1:02.
Second race. Slauson course: Frank L.
Perley won, El Veracclo second. Tender
crest third. Time: 1:10.
Third race, mile and a sixteenth: Ha.ns
Wagner won, Lord of the Heath second,
Ralph Young third. Time: 1147. " '
Fourth race, one mile: LAnarlc won.
Frangible second. - Lauretta - third, t Time:
Fifth race. Slauson course: Liidv Mirth
less won. La Tolla second, Scottlscho third.
Time: 1:11.
Sixth race, one mile: Bronze Wing won.
Golden Ivy second. Winlfreda third. Time:
1:41. . . .
On the association allevs last nlo-ht th.
Krug Parks won three eames from the
Omahai. This makes possible a great race
to the finish of the season, only, three weeks
sway. If the Onimods can win three
games tonight from the Stors team they
will tie the lenders, but It's not always an
easy matter to turn that trick. Huntington
hended the bunch again, and with 627 Is
now within 30 pins of Potter, who leads the
lengtie. Clay also rolled a steady game
and plied up 617. Score:
1st. 2d SH Tnt.l
Berger 188 188 ' K17 643
Krench 174 1M lao M7
Gideon 200 191 179 . 670
Clay 213 sol win i7
Bengele 206 204 174 684
Totals 981 940 910 2,831
1st. 2d. Sd. Total.
Wlgmsn 192 17 103 652
Hunter ...TOO 171 197 618
JVelty 149 12 ' 141 452
Huntington 1BH 237 194 627
Zarp 17 173 149 Wl
Totals , 916 910 874 2JO0
In the Commercial league the Diamonds
again demonstrated their bowling ability
by defeating the Mail Clerks three games
last night on Lents & Williams alleys.
They have played nine games without los
ing a game. Score:
, , 1st 2d. Sd.Totals.
H.W. Hahne 177 ! 148 159 482
Howen 160 170 I81) 610
Bonlne 188. 16 130 484
Peterson 184 . 177 194 6n6
Bchllse 83 165 193 640
...........891 ' 824
1st. 2d.
..138 .136
866 2,671
8d. Totals.
123 397
1M 446
122 462
1J6 4iil
147 4(i8
C. Erwln
C. W. Erwln
Totals 716 708 686 2,133
Two teams from the Clerical force of
the Omaha Packing campapy played a
series of games last night on Lents A
Williams' alleys with the following re
1st 2d
Btearna 156
Mack 150
Ames 124
Wilcox 102
Clements Ids
1&3 440
137 4i8
99 $J5
133 319
108 SJi
'..Ml 667 .'640 1.848
1st 2d. Sd.Totals.
Bruenlng 104 133 141 878
Hedrlrk ,...10S 144 136 89
Arnoldl 114 124 138 371
Johnson 131 97 133 261
Raamussen 108 92 113 813
..666 690 . 666 1,812
Whit aad Brltt Matched.
NEW YORK. March 23: Charles Mlt
chell, manager for Jsuea Wilte, the light
weight champion of England.' announced
today that a match had been made by
telegraph for a light between White and
James Brltt. The date of the match and the
amount of ths purses were yet undecided.
Mitchell said, but the .division of ths
?iurse would probably be either 75 per cent
o the winner and 2& per sent to the loser
or 60 and 40 per cent respectively. Mit
chell said also that White and himself
would leave New York tonight for the
Pacific coast, going , by , way of Buffalo
and, Chicago. White will go into training
for ths fight as soon as he reaches ths
coast. . f
Iowa Bowllag; Tournament.
8IOUX CITY, la., March 2. (Special
Telegram ) At the trusineaa meeting of the
Iowa State Bowling aMoetatlon this even
ing Des Moines was selected as the place
for. the tournament' next year and alt of
the officers were elected from Des Mulues.
These are: K. ESIIs..r president: Dr. It. F.
Fellows, vies prvsirivfet; A.' Seaburger. secretary-treasurer.
Ths executive committee
ennsista of the officers and J. P. KlngMey
of Ames. D. A. Hopkins of Orlnnell. George
Bchriener of Dubtniue and Hugh Sweeney
of Des Moines., The townsmen may end
early tomorrow uiornlng. If ths singles are
completed. Thcv were started at about (
o'clock this ";..' Ames won ths five
men ten event, Kuhrjv ciuj, f gioux City
secjiut - . t ,
Seal Estate Exchange Hears Two Bides of
Case Argued.
Points Oat What Appear to Him to
Be Dangerous Defects and City
Attorney Breen Explains
the Provisions.
City Attorney Breen. John L. McCsgue,
H. W. Pennock and others In a less degree
discussed the amended, patched and tin
kered charter for an hour before a few
members of the Real Estate exchange. Mr.
McCague was the most intent of the speak
ers and sailed into the proposed form of
government in about this manner:
Mr. Breen ndmlts the charter before the
legislature has been amended by htm
eighty-two times. Has It occurred to I'our
honorable city attorney that If he could
find eighty-two places where changes are
necessary how many more the citizens of
Omaha could find? As o real estate owner
I wish to say in all esrnepinpss that If it
becomes a law our city wii? receive a stroke
It will take years to recover from. The
charter has been gotten up by a sugges
tion here and there by people not suffi
ciently Interested In the city. Men who
have the Interest of the city at heart have
worked at the charter In a desultory way,
but have not had the opportunity to Ingraft
their ideas on it. The proposed charter is
so full of holes I doubt If It could stand be
fore the supreme court. This Is too Im
portant a matter to be taktn up In this
desultory way. Omaha citizens should ap
point a commission to make a charter in
which all Interests shall have a hand.
Its Effect on Assessments.
After years of effort we have got the as
sessment on the basis of a fair selling vnlue
for property. This is as it Is In other cities.
If the amended charter becomes the law, we
will have to go back to the present county
and state assessment at one-fifth the vulue.
It will be a stroke the city will not get over
for years. We will have a valuation of
twenty millions and not one hundred and
twenty-five as now we will be looked on as
a county seat and not as a city. Will you
submit to a mlllage of 8? What will out
side property owners say when you send
them a tax bill of 7 or 8 per cent?
The charter Is full of errors from top to
bottom. As a member of the school board.
I wish to point out that It makes no pro
vision for a school treasurer, no provision
for his bond, nnd that it cuts the school
board out entirely and leave us to run on a
credit basis until we can get the law
changed next year or can go Into the su
preme court.
Breen Defends His Work.
Mr. Breen hastened to point to Mr. Mc
Cague that he and his attorneys are en
tirely wrong In supposing the school board
has been cut off from Its source of Income.
He said the school board exists under the
general laws, which are not affected in any
way, and the board can go on as It has
"The whole Idea of the amendment," said
Mr. Breen, "Is to consolidate the taxing
and assessing bodies of the county and city.
These changes, together with the abolition
of the Advisory board and the Board of
Public Works, are the real changes In the
charter. Almost all of the others In the
eighty-two amendments are merely changes
In punctuation and In diction which make
them legally correct. There can be no
reason to question the benefits which will
follow these changes. We attempted to
make It so that all taxes should be paid
nt one place at one time and be placed nil
on one ' certificate, but the corporate In
terests made a strong fight not to change
the time of payment for city taxes, so that
we let hat remain. But tho average citi
zen will have no difficulty In paying every
thing at once In one office, which will do
away with great confusion. Another bene
fit IS that tho charter will absolutely limit
the mayor and tho city council so that they
cannot spend more than the amount al
lowed for the departments."
Pennock States Objections.
H. W. Pennock raised some points about
taxation and objected to the charter be
cause, he said, It created nine new ways
In which special tuxes may be levied on
property owned.
"It gives the council," he said, "power
to levy an Immense amount of money on
property which there Is no way to escape.
It hits property owners very hard. If
there should be an, error In the notice so
that property owners do not know of the
work proposed it makes no difference. It
puts great power In the hands of the
Mr. Breen denied that the changed
charter would give any Increased power
of taxation.
Few ppi Know How Cscrat It Is la
Preserving Health aad HenntT.
Nearly everybody knows that charcoal
the safest and most efficient disinfectant
and purifier la nature, but few realise Its
valus when taken Into ths human system
(or the same cleansing purpose.
Charcoal is a remedy that the more you
take of It the better; It Is not a drug st all.
but simply absorbs the gases and Impurities
always present In ths stomach and Intes
tines and carries them out of the system.
Charcoal sweeten the breath after smok
ing, drinking or after eating onions sod
other odorous vegetables. ,
Charcoal effectually clears and Improves
the complexion. It whitens ths teeth and
further acts ss a natural and eminently
safe cathartic.
It absorbs the Injurious 'gases which col
lect In the stomach and bowels; It disin
fects the mouth and'throat from the poison
of catarrh.
All druggists sell charcoal In one form or
another, but probably ths best charcoal
Charcoal Losenges; they are composed of
the finest powdered Willow charcoal, ,0i
other harmless antiseptics In tablet form
or rather In the form of Urge, pleasant
tasting losenges, the charcoal being mixed
with honey. ;
The daily iise of these lozenges will soon
tell in a much Improved condition of the
general health, better complexion,', sweeter
breath and purer blood. nd ths beauty of
It Is, that r.o possible harm can result from
their continued ua, but on ths contrary,
great benefit.
A Buffalo physician' In speaking 'of ths
benefits of charcoal; says: "I advise
Stuart's Charcoal Losenges to all patients
suffering from gas In stomach and bowels,
and to clear tha complexion snd purify the
breath, mouth and throat; I also believs
the liver Is greatly benefited by ths dally
use of them; they cost but twenty. flvs
cents a box st drug stores, and although In
some sense a patent preparation, yet I be
lieve I get more and better charcoal In
Stuart's Charcoal Losenges than In any of
the ordinary charcoal tablets."
Barllnnrton Starts a Missionary Train
for the Western End
of the State. ' '
Another seed and soli culture special,
which the Burlington road Is furnishing,
over the western half of the state, in. co
operation with the University of Nebraska,
started out of tincoln last night. The lec
tures are intended chiefly for farmers. The
railway agents have been Instructed to
use the telephone freely, as well as other
mediums of publicity. In order to bring out
large crowds of farmers from their vicinity.
Audience coaches are attached to the train.
The stop at each lecture point will be from
thirty to forty minutes. Mr. W. H. Manas
of the Burlington Industrial department
will be generally In charge. The time
schedule- Is:
March 23 Arrive Burwell, 8:45 a. m. ;
Ord. 10 a. m. ; Oreely Center, 11:26 a. m. ;
Palmer, 1 p. m.; St. Paul, 2 p. m.; Loup
City, 3:40 p. m.; Sargent, 6:20 p. m.
March 24 Arrive Ravenna, 8:45 a. m.;
Ansley, 10:36 a. m. ; Broken Bow, 11:25 a.
m.; Thedford, 2 p. m. ; ilyannis, 4:30 p. m. ;
Alliance, 6:60 p. m.
March 26 Arrive Sidney, 8:45 a. m.; Ster
ling, 10:40 a. in.; Holyoke, 1:10 p. m.; Grant
2:f p. m.; Curtis, 6:30 p. m. ; Elwood, 7:30
p. m.; Bertrand, 8:20 p. m.
March 27 Arrive Wray, 8:46 a. m.; Ben
kelman. 10:40 a. m.; Trenton, 12:20 p. m. j
Culbertson, 1:20 p. m. ; McCook, 2:i0 p. m. ;
Indlunola, 3:26 p. m.; Cambridge, 4:30 p.
m.: Oxford. 6:10 p. m.
March 28 Arrive Franklin. 8:45 a. m.;
Bloomington. 9:40 a. m.; Republican. 10:40
a. m. ; Alma, 11:38 a. m. : Orleans. 12:30 p.
m. ; Holdrege. 2:20 p. m. ; Mlnden, 3:40 p. m. ;
Kenesaw, 4:50 p. m. ; Kearney, 6:16 p. m.
Deserter Betaken.
Thomas W. Weldon and Thomas Casey,
alleged deserters from the United States
army, were arrested In Sioux City Monday
snd brought to Omaha by Detective Fal Is
Wednesday. From the police station they
were taken to Fort Crook. They are said
to have deserted last August from Fort
Flagler, Wash.
Dlaroas Interstate Commerce.
Dr. George L. Miller - and Harry C.
Brown will discuss the Interstate Com
merce commission and the proposed ex
tension of Its powers at the First Baptist
church this evening. A cordial Invitation
to attend Is extended to all.
Bowllaa Uicne Among- Students.
IOWA CITY, la., March 22. (Special Tele
gramsFraternity students of Iowa uni
versity are organizing a bowling league,
which will hold a tournament this spring
In competition for a valuable prise.
Information Abont Asphalt.
BEATRICE, Neb., March 22. To the Edi
tor of The Bee: As I believe the Informa
tion I desire will be of interest to: others,
I write to see If you cannot answer the
subjoined questions through your columns.
I understand the question of a paving
plant Is being agitated In Omaha and you
probably have the Information about as
phaltum that I desire.
Questions regarding asphalt urn:
1. Is It mined and where are the largest
mines In the United States? A. Yes. Cal
ifornia, Kentucky, Indian Territory and
2. kIts composition. A. Bitumen, sand
and clay.
3. A short account giving the process of
preparing It as It Is when laid for pavement-
A. Process of preparing Its Intri
cate, Involved and varied. As laid In
pavement the proportions are about as
follows: Band, 85 per cent; bitumen, from
10 to 13 per cent; petroleum residuum and
powdered limestone dust, or cement, from
i to 6 per cent. . ...
4. Its value and the. cost of preparing It
for paving purposes.' "A. Asphalt delivered
In Omaha ranges from $23 to S30 a ton In
cost, according to quality and market. It
la laid down In paving at from 11.75 to $2.23
per square yard, the, price varying accord
ing to thickness, i the wearing, or as
phalt layer and f'Jthe , construction and
thickness of the, tajse; the length of guar
antee pejfod, etc.
References "for further Information Bar
ber Asphalt company. Nebraska BltullUxlc
company, Hugh Murphy, all Omaha.
Lad from South pasha Handed Over
to the Care of Officer Bern
stein Vnder Bond.
Probation Officer VMogy" Bernstein was
officially handed, his first charge late
Wednesday afternoon by Judge Day. The
boy was Charles Emm, ' son of a South
Omaha packing house workman. He has
been acting a trifle unruly and was ar
rested and placed In the county Jail. His
father was allowed to give bond for his
good behavior and "Mogy' will keep an
eye on his conduct.
The Judges have not yet appointed the
board of four visitors provided for by the
Juvenile court law. They have been too
busy with the Investigation of the jury
Lineup of St. Lonla Browns,
DALLAS, Tex., kfarch 22. Manager Mc
Aleer announced the regular team of the
St. Louis Browns today, as follows: Sug
den, Weaver and Starr, catchers; Pelty,
Buchan, Glade, Sudhoff, Howell and Morgan,-
pitchers; Jones, first base; Padden,
second: RockenAeld, third: Wallace,, short
stop: Stone, left field; Hedrick. center;
Frisk, right : Gleason and Van Zandt, gen-'
eral utility men.
aud 1611
Deeds filed for record March 22, 1905, as
nihhed by the Midland Guarantee
Trust company,' bonded abstracter,
Farnam street, for The Bee: .
H. H. Neale and wife to C. Boyer. lot .
61, block 1. Saunders & Himbaugh's
add. to Walnut Hill , ,..$
Elizabeth Sinclair to W. Demlng. lot.
10, block 2, Boggs Si Hill's '..
S. D. Bangs and wife, to C. W. Snar.
gur, lot 18. block 11, Summltt add.. .
Emma H. Sprague to-J. W. Carr, lot
1, block 2, Maynes' add., and other
J. W. Carr and wife, to Cassle . lam
bold, same property
H. Wilhelmina Schench to J. Zabori
deh and Ketrme Zalendeh, part of
lot 12. block 2. Kountze's 2d...........
Edward E. Patton and wife. -to. An
thony Loan and Trust company,
part of lot 2. block 2. Park Place....
Lewis 8. Reed and wife to George A.
Magney, lots 13 'and 14. block S, In
stitute Place ,
George C. Magney and wife to Wil
liam Sehestedt, same
Euphroslna Doll and husband to
Thomas W. Peterson, W22 feet lot 1.
block 208. city
Jesse I. Clemens and wife, et al to
Oscar J. Prlchard, the ne nwVi 25-15-13
Sheridan O. Inwln and wife to Edwin
L Shoemaker, lots 6 and 6, block 14,
Halcyon Heights
Amelia Denker and husband to M. A.
Kline. wU lot 12, block 2. A. 8. Pat
rick's add.
George A. Went worth to Charles
Svardand. lot. 18 and 17, block 1,
Monmouth Park
The Congregational Church Building
society to Mary A. Patrick, lot 30.
block 6, Kllby Place 800
rnscuta a. Bmltn to Jared J. Smith.
81 acres of land In nw!4 T-16-1S 2,635
IuTtstigation of Method of County Board
it Well Under Way.
Motions to Delay or Qnnsh the Ob
jeetloa Are Overruled aad Tak
ins; of Testimony as to
Lists Starts.
The district court Judges on Wednesday
morning started In to investigate In earn
est the method of making up the Jury lists
for Douglas county. They overruled all
motions looking to delay In the matter or
to throwing out the motion to quash.
In opposition to the motion of Weaver A
Oilier to have the entire 19u6 list qunshsd
and declared void, appeared Judge Holmes
as the active attorney in the case at bar
In which the question was raised snd
County Attorney Slabaugh as the official
adviser of the county board. Both .raised
the points that the motion is not proper
at this time and that it Introduced matters
not at all pertaining to the case In which
It was made, . or, rather, which was
seized on as the excuse for making It.
After a short consultation Judges Day,
Estelle, Kennedy and Redlck, sitting en
bane, overruled the motion. When Deputy
County Clerk Dan Butler was put on the
stand to Identify the lists handed In to the
county clerk's office by the five county
commissioners, objection was again raised
and a long argument made by Judge
Holmes against the receipt of testimony
going to the merits of the lists as made up.
It, too, was overruled, nnd the whole pro
ceeding will apparently be gone into.
Inquisition I'nder Way.
After the motion to throw out the pro
ceeding had been fought and beaten by
Weaver & GllJer, I. J. Dunn assumed the
position of questioner. Mr. Butler identified
the lists and explained the method of check
log In the county clerk's office. He admit
ted It might be possible to get the same
name Into the Jury wheel on more than one
slip of paper without the clerk being aware
of the fact. The people who write the lists
out on the slips are depended on to check
them over by the commissioners' lists.
Mr. Dunn pointed out three duplications
on the list as copied Into the book in the
county clerk's office. They were repetitions
of the names of Domlnlck Cosgrove, Jere
miah Howard and James E. Connolly. How
ard hasRlready been drawn twlco on the
present panel and Cosgrove and Connolly
once each.
Mr. Butler had no personal knowledge
by which he could account for the ap
pearance of the names twice on the list.
At a second session, which continued tin
til 6:15 o'clock, the court heard testimony
from Chairman Kennard and Commission
era Hofeldt, Brunlng. McDonald and
Tralnor, and from former Commissioners
Connolly and O'Keeffe. '
All of the witnesses agreed In saying
that, while there might have been somo
carelessness in making up the lists, so far
as strict compliance with the letter of the
law Is concerned, they had exercised their
best Judgment In the preparation of the
Commissioners Brunlng and Tralnor had
taken the lists left by tho commissioners
who preceded them and had contented
themselves with adding a few names. They,
of course, were not very familiar with the
lists of their districts and could not say
as to the proportionate equality between
the different precincts.
"Preparation of Lists.
. The testimony Indicates that It has been
the habit for the commissioners to leave
the preparation of the lists to a clerk, to
whom they, would furnish names and give
Instructions. They held It to be an Im
possibility to prepare so large a list of
names and know the qualifications of the
men. Each man expressed this view on
the stand and freely admitted that his
personal investigation had been somewhat
Listening members of the bar smiled and
shook their heads wisely while the com
missioners were testifying. This was espe
cially true when Mr. Kennard said there
was one name on Jiia list that he had not
put on or authorized, and that he did not
know who had put it on; also when wit
nesses admitted that they could not ex
plain the appearance of the same name
twice or account for men on the 1905 list
who had served In 1904.
The hearing will be concluded this morn
ing and to hasten It the Judges will meet
at 9 o'clock.
The confidence of
the public is the final
proof of merit.
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