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The Omaha, Daily Bee
Cisr Hicholas Depends Upoi Hirel.ag
Soldiers to Guard Him.
(Joint Pahlen Acts as Spekeeraan fer
Empersr in Cabinet Council.
Bt. Petersburg Still jn Toach with Europe
Via Finland.
toclslials May Proclaim firnrrtl o.
liru.lon of Work Monday
Prnvc Solidarity with
ST. PLTERHI1URG. Dee. 2.-2:M a. iu.
The guards arrested at Tsarskoe Helo
Thursday night and Friday morning num
bered 250, Includ'ng twenty officers.
All kinds of rumors ure current. Includ
ing the assertion that one of the grand
dukes is Involved in a conspiracy against
the emperor, but none of them can be
verified. It ot.ly seems certain that no
confidence can be placed even on the Guurd
regiments. Arrested soldiers are seen every
rhiy. and escorted by their comrades with
drawn swords.
SI Petersburg is swarming with Cos
sacks, the only troops against whom there
Is no suspicion of disaffection.
It Is understood that the wholo Cossack
forces of the empire, some tfO.Otifl, w(ll be
A conference was held at Count Wltte'a
residence h.st' night to consider the de
mends of the telegraphers.
Count Wltte has declined to receive a
deputation from the telegraph and postal
strikers on the ground that they are vio
lating their duty to the Btate, but he sent
a note to the. deputation recommending
thnt the, strikers address themselves to
thnlr Immediate chiefs. '
The emperor presided today at u meet
ing of the council of minister. Much
comment has been caused by the emperor's
summons A Count Pahlen, a member of
tho council of the empire and one of the
oldest and h'nst trusted servants of the
house of Romanoff, who participated ' In
the session, presumably to voice, his
majesty's vles. Though the step un
doubtedly was taken with full approval
of Count Wilt. It gave rise to tt report
that tho emperor was losing confidence In
tho premier, which was eagerly spread by
the latter's enemies In the court party.
Telegraph Tleup t'oHtlnuca.
The crisis continues. The telegraph tieup
throughout Russia is prtjl-ti' complete
ana the government aois not knew what
Is happening In Ihe interior vf the unpiie.
fcrnlssariee of toe -striken to been lint
to Finland to Induce their comrade In
Join In the. strike. This woull Cut oil cable
communication, - whic!t'feirial'is i.-n Tor
pi ess and government messages, although
the central nlllce here Is nominal closed.
Much as I he government w:uU like to re
sist, U Is powerless.
The delivery of nil mall matter w;
topped In Bt. Petersburg this morning.
Wtth the threat of a general- political
strike ndxt Monday hanging over Its head.
Interior Minister Durnovo will probably
be sacrificed to secure the resumption of
telegraphic communication. At . the same
time the government la fully conscious that
the vjemands Tor the reinstatement of the
leaders of the Telegraphers' union and the
dismissal of M., Durnovo are mere pretexts
nnd that Its surrender will only serve to
, encourage the revolutionists to new efTorts.
These, following the career of the Cmn
stadt mutlnoers, are certain to take tho
form of a. right to save the lives of the
. Hi Iwstopol mutineers for the purpose, of
again proving the proletariats' solidarity
with the army and navy. Tho Rubs de
clares the situation Is such that the gov
ernment Is unable to guarantee that to
morrow tho guns of OronBtadt will not
bombard the capital.
Witt Cannot Decide.
The Wltte government seems utterly un
able t find a weapon to fight the passive
revolution, while It hesitates, hoping that
the llda will somewhat subside and permit
the realization of tht reforms In an orderly
way. Meanwhile the country Is threat
ened with a counter revolution with all the
horrors of a Jacquerie (insurrection of
peasants) aid It liecomes more and more
aiarc.nl that Ihere are only two modes of
fgic.SK Ihe government must put tne wnoiu
country under a dictatorship and martial
law or proclaim a ready-made constitution,
pieinler Wilts refuses to consent to thu
former, although the court officers nnd Im
perial guard ore clamoring for 11. Tho ad
vocates of the latter are Increasing. M.
Souvodri. editor of the Novoe Vremya,
openly announce this Is tho only possible
hope of rallying Ihe moderate sentiment of
the country to active support of the gov
ernment. ,
Mnrtlal l.a la Poland Abolished.
WARSAW, Dec. l.-Tlie emneror loday
signed a decree abolishing martial law Pi
Russian Poland.
Nil letters or newsiiapcrii are being itc-
II I.'.r. Till- UlllllllHllf llJVK 111.
f irmed tf.e telegraph and ..ostal employ.-
....... .
. . ....... win hf iimmisHtto nmexH nev-
resume worU. Tim all mil Ion i so bad In
ii.- IjhIi rtinrict that many of the factoi y i
- , ,e.. Mn.l
thru works and are handi.is over the build-
; ... i.i.., ...
inx tinu iiiiiin... . j ... .... ......
audio) Hips prior to leaving the country.
Man W ho Killed Wife and l ite lill.
' drrn Says Woman llrnif Hiiu
to Desperation.
INDEPENDENCE. U.. Due I. -William
8. McWilliams loday confessed to the
murder of his wife and five children, whose
mutilated bodies were found In their home
ne.ir this place last Friday. Mc Williams
says that no committee ine act because be
believed his children better dead than alive
and could live no lunger with his wife,
whom be accused of di iving him to despera
tion wit h her demands for money and her
The confession re. 1 hi detail the mur-
dVr Of ea'u nvniU
liamfc nrm , -i- .
hammer no-1
butcher k o'.
When lnoi.e . ..
MtWilllams Q'.d 1101
: il.e family. McWII
1 i.e. n down with a
el tin: m wtih a
e'jjii tins iiiornihg
ui.li un attorney to
tu secuit d tor him. but one was mi rue.l bv
tha court. A idea of guilty is ex.ectc'!,
IIIioaiIi It U possible that un tffe.it n.ay
l made lu prove insanity.
C mil the Kins; Hflurm
to London.
LONDON, Dec. 1. The cabinet held a
rr "ig tills morning lusting an hour and
a f. There wai reason to believe that
t lolleagues of Premier Balfour ap-
i d his decision to resign rather than
- isolve rarllament, but no official com
I ration ia yet forthcoming.
Balfour Is going to Gloucestershire
5 he week-end, so lie will not see King
; gird before Monday, when hla majesty
' arrive In London.
Borne quarters It la considered possible
Premier Balfour may yet elect to
lve Parliament rather than to resign.
t liberals do not hesitate to attribute
e premlor a deep laid plot to spring the
Surprise of a general election on the coun
try at an Inopportune moment for the sake
of gaining a technical advantage for lils j
party by forcing the election before tha
now register of voters comes Into operation
In January. It la further alleged that the
hints of the premier's Intention to resign
have been spread with the purpose of con
cealing his real motives from the country.
r.leellon rsaara Off lnlel. omlnee
of the Moderate I'nrty Heine
HAVANA. De.;. 1. The pollllr.il agitation
which began six months ago with the na
tional convention of tho liberal party and
which has dwindled since the withdrawal of
General Jose Mlnuel Gomes, the presiden
tial candidate named by that convention,
ended today In an election that was so cjtilct
and uninteresting as to cause scarcely a
ripple of excitement. The vote cast was
very light
The withdrawal of Ihe liberals from all
nominations as a protest against alleged In
justices by the government and the people
In conducting the primaries left a clear field
for the moderates and every moderate
nominee was rlected Yrom President I'nlma.
to the provincial councillors.
The only liberals who will have seats In
the new congress, which opens In April,
will be the hold-overs, and consequently
only a third of the Senate and a fifth of
the House will be composed of members of
that party.
Prominent .People Will Join In F.ffnrt
to Kalae Cash fur Is
employed. I.ONDON, Dec. I. Queen Alexandra has
not given up her Interest In behalf of the
unemployed and has sanctioned an unique
plan to raise more funds for them. This
will be In the shape of an Issue of a
Christmas book which will be entitled.
"The Queen's Christmas Card."
It will consist of poems, stories, sketches,
drawings and music by persona prominent
In the world of art and literature of
Great Britain. Alfred Austen, tho poet
laureate; Thomas Hardy, Marie Corelll,
Hall Calne, George Meridlth. Arthur Wins
Plnero, Sir l-uurcu.'. AlntA-Tadei.vi, Edwin
A. Abbey, William. Holrnan-Hun- Sir Kd
ward John Poyntar and Sir Edward Elgar
are among the host of those who will
contribute. The' production of the book
will be practically gratuitous. It will
sell for half a crown and the proceeds will
be devoted to the oueen'a unemployed fund.
I.uats Banker-Panllsher Charged
l- Federal Grand Jnry -with
Frand and Conspiracy.
BT." LOUIS. Doc L Two Indictments were
returned today by the federal grand Jury
against K. G. Iwia, president of tne Peo
ple's United Stales bank and publisher of
the Woman's Magazine and Woman's Farm
Journal. '
One Indictment charges a scheme to de
fraud In using the majls to Induce persons
to subscribe for stock und deposit money
In the bank. The other charges conspiracy
to defraud the government out of large
sum of money In postage on the two pub
lications of the Lewis Publishing company.
In the latter connection an Indictment was
also returned against F. J. Cabot, secre
tary of the Lewis Publishing company, and
William E. Miller, usslstant secretary of
the People's United States bank.
Some time ggo, on the order of the post
master general, a fraud order was Issued
against the bank's mall. The bank Indict
ment is aald to bo sufficiently broad to
permit Introduction In court of testimony
j on the points mentioned In the postofflce
' inspectors report lo.tne postmaster general
pieccUuig the i,.-.uuii.:e of the rraud order.
Raymond Alleged to Have Gone to
Durope to Avoid Payment of
H RIDGE PORT, Conn.. Dec. l.-C. Munson
Raymond, the former New York broker,
against whom a suit for Sl.000,000 has been
brought by John D. Sluyback of New York.
was examined In chambers here today.
Raymond was formerly president of the
Carbon Steel company. Slayback alleges
that t assist tho comariy through u
' 1n-''c,- sls he transferred to Raymond.
under a temnorarv movislonal Ai?rt..,nint
- -
i i.tuv snares or me stock and that it was
appropriated by P.amond and distrlbuttA
among tils relatives and never
his relatives and never returned.
! T L'" " "'"'T
I he last seven years ta estimated at
Jl.((."Oii It Is alleged that a Judgment
against Raymond was si-cured by Sluyback
in the New York supreme court, but that
Raymond soon after went to Europe and'
returnt d only recently. I nrter cross-examination
loday Raymond said that l.'O
chares of stork of the company were held
In trust by his nephew,' Seymour Curtis of
South Norwalk. fur certain oilier litphew
and nieceB One 01 these Is Raymond
Curtis of Lorain, O.
1 faptai
and wife and Two of 4 rew
nt lb Delawaaua
Drun a.
BusjTON. Dtc. 1 The founuvi uig of tha
new tteel harse Dtluwanns. and the loss
of four persons on board, including Captain
John B Mum. y und his wife, ws rej-oined
here today by the tug Scranton, wh'cli .a.i
b-tn towing the Deluwanr.a f.om New
York. The barge went djwn iu n
s.a at k.A' o'cloek IufI u.ht. atoui
mill a tast by ouih fivei M'.ioi',
The lo were.
M!!S Ml'NtKl. bis wif. .
i:iilNLtlt OF THE f-VRGII.
Cuuii Tlifc UAiUit.
Turkish ministers busy
Extraordinary Session of Council founder
ing Aetiou of the Powers.
Tewfik Pasha Sees British Ambassa
dor trains, Modification ( De
mands, bat Kinds Represen
tative of Kdward Obdurate.
CONSTANTINOPLE, via Soao. Bulgaria.
Dec. 1. An extraordinary ituno'l of min
isters Is in session at :hc Yilils alace to
consider the situation arising f jni the re
fusal of the ambassadors tj modify ti-etr
demands In regam to the financial i' I till
of Macedonia. fetviik Pasha, tne foretsn
minister, previously Interviewed the Bj It-
,, ambassador, Sir NlchoUs K. iJ Cnmr
urging a vn .pi imt-e, which vo,u1 not u
Jure the smtan'o dignity, but Uij ambas
sador was obduraie. Me dieui .d tlu.t ety
modifications of the scheme wa Imp.iss'-
Hny Take Other Islands.
ATHKN8. Greece. Dec. I. A Russian tor
pedo boat destroyer arrived here today.
Its commander, in an Interview, said that
the Turkish government of the island of
Mltylene yesterday presented to Vice Ad
miral Rltter von Jedina. commander ot tho
International fleet, an official dispatch from
Constantinople, In which It was stated that
tho Porte would accept the proposals of
the powers for tho financial control of
Macedonia with modification. Admiral von
Jedina replied, according to the Russian
oflicer, that ir by Sunday, at midday, the
Porto had not definitely accepted the de
mands, the International fleet would oc
supy tho islands of Lemnos and Inibros.
Saltan May Vl.-ld.
PARIS, Dec. I. -Advices retclvrd by the
Foreign olllce here Indicate that Turkey
Is going to yield to the demands of the
powers for the financial control of Mace
donia. The. international fleet hns not been
ordered to leave the Island of Mltylene for
aggressive action elsewhere.
Tension Hrcnmri Acute.
2D. (Delayed In transmission. ) Speaking to
the Associated Press today, a prominent
diplomat said:
"The people of the United States, even
the people of Europe, do not realize the
seriousness of the present situation. The
tension between the sultan an- the power,
Is growing dally and th general feeling
of uneasiness Is Increasing, though there
Is probably no reason for anxietv us far
as the satety of foreigner's Is concerned, es
pecially In the capital.
"Tho sultan and his minister are this
week engaged dally from S o'clock In the
afternoon In listening to fantustlo dis
courses by the mullahs (or priests) who
dwell on the past greatness of the Caliphs
In a manner which usually Impressed their
audience with the Impossibility, certa4nly
with the undeslrabillty of yielding to the
"These performance- will soon be over,
however, when matters will probably as-
uiiiv n. more dhih ana normal course; dui
ft. i
there, is nu dctibr i; my mind -11'i.t
.,.ll.,n u , 1 1 1 . . ,Lu .1 . . 1- I
squecing He may bo content enough to
see cerium isjauus in ine possession oi ine
powers rather than see Ills hold on the
last of his European possessions weak
ened. "Should it be reduced to a question be
tween Turkey and Bulgaria, Roumania or
Greece, or between Turki-y and all three,
Turkey would moat assuredly be found
spoiling for a fight. H has between 300,000
and 4OU.000 men In European Turkey today
unH It wnillil r- (I u 11 1 ' n i. .1 nnlllu nnlUnl
and It would easily and quickly collect
WM.000 there. Also Algeria has a well
drilled and well equipped army, Turkey's
great numerical superiority would account
for much.
"Turkey clearly Is eager to fight on this
matter with the bordering countries, and
every day that passes without witnessing
a settlement of the present difficulties
makes it Increasingly harder for either the
sultan or tho powers to give In."
Head of Miners t'nlon Snffera from
Disease of Stomach Which
A fleets Heart.
INDIANAPOLIS Dec. l.-It was an
nounoed at tho national headquarters of
the United Mine Workers of America today
that President Mitchell was taken sick on
a train while coming from Pittsburg and
Is now at his home at Spring Valley. II!.,
suffering with acute stomach trouble, which
has affected his heart. No serious results
are feared. The national executive com
mittee of the organization haj been await
ing the arrival of President Mitchell, but
held Its first session today.
Mitchell, president of the United Mine
Workers of America, arrived today, suffer
ing from nervous prostration. No serious
results are apprehended. It is said by
doctors that a few days of rest and quiet
will restore his health.
Company Refnsea to Pay Poller
on Man Who Committed
SIOUX CITY, la., Dec. 1. An effort is braska, vice C. ir" Rayiner. resigned,
being mude by .Mrs. Prudencia Harrow of' Rural carriers appointed: Nebraska Val
bloux Falls, wife of 13. H. Dai row. who i Paralso. route 2. Daniel H. Hedges, car
on Sunday, October 13, murdered his 1 rler' Daniel H. Hedges, Jr., substitute.
aaugnter-in-taw, uiiiiau Darrow. and then
committed suicide In a hack In this citv
wiiiis enroute from the Arcade hotel to
the Northwestern depot, to collect $.5.0u) on ! Z'ckPfoos. substitute. Waukcon, route 4. ; smeiting works. Mr. Meyer came to Kan
her husband's life. j William Tonoy. carrier: George Toney, i ga, ntv ln issi Bnd started a smelter here.
Darrow held a policy In the Northwestern
ute Insurance company of Milwaukee. It
ts Understood that Mrs. Darrow kept up
the payments. Today a man purporting to
be a Pink'-Ttou detective called at police !
headquuriers ln quest of Information sur- '
rounding the tragedy. He suld the In- '
sun nee company didn't propose to uux the
I puh- '
fearl-Martial Reaches a Conclusion
ad Forwards it to Secretary
of av for Review.
ANNAPOLIS. Md., Dc. .-Tl.e court
martial in Hit . of Midshipman Minor
Meriwether. Jr., who was tried on the
charge of manslnuguter for causing the
I deaih of Midshipman James R. Branch. 1
iea- Jr., lu a tli-t right, completed its work U;e
"irtit tl is ulUipoon and adjourned. Na l.ifornia-'Ig'-l.
lion wa given out a.- to the findings of
; the court. The procct dings and record In
tee iae
I depn tm 1
lbu annou
the iae will Do forwarded lo the Navv
tnt for review and the verdict will
3 u need from there.
. -
Judae Amend Rnjes thai Court Is
Fatopped front Questioning;
Validity af Mallets.
NEW VORK. Dec. L The recount of bal
lots In rive ballot boxes used In Now York's
contested mayoralty election w.is ordered
to be begun today by Justice Amend In the
superior court. Justice Amend modified
his original order so as to limit the can
vassing to the candidates for mayor, comp
trollers and president of the Board of Al
dermen, and also to eliminate from the re-
I count the void and protested ballots.
Counsel for W. R. Hearst, George B. Me
ridian nnd Assistant Corporation Counsel
Butts engaged in a heated argument be
fore the boxes wero opened. Alton B. Pnr
keh for Mayor McCleltan, and Mr. Butts
contended that the court had no right to
make a rec&nvaas of fie votes or to recon
sider the remit, but could compel the elec
tion Inspectors correctly to state the result
they reached on election n!ght.
"You mean, then." said Austen G. Fox.
for Mr. Hearst, "that you do not want the
true vote sscrr tsltied and that If a vote Is
for Hearst or McClellan you do not want tt
I mean. returned Mr. Hut is, "that I
want the true vote, the vole according to
"And how inav that be done?"
"Rjr quo warranto p'OJeedings." was the
"Such proceedings ciyi only be undertaken
after January' '." come. inted Mr. Fox.
"1 see."
Mr. Parker said the court Ivsd no right to
throw out any ballot which had tieen
eounted by the election Inspectors. Justice
Amend ruled that he is e-tnpped from ques
tioning the vnlidity of the ballots and that
they must, be counted ss east.
The first ballot box was then opened by
Inspectors In the courtroom and the recount
a beg'in. with the representatives of the
newspapers occupying the xeats Intended
for Jurymen.
The opening of four ballot boxes nnd the
recounting of the ballots wa.s finished to
night before Justice Amend.
The net ro- 1
suit was a sain of seventeen votes In Ihe
four districts for Hearst, till of these being ,
gained In three districts. One district wus I
found collect as far as the arredlted votes
for the, three Candida tee was concerned.
Henry M. Youngo of counsel for Hearst,
said tonight:
The results thus far have shown thnt
the Inspectors miscounted the split ballots,
to the gain Of McClellan and the !oss of
h 7,' r'ou
the greater part of th- city of New iork.
If It turns out in other districts as It hss
In those examined today.
Mr. Hearst Is
elected on the recount.
Hoatou I'hjslelau lleniea Gnllt and
Ksplalna Srresnttr tor Oper
ation on Woman.
BOSTON, Dec. 1. The jury which has
been hearing the evidence at the trial of
Dr. Percy DcMille McLcod, the Back Bay
physician who Is charged with being an ac-
cessorv to the nerformnnoe of an UleKal "
pn JSnaaaiBti , -.V fi'VTi. draws.
Hctlm, retired" fcu consider the u-
tlmony t 4:46 o'clock this afternoon. Judge
BttWMt Mov whom the case has been
tried. Instructed the Jury to seal tho ver- j
diet, should one be reached tonight, and -present
It tomorrow morning.
Dr. Percy D. McLcod, one of the defend
ants In the "suit case mystery," took the '
stand in his own behalf today. He made a ;
denial of the charges against him. He said '
that on the morning of September 14 he was
called to the house on Wlnthrop street, oc-
cup, b wom.ln whfl he w ,aUr toM
was Vrs. Dean, to examine a young woman
(Miss Geary). He told Mrs. Dean that an ini-
mediate operation was necessary to save
the girl's life. Complying with the request
of Mrs. Dean, he called Dr. Pettee by tele-
phone and secured his assistance. The
operation was rerformed upon the girl to
save her lifo, he said.
Dr. McLeod said that he discovered that
an illegal operation had ben performed
on tho young woman, pinking a second op-
eratlon necessary. Everything that surg- !
leal skill could suggest was." done for tha
patient and for four days It appeared as if
she would recover. On the fifth day; how
ever, there were evidences of peritonitis.
and the doctor concluded that the girl wou'd
die. He so advised Mrs. Dean and on the
Bay following (Tuesday, September 19) he
learned that the patient was dead. He
gave a detailed statement of his movements
on that day, which Is the day on which
the prosecution claims the girl's body was
dissected, and declared "I did not dlsmem-
ber the body of the Geary girl nor did I
see her after Monday night, when she was
First &atlonal Bank Authorised to
Coiunaenca Business at Wol
hsrk, Neb.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, Dec. l.-(Spclal Tele
gram.) The application of L. J. Dunn,
W. T. Auld, E. D. Gould. H. D. Enslow and
W. G, Roberts to organize the First Na
Uonai bank of Wolbach, Neb., with a
I25.U0O capital has been approved by the i M!n.s at Freiburg. Saxony. . He also took now the Intention of the St. Paul road to J burned opposite Squaw Island. Lake Micnl
comptroller of the currency. I severa. terms at the University of Berlin. hc same thing by way of the Atlantic , Eltni Thanksgiving day. Tho men suffered
James M. Parrott has been appointed i- isr? ha returned to St. Louis and took nn pons. The eastern roads have acre.-, I in . , i.i ...... .... .
i r . , i,
luBiiiisic( u i.iFuiiJii.m, nun county. e-
I wa Max wen. tome .-, George m. uaniole,
carrier; John H. Gamble, f-ulntitule. Olds
route 1. rrana a. tiuiicrneia, carrier; Clark
1 substitute.
Merchant Marine touiutisaloa Will
Ask for Subsidy on Trade
to Philippines.
WASHINGTON. Dec. l.-At the meeting
of the Merchant Marine commhsion t().
day an amendment was adopted to be
tiTulT',1'! P'n8 U,'U1
i ciple to the carrying trudu between the i
- - ... . - - . . m uiiu. 1
Phllippir.es und the United States and sub- j
stituting for this a subvention of Sio per !
gross ton to all American vessels engad ' news that the Impel ial insurance office at
in this trr.de from either the Atlantic or Berlin hss threatened receivership procecd
Paclfic coast, an Increase of 30 per cent ! lngs against the Equitable Life Assurance
above the genera rate provided for Amer-
cu ehiS engaged in ocean carrying. 8 c-
retary Tift has recominendt d the post-
ptmenient of the coastwise law because of
economic condi: Ions In the Philippines
The commission will meet ugaln Monday
afternoon to complete the final revision of
the bill and to prepare it for report to
Agents of Iidepeurieu's File Complaint
Against Offioial Organ of Trust.
It Is Also Claimed that Joarnal Is
Enjoying: Second-Class Mall
Rates Contrary to
WASHINGTON, Dec. 1. Complaint was
today Hied with Third Assistant Postmaster
Generr.l Madden by attorneys representing
the independent watch manufacturers and
watch case makers and wholesale doalers.
headed by the W. J. Johnson company of
Pittsburg and the Dueber-Hamptnn Watch
company of Canton, O., charging that the
Keystone Journal, alleged to be owiied by
the Keystone Watch company and allied
concerns, forming what la claimed to be
the Watch trust, Is enjoying the privilege
of second-class rates in violation of the
law. Allegations are that the Keystone
publication itVuses to publish the advertise
ments of persons not selling the product of
the companies forming the so-called trust,
nnd that they have broken advertising con
tracts with wholesale dealers when such
dealers were found to be handling and sell
ing anti-trust goody. The complainants
charge that the so-called trust endeavors
by coercive methods to drive every dealer
to the wall who does not sell Its goods and
that It appoints special agents In certain
localities to undersell dealers who have re
fused to handle Its products.
President Retnrna to Washington.
President and Mrs. Roosevelt, with tour
r.f their younger children, who have been
enjoying a two days' outing at Mrs Roose
velt's conn try place, "Plain Dealing," In
Albermarle county, Virginia, returned to
Washington at !:4.1 o'clock tonight. The
president and his family entered their car
rlage, which was In waiting, fthd were Im-'
'"ateiy ariven to ine wnnc iiouse.
1 nr,B was a large crowa at tne siauon anu
th" President was given a cordial welcome,
Several representatives In congress 'on
lhcir way to Washington to attend the as
sembling of congress were fellow-passengers
on the car with the president, and dur
ing the run to the city the president came
from his drawing room and chatted with
them for some time on public questions.
The president showed every evidence of
having enjoyed the outing and walked
briskly from the train through the long
railroad shed to his carriage.
Life Having- Service Report.
The work of the life saving service for
the last fiscal year Is summed up In a re-
port of General superintendent Kirnpau to ;
the secretary of the treasury, made public
today. The life saving crews saved and
assisted lu saving 464 Imperilled vessels and
their cargoes, besides affording assistance
or more or less Importance to 677 other ves
sels, including craft of all kinds,. making a
total of 1.141 vessels to which ak! was fur
nished. In addition, the report states
steamers and 88 saillosr tssssels running into
danger wcro warnea Tr tneir pern oy in
'Jf?"1" ' Pt"! and lookout, in .time
t'' .-' P: faster. Til.) having of 't.iany
lives and much property U attributed to
such warninKS
No less than 365 disasters to documented
vessels occurred during fhe petlod stated,
Involving the lives of 4.0R9 porsonsl of whom
27 were lost. The estimated value of ves
sels and cargoes so affected was $10,320,600,
of which 17,917. M5 was saved.
Promotion for Pension Clerks.
Commissioner Warner today made recom-
mendatlons to Secretary Hitchcock for the
oton of about m clorWa , ,ho pn.
si(m bureau and the reduction In salary of
about twenty-five others. The employes
who are to be reduced are generally old
persons who are claimed to bo not so etli-
cent as formerly, and yet who have ren-
(jered such faithful service that It is not
considered Just to separate them from the
service. Several such persons have been
drawing comparatively high salaries. Many
o thera wm De placed on the J900 roll.
I Tax on Medicine Peddlers.
Commissioner of Internal Revenue Yerkes
has Isued a statement" to the collectors
of Internal revenuo that there Is no In
ternal revenue special stamp tax for the
peddling of alcoholic patent medicines and
liquors and directs that peddlers going over
lie rnuntrv dlsnoslng of theso things shall
the country disposing of theso things shall
be required to pay a special tax "at every
district and separate place at which there
Is evidence of sales having been made.
m- rinwn I e nrm
A. It. Meyer. First Postmaster and
Proprietor of First Smelter in
Mining Town Passes Away.
KANSAS CITY. Dec. 1 A. R. Meyer, a '. Into one of the greatest grain rate wars in steamer Vega, ore laden, is a total wreck
widely known capitalist, one of Kansas years was begun today when the. Chicago, on Fox 's'and, at the foot of Lag-i lllchl
Clty's most prominent business men and Milwaukee & St Paul railroad put into ef- Kan. The crew of nineteen wen wers
founder of Leadville, Colo., died here this . feet a through tariff on corn between the ' taken off by Indian fishermen and wa
morning of rheumatism of tha heart, after Missouri river nnd Liverpool of 2H cents brought here late last night. Thu Veg.i
a lingering Illness, aged 63 years. I from Kansas City and 30 cents from Omaha. ! ran on Fox island during a heavy sntw
Mr. Meyer was born in St. Louis In ISol. As pearly as can be ascertained this ac
Hls parents were from Hamburg, Germany, t'on was taken because of the discovery
At the age of 14 Mr. Meyer went to Europe! that the grain men who ship via the gulf
to complete his education. He was a w ere engaged In a campaign to corral un
student In the college of the Canton at 1 enormous movement of grain through the
Zurich, and a graduate of the School of "ulf ports at less than agreed rates. It
,:lc profession or mining engineer. Later
' v - n'-nt to Colorado a terrltonol MSMaver
of the district of Fair Play.
In 178. together with Alvlus B. Wood
. . r . i: . .1 . . .... f T. I . , 1 .
Ol imCl-US- O OIIV v ' v.i G ... ..,'iuiet DVU Ul
oh)o j,e injj out the town of Le;idi!le
Colo., and obtained .the postuflVe lor It.
built Lcadvllle a first stamping and
1 He was largely interested ln various min
. properties ln Colorado and other lo
: calities, and owned much valuable real
i estate In this city. He was president of
the Commercial club In 195 and 1S. For
ihe past six years Mr Meyer s chief local
interest was In the 1'nlted Zinc and Clien.l
v:: company.
WUUUU Ot I I Utjltl I n utnwirtll I
! Pwidet Morton of the Euultable
i gay. Matte, Will De Adjusted
ftattafaetoril) .
NEW YORK. Dec. 1. Referring to the
-clety because of the society's failure to :
. increaae its cash reserves in Germany, :
I President Morton said today:
j "Indications point to un amicaole settle-
inert of exlstitig differences by the end of
the year As a matter of fart we have '
large deposits in Germany at this time'
and we are prepared lo Increase, our :c-
- k., ' .1.11.,
.rie. .u...u.
Fair and
Colder Satnrday
Temperature at Omaha lesterdnyi
. . 11
. . 1!U
. .
. . a:l
. . 24
. . SKI
. . Kti
t l.
a p.
4 1.
5 p.
l p.
7 p.
A .
0 p.
. . :o
. . at
. . .f2
. . .12
. . ni
. . 211
. . 2
. . 2
It a.
ft a.
T a.
m .
t n. ni.
I a. m.
10 a, in.
11 a. ni.
13 m.. . .
Teniperntare la Mild and Flakes Come
IHivtn na Gently as a
Snow began to sift down softly a few
moments before S o'clock last night. The
air felt comfortable, too, after the cutting
wind and cold. Soon the flakes grew
thicker. At 6:l the ground was white. The
motormrn loosened up the js-gs In the bot
toms of their sand boxes and kept an anx
ious eye on the street crossings. The hur
rying throngs and Ihe teamsters are not so
careful as these men whose watchfulness
keeps them out of hundreds of accidents
every day. They know what the first snow-
means. It meant something to everyone :
last night, for everyone wu enjoying it. At
Sixteenth and Dodge It seemed like there
was a regiment of whistlers holding carn
ival. It was too early for belle, hut the
whistles were a g od substitute. The small
boy with his sled was on hand early.
The street car company started the
sweepers at 10:30 and they were kept busy
all night. The necessity for them was not
so great, but It was explained thnt it was
a test to see that they were in order.
About an Inrh of snow had fallen at mid
night, uud the temiierature was only a
point below freejing.
After midnight the snow ceased to fall,
the wind camo up and the thermometer
dropped rapidly.
I ' iff President Severs Connection
nlth llo.ire tiros, nnd Damps
Holdings on Market.
CHICAGO, Dec. 1. The Record-Herald to
morrow will say: William B. Leeds, whose
meteorlo rise in the world of finance and
railroads caused comment the country over
only a few years ago, nnd who served for
a time as president of the Rock Island
railroad, has sovred nil connection w ith the
moor Brothers and D. C. Reld. Mr. Leeds'
resignation as a member of the executive
committee of the Rock island and as a
n. ember of the hoard of directors hns been
tendered and accented. Itl hrcnlr wtih h.
Voores was due to friction which has ex
j Isted for some time and which grew to mich
proportions that It could no longer be kr-pt
I within business bounds.
The seriousness of the breach Is lllus
trateis V the alleged firt that Mi. Ieds'
1 retirement was followed a few days apo
b the dumping of nil of his Rock Island
e unties on tho market. It Is understood
lnat hft rpfuiwid to B,vc the Mriorrs an op,
, nortunltv to buv his unrir nt tho marw
uri,,0 or n,,. advance. This
l actam .ss the cause of tho' sensational
breuk of more than 7 points In the preferred
stock, which occurred one day last week.
Customer Cornea la and Holiber
Immediately Takes to
Ills Heels.
LAWRENCE, Neb., Dec. 1. (Special.) A
I masked man entered the store of Jones &
C n. .1.1 1.. I . . 1 . -1. . . . . . .
Co. nt this place last night at about 8
o'clock, when no one was present but the
proprietor, Mr. Jones. The robber drew a
revolver on Jones and commanded him to
open the money drawer and hand over the
money. Mr. Jones, knowing there was to
be a masquerade ball In town, thought
some one was trying to play a Joke on him
and began to argue the subject, when the
robber began cursing him and pointing the
revolver directly at him commanded him
to hand the money over at once.
Just at this moment, when the proprietor
had gone behind Ihe counter for the money,
a customer came in at the front door and
the masked man mude his escape by the
( back door without having secured any
, money. A stranger was noticed during the
. afternoon and It Is now believed he ma. th.
man who attempted the holdup.
St. Paul Road Announces a Tariff of
Thirty Centa from Omaha to
CHICAGO. Drc. 1. Tho Record-Herald to-
i morrow will say: What 'promises to develop
. j -
u"ci'1 u.-uu-. uivision on ine bi. I'aul
rate, and the "O.M1O n bushels of corn which
the road has securid- will move through
Hrooeh stolen from Chicago llouse
Found by Woman Aear Fie.
voted station.
CHICAGO. Dec. I. Tiie Bauniun Jewelry
company, whose store was plundered on ne Hundred and Twenty-sixth street arid
Wednesday night by thieves, who smashed 1 '1'ldrd avenue, charged with having extorted
the show window and carried off diamonds ' I-'0 from Morris Jacobson, and Upon its
valued ut tit.'Njn. recovered the larger part 1 receipt promising to call off a slriku de
of the diamonds. t clared lust Saturday on three Hat buildings
A diamond brooch valued at f.i.uOQ formed being erected by Jeseph Jacobson. son of
the principal part of the Jewelry stolen
and this was brought to the store today by
a young woman who found It on the stairs
leading to a station of the tlevaied rail
way. The young woman carrlrd the Jeweh-y
home with her and had no Idea of its value
until she read in the papers of the robbery.
Mosemrnts of Ocean Vessel Dee. 1.
At New York-Arrived: Cedric. from
LI verpool.
. At V 0 '"i-Arrived: r-leilian Prince, from
New York.
At Glasgow Bailed: Siberian. f,)r Bog.
ion. Arrived: Citta di Torino. fr..m New
A Palermo Sailed: Algeria, lor New
Jit A nt werie A r riveil - M..mi.,.l
M etre.il
At livniouth Arrived; Krern.-n. from
I V. i",rkj . 1 ,,,,
I At l-A'tiduu-Amvi-d: Hibernian, Jjom
Renew of Less Caused by Three Reoent
Storms on Lakes.
Hundred and Fortj-Niee Lives Sacrificed
During feason.
Yessel Wbioh Carried Crew of Kineteet
Ilea Went Down Off Ekatsr Island.
Reports from I pper Tor's Indleata
that Weather la l.rowlas Bet
ter and that the Sea la
Golan: Down.
DETROIT, Dec. "l. The Journal says
It!) lives have been sacrificed, over seventy
alilrf wrecked and a loss of nearly IT.nnO.nnC
has been sustained In the throe Mg storms
on the great lakes this season. This Is the
most disastrous season In tie history ol
shipping on tho lakes beyond doi'bt.
Mneteen Men Drown.
CHICAGO, Dee. 1. The steel steamer Ira
11. Owen, carrying a crew of nineteen. Is
believed to have Bone down wit'i ell bands
during the recent storm on Lnko Superior.
Tho Owen was last sighted last Tuesday by
the steamer H. U. Nye while off Ekater
Island of the Apostle group. The Owen
was blowing distress slgnnls nnd seemed
to be In a bad way. The Nye. was almost
helpless In the terrible storm and could do
nothing to assist the Owen, which was soon
lost to sight in a blinding snowstorm. When
the storm cleared two hours later the Owen
had disappeared.
Today Captain M. K. CliamLeiin.in of tho
steamer Sir William Siemens reported nt
Ashland, Wis., that yesterday while twelve
miles east of Michigan Island he ran Into
a mass of wreckage consisting of chains,
stanchions, the top of a cabin and other
debris. Floating In the midst of the wreck
age were ft number of llfcpreservers marked
"P. S. Ira H. Owen."
The owners of the vessel in Chicago hsvs
given up hopes of the craft. Of the crew
, of nineteen the names of the following ara
known: ,
Joseph Mulligan of Buffalo, captain.
Thomas Honner, first mate.
M. Haggerty, seco.nd mate.
H. Buchanan, first engineer.
J. H. Aler. second engineer.
H. N. Hook, oiler.
J. J. Aeobson. wheelman.
L. M. Muntray, wheelman.
C. McKay, lookout. '
J. Knudson, lookout.
The Owen had a cargo of US.tmO bushels
of barley. It was built In Cleveland In
1S7 and was insured for llOP.ooil. The cargo
! ot harloy was al'no Insured.
The largo steel steamer Western Btar,
owned by M. J. I. Cummlngs of Oswego.
N. Y., is row lying on tho sandy shore of
Lake Superior. Wxtoen njllt-s eaft of Outu
nHRon. Mich. Tne vessel does not appear tv
he greatly damaged and the chances ar
that It can bo floated before winter sMs In.
The boat was run ashore during a snow
storm last Tuesday.
The steamer D. M. Clemsen, previously
reported missing Is safe. It arrived at
the "Boo" today.
Weather Is Clearing! !
CLEVELAND, Dec. 1. ttlegrtm re
ceived at the offices ot the Pittsburg
Steamship company here toda from Two
Harbors, Mich., states that the steamer
Watt, with the barge Thomas In tow. has
arrived safely at that port, Tho vessel
had not been heard of since Ihe big storm
of Tuesday. Up to the nrjsetC. time ten
vessels belonging to the Pltubum Steam
ship company have been reported ashore)
as a result of the recent great gals, Tfce
officials of the company say iha.t all ttsLSS)
vessels will be saved with the josslblo ex
ception of the Mataafa, wrecked near Du
luth, and the Bteamer LafayeUe, ashore
ncar Encampment island,
I RcPor u received here today from upper
lake Ports ehow that th weather "" mod
prated greatlv and that the S' has gone
down- Thu condition, no douot, will ma
terially assist the saving of the strands
vessels. I
Harare Picked I'p by Steamer.
BAYFIELD, Wis., Dec. I. The barge
Constitution, which broke away from the
steamer Victory during the great storm
early in the week, was picked up by the
steamer Moore and brought Into this port.
Its steering gear broke during the gale,
but the boat otherwise )b unharmed.
Steamer Vena Lost.
NORTH PORT, Mich., Dec. 1. The steel
storm and shortly afterward broke in half.
Crew of Parnell Bared.
MILWAUKEE. Dec. 1. The steamer Har
lem of the Western Transit line arrived
today with seventeen men of the crew ot
the steamer Charles Parnell, which was
i iriKlllI uu iruiu me luiu uuilug win Hours
they spent in small boats waiting for a
rescuing vessel to sight them.
Four Iluslaess Agents of !tew lork
I uloas Charged with Ulavk
uaalliug Builder.
NEW YORK. Dec. 1. Four walking dole-
I Rates wire arrested tonight In a saloon at
! the complainant.
The prisoners are John Kingston, boss
muMon, Luke A. Burke and James Doyle,
a delegate of the hud carriers. It Is al
leged that a week ago Kingston went to
Morris Jacobson and demanded iZU). which
he said Jacobsor.'s wife owed to him. On
Jacobson refusing to pay the money, It U
alleged, Kingston thr'atrned to call a
strike 011 jobs of Joseph Jacobson. Th
strike was called on November .
The Jacohsnns told their itory to tho
district ut'.Lrnej. with Ine. result lhal th
police were called, and unite the dire-Olson
if the latter M -i rii Jaeohsoii .iieed t.,
meet tin f'air d legates today. Wh. 11 Un
live ot together Juconsun, ll I- all- bed,
piiid iIm o '.mev i'u m.'i-.d (t in ii.ar-i il billb,
wl.ereupun ulliceife uircsieij the waJkau4

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