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Orchard St Wilhelm (Earpet fio
414-16-18 South Sixteenth Street Telephone Douglas 313
Each Saturday's special Belling brings news of the utmost interest to those who would
save on their purchases. We've assembled a generous list of items that are worthy of con
sideration for this popular day of specials.
20c Emory . ZZZZ 2Cc Emory
Sharpener g- Sharpener
7c Saturday Special in Basement 7c
Emery Knife Sharpener, like cut, 13 Inches long, large diameter,
steel guard. Nothng better for keeping the kitchen knives sharp.
A regular 20c value for.. 7
Rugs Kerrick Brussels Rugs
600 Rugs from cne to two yard pieces of borders used This Is an Ideal rug for a living room or bedroom.
by our traveling men as samples. These rugs are f,rorm,the, b,e8t u11Ujr ?f wor8ted . -Plendld
i, . M ,.,A lino of Oriental and floral patterns from which to
Body Brussels, Velvets, Axmlnlsters and Wiltons, make selection.
with the ends fringed so as to make a very practical f .90 Kerrick Brussels rug, 1-10x3 $ .55
rug for bedrooms, halls and doorways. These goods derrick Brussels rug. 2-6x5-6 l',15
sell regularly for $1.50 to $2.25 per yard. All on 12.'oo KerTlck Brussels' Jug' 9x9 .' J'75
sale Saturday tor, each 05e 18 00 Kerrick Brussels rug, 9x12 13!50
Lace Curtains
There Is no season of the year when curtains are so
beautiful as the Spring. They are dantier because they are
made for Spring. Some good bargains for Saturday.
4.75 per pair buys a high class cable net curtain In
new designs. Ewpecially fine, serviceable and stylish.
Couch Cover
Oriental stripes, fringe all around, 60 inches wide, extra
heavy, each i.- $1.35
Japanese Plates
Highly decorated, five and seven
Inch, very pretty design. Spe
cially priced for Saturday,
each 25
Window Shades
We make all kinds and all sizes.
A good shade mounted on a good
roller, each 25
An Extra Special
An extra special for Saturday In the Furniture
section. Just 100 rockers In this lot (like cut).
They sell regularly at 16.00
each, made of solid oak,
weathered finish, genuine
leather seat, Mission style.
Saturday we are going to of
fer them at less
than manufactur
er's tost. Come
Saturday if you
want one at half
regular price,
TKvm tore New roods. Clothing- for
men and women, hats, shoes, furniture,
crapetH, draperies, stoves. Cash or credit.
Union Outfitting Co.. 1816-17-19 Farnam.
Births for March During March 216
births were reported to the Board of
Health. Of this number 117 were malci
and ninety-nine females: there were three
pairs ot twins and seven colored babies.
Watch Stolen Trom Window A burglar
raised a window at the home of F. W.
Wlllard. 2450 South Twentieth street.
Wednesday night and stole a gold watch
from the house.
Omaha Olrl and trtah Man Mr. and
Mrs. William S. Lester announce the en
gagement of their daughter, Pearle A., to
Mr. H. Arthur Kenyon of Park City, Utah.
The wedding will take place April 17.
Steals Trom Balvatloa Army A thief,
believed to be a woman, took, from the
Salvation Army Rescue home. Twenty
fourth and Spalding streets, Thursday, sev
eral pieces of wearing apparel and- toilet
articles, also eatables, nil valued at about
115. ' '
Whisky Walks Away Andrew Oster
gard, saloon keeper at 190S Cuming street,
reported to the police Friday ' he has
missed during the month of April four
cases bf whisky In quart bottles from the
wine cellar of his saloon, and believes
burglars have secured entrance to the
place. . '
Case of Conspiracy Rusena Kocanda
filed an answer In the district court Friday
to the petition of Jakub . Kocanda for di
vorce. In which she alleges that his di
vorce proceedings ere the result of a con
spiracy entered Into by him and his mother.
She alleges that he drove her from their
home. .She asks alimony and states that
her husband earns from ill to $14 a week
in the plant of the Armour packing com
pany. Divorce, Alimony and Child A divorce,
custody of their child and alimony were
asked by, Laura Planck in a petition filed
In the district court Friday against Frank
Flanck. mhey were, marrrled In Omaha
NovemI . ao, 1893. She alleges he; spends
all his money In drink and that she Is
compelled to support herself by dressmak
ing. Xrug Theater Answers The Krug
Theater company filed an answer Friday
to the petition of William A. Nightingale,
who Is seeking $1,900 damages against the
company for injuries sustained by falling
from a scaffolding while decorating the
playhouse. The defendant alleges the in
juries were the result of the plaintiff's own
Feller Waives Bxamlnstlon Joseph
Feller, who was arrested on evidence fur
nished Probation Officer Bernstein, charg
ing improper relations with a 17-year-old
girl whom he adopted when she was 1
years old, was bound over to the district
court Friday morning by Judge Crawford
In police court in bonds of $1,000. Feller
waived examination.
Chin Vao Gives Bonds Chin Pac. sub
ject of the Celestial empire, has not given
up hope of being allowed to remain In
America. He was released from the county
Jail Friday morning under a heavy bond
and will take further action to resist de
portation. - Officers of - - Swedish XUbrary The
Swedish Library association held its fifty
sixth semi-annual election of officers Thurs
day evening at Its hall. These were elected:
President, Peter Rosendall: vice president,
Nels Pearson; secretary, John Wessman;
treasurer, Charles Hanson; librarian, Her
man Frlberg; trustees. Swan Wlckman,
Axel W. Peterson, John Borg; sergeant-et-arms,
Olaf Pearson.
Xe Saney Kits the Bull's Eye Lee
Haney. who is adding to the fame of the
famous Colorado Midland, struck town Fri
day morning without his overcoat. A
premature summer out at Denver led Mr.
Haney into the belief that overcoats were
out of style this far east. Haney has re
cently hit the bull's eye In getting out a
pamphlet advertisement in the shape of
the bull's eye for the Midland. It is one
of the most handsome displays of Colorado
beauty that has come to the surface In a
long time.
Horse strikes Young Woman While
crossing the street at Fourteenth and Far
nam streets Thursday afternoon Miss Fan-
tks for m
4 ';-';
4 .
The Reliable Gpecialigtq
Debt Methods of Cure
We have devoted years of study to the best methods of curing diseases
and weaknesses of men, spending thousands of dollars in researched, evolving
a system of treatment which Is a safe cure for skin, nervous and blood dis
eases and weaknesses ot men. We treat each case according to its special
riulrments, and thousands today loin In thanking us for the new lease of
life our skill and ability has oponed up fur thein. Come to us and we will
spare you the penalties associated with diseases, weaknesses, eto.
Th,. stut. miiprI Institute Is established for the. benefit of suffering
,men; for the purpose of curing the tsrribie diseases and blighting weaknesses
cai powers complete, come to tne men s iru specialists ana learn your
ue condition. Get the right treatment iirsi ana be safely and thoroughly
Are you one of the many thousands of ailing and wretched MEN
and do you wish to be cured? Many bring on themselves the
sands and thousands of men are prematurely old and diseased through over
work, oversludy, dissipation, etc, which sap the very foundations of life, de
stroy their health and strength, leaving them a mental and physical wreck.
Not knowing wnere to aiply for a cure, many of the sufferers silently suffer
on, loaded with disease, lomorse and humiliation, going from bad to worse, or
they experiment wltli too many "Free Treatment" and "Quick Cure" methods.
We do no uol misleading prices in our annouaoements. We make no
misleading ststsausats or deceptive, unbusinesslike propositions. We care men
at tne lowest chargss possible for skillful and saeoesaiul serrioes. We be
lieve lav fair dealings and lioaeat methods.
We treat men only, and cure promptly, safely and thor
DER DISEASES and all SPECIAL diseases and their com
plications. . .
I... f hi.;!f-'' t"i F'nlxs'lsil om Hours: I a. ra. to I p. m. Sundays,
(III LQuSUIlsUUI Iu3 ."..-. ISO j, i, u you ctonut call, write.
13C8 Farnam St., Between 13th and 44th Sts., Omaha, Neb.
nie 13. Ward, 1EH North Seventeenth street,
secretary to Dr. 8. D. Mercer, was struck
by a horse which the driver was unable to
control. Bhe fell to one side and suffered
a slight injury to the left arm, but fur
ther than being shocked she had no other
111 effects. It was not learned who owned
or drove the horse. Incidentally Miss Ward
lost her purse by the accident, which
might have been of very serious conse
Tuneral of A. B. J aq tilth The funeral
services of Arthur B. Jaqulth were held at
4 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the family
residence, 3017 Spencer street and at 7
o'clock Friday morning the body was taken
on a train to Cedar Falls, la., the former
home of the Jaqulth family, for burial.
The funeral sermon was conducted by
Rev. J. R. Smith, pastor of Trinity Metho
dist Episcopal church of which Mr. Jaqulth
had been a member. Business associates
of Mr. Jaqulth In the grain trade, who
were also his close friends, were chosen to
act as pallbearers.
till Mors Malcontents Fred W. Har
low charges his wife, Minnie M. Harlow,
with abuse and cruelty in a petition filed
In the district Court Friday asking for a
divorce. They were married In Corning,
la., September 2, 1884. Ida B. McKlsslok
was granted a decree of divorce from John
8. McKlsslck Friday on the ground of
cruelty. She was given custody of their
child. They were married in Pueblo, Colo.,
in 1889. Albert Q. Karcher filed an answer
Friday to the petition of his wife, Eda I
Karcher, for a divorce. He denies her al
legations of cruelty and makes statutory
charges against her.
Tin for Stabbing Legal proceedings
growing out of the fight in front of 1821
Leavenworth street on the night of March
20, when John Frost stabbed 8. Hendricks
in a serious manner, ended In polios court
Friday morning when Frost was fined f 25
and costs and Hendricks and the other
men who were present during the fracas
and took more or leas active parts $10 and
costs each. The trouble was over a woman.
iHirlng the hearing Hendricks maintained
absolute silence, from which it was In
ferred he was greatly to blame. The police
had much trouble In securing any evidence
In the case, as all those arrested refused
to talk, but they all talked In police court
except the Injured man.
Zowan Ctets la Wrong sw Thomas Mo-
Coy from the state of Iowa, became con
fused from the maze of streets and other
mates Thursday night and Instead of going
I to the horns of a friend on North Twenty
i fifth avenue, he got Into the Chambers'
1 academy building and the police were sent
' for to remove him. Hence he found him
self In the city jail in the morning and was
, obliged to pay $1 and costs to get out.
reach Trees In Bioom Former United
States Marshal T. I Mathews, who Is
' now a husky farmer up near Irvlngton,
' says: "The spring thus far Is somewhat
dry, but still I do not think there is any
reason for anxiety. The grass Is coming
j up fairly well, though somewhat short for
this season. What we need Just now Is
a good warm rain for a few days. I no
ticed this morning as I was coming to
Omaha that a peach orchard between
Irvlngton and South Omaha waa la full
j bloom. It was a beautiful picture and
' means a big crop If a bad frost does not
. intervene within the next few weeks. We
. have been having spring weather for about
a month past and a vast amount of pota
toes have been planted up in our bailiwick.
, We always plant potatoes up there on Bt.
. Patrick's day.
: Ten-Year-Old Boy Asks for Honey
Help la Barytas; n
I A boy. appearing about 10 years of age
and giving his name as Weston, called on
Mrs. Draper Smith Friday morning and
' asked for a subscription to help bury a
, baby which died in the boy's neighborhood
near. Twenty-second and Pierce streets.
' Mrs. Smith asked the boy to wait while
' she telephoned the Associated Charities,
but at this suggestion the boy took to his
: heels and ran away. Mrs. Smith is In
clined to believe the boy Is an lmportor.
The matter Is being Investigated by the
Associated Charities.
Goea Cosik Meotelne for Children.
The season for coughs and eolds Is now
at hand and too much care cannot be used
to protect the children. A child Is much
more likely to contract diphtheria or scar
let fever when he has a cold. Tbe quicker
you cure his cold the less the risk. Cham,
berlaln's Cough Remedy Is the sole re
liance of many mothers, and few of them
! who have tried it are willing to use any
other. Mrs. F. F. Starcher of Ripley. -W.
Vs., says; '"I have never used anything
other than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
for my children and It has always gives
good satisfaction." This remedy contains
no opium or other narcotic and may be
given as confidant! to child as to as
Can so thoroughly convince yon of the merits of our
Men's and Boy's Clothing
as an actual personal knowledge of the goods.
When you have SEEN them, especially when you
have WORN them, yon will know that they are reliable
in quality and correct in style, and that they are better
values than any other garments in the market.
The reason is that we buy from the best makers and
that our buyers are EXPERTS IN CLOTHES KNOWL
EDGE, that from the best they select the VERY BEST.
At this time we wish to speak xf
lue Serge Suits for Men and
This standard material will be in particular request this season. The sorgo in these suits is exceptionally good
the fabric is firm and strong and the blue is deep and clear and will not fade.
Our Boys' Suits are made in double-breasted jacket styles with knee pants or knickerbockers, sizes 7 to 16, and
sailor blouse or Russian blouse styles with knickerbockers, sizes 3 to 8. Our Men's Suits are made in single or double
breasted style. All are splendidly tailored and perfect fitting. Let us show them to you. Prices
For Boys, $225, $325, $4?5 For Men, $10, $15 aid $20
.' i i r v at
Young Men's
We have tbe latest fad
(or young men la tbe pop
ular telescope shape. They
are Just right to please
up-to-date good dressers.
6HAPE, 2.00
SHAPE, 82.00
Men 'a spring weight flat
. French Balbriggan Under
wear, also medium weight
derby ribbed Peruvian cot
ton, sateen faced, French
neck, shirts and double-seated
drawers, all col-; A C
ors, garment JC
Men's new percale and madras
cloth "Savoy" Shirts. Beau
tiful light, medium and dark
plaids and stripes, solid col
ors, plain or pleated bosoms,
separate and attached cuffs,
.sizes 14 to 17. f Aft
Price I.UU
Men's medium weight natural
gray merino and 16-thread
balbriggan, derby ribbed
with heavy sateen faced shirt
and drawers, most practical
garments sold for early
spring wear, regular JC
dollar value ..
Men's new spring "Savoy"
Shirts, swell new patterns in
dainty French madras and
percales, hair stripes, plaids
and dozens of beautiful ef
fects, plain and pleated
fronts, separate or attached
cuffs, 6izes 14 to
17. Price
&";:.. $2.50 OXFORDS
The Oxfords come la dorona,
colt, Ooodyear welt Sewed Soles.
Blucher style. These are splendid
appearing, good wearing shoes,
made to please men who want a
good stylish shoe, fit well and are
equal to Oxfords usually sold at
$3.00 and $3.60 price $2.50.
Binety Thousand Dollar Buildinc to G Up
on St. Mary's Are,
Frank M. Wcekes Boys tbe Lot (or
Eighteen Thousand Dollars
from Frances Wilde,
' Owner.
Specifications ars being drawn by a prom
inent Omaha architect tor a three-story
apartment house of novel design on the lot
recently bought by Frank M. Weekes on
the south side of Bt. Mary's avenue be
tween Klghteenth and Nineteenth streets.
The building will contain eighteen apart
ments snd will cost between 180,000 and $90.
000. The lot Is known as the Francis Wilde
property and was bought about six weeks
ago for fl8,000 by Mr. Weekes. who has
Interested local capital In the apartment
house plan. The lot extends the full block
between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets
on Bt. Mary's avenue, having a frontage of
1S5 feet and depth of 110 feet, and Is di
rectly west of the site on which the new
and costly building will be erected for the
Toung Women's Christian sssoclatlon. Sev
eral small stores and cottages on the lot
will be rased within a few weeks to make
way for the new apartment house.
The proposed apartment Is to extend 170
feet on Bt. Mary's avenue and will be 80
feet deep. The site Is considered Ideal for
a large building of this character, aa all
rooms will be on the outside, as ths build
ing will face on three streeta Allowance
has been made for considerable space on
all sides of ths building for lawn and park
ing purposes.
Many Innovations In apartment house
construction are planned for the Interior
of the building. Every Inch of space will
be utilized. Folding beds will be provided
In all bedrooms which will fold up and
disappear In the walls. Cabinet and buffet
kitchens are planned, where the stoves,
sinks and closets for utensils will swing
out from their niches In the wall when In
use and be placed out of sight afterward.
Many other novel Improvements have
been devised by the srchltect so that the
apartments, which will be of three and
four rooms each, may be used for light
housekeeping or for nonhousekeeplng
Bach apartment will have outside rooms
and light from the rear will be provided
by building a large court In the center of
the building on the south side.
It is probable that ths building will bs
completed this fall and bids will be taken
within a few weeks.
Dolldtaf Permits.
Ths following building permits have been
Issued: Bhlmer & 'hae company. Seven
teenth and Laird. Eighteenth and Sprague,
Kixhteeniti and Laird, three !!, dwell
ings: 'iitSI Emmet, tl.900 dwelling: E. A.
Headley, Twenty-fifth and Bpencar, $2,fr0
dwelling: C. F. Palm, Thirty-third and
Kurt. ttftuO dwelling; W. E. Efrier. HZi
Franklin, 10 building; J. L. Mullrtnger.
Sixteenth and Oak, t'J 5M) dwelling; Chlrag.
VYtndstir laundry. 1513-151? Capitol avenue,
tfru aViltlun: Oeortce Ttunnam. Thirty-sUth
and ILTlmore. dwelling; 8. N.
Btanchl. Twenty-svnth snd lirlsUd, two
Jl 1 dwellings: Mrs. C. U. Maul, IT
Lvuglaa, r.wo brick store; A. Bunk, Thir
ty-fifth and Dewey avenue, (7,600 double
brick dwelling; Hastings St. Heyden, 114-116-119-m--5-7
and t North Thlrtyseventh,
4,000 repairs; Mrs. L. M. Maul, rear 1712
JDouglas, loOO building.
Mrs. Symons, Thongrh Temperance
Leader, Aeenseol of Slpplngr
the Forbidden Neotar.
Gilbert Bymons. brother of J. P. Bymons,
was on the witness stand all Friday morn
ing at the trial of the divorce suit of J. P.
Bymons, formerly organist In Trinity ca
thedral, against Marie Bymons. The wit
ness Is a scholar of some note In the Epis
copal Theological seminary at Gambler,
Pa., and Is now the holder of a fellowship
for study In Europe. His testimony was
only regarding the home life of Mr. and
Mrs. Bymons while he was living with
them in Pennsylvania. He declared that,
though she was the president of the local
temperance organization, she frequently
drank wine.
Railway Notes and Personals.
Guy Tomllson. formerly clerk In the gen
eral freight department of the Burlington,
has retigned to accept a position with
C. B. Havens A Co.
The live stock dealers of South Omaha
will leave Sunday afternoon over the North
western to attend the meeting of the West
ern Live Stock association at Rapid City,
Monday, Tueeday and Wednesday. They
will then attend the meeting of the Western
Htock drawers association at Bells Fourchs,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The party
will number forty and will be joined by a
special car of dealers from Sioux City and
another from Chicago.
Flan is to lik fishearin: of Outer 8nit U
Miks Time.
Supreme Conrt Decides with Lower
.Tribnnal that Occupant Must
Vacate, and that In
Forty Days.
According to a recent decision of the
supreme court the Her Grand hotel must
be vacated by Rome Miller within forty
days unless an application for a rehearing
of the case Is made, which would hold the
matter In abeyance for several months.
The decision of the superior, court affirmed
that of the district court and held that
Peter E. Her, the owner, was entitled to
possession thereof. N
Hall & Stout, attorneys for Rome Miller,
when asked what further action would be
taken on behalf . of Mr. Miller, said
they had not had an opportunity to confer
with their client since ths decision of ths
supreme court, but It Is regarded certain
a rehearing win be requested, which would
delay the ouster proceedings until the new
hotel of Mr. Miller's is completed.
The controversy arose between Mr. Her
and Mr. Miller about two years ago, when
the lease of Mr. Miller for the Her Grand
Pain Is nature's signal of distress, a
warning that must not be Ignored.
Those sharp twinges In the back,
those stab-like pains that follow any
sudden twist or turn, are simple signs
of hidden danger In the kidneys.
No trouble starts more easily, gains
ground more rapidly, nor proves
more often fatal than any disorder of
the kidneys. All the outward ap
pearances of health may remain until
a terrible disease has taken root.
It Is best to learn the duties of the
kidneys, to watch for early signs of
trouble, and to correct any Irregularity
before Its serious stage begins.
The blood goes to the kidneys In an
Incessant stream, to be cleared of poi
son and relieved of surplus water.
This Is passed off by the kidneys In
tbe urine. It Is the retention of poi
son in kidney trouble that breeds fatal
Don't wait. .The moment you feel
any uneasiness, lameness or pain la
the back, the moment the urine shows
Irregularity, either in Its appearance,
or in the quantity or number of the
passages, begin with Doan's Kidney
Pills. This remedy has been curing
kidney troubles for seventy-six years,
and never yet has failed to give relief,
if taken In time. It cures the kidneys,
and thus cures backache, lame back,
headache, dizzy spells, urinary troubles
rheumatic pain, gravel, dropsy, swell
ings, nervousness, languor, sciatica,
and all other symptoms ot kidney
Fifty thousand people hare testified
to the worth of Doan's Kidney Pills.
Here's a home case:
Mrs. O. A. Earl, of 1011 Vi S. 11th
St., Omaha, Neb., Bays: 'My appre
ciation of Doan's Kidney Pills has In
no way lessened. The statement I
gave In 1899 touching on the merits
of this preparation holds as good to
day, seven years later, as when I first
made It. For two years I was troubled
with caf back, and although I tried
different remedies, none brought re
lief until I began the use of Doan's
Kidney Pills. A short treatment cured
me and there has never been a return
of the trouble. I recommended Doan's
Kidney Pills to a gentleman who stayed
with us some time ago and complained
of backache. He used them and found
most satisfactory results."
tdU by mH loft. Prfct) to sent, ToetuMiLuma C, sWftto, N.Y.. ProprUters.
expired and Mr. Her refused to renew ths
lease, aa he had closed negotiations with
two prominent hotel men to erect a new
hotel on the corner at Sixteenth and How
ard streets.
This action left Mr. Miller out In the
cold, cold world as far as the hotel busi
ness In Omaha was ooncerned and he re
fused to give possession after his lease
had expired. -Mr. Her brought ouster pro
ceedings In a Justice court and was given
Judgment; but Mr. Miller sppealed the case
from that court and other superior courts
where Judgment was Invariably given la
favor of Mr. Her.
While the case was being vigorously
fought in the courts Mr. Miller bought the
Brunswick hotel at the northeast corner
of Sixteenth and Jackson streets and ths
corner lots adjoining It on ths eaat, which
gave him a frontage of 198 feet on Jackson
street and practically 132 feet on Sixteenth
The Rome hotel was planned and will be
completed about July 1, when Mr. Miller
probably will cheerfully relinquish ths Ilef
Grand property to Mr. Her.
Jap Rose transparent toilet and bath soap
Is made from the whitest, purest and best
vegetable oils oils that you can eat. Mads
by Kirk sold by all druggists and grocers.
Fatal Wreck la Illinois.
Dl-QUOIN, III.. April 6. The Chicago
Cairo expreas train on the Illinois Central
collided with a coal train near here today.
The fireman of the passenger train was
killed and the engineer was slightly hurt.
The passengers were shaken up. but nous
of them sustained Injury.

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