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Office. 10 PsH
Remark f Cha'nnts Ssti in County Foard
Ccculoa of Outirtak.
Boar 4 Bit mm Contract with Morkst
at Co.' tor Blank Book am
I Other Printing He4
, , or Cewnty.
I At the morning session yesterday of the
) (Board of Supervisors Chairman Bell ques
tioned th right of Colonel W. F. Baker
) to build certain bridges In hla district,
wing that W. M. Lana of Harlan had the
' contract for the construction of th county
! bridges. This aroused the colonel' Ire and
, he passed the retort courteous to Chalr
l man Beta. "Tou ar the only man, with
; eoe exception, who ha ever acouaed me
, of dishonesty. The other la dying of con
I sumption and you are dying of conceit,"
. For Borne aeconda the dropping of a pin
could have been, heard In the board room.
Chairman Beta gave one look at the
doughty colonel and then, as If he had ,
not heard . or understood the remark, j ana this prompted the board to pass a reso
quletly resumed the discussion of the mat- hitko to the effect that any person desiring
ter In hand without deigning to reply to I to use the electric power In the courthouse
the colonel, ' for any other purpose than the county's
The filing by Colonel Baker of his re- ' should get permlesSon, and must Install a
port, showing that he had constructed nine
bridges In his district, prompted the dis
cussion. In his report Colonel Baker gave
figures to show that, as he claimed, he
had saved the county $609 In ' comparison
with th prices paid the bride contractor.
He stated he had built the bridges while
the contractor was engaged In the east end
of the county. Ther was some question
as to the piling used In the bridges built
by Colonel Baker and he took umbrage at
som of tha remarks made by the chair-
man. The Question as to the rlsht or a .
supervisor to construct bridges In a dis
trict under his personal supervision was
left undeoided after the explosion from
Colonel Baker.
Telephone Men Protest.
Omcers of the Independent Telephone
company appeared before the board with a
Vigorous protest against th. proposal to
Very best Patent Flour. . .$1.05
Very boat Potatoes, per bu..55
Apples, per peck Jlot
Hest Navy Beams, 7 lba 25
Dried Peas, 7 lbs J5
Best Rice, 4 lbs 5i
Laundry Soap, 10 bar Ii5
Oregon Prunes, 3 lbs 25
Red Alaska Salmon, 2 cans. .25
Best Lard, 2 lbs U5
Independent 'Phone 63.
Hell Thone lied 045.
Si iH '. It, ," " TjBfflWt'BXsZBSi
and EUiiea. 'RflarEie.
Both Phones 24
peciol for
Anchor Matches, per package
Fancy Mustard Sardines, regular 10c
Strictly Fresh Eggs, per dos.jtJJ
Country Butter.'per lb 25
Shredded Wheat Biscuits, per
package 10
Five-pound package Oatmeal
at ...lltt
3 pounds Rio Coffee
We receive twice each week Fresh Saratoga Chips, per pound. . . .25
Central Flour, per sack $1.'0J
Gilt Edge Flour, per sack..'....;...'. 95
Both 'Phones 46.
Leaf Lard,
12nni in d hasket
Strawberries, two boxes
Fresh Country Eggs, per dos-15
liams, per pound 11
Tea Dust, two pounds...,.
Large site Cocoanuts, each.
pouua r
0RVIS BEST FLOUR, per e&ck. .$1.05
St. Tel. 45.
cut out half the telephries In tha county
offices, jail, etc, unlrM the rate was re
duced from fl.M to fl a month per Instru
ment. They contended that to comply with
the demai.d of the board would be to fur
nish the service at a loss. No action was
taken by the board. It I stated that the
Nebraska Telephone company haa ci
sented to make the reduction demanded.
M. learning, engineer of the Illinois Cen
tral railroad, waa before the board and
announced the plana of the proposed con
crete arch over the roadway near Love
Is ml The arch la to be seventeen feet In
width and sixteen feet In height, and this
waa deemed ample by the board.
The board s1ned the contract with
Morehouse & Co. for the county printing,
blank books, etc., holding It waa the only
course It could pursue In the face of Judge
Wheeler's ruling In the New Nonpareil
company's Injunction suit. As the matter
now stands. It Is up to the Nonpareil com
pany to sue the county for damages for
failure to fulfill the contract, If It deems It
advisable to do so.
The contraot for furnishing tha court
house and Jail with loe was awarded to
the Council Bluffs Coal and Ice company
on Its bid of M cents per 100 pounds.' A. O.
Gilbert bid 36 cents.
Tha board was Informed that two of the
court reporters had used the electrical cur
rent In the courthouse twTun a rrapahone
machine used In connection with their work.
meter at their own expense. The power
was taken from one Incandescent light In
the reporters' room.
The board adjc timed to April 15.
We ihlp Lumber Everywhere.
Jf you are in the market for a large or
small bill of lumber, we would like to quote
you prices at your nearest station. We
pay the freight and guarantee' to save you
money. C. Hofer Lumber Company, 135
Broadway. Council Bluffs. la. Both 'phones
Right of Kansas Stan to Practice I.nv
to Be HecHed.
Ti m niiHtlnn nt thm Hvht nt J. Urnwn
(h. ma1nnn ,.,, . ttnn(inP . , ...
torneJp ,n tne dB,rlot lB to bt detBr.
mn(?d bf Judfe Wnee,er ,n(g mornng. at
which time the hearing on the charges
' of contempt filed against Brown by County
Attorney Hog is to be held. It is under
stood that Attorney N. A. Crawford has
been retained by Brown to appear for him
' at this hearing. Vesterdny Mr. Crawford
j visited the office of the clerk of the dis
trict court and secured copies of the
charges filed against Brown by the county
, attorney. Local members of the bar are
much interested In the outcome and It Is
expected there will "he a large attendance
at the hearing this morning.
To please and sntlofy our customers Is
our constant aim. Look at our pianos and
let us explain the difference between our
I high grade goods and some cheaper makes..
I It may be an eye-opener if you contemplate
purchasing. Bourlclus Piano House, 336
Broadway, Council Bluffs, la,
Matters In District Cenrt,
The trial of Boy Green, charged with ths
theft of two overcoats on different days
from the store of the John Beno company
was begun In the district oourt yesterday.
It Is the Intention of County Attorney Heas
to convict Oreen, If possible, as a "com
mon thief." Green has already been twice
convicted of petty larceny In Bloux City,
and If convicted here he will be subject
to a term not exceeding seven years In
the penitentiary as a "common thief." As
his previous sentences were not peniten
tiary terms, ha cannot be convicted as an
habitual criminal, which would maka him
600-602 W. Oroadway
cans, each.
Full Cream Cheese, per lb.. 15
Breakfast Bacon. In strips. 12 H
Salt Pork, per pound g.
Corn Beef, per pound J$
Boiling Beef, per pound 44
Oood Steak, S pounds 25
Pickled Tripe, per pound .1..5
557 Broadway.
Large site "111" Oranges, per
dosen 35
Fine Apples, per peck .....25
Metis' Bread 8 loaves... 25
Soda or Oyster Crackers, per
subject to Imprisonment In tha penitentiary
for not less than twenty-five years. Blnce
the enaotment of this law only one person
li been convicted here under the habiiuai
act. He wss Jack Gregory, a noted horse
thief, who before being arrested shot Con
stable Moss at Iyoveland and was arrested
near the city limits by Police Officers Albro
and James after being shot by Albro.
Green's defense Is that ths coats were
given him by a man named Morgan as
security for money he had advanced him.
He testified ha had met Morgan while In
Jail In Omaha and later while In Jail la
Sioux City.
A I -over of Art
Especially If ha haa home proclivities will
admire our recent Invoices of papers for
wall, hall and celling. Naturally there
are thousands of patterns offered us sev
eral times a year. Wa select what wa
think will suit you. One visit and, a long
look will show whether or not wa are pre
pared to meet your needs. Jensen A Nlco
lalsen, 22 West Broadway.
' Fly Time Conlsg,
Hardwood adjustable window screens up
from JOc, screen doors, etc.. etc, J. Zoller
Mer. Co., 100-lOJ-lOs Broadway. 'Phone ).
Officers and Oltlsena Ran Hint Down
. After a Chase.
Wllllara Rolph, under Indictment for
breaking Into a drug etora on West Broad
way about a year ago, made a desperate
attempt yesterday morning to get away
from Deputy Sheriff Qronsweg, who was
taking him to ths county Jail. Hla liberty,
however, was only short-lived, as he waa
soon recaptured while hiding under tha
back porch of a house on South Seventh
Rolph, who ha been out on a ball bond
furnished by his father and other rela
tive, waa at the courthouse yesterday
morning In anticipation that his case might
be called for trial. As there had been some
difficulty In secur!r,g his rCTenoe at his
former trial on another change arising out
of the same burglary. County Attorney
Hess and Judge Wheeler decided that It
would be safest to place Rolph under lock
and key, and accordingly a bench warrant
was Issued for his arrest
. Deputy Sheriff Groneweg took Rolph Into
custody and had taken hlnvs far as the
county Jail door when Rolph made a break
away. The officer was obliged to let loose
of RicJph for a minute while he started to
open the Jail door and Rolph eeleed the
opportunity to run. He dashed down the
alley between Willow and Fifth avenues,
and aa he turned onto Sixth street. Deputy
Sheriff Groneweg took two shots at him
with his revolver: Detective Callaghan
happened to cr.mo to the courthouse and
Qroneweg called to him to try to head off
Rolph by going around on Fifth avenue.
Callaghan Jumped Into a buggy which was
standing in front of the courthouse and
started In pursuit, while Groneweg took up
tho chase down the alley.
Groneweg caught sight of his man behind
a high board fence at the Barstsvw residenoa
on Sixth street and fired another shot,
which caused Rolph to start (It on the run
again. By this time the shooting bad at
tracted a big crowd and a number of men
took part In the pursuit of the fleelnc man.
As Rolph was speeding west on Fifth ave
nue he caught sight of Defective Callaghan
In the buggy, and turning .down Seventh
street disappeared In the yard of one of the
residences. At first it waa thought Rolph
was hidden In the barn, and while the offi
cers were searching It some men In tha
crowd discovered him hiding under the rear
porch. Rolph refused to budgo until the
deputy sheriff pushed tha muxxle of his re
volver olose to him and threatened to shoot.
Rolh then crawled out, pouring torrents
of abuae and profanity at the officer until
Groneweg wa forced to give hlin a rap
over the head with the butt of his revolver.
He was then taken back to tha Jail and
locked u(k
Two indictments were returned against
Rolph In connection with the robbing of the
drug store. On the charge of larceny from
a building he waa acquitted, as the state
failed to secure the necessary witnesses to
prove hi possession of th stolen goods.
When the time came for his trial on th
second charge, which waa for breaking and
entering the store, ha skipped to Omaha,
where he wa later arrested and brought
I back, but released on bonds furnished by
I tils fath.p mnA nth.. MmKM n th. hmll.
His trial had bean set for Thursday, but.
waa continued, aa Rolph for the fourth time
changed attorney and tha latter was not
prepared to go to trial. Rolph will be placed
on trial Monday.
Waahlaa- Macnla Saeelala.
A full line of washing machines from
13 .50 to 117 60. , Ask to see th One Minute
washer, prlc HO. J. Zoller Mr. Co., 100-101-10S
Broadway. 'Phone 820.
Before getting your upholstering, mattreas
making, repairing and reflnlshtng done get
th price of th Morgan Upholstering Co.,
CI Broadway, next to Alexander's art store.
Tel. for quick orders. Bell. 183; Ind., (70 red.
Applications for Sewers Wasted.
At the meeting of th committee of the
whole of th city council yesterday after
noon City Clerk 8a pp was Instructed to
announce through the papers that all per
sons or communities desiring sewers must
fil their applications by May 1.
Th matter of a sewer on Sixteenth a
nut, from Blxth street west to Indian
creek, wa referred to Councilman Knud
sen and Smith and the city engineer. On
on Avenue D, from Eighth to Tenth street.
and on Tsnth street, between Avenue C
and D, waa referred to CouncHman Mo
loney and the city engineer.
With th exception of Councilman Wal
lace of th Third ward, all th oounoilmea
have filed theJr list of desired water ex
tensions In their respectlv wards. Th
list make several miles of new mains. In
the Third ward. It la said. Councilman
Wallace will only ask about TOO or 800 feat
of extensions;
Do not spend all your money for drugs
buy pur foods such aa nature provide.
In the spring time there are so many
vegetables that act as tonics, such as rhu
barb and onions. W have long radishes,
pie plant, green onions, eelery. lettuce.
Orange, tOe and He dos. Eggs, 18a. Bum
mer saussge. Plcklea. We have alt kinds
of garden seed In packages, also have
Cr4 Karly Ohio potatoes to plant. Bart si
A Miller, three 'phones, 100 Broadway.
Steves and Ovens.
Oasoltn stoves, 12.50; ovens, up from tl.GO.'
J. Zoller Mar. Co., 109-lOt-lOS J) road way.
Phone HO.
W. C. T. r. Member Hastlta.
The Council Bluffs Women's Christian
Temperance union will hold a public meet
ing Sunday evening at th Fifth Avenu
Methodist church. Aa effort Is being
mad to increase th membership of th
organisation In Iowa by I.0U0 and th meet
ing Sunday evening Is th preliminary step
towards th local union's shar in th effort.
A contest has been planned and two teams
organised, th on . securing th larger
number of new members to b banqueted
by th losing team. The are th teams:
First Division Mr. O. O. Oldham and
Mrs Mayirt Krana, leaders; Mmea A. tX
Orirnth. EJIsabeth Overton, A. K. Morris,
Carrie Nugent. Nslli C. Wliklns. Iaura
Pnilth, S I brewer, Mlsees Msry P. Denny,
Joel Wllaou, Uinta. Ally Oruuatillds,
T4le Oursler, Mettle Hss-iie, A. M. Pwart,
Minnie Huber, Muflt Krlnglo. AdHtMs
Ofrdcn. T. C. IjOusee, Miss Mlna Hrr,
Mrnes. Maud Musirrsve. H. U Hood, Callla
ostnner, I. V. toward, M. W . Morse.
Second Division Mrs. Iaura B. Balrd and
Mrs. Iriella H. Hart, leaders; Mmes. Fliss
beih Oulttsr, A. M. Hutchinson. Alice
lrown, I,lxle Knowles. K. K. Iennv. Mls
.Issle Wallace, Mmes. Clara WWttlg, C. 8.
Krlcksen. Elisabeth Bteepy, Klls Pweet.
J. V. Knyart, Bailie Ansxtcsd, Mary In
rslls. Miss Stolln Chapman. Mmes. U. fl.
Mnlnne. H. I) Howsrrt. E. C. I-oce, H.
Krohardt. Nellie KX-ans. J. B. Williams,
8. Walton, D. Hardman, Mlas Rosa Wool-man.
Bar Seed la Dalle,
Garden seeds of all kinds, onion sets,
bluegraas, Transmlsslsslppl lawn grass,
whit clover, etc., etc. We can savs you
money on your seeds. J. Zoller Mer. Co.,
VKM02-NH Broadway. Thone SSI.
v When In need of Ice call th Council
Bluffs Coal and Ice Co. Either phone 71.
Fir and Police Coaaialsstoa Mast Be
Ranted Over Aarala.
It develops that Mayor Macrae was some
what premature In naming the members
of the new Fir and Ponce commission
at the meeting of the city council last
Monday night. Tha bill did not become a
law by publication until Thursday, a fact
which was known to the mayor's ap
pointees and this arcounted for their not
holding any meeting to organise since be
ing appointed.
The mayor will now hare to make th
appointments over again, which It Is under
stood he will do at the meeting of the
city council next Monday night. Thor
will, It Is said, be no change In th ap
pointments. There are soma who are Inclined to sus
pect that tha naming of the three com
missioners last Monday night before the
bill had become a law was th result
of a well planned scheme to take the ap
pointment of the rhlef of th fir depart
ment out of the hands of the city council.
There Is some opposition to th re-appointment
of Chief Jones and It Is rumored
that the new Fire and Police commission
has another man In view for the posi
tion. Had the council Monday night re
elected Chief Jones, "the Fire snd Police
commission would have been Under the
necessity of removing him for cause before
it could have appointed anyone In his
place. But for the appointment by the
mayor of the Fire and Police commission,
tha city council. It Is said, undoubtedly
would have re-elected Chief Jones.
Carpets sewed right, cut to fit the room
right, laid right, and the least possible
waste In cutting. We make you the lowest
price. Stockert Carpet Co.. 206-T W. Broad
way. Garden Tool Special.
Rakes. 30c; hoes, 26c; shovels and spades,
00c; extra heavy spading forks, 8Bo; manure
forks, 50c; weeding hoes, 25o, etc., etc. J.
Zoller Mer. Co., 100-lOt-lOS Broadway.
'Phone 839.
Davis, drugs.
Stockert sells carpets. '
Fine engravings at LefTert's.
Ed Rogers' Tony Faust beer.
See Schmidt's elegant new photos.
Plumbing and heating, Blxby & Son.
,I.wla Cutler, funeral director, 'phone 7.
Woodrlng Undertaking company. Tel. 83S.
Picture framing Alexander's, 833 Broad
way. Watch repairing. O. Mautha. 228 West
Latest styles and Dstterns in wall paper,
IL Borwlck, fU South Main.
J. M. Puiav. denutv county auditor, an
nounced th arrival of another son at his
house yesterday morning.
The executive committee of the Com
mercial club haa named Thursday even-
lrgs for It weakly meetings.
Illinois nut ooal, delivered, 6.M per ton;
spadra grata, M 60 per ton. William Welsh,
It North Main street. Tel. 128. Yard Eighth
street and Eleventh avenu. Tel. B77.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Associated Charities will be held Mon
day afternoon at th residence of Mrs.
A. O. Gilbert. 124 South Seventh street.
Easter exercises will be held by th
children at the Union mission, Broadway
and Twelfth street, this afternoon. Th
little folks will be served with eanuX and
oak and presents from a "fish pond."
Building permit were Issued yesterday
to Myrtue- brothers for a one-story frame
cottage on Harrison street to cost 12,000,
two two-story house on Fourth street
to cost 14,600 and on story and a half
resldenc on Harrison . street to coat
Th fir department was called shortly
after 1 o'clock last evening to th Bur
lington yards, wher a car of baled hay I
had caught fire, supposedly from a spai-kl
from a passing switch engine. The carX
was somewhat badly damaged before th
blase wa extinguished.
Three hundred additional notices rela
tive to the provision of ths ordinance
prohibiting the sweeping or throwing of
wast paper or other refuse matter on
the streets were served by th polio de
partment en th merchants in th busi
ness section of th city. -
George Rockwell, late street commis
sioner, Is playing In hard luck. Follow
ing his retirement by ths city council
from his municipal lob, he had stolen
from his barn at lftlft Avenue K Thurs
day night a roan mare, one of a team for
which lie paid (I2t only Thursday after
noon, i .
The police department's report for
March snows that 171 persons were ar
rested during that month, Flfty-flv were
arrested for drunkenness and thirty-four
for vagrancy. Fifty-six "transients"
were given lodging at the jail and 134
meals were furnished to prisoners and
The newly organised Second Baptist
church at Avenu B ana Twenty-second
street will be named the Memorial Bap
tist church as a testimonial to th late
Rev. T. F. Thlckstun. who started the
church and secured th building. Rev,
W. J. Bell, who haa been filling the pul
pit, haa been called as regular pastor.
John O'Neill. W. H. Bahlngton. J. Car
roll and J. W. Wllklns, the four young
fellows arrested after midnight Wednea
day by Detective Richardson after they
had broken the window. In the store of
W. Arnd A Son on South Main street, es
caped with fines of ft and costs each In
Sollce oourt yesterday morning. They
enled breaking the window with felo
nious Intent and pleaded they were drunk.
Th preliminary hearing of Alexander
Zavos. th youna Greek charaed with d
fraudlng George Nicholson out of $600
In the aale to hint of a small confectionery
and shoe blacking parlor on Wast Broad
way resulted in police court yesterday
in tne oncnarg or Zevos. Peter zavos
against whom Nicholson also tiled an In
formation, is said to have gone to Denver
with his shar of Nlrholsou's wealth.
Alexander Zavos testified that he had re
ceived tail of the $500, while hi ooualn.
peter zavoe, received 1117.
F. A, fcPxrNCER.
Plumbing, steam and gas fitting, furnace
and sheet metal work, galvanised Iron oor
nice, skylight, tin roofing, gutter, spouting
snd repairing, Oreea and Norfolk furnace.
First-class mechanics in all branches.
Both telephone No. HO. US Wast Broad.
way, Council Bluff. Is.
Ruga, up-to-date, at Stockert'. K5-7 W,
Hens Would sfske Exprtu Compiiies Tij
Kn'ot Tsxon 0. 0. D. Bui nsss.
Qnestloa of A rtjoarnraeat Still (y la
the Air, Moas Members Believing
essloa Cannot Re Ended
This Week.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
DE8 MOINES, April ".-(Special Tele
gram. The house today passed th senate
bill requiring express offices that receive
liquor to be delivered cash on delivery to
pay the mulct tax; a senate bill giving
county superintendents the power to en
force th compulsory scnool attendance
law, a house bill providing that a candi
date's expenses must be filed with the
county auditor after th campaign.
The Erlckson bill to tax corporations
and requiring them to report regularly to
the secretary of stats was defeated In
the house, and then a vote to reconsider
carried. Th bill waa debated at some
length in tho senate. When It reached the
house gum shoe work was done against It.
Tcter of Marlon explained the bill and no
one talked against It. but the votes were
almost solidly against It. When the mat
ter was furthsr explained th house Or
dered a reconsideration and then adjomed,
which gives th friends of the bill till to
morrow to work on those who voted against
Trustees for Educational Institutions.
At the Joint convention of th house and
senate tonight th following were elected
as trustees and regents of the state edu
cational Institutions:
Repents of Btat University Third dis
trict, C. E. Pickett of Waterloo; Fourth
district, Alonso Abernathy of Page; Tenth
district, E. K. Wlnne of Humboldt; Elev
enth district, P. K. Holbrook of Onawa,
Trustees of Agricultural College Third
district, IMS. Jones of Manchester; Sixth
district, W. O. McElroy of Nswton; Ninth
district, James H. Wilson of Menlo.
Trustees of State Normal W. A. Mo
Intyre of Ottumwa, George W. Clarke of
AH are re-elections for the term begin
ning In 1908, with the exception of Jones
of the Third district, trustee at Ames, who
Is elected to succeed B. A. Alexander of
Clarion, and Clarke of Clarion, as trustee
of the Normal, who succeeds C. II. Mo
Nlder of Mason City.
Date of Adjournment Cneertaln.
Date of adjournment sine die of the Iowa
legislature Is still in the air. In the house
today when the senate resolution to ad
journ tomorrow noon was messaged over
Dow of Franklin tried to get an Immediate
consideration. Van Houten objected and
asked that the resolution go over till to
morrow under rule 84, which provides that
no resolution shall be considered on the
same day on whloh It is received. Dow
then made a motion that the rule be sus
pended and demanded a roll call. The vote
was 88 to M and the house refused to sus
pend the rule. During th disousslon It
developed that th work of enrolling the
bill that have been passed during the
last few day will be such that an adjourn
ment tomorrow noon Is absolutely out of
the question. Th law provides that all
the bills shall be correctly enrolled and
signed by the speaker of the house and
president of th senate in the presence ef
the two bouses and are then sent to th
governor. It will be Tuesday before the
bills are all enrolled. It Is the intention
now In the house to call the resolution
up tomorrow morning. Tb results of this
afternoon's session will then be known and
the house will know better how much work
there 1 to do. It can then vote intelli
gently on th resolution and probably will
amend the time to some time next week.
It Is quite possible, too, that tha house
will delay the matter of adjournment till
the senate fixes up soma of th bills. Th
senate, according to the claims of the
house, wants to "butcher" the anti-pass
bill and kill the bill requiring life insur
ance companies to maka an annual ac
counting of dividends to the policy holders.
The house Is not disposed to "stand for
Hons rroeeedlars.
The house today defeated a bill to allow
state and savings banks and trust com
panies to act as guardians, executors and
trustees. They passed the Mil allowing
convict labor to be used in the car of th
state's property and th bill fixing a uni
form salary for th deputy state -veterinary
surgeons and concurred In the senate
amendments to the bills fixing th salary
of th state librarian, and th deputy state
officers and governor's secretary.
Tetor's Bill Killed.
Th bill by Teter providing that female
appearing on th stag must wear skirts
at least four inches below the knaes was
killed In the house today. When it was
Introduced yesterday, after the first read
ing. Van Houten of Taylor objected, and
the bill waa rejected. Later Lowery was
allowed to introduce a bill and th house
W 7CJT (7 7fc ooo
W A?
02 ' I
' i "nmi.il ii ii ii in.iniiiiii.ini mi I,, n hi nm ,
then reconsidered its action and allowed
Teter to Introduce his.
Confer on Anti-Pass, .
A meeting of the conference committee
on th anti-pass bill was held today and
the committee agreed to allow each rail
road to have one lawyer and one doctor In
each county of the state to whom passes
are Issued, but to cut out all sanitariums
and eys doctors.
Help Lennox Celebrate.
The house passed a resolution directing
the speaker to appoint a committee to
attend the celebration of the fiftieth anni
versary of the Lennox college episode,
when the president and all the students
enlisted In the civil war. The celebration
Is to be held at the commencement this
Jewelry Remodeling and Repairing at
Lefferts We do absolutely the best work
in the city, because we have the largest
equipped shoo and employ only the finest
and best skilled workmen. There Is noth
ing in the repair line we cannot do no
matter how badly broken or how many
parts missing. Bring us in a trial Job
just to show you what we can do. We feel
confident that once a customer, you will
always be a customer. All work done
promptly and prices reasonable. Lefferts,
reliable jewelers.
Why should you come to me with your
repair. WorkT Becauseyour own interests
demand it I do not trust your work to
other. I do it myself, and thus see that
It la done In first-class style, so that you
will feel like speaking about It to your
friend ae being a good piece of jewelry,
optical or watch work. In that way my
business keeps climbing up. Bring In your
work and let me convince you. O. Mauthe,
228 West Broadway. -
N. T. Plumbing Co. Tel. 260. Night L-K3.
We can save you all the bother In house
cleaning. Send your carpets and rugs to
be cleaned by the new sanitary process
to the Council Bluffs Cleaning Co., M N.
Main St.
Fine Watch Repairing.
We mean just what we say we abso
lutely guarantee to return your watch to
you in perfect condition, no matter what
condition it may have been in when
brought to us for repair. Our Mr. Ptella la
an acknowledged expert In watch repair
ing, and so confident are we In his ability
that we give you our personal guarantee.
Leffsrts, reliable jewelers.
Call and see our new line of golf goods;
th silk pneumatio ball. 60c each. Now
selling our former 60c balls for 8Eo,' and
Bo balls for 26c This week only. W. A.
Maurer. j
Iowa News Rate.
ATLANTIC The annual report of the
city librarian mad to the council shows
a total of 2,270 volumes In the library,
a percentage of 684i In fiction read, 90S
books bought and 607 donated during the
year, and a total of 2270.92 in the treasury.
Biggest and Best
The last year has been th best In th
history of the library, with 140 books the
largest day circulation and twenty ths
smallest. The library haa been open Si9
daya In the year and an average of forty
five hours a week.
GRIBWOLD While hunting In this vi
cinity on Tuesday of this week E. A. Dopp
shot and killed a red fox. It is th first
fox that has been seen In these parts In
many years. It is a handsome specimen
of Its species. ,The skin will be stuffod
and kept as a memento by Mr. Dopp,
who will exhibit It In his barber shop.
Face and Feet Covered Rest
Broken and Would Cry Until Tired
Out "Cradle Cap" Added to
Baby's Torture Tries Cuticura
Soap and Cuticura Ointments
"STy baby was shout nine months
old when she had rash on her face and
feet. Her feet seemed to irritate her
most, especially
nights. They would
cause her to be
broken of her rest,
and sometimes she
would cry until she
was tired out. I had
always used Cuti
cura Soap myself,
and had heard of so
many cure by the)
Cuticura Remedies
that I thought X
would rive them A
trial. The improve
mentwas noticeable
In a few hours, and before I had used
one box of the Cuticura Ointment her feet
were well and have never troubled bee
sine. I also used it to remove what
is kttown as "cradle cap" from her
bead, and it worked like a charm as it
Cleansed and healed the scalp at the same
time. Mow I keep Cuticura Ointment
on hand in case of any little rash or
insect bites, as it takes out the inflam
mation at once. Perhaps this may be
tha means of helping other suffering
babies. Mrs. Battie Currier, Thomas
ton. Ma., June 0, 1006."
Consisting of Cuticura Soap
x Ointment and Pills.
A single set Is often sufficient to our
the most torturing, disfiguring, itching,
burning, and scaly humors, exaemas,
rashes, and irritations, with loss of
hair, from infancy to age, when all
other remedies ana even the best physi
cians fail. Guaranteed absolutely puna.
Complete External snd Internal Tnatnwnt ar
ffirT Humor of Intast. fhtidreii. and Adulu
suu ef Ciiurura soup iU ic) to rlaitM Ui Skis.
urn nuftp Ct&c.)
mast (Mo.) to H
nit (Mo.). (Is U
it two.) to Hati u bkia.SK ruu
(&Oo ). (Is th form of CaomlaUt
eurs Resolvent
Mr vi of 0 t
tui oi so) to runry tu Buwa.
gold throughout ths world, rottar lru A
Corp- Roi Props., Boatoa, Uaw.
sr Mailed Fn. Bom to Cure bus

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