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Dasdsllons Here Now and Murtsrd, Lsmb's
Qisrter and Others Coming.
Ilaallnar for tha ftalaa la 0o Eser-
an Eatlaa- It Afterwnrn'e Is
llela to tfca System
la eerl.
.he green thine are e-gTOwin very
where, and although they have not reaohed
the eating stage In many varieties with u
here yet. some ara beginning to coma that
only our foreign brothers and sister aa a
Mineral thing utilize. Ona of these la
Jreens, homely fare that many of OS scorn,
to our detriment. In more ways than
one, too. If the wealthy Mrs. Provldem.
who la complaining; of a bit of rheumatism
or Its fashionable cousin, neuralgia, or Ha
still more antithetic cousin, nervous pros
tration, would take a basket soma fin
morning, put In It a nice knife for digging
and -wear a dree Just suited to taking: on
soma of mother earth and looking thereby
none the worse, and would go forth to the
sides of the road or out among the bushes
anywhere, and cut every dnndellon she
sees, hunting at the same time for a spot
where the mushroom grows, and blng
very happy when she found Just three or
four In a springy, dellclously damp place
In the middle of a big Meld, aha would
find that her musclna and nerves had been
having such a good time that they had
concluded not to ache any more, but Just
let her have a little peace. When aha
cam dragging the basket home aha would
have to show the maid how to wash and
pick the leaves apart, put the very hearts
by themselves, for a delicious dandelion
salad, and the rest on to boll in very little
water, cooking until It has become tender,
then dressing with butter, pepper and salt,
a ttny bit of vinegar and some hard boiled
egra If she wishes, and serving round a
nicely cooked piece of fresh pork, or boiled
beef If she repudiates the pork. Pour over
the aalad leaves a French dressing with
considerable lemon juloe or vinegar In It,
and eat it with a nut sandwich, and aha
will have two feasts. But, of course, she
will not do all thla, ao aha must even buy
of the old Swede or Bohemian woman that
brings them to the door, and take a doaa
of medicine to ours her ailments.
Other Greens loon Da.
But a few there ara who defy the con
ventions and go forth into the fields and
woods theae aprtng mornings, and th
pleasure they have a kenslngton or a card
party could never give. Soon they will
find lamb'a quartera and ' mustard, other
salad and greens-makers, which, eaten
with the appetite their hunting and pick
ing produoe, ara nectar and ambrosia.
And the woodsy flowers that are found
among the greens violets, anemones,
Dutchman's breeches, all, even tha last
lend that artistic and vernal touch that
tha most skillful florist cannot give.
But those who are ao unfortunate aa
to have a soul entirely above "greens"
must ' have a ahara In Mrs. Provldem's
basket and take the. more conventional
Soma Tblnars to Cook.
Smothered Round Steak Buy a round
steak from tha lower end, cut at least
an Inch and a half thick; rub Into It on
each side a rounding tablespoon of flour.
Heat soma fat In a skillet and brown meat
on each side; then pour over It a cup of
boiling water; salt and pepper and sim
mer slowly, covered closely, for an hour
nd a. half, adding boiling wntar ' aa ;
needed, serve on platter. Thicken gravy
mora ; ir necessary ana pour rouna in
meat. If liked, a thin lRyer of sliced
onion can be laid over the meat a half
hour before It Is taken from the fire.
Calfs Liver, Hashed Cut a pound of
calf s liver in slices;, pour boiling water
over It; let It stand a few minutes, then
drain and chop fine. Melt a tablespoon of
buttof In a frying pan; put In minced liver,
cover and let simmer very gently for an
hour, stirring occasionally. Season with
salt and pepper; add two or three table
spoons of hot water and serve on round
of buttered toast.
Creamed Parrnlps Scrape and wash par
snips until skin la all removed: then cut 'n
thin slices, cover with boiling water and
cook rapidly until tender; drain and
sprinkle with salt; for each cup of parsnip
make a cup of sauce; melt a rounding
tablespoonful of butter and cook In It an
equal quantity of flour; then add, stirring,
a cup of milk, cooking and stirring until
Sale Sa.turda.y of
Of Cloth and Silk Suits
$17.50 to $25.00 Silk Suits
Made of splendid qiiality silk, all colors and
sizes to choose from, on sale
Saturday at
$25.0 and $27.50 Tailored Suit.
Made of finest fancy materials and panama in all colors,
Leuutifully tailored in all the wanted
new styles, on sale Saturday
$39.03 and $32.50 Tailored Suits
Made in the stunning new cut-away styles,1 pony jacket or
Etons of finest all wool, plain and ((
fancy materials, on sale Saturday JjJ
$40.00 and $4250 TaiUred Suits
Made of finest chiffon, panama, French voile or silk in the
very newest smart styles, either plain . f"tk00
tailored or elaborately trimmed, on sale )(
-Saturday at...; MJ' -
Stvle of Skirti $495 nd J6.75
There are hundreds of skirts involved in this sale and they
are arranged on two tables so as to simplify choosing. In
, the collection are fancy materials, panamas, Sicilian, voiles
and silks, made in various styles, not a if H C
skirt in the lot is worth less than V "
double the sale price, $4.95 and "
parsnips and when
ted serve.
Be sura If you have the least little bit of
a garden to plant In It a root of chives.
The seed houses all have them for sale,
and all BWfTT lorr ymt n hr off the
tops, chop fine and add to your salads and
soups a very delectable seasoning not quite
onion, but a little better, at least for a
Chang. For 'Instance: I
Lettuce Salad with Chives Dip lettuce
leaves quickly In a half cup of water In
which ha been dissolved a teaspoonful of
cream of tartar to thoroughly cleanse It;
dispose In salad dish and pour over It a
French dressing and then sprinkle with
finely chopped chives. Serve with
Bread Sticks When making bread or
re lis cut oft bits of bread and roll out with
the palma of both hands Into long rolls j
about as large as a lead pencil; out in'
pieces about four Inches long; lay on a t
K .. 1 4 .. u r. kA,iAM r1 m Hnnlnv man 1 SI
let rise, then bake to a crisp brown, brush
over with milk and set back 'in oven a
Bermuda Onion Soup Slice a Bermuda
onion thin and fry brown In a spoonful of
stock fat; add half a cup of flour and stir
constantly over the fire until red; pour In
a pint of boiling water, stirring steadily
until all Is In; boll four potatoes, mash
and stir Into a quart of boiling milk; add
tha onion mixture, a teaspoonful of salt,
half aa much pepper; let all boil five min
utes, then pour over blta of toasted bread
and eerve.
Orange Pudding Peel Cut the akin of
two oranges In thin shred and soak twenty-four
hours In salted water; boil until
tender, drain from the water and cook in a
syrup made of a cup of sugar and a quarter
of a cup of water boiled five minutes; when
the shreds look translucent, drain from
syrup and roll In granulated sugar; slice th 1
oranges, lay In a dish, shake over them ,
half a cup of augar, beat the yolks of two
eggs with a tablespoonful of corn starch
and two of sugar; pour Into a pint of boll-
lng milk, stirring and cook until It thick-!
ens; pour over oranges; beat the whites of ;
two eggs with two tablespoonfuls of sugar;;
sprinkle some of the orange shreds over,
pudding, put meringue on top, sprinkle '
more shreds on It and brown In a alow
oven. Serve cold.
Appointment Hade by President of
McKlnley Clnb for Next Twelve
Pursuant to a resolution adopted at the
annual meeting of the McKlnley club Mon
day evening, Isldor Zlcgler, the newly
elected president of the club, haa an
nounced the following committees for th
club for tha year:
Committee on Speakers Victor Rose
WHter, chairman; Harry S. Byrne, Frank
nininift Committee Victor McLucas,
chairman; O. C. Kedlck, H. T. Clarke,
Harry Foster. N. Bernstein. Harry B. 1
man, u. . nrwin.
Advisory Committee Senator Elmer S.
Burkett, Senator Norrls Brown, Governor
George Sheldon, Congressman. M. Klnkald,
Congressman E. H. Hinsnaw, Congressman
E. M Pollard, Congressman O. W. N orris.
Congressman J. F. Boyd, William Hay
ward. Daniel Nettleton. General John C.
t'owln. General Charles F. Manderson, John
L Webster, Ourdon W. Wattles, J. H.
Millard, Charles Green, John L. Kennedy,
Robert Cowell, Howard Baldrlge, Victor
Seymour, president of Toung Men's Repub
lican club of Lincoln.
- The club will endeavor to secure during
the fall campaign soma of , the following
speakers: Secretary of State Root. Secre
tary of War Taft, Judge Peter 8. Qrasacup
of Chicago, ex-Secretary of the Treasury
Leslie M. Shaw, Senator Beveridge of In
diana, Governor Charles Magoon, Governor
Dlnee'n of Illinois, Attorney Guneral Hadley
of Missouri and several other men of na
tional Importance.
It la expected to close .the fall campaign
In Omaha with the largest annual ban
quet ever given by tha club, for whfnh a
cablrtef 'offlWTTrom President Roosevelt'!
cabinet will be secured. The securing of
speakers ' will bo .In the handa of Victor
Roaewater, chairman of the committee on
curing speakers.
It Is also expected at the monthly din
ners given by the club to have at each
meeting men present who are prominent
In atate polltlca and in this way bring the
olub in cloacr touch wtlh state politic.
Now Is the time . to make your wants
known through Th Bee Want Ad page.
New Artillery Districts.
WASHINGTON. April B The artillery
district of San Diego, which wa discon
tinued In May, 1901 has been re-estab
lished by a special order lasued from the
War department and will now comprise
Fort Rosecrans, Cal. New artillery dls
trlcts have been created as follows: Ar
tillery district of Cape Fear, Including
Fort Caswell, N. C: artillery, district of
Tampa, Including Fort Dnde.Fla., and
Fort De Soto, Fla.
rkened; add
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Mince Meat, per lb Bo
Fancy Prunes, per lb 60
Honey, per rack liHo
Fresh Kggs, per dosen loo
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Parsnips About th Only Sort MlesinaTi
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I'n si Another Conies
"Btrawberrlea, .10 Cent a. Quart,
tha. rather startling sign displayed In some
of th srooerv -atorea " Thursday, but a
gllinpee ot the bcrrlea relieved their eell-
In price of any surprise, for tney were
euner unuer-ripe, pvur-iceu uici-,,i
and soft and uninviting;. There are s-ood
berries In market, however, but they aell
from 10 cent a pint to 40 centa a quart
Oranefrult looks tetter than It haa for
several weeks and sells from 16 to 26 oents j
each. Orangtn are from ' 30 to 40 cents a
dozen, and the very best lemons 20 cents
a dozen. Pineapples of exceptional qual
ity ara to be had at from 20 to 40 centa
each. '
The dried fruits begin to look aa though
their season la about done for; while there
la stni line quality of dried or evaporated
fruits to be had, the coming of tha ber
riea haa greatly decreased the demand for
these and tha stock In most groceries Is
getting low.
Several varieties of fresh vegetables were
lacking In tha display thla weak, but tha
week'a end demand haa restored most of
them and parsnips are about the only thing
lacking now. They will probably be In Sat
urday. There haa been soma change In
price thia week, too, some things having
gona up In proportion as others have got
ten cheaper. There are two kinds of rad
ishes In market, tha round and tha long va
rieties. Tha amaUer onea sol) for ( centa
and the larger for 10 centa a bunch. Head
lettuce Is far from tempting, but the Satur
day market will afford better. It sella from
10 to 20 centa a head. Leaf lettuce Is (
cents a head. Colorado and Bellevue cel
ery are both to be had and ara both good,
selling from 6 to 10 cents a bunch. Wax
and string beans and new peas are 20 centa
a quart, but do not look aa nice aa they
did a few daya ago. Asparagus remains
at 3 cents a bunch, but there la promise
that It will coma down soon as the bunchea
begin to look mora and mora Ilka home
grown. New cabbage Is 4 cents a pound
and new onions ara two bunchm for 6 centa.
Green peppera ara from t to 10 cents each.
Artlchokea ara to ba had. but they look
a bit rusty and sell for S centa each. Cu
I cumbers are 16 and 20 cents each and to-
matoea are 30 centa a pound. Soup bunchea
ara 6 cents each, parsley 6 centa a bunch,
mint 10 cents a bunch and watercress t
I cents a rainrh. The price of old potatoes
i keeps up amazingly, considering the qual
ity that haa come to Omaha of late. Car
loads of them have been shipped In and
i wagon loads ara brought In dally. These
are disposed of by the farmers at from 42
to 55 cents a bushel, but the retail price
still ranges from 76 and 80 cents to II a
i 1
New potatoes remain at 10 oents a pound,
I though some grocers sejl -three pounds for
i Zi cents. Sweet potatoes are practically out
tot market. A few small tccal shipments
j have been received, however, and these,
with a few that soma of tha , merchants
! happen to have left over, are selling for 6
centa a pound. They ara not very nice.
There la only on class of eegs now-a-daye.
that la according to retail quotation,
but It haa been no uncommon thing of lata
to find mora than or class In a single
dosen.- In the main, however, eggs are
freah and good and they have sold this
week at 17 and U cents a dosen.
The beat branda of creamery butter all
of them have sold thla week for $0 oenta a
pound, and tha dairy but tars range from 23
to 27 centa a pound. The country and dairy
buttera ara Improving right along and
eharres are that butter will not take many
more jumps up to 86 cents a pound.
Very few new varieties of fresh fish are
coming In and all frsh nsh Is very har.l
to get n.-. as tha northern lakes ara fi-ll
of floating Ice, making It almost Impossible
Fresh Leaf Lard, 11 lbs. for 91.00
Fresh Hamburger, our own make, le Bo
Pork Loins, per lb 10H
Rib Roast, per lb., 10c and be
Goods In this department are
always fresh and made of the best
Fresh Bread, per loaf 3o
-layer Cake, any flavor, eich....l6o
i-layer Cakes, any flavor, each...4o
Cookies, all kinds, Including Cup
Cakes, Doughnuts, Drop Cakes, Co-
coanut Burs snd many othor va
rieties, per doten 8c
Pics, all kinds, each .So
Strictly Fresh Eggs, 1 7
per dozen Ill
Creamery Bntter, 9Qf
per pound LJ
Saratoga Flakes, 9Cf
2 packages Uuj
Eastern Bartlett Pear g, a
per can Ill
Walter linker's Chocolate 04
per pound 0oC
EagloMllk, 19Jf
per can Yu2.i
Fancy Turkish Figs, Vn
per pound .lot
Exponents of Good Living.
28th and Farnam Streets,
to ftt the boata on tha water to lower the
neta. Halibut la retailing at U cents,
salmon 16 cents to lHc . cents, ' trout 16
cents, white fish 16 cents to IT cents, black
bass 26 cents a pound, roa shad 76 cents to
fl.fS and luck shad 45 cents to 75 ctnts
apiece. "Bock wurst has been In but a
short time and la selling; at 16 cents
Chickens are 1 cent cheaper now than
they were at this time last week, but they
still remain rather scarce. They ara selling
from 12H cents to 16 conta a pound, jeeae
14 cents, capons 20 cents to 22 cents a
pound, common squabs ara 26 centa apiece
and tha homers are from 36 cents to 50
cents apiece. Turkeys still remain from
20 oents to 21 cents a pound. Only frozen
broilers' can be obtained and they lire 60
cents apiece. Genuine lamb Is retailing at
11.26 forequartera and $2 hindquarters.
Wnont he Has
Since a Little
Tom from her mother by divorce whent5"181"0"1 occasions while a member of
a little girl when their home at St. Joseph,
M3o was wrecked by the. ravages of
liquor, and unwilling longer to live In Ig
norance of the parent's whsreabouta or wel
fare; Mrs. Maggie. May Fullman, 823 River
street Canon City, Colo., naa written to
tha Omaha police with an appeal that aid
be extended In locating tha mother, whom
she thinks may have coma here to Uva.
"I coma to you for help In finding my
long lost mother whom I have been told
Uvea In your city," reads the letter. "No
one can Imagine what Joy and happiness
would be mine if I could but find my
mamma," continues tha note.
Tha letter statea J. E. Mahon and his
wife, whose maiden name was Minnie Mc
Donald, were divorced. They lived at St
Joseph and had two children, Maggie May
and Llzsle E., the latter It montha old and
the younger of the two. Liquor ruined
the home. The children were left with
the father and the mother went to Denver,
her old home, where aha married one Gil
bert Stanley, a plumber. Tbey had Ave
children, when there waa another divorce.
Tha mother waa then tiaeed to Louisville,
Cclo.. whence aha moved to Btarkvllla
ar.d then back to Denver, eventually mar
rying a man named Orr, The couple, the
letter stated, are believed to ba In Omaha
now, and the daughter signifies a yearning
to know her mother again. Unfortunately
she la unable to give tha husband's first
name and tha police have not been able
to find tha right man thua far.
Good Play and Good Company Begin
That the evil one provides occupation for
the minds and hands of wives whose hus
bands ara too busy making enough money
to pay their bills to plan duties for them
Is tha basis of tha plot of "The Mummy
and tha Hummingbird," which began at
tha Krug theater Thursday evening with
a uniformly good company.
W. A. Whlterar aa Lord Lumley la tha
man who la too engrossed In his work to
keep his wife out of trouble and tempta
tion and Amanda Wellington Is the woman
who falls to hold herself In tha straight
snd narrow path because of his neglect,
when a man with the humming bird man
ner and soft voice from sunny Italy flut
ters about her and wins her away from
"mummy." Both of them, but particularly
Whltecar, da Justice to the roles they
occupy. Imparting their emotions to the
audience In tha way that gives a clear
idea of what Is doing. But tha man whose
work Is even mora marked ia L. II. White.
As Uiitseppa, tha revengeful Sicilian organ j
grinder, he puts hla difficult pait aiming
tha leading characters.
Edmund Carew, who la Blgnor D'Orelll,
the humming bird, fits In his place very
nicely Indeed, aa doea Robert Taylor In
tha part of Lord Ronalds of tha navy.
Tha play will complete the week at tha
Krug theater, wlta tha regular matinee
on Saturday.
APRIL C, 1P07.
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Success Attends Eff rts to Beours Laws
from Hebi-as'ia Lefilature.
Record on First Ona that Astonishes
All and Brings Conarm t olatlons .
from Women All Over
tha Country.
Nebraaka . club, women and others who
have participated in tha work of tha Ne
braska child labor law ara being showered
with congratulations from all quarters
upon the success of tha bill. Nebraska
haa broken all recorda In thla legislation,
for within six montha from tha time tha
agitation was begun by tha club women
tha law waa an accomplished fact Few
other states bava accomplished this result
under two years of hard work. Over sixty
Clubs In the Nebraaka Federation, besides
many of tha Womon'a Christian;. Temper
ance unions, sent petitions to tha legis
lators, and many of them supplemented
these petitions with other petitions and
letters from tha men of their raepactlva
communities. It was an appropriate recog
nition of the work of the women and of
the chairman of their industrial commit
tee In particular that Governor .Sheldon
sent Mrs. Draper Smith, as a souvenir.
the pen with which he signed the child
labor bill, making it a law. "
The passage thla week of tha decedent
or equal lnherltanca bill, a measure' orig
inating with tha Omaha Woman's club. Is
another source of satisfaction to them. . Al
though Governor Sheldon told a oommit
tee of Interested club women recently that
he voted against their measure on two
the legislature, they entertain little fear
that their bill will meat defeat thla tlm
at hla handa
Department Social Meetings.
Tha current toplca and American history
departments of tha Omaha Woman'i clob
held their, last social meetings of tha
year during the week, the former at the
home of Mrs. Challls on Wednesday after
noon, and the latter combining with tha
American history class of tha Daughters
of tha American Revolution in a reception
at tha home of Mrs. II. ry Hlller on Tues
day afternoon. ' Both affairs were largely
attended. From a amall and Informal be
ginning theae social -department affairs
have grown to an Important feature of tha
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Aaucrht in a liHivr min while milnff tn work. 1 fi.lt inlin-
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I)r. Bull's Cough Byrup. and thia remarkable
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Groceries, Meats and Bakery.
olub life. Formerly all departments com
bined In the general club reception or
social function, whatever It might be, but
of lata years thesa general gatherings have
grown less and less frequent until even
tha annual New Tear's reception was sus
pended for a while. While tha department
social Is an admirable . arrangement, it
should not exist at the expense of tha
general club function.
. District Clnb Meetlnars.
Arrangements nave at lust, bean com
pleted for the meeting of the clubs of tha
Fourth district. 'The convention will ba
held at pavld City, April 8 and 9, Instead
of the 9th and 10th, as previously an
nounced. Tha "Big Sixth" has also completed Its
arrangements and will hold Its annual
meeting at Bhelton, April 11 and 11, tha
Twentieth Century club of Shelton to ba
hostess. The Sixth district Includes twenty-one
clubs, Cosad and Atkinson Wom
an's clubs having recently coma Into tha
federation. Mrs Max Hostetler of Shelton
Is vice-president of the district. The pro
gram la not yet complete, but Mrs. H.. L.
Kaefe, president of the State federation,
will be present and speak, and a program
on Industrial arts In the public schools will
ba given by one of tha teachers from
Kearney. -',
Mrs. Keefa has visited all the district
meetings this year and plans to attend tha
others which will be held during the next
two weeks. For this reason soma of tha
rneetlngs have been arranged within a
few days of each other.
Woman's Clnb Notes.
The Dundee Woman'a club met Wednes
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. P. J.
Barr. Tha usual program waa given,' ona
of tha features being a psper by Mrs. Barr
on "Events of 1774,'r read by request' The i
year's work, a study of the history of Eng.
land, was completed. Tha last meeting of
the year, which will Include annual reports
and the election of officers, will ba held
Wednesday, May t at tha home of Mrs.
Bl A. Benson.
'The household economics department of
tha Woman's club held, a meeting at tha
club rooms Thursday morning, when new
officers for tha ensuing year were elected.
Mrs Fred Burnett waa made leader of the
department and Mrs. Hayes, Mrs. A. K.
jQault and Mrs. C. H. Townsend were sp-
polntod assistant leaders. Mrs. Downing
was re-elected treasurer and Mrs. Ne'..,on
secretary, Tha remainder of tha morning
was spent In discussing work for next year.
A kenslngton will ba given by this depart
ment Thursday afternoon at tha home of
Mrs. T.. It Ward. There will be one mora
meeting this year of tha club, which will
be April IS. , .. ,,jJjaJi
remedy not '
' i good" as Dr. Bull's Ooogh Brrup. Insist
A.t all drugaists. i'rioa, m. tuo. ad sua.
WhiU Mnn'isc Dort, Dihlmsn LiaeraU
Leirtrt Pert ef Criminals.
List Iaelades Habitant Tagraats,
Petty Thieves, Dlaaolate Women
i Others Who Dwell
In Plvea.
Mayor Pshlmsn almost eclipsed his owa
record In March as tha Jail bird liberator.
Ha pardoned forty-two criminals of tha
lowest type of petty offenders. Soma rao.
pie thought because the mayor had yielded
to tha dog muisllng crusaders and Issued
his famous proclamations that ha would
resort to a more rlRld policy with regard
to thrse habitual lawbrenkera, but he sur
prises them by not Introducing the Innova
tion. "Dogs muscled and crlmlnsla at large
that's a combination for your Ufa, Isn't It T"
asked an observing man. "It's a shams
how some public officials allow themsolres
to be Imposed on by their avariolous
Among the beneficiaries of the mayor's
unbounded clemency are habitual vagrants,
low, petty thieves, dissolute women and
othera of Ijoth sexes who dwell In tha
Following Is the Mat of prisoners sen
tenced from police court and given full
pardons by tha city's executive, with tha
date of tha pardon and tha charge unost
which they wera convicted:
From the county jail:
March 1 John Ryan, vagrant.
March 1 Ad Ulnnston. vngrant.
March t Fred Wnrlev, drunk.
March 4 Poody Carter, vagrant.
March J Harney Klmmerl'ng. vagrant.
March & Jchn Pulllvan, drunk.
March 7-J. Davis.
March & Walter McNulty. Inmate low
March John Kaaler, drunk.
March 8 I'ert Helrcr. vagrant.
March I Birdie Wright, assault and bat
March Fssle Wade, vagrant and com-,
mcwi charge.
Ma'ch 9 Joe Rlgr. vagrant.
March 11 James Wlso, vagrant,
March 11 Nell McMahon, vagrant and
common charge.
March lf Pat Welsh, vagrant.
March 1 Mwrgle McDonsld. fighting.
March 1 Foster Nolan, vagrant.
March 21 Jack Wlmsey, vagrant.
March Ifl J. J. Connor, vagrant. .
March 1 Mary McClure, vagrant and
common charge.
March 13 J. W. Hartley, vagrant.
March !& E. A. Peterson, vsgrant.
March 2rt FMHnohe Sharpe, fighting and
common charge.
March 2 Kate Jordan, vagrant and com
mon charge.
March 31 John Kelly, drunk.
Pardoned from the city Jail: .
March 8 Margaret Harter, vagrant.
March S W. E. Darrow, drunk.
March TJ. F. Johnson, drunk.
March Tom Madden, drunk.
March 13 Frank Reynolds, vagrant.
March IS Walter Reed, Inmate low resort,
March 1ft Hid Slavln, drunk.
March 21 I,ee Rrnlck, vagrant.
March 21 Ed Marks, drunk.
Mnrch 2V J. J. Lvnoh, disturbing peace.
March 8i Louis Oaunrtt, drunk. ,
March 2S Iee Perry, drunk.
March 2T Joseph Feller, abusing family.
March 8ft Clarenoe Rose, unlawfully us
ing horse.
March a James Paker, drunk.
March JO Frank Miller, drunk.
O. J. Packard. C. I. FYeemnn of Kearney,
1. C. McNare and Earl McNara of Arabia
are at the Ht-nahaw.
City Clerk Butler went to Lincoln Friday
afternoon to get certified eoplea of bills
affecting Omaha'a city government.
J. F. Cradshaw of Lincoln, M. P. Jordan
of Arabli, Will Anderson of Humprey and
E. L. Whitcamb of Fremont are at the,
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Burdlck of Spokane,
J. H. Krenbck of Columbus, Mrs. K. I.
Ulaln of Parker, 3. D., and M. R. Wise of
6loux City ara at tho Her Grand.
George T. Little of Lyons, D. J. Stafford
of Volln. J. M. Qarbach of Lincoln. R. W.
Blair of Topeka, M. Rv Adams of Valley and
vv. u. Eagert ot west roint ara at ins
Alfred Cnrbu, 404 Main street. Kansas
City, Mo., Is In Omaha, having coma hore
to visit friends and ssy good by before leav
ing for a trip abroad. Mr. Corbu expscts
to travel through Scotland. France. Ger
many, Auxtrla and Roiunanla, and will sail
next monui. ,
THB distance from th shoulder to
the waist line th proportion
of your neck and shoulders Is differ
ent from anyone's else.
That's why it takes so much accurate
measurement and study of your Indi
vidual figure to produce a garment
that will fit you perfectly.
Borne handsome new effects tn today.
Trousers $5 to $12 Suits $20 to 553
UOO-ll Ao. 13th St.
JS Per
ad Month
Exchange Typewriter Co.
Tbone Ioag. 8874. CWba, Neb.

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