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It Is Most Interesting
To select a house to live In every year ;
or two, but the better way la to soloes
a' lot, pay tor It, and then secure a Ions -wllh.
which to bnlld yoar own house. ' '
We have assisted many hundred in 1
curing their home properties In our- ,-.
fifteen years of business and are will- .
In to assist you If you are Interested.
This Is the largest, strongest and saf-
est Savings Institution In the state
and has an abundance of funds to loan.
' Resources ft, 200,000. Reserve f 6, .'
The Conservative Savings S
Loan Association
' JAU Homey Street.
Geo F. Gil more, Preet. , '
Pvu( W. Kuhns, flec'y and Treas.
1 O
Doctors Recommend
Good Beer
Especially at this time of the year
appetite. Increases the strength,
purifier. ' '
Stars and Stripes Beer
It Is made from select Ingredients of the best
quality the beat imported rfnlan hops, pure
barley malt and water from the celebrated Willow
Springs. A superior family beer. Order a case
sent to your home, v ' -..' .
Fifty ($5.00) Green Trading Stamps with every
case (I dosen quart bottles,) price $2.25
Thirty ($8.00) Orecn Trading Stamps with every
case (I doien pint bottles) price 91.25
, Willow Springs Brewing Co.
Office 1407 Harney St
Brewery, 8rd and Hickory
But I found that I could sot carry out my
threat ani Keep the machine from going to
pieces, i
, Hrpolbellcal Case Stated.
"Suppose, that the. United railroads sent
word that there Was $2,000 or W.000 apiece
for the supervisors if the supervisors would
call at the -United railways ..offlcee. And
Suppose that, those, supervisors went up
there one by onV and . toolr the dirty
money. Such an arrangement Would mean
almost Instant exposure , and arandal and
absolute defeat of the end , sought. But
suppose that the United railways came to
me., a lawyer and a polltlaai leader, .and
askod me to accept a fee to managre the
matter for them. Suppose I refused. Sup
pose then' the supervisors got wind that
there was money to be had and I found out
that they meint to get it. Would I still
refuse to 'handle, the' matter for them'
and eee my 'machine smashed, or would I
accept the fee and connive at the corrup
tion? "I have not said to you that Patrick Cal
houn or Thornwall Mulally or the officials
Of the two telephone companies, or any
body, has committed the crimes charged
against them,. Jt have not made any con
fession. Dut'I Repeat: Some of the many
upon whom has fallen the soot of the news
paper conflagration were lanoeent of evil
Intent, but became. Involved by compulsion,
and they shall not' be made to suffer fur
ther shame or disgrace by any confession
of mtne. Others there sre' who went Into
the smoke with their eyes open, knowing
' full wetl what they were about, and as to
these. I shall speak freely and fully when
the time comes.
Denies Person Gala. ''
"Vhave no doubt that my action today,
my determination to face nbout, and my
future action In thht regard, will serve
with very many people to brand me as a
-turn-coat and a coward.. I can only declare
sod maintain that my motives sre good.
I am aware that I have many enemies,
some very bitter and . very powerful. I
hope' that 1 have, too, some friends. I never
have pulled a man down. I have helped
many a man up. . There are 8.000 presons
In this city now occupying positions
rained for them through my help, which
Sre paying higher salaries than they ever
before knew' anything shout. No one of
them ever paid me a dollar for the ser
vice I rendered them; none of them evor
rontrlbutd st my request nor by my cause
a single dollar to a campaign fund.
JAP ROBE bath soap lathers freely In all
tlnds of water. For use In HARD WATER
Its strongest point. KIRK'S druggist A
Your orders ky 'phone will reoelvs
careful attention by competent darks,
it t is not convenient to visit est
store, and snake a personal selection,
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Just received 200 erates of fancy To- Q
matnM whlnli will Bull whll M
j0- they last, at. per basket '. . ..sOoli
J tOu Oranges, per doain .....SSota
' tS-lb. sack gjod Flour. .'.'.'.11.00
freisels, per pound 6o
K Snyder's t'atsup, ptu'a 15o
S Fresh laid lCgns. per tlceo lee
if . . ...... I - .. i - .. . . .. L , .1 .
B A cheaper one. per lb. THe
S Freru h burnt Peanuts, per lb....J0o3
S f'jc Cliocioaus, gtneral assortment. S
9 pouud 8S U
. uuuua r av. i. m e a x
I ' We desire the pullie to know that
i n aro neliher blenders, compounders
S-spr rtrtiryera, also tht we use the
J i.n.' .t o::re in purolu.de our goxls
9 or the most reliable houses in
r AnterlM and Kurope and lust as we
yu'l !hrm they pan Into the hauds of
.''ur customers. No spuitous ln,lta
w rj or impure Uiu-rs offered tut
H'eale. .
M . e offer von lha learfln hniul,
, Imported ("l-mtipa-n-s SI. 65 D
J Cgnac Mrendy. llllg
Lj wiiaon hlshy. II Is aise fl.00
.-viii.iiuu m j m w j iw i lull
quarts UJ
C iar Brook (formerly McBrJer's)
; - full quarts , . , . .BUS
' '' rouMe Carnattons. assorted it.
f ri'iies ana Conors, nt!h we will
rrll at, par dosrn sic
onrtney Cs Go
17th and DocgUs Hl.
Tel. DoagUs C4T
is ,
Rxriine i-unnf it all fvr-te
It Improves the
and Is a blood
Plione I). 1306. t
Sta Phone D. 1683. ' l
Geores Cbanberlain, Tea miter, turned to
fidtwalk and ftvertlt Cut -
Man -la C'harae a( Cwr Bays He Was
tnable to Stop ' It Because
of. the Slippery '
' Tracks.
George Chamberlain, 315 Ckss street, 70
years of age, teamster for John Grant of
the Nebraska Bttullthlc company, was
hurled from his wagon, which was struck
by s Farnam car at 8:30 Wednesday morn
ing between Twenty-fourth and' Twenty
fifth streets and seriously cut about the
face, head and arms. Me lies at St. Jo
seph's hospital, attended by Dr. Allison,
who was unable to state exactly the grav
ity of his condition. Incidentally, Dr. Alli
son Is a street railway physician. Hs just
happened along a few seconds after the
occurrence of the accident.- He had the
old gentleman first removed to King's! drug
store. Twenty-fourth and Farnam. Whero
he made a cursory examination of his in
juries, noting -among the others tht his
back was wi tnohed. He' then had him re-,
moved to the hospital. t
The our. No. 147, was in chsrge of George
Elkins, motorman, and L. K. Borensen,
conductor. It was packed with people,
both front and rear ends being Allied, as
well as the Interior. It was coming down
the Farnam street grade at a lively rate of
speed. The old man was crossing' the track
from south to north, entering the aley
between ' Twenty-fourth and TWenty-flfth
streets. The car struck the roar end of
his wagon, from which heavy timbers were
projecting. The force of the collision must
have been great, for the wagon was over
turned and the old man thrown headlong
against the curb, his feet being pinioned
under the front part of the upset wagon.
Fortunately the horses did not run Sway.
Had they, or had they attempted to.
Chamberlain woulV . undoubtedly, have
been killed .outright.
Old Man Holds Fast.
When the cur was brought to a stand
still and passengers and conductor and
motorman ran to the old man he was ly
ing on his face already covered with
blood from the cuts on his head and face,
twiiitlng and turning In a vain effort to
extricate himself from the .wreck,. His
feet were held fast underneath the wagon,
which was a heavy lumber pr brick dray.
The horses, showing that strange clslm
to human Intelligence, Instinctively, as If
aware of their venerable master's peril,
were standing perfectly still, though . ths
wagon to which they were hitched was
upset and the tongue nearly broken off.
The old man was soon- lifted out- and
placed on his ttr
"Now, I'm not dead; let me go to ny
work." he bravy said. ,
Rut he was tt.'un. by his ' rescuers to
King's drug tore and attended - by, Pr.
AlllBon, who chanced to b? on the scene.
From there he was. taken to St, Joseph's
hospital In a police ambulance. .
"My car slipped on the slick rails end I
could not stop It sooner," said Motorman
Elkins. ' "I saw the wagon crossing tt
tracks and did the best I eould to avert
the collslon."
"I did not see the wagon until after the
accident, as I was In the rear of the car,"
said Conductor Sorensen.
Roth men are considered very cautious
carmen and they were, both greitly af
fected by the acclde:. the motorman dis
playing tense nervousness.
"I saw the wagon and thouht the car
would have ample time to step or In some
way avert a collision." said a well known
man about town, who was standing on
the front platform beside the motnrmsn.
but he prefj rred rot to ' hsve his name
mentioned at this time.
Vice President Wattles of the street tr
eoshpT-.y rode down on the ear and we
much affected.
"That la a very Unusual thing to ocour
on this line." he said.
Baove !a Iowa While' Kenans
. starts lee and Poetl la.
: Jor to Croon.
BOONE, la.. May li,-(Speeta! Telegram.)
A snow storm prevailed hure this morn
ing. Ths temperature is very low.
TOPEKA. Ksn.. May U.-A light frost.
Ice and a temperature of It degrees last
ntpht followed the chilly weather of Tues
day over this portion of Kansas. Con
ccrV.Iv r-resdrr. and Markarllle, n tea
norther,! portion of the state, report - s
temperature cf tt degrees with little wind.
Ksr-iers fear he young corn la badly in
Jhe young c
Jui-o. ,
Allerrd forecast of Verdict Pendi TTnioa
Fioifia 'tock Down.
Cwmaalaalea Will Hot Take Details
Art lea, Boa. and Ilea Rot He
" elded Amr of Oaeetloas
at Iasae.
NEW TOTtK, May 15. A portion of the
recommendations of Attorneys Frank. B.
Hello; snd Charles Severance to the Inter
state Commerce commission concerning the
Harrlmsn railroad investigation has been
published here. It reviews the testimony
snd holds that railroad competition has
been suppressed In an area equal to one
third of the United States: that the con
tracts between the Union Pacific and Rock
Island for the control of the Alton rallwsy,
as well as the contracts between the Union
and Southern Pacific and the control of the
Illinois Central and the San Pedro road are
all In violation of the Sherman Anti-trust
act. It recommends that trie attorney gen
eral Institute proceedings to annul these
agreements. It s!o recommends that there
should be new and effective laws to pte
vent Inflation of securities snd declares that
the profits of the greet railroads of the tsr
west are being used to buy stocks and con
trol systems in the east Instead of building
more roads for the development of the west
an they should be. .
The . Union . Paciflc vss the storm
center of an attack by traders
on the Stock eschange today on the ap
pearance of the report of counsel for the
Interstate Commerce commission. Union
Pacific stock slumped nearly 1 points be
fore support wns forthcoming. Southern
Pacific fell off a point, but steadied with
good buying. All railroads holding stock
control of other linos were sdversely
sffected by- the news, principally Pennsyl
vania, which became weak. After the first
shock had passed the market became
steady at the decline.
Report is Hot Official.
WASHINGTON. May IR The members
of the commission conferred for an hour
this afternoon over the report from New
Tork that the recommendations of Frsnk
D. Kellogg and Charles Severance ' had
been made publio and then authorized the
following statement:
"The commission has not prepared a re
port In the so-called Harrlman ense, nor
has It yet decided any of the questions In
volved In the Inquiry. The' whole matter
Is still under consideration and some phases
of It are being further Investigated. ' .
"It may be that the briefs or memoranda
submitted by counsel have becrfme known
In some quarters and. the mistaken Infer
ence drawn therefrom thnt tho commission
has agreed upon a report."
No further information than is contained
In the statement was authorised.
Chairman Knapp reiterated that the com-"
mission had not reached any conclusion
respecting the case and probably would
not for some time. He declined to indi
cate what might be the conclusions. He
said it was entirely too soon to consider
that phase, as the commission thus far
had given it very little consideration.
- Members of the commission would not ad
mit even that Attorneys Kellogg and Sev
erance had made a report, but It Is known
that Attorney Kellogg has submitted to the
commission an epitome of the facts ad
duced at the hearings and perhaps some
suggestions. No member of the commis
sion would admit that the report published
is. an aocurate resume of that of Mr. Kel
logg. .It is likely .that If the commission
determines that proceedings should be In
stituted sgalnst Harrlman and others, that
all the facts will . be submitted to the De
partment of Justice. It Is scarcely likely
that the commission would suggest what
form of action should be taken by the de
partment. '
Kelloar Denies Report.
CHICAGO, May 15. Frank B. Kellogg,
special attorney for the government In the
Investigation by the Interstite Commerce
commlslon In the affairs of the Harrlman
lines, who Is in Chicago tonight, said:
"That story from New York, outlining
supposed recommendations by me to the
Interstate Commerce commission sounds
like a rehash of my closing remarks In the
case of April 4. Then I suggested Icglf
latlon to correct certain evils relative to
the community of Interests. A copy of
my address was returned to me for the
customary corrections and the corrected
copy was forwarded to Washington a week
ago. I have made no stptement to r.nyone
regarding this case and don't Intend to." '
Secretary, Garfteld Dealvnaies Him
t Conaaltlasi linnrlneer of Geo-,
losvloal Survey.
WASHINGTON, May 15. (Specials-Secretary
Garfield has designated F. H.
Newelt, the director of the reclamation
service, as the consulting engineer of the
geological survey. This Is in recognition
of Mr. Neweirs long cervices In building
up the engineering work of that bureau, as
it pertains to the measurement of streams
snd the determination of the water supply.
This work was Initiated by Mm In IkSa and
carried on under his direction. It has
graduatty expanded from a few simple
meaaurements Into a syntem covering the
greater part of the United States.
As a reoult a large smount of data hat
been brcught together, covering the be
havior of streams In different parts of the
country end affording material upon which
to base substantial development. The Im
portance of these Investigations will be
readily appreciated when It Is known that
during recent yeans from n.000.000 to tt.OtO,-
i 000 per annum has been expended In water
powers and other works which would pot
have been Inveeted If it were not for the
existence of the data which has been pro
cured by the geological survey. These rec
ords of river flow snd fluctuations In high
and, .low water seasons extend through a
number, of year's and are absolutely essen
tial to the engineer and Investor In plan
ning Important works for stream utilisa
tion.' It Is' pre posed by the geological survey
that th's work shall be continued and' still
further "expanded In various lines, snd to
assist in this Mr. Newell has been desig
nated,, as stated above, as the consulting
engineer cf the survey.
It Is a notable fact that all of the rail
way cars txhlhited at the Jamestown' ex
position are 1 ghted by electricity, and moat
of them ere constructed cf steel, ss typify
ing the hlthest progress t the car build
ers', art. . On the other hand, when the
Brains Rule
the World.
FOOD ina-ei Brtvinj.
P.ead The Road to Wellvllle" la pkga.
Pnatoffica department has In the past asked
the railroads to sqtitn their mall oars with
electricity as a lighting agent, the ensrwer
has universally beo that electricity as a
lighting . agent on rail road trains Is the
oomlrur light, hut that It Is still In the ex
perimental stojre.
This being fTie esse," the friends of the
railway postal clerks In the senate and
house are going te weke great effort to
pass i Isw next winter compelling Ihe raJI
msuls to so equip their cars. The senate
did pass a Mil requirtrwc It last winter, hut
It Was killed In tho ennferrnce on the post
office appropriation bill, on the alleged
ground that the department already has
the power to require railroads to So equip
their cars. There are those who believe
the department will hesitate to exercise
thin authority, except tinder express au
thority of congreas, , and thst this must
be obtained before electrical equipment can
be Installed.
Statistics show thst more mall Is de
stroyed . in . wrecks through flres caused
from exploding gas than from any other
source. In a wreck of any seriousness the
pipes are broken and the first spark' from
any source results In sn explosion that
communicates fire to all the mall. The
greater portion of mall cars sre lighted by
gas. -. ' ' r
In esses like this not nly' Is the mall
destroyed, but . usually the bodies of the
hapless clerks re . incinerated, and In aome
eaes the Indestruotlble mall. lock key has
been the only means of locating the ashes
of the bodies of Ihe clerks The aVerag
mall car costs ffi.enft to build snd Is rented
to the government for fifteen years at
6.447 a year. ' .' .
(Continued from" First 'Page.)
me and the questions. Involved tested .by
the Texas couits. tSlgned)
U. C. PlfcRCK.
H. Clay Pierce departed tonight In his
private ear for Kefe York. " PTlor (o leav
ing he made the following statement to ths
Associated Press: i 'n-z : ,.: .
"It Is'necessary for m to go st once to
New York to look after. a nujhher of lm
pouant business matters that have been
hold In abeyance during my. presence here,
snd I am leaving tonight, . expect 'to re
turn within a short Uiup ajid then, accom
panied by my attorneys, H, 8. Priest and
J.-D. Johnson,, win. gW to Austin, Teg.
. '"This Indictment against . me. Is. out
rageous and Is the result- of a. conspiracy.
It wns returned against one without bejng
baaed upon the tesUmony of witnesses and
the charge It places against me Is wholly
wrong. There rtever. was the slightest
foundation for the charge of perjury -or
false swearing .In the affidavit which I
made In Austin, Tex. on. May 11, 1900. My
affidavit was truthful In. every sense and
I would make it again And again, every
day. If necessary, ' for ..It was ' absolutely
true and the facts will be demonstrated be
fore this matter Is finished."-
Three Hundred Dejesjatea Present and
Program la Proving In
terestlng, .
OSKAXiOOfiXria., May lfi-(Speclal Tele
gram.) Rain, snow and .clouds prevail out
wardly, but the women's hearts are bright
snd the programs rbplete. Oskaloosa is
cordlaj and hoepHaijlo, the biennial offer
ing the best talent ever brought before
the federation. Dalegatldns have been ar
riving through' the day, - The attendance
is excellent. On the platform with. Mrs.
Beerley thie morning were all the officers
of the federation. .Thiin vocation was by
President Rosenbrgef'bf "!Bn.ri"colege, ths
addresses. ot iWeleomf A by j iHon. ...Byron
Seevers. ex-mavon:Mrs. - J. ,C. Williams.
president,; and Mfayitlehard Burke,- vniai'r-'
limn vi .iuq , ix t t4iciiuju ijuniiit mi. A
Johnson of Walorlacy -vice president of the
Iowa Federation -of -Woman's Clubs, gave
a fine response. . Fraternal greetings were
received from Mrs. Borah Piatt Decker and
other General Federation officers to the lo
cal organisations. --
Ths report of the rules and regulations
committee by the chairman, Mrs. -Julian
Richards of Waterloo, 'presented no radical
Innovations and was adopted entire without
change. . !.
The report of the credentials committee
showed about 300 delegates present.
The president's address was well received.
It . contained 'several' recommendations,
which later a ocmmlttee was appointed .to
bring before the convention tomorrow, for
consideration. ' '
A touching tribute was 'paid to the mem
ory of the late Vice president. Mrs. Ellen
Brown of 'Waterloa, .written by Rev. EJRe
K. Jones and read by Dr. Margaret Clark,
a close friend, from Wateqloo.
This afternoon an excellent address was
delivered by Miss Harriet Lake of Inde
pendence, General Federation . secretary,
who spoke of the value of the federation.
Miss Florence Ward of Cedar Falls, kin
dergarten director of the Iowa Slate Nor
mal, spoke ofthe value Of the kindergarten
as a basis for a public school education.
She Is a fine speaker. "
The cost of establishing and maintaining
a. manual training department was dis
cussed by F. W. Rise, superintendent of the
Oskaloosa schools. '
Ths industrial oommJttee session was led !
by Mrs. James Berryhltl of Des Moines
and the child labor session by Mrs. Fletcher
of Marshalltown. Both ex-presldents snokeT
well. Mrs. Florence Kelly of New Ycrk
gave an excellent address on the working
children and the shopping publio. She
drew prolonged applause. t
The biennial Is getting down to reel work.
Great things are promised for ths next
three days. The development of club life
Is very apparent In afl Unco of work. The
music Is especially fine,' both Instrumental
and vocal. ' .. . :.
General RedaeUen 1st Railroad Rales
Boon to Come on Nortnwest
ST. PAUL, May 1. General reductions
In passenger rates , to .all points In the
northwest and to Paclfle coast points will
soon ' be announced, to become effeetlve
July 1. These redactions will be dus to
the recent legislation by ths legislatures
of Minnesota and North Dknt.. whereby
the Minnesota mileage , Is reioeed to t
cents per mile and the North 'Dakota to ?Vi
cents. The Minnesota rate became effective
May 1, but ths North Dakota iaU dues not
become effective until July 1.
John ItapFt 1& Years OH, Sentev.ood
to NlnetyNIa Years In rtises
Si M,, Loals.
ST. LC't'IS. Msy lfi.-On 4 plea of guilty
to a chsrge of murder In the ssoond de
grs. John Btfcpp. It years eid. was today
sentenced by Judge v'llllams 10 ths Juvenile
branch of the ertmhval court to ninety-nine
years In ths penitentiary, Stapp was
charged with having stabbed to death Mrs.
Otlllle Kraus. wite of a grocer, on May 1
Will Sear Whiten and lllaeka.
S BATTLE. Waah,, May -The enter
i.ii.m.xt mmmltiM of the Christian F.n-
I deavor societies of Boaltle having In charge
the preparation tor tne asiuinci inniuan
Knrteavor convention, to be hold here In
Juiv. last Ola hi. after eonalderatJe debate.
vniiul i hat colored delrsatoa to the con
vention ehoul-1 not be boused In tne sa.ni
hotels with whiua. . .
County Eoard Will Dement FgJ for Housing
rorelea Frisooers.
Coaanslaaloners Will Follow Bee K.
Itorlal Snageetloa That Conaty
Receive Kaeeae for Keeslar
nr Conn y Prisoners. '
Following the editorial suggestion of The
Bee, the county commissioners will take
steps st once to recover from Sheriff Mc
Donald snd his predecessors the smount
due the county for keeping Sarpy county
and government prisoners In the county
Jail. Sheriff McDonald last year received
tl a day from Sarpy county and U cents
a day from the United Btates government
for the maintenance of these prisoners. Ths
commissioners, according to statements
msde yesterday, will demand that he re
fund to the county the difference between
thee amounts and 39 cents a day, the
amount allowed him by the county for
boarding .Douglas county prisoners.
Commlneloner Kennard. who Is chairman
of ths court house and Jail committee of
the board, declared he was In favor of
taking action at once. Solomon, at whose
Suggestion the investigation by the county
auditor was mads, Is In favor of It. Ths
remaining commissioners, it Is . believed,
will favor the move. The amount due the
county on the above . basis for the lsst
year, sceordlng to the figures of Commis
sioner Solomon, Is 11.087.19. For some of
the previous years the amount will be a
little more than this.
"I am In favor of deducting this amount
from the sheriff's hill for feeding prison
ers," declared Commissioner Kennard yes
terday afternoon. "I believe this money Is
rightfully due the county and I see no
reason why we should not deduct it. If
the sheriff wants to carry the matter Into
ths courts It would be up- to him then to
do It snd not to- the county."
"" How Investigation Started. '
In connection with "the report the man
ner In which the Investigation was started
Is lntereftlng. Last tall when the grand
jurV was In session the three commission
ers from Sarpy county happened to' be In
Omaha to meet with the Douglas 'county
board to dlscusi a border road. More as a
Joke than anything else some of the Doug
Ins county members had them subpoenaed
to appear before the grand Jury which was
then Investigating the' Jail feeding-question.
It was brought out at ths hearing
that the Sarpy county prisoners were kept
In the Douglas county Jail,' a fact which
was new to -the Douglas county commis
sioners. . Mr. Solomon at once Introduced
a resolution at the next meeting of , the
board to have the. county auditor make an
Investigation to find out how much the
sheriff had been paid by Barpy county.
The government business was Included In
the scope of the Investigation,. It Is now
proposed to carry the record back for sev
eral years.
In case the practice of keeping foreign
prisoners In the Jail Is continued the move
of the commissioners will Increase the rev
enues of the county about $1,000 a year.
If it Is not kept up It will relieve the Jail,
which Is now overcrowded,, of several pris
(Continued from First Page.)
of gunshot wounds and wounds caused by
striking the said named parties with a
club upon the heads, -snd that we believe
that said gun was at ths time of the shoot
ing held in the hands cS me Fred EWirke,
and that he la also knuwn by the name of
Philip Burke, and tba the oluh -wounds
Inflicted upon the said named parties were
Inflicted by the blows made by said Fed
of Philip Burke, who struck and shot said
Walter F. Coppko nd Eva Carsy Copple
with Intent and purpose to kill and murder
said persons.
Ths verdict Wss signed by the Jury, com
posed of John Daggett, Joslah Sumner,
Gust Abensdorf, Clarence Freel, Al Rose
and Eulle Brink.
General Young; Designate nu Saper
- Intendent of Yellowstone ''
.'' (From' a Stall Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, May 18.-(Speolal Tele
gram.) Lieutenant General S. B. M. Young,
U. S. A., retired, has been designated as
acting superintendent of National Yellow
stone park in Wyoming. ....
. The lowest bidder for the extension and
remodeling of the publio building at Den
ver, bids for which were opened today, woe
J. H. Wiese of South Omaha at $18,970.
. B. a. Lewis cf Omaha has been . ap
pointed special agent In- the Department of
Commerce and Labor,
. The application of William Blerkamp,
John Luts, Albert M. Veeder, D. J. Ritchie
and I, A, Vant to organise the First Na
tional bank of Curtis, Neb., . with IS5.00U
capital, has been approved by the comp
troller of the currency.
Rural carriers sppolnted for Iowa routes:
North wood, route 6; Frank J. Wagner, car
rier; no substitute. Rlnsted, route 1; Chris
M. Skow, carrier; Annie M. Bkow, substi
tute. Waukon, route 1; John R. Johnson,
carrlsr; J. M. Johnson, substitute.
Rural 'routes ordered estsbllshed July
1 In Fremont county, Iowa: Imogens, route
4; population, 400; families, 86. Sidney,
route I; population. 48: families. 97. Tabor,
route t; population, 883; families, 86.
Iowa postmasters sppolnted: Alpha, Fey
stts county; Elmer B. Garr. vice M. "A.
Johnson, resigned; Evans, Mahaska county,
James O'Connell. vice I M. Gear, resigned;
Mo nets, O'Brien ocunty, Francis B. Hemen
wny, vloe H. L-'Riessen, resigned.
Geary Street Road la 'Frisco Will Re.
. . earns Operations o Prevent
elsnr by City. -
. -' , ' " '-
tin rnlNClSCO. Msy 1B.-The Geary
strtet rosd hss granted the demands of the
striking car msn and wiU resume opera
tions tomorrow morning on a dosis or x
for ait alghthour day. The Board of Su
pervisors notified the officials of this llns
Monday that unless the company started
Its ears ths city would taks over the -road
and operats It. The line runs' from ths
Junction of Oesry, Kearney and Market
streets to Golden Gets park. '
Today was comparatively a (julet one In
the Street rsllwsy strlks. The United rail
roads had 1M cars In operation and but few
minor acts of violence were reported,
presldsnt Calhoun of ths United raflroads.
aftsr touring ths downtown and 'western
addition distracts, In bis automobile today,
said; - . . . . ..
to t o'clock things wers aulct .to
day aU along 'the line. Ordy two esse
of disturbance hove been reported to .m
Mrs. Winslow'B Soothing Syrup
h.. h bmS lor or SIXTT-PlVa TSARS bj
ktlbUuNS ot UTTHI'I far Ikslr ( HI1.I.HSN J
.11 FAIN: C'l'JiBS SVINO COUC, aa la Ui
r.B4r (ar DIAHRHUSA. SolS br KruMl.li ia
.rr pan at ta oria. Bs mum aa4 aaS l ' Mrs.
WiuaaVa Beaag Srrae." aa4 USa so atar kia4 .
raalf-aa M S buUla. GlwraalMS uudei las
rt mot Druas Act, Jan. th. ! S.rUI SmUc ,
IvSS. AN OiM AKU ia JUikJf UlLtnjl. j
Crawford"? Cheese
will be cut
Thursday Morninfj at 10 0'CIoclt
Everyone Invltod to be preesent If possible. Borne purr Xinncr will get
$5.00 in Gold FREE
There la still a few ponnrls unsold, which ran be bought op" to the ,
lime we rommrnce to CVT. T
Come and see onr great PREMIl'M noOTH-i-hnndrPds of nsefnl nd
valuable articles given away with our mOFIT-SHAKIXO OUVPOXS.
Every visitor delighted. And every lady who has not got 95.60
Coupon will get one if they attend the Great
Cheese Cutting Thursday at the
Daylight Sanitary Grocery
Who is to be
f i
May Festival in the Streets of Paris
. , Auditorium. May 20th to June 1st, Incluslva
'' This Is the asms elaborate seenlo reproduction of the most f anions
streets and shops of beautlfal Parts, as originated by Mrs. Potter Palmer
and produced witii suoO phenomenal suooess la Chlosgo.
A "Qneeo of the May" will he chosen by popular vote. The yonnf
lady reoolTing the most rotas will be crowned with elaborate ceremonies
ana presented with a bandsoms diamond ring.
The young lady standing second and third la the eoatest will be
raised t6 the rank of princesses ana rsspectlrely pressnted, with a aolid
gold braoelet and necklaosv
Pill out this coupon, and with one cent for each vote, deposit either at .
Beaton's, atysrs a Billon ot Sherman McConnell "Drug Stores.
thus far and they were scarcely worth
notice. The police protection has Increased
greatly since yesterday."
The plan of the striking car men to es
tablish a line of busses from the ferry to
different parts of the city went Into effect
today. . On these a 10-cent fare will be
charged. The Car. Men's union has Insti
tuted a boycott on sll ferries whose em
ployee ride on the. cars.
........ j.;i.th . , , . i
Firm ' ThOaaae DOUars Worth -of
Boose Spilled ' In ' Streets of
Independence, Kan.
INDEPENDENCE. Kan..' May 15. The
sheriff of this county here today destroyed
15.000 worth of llauor In the street. The
liquor was seised . some time ago from
saloons In - the county. The - destruction
Was witnessed by an immense crowd of
people. '
Drakriusa Instantly Killed.
READING." Cal.v May I5.r-Northbound
Portland pnssenger ' train No. 12, on the
Southern Pacific, was run Into by two
light engines at Copley last night. Brake
man William Jones of Sacramento was
Instantly- killed. Acccordlng to the istest
reports no one was injured except Jones.
Both engines were wrecked and the mall
and baggage cars were badly damaged,
IT'S rather expensive vanity to Imag
ine that because you paid 115- to
$18 for your last trousers at Mr. Ex
clusive Credit Tailor's that Nlcoll's
Trousers at $7 to f 12 would not satis
fy you.
You'll find br all that's new In
Trouser fabrics; not few ordinary de
signs but a variety that Is generous
and tempting.
Trousers 55 to 512 Salts 520 tt 550
' UO-ll So. 101ft ait.
5 ,iw;--'
aVASrsi usavsnat
err siesta ITta BV. Oamaaa. -
liwM cANrs 1
Cook Book 1
a!rij 'Mrs. S.,T. tsrer 1
tJ , . FREE 1
"rUatal si New laW 1
i-'. .-i Msila swaul with roar H
Hi mm
Quoen of May ?
Li 1
U U'l
Sabacrlbe Regnlarlr tor The- Bee.
.-.---r-ov ' . - 1 ' V. H'f
... WEEK OP MAY 13 ;
Novelty Bag Punchers .' '
The Dancing Mai
Singing 'snd Slack Wire Artists
Tuesdays and Fridays
BOYD'G TOsr., M.rs
TOxnaxT ax eiis
Assisted by ntAJLXS DBOPBTAX,
. In a Grand Production of . ,
Friday, Sat. TIOI.A ALX.EW.
3 ix r wood, special
This Afternoon Tonight All -Week
And Company, In
In the Palace of the King .
Next week: BTA LASTS, In
Dorothy T arson of H addon Stall
Ko Changs in Prloea,
w, n n nsw ste yrtoesw10-ao-sso.
Tonight 6 lis Katlnee atnrday.
" Sunday: Yam nSDtlS
Council Bluffs Sat. Hay 18
Krs. risks will , not appear In Omaha.
Seats on sale at Beaton Prug Co.
arr t 1 " r , i ' ,- ' r --Via
Merchant's Lunch
Choice Cut of Roast Beef or Roast
Uucli . t
with bottle of Burgundy.)
35o i
Excelsior Bar and Cafe.
1304 Farnam BL

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