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Telephone Douglas 18 Beaches All Departments
Hosiery u Economy Basement
Vacation time Is hard on stockings. Buy a supply of these. They
are fine value. Our lac hose for children Is the best medium priced
hose made. They are fine ribbed, doable knees, heels and toes; 2 pair
for 23c. Women's black cotton hose, seamless, double soles, 14c per
The Great Clearing Sale of
Summer Dresses Will Com
mence Wednesday Morning
at 9 O'clock.'
Painty lingerie dresr-s. lovrly lawn
dresses, beautiful twin dressps.
to one grand Hearing sale Wednes
day, July 17th. Walt and wati-h.
ce ldth street window.
Dainty Parasols, Selling
This has bern an exceptionally
(rood psrnsol season. The selling he
Kan early In the spring and nan on
ttmied briskly unrtll we have Just
twelve pnrasola In-stork. These will
be opened up and displayed Ttiesdny
on main floor, left of Main entrance.
Thry consist of new and beautiful
effrrta In plaids, pon-ees. floral de
signs and embroidered llnena, priced
from tl.r.O to $.50 each. A good
durable rain umbrella for 1.00.
Children's Parasols.
In plain whlta. pink and red, also
polka dots, In pretty silks and cam
bric effects, at 60c, 7 Sr. $1.00 each.
Bargain Square in Basement
Remnants of American prints,
choice atyjes In gray,, at, 41 C
per yard
American Prints go up another
half-cent at the mill July Sd. Buy
them now before tha advance.
Howard, Cor 16th t.
Uee 7- 15-07.
Opss Saturday Evening-.
Bain Descends in Torrentt and Light
ning Doe$ a Busy Turn.
Barllnaton, Moek Island and Sorth
vreatern Lines to l.lacoln Washed
and I ulna rapine
Inder Water.
A severe thunderstorm accompanied by
heavy winds began at 1:30 o'clock Sumiay
morning and lasted with unahaied fury un
til S a. m. Threatening clouds were In evi
dence most of Sunday and at 6:30 the
heavens again began to weep copiously with
a goodly supply of lightning and thunder
thrown In, lasting until 9;. No harm
,V the WlTlO in eiWlT rnni"
but the rain and lightning w
Monday morning and was able to send
the local trains out over Its own rails.
The regular trains were put through dur
ljt the day about on time.
A large number of Omaha people had a
bad night on the Partington Sunday night.
Leaving Lincoln at 4:kl Sunday afternoon,
the train was put through as far as Gretna,
where It was stopped by the. rain and
washouts. " It was then backed to Ashland,
and finally landed In Omaha Monday morn
ing at S o'clock via riatlsmouth.
LINCOLN, Neb., July 1-Heevy rain
storms In eastern Nebraska this even-
I Ing mit the railroads out of business anl
' Interrupted telegraphic communication.
; The Burlington reports Its Una near Papplo
i burled under driftwood from a sudden
j flood. It reports serious washouts at Aah
i land. Cullom, Leeluwa and Gretna. Rock
i Island railroad tracks are under water
I near Alvo and South Pend. The North
western Lincoln line Is washed out near
The Burlington's Lincoln-Bt. Joseph line
Is Interrupted near Table Hock and Palls
rnni-ht some I t'lty and passenger trains are being sent
via Omaha tonight.- The yards of this ro:n-
i ,k. A.-nl r Street cur tratnc
leas on all lines , u"u-i inn i .
was demoralised more or
by rain, mud and lightning. The arma
tures of many of the cars wera put out of
business by lightning, delaying traffic until
other cars could be sent out from the barns
to replace the disabled ones. Borne thous
ands of pleasure seekers were caught nut a
the varlnus resorts and parks. About half
washout Is reported on the southern main
line near Oulde Rock. Neb.
Dea Moines Rlrer an It em pa are.
I DES MOINES, la.. July 14-As the re
suit of the recent rains the pes Moines
! river Is rising ranldly and the storm to-
of the S.000 people who attended the bill , night iaa driven many people from their
homes south of thS city. No great damage
Largest Crowd in History of Order at
Grand Lodge.
Elaborate Arrangements for' Enter
tainment Are llelnc Carried
Oat Da Una Wonla Neat
PHILADELPHIA, July 15 Opening day
of the Elks' convention week was greeted
with clear, fairly warm weather. From
4:1$ a. m. when the first delegation ar
rived from Mobil", Ala., hfg hosts of Ellis
came every hour. Orand Secretary Fred
C. Robinson of Dubuque. la., said today
that the registration of delfR trv. to the
grand lodge meeting Is the largest In the
history of the order. Philadelphia Is dec
orated as never before and every day until
Saturday will practically be a holiday.
The streets In the central rurt of the city
ara Jammed with enthusiastic crowds and
the familiar, "Hello Hill," Is heard every
where. The convention of the grand lodge
will be formfilly opened at the Orand opera
house tonight.
The principal address of welcome on be
half of the local lurige will be
for-alt fist fight, and three of them paid
for It at the rate of $5 and costs each In
court Monday morning. Ashburn, who
claimed to be an Innocent bystander, was
discharged. Hill Harrlgan, at Sixth and
Pierce streets, was full of fighting booze
and threatened to whip the entire police
force, but he was captured by Officer
Waters and he too paid S5 and cosia.
George Morrlsey, at Twenty-fourth and
Cuinjntf streets, was pummellng a man
supposed ,to be one Wilson, when Officer
Walker Interfered. Wilson got away, but
Morrlsey spent a night In Jail. Ha was
penitent Monday morning and was re
leased. At Thirteenth and Chicago streets,
John Fumniers and Will Jennings became
Involved, as did Fred Prefka and H. Mo
Gee at Twelfth and Douglas. Each of the
first two belligerents paid the price for a
Sunday drunk, 15 and costs. Prefka and
McOee got 11 and costs each. With five
tights for fun going on In town and a fight
for money being pulled oft on Beltser's
Island, Omaha was plunged In civil war for
one day at leant.
game left when the storm begun to threaten
nd look aerlous. whllo the otner nan or
the rooters, like the boy on the burning
'deck, refused to budge, and as a result b?
!came somewhat dampened, not In enthusi
asm, but In clothes.
Nor rain nor wind sufficed to stop the
splendid concert at Hunscom park by
George Green and his band Sunday after
noon. The park was crowded to hrar the
concert and when the rain came along and
the people could not get home the scene
of operation was transfered to the partition
where the concert was continued to the
great delight of those caught out In the
July shower. The Teddy Bears and Dalhy
Patrol had to be repeated In response to
repeated' calls. A popular ragtime concert,
will be played at Hanscom park next Hat.
urday by George Green and his band.
Mod Blocks Roadway
The street commissioner early Mondav
morning stsrted a force of men at work
on Twentieth street under the fnlon Pa
cific bridge, where mud accumulated so
that traffic by wagon was praetlcally
Impossible. The old stone wall around tho
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Into flame even then the wrapper would
I hove to be unusually light and dry.
j Harry Orchard was called to the stand.
I As in the early stages of the trial he was
I preceded and followed hv a derjutv. Todav
made by i however, there were no "gun men" or
has been djne as yet. but at 11 o clocK
there was no abatement from the steady
downpour that started In early In the even
lng and the river continues to climb,
From above come reports of heavy rains
and the fear Is "that before morning the
stream will be out of its banks, causing
damage to property both In the city and
lowlands to the south.
Register a Vow to Esclode Them
from Membership In Third
ST. PETERSBURG!. July IB. The arrival
of the famous Ikon of the resurrection,
brought from Palestine by the patriarch of
Jerusalem for presentation to the emperor,
was made the occasion today for a remark
able antl-revolutlonary demonstration. The
Ikon was borne along Nevsky Prospect In
procession by a dozen bishops. A long train
of ecclesiastics followed and there were
several thousand people In the cortege. Tue
government corral at that point fell dur- j Ikon was guardd by squadrons of Cossacks
D . . 1 a ..A I n Ya'dVaiaiaa si at nA 1 tit
t-ongressman Monro or tnis my. .mayor t,,t,.IVes In the guarding party.
Reyburn and Governor Stuart are expected i - Wire you exer known or called "Shorty"
to stand tha hand of welcome. Tha re. 1 Ht any stage of your career?" asked Prose-
sponsa wfll be by Grand Exalted Ruler ' cutor Hawley.
lnry A. Melvln of California. "No, sir."
't'lie first official entertainment of tho I Pat Moran, the Cheyenne saloonkeeper,
"Pibers of the grand lodge took place at ! testifled that the Nevilles came to his
saloon with a man called "Shorty" whom
he supposed to be Orchard.
I Orchard denied that he ever Introduced
Plnlterton Operative Gratlss to Max Ma
: Itch or Joe Meliellet, or that Plnkerton
i at a park on the New Jersey aide of
Delaware river. The members and their
lies were conveyed there In chartered
'earners, which before landing made a
t-Hir of the river, passing the Lensue
falnnd navy yard and the big ship building
plants. The festivities at the. park began
with a clam bake and sea food dinner.
Every candidate for grand lodge office Is
either here or Is represented by energetic
agents, who buttonhole every delegate that
preseitTa himself for registration. John K.
urer, a candidate for grand exalted ruler, i FINK AS A COLLECTION AGENT i,tre!V was. Vn
i , agu uuue. 1 ii
Ontatde Conutlea Send Dlatraaa War-
Operative Rlddell introduced him to Joe
Harnes. The examination by the defense
was devoted to an Inquiry Into the family
history of tha famous criminal. It not
being claimed that evidence has been dis
covered to show a strong strain of Insan- took fire
Ity on the maternal side. - ' -was put
lng the night and stones ooverea me
A party of fishermen among whom was
James K. O'Neill of :010 North Eighteenth
street, had an eaeape which put their
hair on end. They were fishing on it
platform which extends Into Cut-off lake
and when the storm broke they sought
shelter on the Istid. They hd .lust
stepped from the platform when light
ning struck It, knocking the timbers Into
the water.
The road from
atreets to Gibson was
bad condition that wagons could not pass
over It and the city was asked to send
Immediate relief.
In a washout at Thirty-fourth and
Hamilton streets, Contractor VanCourt
who Is working on curbing, lost thirty
barrels of cement.
Lightning Is Busy.
For a time while the electrical display
was at its worst caa on all lines were
stopped, as the current was turned off.
Lightning struck the top of ths First Pres
byterian steeple at Seventeenth and Dodge
streets, ripping the shingles off for about
twenty feet. Fortunately the bolt did not
tgnlte th woodwork. A houae at 201 North
Ninth street was struck by ljghtnlng and
and was deposited In Kazan cathedral, tha
metropolitan of St. Petersburg officiating.
There were no disorders, but the moving
shrine was besieged In Its passage thrcurh
the crowd of devotees, who fought for a
I chance to kiss the Ikon. Many persons
Subsequently', a great mass meeting was
; held and was addressed by reactionary lead
! ers, Including Dr. Dubeovln, president of the
I League oi" R isslan People, ami Prince Vol-
konsky. who In violent language denounced
Eight and Bancroft j 'nB second Duma and called upon his hear-
reported In such r "' register a vow rnai not a iinnw jew
ne allowed to enter ine ponais oi uie ining.
Duma. The vow was taken amid the great
est enthusiasm.
KIEV, Russia, July 14. Tha court-raartlal
of 100 soldiers who participated In a revolu
tionary meeting on Juna 17. after the dis
solution of the Duma, haa been concluded,
Six of the men were sentenced to death
and the others to long terms of Imprison
ment or to disciplinary ait est -
one was hurt end tne
before the department
n res It
1 rived.
seems to lead for that high honor and his
election Is freely predicted.
Dallas, Tex., appears to have the field
to Itself at present as the place for the
next convention.
Many ntiseua Indulge lu Flstlci
and lift Locked Vp us a He
salt Thereof.
If a
Omaha was a very combative town Sun
day night. ' At the Douglas street river
landing John Smith. Itugh Ashburn, Will
iam Wilson and George Lauer held a free-
Let no ftpod impair the powers
of the stomach. Eat 1
mm '
vhich is the most perfect food
for the brain workers, clergy
men, lawyers, merchants, grow
ing children, and the muscle
working classes. w
10 cents a package.
For als by all Grocers
ranta Here for Him to
The city treasurer of Douglas county is
doing a rather active business In distress
warrants these days In cases wherein the
city of Omaha has no Interest. Treaaurers
of counties In the state forward to him
such warrants with Instructions to levy
upon the personal property of former resi
dents of those counties who have removed
to Omaha, and under the law ha Is com
pelled to make such levies.
One recent Incident la recalled whera a
former resident of one of the Interior coun
ties removed to Omaha owing taxes cf
about $100. He had forgotten It and so had
former treasurers, but a new man discov
ered the charge against him, together with
the fact that about $100 had been added to
the original amount In the form of penal
ties. The new resident of Omaha was per
fectly able to pay the debt, but It required
a speeiul act of the county commissioners
to relieve him of the penalty.
Oat tel Attend Conference of Miners
nd Operator an Wage
DENVER, July 15.-John Mitchell, pres
ident of the I'nited Mine Workers of
America, arrived here today and will at
tend tho conference between representatives
of the miners and op-rators of Wyoming,
which lakes placa tomorrow. The men are
demanding a 16 per cent Increase.
Mr. Mitchell ' said he was confident that
Haywood. Moyer and Pettlbone, now on
trial In Idaho for the murder of former
Governor Bteunenberg, wers Innocent and
would be acquitted of tha charge.
Auction Sale
All the Unsold Store Fixtures of
O'Donahoe-Redmond-Normile Co.
W. J. CO AD, Trustee.
A house at Eighteenth and Charles
ruck, but no serious dam-
ago done. A large tree in mverview para
was riddled by lightning while the psrk
was full of people, but fortunately no one
was near enough at the time to receive
Injury. A barn at 3012 Oak street was
struck by lightning and destroyed. Many
telephones were put out of service by tho
lightning. The men in the police station
were a busy and excited lot fur a while
during the storm. After each display of
lightning and crash of thunder the tele
phones, fire alarms and burglar alarms
would go simultaneously, and twice the
confusion was added to by the lightning
striking so close that sparks of electricity
would rnap around the room. The lower
part of the Union Pacltlo yards were
flooded so as to stop switching and other
traffic for a while. The rain produced a
I bad cave-In of the sewer st ' Sixth and
Jones streets and another on Ninth street
between Farnam and Harney, the latter
being about twelve feet deep.
Record of Kalnfall.
Tha total amount of rainfall In the vicin
ity of Omaha during the forty-eight hours
ending at 7 o'clock Monday was 1.74 Inches.
The heaviest rains reported to the weather
bureau for the state were at Falrbury,
whera a precipitation of G.6S Inches fell
since Saturday, 8.77 Inches during Sunday
and Sunday night.
The rain was heaviest In southeastern
Nebraska, southern Iowa and northern Mis
souri. At Lexington, Mo., the rainfall was
5.78 Inches; ut Kansas City, 4 !, and at
Ashland 2.10, with but 0.76 of an Inch at
Valentino. Mors or less rain fell all through
the state and throughout the central Mis
souri valley, varying from one-fourth of
an Inch to tha maximum ol i 7 Inches ct
Lexington, Mo.
Indications are for continued showers
Monday night and Tuesday, with cooler In
the extreme eastern portion Monday night.
No noticeable rise In the Missouri river
la reported northward from Omaha, as the
heavier rains prevailed southward from
Tha main line of the Union Paclflo was
out of commission for two and one-half
hours last night, the water washtng over
ths track at Papllllon and carrying away
about J00 yards of embankment. A force
of men was put to work as soon as the
water subsided and ths track waa opened
In couple of hours.
Tha Missouri Pacific line between Omaha
and Hiawatha. Kan., was put completely
out of business by Sunday's storm, and all
trains wars tied up on that line as a re
sult. All tha ' wires are down between
Omaha and Falls City and tha exact con
dition of affairs is Impossible to learn.
Thar la one wire between Omaha and
Verdon, and a message from tha Mlssuurt
Paclflo section foreman Sunday night to
District Superintendent Bevlngtun of tha
Missouri Pacific road, said there had been
a cloudburst of great proportions between
Auburn and Falls City and that much of
tha track between those places was either
washed out or waa under water. The re
port said that the Burlington tracks were
under eight feet of water from Vsrdon
east, that the lightning was very heavy
and the wires were all down on that line
Ths Missouri Pacific roadbed suffered
heavy damage at Oreopolls. Superintend
ent Bevlngton of that road said last night
that be would leave on a special train
aarly MJondny mdrnlng to Inspect the
damage. From the best information ob
tainable early Monday morning by Missouri
Pacific officials ths cloudburst covered a
broad are, and was of great volume, and
tt Is believed great damage was done to
crops and property.
Tha Rock Island had Its tracks between
j limana ana jncoin open at 10 o riocg
Authorities Hope ' to
OrcaBlratlon of
Criminal.. ...
HAHNVILLB. La.. Jaly 15. Tha small
village of Halinvtlle. consisting of a jail, a
courthouse,; ope store, a, r1ver landing and
a few farm houses, wilt tomorrow become
the scene of Louisiana's- most Important
criminal trial In a decada.
Although the indictments, which charge
the Italiana with murder, call only for for
retlng out tha ' man who kidnaped and
strangled Walter L,amana. an eight-year.
old New Orleans boy a month ago, tha real
aim Is the suppression of Italian violence
l:i this state. It is hoped, not only to make
a severe example, but to learn how exten
sive an organization wnn behind the plot,
which induced ten perrons, two of them
women, to participate In an attempt, to get
$i,000 ransom. Owing to the state of pub
lic feeling, Oovemor Blanchard has secured
a special session or tha court and put the
state militia at the disposal of the sheriff
of this parish, although it now appears un
likely that any milltin will be needed.
Four Italians, Including one of the wo
men, will go on trial for their lives to
morrow, two more will stsnd trial a week
hence. Ten are still at large. The leader
of those to be tried tomorrow Is Ignacio
Complsciano. A posse of officers took him
from his home near here at night and In
sound of the voice of his crying child, with
a noose tight around his neck, and the rope
over a tree limb, they forced Camplsclano
to break his word to his countrymen and
tell what had been done with the boy, The
fact that lie led this posse two miles
through a swamp In the dark to the boy's
body, has fastened susplciun on him, al
though he claims that the four men who
have not yet been captured, committed the
Minister of Finance DlaeusM-e Pisa
Adopted to Control tha
CITY OF MEXICO, July J5.-Mlnlstr of
Finance Josa Yves l.lmsntour, In an Inter
view with tha correspondent of tha Assocl
ated Press, discussed today the report
recently reached thia capital to the effect
that President Roosevelt had under consld
eration a proposal that tha railroad ques
tion In the United States bs solved by ths
adoption of tha "Mexican plan."
That the president has had such a sug
gestlon under consideration for some time
wss mide evident during tha course of tho
Interview, when Minister L'.ma'.t-iui- de
clared that some months sgo. while he wss
In Washington, both President Roosevelt
and Secretary Root questioned him n to
the method by which the republic of Mex
ico had gained control of Us great trunk
lines without In any way causing the rail
roud companies or onVlala to surrender any
of their rights.
'The cardinal principle., of the 'Mexican
plan,' as you term It," said the minister,
"Is the absolute divorcing of railway con
trol from politics.
"The federal power merely exerts a con
trolling lnliuenre over tha great trunk lines
of the country by the purchsse of a majority
of the stock of the principal lines of ths
-July 1
Deadly Parallel No. 4.
Oinalia and the Nebraska Telephone
Company have grown op together, the
community helping the company to grow
and the company helping the community
to grow. Since January 1 of this present
year l,fl)0 telephones have been added to
the Omaha exchange. Thia means that your
telephone is more useful to you than it was
five months ago. There are more people
you can reach and more people who can
reach you. There are now over 15.000 tele
phones actually in operation in Omaha.
The demands made upon the company for
new equipment and increased facilities
have been steadily met, and Omaha has for
years set the pace for good service.
The Nebraska Telephone Company em
ploys the highest type of central energy
switchboard which is operated under what
is called the manual system. Operators are
employed to make the connections because
they have been found mote reliable and sat
isfactory than any mechanical device, yet
discovered. Everything except the actual
making and breaking of the connections is
done automatically, thus reducing the labor
of the operator and the subscriber to a
The automatic switchboard, which does
away with operators,' has been known for
ten or a- dozen years, and has made prac
tically no headway in public favor.
The type of Bell switchboard in the
Omaha exchange is accepted as the stand
ard the world over. Japan and other coun
tries which have come to the United States
for the best and latest telephone equipment
have ordered switchboards identical to
those used in Omaha. It is and always has
been the policy of the Nebraska Telephone
Company to reduce rates just as fat as the
business would permit. The records show
what has been done in this regard. The cost
of' the measured minute mile of telephone
talk has been steadily reduced and rates
have been reduced in proportion. With in
creased use of the telephone and with the
wonderful growth of bxisiness concerns
there has resulted a wide difference in the
telephone requirements of different people,
and the company is constantly adapting its
rates to meet these varying needs.
The Nebraska Telephone Company
gives its subscribers full value for their
money, and this is because the company has
no watered stock or exorbitant profits.
Telephone promoters have worked out
a verv clever scheme of bond speculation.
They 'issue what they name as "first mort
gage gold bonds" on a property not yet
built. These bonds are made to appear at
a safe and conservative investment an4
therefore only five per cent interest Ifi
promised. Then they print enough certifi
cates of stock so that they can give them
away to the purchasers of the bonds. If
four per cent can be paid on this stock it.
means that the bond purchaser may get
nine per cent on his "conservative invest
ment." Tint often it is impossible to get pur
chasers toiay $100 for such bonds with an
equal amount of stock thrown in, and so the
price of the bonds drops to 00 or 80 or 70
cents on the dollar. This makes the specu
lation subject to even greater risks, al
though it promises more extravagant re
turns. Supposing a purchaser buys such
bonds at 70 cents on the dollar and gets an
equal amount of stock as a premium. It
means that the company only gets $70 i&
money to build a plant which is mortgaged
in advance for $100 and loaded with at
least an equal amount of stock which is nil
water. It then lies between the prospective
subscribers of the new company and the
bond investors either the subscribers
must pay enough to make up all these de
ficiencies or the bond investors must ultfr
mately take their losses. How great thes
losses may be the exposure of the United
States Independent Telephone Company is
showing. The promoters 0f this $.")0,000,
000 company really had some actual prop
erty to start with, and yet within two years
the control of the company was offered at
$33 for the bonds, $5 for the common and $1
for the deferred common stock. The deal
fell through owing to the interference of
the courts, and now a strenuous effort is
being made to sell the company ami obtain
$10 for first mortgage gold bonds whicJi
have a face value of $100.
republic . Details ara left to the director
ate and the executive officers.
"Mexico does not want to operate the
railroads within its domain. The scopo of
the plan of the control only entertains tha
proposition that the government exercise
a dominant Influence and be In a pneltlon to
act when an attempt to bring about unjust
conditions as to the rates makes itself ap
parent "We believe that this sort of control will
be a success."
Expresses Ilia Appreciation of
Maay Kindnesses Dhona
NE WTOftK. July 15.-l'pon the eve of
his departure for New England, Admiral
Baron Tamamoto, the distinguished Japa
nese who has for several days been a
guest In the city, gave out a formal state
ment expressing his appreciation of the
courtesies received and rejoicing that he
had been Instrumental In eliciting senti
ments of International amity. Through his
aide, Captain Kate, Admiral Tanamoto
tonight said:
"I wish to thank my many friends In
New York City, both American and Japa
nese, for U19 multitude of kindnesses shown
me. Wherever I turn I find friends and
expressions of frlt-ndshlp.
"My de-p sense of appreciation for my
welcome again to America (for you know
I have been here several times) forbids
my going away without saying to my
friends: 'I am proud of your welcome.'
Especially has the press been very kind
to me.
"I am glad If In any way I was instru
mental in eliciting from your great presi
dent tils statement that the feeling between
Japan and the United States Is understood
by both governments and both peoples to
be very friendly."
The admiral and his staff will leave at I
o'clock tomorrow morning for Boston. Dur
ing their stay In New England ths party
will visit the yards of the Fore River Ship
building company st Qulncy, Mass.
Tie admiral dined at the Holland house
tonight with eighteen representative Jap-
, ar.ese merchants and manufacturers. At
! ltmclu'on today he was the guest of General
; Grant at Governor's Island.
confiscated and the officers and crew taken
to f etropaulovsk in Irons.
o Military Spies In I'nited States
o or at Any Other
TOKIO, July la. Q.ineral Terailrhl, the
niinister of war, In un Interview today
contradicting the reported arrest of a Jap
anese spy at Sun Diego, Cal., said:
"There arc no Japanese military officers
in America except military attaches. Tha
War office," he emphatically declared, "has
never Instructed any officer or amateur
spy to examine American forts."
It makes the toilet something to be en-'
Joyed. It removes all stains and toughness,
prevent prickly beat and chafing, ana
leaves the skin white, soft, healthy. In the
bath it brings a glow and exhilaration which
no common soap can equal, imparting ths
rigor and life sensation of a mild Turkish
.)'-st how much our new and beautiful
'Uwl Irug Store" at the corner of 16th
and Harney la damaged but we believe
the insurbnee men uie going to burn nil
red tspe in thin limtance and give us a
Prompt adjustment -so that the store
will bo open for biiHlnces in day or two
maybe tomorrow ( Tue.x.l v ). In tha
meantime all custom-s will be cared for
as usual at the o.d stand 16th and
Dodge Streets.
Sherman & McGonnell Drug Go
Cor. Sixteenth and Dodge.
paVrnie tor My Free ttcok iqpv
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tbre month. nd batrt ntiroly cttrrO of iituacb
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would in jr "
JtuuM Mciiua. IH lUror ft-, Jer.oj City. H. J.
Look to
your food
Tha perfect Bummer Food Is
Deleiiiite to the National I'nloa
l.eagao Discuss Their
CHICAGO. July IS. Delegates from Mil
waukee, St. IOUis, Cincinnati, Detroit, St
Paul a&d Peoria were present today at a
meeting of the Women's National Trade
I'nion league, which was called In the In
terest of women workers.
The discussion waa opened by an ad
dress by Miss Mary K. McDowell on "How
May Women's I'nlons Bo lirst Strength
ened?" Beversl of tha delegates responded
and the general sentiment seemed to bs
that the women of this country wers not
as united as they should bs.
Resolutions were adopted culling upon
all women workers to bam together for
the benefit of all and It was predicted by
tho speakers that If a determined effort
waa made along these lines that it would
be but a short time until women would be
recognised In many vocations from which
she Is now practically barred.
Haaslaaa Hoard a gala.
BAN FRANCISCO. July 15 -The barken
tine S. N. t'stle, Caplain Pedersen, arrived
here yea'erday from the eod fishing
grounds off the coast of Sibela and rationed
that tha veeaal had barn boarded by the
Russian gunboat Mandlur, lis ships
papers taken and warned to stay thirty
miles from tha shore under threat of being
Y(R bt for
JJ The Bowels yt
Grain Speculation
flot a Fine Art -
Ibl my bonk and mlly Iron foryrmrflfih
Mloral, Miutbla oi dealing in wheat,
eorn.ot and frovialona. It will toll anyone
bow to operate conaervatlveljr and aafalr ou
tha Chioago Hoard of Trada. tnu roJay
for thla Authorltt on 8uetttful Trading.
bent prwptlr VRgB-I pay the pnataae to
Too oa at; book, it will interest roo.
E. W. WAGNEK, H Uu4 f Trad lid... CUeate
807 Vortb. 17tb St., Omaha
PUaaaot. Palatable. Pot ant Taata (Wiod, Tf Aoo4,
Kaarbiokau, Woain or Grlpa. Uk 3.c, Kk. (jo'ar
old in bulk. Tha yenmno tal'lft ttatnpad 0 0 0.
fiuarantead to curs ir yuur nouoj kauk.
8tsrling Remedy Co., Chicago ar N.Y. Mi
is and has bean for 61 ysara tha moat
prompt and rsliablt curt for Diarrhoaa,
Dytantary and Cholera Infantum. A
thasa diseases oftsn com in tha night,
vtry horns should be pr a pared to check
them without daisy by having- Wakefield
Blsckberry Balaam on hand. It rsvsr fails
All druK&nsts sail it- Full aire bottle B5c
, ....... v it ri -
JSv C.I J'-aT 4 -W 1 .v
i 3 brki iar .' taw. aiK4 aw receipt tuts. la Let
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Un. WIubIcw CoctMag Srnip m
Baa lxe used for cm BUTT-FIVE YFAPrt
MU.(uNH of MorUKkH for lint CHI! f'KE.
SX )TH Eg Hip CHILD (l'TKNn,e.tMi,AlXAYS
ail PaJN ; I'hl.it W1M (XM U'.aud Is tU U,l
KBi for PIAKliHiI t. gol,l bjr Pruirai-'"l I""
vf lb fxrld. Bw asra and ak for "Mra Wtna.
..' H.."thn.ir 8ruii," uJ Uka do nb-r au4
Twnnty-Sva eaata a bottla Quit-aotd UL,W lbs
f d audDmya Act. 1 u ut JUb. loa fc-rla' f nm kS
Joe. AN Oil) ASU WELL XKlKb hxMUiT
OMAHAvsl ;$
MONDAY, Jill 15
Came Callod 3:45 P. IM,

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