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AUGUST 28, 1907.
Special Sale of Leather Hand
Bags Wednesday
Those who know good qualities and styles in leather
goods are the ones who will best appreciate this bargain.
Chance to get a fine leather bag at almost half the regular
price. They are a manufacturer's surplus, fine hand bags
in two sizes, with leather and strnp handle. All have coin
purse and moria lined. -The leather is black seal, with
frames of gun metal and gilt trimmings; regular price is
$1.75, on sale Wednesday as long s o
as they last at, each yOC
Howard, Corner Sixteenth Htrert.
Bee - l -
Will Open Western Headquarters at
. Salt Lake City.
cal Jobnlna Iloiwi Hit Plaeea el
Riilitu In Mar Cities aad
raa Trad , Clear to
' the Const.
To meet the growing demand of It
trade ht the country beyond the Rocky
mountains, the Bryne A Hammer Dry
Goods, company will shortly open western
. headquarter at Salt tk City., At present
i an ofqr.e, with aampla room, la maintained
there, but Its importance mill be enhanced '
py,-maKlng .It headquarter! for wc'.em
9 traveling men, and by laying In a limit ct'
, stork -of good for ue "Where quick
menti are demanded. Roy Fyrnc, nephew
of President T. C. Byrne.' will be In rharse.
The company will also bpen an office and
i aample rooms at Spokane and enlarge tfc.t
' Scope of operation of Its, office at Seattle
An office in already maintained at Ienver.
Terhapa few1-' people , outside the Jobbing
trade realize the breadth of business of
some of the largest Omaha concerns. Borne
t of them sell goods n every Ute west of
the Mlanlnolppl river nnJ north of Indian
Territory." Both the Itrvne Hammer com
pany and M. E. Smith "& Co. maintain
buylnir offices In New York city and keep
buyers there the year rtrund.
Many Oflleea In the West.
M. E. Smith & Co. haver offices ut Chicago,
. Denver, Salt Ijake City, Fuogane. Seattle,
: Boise and flan Francisco'. This company
-and the. Bryne A Hammer company sell
tb,elr goods from the MtaMRFilppI to the ra
pine coast. There Is no large dry good3
house west of Omaha to dispute their su
premacy, -and every year they are winning
trade away from Chlr-ego, for people are
learning to trado.at the, nearest good mar.
kt ...
. The shirts and overalls manufactured by
these companies are sold all over the west
and are even sent several hundred miles
east. They go as far south as Oklnhoma.
..The hardware .houses also have their
western offices. Tin Lee-pinw-Androepen
Hardware company has offices at Salt
IJilie City,. Denver and Pooatello, and the
..Tl).fratoiT Si (Wtlkifliet eompnny. jrroc-
era. ho' Office and wsf,n,i.o - a... I
burn. Neb.. Hustings. Neb.. Crawford, '
Neb., Deadwood, Cheyenne' and Suit lki !
Cltjr. .At GheyenneUt has a warehouse too
feet Jong and more, than S00 feet of track
The Parllu, Orendnrff & Martin comoanv,
wholesale Implements, ha a branch houe
Jt Bloux, Falls, a. D. Other Imnlemrnt
u". P"irr. nouses, grocery house and
hardware, houses maintain branches and
rflce cat,tered hr and there.
Orrln P. Lnne.
IOWA FAJ.LS. Ia.. Aug. 27.-(8oeclal.)-Orrln
P. Lone, one of Iowa Falls' let
known and older citlaens. wa found dead
In hi bed , t (th,l city yesterday after
noon, death having evldontly come to him
during the night previous, or when the
body wa discovered Uie Indication were
that ho hnd b'-eu dead veral hours. Few
,rldfnt or Jdwa Fall were better known
than Mr Ln'ne, a he hud lived here for
,he last forty year. Ue wu veteran of
the civil war and a member of the order
of KnighJ of Tythla. being a trustee of
the local' lodge at the time of hi death.
Jle never married, and the only near rela
tive living' la 'Mrs. Qcorse n. Wilson of
thl city, ' The' circumstance aurroundlng
hi dcth indicate" 'that his dmlae wa due
to heart' trouble, and he' had evidently
died- without a struggle."
' J ' Rnrl of Dnnmere.
. 13NDON. Aug, n.-The enrl of Dun
mere, a,, prominent. Christian Scientist who
1at December visited Mr. Mary linker
Eddy, died last night at Trlmley manor,
near Canterbiyy. He was suddenly at
tacked by illneaa and died before a doctor
could be summoned. HI only on succeed
to the ,tltle. The late earl of Dunmer
owned gbout TS.ltne acres pf land.
' i " William Ott.
CEDAR FALI.fi, la.. Afr. !7.-i8peclaI.)
-Wllllanj Ott, who for twenty year had
AVe are reatly. with thnew
1 things iu CliUfiiJea.'s Hats
and Caps for'faH. B?e'the
new butterfly Tata OShant
ers, in all colof$r;" "
"A I - -WJ& H
See the nowr-F?lt Hats for
girls, in new '.shades.. V The
"Waldorf; aud-iDupont-B!?.
See us at al! times when
looking for the '.correct thing
in juvenile wear. '
Benson. & Thoraa Go.
1515-1517 D8U2LAS STREET
Open Saturday Evenings.
2T - '07.
been In buslnee In this city, was burled
today after suffering for three days with
an acute attack of cerebral spinal menin
gitis. He was popular here In the restau
rant and Ice cream business and Is sur
vived by his wife and one son, Harry.
I a feat t Mr. mm 4 Mrs. Wia. Trobea,
William Trobee, the Infant son of Mr.
and Mrs. William Trobee of lint South Fif
teenth street died yesterday. The funeral
was held from the resilience to Forest
Lawn cemetery Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Tina Keraor.
Mrs. Tina Keyaor, 84 years of age, of 801
North Twenty-eight avenue died yesterday
at her home. No funeral arrangements
have been made. -
Parkers Give Teamsters Portion of,
Money Demanded and Tronfcle
Is Averted.
CHICAGO. Aug. XT.-Danger of a strike
in the stock ysrds was removed last night
when the packing house teamsters ac
""pled an offer from the packer on all
xcept two' point which relate to over
time and Bunday work. The packer of
fered an additional advance In wage to
that previously presented and also changed
working conditions. They agreed to give
nl! teamsters 1 cent an hour Increase In
stead of the Hi cents advance offered be
fore to 60 per, cent of their number. Thl
was accepted. Bualnes Agent Golden will
present the amended agreement to the
packers today. A special meeting will be
called later to hear hi report.
LONDON Aug. S7. There was a large
gathering of British military men and
Americans at Chrit Church.' Mayfalr, thi
arternoon for the marriage of Ml Mary
MacTler Latrobe, daughter of the late R.
Stewart Latrobe of Baltimore, to Colonel
Arthur P. D. Harris of the Fifth Light In
fantry, Indian army. The bride was at
tended by her slater, Mi Edna Latrobe.
while Captain Walter ficott supported Col
onel Harris. After the ceremony there was
a reception which wa attended by Intimate
friends. Colonel and Mrs, Harris will pro
ceed In October to India, where the colonel
will resume command of hi regiment.
Tnompson-Metfeldt. '
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Aug. CT.-(Bpe-clal.
The' friends of both' c6ntfactlng par
ties were surprised to hear ' of . the mar
rttsre of Mr. Grover Thompson, inn nf Mr
nnd Mr"- w H- Thompson, and All Lena
Nletfcldt, daughter of Mr. and Mr. Diot-
r,c" Nletfeldt of Merrick county, at tho
home of the latter. In Merrick county. The
young people will soon leave for the west
ern part cf the etate, where Mr. Thompson
will become the owner of a ranch.
Gave Mob Too flood n Chance to Ott
WMT POINT. Neb.. Aug. 7. (Special.)
Tlie lynching of Murderer Hlggin at
Iiancrott yesterday wa not unexpected.
The tires of revenge, which have been
smoldering lnce the murder, were re
kindled when it ix-camc known that the
j murderer would be conveyed to hla trial
by the ordinary routea of travel. The
aherlffa having him In charge are criticised
for tho manner In which they attempted to
reach Pender. In ordinary case and under
ordinary circumstance the railroad route
would have been feasible, but In view of
tho Iniinous threat that had been made
and the known feeling of the people of
li&ncroft, where the victim were so well
known and beloved, the taking of Hlggin
through tho lown In charge of only two
men was a bid for more violence and a
temptation tho hot-headed friends of the
Copples could not resist. Had the prisoner
been taken to Pender In an automobile, a
wa first suggested, by the cross-country
rout, at a rroper time delivered In court
when It wa In session, no mob would
have Invaded the precinct of the court
room. ,
Public sentiment In Cuming county Is
about evenly divided cn the matter, many
citlaens, while deploring the act, urge In
extenuation the atrocious character of the
crime committed by Illggins. the absolute
nbenco of piovocation. the degenerate ten
dencies of the murderer and last, but not
leat, tho maudUn ympathy which ome
parties have shown toward Hlggina the
announcements mude from time to time as
to the line of hi o-calleU defense and
the e'er-present feeling that by some
chleanery he would, be allowed to cheat
the gallows. Great regret la felt by all
that 'Ue fair name t rmlax i
I been sullied by this act of tbe mob.
Wetoforo our county bos been singularly
free from crime at violence, no county of
;it reputation m the'sfste having ' niaue-
ix-rveairnv -or cttteens tj, , the state
rrlaun. The onry other ry net In T known to
have occurred 1n the count v was In th
erly 1ay of Its first et(leneht' when the
rountywaa unorganized and the' court of
Judg. Lynch, wa Ike-only resort. Nona
of tbe participants, are now firing. :.
""w" 1 ooieo ond Orient.. .
i to BTatlonal Hl
t "''-""I conventloa at t ha American
r-v.w ..i.uny r; enraka. which was.
attended .by delegate, fruni lx counties,
tho follolrg elate officers wro elected
for Ihn niiBii'r. . i .
n. .?Z?TL
- Ee; leeret.ry. P. L. Boyd, Adams;
tr.a.u.er. A. C. WnosWd. Keirnev, dl
recrors, D. R. Blew, A. VrecMd and T'
U Olbaon. all. of Ad4n. count v. .
he n. innal convention, which will be held
In Ir.,llBr,apr,.s. October ?S to if F M
2- i S2W ,UU; 8- M' CUy;
Bod. Kearney; C. j
deWgato may ,,)nl , Bltfl.M,
Tl! count le. r.pr.M, ,B tne eoBv..
"T1 K-rn"- Cl- Har
land and Adam
Pennsylvania Officers Take No Risks
in Case.
Ho Had Commit ton Mirttr While
Restating; Arrest and ''iron
. Workers Were Moon
EASTON, Pa.. Aug. There was much
excitement about the county Jail at 3
o'clock this morning due to a rumor from
South Bethlehem that a party of deter
mined Iron workers had left that borough
n an automobile to como to the county
seat and take Wm. Handy, a 8outli Caro
lina negro, from jail and lynch him. Tho
negro was arrested several hours earlier
for the murder at South Bethlehem last
night of Policeman Shuman. Warden Col
lins took no chances, and aroused and
armed all the deputies and trusties, put
the double bars on all the entrances to the
prison and had the entire police force sta
tioned around the Jail. The prisoner wm
tak?n from his cell and hidden In a remote
corner of the rr'snn. After waiting until
dawn for the arrival of the suppnaed lynch
ers the officers were dlmlas-d. Policeman
Bhumun had heard of a negro Insulting
women In a lonely section of Boulh Beth
lehem and went to that quarter to make
an Investigation. He found Hnndy nnd
when he attempted to pln.ee him uhdr st
reet the negro opened fire. Two bullets
entered the policeman's bodyl and be died
a block from the r'ace where he was
ehot. Pcllreman MeCue found ITandy In a
board yard and Jumped upon him be-
i fore he could get hi revolver, which had I
iieen reloaded, into action.. A crowd of
nngry men surrounded the prisoner and he
was badly beaten. He was rushed to Jail
In an automobile. Today Handy pretends
to be ignorant of the happenings of last
, h-
(Continued from Flrat Page.)
much the natura of a trial In court. The
complaint is served upon the rallwiy,
which la required to answer. After issue
la Joined evidence la taken, argument!
heard and the case decided. The amended
ait expressly provides that no order
shall be made until after a full hearing
u pen. complaint.
Let It be further observed that both
these Idea must find expression In what
ever system adequately and Just y regu
lates our railways. A lawyer me v be In
clined to say that when the government
has provided a tribunal before which a
complaint can be heard, and hy which a
remedy can be given, Its full part has
been done. The aggrieved person must
then make and proKeeute his comrlalnt.
Dnty of Government.
But this entirely overlooks the fact
that it 1 the duty of the government
to moke thla highway public, not merely
to provide a means by which a cltl.i;n
may secure theae benefits himself; . cer
tainly not when those mean are In the
very nature of t hints unavailable to the
Take a practical Illustration. The do
mestic fuel of New England la anthracite
coal. We will assume fur the moment,
without suggesting, that the freight rate
upon which this commodity I carrlM
from the mine to the consumer, is 25
cent per ton too high. The total xm
sumptlun of New England Is perhaps
10.000,000 tons annually, Co that the ex
cesdve freight rate takes from the oi
ple of this section 12.600.000 each year.
Since the cot of operation Is the lani'i
whatever the rate, thla ia an aUdlllin
of $2,500,000 to the net revenues or the
railways carrying this trafllc, which. If
permanently maintained, adds, upon a 6
per cent basis, 50, 000,000 to tho mark.-t
value of their property, a sum conidera
My inCoeB of the cot of- .reprodu.jl.ij
nil tho ruilroails in. my native state - of
Vermont. '
Now, if the tribunal Is provided, who
will prosecute Uio complaint, or ths' im
inerou complaints, which may be neces
sary to correct this most Important vio
lation of law; will the coal dealer who
pays the freight? Certainly not. H
add the freight to tho price of the eol
and charges It to his custotner. Will
you. who aro consumer of twenty tons
ferhap. and have therefore a make In
his matter of $f annually, expend tho
thousands of dollars necessary to test
this question? Again, certainly not; un
less perchance you ate u rundidate tor
office, and therefore a friend of the p
pl. Conclusions of PajM-r.
The writer then referred to the laws
of states on the subject of railroad regula
tion, to procedinRS In courts under these
law and to decisions of state und federal
courts In cases more or less familiar to the
public, tl)e powers of the Interstate Com
merce commission, and concluded:
Tho conclusion of the whole matter is
thla. If the Interstate Commerce commis
sion I vested with a Jurisdiction so tre
mendous In extent, nnd of such finality
every effnrt should be mado to provide a
body adequate to the trtiRt. That com
mission under the present law Is charged
Congestive Chills
era the result of thin blood, bad clrcu
latlen and run-down, anaemic con
dition. They occur more especially
during the warm weather .
5S1 -tW.'X
Duffy's Pure M!t V'iiiskey
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and its softness, palatabtlity and free
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ways been found absolutely pure and
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All drug&lat. grocers and dealer,
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medical boo'tlet containing- some of
the many convincing testimonials re
ceived fioti grateful men and women
who have een cured, and doctor's ad
vice seat free. Duffy Malt Whiskey
Co., Rf heater, N. T.
with two sots of duties requiring diverse
qualifications (or their discharge. It stands,
first, as rpTeentatlve of the government
to see that these highways are In fact
public. It r commanded to enforce the
provisions of, the act to regulate commerce.
It must see that rates are reasonable and
Just; that the practices and aregulati-ins of
railways are not oppressive;' that the pen
alties provided hy the act ore enforced.
In the near, future Jt powers must, be
extended to the operation of tli railway
well. Thee duties are largely executive.
They can best be discharged by a single
head, resporjHlhle to the executive, and
answerable to the srir of popular criticism,
"erne Remedies.
Pecond, this commjaslon Is In essence a
Judicial tribunal which hears and decides
complaints. The qualifications of such a
body are the exact opposite of the other.
Its membership should be numerous so
that its decisions may be the reiultant of
Independent mind. It should be entirely
withdrawn from all political and personal
Influences, and It should have time for
the deliberate consideration of the matter
coming before It.
I very much doubt whether the same
body can properly discharge both theae
runctlons. Jn. the end It will either be
come remiss In It executive duties or will,
In the zeal of those, become unfit for the
dlsp.iRRlonate performance of Its Judicial
function. Whatever may have been true
in the rasr the time ha come when the
commission should be relieved of all Its
S , fxc'pt hearing and deciding of
JTJlV'v. ar" J"'""8' In which this
IT , b? ,""P!hed. The commission
i. I I?Jh -Perhaps be reorganised, and
it duties divided. Its executive functions
could be transferred to a bureau In ome
deportment, t bave mvaelf thought that
a new department sbnnM be created. Buch
a department- would from the first hev.
Jecu"itlon In lntv. No deenrtment Wn.iM
M,""'r by all classes, nor
wo d n-v be of mor. wrvice th
jrh-le TmMV. r,.wr ,.,, r,frn, Vkn
In kp'e-'r this nsner , h Int-mled to
TJt h,'" "fore mv sub-
.leet. end I can only tiree the delrabH't
of accomplishing the-thing In sorre man-
Has Served i . . .
. ""ore ana
I.Ike the People and
fho life.
(FVom a Staff Correspondents
WASHINGTON. AUg. J?.-It will be a
surprise to many N.brskna to learn that
Church Howe le to be transferred from
hi post m consul general at Montreal.
Canada to the consiUate at Manchester.
England, and yet the transfer la made be
cause the r resent consul at Manchester
W. II. Bradley, m n bad health and the
state department, rather than have him
quit the aervlce, brought about the ex
change or post. Howe going to Manches
ter and Bradley to Montreal. Mr. Howe
ha pent so many year In England that
he ha come to like.! them socially and
he would rather.be a consul accredited?
direct to the dominion of King Edward
than coneul general on the border line.
The exchange la mutually satisfactory and
Mr. Howo goes, back to the p lace where
he made hi reputation as a consular officer
and according, to the "slate department he
stand at the head of hi corps.
The Interstate Commerce commission to
day made public a complaint received from
the Traffic bureau of "the Merchant Ex
change of St. Louis against the Burlington,
Missouri Pacific and.'Rock Island roads
making a genral .complaint regarding the
charges Imposed upon shipment of grain
from point In Kansas i and Nebraska to
St. Loul. The complainant assert that
In purchasing grain at the point of pro
duction In Kansas or Nebasaka, the grain
buyer and shipper at Omaha, Bouth Omaha.
St. Joseph or K ansae City pay the local
rate up to nhe Misgcattl - river where the
grain Is sold for reshlpment to Mississippi
river polrtt pjr lieyodnd when, the grain
I handled -thjCHigh an elevator an allow
ance of threetjuat-ter" "W one cent per
hundred pounds'' fa1 nh to the elevator
by' the, defendant.. vaUrood,! company which
goes toward the ww.ment of the grain
dealer or shipper' operating expense and
on such trafti5''cornpenatidn .received by
the railroad for. transportation is on wheat
ti cents hundred poands, coarse grain TH
cent per hbufidrerf- pound, while on
through (hlpmcnt of grain, from the same
points to St. Louis, no contribution Is made
by the rmllrotxd companies toward oper
ating expense of handling grain through
an cluvator at a. JvOUi.
Oeorge W. Cla.b, residing at Sioux Falls,
8. V., today entered . complaint against
the Illinois Central railroad alleging ex
cessive charges ' on shipments of potatoes
In carload lota from Sioux Fall to Brook-
haven, Mas. The ratio charged wa 6S
cents pVr hundred and complainant aver
It should have been not to exceed 19 cent
per hundred. The total damages complain
ant claims due to alleged excessive unlaw
ful charges Is JA18.-
A. L. Clrk. of Hatting, with hi daugh
ter, spent, tho day In Washington.
L. J. hrlkman, assistant cashier of the
German National bank of Hastings, ac
compansd by hit two daughter, arrived
In Waiihihgton today enroute to the James
.town exposition. ,
The cadets from the Culver Military
acadixny, Peru. Ind., Who have practically
had the key of the city of Washington In
the'r possession during the past forty
eight hour, have abused no privilege ac
corded them, and Have been having the
time of their live going about today seeing
the sights of the nation' capital. They
have entertained Waahlngtonlans, who are
well used to well drilled bodies of men, by
their drills, the precision of which ha
only been equalled by the West Point. and
naval academy cadet, who have appeared
here from time to time. There are, two
trim youth from Omaha In the battalion,
W. D. McHugh. aon of Judge McHugh,
and Joseph Woodward. In the battalion
there Is also a. Q. Aid, of Council Bluffs.
The cadet leave tonight for Annapolis, to
be shown the naval academy tomorrow, re
turning to Washington In the afternoon,
and leaving for their school home at t
o'clock Wednesday night.
Companions , -Finally Locate It
Front f Can on Lake
FATERBON. N. J.. Aug. n.-The body
of Mies Agnes Magulre. the Brooklyn, N.
T., school teacher, who mypteriously dis
appeared from a carriage at Nolan' Point,
Lake Uopatcong; N.J., Saturday night, wa
found In the lake today.
Mis Magulre, waa visiting at her uncle's
home in Dover, .N.' J.. when on Saturday
evening ' her epusln. Charles Magulre, a
clerk In the Dover postofflce took her for
a drive to Camp Lookout at Nolan's Point
on Lake HopatcOng. They arrived at th,
crimp after dark and Juat a a thunder
Moron wa about to occur. Hitching
horse to a tree, Charle Magulre left.' hi
cousin waiting in the carriage while he!
went to the camp to gel some clotVllng.
He a1d he wa absent only a few mreutea,
but when he returned Agme wa gone,
leaving no trace of the route 'j had
taken. Charle aald he supposed tA young
woman, who was of a nervous teruperment,
became frlghtenaa1 by the vivid, flashes of
lightning after ho left her alone, and trying
to reach the eamp, lot her way In tho
wood. Tho body was brotnrht up with
grappling lroi in front of t he camp.
amber nf Nekvanka PnataMafcemklao
Han Oat at tkn D. ,
Washington. Aug. (Bpeclai Telegram).
Nebraska Post master appointed: Clatonta.
Cage County,. Qoorgo U. ydick, vice N.
gm,1 iU,1 kCniEsaizagzai
II Sec Ihe Crest U , i v in sw ym m-m in.v m
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60c Vantlno' Cream 40c
26e Sanltol Fac Cream 2.1c
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The Twentieth Century Farmer
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Omaha vs. Lincoln
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Thursday, Aug. 29, Ladies' Day ' :
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The Cow Boy Girl
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