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Office 15 Scott Street.
Davis, drus.
.toekert relli i ni jets.
d Rogers. Tony Fount beer.
Lewi Cutler, fuiteial director. Thone 97.
Woodrlns Undertaking company. Tel. I.9.
Tor rent, unfurnished rooms, 231 Main St.
Kant or post card. Alexander's art store.
Ki Hroadway..
rn Isfs riveted on free of charge,
1'etersen & Pclioenina; Co.
. 1'OK RE NT -Nice larice rooms. $2.00 and
; per week. Oaden hotel.
Wanted Two carriers to carry The Bee.
Omnha lee. ID Hentt street.
Ohle Allen of Woodbury avenue was
quarantined for smallpox yesterday.
Hi:tMAN HrtoS.. H.ORIST8. 10 TEARL
FT. f hones; Ind. illack; Bell. 62A
V know we have the best Hour, fcaeo
Is the name. Kartell & Miller. Thone 359.
1 Yon had bettor come to D. W. Keller's,
I :; f Main &' . and Ret your go-carts.
. uii savs you money.
i'lne singing and concert by colored
iichrstia, at Hunter's all this week, after
noons. Everybody welcome.
Harmony chapter. Order of the Eastern
Blar, will meet in regular session this
evening at the Masonic temple.
Crass seed, clover seed, garden seed,
flower seeds. J. Zoller Mercantile Co., 100-10J-1C4-U
Broadway. 'Phones 820.
William Bestmann and Anna Trede, both
of Mlndeh, la., were married in this city
ye'terrtsy mnrnlnn. Rev. Henry De Lung
performing the ceremony.
vou tan net better coal for less money
i. cm illluiu Welch, 14 North Main. Tlis
ntthun why is beiausc no sells for cash.
....... ' piiuiiiss Yard 'phone. Bell 077.
riellle jour troubles by getting a good
'itrliable watii, of a strlctl) reliable make,
vitn u leliahlo guarantee behind it. Wa
I nve that watch. O. Mauthe, 22S West
Colonel W. F. Baker of the Board of Su
1ivI.oi.i has accepted an Invitation ti
address a' gathering of township trustees
uC Uuthrle county at lluthrlo Center on
Saturday on the subject of "Uood Roads."
Associated , Charities bazar at the
armory next week, Wednesday, Thursday
and . t-rtday. Meals every day. Booths
for sale ui needlework, candles, flowers,
etc. Ubnatlons solicited fur all kinds of
Our spring slock of oxfords, black and
tans Is i.uw in. It's to your interest to call.
Our expenses bring so low we can under
sell the oilier fellow and thua give you tho
best quality for less money. Duncan Shoe
La. I1 S Muin ftl
- rain npincrr, uie o-year-nki -on or Mr.
and Mrs. Olaf Elton, 618 South Seventh
Mieet, died at a late hour Tuesday night
lioni stomach trouble sfter an illness of
tiny five days. The body was taken iat
evening to ouatonna, Minn., for burial.
Flowers and plants for your Easter
Kiectlng. There Is nothing finer or more
pleasing. We have tho grandest and
largest assortment ever shown in this city.
Come to our store for something artisti
cally arranged and beautiful. J. F. Wil
cok. 51 West Broadway. 'Phones 99.
A party of high achool girls and boys
of Logan, la., chaperoned by Miss La
Dutklu Salter, the principal, spent yester
day. In Council Bluffs vlltlng the Car
negie library, the high school and other
points' of Interest. In the evening the
party attended the performance of "The
Virginian'' t Boyd's theater In Omaha,
David Wood, an 18-year-old lad, was
found sleeping in a shed at Fourteenth
street and Fifteenth avenue yesterday
morning and was taken by the police to
the Fdmumlfton Memorial hospital. The
boy . was sick with fever and barely able
to walk.' Wood said he had been on the
J'artric-vnsxt and was trying to make hia
way back to his home in Newton, la.
At the meeting of the Board of Fire
and Police Commissioners last evening tt
was decided o hold n examination next
Tuesday evening In the city hall of appli
cants tor position In both the lire and
police departments. The report of tiie
enm r i Infthtti inn1nln(nir lt iwnnmi.tifla.
Hons as to repairs and Improvements at
the different engine houses will be made
public today.
We want you to come In and ' see our
line of genuine German and English wall
pafer. This Is the finest lino of Imported
wall paper ever brought to Council Bluffs.
The borders are hand colored. The de
tlfciia are perfect, of rich, delicate coloring,
due hundred different patterns, with the
finest pnsslhle finish on the best of paper.
The Imitation burlan Is an exceptionally
fine pattern looks like silk, the borders
are patterned from Alplan. Arabian hunt
ing Scenery and flowers. It Is something
fine, you must come in and see It. H.
IlorwicW. 11 South Main. The largest wall
paper hnusa In southwestern Iowa.
Concert and singing, colored orchestra,
every afternoon this week, at Hunter's.
Everybody welcome.
' Concert and singing, colored orchestra,
every afternoon this week, at Hunter's.
Everybody welcome.
Hera Is What Yon Ham Been Look
i .' , t In a; Far.
Ten Cypress boards equal to twelve
inches In thickness. Long lasters and
very strong. We have them. 4, S, 8, 10 and
12 Inches In width, from 10 to 20 feet
long. , Prices very low. C. Hafer Lumber
cuini'uny, Council Bluffs, la.
Orange Sale.
Big special sale oranges, extra choice
stock, at way down prices. J. Zoller Mer.
C'l). 1WM0:-Iii4-1 Broadway. 'Phone 320.
Ileal Estate Transfers.
Tl.es transfers were reported to Tha
pea 'April 15. by the rottawattamln County
Abstract company of Council Bluffs:
a T. Miller and wire to D. J. Hutch
. . inso'n, . lot 12, O. P. of Council
Blufla. la., w d $10,000
O- W. Stshl and wife to John A.
Chsnssirom. lot 18 in Stahl s add. to
i.ounru rtiuiis, ia.t w a
.Thomas H. Caughey and wife to P.
O. Alleshouse. loia 4 and In block"
X In Kan mount add. to Council
Hlutfs. Ia.. w d v.
Leon H. Schwald and wife to C. M.
Hntia 1m 7 fn hlm-k In R.ninn'i
.. . i ... . . . 1 1 i j i . , 1 .. ... a r-
Adams & Johnson Co. to Independent
school district, lot 9 In block SO, Mul
, tin's , sub.. 1Q Council Bluffs.. Ia.,
' w d. SO
lii T In Kln,.k S millat la m. A SA
Jessica J. . Siedentopf and husband
and Ellen M. S. Haas and husband
4 t Jacob Neumeyer, lot S In block 4,
. Hagg's 1st add. to Council Bluffs,
la., q c . d.... 1
. Seven transfers, total.
Ho Be Safe
To be safe confine yourself to
the use of such flavors as your
experience and judgment tell
you are of the purest quality.
: Flavoring
re just as they are represented
to be. If not the cheapest they
are the best, and no puddings,
cakes, creams, or other table deli
1 cacies, axe spoiled by their use.
Both 'Phones 43.
County Attorney Filei Ouster Pro
ceeding! Against Him.
Charge la Failure to Aeeoant for
Fees Collected and Also Altera
tion of Rrcorda In
His Office.
In accordance with the Instructions Is
sued by Judge Wheeler of the district court.
County Attorney Hjss filed yesterday the
petition for the removal of H. V. Battey
from the office of clerk of the district
The suit Is brought In the name of the
state of Iowa ex rel J. J. Hess, county at
torney. In the petition the general charge
la made that Mr. Battey has been guilty
of corruption, wilful misconduct and mal
administration In office, also tha allegation
that Mr. Batter "has received money be
longing to Pottawattamie county In both
civil and probate matters and that ha hat
wholly failed to properly account for or
to pay to said county the auma so col
lected." Thirty-one courts are set out In the peti
tion r.nd the county Kttortey has bssed hit
action principally upon alleged alteration
of the records, attention to which was
called in the report of C. J. Rlchman, an
expert accountant employed tiy the Board
of Supervisors to check over the books
and records of Mr. Battey's office. These
alleged alterations end erasures In the
records were particularly .referred to by
Judge Wheeler when he ordered the action
for removal brought.
The following are examples of the several
charges contained In the thirty-one counts:
12. 1S05, In the case of Stlllman against
Davis. In this it is charged that the clerk
collected a fee of 14.50 for making a com
plete record, and that this amount Is not
included In his report of the fees of his
office filed with the county auditor.
It Is charged that an entry of Mai
19oj, in the matter of the estate of Ai.
Gromap, there was collected the sum
$14, as shown by receipts attached to re
ports In this rfcse, and that the sum of $11
the clerk fallpd to Include In his Veport of
fefs filed with the auditor.
In another count It is charged that an
entry of May 6, IMS, in. the case of Cartan
against Cnrtan, there, was taxed and col
lected $5.50 for a complete record, the same
being a fee of his office; that the fee ap
peared to be partially erased and the
docket altered, bh shown by the Incomplete
erssfire; that the fee belonged to the county
and was not Included in the report of fees
filed by the clerk.
In the case of Saunders against DeVore
In an entry of June 15, 1906. it is charged
that the clerk taxed and collected a fee
for complete record therein In the sum of
$12. all of which appears In the report on
file In the case filed November 4, 19, and
It la charged that an erasure appears upon
the record of the court, thereby changing
the Item from $12 to $2, and that the clerk
failed to Include the collection In his ac
count of feea on file.
In an entry of July 7. 1905, in the case
of Loughlin against Ivll and others, tt is
charged that there appears to be several
erasures and alterations upon the appear
ance and fee docket and that there was
paid to W. R. Cox by check th sum of $12.
the same being a fee taxed In favor of
Cox, and that the docket had been changed
and altered so that there now appeara to
he the amount of $22; that , in the same
cause the clerk recelvpd for a transcript
and complete record $29.M, no part of which
waa included In the clerk'a report 6f fees.
The books and papers pertaining . to the
action are retained in the custody of H. J.
Chambers, who was appointed by the court
to take charge of the office pending the
determination of the Investigation of the
chargea against Mr. Battey. The books
particularly Involved have bean taken from
their accustomed places and locked In the
large safe In tha office. No date has been,
set as yet for the hearing. When Mr.
Battey was suspended by the court he
stated that he would demand an immediate
hearing and Judge Wheeler is expected to
set U as soon as both parties can conveni
ently be prepared for it.
Libit Salt Settled.
The $10,000 libel suit brought by Felix
Sets, member of the Board of Supervisors,
against the New Nonpareil company was
dismissed yesterday, a settlement having
been reached out of court.
In the suit brought by W. W. Morrow,
state treasurer, to collect collateral In
heritance tax from the estate of the late
C. Busch, Judge WJieeler yesterday de
ckled against the state treasurer.
The suit brought by Mrs. A. M. Krank
against the Omaha Elevator company to
recover damages for the death of her h'ua
band, who was killed by falling down an
elevator shaft, was dismissed, a settle
ment having been reached out of court.
It Is understood Mrs. Kraak received $400
in settlement.
Judge Wheeler yesterday entered an
order overruling the motion for a new
trial In the suit of Charles W. Smith
against the city of Council Bluffs. Tha suit
waa decided In favor of the city May 9,
19o4, but hid been hanging fire ever since
on the motion for a new trial.
Mrs. Clara B. Hart secured a temporary
Injunction yesterday restraining the city
and Peter Nelaon, contractor, from laying
a new cement sidewalk In front of her
property on Park avenue. In the petition
Mrs. Hart claims that ' there is a good
brick sidewalk in front of the property.
Mra. Byrd Weber has filed a croa petition
in the suit for divorce brought by her
husband, Ixtuls A. Weer. She alleges cruel
and inhuman treatment and asks In addi
tion $40 a month permanent alimony; that
sh b allowed $100 suit money and $100 for
attorney fees.
N. 7. Plumbing Co. Tu. 260. Night L69S.
Talma and ferns. Herman Bros., 10 Pearl
St.. 'Phones. Ind. 624 Black. Bell 6C3.
Potted plants. Herman Bros.. 10 Pearl
St. 'Phones, Ind. 624 Black, Bell 623.
Marriage Licenses.
Licenses to wed were issued yesterday
to the following:
Kame and Residence.
William Beatmann. Mlndcn, Ig
Anna Trede, Minden, la
Mika Blhger. Omaha
Annie Bricheck, fanaha
J. E. Hoover, Pittsburg, Pa
Delia Owens, Memphis, Tenn
Edwin Hughes, Council Bluffs....
Mary Mcintosh, Crescent, Ia
D. E. Carver. Traer, Kan
Nora Bell Clark. Tiaer. Kan
... 34
Parana, Pa mas.
Do you need a pump? Let ua glva you
prlcea. Wa have all kinds. J. Zoller Mer.
Co., 100-102-104-10S Broadway. 'Phone $J0.
Drtak Baeweleer,
King ef all bottled beera. L. Rosenfeld
Co.. distributors. Both 'phones S2S.
Small t'otta Barns.
Tha two-room cottage occupied by Mra
Emma Wllletts at 1726 Eighth avenue, was
partially destroyed by flra about 11 o'clock
yetterday morning. The flra is believed to
liava been caused by an oVerheatcd stove.
Mrs. Wllletts left the. house for a few
minutes to visit a neljrhbor and when sha
returned tha place was In flames. All of
Mrs. WllUtts' furniture ' ami personal ef
fects were practically destroyed. ThR
building Is owned by E. 11. lxiugee. Mrs.
Wllletts carried no Insurance, but It Is un
derstood Mr. Lougee's loss Is covered.
Few rhanaea From the Flaw res of
Assessor Hardin.
Meeting as a hoard of equalization, the
city council lasf night completed the prelim
inary review of the assessment books of
City Assessor Hardin and adjourned to
Wednesday evening of next week at which
time those persona whose assessments have
been raised will be afforded an opportunity
to voice their objections.
But comparatively few changes have so
far been made In the assessment as reported
by Mr. Hardin. Tho largest Increase is in
the case of the C. Hafer Lumber company,
lta assessment being raised from $20,000 to
$30,000. The new Day A Hess building on
Pearl and Main streets was raised from
$7,000 to $9.0i, while the new building of
City Treasurer True at the corner of Broad
way and Eighth street was raised from
$7,000 to O0O. The assessment of the Clark
Implement company was increased to $11,000
from $7,000.
According to the showing made by the
First National bank, the city finds Itself
In the position of owing the bank something
Instead of collecting any taxes on its capital
stock. City Assessor Hardin placed an
assessment of $200,000 on the bank's capital
stock, and to offset this the bank claimed
to have the capital stock unvested in non
assessable government bonds to the amount
of $300,000, leaving a balance In favor of the
bank of $40,000. Counsel for the bank, how
ever, informed the board that it was "will
ing to pay a reasonable amount." Tho ques
tion of the exemption of the bank's capital
stock from assessment was referred to the
counity attorney.
Assessor Hardin's books show an increased
assessment of about $350,000 over last year.
There Is a loss of about $40,000 on moneys
and credits and about $75,000 on agricultural
Implement stocks, due to the disastrous
fires on Implement Row, so that The entire
amount of Increase this year Is on new
buildings. Real estate Is not assessed this
year, the assessment of the previous year
standing. New buildings erected during the
last year are assessed as personal property.
The total assessment for this year will be
In the neighborhood of $16,800,000.
Tho question of assessing the sugar stored
In the warehouses of this city Is still un
decided. Mr. Hardin expressed the belief
that about $45,000 worth of the sugar stored
here was subject to assessment.
The street railway company is assessed
at $490,000, the Citizens Qas and Electric
company at $182,460 and the City Water
Works company at $152,260. '
Under the new law any public officer or
taxpayer haa the privilege of complaining
of any assessment. He may ask to have
the assessment made either higher or lower.
In case the board declines to take the ac
tion desired by the complainant an appeal
can be taken to the district court.
George W. Klein, ID South Main street
Both 'phones. Have It dona right.
Indian Creek to Be Dredged.
The city council, as a committee of the
whole, made a trip to the mouth of Indian
creek yesterday afternoon for the purpose
of ascertaining what dredging was needed
this year. The dredge hoat, which has
been stored on the bank of the creek, waa
found to be in serviceable condition. The
dredge Itself Is stored in the Clausen build
ing on Sixth street and Thirteenth avenue
and probably will require some repairs be
fore it can be placed In commission again.
While no action was taken by the com
mittee of the whole yesterday, It Is under
stood that the councllmen favor resuming
work on the creek as soon as possible.
There is a balance of something over $4,000
In the Indian creek fund and with the
additional money that can be secured from
the sewer fund the city. It is thought, will
have sufficient means with which to do
the work.
The committee concurred in the request
of property owners and residents on the
portion of South First street, east of Gra
ham avenue, that the name be changed to
Madison avenue, and the city solicitor was
Instructed to draw urt the necessary ordi
nance providing for the change of name.
The question of paving Madison avenue be
tween Capell and Iowa avenues was re
ferred to Councllmen Younkerman and
Morgan for them to make a recommenda
tion. In the matter of the opening of Eleventh
atreet, aa asked for by the Walker Manu
facturing company, an arrangement wa
reached whereby the opening of the alley
between the plants of the, Walker company
and the Alfalfa Meal company will provide
the relief dealred.
Several minor matters were considered by
the committee, which will report on them
at the meeting of the council next Monday
night. ,
In Oar Meat Department.
If you want good meats, give us a call.
We cut only the best that money and ex
perience .can buy. Let ua prove It. J.
Zoller Mer. Co., 100-101-104-106 Broadway.
'Phone J20.
Yoa Will Enjoy It.
Come in our atore and see the grand
display of flowers and plants for Eaater.
They are very artistically arranged and
there la nothing finer or more pleasing for
an Eaater greeting. Visitors always wel
come. J. F. Wilcox, 621 West Broadway.
'Phonea 99.
Cut flowera. Exceptionally fine. Herman
Bros., 10 Pearl St. 'Phones, Ind. C24 Black,
Bell 523.
Wist Car Tracks Lowered.
Property owners on Avenue A west of
Twenty-sixth street, have . appointed a
committee consisting of A. C. Keller, presi
dent of the West Council Bluffs Improve
ment club; J. A. CNeil, W. O. Hlnton and
L. J. Antone a rrpreaent them before the
city council at lta meeting next Monday
night, at which time aome action on the
proposed grade of this thoroughfare will
be taken.
It ia understood that the property owners
have decided in favor of a grade not
higher than that of Broadway, and they
will ask that tha tracka of the atreet rail
way company be lowered to thla grade,
where necessary. It Is expected the street
railway company will enter a protest
against thia proposed grade, as the es
tablishment of It will necessitate the re
laying of its t tacks for a considerable
AHffl't Foot tu. a Mder. Rttlv painful,
martlng. nvou ffrt oe ingrowing aatlt, .4 lik
'antly tk th Ming nut of corns ao4 buolona. it
tha gratett comfort d la ovary f tha aga. Allen
Foot-Baa makaa tight or mw siafi fa I ay. It l
g cartai cur for awaatlna, callcua. aarotlan, tirad.
aching lai. Try H today, to 1 4 by all liruggiata
ao4 ha ttora. By malt 'or tic la tamr. ijua t
tweapt any avuaMtut. TfUl pat kag FhttS. Ai
4ra Alia ft. OiL4. V R. N V
Railroads File Reports of Business
During Last Year.
ton tit nncrln tr nden t F.rolve a
Plan for Kntlre nemndellna: of
durational atrm of
the State.
(From a Stsff Correspondent.)
DKS MOINES. April 16. (Special.) Prac
tically all of the railroads that have made
reports to the executive council of Iowa,
and on which tho council will make the
assessment of the railroads, show a loss In
the grnps and net receipts over that of the
year before. The reports now reaching the
secretary of the executive council cover the
business done during tho tar ending De
cember 31, I'.ioT.
The gross earnings of the Great Western
are J.'.ono.cmo less than the year before, and
the net earnings nearly Sl.OoO.OOO less; the
gross earnings cf the Rock Island are 8375,
000 less than tho year before, and Its net
earnings over 12.000,000 less. The gross
earnings of the Wabash are $30,000 less and
its net earnings $70,000 less. The Dubuque
& Sioux City Is the only road thus far re
porting that ahows an Increase in Its gross
earnings. The increase amounts' to nearly
$500,000, but K net earnings are over $300,
000 less than the year before.
The reports thus far made do not cover
some of the largest roads. The North
western, Milwaukee, Burlington and Iowa
Central have not reported as yet, but It Is
expected that their business has suffered
the same as the rest.
The roads thus far reporting show the
following comparisons:
Gross Earnings. Net Earnings.
Great Western
1W)7 $ 3.531. 60S $ 334.374
1906 6,434,846 1,333,608
Hock Island
1907 13.571.047 3 7R1.070
1906 13,945,699 5,135,108
Dubuque & Sioux City
1907 5.139.5R3 746.412
1906 4.656,674 1,087,283
1907 1.122.4M 194.077
1906 1.143,691 263.413
The earnings per mile, net, show the
same falling off and are as follows:
' 1907 190H
Great Western $ 8M $2.3S8
Rock Island 1.871 2.531
Dubuque & Sioux- City 1,042 1.RI8
Wabash 858 1,298
Last year the railroads reported an In
crease In earnings and were given a boost
In their assessment. This year It is pre
sumed that If there is an Increase it will
be small.
Candidates File Fapera.
Senator Frank J. Hopkins of Guthrie
county today filed with the secretary of
state his nomination papers as a candi
date for the republican nomination as
state auditor.
Louis J. Leech, democrat, today filed
papers as democratic candidate for state
senator from the Cedar-Jones district, now
represented by Senator Stirton, a demo
crat. It is understood Stirton will not be
a candidate!
Robert D. Tlmherlake of Bedford has
filed as republican candidate for repre
sentative from Taylor county; G. J. Long
of Manson has filed as republican candi
date for representative from Calhoun
county; E. R. Zellar of Winterset has filed
as republican candidate for representa
tive from Madison county; Ed W. Burch
has filed aa prohibition candidate for state
senator from' the Calhoun-Webster dis
trict; Sid D. Robh of Clinton has filed
as republican, candidate for representative
from Clinton .county; E. E. Branstad has
filed as democratic candidate for repre
sentative from Winnebago county.
Burton E. Sweet of Waverly, formerly
a member of the Iowa house, today filed
his papers aa a candidate for congress
in the Third district. He says that Blrd
sall withdrew .because of the tariff senti
ment and Is auite sure that he will get
the nomination.
Ednratora Are Radical.
At the meeting of the bounty superin
tendents of schools at the state house
today two hours were spent In a discus
sion of abolishing the present school or
ganization system, make the county the
unit, abolish boards of education, boards
of directors, trustees and county superin
tendent and govern the achool system by
a commission of five persons. Many of
those engaging In the discussion were fa
vorable to it and showed that they had
given the matter some consideration. The
subject has also been discussed In the
educational Journals. At the conclusion
of the discussion a vote was taken which
resulted 68 to 8 in favor of the new idea.
The convention also discussed waya and
meana of taking the office of county su
perintendent out of politics. Members of
tho legislative school revision commis
sion were present during the day. The
convention adjourned thla afternoon.
Brooks Couple Alleged to Hare Killed
Two Little Onea.
CRESTON. Ia., April 16. (Special.)
David and. Louisa Buskirk of Carbon, in
Adams county, have been arrested by the
officials of that county on the charge of
murdering two little children who were
supposed to be theirs, but who both died
under auspicious circumstances shortly
after birth. The man and hia wife are
both in tha Corning Jail (waiting the re
port of the state chemist. When arrested
at Brooka they were waiting for a train
to leave the state. Both have the appear
ance of being illiterate and had no means
except the money from a sale of some
chickens, with which they were planning
to get out of the state.
Sterling; Silver Articles That Blake
Desirable Eaater Glfta.
For One Dollar and a Quarter Salad
forks, dessert spoons. Almond dishes,
sugar spoons.
For One Dollar Heavy tea spoona, bouil
lon spoons, butter spreaders, pickle forks,
olive forks, oatmeal spoons, salt cups, nap
kin rings.
For Sixty Onta Tea spoons, after din
ner spoons, berry forks, salt spoons.
C. M. Petera Will Recover.
CRESTON. Ia.. April 15. (Special. )-Flnls
Peters has returned from a visit to his
father, C. M. Peters, who attempted aul
clde at Pierce, Neb., last week. He re
ports his father entirely out of danger and
conditions favorable for an ultimate recov
ery. The self-inflicted wound was merely
a flesh wound, which produced uncon
sciousness for a short time only, and is
expected to heal in a short time.
If you need any lawn or chicken fence
let ua know. We have the largest line of
fence In the city. Let us give you aa e
tlmate. P. C. De Vol Hardware Co.
Easter lilies. Herman Bros., 10 Pearl
St., 'Phones. Ind. 624 Black, Bell 623.
Harrison Conntr Democrats,
IjDGAK, la., April 16. (Special.) Yes
terday afternoon at the opera house n
Missouri Valley tha democrats of Har
rison county nominated the following
ticket for primary election: A. fl. Caw.
L 2;
Edcrhcimcr, Stein & Co.- Makers
YOU'LL find the Easter quality and style in an
suit.' We've made it a point at this store, at this particular
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Double breasted and Norfolk suits for ages 7 to 17, and long trouser suits for
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representative; E. C. Campbell, super
visor; Clem Duer. supervisor: E. B. Bally.
county attorney; Cam Duepree, treasurer;
rank Hill, clerk; Frank Foot, sheriff;
M. L. Dakan, county superintendent of
schools;- Claude Norrls, recorder; Dr. M'j
Farlan, coroner; J. J. Fitzgibbons, sur
veyor. Iowa Xewa Notes.
CRESTON Next Monday will he payday
for the Burlington employes at this plcv.
The pay car will errlve on No. 4 In tho
afternoon and depart on No. 2 In tho even
ing. CRESTON Ed Dew. for a long time a
business man of this place, hns sold all
his interests to a man fiom Dos Moines
named Gutman and expects to retire from
active business life soon.
ATLANTIC Mrs. Matt Met of Benton
township died at her homo yesterday as
the result of peritonitis. She whs J7
years of age and had resided In and near
thla place nearly all her life, ijhe had
been ill but a short time.
CRESTON T. T. Roberts, a Creston
business man, while in Omalia yesterday
slipped on the street' In some way, cauBlmr
a fracture of one of his lower limbs. A
local physician was wired for last night 10
come to timt place and bring hlni home.
CRESTON Much of the enormous supply
of 46,'K) tons of coal which was stored at
this point last winter for the us of tha
Burlington Is now being shipped for use to
varioua points east a.nd west on the line.
It is being handled by a large force of
Italian workmen.
CRESTON The members of Hawkrye
engine company of the fire department are
planning to attend the firemtn's tourna
ment of southwestern Iowa at Atlantic on
July 3 and 4. They have peiiyimilon to
take the chemical engine and thtfine fir?
team. Tom and Jerry.
CRESTON I nlon county democrats held
a conference hern Wednesday afternoon for
a discussion and explanation of the primary
law in order that the party may make tin
mistake through failure to comply will
the provisions of the law In the nomination
of candidates at I he primaries.
MARSHA LLTOWNOwar Rosengren, a
young mechanic of this city, who was run
down and permanently Injured tiy an auto
mobile driven by F. F. Michaels, formerly
of this city, but nrv of Hampton, was
gitn a verdict of H.SOrt by the Jury which
brought In tli verdict this afternoon.
CRESTON The special train of Burllna
ton officials, having on board Vice presi
dent Daniel Willard. Cleneral Manager F.
E. Ward. General Superlr.tend-nt W. It.
Throop and Superintendent of Motive Power
Tortey, were iiiKpeellng the western divi
sion from here yeateiduy. and madu a trip
over the south branch jilsn.
ATLANTIC Prof. H. W. C. Shoek of
Anita, who lias been making a stremioua
campaign for the nomination of county
superintendent at the republican pri
maries, has withdrawn from the race and
leaves it to Mrs. I. H. Johnson nlone j 1.0 j
school board at Anita re-elected him ut :
an increased salary, milking his present
position of more value than the office ho 1
ATLANTIC W. Z. Lloyd of this place
Is suffering with a badly bruised lace as
the result of a peculiar accident, lie wan
returning from Lincoln, Neb., on the train
when a fellow passenger attempted to
take a grip down off Vi rack and dropped
It. The grip struck Mr. Lloyd squarely
in the face and cut his face and nose
quite badly, though nothing serious Is ex
pected to result.
ATLANTIC The body of Otto Relx
berg. the young man who illrd of spinal
meningitis, was held laat night at a
o'clock from the family residence and the
body was taken to the cemetery and In
terred bv moonlight without the presence
of a single relative or friend and 110
funeral service. The burial was in ac
cordance with the Hoard of Henlth rule
and ia the first of the kind ever held
MARFHALLTOWN A stranger who hns
been paosing in thia elty under the name
of "Creo. the detective," anil who ls
claimed that he was connected with the
Plnkerton agency and that lie was also a
I'nited Slates dejiuty marshal. Was arrested
at Newton, Jasper county, early this morn
ing for alleged horse stealing. He will be
returned here. "Creo." whose correct name
it has been Impossible to learn, hired a
horse and buggy valued at : from the
Cmiibs ll.ery barn early yesterday morn
ing. He had driven the horse seventy miles
in fourteen hours when arrested.
MARSHA LI .TOWN A llulo more than
eighteen months ago Hamilton Browne of
Chicago, a promoter and builder of inter
urbans, started to promote such a public
seriie enterprise out of this cily to connect
with the Milwuufep railroad at Melbourne.
A special election mas held and a tax aid
totalling $0.i as voted the road, under
the provision t'i'it the tax ns payable
only und. r the condition that the road be
in operation by July 1. lMis. As there are
no prospects for th1 being done the cily
council today passed a resolution tailing
tit. 11 I'ronne and his sureties to pay the
.7s wv '-u h uneclal election cost.
It TA:-' :-- '' '-" --v f a..,..,,,..,.k.i
( 'A
' mw.w!::'
.J, it - :
'if if
1 II
ill?. I
OjAX''" .
San Francisco Bay if
)) $r?fnj For the (
I i Tickets on sale April 4. 5, 25, 2G, limit 1
If GO days, and liberal stop-overs. I ?
imir.li nAOirin
UHiuii rfUiiriii
Inquire at
City Tirkrt Office, 1324 I'amam St. S
Five splendid offices
There are five offices and only five, which
are not occupied at the present time. If you
want an office in the best building in Omaha
now is the time to make your selection, because
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ROOM 214 This room is 14 x27 feet, a total of almost 400 square
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month u $27.50
SUITK 320 This Is a very handsome uite of two rooms consist
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prwof vault. This is a corner office and corner oil ices are alway3
eagerly sought for. The price per month is , . . $32.00
llOOM 644 This is the only vacant room on the sixth floor. Tho
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room and is Just the thing for some one who desires a medium
sized office. The price per month is $20.00
H'lTK 300 This is a fine located office on the third floor close to
elevator. It is facing on Famani St., and has a fire, proof vault,
It is subdivided to furnish two private oft ices and a reception
room at, per month .$30.00
llOOM 520 Is a small room on tha. west side of the building and
. has good light. Thia can be let at, per month '.$15.00
llooin 103.
. . HA K
Friday and
JaV and ( CaUMaO-
ay Only J All on
City Salesroom 1613 Howard St. f A J i r U
Osnsral Olflca aud Warehouse UGa-10-13 Jones St. -lTHWlm, iXIUU, fl
a si :
Fit. Hupt.
Ihc nuf!diu.
BZADTT imm SLlrnnu
each 35c, 6 for tl.OO; wi cted three-year U
each 40o, three for $1.00. ; II
SAMBLLEKB Two and three-year -H
own r i-fi, id grown freshly dug. H

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