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aster Hats
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' j -
You must buy your Easter hat Saturday or be without a new one on the greatest style occasion of all the
year. Brandeis is equipped as no western store ever has been to show the exquisite new hats. Nearly every
fashionable woman in Omaha buys her hats hero. No matter what price you wish to pay you will find more genuine style and more real artistic beauty in Bran
deis millinery than in any others. Our Immese stocks are in perfect readiness. Come in the morning if you can.
Exquisite Imported Millinery () Charming Easter Huts at $10 0. $15 Brandeis Moderate Priced Millinerv
We miggtwt to oar patrons, particularly those In tho west end of town,
great convenience of our new 17th street entrance which opens directly from
street to our Millinery and Women's Salt Sections.
New arrivals, just received by express from New
York have been added to this magnificent group.
These hats are elegant original designs from the
greatest designers on 5th Ave and they show the
very latest expression of extreme stylo that aro
tho furore of fashionable New York. The most
glorious array of new models ever rt C
beheld. Select one Saturday at
To insure the best selections and to receive our
most careful attention, we suggest that you come
in the morning.
Charming Easter Hats at $10 & $15
A great variety of charming Easter Hats shown In these
groups Immense Bailors, lavishly trimmed the new high
crown hats laden with flowers and foliage modi urn
sized Easter Hats; Etc. every
new shade la here at
The prettiest children's hats of the season; misses'
and children's poke bonnets in the light dainty
colors, made of horse hair braid and trimmed
with shirred chiffon, lilies of the valley and chif
fon rosette ages 4 to 10, have been
selling at $4.50; special.
It is in moderate priced hats that Brandeis has
won tho greatest renown. "VVe conduct a special
work room for $5.00 hats. Every one is a copy of
an expensive model.
Stunning New Hats at $5
Thousands of new hats wiH bo shown for the first
time Saturday. Could be sold nowhere else fo;
less than $10.00 the stunning Merry Widows-
the high crown hats with tilted Co
brims every color and very Cp
Entire Stock of Weil Bros.
Bought at a Tremendous Sacrifice.
Blanche Ring Bags With leath
er rings. The latest style, with
inside purse. Real goat skin,
extra size.
Carriage Bags Imported leath-
ers. 2 and 3 fittinirs.
f Chatelaine Parse Bags, Round Up Bags
now all the rage. Tapestry Bags.
Vikfj$ Soft leather bags, all made with in
side purse. Thousands of the finest bags
manufactured to " select from Saturda v.
Actually Worth up to $3.00
, Our complete stock of ready-to-wear attire for Easter will appeal to the women who seek distinctive fiWir. ?n thmr
apparel. The demands of Easter are imperious. . The best dressed women invariably look to Brandeis for the styles that are
genuinely smart and fashionable. For the day before Easter we announce many very special sales to appeal to women who
seek apparel for immediate needs.
a EidtUaUislUssi.
Fashlonseal Suits for Women Are the Spring Style Aristocrats
Many new arrivals are shown in this famous group. The Fashionseals represent the highest achieve
ment in point of style and tailoring no such suits found elsewhere for less than $40.00. CIC
Fashionseals are , pJ
Appropriate Gifts for Easter
Sterling Silver Files, Book-markers, Paper Knives,
Manicure Pieces, 925-1000 sterling silver. On East
er Cards. 25c to 2.00
W. A. Rogers grape design Dessert Spoons, set of six,
for .......... 90c
Sterling silver Bon-Bon Pieces, 925-1000 fine. . ,75c
Beautiful imported Combs, worth $1.50, each. .50c
Imported Combs, worth 75c, each. 25c
2-inch Elastio Belts, back and front buckles, worth
75c, each ..39c
Imported Belts with mother-of-pearl buckles,, worth
50c, each ... ..25c
Easter Cards In Stationery Department
Thousands of new designs, including Easter Post
Cards, Saturday at, each. lc and Up
I in
Wemen'a Suits at $15
Favorite spring fabrics In plain and sha
dow Etrlped blacks, tans and blues
very newest and smartest CI C
style features
Walking Skirts C
New light weight fab-'
rlcs, including voiles,
' all the favorite colore,
34.08 and $6.08
Many of these suits are samples. They show the swagger
est and most becoming Parisian style features, specially
channing for dressy Easter wear all the elegance of a
Parisian made-to-order gown at. . . .$35, $39 up to $75
Princess Lingerie Dresses Voile Skirts
Daintiest of early Bummer creations many are elaborately trimmed In walking effects
with laces and embroideries these dresses are the style success of li taffeta or self trimmed
t M . f genuine style In
the season we mention four groups, every skirt at $0.08,
at 814.85 825 835 $30 H $14.85 up to $25.00.
Dajnty New Waists for Ea.ser Wear
You'll need one of these ultra stylish new waists to go with your new suit Easter. Brandeis variety Is enormous and
the .features new as can be.
Dainty Lingerie Waists From the
simplest tailored lawn waists to the
exquisite fine hand made and hand
embroidered garments, trimmed in
real laces, fine German or handker
chief linen, at
81.50 81.08 82.50 and to 835
Those Smart Tailored Waists Noth
ing this season ao essential to the
complete toilette with tailored suit
Linens, Scotch Madras. French
Lawns, etc. smart, stiff laundered
collars and cuffs, will go at
$2.50 82.08 83.50 87.50
Lace or Net Waists Soft cream
anh ecru, French nets, dainty
yokes of German Val. inserting
and Filet laces, fluffy lace, ruffle
sleeves, etc., made toseU at $10,
Monday 84.08
The Smart and Fashionable Coats for Spring
Long Fitted Silk Coats Very fashionable in the east
mostly in blacks, at 80.08 and 812.50
Short Covert Coats Always well appearing
at 84.08 aid 80.08
Silk Box Coats Newones Just received
at 83.08 84.08 and 80.08
Long Pongee or Cloth Ooata For general utility new
colors and style features 88.08 80.08 "P to 835
Those Stunning Braid Coato Browns, Copenhagen blues,
blues and blacks, with new Butterfly sleeves
at 80.08 and up to $35.00
Short Broadcloth, Taffeta, Braid and Lace Coats Favor
ites for 1908, 87.50 80.08 812.50 814.85 $10
Long Silk or Cloth Automobile or Dress Coats Rubber
ized, striped or plain taffeta, at 80.08 $14.85
and up to $39
Brandeis Offers Specials in Children s Coats and Dresses
Children's Chic Spring Dresses Daintily made many of
them appropriate for Easter or for any dressy occasion
when a little girl should look her sweetest and best,
at 08 81.50 81.08
Children's Spring Coat Well tailored made in the new
plaids or plain colors-will hold their shape and look
very dainty and pretty for all occasions prices are,
at 08 $1.08 $2.08 and $3.08
'Pill ' f m 'M il
Eastor Novelties
These dainty and cute novelties are all typical of Easter
tide. For party favors, for table decorations, for the chil
dren, 'for the home. Novelties that make Easter a day of
Candy Easter Eggs see the man put your name on while
you wait, each 5 and 10
Candy Hen's Eggs, chocolate covered, each... 3
canay luck uggs, cnocoiate covered, each...
I m 9 k
Candy Bitter Bweet Egffa,
chocolate covered, nut cen
ters, each ............ .10)
Candy Toye, Rabblte. Chick",
luck. etc., each. . . ... .to
Cotton Chlcke and R&bbtts,
each io, or doien lOo
Cotton Chlcke and Rabbits,
8 for So
Cotton Chick and Rabblta,
each 6
Marshmallow Chicks
and Rabbits, dozen 10c
Fancy embossed paper
eggs, each, Cc, 10c, 15c,
and J 6c.
Hundreds of fancy Easter
Baskets, decorated, each
6c, dozen 60c.
Chocolate covered marsh
mallow eggs, dozen 10c.
Rabbits, paper malche
candy boxes, each 6c
Rabbits, paper malche
candy boxes, each 10c.
Rabbits, paper malche
candy boxes, each 25c.
Fancy trimmed Easter
Nests, each 10c.
The most fascinating
playthings for children.
Extra large sizes Easter
balloons, printed with pic
ture and Easter greetings.
These balloons would sell
everywhere else 'for 10c;
we sell them as an Easter
special, all day Saturday,
in the basement, for, each,
Curiam Stretchers
-xi m , ! f m t
HeBAtlaraUhlng DepL BsmbkbI 014 Si art
Fifty dozen celebrated Holmquist adjust
able Curtain Stretchers made of best
quality basswood with brass nickle plated
pins full size, Gxl2 ft. regularly $1.48,
Saturday, as long as they last, JT
Wall Paper faster Doll Sale Saturday Afternoon
An assemblage of bargains
such as have never been offered
you. Look these over carefully
then buy. You want Wall Paper
get it where quality, price
and satisfaction are jour's
Two-tone duplex, worth 7Se and
10c, at roll, if He.
Plain 80-Inch papers, at rolL
lafce. 15c ana tbc.
Heavy elite, worto to XOo. at
roll, 15c and 10c.
Florals and gilts, worth 15o and
10c. at roll. To and 2 Wo.
White blanks, worth lOo and to,
at roll, 6c and 4c
HOOTS BrXCIAX S:30 to 10:30 A,
M. aaA 8:30 to 4:30 r. M.
lSo papers, new and nobby, only
4c per roll
10c papers, very attractive, JHo
per roll.
to rpjr. neat and strong, per
roll. lc.
You will regret It If you do not
buy wall li:r eturjy
fi& Nicely dressed sleeping dolls to
please ine emiaren faster morning.
Entire surplus 6tock of America's
greatest importer, at actually less than
one-half their value. Thousands have
admired these dolls in our window,
where a complete assortment has
been shown. Sale begins at 1:30 Sat
urday afternoon. Dolls actually worth
up to $1.00, at
Women's Easter Footwear
New Easter apparel demands appropriate shoes ; Brandeis
shows the most complete stock; old store, main floor.
"Women's tan Oxfords, one and two eyelet ties, Ox
fords, colonials and Pumps; vici kid and brown
suede; per pair $2.50 to $5.00
Patent and dull leathers in the newest novelties;
patent kid or pumps, at. . . .$2.50 to $4.00
Patent kid colonials $3.00 to $4.00. Patent kid button oxfords, spike
heels, $4.00. , Patent kid two eyelet ties, $3.00 and $4.00. The prettiest
oxford ties at $2.50 to $5.00
These are marvels of beauty made of the best selling stock, form fitting, natural
lasts. Colonial, Oxfords and Grecian Ties; strap sandals and button Oxfords.
West Arcade
Saturday Specials
Large iced-tea and table
tumblers. These are made
of very fine glass, polished
and regularly worth lOo
each; Saturday's special
west arcade
J -a SmJ l U VJf fc.n.i,..
Large fancy wall plaques;
these are 14-inch plaques
and are worth 50c; Satur
day, extra special, f A
each .
Large Glaas lieny Bowls Several
fine patterns to choose from.
These are 60c bowls,
which we will sell
Saturday, at each..,
Big Saturday Sale of
The old songs are the best. Take this
chance to buy large volumes of the best
songs, away below cost.
KngliHh Songs 80 of the old English fa- 0
vorltes, bound in board coverB, Saturday, OC
College Souk 50 of the favorite songs of
Harvard, Yale and Princeton, Saturday, at.JC
t'liopiu's Nocturnes A regular 70c al- )T
bum. while they last Saturday at JQ
Kationul Hong Folio -150 of the Nation'! V
great songu, very Bjieclal, at C
Dance Folio worth 50c,
Add 5c per book by malL

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