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f1 f T.4!" ff A11 HraiE Still Coa-
. tiauei.'
rax HoTOnirr n tirjcprcsED
, HkMl.fitina Materially All Other
C-rolae sS re' Steady Bis)
s , Last Few uas cies-
V f VAHA. April . Good gains In all grain
ies csme erly with bulis ruling markets
w good -uit. forcing price higher
w : little no resistance."
i raalng'- atocka both abroad and at
B i an being ckurtj wittlwd.
.&ies cam strong int anowed a gfl
trre and e.ort business will aoon be
imt a strong factor irmni the big dealers.
heat optned strong and atanod early
U advanca with tha bull leaders wall In
rM'nu(, and with th strong tone of
cables uiJ helped, by the wril bullish
muranit oo the r-erv-d stork reports
values were msteTtAlly advanced-
May vbMt asoened at 8-ic and closed at
S34C ' t -
Com til strnrig' with wheat, but not
active. Offerings wr alow and there
waa not U advance that waa expected.
Receipts Jiave fallen oft constoerabty
and cash corn showed an
yesterday. ' SSAjr corn opened at 610 ana
Cat opened strong on strength In other
grains . There was better demand end
liberal truylng1. .May oata opened at 47o
liw".Vr.lpt9 wer. -2,000 b
and sUmT. Vera fu .000 bu.
receipts last year of Tll.ooo bu. and snip
menta X 411.0fta bu. .
trn receipt wers 521.800 bu. and ship
roan -wesa 2T7.0'.0 u. sgUit rorelpta
la?"e2r 5 U4.U0Q bu. ana shipments of
7 cie.ranc!eV were 1.090 bu of com, 3 000
bu of oat. d wheat and flour eo.ual to
"Literal elraredst 1 to IHd higher
n wheat and V 4 higher on corn. j
Locial r-S at options
Articles.! Open. IHlgh.f Low. Clo .1 Tdy.
' Sept. ..I
' Corn -May...
I July-.!
, S3
n w
f Mif...i
bi (
Tiafcn Caala Prleaw.
- VTIEATN: J hard. gfc-: No. 1 hard.
. tivjrl -V 4 hard. ..VM: Nu-
? dN-NV Wc: No.
i NiTa .Uw.l fcic; No-
1 RYKKKa. i. Ca&c; No. J. att.c
"T ' ' .'Caurl'l. '
; '.rr.." V- T" Wheat. Corn. OaU.
f Chica.i....-....-"" M 4,1
. MtnixuLpoUa J ':i
t Omaha J 1
, Lu4uUi ...rr-.-- 1
VrcMauMMk .' , Clwalaaj
f CHJCAOo!, April Uthlted of ferinira of
i May vntit caused tha price of tnat option
i to advanca mora thau oenta In th local
? wheat jnarket today. Part of tha aaln a
liat oa realising aalea, the cloae ahowtn a
., net ain for the day of MaSl'aC Corn waa
'np-.Ttc. JUU .fta hia-ner. Provtaiona
: 2i k. wer. "
, Tim afatp upturn In May wheat waa
' caused by tha active demand or ahorta
.and bulla who-found the otferlnjra to be
1 Hmiitd. The market waa bulllahly affected
by tn atreneth of the European mariteta,
whera pricea were up &-o. . A liberal de
rreaa ta tha werid'a vlaibla aupply and con
, tinued araall reo4pi In tha northweat were
adcltuniai atremnhenlna; . tafluenoea The
bulaa 1b May cauaed a maderata advance
n ' rbe dlatant dellverlea, but later the
ii ry 'BiK atpwmkwXiplioRa weakenadbe-
' cauiwi of favorable Weather tn theaoatft-
we-aC Tha market cloaed Irregular. May
waa firm, but July and September barely
ateady. May opened S8V hlher at M'i
i47c advanced to and cloaed 'etf
' :oVc. Clearancea of wheat and flour were
equal to M.l buahela. The world'e vlaibla
aupply aa uhown by Bradatreet'a decreaaed
'' taw.vu0 buahela, Primary recelpta
buahela. agalnat 7!0. bunhele on the aame
. day last year. Minneapolla, tuluth and
ChKago reported recelpta of cara
against 192 laet week and 73 a year ago.
Tha corn market waa etrong all day be
cauaa of foreign cable, tha bulge tn wheat
...and small local recelpta expected tomor
row. May corn opened Hw'ao to ilo
lilaher at SHo to tC advanced to 7e and
. - chiaed OS'.-- Locl recmpta HI cara, with 41
, conuracta. - . . t
The oata market waa firm In sympathy
- - with wheat and corn. Favorable weather
tnr- tha -new crop had a depreaalng ef
. feat on tha dlntant futurec. May opened
higher at UV, eold at Ulo and cloaed
at 6ic Lcical recelpta 321 cara.
- jravteona were Inclined to be weak be
- eauee ef reaUalnc aalea In the May delivery,
and a loo Un line In live hogs. At the cloae
May pork waa off 2e at 12.7TVk. I-ard
waa down at IT.iOi. Hlba Tnuua
lower at M-SumASJUi. -
' lb ti mated receipts for tomorrow: Wheat,
J S3 aara; corn, lhw vara; oata. 127 cara; hogs,
- J:'" head.
The leading natures ranged aa followa:
AxUclee.l Opea.I JT!gh. Low. I Cloae. Tesy.
' ewheat
May July
, Oata
. ajuiy
r July -ept.
July Sept
: Jjjn
''"-July '
' Sept
it a
Mi 4A, M
4i'a- -.
i1 iHi- iu4'
6'. a
13 W
Ul I U I
. U -.;4fJ
. ej
IKTTVkl ft I
IS 06
U e
t 14
S 3D
11 n la v i
13 ! -
J t-1 U 46
S 12",
T 07W
7 34 I
I 3i
lii i i X7y
T 05
T 30
1 W I TJ1.V,,
No. 1 aOld. bNew.
Caah quotations were aa followa:
FLOUR Sreortv; winter patents, 14.15.31
'; atralghta. M.OC-T-i ": erring patents.
M 4.W; atralghta. 4.uu-iS-4.ao; bakers, SLld
eHKT-,N. I spring. McltC3; No. t
red. -tiHW- '
OKN .So. Saci No. a yellow,
iT9-N 1 82Vf No. white. feXKJe.
BARLKY-Falr to choice malting. 7iuMc.
KfcltJ.n?-?. Flax.' No. I northwestern, U.to.
pT'me li.n.ithy. t A
PROV! r-.iuN.4-IStort fibs sides (loose),
);-. Mesa pork, per tM..li.xj
XXk lrd. per ! lha. . 37 V Short clear
aidea tboaedi. 7.2ita"i.iti. Whiaky basis of
hnrh wtnes. tl SS-
Following were the recelpta and ahlp.
marts pf Qous and grain;
Hecelnta. Ehlpmenta.
Flourj a!t-...-i-.. SI o a.7i)
VW haat. bu 19 Cl l
tcra. ba Sl.i 134.1'
fata, bu ' Zib.l'O
Rye, bu , ! S.i0
barley, ml 7.JiJ SU.OU0
On the Produce exchange today the but
tee market wa eteady: creamertea 21r-So;
oain. jL-ufc. firm; at mark, caes
lnclu.. . le: Ijirata l-eHf; prime firsts,
li-c. . heeaa. a.-y at U'inj lc. -
St. Laata eral Market. '
ST." LOUIS. April ?1 WHEAT Higher;
tra-k. N. t cn, No. -i aard, nc-J
llol. May, .c; July. cSc.
CORjv Higher: track. No. 1 cash. S."H-;
No. 3 while, ds.!-; May. itci. Julv. i .c.
OAl8-lti.il her; track. No. 3 caih. auc;
No. 3 while.. t.'iiSV Mav. arV'-
FLOUR Duii. rt winter t tents.- 34 SO
frt75; extra fa-y ap.d atraigUt, 3.ij.ai:
tieitra, tXjr tj. M
at " Viijihy steady at tX3r ji.(.
t' irv ii "I L taay at ti.ttt.
FHAN-'iir; urked cast tras. tl 2B.
ft A T fr' "-) v ; timothy, . 1 o. law,;
Jpr i rm, l t i ; 1 o.
Ihf-y ..). N -T'ta-HH Oa. . .
b r. i f rl . . . '
r itUV i'uia. h'gher; -rt in.
111. LeiJ. lower: prime atran. t .'-
"i1. 1 lAit. mta, l"r; t'-4 lt4
't. j - itar i,be 37 3?-. ahort t leer.
37 vti, iijr lM..xd ea.tia sf ..t-t,
34 a. iair riba. K , attuit buit, fee.-.
i . ' -
POL'LTRT - firmer; rhlrkens. 1V;
rlrs. S-a J; turkrya, L'lJc; rutka,
u'ic, xee. E'". -
tr-. t. T i l-.K Firm; creamery. Ivtlr..
fc-iiUS Lnchanged. Lie. caee count.
Recetrta tJhiDmenta
r'N'ttr, bbls t a 8 !
V tient, bu 3.i"
torn, bti e-.iiw si. if)
Oats, bu to.iimf .
Heatatloaa af Ik Day Varlaaa
t van aa edit lea.
NEW IORK, April 21.-FI)UR-Recelpts,
17..V4 bbla ; expurta. lt.oJ0 bbls. Market waa
f:rm. with bei;er trade. Mlnrteawta iatetita,
S.'"'uS t-i; winter stramhta. KUvdOu: Min-
nw bakers. J4"JI.; winter extras. CSV
W.It; winter patenta 4 otj4 ; winter
gradea. 11 e4 Rve flour. teady; fslr
to good. M Mj4 ; choice to fancy, St-OH?
i 15.
CORNMEAL Steady ; fine white and yel
low. i.4nl int; kiln dried. -; coarai i.M
fgl 45 , .
RYE Firm; No. I western. S3tc f. e. b..
iew York.
V' HEAT Receipt a, l bu. ; sale. IP),.
Oh bu. Spot, firm; No. 3 red, 31.;'. ele
vator, 31. "S'i. f. o. b. afloat; No. 1 north
ern. Duiiith. 11 11 V f. a. b. afloat; No. 3
hard winter. 31.ii1, f. e. b. afleat. Wheat
opened He aighwr and increased the advance
to 2c on covering and commission houre
buying, with May and July leading on
strong statixtlctt Wrong prices reacted par
tially under realising later and cloaed Irreg
wlar. tc lower to 1 Vc hijrher. May, 31 0H,
41.4. cIosohI 31. US;' J-'Hv. ri17 6-ltV.
closed KTc; September, tleiac, cleaed at
CORN Reeelpls. 4 bat; exports. 2.M8
bu. ; sales, m.iaati bu. 8rtot market firm: No.
X. nominal, elevator, and 72c. f. o. b. afloat;
No. 3 white. 72c. and No. 2 yellow. Tl, f. o.
b. afloat. The option market opened firm
on light country receipts and covering, with
the close til e-net higher. May closed at
75c: J-ily, Tl'WTSc. closed st 72we.
OATS Revetprs, M. bti..earpor-ts.- I.h9
bu. Spot market easy: mixed oats, 2 to
22 lbs.. 54: natural white. 26 to 22 'fs ,
i.-Vni.74c; clipped white, 32 to 40 lbs., Ct9
t'c. ... ...
HAT Steady; rood to-ehntoe. avrT'rrV'.
HAT Firm; good to choice, si7e.
HiDES Duil; Bogota, 17c; Central Amer
ica. 17c.
l.RATHER-Steady; acid. )eJ37a
PROVISIONS Reef, stead; family. 31 SO
51700; mesa. fli.GMa 13.50:. beef hams, Z7.0
tV3.tK; packet. 314.0nvrl4.6ff; city extra India
mesa. t4.5otf:3 dK Cut meats, firm; pick
led bellies. S-irlOc; pickled bama. VtQc.
Lard, eeey: western, W.loi.3B; refined,
steady; continent, ts : South America,
l 75; compound, 37.7Si (a)i Pork. Irregiilar;
family. 317.oo-17.fiO; ahort clears, $l.Oi617 SO;
mess, 314 W-1il6.2a.
TALLOW Firm; city. Bc; country. 84
POULTRT Alive steady: fowls. 14c,
turkeys, i4r; dressed dull; turkeys, UTS17c;
fowls. ISilSc.
BUTTER Firm; creamery specials, !9c;
extras. vc; third to first, 212c; held,
common to specials, nazsc; atate flairy,
common to choice, w5c; proeeea. common
to special, lfr(j25c; western factory firsts.
Sic: Imltstlon creamery firsts, Z&23c
CHEESE Unchanged: full cream specials,
ttc; state full cream, small, whrte, fancy,
15c; state full cream, large and small, col
ored fancy, 14Hc:- atate. fair ta prima, lly
Uc; state eommort, "J5V; state, winter
made.- (atjioti,,..
KUOS Unchanged: state. Pennaylvania
r,rd nearby fancy selected white. lSc: good
t5 ci ;.tre, lSlSSo: brown snd mixed, extra,
lac; firsts ta eTr f.rats. 17nVjc; western
f'rste, fresh, gathered. 164317c; seconds,
lSWJriOe. .
Prakably Fair Wedaeaday, wltlt
- Aaeiat tae gawae Teasperwtare.
" " OMAHA. April ZU 1MB.
An area of high pressure overlies the
eastern portion and clear. weather la gen
eral over th lake region, 'Ohio valley and
eaatern at a tea. .Light rains have fallen
within the last twenty-four houra in the
extreme lower MiaaiHslppl and Missouri val
leys snd west gulf states. The weather
continues fair In the upper valteys and
west into the mountains, and It will prob
ably continue fair In this vicinity tonight
and Wednesday, with not n.ucb change in
temperature. - .
Omaha record- of temperature and pre
cipitation compared with the corresponding
dsy of the last-three year:
11 M07. 1. 180S.
Minimum temperature.... 33 62 M
Precipitation ..........MO . M6 -.00 .00
Normal temperature for today, 63 degreea
Deficiency la Dreeloltatian ninna Mavrch 1
2.S inchea . .
Deficiency, corresf or.1ing period. 4a 1907,
LM. inchea,- ,-.....-', ... , .
Excess, corresponding period In 1306,
.01 inch. ,. L.-A WFX8H.
. -Local Forecaster.
- Carm a.What Regiost Ballet La.
For the twenty-four houra ending at 3
a.-. m, 75th meridian time,, Tuesday, April
- . - Tamo. - Rm--
. StaUons. Max. Min fall.
PL cloudy
PL cloudv
Pt.. cloudy
PL cloudy
Pt. cloudy
Pt. cloudy
PL cloudy
Aat land. Men M - M
Auijum, Neb... -.a 86.' . 61
Columbus, Nob.. M 61 .0
Falrbury, Neb... M 53 .60
Fairmont. Neb... f4 51 -.10
Or. IaUnd. Nt?b.. M 61 .
Hartington, Neb. M 50 .00
Hastlnga, Neb... 86 ' 64 .n
Oakdale. N'eb.... 94 45 - .
Orr.aha, Neb . 4 g ,fj
Tekamah, Neb... 87 9 ' .K
Alta, la 78 50 .tin
Carroll. Ia..." TH 4 .0
Clarinda. la H - if .00
Blhley. I a . 77 1 47 Jin :
Sioux Oty, la.. 80 68 ' .00
Minimum temperature pr twelve-hour
period ending at a a., m. . . .
No. of Tamp.. Rain.
Station. Btatiot-e, Max. Mln. Inches
t nicago. ill........
Columbus. 0 18
Dear Moinea, la:... 14
Indianapolis, ind.. 12
Kansas City. Me.. Jl'
Louisville. Kv 1
Minneapolis, Minn. 27
Omaha. Neb..... IS
Bt, Louis, Mo 12
m .oo
-' M .00
, m - 44 .oo
- 70' 41) .()
' M .14
7 44 .rtO
, 74 .00
. M 63 .
i2 i) .00
The weather Is slightly warmer in tha
extreme western portion of the corn and
wheat region and cooler In the centrsl and
eastern portions. tiewers . occurred. Only
In Ilia Kansas Cltv district,
I A. WLSi-f, Looal Forecaster.
K sarae City brala a eat Pvatalaaa.
rhaugetl; May, 89,c; July, WV-; September.
77V. cash. No.-2 hard, V eS7c;"No. 3 hard.
aSc. No. 2 red. sfr.fa; No. a red.
4(i Tie;.
CORN Unchanged: Mav. '(Dc: July,
osvc; aeptember, 67c: cash, Xo, 3 mixed.
Sloiiic, No. 3. 63c; No. S white. CHc; No.
3 white. $2c.
OATS lfi iHo lower: No. 3 white, i
48Sr: No. 3 mixed, 4ra-trHe.
RYE-74rc .. .....
HAT-L-uy; choirs timothy, t2I iOUliflO:
Choicepralrle, 3s.Ou47l.SO.
bLTTER Weak; creamery, re; packing
stock, '
- LUGS-Steady; extra," 15c,- current re
ceipts. I3c ,
-' Recelpta. Shipment a
Wheat, bu 160t ei.nio
Ctrn. bu i kiO 21.0
Oata. bu U.uua s.ux)
Quotations at Kansas City aa reported by
Logan A Bryan, No. 2 Board of Trade:
I Open. ! High. I Low. Close.
May July .
May ..
July ..
a.V(Vv;7y 8uiA
"t.Vi,TV '. 0S
Vlalhle 5sly at Grala,
NSW TORiv. IihU -U eecial eable and
telographia cominunx a tlnns ractved bv
brauatreet's show tna following rhanges tn
avails 'I auppllee. as compared with brevl
out account: Wheat. United States, east
Rocklea, decreased l."5.oi bu ; Canada, In
crease.!. l"7.t) bu.; total United btatra and
Canada, decreased l.StO.WO bo.- 'Afloat fflr
and In Europe, decreased 7s.0n bu. ; toial
Anincan and Eumpmi supply, diicreae1
.i9.oii bu. Cora. 1 cited Siatee and Caa
ala. decreased la,yj bu. . Uule, United
HHU'i and Cauda, decreaited 5:4. bu.
The leading decreases repirted this ek
follow: Manitoba, nl.-.uti bu.; Chicaao nn.
vats eievaoia teallmaied), li.0t bu.
LlveraHoal Urala Market.
f UVr-KPOaX-, April St-WHKAT-pot
I firm; No S red winter: 7s. IJ: futures steady;
May, is .VL Jly,- , Beptember, 7s
CORN gpot firm; American mixed, new.
kiln dried, as id. American nixed, eld kila
dried. Old. ia vL.'ulures steady; May,
M M. ,.-.
Fl.OUR Wlnttr patenta dull at Sa 3d.
ptlA a Canadian ateady at 7s 7HL
FsMaeLav MatekeU .1
prOBIt. April ;i CORN Flrm4t No.
yellow, m -,-". .-; No. 3. w-c; No. 4. ale;
no g i 1e, ' i ' '
t)A ri-b'r; No. S yaliuw, 5uia6ic; No.
4 . -i . - -
V. iiiii. 6L3&
Extreme Dullnesi it TJnreliered by
Retamption of Operations Abroad.
Rlaa 1st t'eltea Statee 4e-et aad
talsa Faelfle Iael ta Strwag
Cletlsgo-Rsals A re
NEW TORK. April Sl.-The extreme dull
ness of yeeterday s stock market waa un
relieved today by the resumption of op
erations In foreign stock markets snd sn
Boston although the es.-tern Monday holi
day abroad was advanced as a .ecisl ex
planation of the halt tn New York. Stocka
were In scant aupply and were not
presI for sale In any largo volume but
on the other hand, general demand was al
most stagnant The dull snd almost mo
tionless market la the consequence.
In-mediate developments bearing on the
finamial situation were not important to
day. It la evident, however, that the pre
vailing mood of waiting has the effect of
of the balancing of certain eunrldcrationa
one against another which served to ho Id
the market for the time st a d-ad level.
On the one side Is a renewed resctinn of
the business and trade activity which
threatensaddltional lnroa.la upon the earn
ing power of industries while on the other
there Is growing accumulation of mony In
banking centers and the promise of flood
of aupplles which will float Investment se
curities In the market. No official infnr
mation can be secured of the progrtes
making In aales or the new securities al
ready offered bait the assumption la general
that a alow market exista for them as yet.
It was rather significant that the fil'naj .f
a mortgage for 3.W.0W.WO on Illinois Centrii
equipment canned a sharp drop tn the price
of that stock today.. Pennsylvania wss con
spicuous on reported determination of the
directors to Issue 3O.oi,0iJ of bonds unrtr
an authorisation given msny year ago.
although there waa no official Informa
tion tta thia subject Other similar financial
needs are to be met by many leading rail
road systems of the country. A sustain
ing Influence in the day s market we the
announced reception of trunk line executive
officials in fsvor of an Increase of ten
per cent In general freight rates, which
will affect all the lines east of the Missis
sippi and In New England. Downward
course of railroad esrnings Is a depressing
factor on stocks and the prospect thus of
fered of raising the esrnings wss s re
lieving factor. There was a notable ab
sorption of United States steel snd the up
ward course of this stock snd of Union
Pacific wss of large sympathetic effect on
the whole Hat leading to the strong clos
ing. Bonds were irregular. Total salea. par
value. I2.7tf.00l; United 8tates bonds, un
changed on caH.
Following were the aales snd range of
prices on the Stock exchange todav:
salea. Hlgk. Lew. Clews.
AAsnas Express 1:5
Amalgamates Capper 4. 44 M i?1
Am.. C. as r 6e JJ jjt "
- C. a F. pfa " ins 0,1
Am. CMtasr Oil SB0 ft K 214
Asm. Cettew OH fli M
American gxpress iw)
Am. H. 6 U fta..... 174
AEsertass Ins .- ,IH 1474 fa ja
Ana. Usaeea Oil.. lie 10 1014 4
Am. Llnaeea oil sia 16
Am. Locomotive l,Ve 4?( 44 if: 14
Am. LoeoiBotlvs pta If ft fa aa
Am. s. a...: !?,iu? st e
Am. g. sfd ?l Sf, sa
. Suiaar Retinlss 21 ljaa, W4, l:
am. Tntscn pta ails me t aati
Ansrends Mlstog Oo " WT J7u
Atohlsee 1. X 7V 74 7S
AiUnue C L. t
Baltimore 4 Ohls.. ........ 1.10 gau g aja
Bat. Ohls pta g5
Brooklra RaflJ TT 4.KB) tf. 4C 4414
ransdlaa Paclfla I. an ui 14 u nja.
rvatral of M. J 174
rhicase Orsat Wsstsra t.rM u 414
Chesapeake A Ok la r.14
Chlesce 4V M. W..: 14-aJ
C. St. A Bt, IMS lit .117 11
rblesse T. A T
Chiease T. T. std K
O.. C C. A Bt L. m K u S614
Cotorsoe Pwal st Ina t.ti , tau Liu iau
Colsrada so l.4fl s tt 24
Cols. So. lat pM a 6714 IT 7
role. 4 8. M p! J 44 . 4714 4f
Conaolldstea) Oaa , 0 lit lit 11TH
Cera rroeeets 154
Cava Praatarts p4. .1 ss
Delawsrs 4V Hsesoa -A. 70t 1U4 IS lUw
DeL. L. W its
Deavee 4V Rle Oraa4a....4. t... 114
D, 4 R.. a. sfd HM 624 ! '"
Dlsullsrs" gauuntlas ex tl isaa 11 .
l.tae 11S4 ' 1714 ''"4
ene 1st (d waj
Ert 2a) pfd , a
Oaeeral glertrls . ..... ea m 15 18114.
llllnoia TMLral 1.SIH US 13 114
Intsmattnesl Paper -. ..... t
Int. Paamr pfd , u
Int. Fsisp
Int. Pump pM e4
Iowa Central to 11 11 1!4
lows Central pfd ao tZI ii
Kanaas City So. lie 1314 1314 a
K- C. So. pfd M t.: U SI14
Lontavills at M ans ipn 144 m4
atertnas Central t"t 1S 'S 44
Kins. 4 St. L- to M . 4 a
M.. n. P. t 1. M ia no, 1NN4 nn
St.. St. p a a t. a. pig. us
Missouri Pacifla L 4tv( 4S4 - 4a
M . K T H 14S4 X444 r44
K. T pfd M
National Laad LPra Mi ls M4
H B Fa. of M pfd n 474 4T 47
Now Tork Cestral 1,190 M rfu tntt
N. T.. O. aV W... -iJ
Norfolk 4 W a ix aju w
H. 4 W. pfd 4
North Amonraa lis) Lt ' 51 si
Psrino Mall ta4 74 N4
Pannairlvanta H7V4 II014 117
Panels s Gea - ap
P .: . C. A St. u 7S "
Pnasei) StsM Car fce I4U, J4 lt
Praasid S. C. pfd TH4 77 u, 7
Poilfwae Palace Car a lH 151 '4 1M
aadln 41. fa l.n )r.4S li&4
gasdlng lw pfd im n . iw
Republls si e 17 14 17
Rapafclle Stevt ptd. J 0 M 44 (.-,14
Burs lalase Co 4n I&14 II IS14
dork laland a pfd tut IV 27 r4
St. L A 8. r id pfd H
St. Leuis a. W )jai
St Law pfd 14
t'atna Psclffe B.J6o Ut lr.a
t alon Paeiria pit ..... it
tl. H. gipnas. t
V. g Raaltv ..... It
U t. RubSar ..... ..... 14
C. S. Rubber pfd ..... tl 14
It. a stmt 7 ion ja, tat 1&14
V. g. Steal pfd i.MS t84a H tt4
Va.'arulisa Ckoaniral " , it
Vs -Cars. Chem. pi 4. aiaj
WahaaA tdO lt lt 9i
Wahaan pfd lot 17 17 It
Waata-Parss Eipeeas .' fe
Waanaaaoaae giaetrls " tf4 &44 U4
Wastars l.'sloa . luO 141144 aow
a-Hl!!it A I. g T
Wlaceeals C'setrsl , ..... 14
wis rostral pit rJ
Nortkers Panfls I fee i4 r4 1S4
Caeoal Lasthar tut S4 21 kJ
Caatrsl laf hr pfd .. 441.
SMas-Sarffia! tt-rl V) 4S 4t 41
Crat Norlharia pfd tAa IU44 i?iaa I?2l4
lstoHnral Mot. 1 St lit, IU4 pa
Int. Wet pld VP) Ji t ISt
lua CepaT I t. to 4 w
Total saiaa for the da r. P41.M ahsraa.
"eve Yark Maaey Market.
CANTILE PAPER -S4i4j per cent
9TERUNO E.Xl'H ANilE Strong with
a. t.ial buslnesa in bankers' bills it It ff-i
4 746 for demand, and at tt ni,rpt Mtn for
Slxtv-dsv bills. Commercial bills. M.MV.
SILVER Bar, 44S; Mexican dollara. 47c.
llONDS Government,' ateady; railroad.
lrr- tiis r.
MONET On call. esav. 1MJ per cent:
ruling rate, m per cent; closirg bid 1
per cer.t: offered at 3 per cent. Time
loans dull, but slightly firmer; jlxty diys,
I'a'S-'1! per cent; ninety daya, er
cent; six mr.nths. JVir'ol per cent.
The fallowing aro the closing quotations
en bands:
C s. ret ts. ns t-H L aV SI. ssl. 4s w4
4 reuses I'1 Maa. s 4a. 42 4,
t' t. la. reg l4l. Central 4s t"'a
to napM 114 to 1m ine u
V t. naw 4a, teg. .. .1 t Mlaa. 4 St. L 4s.. an
4s ropoa Ci k. a T. 4a M
Am. Tocaaace 4s 4 ds "a
o aa l'i . R. ( X. e. a 7
Airhiaos -. 4s..... H M. y. r. tt,. U4
do aai. 4 .: w N. J r. s as in-,
Atlaetu- C, L. 4 s". .Ns. Pacifl 4a -i.,!
Bal A Ohls ts. do 3a
le IS W. 4a a...i
S- g. T. . 4a 7- 0. a. L. I"4 4s..... . H
Ceotrsl or Oa. is I'fcPana r l',j M.t
to W lec'. T Scaling pes. 4a.. . tru
"Ma 4 Ise 44 St.'u da 1. st a 4s..M
oa U tn- W a. L. At a P. fg. aa r a
Chaa (A Ohio Sa... M Si. u. S W. . 4a .. M4.
Hiiasp A A IVa J aatMar4 A L 4a... 44
r . B AO a. la... MH Patifle 4a 4,14
C. B. I. P s ... f4 do laa 4a rrfa fai?
ds eol ta l-tCo. gailwar aa t;
CCi at L. s 4a.. 4T-maa 4k P. is . ... in
Cm, lad Is. ar. A. " eT fit L. A w 4, .v
00. Mid. 4a ax tutaa Pontile 4s. .. t'aiat
Cols A te. 4a....... mia, do re. 4s saw
r-ibe 4a to: r s. siaal :d is.. w.-.
!, aV B. O. ts. tl labaal la ........ yr,Z
Ms sva as at la M '. . m
tue p. 1. 44 M wm,-. a -I aa at
4o S 4a 7 w. 4 L. g 4s. ...1! .
Hora. VaL 4a lis (4 Wis cutra 4
laeaa 4a TT Altaians cv. ts " M
4Ss atla 4 da ia "
to tt aenoa t 1st. Met. 4 1 taa
Bad. -4Hanw.
Trtasary Itstaasasf.
WASHINGTON. April H Todav'a artsta-
ment of the treasury balaaces tn tha
eraj fitnd. exclusive ef tiia 3 ; ! gnld
raeerva, ahowa; Available catu baiaucta
BFiaT.TTS: gol co'i and bullion. $2.K!0.JW;
gold certificatea. 3i'K7.SSO.
loaloa CtaalatI 9twka
P'IPTON. April a Money, call loans. H
Tim per cent; time toane. 4'-j per cent.
The following were the closing prloee on
stoc ks and buls:
At-hl"a sdj. 4a A!antrs . . . . I1
do 4s Allmiaa t
Vr. Central 4s...-...'4 Amalsamsted tr1
Atrhlam 74k Atlamlr tv
do pfd .. r:l4Blnsam
Poaioe A Alhany .. ye t al A Herls 4
Botsoa A Males l.n Centanlal H
IViatne Elerated fM cppar Range t4
ytrhtmrg pfd I Dlf Wea S14
Meilran Central 14 tMminloa Coal 4
N. T. 5. H. A 31..1WV4 Prannis t4
fnlos Pseifie ......12-'ij Orsnhy
Am. Arra. Chem I74 Lie Kfrste 1H
Am. Arso. Chem sfd. tl Maes. Mlslag :4
Am. Pnno. Tabs ,. t1 M!-nlan l" t
Am. fi(r I" Vohaak 474
do pfd ' " M""t. C. C. OS
Am. T.I. A Tel 117t( Old rvvmlamn J2-4
Am. Woolen 14 ctareols Kl
4o pet 4 Parrot 4
dominion 1. A S 17 Qnlni-y II
gilimn Eloe. Horn... 'Hhannmi III4
Owners) Bleetrlo 134 Tamarsrfe M
Maaa Electrie It Trtnltr 11
do pfl 4S t'nited Cnpor 44
Wnaa Gas 41 C. 8. Mining 1714
rotted rrstt .lltl'. t. Oil
Inned g. it 47 ftsh II
ds pfd 71 V'rtorts
V. S. "test .......... V4 Winona 4
do pfd 4 WnlTtnaa 171
" Aakad. Bid.
Losdos Stock Market.
LONDON", April a. American securities
opened dull and easy today. During the
first hour trading waa very light, with
pricea unchanged to tt below yesterday's
New York closing.
lyindon closing stock quotations:
Cnnaela. money .. 17 Mo., Kan. A Twss. . I
do aeeosat ........ ff1 Mew Tort Control. ..14
Anax-onds . 7"4 .Norfolk A Westera.. St
Alrhleon 7 4n pfd II
do pfd . f Ontario A Western.. IH4
Paltlmor A Ohio... lit Pennarlrasla to
Canadian Pacific . . . Rand Mines fS
rneaaraake A Ohio.. ft Reading .. 4-1
Chi. Great Westera.. 4 Southern Railway ... M
rhl . Mil. A St. p. .Ill do pfd 4"4
De Bears :.. 14 foot hern Parine TS
Denrsr A Rio Cranes r fnlna PaxlMs
ds pfd S54 do pfd ta
Rns It Cnltrd States stasl... H
do lat pfd 14 do pfd ltl
de Id pfd t4 Wahaah KH
Orand Trent 1S4 do pfd
Illlnola C antral Spanlak 4a
Louirrtllo A Naph.-.ll1 Amalgamated Copper. Ul
45ILVER Bar. atady at ZS 3 ltxl per
.MO NE T 27? m per eenL
The rate of discount In the open market
for ahort hllla la 2.6ZS per cent; for three
months' bills, rt, per cent.
5w York Mialag Staelus.
NEW TORK. April a. Closing quotations
on mining stocks were:
Adams Cos I Little Cklef S
A Ilea 70" Ontario 43
Prases 10 Opalr 244
Brunswick rim. ..... It Pol oat lt
Centners. Tsonet .... 41 Sanaas .is
Cnn. Cal. A Vs Sierra Nevada IT
tma Bileer Ion Small Hopes 1
Lraahrllle Cos I Standard 1ft
Fere I gat Flaaaelal.
FFJILtN, April a. Prices on ths Bourse
today were slightly weaker, but Improved
later. Trading waa very light,
PARIS, April a. The tone on the Bourse
today waa dull snd heavy after the holiday.
Bask Clear! atra.
OMAHA. April a. Bank clearings for
today were 31.5a9.4mi.5S. and for the cor
responding date last year, 32,o3.44.3D.
Cob d It lea af Trade and Qaeratloae
. Stasia aad Faacy Predaei,
EGGS Fresh aeillng egga. candled. Uc
BUTTER Common, lbc; fancy tub and
rolls. Il"fjl3c; creamery, JOc.
CHEJCSE-New full cream. Wlsconain
twins, l7Vc; new fuil cream brick. 17c; do
mestic new 8wiss,' Mc'i new limburger, 14j
lac; young Americsns, lTHc
LIVE POULTRY Springs. Hc; roosters,
tc; ducks. lie; geese, ec: cspons, 13c
HAT Choice No. 1 upland. 37.50; medium.
3 W; No. 1 bottomr. 36.ut'; off rrad-a, 34-Wi
Rye straw. 37.ow. No. 1 alfalfa, 3U.&U,
CANNED GXJLS Corn, standard west
em, e&c. Tomatoee. fancy. 3-pound cans,
31.46: standard 3-pound cans. 31-lu. Pine
apples, gated. I-pound. 32.ti2.3o; sliced.
317oa2.3&. Gallon apples, U Ou. California
apricota, 32.oo-i7a.3a. Pears. ti-lur.15.
Peaches, 31 JoJ.lA U C. Peaches, iilviy
3.15. Alaska aval mem., red. 3140; fancy
Chinook., flat. 341a; fancy sockeya. fist.
311&. Sardines, qtrarter oil. 3340; three
quarters mustard. 33.3. Sweet potatoes.
31.2Stil.35. SauerkrauL, 9oc Pumpkins, goc
ftjl.uo. Lima Beans. 2-pound. To-n.26.
Bnaked peas. Z-pound, etc; fancy, 31-xl.46.
FISH HsllbuL laic; trout. Uc: pickerel.
7c: pike. c: whlta fish, Uc; buffalo, he;
bullheads, skinned and dressed, lie; catfish,
dressed. He, medium croppiea and yellow
sunriah. ti-aSe: large croppies. 15c; herring,
fresh frosen. auc .perch, 8c; white baas.
14c; black basa. 23c.
are aomawhat unaettled by freer offerings
from aecond hands, who aeem deslroua of
moving supplies of immediate gradea. Quo
tations range from So to 8c for California
fruit and from 6V to 8c for Oregon.
Peaches are very firm, with fancy yellowa
quoted at
SUGAR Granulated, cane, per sack. 35.80;
beet 35-on; cut loaf, 7c; cubes. 6.70c; pow
dered. 4 Sv-.
COFFEE Roasted. No. 35. S6c; No. 30,
Be; No. t. 19c; No. 4. 14
Metal Market.
NEW YORK. April 21. METALS The
London market remained unchanged at 144
5s, wlille futures declined 10s to 142 los.
IxwBlly the market ruled easy at a decline
of about 17'4 points, at 3-11.75 to $31 96. Lon
don copper also eased off to a for spot
and ai4 10a for futorea. New York quota
tions were unchanged; lake at 3l2.7STli 81;
electrolytic at Slit-Vtli'S: casting. 311J71i
i; .Vi. Lead In London declined Is 3d to
1.1 lis 3d. but locally cloaed' unchanged at
33.97Vjli4.uO. Spelter was unchanged In both
markets. In London at il oa and locally
at 34 iai34.n- Ixndon Iron closed unchanged
at afta il for standard foundry and 3d lower
at Sla 9d fur Cleveland warrants. The local
market waa eaay. but nominally unchanged.
No. 1 foundry northern. r.ltX.SIH.Ta: No. 2
foundry northern. 3!7.7;lrt.:5: No. 1 foun
dry southern and No. 1 foundry southern
soft. $17.2fr!8.0u,
ST. LOUIS. April a METALS Lead
higher at 33 W4; spelter firm at 34-ia.
Cat tea Bfarket.
NEW TORK. April 21.-COTTON-Fu-turea
opened eaay: May. g-tHc: June, 3. Sic;
Jurv. I) asc; August. I sle: October. Itiic;
December, lane; Janaary, t tf--c; March.
8.74c. Spot closed quiet. Ill points higher;
middling uplands. lil.Oic: middling gulf.
lO.a&c. Iales, none. Futures closed steady;
April, 84hc; May. S-oc: June. h.nOr; July.
Insc: August, 8.o3ci September, 8.n2c; No
vember, f obc, January, Sc: March, 3 7oc:
GALVESTON. Teaaa. April 21. COTTON
Steady; W3-16o.
8 pot market quiet: aalea. Sou balea. Low
ordinary. 3 13-loc, nominal; ordinary, 4Sc,
nominal; good ordinary, 8 1-ltic; low mid
dling. ( 3-ltk-; middling. 10c; good mid
dling. ItApc; middling fair. Ulc; fair, ll-c
Recelpta, 4,73 balea; stock. 17S.04S bales.
Sagar aad Malaaaes.
NEW TORK. April 3.-8UGA R Raw.
quiet; fair refining, Ifflc; centrifugal, 94
test. 4.4uc: molasses sugar, 173c. Kcfined.
steady: No. 4. t.liie; No. T, 4 '6c; No. t,
3uuc: No. 9. 4 oc: N-i. 1. 4.Aac: No. 11. 4. auc;
No. U. 4.TSc: No. 13, 4.70c: No. 14. 4.tc. Con
fectioners A. s.3: mould A. 8. Sic; cut loaf,
4 30c; crushed. . -:;. powdered, i.oue; gran
ulated, a -, cubes. 8. lie.
MuLAtMsES 4julet: open kettle. New Or
leans, good lo choit-e. 'JoglZc.
Ceffee Market.
NEW TORK. April n. COFFEE Ms rket
for futures closed steady; net unchanged to
i pointe higher. A large part of the busi
ness waa switching. - Altogether salea
were rermrted of &.!titi baga. including May.
Sr: July, i , Sentemher, 6. ;. Tecem
ber. &.-: March. Auuc Spot, quiet; Rio No.
7. r; No. 4 eantoa. 8Siu9Sc; mild coffee
quiet; Cordova. yiifl2c.
Mlaaea polls Orala Market.
31 July. 31.u.'Sl.u-H: No. 1 hrd. 31 t7H
til.-eit: No. 1 northern. SLOSH'TH.1; No. S
northern. ll.SCVsi 1-14'-: No. 3 northern, 8j
SI o-S.
f RA N 3a ivg?L.
FIOL"R First patents. I fclfviO: second
patent a, tn.ir'io 40: first rleara, H1'j74-.
aecond cleara, 3J.r4i3.4V.
Vtllaaaak.ee Grata Market.
Hisher. N. 1 northern, tl ie(jfl t: Na. 3
nort;ierH. 11 0f il U7; July. 8r aaked.
RAKLET-l'iitn; No. 7c; sample. t
ts.V. - i-
tORN Steady.; No. 3 eaah. tfc'I'iSc; May.
, i -
Waal Market.
'BOSTON- April a.-r-WOOI-There Is a
quiet tone to tha wool market and pricea
are low. God ata.pie territory wool on
the scoured basis la quoted from &8t- tit 80c
and good clothing atock at sue lo &ic. ac
eoidlng to quality. s,
Oalatk (.rata Market.
Dl'tl'TH. April a-WHEA'l-No. 1
nnrtiieiii, 81 So t porthern. (1 ilt;
ilv. tl M.S.. Jiiy. li u."; ScHambsr, tic
OATSr ajijo.
Cattle of All Kinds Show More or Lest
keep aad Laaaks af All Klada Slew
ellera, wrltk Wweled LaaaVa Steady
4 Skerm Lama we Tweaty
Ccats Lawtr.
SOUTH OMAHA. Neb.. April IT. 1.
Receipts were: Cattle. Hot. Sheep
Official Monday !.: 3.a 81
Estimate Tueaday 2.o3 3.791 3.914
Two days this week.... 4.ST7 3.721 13.CA
me davs last week.... T.J44 1S.V4 7.1 HI
Sums daya 3 weeks ago.. 8.IK 8.9R7 11214
Same days 8 weeks ago. ll.nTtn 8.818 14.413
Rama nan d eka 7 Alt 1".rme 1 it
Same days last yesr 1XJ80 11. 308 lS.aJ
The following table phowe the receipts of
eattle. hogs and aheep at South Omaha
for the year to date, compared with last
year: igng. 190T. , Inc. Deo.
Cattle 26. 847.410 X214
Hoars turd 744 7m ITS 91
8heep 451.433 G&.IX 17.it92
The official number of cars of stock
brought In today by each road was:
C.lll. Hun Bh'n. Ilrs'B.
C, M. Tc SL P
3 3 .
X ee ee A.
3 4 ' 1
41 24 8 1
1 1
13 I
3 8
7 12
3 7 I
1 .... 1
8 1
1 a bY I
UlBMilri ro.irir.
Union Pafio
C. A N. W., eaat
C. A N. W , west
r at t vr a r
C. B. A Q., east.!!!!!
-., ts. at west
C. R. 1. A P.. east....
C, R. I. dt P.. west...
Illinois Centrsl
Total receipU 11S 83 17 11
The deposition of the day's receipts waa
aa follows, each buyer purchasing the Dum
ber oc bead indicated
Cattle. Hogs. Steep.
Omaha Packing Co...
iswlft and Company
Cudahy Packing Co
Armour At Co ......
Omaha P k g. Co., Denver
Cudahy P'k g. Co.. K. C
vansant 4 Co
Carey dt Benton
Lobman at Rothchlld
Hill A Son
F. P. Lewis
Huston A Co
J. B. Root A Co
J. H. Bulla
L. F. Hues
2S8 ...
McCreary dt Carey
Sam Werthlmer
H. F. Hamilton
M. Hagerty A Co
F. G. inghram
Sullivan Bros.
Lehmer Broe
SL Louis Packing Co....
St. Clair Packing Co
Omaha P k g. Co.. Su Joe.
Lahm Broa.
Cleveland Packing Co....
KJngaa Packlnsr Co
Other buyers
Totals 2.761 7.U2 4.757
CATTLE Receipts of cattle, although
heavier than yesterday, were suit very light
lor Tueaday. Other market pointe were al
so reporting very moderate runs. With
such light recelpta at all market points for
the lasi four or five days, lt wss evident
this morning that Dackers were reeling a
little more hungry for auppllae. and bence
a somewhat better feeling waa displayed In
the market than for some time back.
It seemed mora like old times in the beef
steer trade thia morning. Buyers were all
out In good season lrt the morning and there
was enough lite and snap to tue traae to
clean up everything by 10 o clock or
soon after. The prices paid were
little higher than yesteroay, sales
men, aa a rule, putting the advance at a
good lvc and in some caaes aa- mucn aa
luuluc. The market on tha general run of
handy weights la safely 25c higher than ths
low time on Wednesday of last weea. rig.
heavy cattle have not shown as much ao
vance. but they were poaaibly liVlMo higher.
Caws and heifers were generally a nine
stronger today or around luc higher, pos
sibly luajL&c higher than the low point at
last weea. 1 ne receipts touay wersr ewy
moderate,- there being ieaa cuws here wUn
larger receipts 01 other cattle than mere
were yesterday. More than that, the
quality waa generally poor so tnat tue
aalea on paper do nut allow up any too
Thera waa a small sprinkling of Blockers
and feeder In aiglil and anything desirable
along that line sold st good, firm pricea .
Quotations on cattle: Good to choice corn
fed ateera. a.l:l.; fair to good corn-fed
ateera. ta.BJ'on ii, common to iair corn
fed ateera, 34.755.85; good, to choice cow,
and helfera, J4.7o.bO, fair to good cowa
nd heifers, 33.7ot4.;; common to iair
cows and neilers. i-uun4.ia, guua to
choice Blockers and feeders. 84.1 a 5.3');
fair to good stockers ana reeaers, n
4 75: common to iair stockers and feeder.
33 00 tj 4.00
ttepreseniauve sa.es :
At. Ft.
A. Pt
fct IB
.lose t at
U U 8 la
4 1 4 4
4 It
t a
Jl 41
4., .. T
it Itxt
4 tt
8 si
8 ta
11.. ......
..14a t tt
..Iti', t 14
4 Nt IN
N Kn4 I U
...ItOO I tt
t H
4 M
t u
t a
t it
t ta
4 44
4 06
t fti
4 U
t 14
t t
4 t
t 4
4 HI
4 44
t ta
3 M
4 44
t si
t at
t at
4 tt
llrf '
...114t t JO
...US4 t W
.. 76 IH
..t44 4 it
I "0 3 U 4 t
J... SN IW ! 10 4 tt
t.... 1014 I 18 It M IK
t iu'1 t 2i I lua 4 Tt
t tn 1 it 11 tit 4 7
t 1137 I ill 8 1141 4
8 IW IW U 4
t ltv i 4 I Ml I at
I tal 3 tt 1 1141 I tt
I Hat I 75 T last 8 e
7 loat 4 10 3 lust 4 lt
I ..114 t It 4 1 t it
t 1"1 I 24 1 11 4 I
t t:t t ts 1 1371 t u
4 l'WT 4 K Ifc4 8 ia)
t 44 I la f .....IBM I Ig
4 IV I JS t W it
1 I It) 4. V t 44
T 441 4 at 4 M lit
4 1174 4 IS ta 8 tt
1 40 t 75 I T79 8 tt
t , ta I lt lt. ti III
1 tat 8 1
I 14t 8 Ot 3 n IH
3 l I I M IH
1 1 3 9 1 310 3 78
It 8 a
lrr t
....lr.o 4 to
.... ts 4 r
.... 740 4 74
....lira 111
....1444 4 tl
....1H70 M
.... I 10
....2S I ill
lJu I tl
llu. t
3 3
, m 1 ia
itj t 79
1444 1 75
14.4 4 l
tl't IN
4 ei
... ts t u
4 41
... 4l I l
... I 71
... M It
.... ! I IS
...MHO I M
.... 417 I M
... 14 4 Pt
n ...
4 50
4 M
I 4
4 t
74 4 79
441 I Tt
, Ml
, au
4 4
4 4
.. I4t
4 7t
4 at
8 ie
3 at
.. Mat
M lis
Pi It)
(it t u
45 steers... 1"1J 8 So 11 ateera. ... 9S 8 !8
3 bulla IK 3 17 bulla 1.V7 3
84 cowa l'ail 4 M 62 steers.. ..l'fi I 58
&2 steers... .l'W 5 55 5.1 steers. ... J.0 8 50
Hi M ;n A lower provision msrket yester
day and ths report that a large number of
hege were carried over unsold at Chicago,
indicating a cnngeatlon of recelpta at that
point, combined to give pricea a downward
tendency at all points. The market here
was ion lower than yesterday, but the de
mand waa good and the trade was active
at the dealine. so that everything on aala
waa dupoaeil of la good season In the morn
ing. Tli hugs eold verv Isrgely at 85 ttavf
3 46. with a t 'O at 85 r Testerday the hoga
sold principally at 85 a2Vv 55. with a loo
l KM.
Today's decline wipes out eon aiders ble ef
the g-in made yesterdav and the latter
part of laat week, hut the market is sriN
around 8c hlaher than it waa on ths low
dav last wea-k.
Representative sales:
Na . h. r. Ha
14 1-4 f I i;4 as..
at M lait I 4 74..
14 : 4 I 4 - 71. .
i tl ... la ji ...
T ... I st...
. ta r
.. ST ... 4 47-4
...15 4S I 47-aj
...I I 40 I 4'S
..It las I 1.4
-.-4.4 Oil I 44a
The Updike Grain Go,
V commission DcrAetTiarirr ' ' '
700 to 714 Drandcte Dlds-
Talmtuvasas I
71. 341 ... 8 4
14 '.. 8 tn
7 .rt 1! t 4
4. ...... I tat at
44 Jrtl ... I .
T8....',...S! it 4
Tt tn it l a)
74 A H 14
4 174 It I 4
H -tl as 14
7....v.P I 4
..Ml- 1. t as
r...,.i ... 4
M .fc M It
tl... lit 1st 8 4
t........i;4 ... 8 as
7t M. lw. I 40
74.. :.23t 17 I 4
...2? 3t I 474
...US ... 4i'4
...1H ... t 24
.. tw t 4 4:v4
...Jt K0 I 4:14
71 '..jit tn 1 4j
70 ... at 8 4it4
t r M.IU4
at J"l ins I ct
rt ss 1 4ti
t ty, t tltaj
t.......ti4 ts 8 ati
tt t e I 4i4
tt tae t 1 414
a on ... 141-4
St.... tat 1 tti.
tt ri it I 4tt
45 IP7 ... I 424
7l....fc ,40, 8 4 SB
B ... m
t4....lit ... 8 4 i. 1 4 12,,
Jl ! ...' 42 ; Ji4 tsn J 4J14.
n.r.....jm is I 4ft P 40 8 S
4 -.271 St I tt . 1M) )to 5 tt
.. ... 8 4 t 49 l
ti .,. 1 Tt n M
a.. ... an ta m ...-144
a. 'T 1 ai 1 as n jx is 1 4,
e ... 8 4 st it ... tat
7t........m IB IS tl ... t I 44
7 11 ... 14 4 4.171 ... 141
! ' 4 I " T. jmj 40 I 4S
3 4TV4 t tt 4a I 46
it z.'t ... 8 1 at 11 tt I 6
t r ... I 41 -4) Tt til ... 44714
0 ,..-..T3 I 43 It Ml 4 I 4TV4
H .17 4r t 44 It f.1 ... I 4t
Is 120 8 ft 4 8 41
' 8 44 t l l
fi 8et4j 4 ! ... I 4
44........ 2M ... I i2 n iaj ... s mi
T.......:ii ... 1 v r rt ... ii
2 i.l" b r4 iit a 1 it
7 ia M 1 izu, "
btir-tt- Ktceipis of sheep were quite
moderate this morning, only about alxtcvn
(resat cara being reported. The receipts
consisted laj-gelf of laiuba, both wooled and
The market on woo led lambs did not
Bhow any very material change as com
pared witn. yesterday, or with Inst week for
that matter. While the trade wss slow,
buyers went through the pens picking out
such stutt aa they wanted, tor which they
seemed willing to pay fully steady price.
Toua good Mexican iambs sold up to 87.oV.
which looked like a good, steady price as
compared with the close of last week. A
medium kind of woo led lambs sold around
37 iM7.1a. While It wial be noted til at the
top lamba are selling right cloae up to Chi
cago, the market nevertheless la inclined
to be dull, while the demand does not ap
pear to be very large or very urgent Thua
today, after buyers had picked out auch
Btuff aa they wanted, other lots of lamba
were hard to move, with the tendency
Clipped Jambs sold yery high at this
point yesterdsy. a good string of eighty-two-pound
lambs going st 37. It waa very
apparent thia morning that buyers felt that
their clipped Iambs have been costing them
too muuu and that they would either force
a concession oa the part of sellers or leave
the stuff alone. That feeling on the part
ef buyers made the trade slow on the
clipped lambs, with prices 20c lower than
Quotations on lambs-.' Good to choice
wooled, 87. 257. 8ft; - fair to good wooled.
M.7fio7.2t; good ahearing lamba carrying
flesh. 38.504f7.00; good ahearing lambs, thin.
3.044iL5u- shorn lambs. 50c under wooled
atock. . -
Quotations on sheep: Good to choice
light yearlings, shorn. 3.0ttJ3S; fair to
good yearlmga. shorn. 86.7Mii.0O; good to
choice wethers, shorn, 15 7LaS 00; fair to
good wethers, shorn, 3S.aoij4.75; good to
choicer ewes, shorn. 3o.25t3S.o0; fair to good
ewes, shorn.. 84. Tag. 26; culls snd bucks,
shorn. 33.0rjr4.5ti; -wooled sheep. Settle
above shorn stock.
Representative sales: ' ' "
'No. , . . Av. Pr.
LI Colo, lambs, broken fleece.. 79 8 50
4-3 Colorado lambs, feeders M T 00
230 Colorado lamba. feeders .' 86 7 W
112 western lam aa.- wooled: 70 7 15
.12 western lamba, culla....... 58 8 15
2-13 western lambs, shorn.. 79 8 5
29 Colorado lambs .'.:.. 72 7
60 Colorado lamb culls 53 IS
18 western cull lamba and ewes. S3 5 an
i'-t western ewes lid 5 In
4W Mexican lamhs 74 7 0
12 Mexican yearling 70 - M
47 Wyoming shorn lambs Bi t
47 western lambs, shorn 75 75
23 western lambs, shorn 100 S tt)
. 8t. LU. Live Stock Market.
"ST. LOCI 8. April 21 CATTLE Receipts.
3.500 head, including -.) Texann; market for
natives steady; Texans lot; 15c lower; native
shipping Bid export steers. 3.3""r7.(i0;
dressed beef snd butcher steers. 36.4a..::
steers under l.o) pounds, 34.7fig5 .25; Blockers
and feeders. S3.0wte.25; cows snd heifers.
13 Tofctt.OO: canners. S10O64.V0: bulls. 33.75T
8.7V, calves, .32.507.00; Texas and Indian
8 IBdDedls ati Pap
. . . i
Nine Miles From Denver, mlii "J?"" mmjttr -
COlOrattO Aa awat, fe, ack SlCO koasal ka aatiam ta
' tha LW.tr sal tJaaj Caa.r, tia. trwatM ba
be ina a iarmir.j area stretching from Den- "da tiaso man sja la a Uaaat '..
ver half way to the Celebrated Greeley and wT?j, .T" .r", Ji0o'
Longmont region (the beat known irrigation eso aae am a a si ettlae list
' district in the world) which is the basis of TlSs Tlfnxre'TfZvp-fl iwnr
an U.ue of bonds now owned and offered T.
bf u. BAtBerjr:- District
6 f rftn1 Seeiiretl Cttnu Mld to ,h- ''chest farm and trait coan
VU imitu aJV.4A aaVWAAtAa nanili n th eortd nrndnrin. a nnlu .k...
due each yesr from S to U years. Principal
and temi-srinual interest payable at Ameri
can Trust A Savin Bank. Chicago. De-
nominations S100, S50O. and SI. Out) (Orders
accepted lot single bootisj issued by tha
D2XtVCr ReSerVOlr Ilrl"3-
Hon Cospaiiy
which bat Bcqufred and merged Into one
, system (he pt opert.ss of 9 active, operating
. irrigation companies in the Immediate vicin
ity of Denver, thus end ueing the Company
" with some of the earliest water rights ia
' Colorado, dating bkek 80 and 44 years.
These water ngkts give orlop use of tha
direct rrver flow and the flood waters of tha
t. , 1 v 1 www .nu . w ujuu waiaia Hi ins
principal stresmt of the eastern slope of the
Rocky Motmta, us. betide up ping the
Frater. the largest river on tfie western
tlope. Water stored irr reservoirs for nse
In the summer after the streams fail Is In-diapentabie-
to sugar beets and other lata
crops 'Atraaf H turr it Htmd Wtaiik.
Security Under the Bonds:
- Primarily, mortgage liens on the Denver
Reservoir Irrigation Company s system, ia
eluding water rights, canals, reservoir,
sites, etc., and all properties now owned or
heresfter to be acquired by the Company,
touervtiviy estimated worth between
Two K, Illllon to Three 1.111-
- lion Dollars
Secondly, collateral security in tha form
of mortrge liens Upon farm and orchard
"land U)M supplied with contract water de
tived front sales of reservoir stock repre
senting water rights sufficient tor the land,
and by the water atock Itself, which Is not
delivered to purchaser nnul his payments
mi v vuiuuia.cu.
T tarrsar assa pssiets pay tnrspsraam
n i. - si aao pr arro. tho '
a-isa ta
S-OMls tanjvtoss aast Oiaos I
aa, ta pafanatiis lw 4aa
aeea lleaaa u . .n to
aae iwba aLail uaaWt-nltam
wits we laanaaa Traaa A aaaas Sans, bnaaaava.
1 r ina, a. la I4a aaiieof .... aa4 aa-u4e im U.S
lai.I nt taa bnata laoaad. pbirS lnr si'll ri '
lauae euruig tao ule at tae ri n ti
Rtunlclpal Bonds
tint NateaaU Umad aVaaUAlaaJ. Claadtw Srm ....SUte..'. :i ..'....
For further particulars regarding the above bonda. call oa or addreaa
' -. . WALTER IL H1I0DH3,
Braadeh Building. . Orruha, NebrasJiJ
- BammnasmamSmmaaBWaBmBBBBakamSJam
r" MT .
tn4 j
TlQ85rT etAJIABmiXO.
Cltlssms Baak 8 Ttmat Canxpaay.
State SMpeadtory. - BarUeevUaa, Oklahossa,
Pap salts ta una hasa, GL'ARAXTEKO bp the Btate
ef oaabama Guaranir r-iad. New atsio Isar pro
vidaa bit.trrg SAf-TtTT te ear dapoattars. 1 ae
Btste toarasteas the mail ot their mosey oa Ba
saanii andar sor etrenmatannea. V a par Interest ea
time depostta tfae raraiitaeeo Is oy form gall
Infnematioe rursaahd spoa renaaa.
aWgeert State JtaaJfc la 8Uaatxa Oltiaaoma.
steers, 33-inJ3; cows and heifers. 3L78S
HOG8 Recelpta; RSen head; market in
7c lower; pigs and light, SXoA; packers,
5 .Vpfla00; butchers and best beavy.
head; market steady: iativt mut'ons. 33.78
tiiTfi; iambs, I4.ot-u-e.0o, euila and bucks.
Cattle (Iroag aaaj Hlgaee Hetrs Tea
Ceats Leaver.
CHICAGO. April Sl.-CATTLE-Rece1pts.
2.5UO hesd; tnaiket errong. Bcttve and lo
13c higher; steers. 5 'y 7 fi: cow. (Dmi
4.00; heifera. 33-u6 28: bulls. 8:t.50V5 30;
calves. J.5ti6.5o; Blockers and feeders, U.Jo
HOGS Recelrls. lO.t head: market 10o
lower; choice heavy shipping. 'io5fc5;
butchers. K.RO'i.K: light mixed. 3 7"a4 7o;
choice liehl. 8177j5iu; pax-king. 3.1200.70;
plfts. 3iaVo5 5fi; bulk of sales, 36.A1SB4Y78.
SHEEP AND LAMBii-Recelpta. IT.fslo
head; market steady; sheep. 35.oi5j.0O;
lambs, Sti.uo'9'7.70; yearling. 8o.iuit4.5u.
Kaasae City Live Staek Market.
KAX3A9 C1TT. April 21 CATTLE Re
ceipts, i.owO head Including 'M southerns;
market lotjloc hrgher; top. 36 M; choice e--port
and dreesed beef steers. 8 4f4 W:
fair to good. ,lie.J5; western steers. 3t7i
4i.60: Blockers and feedera. tlmdift.iiO;
southern ateera. 34.ifj.: southern cowt.
3J. lo'iit.dO; native cow. 8.1.75 it 3 68; native
heifers. 34-tM35; bulls, 8Xtf5.jO; caivea.
34 .'xi'ati.00.
HOtJS Receipts. 11,on head; market WB
ISc lower; top. 35.70; bulk of sale. IS.tc'a!
5 65: heavy. SS iS.ro: pa leers and butrhers,
85 5o4in.i: lighr Jo.?.y'ioii; piara. 34.1VUo.Oc.
head: market steady; lamhs. u.0T37 jO:
ews and yearlings, S3.iViTn.50: we4ern
yearlings. SS.0ii4fg.Ml: western sheep. Si.JjiJ
(.uO; atuckers and feeders, 3J.3ai.oo.
St. Jasepta Lire Stock Market.
8T. JOrSEPH. April ?1 CATTLE Re
ceipt J. 1.4K; head: market Iv higher: Na
tives. S5.504i8.a5: rows mil heifers, 81 f
8.00; Blockers snd feeders. S3.2ii.i8.
HOGS Receipts. 4.rr5R hesd: market Vm
15c lower. Top.' C.70; bulk ,of aale. SJ.0
j4 50 '
SHEEP AND LAMR Tleeeintt! 1.2-J5
head; market lrjor.". Lamb". ai. 75-117. 4ft; jar
linga and weiutfi. 6.7ji17;. .
Slaea Pity Live Staek Market.
SIOCX CTTT. Anrll 1 neHal Tele
gram.) HOGS Rece'nts 2Kl head: -s-ket
loc lower: range. 3S.2S&54C; bulk. 3o.37j7.Vta.
CATTLMT Recelpta. aoo head: market
10c higher: bevea. 3&.'14.75-: cows and
heifers, 34.0lK?ifi.50: stockers and feeders.
34.0ttU4.75; calves and yearlings. SXotwl50.
Ilaek lw HlgltL
Receipts of live Block at the Six principal
weatern earkets ytiterday:
.Cattle. Hogs. Sheen.
South Omalit 2.4.52 a.rs.' J.9U
Sioux Citv " j.tajo "
Kansas City 5 5n ' ll.ooa 4.f01
Bt. Ituls .a.. 3.") 8.50 30
Bt. Joseph. 1.46.3 4 S l.'.-JS
Chicago 2.jiXI 10.000 17.00
. .,..18.183 48.717 K.HS
Philadelphia Prwdavee Market..
Firm. He higher: extra western crtaoiery.
S0H': extra nearby prints. 32s.
EtKiS Firm, tn good Oemand; Psnnsyl
vania and other nearby first free caeei,
ltsu at mark; Pennaylvania and other cur
rent recelpta In returnable caaea 18c at
mark; western first, free case, ltttyc at
mark; weatern current recelpta, free caaea,
lc at murk.-
CHEESE Quiet but steady; New Tork
full crcama. choice, 15315Hc: Nw Tork full
creams, fair to good, 14it144C
rics, strawberries, raspberries, melons,
sugar beets, peas, onions, potatoes, aspara
gus, torn s toes, cucumbers, etc., which,
owing to their ouaiity aad the proximity ot
Denver, the market place of over million
people In Colorado and surround in etta
yield an Income of 0 to l.Ot) per acre.
.usHMvHiiim aia unuaiaueics ta Bl-
tractiveness in the) history ef Irrigation ia
the United Slates In the following respects:
FIRST. Ltcatum: Namely, lmmeikately
adjoining Denver, the metropolis of tha
Crowing West, with a doten railroad ay stems
which distribute Denver-Greeley products
to the whole Rocky Mountain region ex
tending from Montana to Texas, afiording a
ready market for ail that caa be produced
i . - j .
' "iL?"! H "a TL" ,P,!at!8I
" "? J VT.., --
0 ot California
Ind. Camjarmtnt malw! la other Irrlra.
ted sections fruit lands eosnmand from tXO
to ei.UUO per acre: farm lands from 8i'ju to
tJM per acre, even la isolstad sod sparsely
settled localities. "
Tbo mndsartjnnlsnaaor ea th saalns snrta ma.
to tl am par sera, ouaoa ooaie luraaatiuaHbs
aaoiBIj aoaer taaaa boods, " ssa aaaas a. .r
Stfrsaa isa lauos ajaa wsua a-ir mortanaaro aaama a .an a
ag tae Barnes rapaaaasa osuy a par a&
Purpose of Bond Issue:
Ml fVmv4At frmw
KfTasUnttel 4i IH tt H ts. sail st g
Krmr rrtt by Dr. Elwood Meed
Chief of Loited otataa Government a
Irrigation lnvestirations Depart- t
ment, and J. G. White 4 Co w
Engineers and Contractors, S
rew tors, signea ttatemeats ar .
by leading agriculturists
land values and produc-
ia auva aituiturisrs, aa to v -sa
tioa and ail phases of t
this enteTnriBA. and .-V Flast Marian ml
aa Illustrated (f Baaak Blia.
booklet will be ' Cateatra. Illiaaoaa
on . r '
.O . Please aead copy of rs
J matt. LmsUstod pacuutaet
-A aad furtbar paxtlcauaira rs
Cj garaiug Leaver kooamoar Irrir
gaaoa Cempany Si boaaia.
0 .- .
Street sad No...

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