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The Omaha Sunday. Bee
Oos Int t)M Mormi
Best A". West
PAOK 1 TO 10.
If NT II I II I I v 1 Pill M II II Bi fWJ 11 a.tfol :.. 1 Vj WTJ-ii r Vila- a? V I LJ irtvtrt d
The Bennett Company's Spot Cash Lands $100,000 Worth ot New -Merchandise
at a Fraction o! Its Value from Overstocked Jobbers and Manufacturers
Never was power of ready cash more forcibly demonstrated. Never was purchasing power ol Bennett's more impressively displayed
. . ... - - . ......... . i tr. iL.i
The money stringency that is everywhere more apparent than it seems to be in Omaha has created a state
of affairs among many jobbers and manufacturers that is truly alarming Dealers everywhere curtailed their
purchases and concellation of orders were numerous. Such conditions, wholly unexpected, when wholesalers
were placing their orders, leaves them tremendously overstocked and anxious to unload. Our Mr. A. L. Schantz and
a corps of. department managers have just returned from one of the most profitable buying trips ever made for
The Bennett Company. Through our immense dutlet and with ready cash at their command they secured $100,000
worth of new seasonable merchandise at lower figures than have been known since the memorable year of 1893.
iVlosl unusual circumstances itiukcs inesc saies possiuiu. ujki; inc o ciocu car loinurrow uiuruuiu a
These eoods have all arrived and cro on sale for the first time Monday morning We promise you that no
salo of recent years afforded bargains of such a sweeping nature. Its a master stroke in May merchandising
that will set all Omaha talking. Practically the entire first and second floor departments are involved in this
sale. Dress goods, silks, wash goods, domestics, linens, white goods, hosiery, underwear, laces, embroideries,
ready-to-wear goods of every description are underpriced in a way that will crowd the store to its capacity.
Here are May prices on the very goods you are needing and will need, lower than you could reasonably expect
them in August. Just think what such a sale means to Omaha women to YOU.
Bennett's Buyer Makes Sensational Suit Purchase in New York
Buys up New York manufacturer's entire surplus stock of
swell Prince Chap Suits in the new 34-inch coat length. This is
the newest New York fad and is an advance fashion hint for fall.
These suits are the best tailored, highest grade $3.00 suits we
ever sold. Cut from finest shadow stripe panamas, wool rajahs,
etc, in new leather shades, tans, champagnes, Copenhagen, navy,
black etc. ; also hairline stripe effects, coats lined
with finest taffeta silk, collar is inlaid with
Moire silk.
' mm
On Sale A
See I6th
A 50
Actually '
J Worth $50.00
Tailored Waists in a Big-Sale
One day should clean them out, for the values are extraordinary.
Tailored 'Lawn Waists, full
pleated one-half and three
quarter inch tucks, fancy em
broidered collars and
cuffs; a great one
day event, at ,
All Linen Tailored "Waists, full
pleated with, three-quarter and
oue-iiicji tucks, double inverted
pleated hack, embroid
ered collar and
cuffs, $4.00 value
'OM'wnt &obd si
for tiny sums.
Then you must come here Monday All the "freight" shipments from our recent big pur
chase are now on sale. Never were bargains in quality silks more pronounced. Such silk sell
ing knows no parallel here.
S.V MoaPHllnr and IVan de Cygiir
UT-liirli Colored Taffeta, worth $l.on
Ill-inch Colored Taffeta, worth tilte and 8",c,
Crepe do Chlneg, In all colors
Fancy Taffetas and Novelty IjOiiislncs
Plain Pongees and Brilliant I'lalils
tl.lin KoiirIi Silks, In all colors
JI.OO Fancy Striped and Checked Silks,
27-lncli Foulard M1KB, worm si.uu
White Foulards, with black dot, worth $1.00..
HmNonie Plaid Silks, all widths, worth l.('U.
Silk Voiles, dnuhle fold, all colors
3-lnch Colored Taffetas, worth $1.00
$1.P." Ronph Silks, new coin spot dealRns
Jl.lT KoiikIi Silks, in stripes and check
t.z: Fancy Taffetas, 7 inch, stripes
$1.00 liouislnes Silks and Novelty Kffects
$1.00 PonR-ee Ureas Silks, every good color..,
$1.00 Shirt Waist Silks scores of styles
One very largo assortment Plain and Fancy
Taffetas, plain and Novelty Silks of every
description, including the new black and
white checks, silks that ordinarily are con
sidered splendid values upward to 75c; Fri
day In one big lot, your choice, per yard
Black Silks:
Look in us for the bent bargains you over bought. We bought thorn very cheap, bo
we will maintain our reputation of giving the best values.
27-inch guaranteed black taffeta,
worth 85c, for
Heavy 27-ineh black taffetas, best dollar silk
made for .
36-Inch black, $1.50 taffeta, rich, lustrous
silk, yard
36-lnch imported $2.00 and $1.75 black taffeta,
never such ft price before
A Dress Goods Sale that Breaks All Records
Did you ever hear of such remarkably low pricing. Shrewd merchandising brings here bar
gains that are without precedent in Omaha's retailing history. 10,000 yards choicest dress fabrics
in Monday's sale.
Fine imported plain and fancy voiles, wool taffetas, silk
poplins, silk voiles, wool panamas, and
batistes. Also neat stripe and check
weaves. The best $1.25 to $2.00 goods
any store shows, at, yard
Thousands of yards of choicest new spring fabrics
every popular shade, everything desirable
in this lot. Also blacks. The jobber
simply sacrificed the goods to unload his
stock. $1.00 and $1.25 goods
Marvellons Selling o!
Laces and Embroideries
Corset Cover Kiiibroiderios fine
showy goods, 18 inches wide,
before less than 25c,
May sale price
Kmbroldcrics .Swiss and Nain
sook edges and Insertions to
match, elaborate patterns, two to
nine Inches wide, values ia.
to 25c, yard IvC
Cambric Km broideries 5,000 yds.
3 to 4 Inches wide, edges and. in
sertions to match, r
20c goods aC
Fancy - Torchons Mere's the
; greatest bargain ever In laces.
match sets, two and four Inches
wide, worth to 16c, In q
Monday sale at yard uK
By all Means Buy Furnishings Now
Every price, no matter how incredible the reductions may seem is an hon
est price. The purchasing power 01 BENNETTS was was never before brought
home to you with more telling effect. Every item in this space deserves your
whole attention.
Fine lisle gloves, 2-clasp
fasteners, 1 2-button
lengths, 89c values, 49(
$2.00 quality heavy silk
gloves, double tipped
fingers, Monday $1.29
lG-button length mil kid
gloves, very finest
gloves imported, $2.98
Women's black seamless
ribbed top hose, great
20c values 12 V2V
Imported lace lisle hose,
black only, all fine 35c
goods 25c
Imported lisle hose, em
broidered lace boot, all-
over J ace,
7 be kind .
."iOc and
AVomen 's low neck sleeve
Jess vests, full taped,
12V-C goods for. . .8V3C
Women's fine crocheted
trimmed vests, excellent
2.3c garments. . ... .17c
Best lisle sleeveless vests,
regular 50c qualities, in
the May sale at. . 35c
May Sale Bargains Wash Goods, Domestics
Embroidered Mulls, some of the handsomest
wash fabrics imported, sold to us in our big
cash purchase at a ridiculous price, striking
new color effects, $1.50 and $1.00 rQ
goods, at uvy
Silk Mulls, everywhere being retailed at'35c,
and worth it. The jobber was glad to sell
at our figure, so now you get them f C
at, yard
Silk Mouselines, exquisitely beautiful' pat
terns, make dainty evening dresses or for
afternoon functions, values .'jOc to 35c, big
line; in this May sale at, 1 fi
vrd lwl
Pillow Case Free with every
dollar purchase in Domestics
45-inch Pillow Casing, 18c qual
ity, for 9c
Bleached Muslin, yard wide,
10c value for 6c
Bleached Sheets, 81x00, extra
heavy 39c
8!)c Sheets, 81x90, heavy qual
ity ;. 59c
Pillow Cases, 45x3G-in., bleach
ed, YlVzC grades 8c
Linens White Goods
High class novelty white fabrics,
elegant 75c dress styles, sheer
and dainty, floral and geomet
rical designs, in May sale, OA.
at . .-
36-lnch Iiong doth very fine,
toft finish, just right for under
wear, 15c quality,
72-inch, all linen, bleached satin
Damask, heavy end durable, neat
patterns, $1.00 goods, jfjf
NupkinK 20-inch, the best $2.00
napkins we ever had, choice as
sortment of patterns, in 4 P
May sale, at doz l4t)
The new Norka Lawn Mower, with a 12-inch cutter bar. 9-inch wheels
a good serviceable machine, perfect in every respect 0 IIT
Monday special.. uUO
We give a grass catcher free with all machines.
...... .
ufwaiu lu ( $14.0
fck-rven Doom, many styles, prices
upward from 98c
MouHe Trap, sure catch, 3 for 5c
Coat Hangers, C for Sc
Liquid Veneer, 2 5c size for.. Jc
Liquid Veneer, 50c size for.. 8ttc
Steel Hues, special iftc
89c Galvanised Tubs for 6.V
79c Galvanized Tubs for.... fi.v
J 5c Hose Reels, special .V
Rubber llotr, 60 foot lengths,
complete with nozzle, $5, $6
and 7.SO
Also hose to cut In any length
line quality.
Screen Door Hinges and Screws,
And 10 SUmps
Lawn Rake steel, 24 tine. . . .KHr
And 20 Stamps.
Carter's White Lead 100 lb.
. egs.
Ready Mixed Paints, gallon 98c
to $1.80
(Double Stamps Monday.)
RemiPtt'a Rxt-etHior Kluiir. mirk S1.60 kml
B-nm-Uii lirkft Coffre. 2-lb. can 40 Zu'i
lea Mftlnjix. pound ; 1So Bn1
Ji-ll-O. low Ordain Powder, two pkga aoo ml
Or-n Umk I'luma, can 15o an
Tra Unrdi-n l'lt-wrnn, Urgr Jur 40o and
BuyleR" tMdr Vint-aur, tuart bottle 160 and
Heat We Mavo llartlett t'rar. ran 30o and
M.nnttt a Capitol .ita. puckatlt- 110 and
H-nnetta Cupltor Hatting Powder, pound.. S4o and
B-nnett'a Capitol Kit met, bottle ltto and
Snldfr'a Pork and Beans, two tana BOo and
Ohlrardellle Chocolate, Vfc-lb. can SOo and
Uolden Spike Kgg Plunia. ran ISc and
Ualllard'a Imported Olive OH, basket bottle 860 and
Bent, Squash, Cabbage. Water Melon, Rhubarb, and
herb seeds, six packages . , Ac
Ensign Brand Green Turtle. Urge can 73c
Kusign Brand Green Turtle, small can Site
(The choicest green and selected white meat.)
40 Ktamna
50 tUumpn
40 Stampa
10 Stampa
10 Stamp
10 Stampa
20 Stampa
10 Stampa
10 stamp
10 stampa
I" Stampa
o Stampa
10 Stampa
20 Stampa
lo Stampa
20 btamn
500 Pairs Women's Shoes & Oxfords, Monday Hall & Less
This blje special purchase in our May ale at most startling low prices known
to the shoe world. These are new MjHhIi ui-do-lute high and low cutH, in
velvet kid, patent colt, (run metal and tana, laced and buttoned effect. From
such makers as Levers and Sargent and The Cotter Shoe Co., values up to
$3.(10, others at 83.BO, $;LOO and $2.50, Monday, pair
mSne $13.69
Examine any ma
chine In town
then compare It
with thta one.
"Bennett Bpwlal"
la a regular $20.00
machine and fully
guaranteed for ten
yeare. Perfect tn
construction and
action, new arop
head model, aolid oak raae with fiva
draweia, fitted with full aet nickeled at
tachment. It la noiaelesa and light run
ning Absolutely the greateat sewing
machine bargain extant. Our ubual Mon
day special price. $13 (9.
' We nave other fine machines at spe
cial low prices worth seeing.
Save on Carpets and Cor Sains
Alex Smith's
conventional ef-
Tapestry Brussels Carpets, with stair
and border to match, 59c 9Qa
qualities, at, yard J7V
AxmiiiKter Carpets
goods, floral and
' fectg, always 11.25, closing COn
out at 0JC
Kashmir Hug for bedrooms, dining
room, etc., fast colors. f A no
9x12 feet. Monday lUetld
Iloxbury & Smith's Seamless Hue.
9x12 feet, $22.00
Ruffled Curtains, 2 yards by 4 8
inches wide, lace insertion and edge,
or uaitenuerg inmmea,
$1.50 values, pair
Body HriifselM Run, 9x12 feet, fice
frame, choicest new pat
terns, in May sale at. . . .-. .
Curtain Swiss, three patterns, white
ground and pink stripes, 12 Vic
qualities, May Bale price
(ioblin Silkoline, yard ' wide, choice
patterns, all colors, luc
quality, at
Cable Net Curtains, 3 yards 'by 4 5
inches, white or ecru,
$2.50 values, pair
Nottingham Curtains, plain white and
two-toned effects, worth
$3.75, pair
Irish Point Curtains, new line hand-
. some $6J0 values, at,
Monday's Furniture Sales
Some timely Furniture Bargains that are adapted for
wedding gifts for June brides. Purchases made now will be
delivered later at option of buyer.
Oak and mahogany Bed Davenport, with silk plush pantasotea PA
or velour coverings 12 stylts $4 5.00 values edueVV
Itrasn Reds Heavy two Inch continuous posts with six ono
, inch fillers finest $40 beds made at
'Wfzkds ' fitter?) stttrMJz
NV7 ,
Kelt Mattrct-ses Forty-five pounds wool tufted and round corners best
art ticking covers, nicely bound edges very fffi OA
special offering at .v00w
45-Inch Pedestal Tables; -exterds to blx feet, made of solid C1Q "7C
quarter-sawed oak and hand polished. $25 tables for. . . . , 7l0l w
Parlor KuiiesTweuty-five distinct styles; handsome oak and mahog
any finished suites, with rich velours or leather upholstering, bought
at a price that assures you absolute saving of from $8 CC
to $20 each, retailing at $24.85, $30.00, $40.00 and
Oak Dressers Lane 18x20 inch bevel plate mirror AO
fine value, Momiay at $0er()
Chiffonieres Very firmly built, five drawer cbiffonieres, OQ
to match dresser, Monday, at VW
Adjustable Pin Curtain Stretchers
Very firmly constructed Stretcher, with movable
pins so scallops can be readily adjusted a
seasonable offering a regular $1.75 value.
Monday special, at 91.29
Keather Dusters 'Large 18-inch Feather Duster, con
taining one hundred and fifty turkey feathers, has
a nickeled ferrule and leather cuff, $1.50 article,
Monday, at 50c
Rissell's .Carpet Sweepers Bissell's Crown Jewel
Sweeper; a sweeper that with ordinary care will
last for years; a great labor saving device special
Monday, at ; ., 91.05
And Fifty extra Trading Stamps.

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