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Florist! Run Outf White Carnationj
and Ii oses.
lht to Arbitrarily limit the m
8er of Licenses Granted to Be
Determined by the n
rrenie Court.
(From a Staff Correspondent.) '
LINCOLN. May in.-fSprvlal.i -The flir
Ists'of Lincoln rnn out of white carnations
and other white flowers Inst night and trrt
blossoms were urtn everywhere teday rn
observsnce of "Mother's day," nn event,
which the Young Mend Christian ns.-m.l-atlonii
of Lincoln, through lis sciitary.
Charles Mayne, Insugtirated. Many
were unable to purchase a hluiirn.
but Mr. Mayne we pleased and
Bald the thought of Mother' day would
do them good. Sermons on motherhood
wars preached In the rhurehea. Ore florist,
sold over l,no cftrnations yesterdsy and an
unknown number of roses. Business men
bought to supply their employes and patrons
C. E. Haynle suthoitecd Secretary Mayne
to buy flowera for all. who railed to got
them. Mra. Bremer, wife of Warden A. I J.
Beemer, supplied all of t!ie convicts at the
penjieptlary with flowera.
fJTxrlse Board Meeta Tneedny.
The excise fmSre! of Lincoln, comprising
the mayor and two elective officer, will
meet early Tuesday, morning to pass on
applications or ''saloon . licenses., Tin
majority of the hoard has derided to fin
hark on a new policy for the coming
license year by closing all saloons at 7
p. m., and restricting the number of
eslorme to twenty-flvc. There are now
more than forty, saloons and over fifty
appllcatons have been filed for next year,
despite the ruling of the board tliut only
twenty-five licenses! w 111 be issued. There
a littla or no talk of saloon men resisting
the rule closing salooni at 7 p. m., but I.
la known that the rule limiting the number
of licenses will be resisted as being Illegal.
At this time there is a case from Lincoln
pending in thr supreme court to test the
right of the board to limit the number of
aaloona, 6r to arbitrarily refuse to grant
license without ettuse.' Another case pend
ing relates to tho right of the board to
restrict (lie location of suloons when no
..remonstrance has been, filed. No decision
ran be had until the1 board acta on the
licenses thia year. Jiulgu T. C. Munger of
the federal court; a s, a, property owner, has
filed a remonstrance against the continu
ation of a saloon near a business lot which
he owns. x
Tonne to Be Orntor. j
Charles A. Towne of New York, the well
known politician, lias been chosen com
mencement orator at the state university,
June 11. J He waa formerly congressman
from Minnesota.
Railroads Flic JVtt Bills.
"Repleaded bills of complaint" in the
cases of the state aguinst the Rock Island,
Burlington, Missouri Pacific and I'nlon Pa
cific railroads have been filed In l'nlt,td
States court by Attorney General Thompson
for the state of Nebraska, members of the
railway commission and his own office, hi
the aults brought against the railroad com
panies to enjoin them from violating
statutes passed by the legislature of 17.
These are the cases which the supreme
court.' of tjbe yj"Wrt 81 ates- recently decided
to rt Tna4 tot 'ji courts pn,. fclin At
torney general's motion." "fh present
pleadlruja d,Q npt.rijySC any new Issues, but
are drawn merely to 'conform to tho rules
of equity practice In the federal court.
, Nebraska' Utewa Notes.
! BLUE HIIJ- Ervln ull. the 6-ycar-t Id
son of Mr. ami Mrs. V. Goil. ditd at his
home. Thursday evening.
harvard-How' y. 1:. Sidney closed a
several years' pastorate with the Chil.nlai
church of this city today, and will lemove
to Mlnden.
YORK Johnny Albin, a former weil
known York -county newspuper editor, iiua
located at Orleans, where lie U issuing the
Orleans Chronicle. ' I
YORK-The York county corn emeu
firomlaea te be one of the greatest c-jntcs.s
11 . tho state. Hundreds of York n.unty
boys from 13 to. 18 years of age cut. rod'
the contest. ' v
BLri5 HlLIj-Lsst Friday evenlntt liie
Hoard of Education elected Mrs. Jennie
Kissinger to a position as teacher in our
schools. She is now teaching the grammar
room in the Porchester schools.
YORK Complaint has been filrd with the
county attorney charging country hoys with
playing base ball on tjnndny. Warrants
have been sworn out with the admonition
that if It occurs again arrests will be made.
YORK The following are officers re
cently elected by Ine York Volunteer Fire
department: Wade Reed, chief; Lee Carey,
assistant chief; Albert Ovtatt, presldint;
W. P. Hainer, secretary; W. A. Miller,
YORK Moses Y. Starbuck, the nia,ILclerk
who waa seriously injured while h's car
was standing on a ldlng at York, received
in settlement of hie-claim against the Bur
lingten S6.QU0. Mr. . Starbuck brought suit
for tort, 000.
HARVARD-i-Corn plantlne has been
pushed suceasiifully by farmers during the
last week, while aU vegetation has mad
good growth under the Influence of rains
r.d warmer' weather, althuugii two tiosls
have occurred. i ' ' t
BLl'B HILL The graduating flats of the
high school will hold their commencement
eserclbea from May tt to Slh at the opera
bouse. Rpv. .Priesllv will deliver the bac
calaureate sermon at the Chrtstion church
Sunday evening. May Ct.
HARVARD Harvard Woman's Christian
Temperano union heW's, silver medal con
test at tho MelhodtHt- rShtireh-last evenlm.
There wore seivvnt.eslar(ts, the,, award
roina; to Miss Georgia Kllor, Willi Miss
Cclla Mlckel at second.
YORK The democrats of the Fourth
congressional district will hold a Bryan
lovefeast at York May 12. Democrats from
all over the district are expected here. The
local committee, haa' arranged to bold a big
afternoon joeeunit tn .llie .York eliautauiuu
pavllllon and at night a dollar a plate
banquet. William J. Bryan will deliver the
principle address.
TORK V, A., Shoemaker. York's cham-
Scientific Htudf IVoVoo Eczema, Can
Mot fbt Treisd Uy ltoslng the
' Stomach W ith Drug.
Advajiqr.nwsttcgr octeje. after year of
study and research, la now practically
agreed that Ecicms. psoriasis, salt rheum,
and diseases of like nature are akin dis
eases and cannot be cured by doctoring
the blood. The treatment prescribed Is
the direct application of healing, soothing
remedies to the akin. . .
"Doctor the Itch where -the Itch Is"
such la the common sense as well as sri
entlfically eorrevt t'onclu,slon. Oil of win
terarreeo, 'ADmootuid attUi aurh nther
soothing vegetable remedies as glycerine
and thymol bj l)4 , X- p,. Prescription, is
recogniaed a fth gpevtfje Physicians use
D.. D. P. i'rtsorlotlosi Crely in their prac
tice. Dr. fc.'A- V HsrUBtn. Washington,
D. wrjttfi s't.lew :
"D. D. I). pTcrlption is medicinal,
aoothlng and the effect 1s miraculous.
God knows It saved me deal of sufTer
Ing. I recommend It to everyone I can."
This, letter la only pno of many testifying-
to tl-.e rntrtH f j Ihtsipurely vegeta
ble remedy. C. pies' of' other letters msy
be eeen at our stores. Free treatise ofi
tare and nutrltiop of the skin may b had
on application.' Sherman A McConnell
lrug Co., Cor. Kth and Dodge fits.. The
Owl Dru Co, Cor. lMn and Harney 6ts.
tln checker plaver, Is filming ninny mmrli
games. The Iowa chamrln man rlcf"atd
and in a rnnlt he recently played SRa nt
two of Central lly iNrhi. beet pbijere,
M ."'!. Itrnwn and G.iwn, h- ! r.aicd
Hit m lie then played Mr. lleon. hii rTn-rt
from llull county, playing nltocether tli'y
nire mimes,, wlnnlna- Ihlity. ll; lout id v
mil twenty n-cre draws
Qonltit anil ( rrlnm pea tore of I, If
In a Itaiilrilr Growing
A Difference-1.1'tt-n. boyat When you
rlna tin your best sirl over the- 'phone, be
sure you nr.-" bilking to l;er n'.il Jint her
n:ot!'T. Clositr Contents, Mad'ahn Countj
l. I ortrr. J
' '. -
rteo.'rtn ' fr Kxploalvrs-Those Cats wlioi j
are woikln n the section up lu re are e. J
I;ol Int. One can finder; stand why rlynam'te
was Invented when he sees It em go about
tbclr werk. A tortoise la n fsist cls rae.r'j
hesld ' " them. Pratt Correspondence.
Mitchell Index.
. . . -12 by nhle'i OmHl n lind won E.iturday.
They're Off-Frank Bhaughnessey and we was unntilr an. f p ,5 tuk. wif.i
ore in a content to see which cue ran get ,nfi rnd , fi-,hx unli tnP eifthth inning,
fnt first. If some d. or lady who has j when MrDonongli. the vlllrge cut-up of
yard full of spring frys will trade tiS a renver. hit n liner to left field, which was
btndlc cf them fur subscription we a'P!,, through a hole In the fence until the
satisfied that we ran teal li'm.-t ooier, 111
St. Paul Republican.
It s Just Leaked Out One Norfolk woman,
who Is treasurer for a society that voted
to give a big chinch Kaster offiertnji. put
a rheek Into the contribution box that was
dated up-live clays in t-vance. Funds in
thv treasury were short, so Klie did Ihe
deed on futures. Norfolk News.
Whisiey on the Rise Blnce the saloons
have gone out of Wynmre as high hb Vi
has been openly offered for a ntmi't of
whisky, but there wero none who wojld
sell at that price. It is rumored that all
th buildings, occupied by the saloons would
soon be filled with other businesses. The
building occupied by John I'isar has been
taken by a pool Unli. M. S. McGoogan. a
fiaioonkrep r. Is moving to Lincoln todsy.
James Hoch has moved to Wilber. John
Flsar wlH farm just over the line In Kan
sas. The others have not alpnlfled what
they will do. Wymore Correspondence.
Going Some Last Friday night some
weak-minded sncaklnft cousin of the ruler
of hades plastered a lot' of manure on the
door and front window of Dr. Mesropian'a
office, it- was a mean, cowardly, con
temptible, dirty trick and the culprit that
did it, if he has a soul 'tis so small that a
million of them In, a gnat's eye wouldn't
make It blink. Such a dirty trick as the
above should be punishable by dousing
the rowardly cur's head a doxen or two
times In some cesspool. Anyhow such fel
lows needk a gorfd lesson taught them.
Kdgar Post.
Observations on Youth A home-grown,
hand-spanked, bare-footed and hard-fisted
country boy makes a much better fighter
in the battles of life than does the pam
pered, high-collared, creased-trousers youth
of our towns and cities, whose clothes have
nlways been dusted with a whisk broom
instead of a shingle. Nebraska City News.
The fault Is largely with the architects of
city and town houses. They have eliminated
the old-style wood shed annex, where used
to bo held those executive sessions that
quickened the circulation and inspired re
spect for law and order and the firm hand
of government. Pity the boy who does not
fondly remember, quoting from the poet,
"the lessons that I learned at father's
knee." Beatrice. Sun.
. (Continued from First Page.)
were known for their heart virtues. While
there are ages in life at which physical
power and mental capacity become less. I
am Inclined to think that there Is no age
in which moral worth does not Increase.
Equality bringa us to reallxe that all have
something good for their associates. We
recognize how helpless we are when stand
ing alone and how necessary Is co-operation
and how necessary to co-operation is
the Idea of equality. This idea of equality
Is growing everywhere, oven In the Euro
pean nations. The Ideal civilization will
come In the society where there is the
greatest equality and where there is the
largest amount of co-operation.
"The greatest Influence In realizing this
Idea of brotherhood comes from thai Man
of Gallllee. Following It, not with it. Is
the Influence of the fraternities. The fra
ternities are bringing us together and mak
ing' us reallxe that we are bound together
with indissoluble ties."
The ritualistic pert of the service was
given by the following: Thomas J. Flynn,
worthy president No. 38; P. J. Barrett,
worthy past president No. 154; R. H. Olm
stead, worthy vice president No. 142;
Charles A. Tracy, worthy . treasurer No.
mij; C. Chrlstensen, worthy conductor No.
164, and Secretaries D. W. Cannon of No.
S8. Jay N. Williams of No., 154. N. P.
Thompson of No. 1543 and Charles J. John
son of No. 1302.
The committees In charge of the me
morial exercises were: C. W. Brltt, Jule
Althaus, W. S. Stryker and Dr. Mathews
of No. 38, J. M. Tanner. F. K. Jones Rnd
C. ChrtstensenYf No. 154, J. B. Jaundro.
R. Weaver and G T. Thompson of No. lltC
and W. B. Parks, C. T. Tletx and D.. An
drews of No. 1543.
Mrs. .8.. Joyce, isu euiilvsn St., Clare
mont. N. II., wrttesf "About a' year -a o
I bought two bottles of Foley's Kidney
Cure. It cured me of a severe case of kid
ney trouble of several years' standing. It
certainly Is a grand, good tnedlclne and
I heartily recommend It" All' druggist.
Wesleyans Are Beatea "br Marsla of
roar Points. . -
(LINCOUN. May lo.MSpecial Telegram.)
The I'nlveralty of Nebraska freshmen tr'actf
team defeated the Wesleyan varsity In a
track and field meet at I'nlveraJty Place
this afternoon, by the score of S3 to 5S.
The Nebraska men won first in the hur
dles, -the 220-yard dash,' the pole vault and
in the weights, with ease. Results:
l'tVYard- Dash Anderson, Fordic and
McVey. all of Wesleyan. Time: ; 104.
::0-Yard Dash Reed. Nebraska; Ander
son and Fordlee. Wesleyan, Time: 0:24.
22-Yard Hurdles Russell and McDavlit;
Nebraska; Amos. Wesleyan. Time: 0:2g.
440-Yurd laahieorge. Nebraska; My
Vey and Anderson, Wesleyan. Time: 0:5i
Half-mile Run Berk. Wesleyan; Isbam,
Wesleyan; Trump, Nebraska.' Time: i ll.
120-Yard Hurdles-McDavttt. Nebraska;
Isbam, Weslevan. Time: 8:18.
Mile Run Beck. Wesleyan; Vol aw, N
broska; Mellek, Nebraska. Time: t:0S.
Shot Put t'nderwood. Wesleyan; Kline.
'ej!ysn; Hswley Wesleyan. rdztanee:
33 feet 11 Inches.
Discus Kline. (S'esleyan; Petraekek, Ne
braska; Bowers. Nebrankg. Pisiance: Jul
feet 1 Inches.
Pole Vault- Russell, Nebraska; Holts.
Nebraska; flark, Wesleyan. . Distance; t
Hammer Throw Petraakeh. Nebraska;
Boweis. Nebraska, Kline, Wesleyan. DIs.
tance: 111 feet.
High Jump Isbam. Wes!ean; Russell.
Nebraska; t'nderwood, Wesleyan. Height;
Broad JumpMickey, Wesleyan; Reed
Nebraska; Amos. Wesleysn. .Distance'
2o fe-t 11 Inches. C .
Tho hrlay was won by- NeTtrasks: '
A l.tfe Problem golvea ,
by that neat health tonic. Electric Bit.
ters. is the enrichment of por. thin blood,
and strengthening the weak.. 60c. For kale
by Beaton Drug Co,
Tire ovaita
McDonough Sends Liner Through
Boards, and Rourkcs Lose, 4 to 2.
f.ame Yeaterdar Was Plnjed llrforv
.. (:!() People, Whn Stitv (.odd
tin 1 1
end Senanlliinal plays
' Kverr 'llntite.
A h.de u:idi r the fence and nn error Pt n
e r it leal tiitie lorl a ball game .for the
flciirke family Funday nftcrnoon before the
bum r ciov.d (.f ine reoson. hunch
he m y rn'n in the 1,1 irninn looked a thuus.i
j Wculd ptit a atop to the er-nvi'. the after-'
noonwas fine for I all playing and fir the
spectators, and u.'M'i poop'e tu:Ted o.it to
see Ijrnver win, leieislng the score of I t.
j bia; catcher had completed the circle of the
! bases. That broke the tie bv one run. which
Omaha was not aide to g t back, ar.l then
another was added by Denver in the ninth
for good measure. '
Pitchers Worked Fine.
Big Pat Bohannnn and littl" Warfleld
Panders wc-re pitied-og.atnKt tacit other und
both had great control, neither hitting a
man and but ore pass being issued.
Banders handed out that one and It wtia
responsible for the runs made in the second
No harm was drne in the flint Inning,
but that pass iiv tho second wati had for,
sfter two were out, K!nna!!y s'liRled and
then McDonnugh hit a double to left, which
scored Cassady, who had walked. Pat
wanted to get Into the game a little
stronger, so he jingled and drove Klnneally
home. An attempt ut a double steal failed
nnd MiDonough was nailed nt the home
The Champs started out to get those two
runs back, but luck was aair-st them and,
although three hits were mado In the sec
ond inning, but one mart crossed the plate.
Welch opened up with a doubk to left and
Bellen undertook to sacrlflco blni toThlrd.
He sent Welch to third all right, but beat
out the throw, so that two wero on bases
and no otic out. Austin hit a lor.-g fly to
Ira Belden and Welch scored on jlhe return
throw. Belden was caught trying to steal
second, making two out. LeBranU hit a
clean single, but ganders fouled out and
the chances were gone.
slanders' arrow Escape.
War Sanders waa nearly put out of the
game In the third inning, when Ira Belden
drove a. hard one right at the little south
paw. Sanders did not have time to get
his mit in front of tho bail .or get out of
the road, but had to take the full force of
the hard liner right on his shins. He limped
for the balance of the game.
Omaha tied tho score lr- the fourth. In
ning. With two out, Belden hit for throe
sacks and Austin followed, with a hard one
at Lauterborn, which was boated, and Bel
den scored.
The score remained a tie until the eighth
Inning, when McDonough . bit, his- scratch
home run. In the rJnth Zalunky opened up
with a single, was sacrificed t second by
Cassady, went to third' on Ring's error
snd came home on Lauterborn' infield out.
' Captain Franck liulled off the 'Seiisatlonul
play of the day by stealing secorid with the
entire Dcr.ver team' standing around'., They
were barking at the umpire a rd did nut
notice the little captain until hewas safely
under way, with no one covering the sack
to catch him.
Women Go Today.
The same teams will play this afternoon,
which Is "ladles' day," with all the women
admitted free to the grounds and grand
stand. The score:
AB. R.
A. Ik
7 27 IS
AB. It.
Waldron, rf ..
I. Belden, cf ..
Zalusky. lb ..
Cassady, If ....
Irwin; 3b
Lauterborn, 2b
Klnneally. ss
McDonough. c
Bohannon, p ..
Omaha Runs
Denver Runs
... X
... 4
... 2
... 4
... 4
... 4
... 3
... 3
..0 1
..1 3
0 0
1 0
0 0
0 1
0 1
0 0
0 02
0 17
1 14
1 17
. 2
.0 S
1 1
0 0
iwo-nase nits: Welch. Irwin, McDonough.
Three-base hit: Belden. Home run: Mc
Donough. Base on balls: By Banders, 1.
Struck out By Sanders. 3: bv Bohannon. 7.
I-eft on bases:, Omaha. 4; Denver. S. Stolen
bases: Franck. Sucriflce hits: Householder,
Austin. I. Belden, Cassadv. Time: 1:45.
Umpire: Davis Attendance: 6,000.
Lincoln Wins from SJoaX City.
SIOUX CITY. May lO.-Lincoln writ' the
game from Bioux City today by u. score of
7 to . The locals played a grand uphill
game and came near winning out in the
ninth inning, when Benno, the Italian
t wirier, went Into the air. He passed botii
Campbell and Holmes. Andres then singled,
scoring Campbell, and Weed waa given a
puss, filling the bases. Manager Fox then
sent tle Italian to the woods and sub
stituted McKsy. Henry then singled, scor
ing two. but Spencer fanned and the next
two men were easy outs, retliing the side
with men on second and third. Pitcher
Starr won prml t,. I ihn ...i t . .
f-und was hit hard. Holmes sent Crutcher
to the mound and his twirling blanked IJn
coln the balani a of the game. The Green
backers, however. had amassed what
proved to be a safe lead. Score:
Sioux City 0 0 100200 3-8
Lincoln 3 0 1 3 0 0 0 0 0-7
Dee Motors Blanks Pueblo,
DK8 MOINES. la.. May 10-Wltherup
pitched a masterful game against the In
ulana today, aed held them scoreless. Six
scattered singles were made off his deliv
ery. Dcs Moines made most of its scores
on overthrows to first. High throws by
Jackson and Gal, wlio took Hogrelver's
plaie at third, as the latter Is sick, cost
three runs. Hits by Fttapatrlek and Yeager
brought in tiie other runs. Jarkson pitched
a steady game, but the fielders behind him
were wnhly. The only spectacular fielding
stunt of Ihe day was a catch by Spencer
of a hot liner from Dexter's bat that looked
good for three bases. Yeager reught every
man that tried to steal second. Mclx-ar
was released by the Des Moines manage
ment today. The score: ,
Des Moines .'. 1 0 fl 0 S 2 0 0 6
Pueblo 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Runs earned: Des Moines, 3. Two-base
hit: Yeager. Hit by pitcher: WUhernn. t
Bases on balls: Off Wltherup, 2; off Jack
son, I. Wild pitches: Wltherup. 1. Struck
out: By Wltherup, 6; by Jackson, I. Stolen
bases: Anderson. Sacrifice hit: Dolan
Time: 1:40. Attendance: 1.4C0. Umpire
Colombia Loses Varsity by Koor Poet
Second Crew Beats Freshmen.
ANNAPOLIS, Md., Msy lO.-.The Naval
academy men won a double victory today
Over the representatives of Columbia unW
varsity, that ofhe varsity eight by the
narrow margin of four feet In distance and
one-fifth of second in time. The time of
the midshipmen waa 10:23'i and that of
Columbia 10 &S. The cadets' second crew
defeated the Columbia freshmen by a length
King, ss 4 u
Franck, ib 4 0
"Aulrey, ib i 4 U
Householder, If 3 0
Welch, cf 4 1
W. Beldtn, rf 4 1
Austin, 3b i 0
I -el (rand, c ...3 0
Sanders, p 3 (1
Totals 32 3
daily - r.;:r,: jirenAY. via"
and a qjsrter. Time: Navy se.-ond crew.
W-tfn; Columbia frenhn en. 10:'?'. .
In the dual field snd track meet here this
afternoon the Naval academy defeated
Columbia university by a score of 74 to 39.
Three academy records wcie broken.
thlraao and Pltlalmra PMIile Honors
1 la Doohle-Meader.
CHICAGO. Miy 10.- 1-lfield S three passes
and two ngles :ve the lor-s's two runs
In the sixth Inning of the first game. Four
more were added in (he seventh on an error,
an nut nnd a nice hum-bins of two doubles
and a single. Pittsburg won the second
game. I m 0. on Warner's steal and Abbey's
hit to center. The locals were unable to
hit Willis aafelv, p-tttoe but two slreles
although Claike roibed them of three
ilnih'rs hv sensational i-alcnea In 111" leti
fit M rmwi'. 81 ny, first pnn.e:
Hlf-Aco piTTSm'PCi
n it o a r. n h o a k.
f i:is'. if...;, ii i 0 I'BcV-r. rf . . i n 1 0
Sh.rklril. If.. 4 1 I e t t,, irtl. Sh .... I I I 0
F-hillf. rf ... 4 n " 1 ( I.rse. If.... 4 I I
" Vnie. lr. .. I 6 0 MVjgn-r. ,f 4 0 1 1 1
tbi'ini 1h .. : n 7 1 I'AhNitrh . ;tv. i I S (I
Sf'tiff Mi. SI- 3 .1 1 1 tsln. lb . 4 n 1 0
E'", II' .2 0 2 1 (Wilson. rf....5 110"
"rteii.-.-. , ... 4 it 3 ; sntMnn. e i a a
Kline, e 4 4 1 cLetfteM. p 2 0 0 4
rininn. p 3 1 1 1 't
. . . Tntin :o s :t 11 1
Tunis J! 7 :7 IS 11
ciiii-an nnnno 240
Pitttbiira 0 0 11 0 0 0 0 1 12
Two-base hits: Clarke. Gibson. Cling (i.
Memrcldt t2i. Tlif e-base hits: Clarke.
Sacrifice hits: llfield. Evers. Ptolen
bsses: i:,er. iHiuhle plays: Stelnfcldt.
Kvers and ItofRiliD. Left on bases: Chi
cago. 7: Pittsburg. 3.' First base on balls:
Off Brown, 3: off Infield. 4. First on
errors: t'hlcar-o. 1. Struck put: By
Brown. 2; bv l.e!rifld,' 2. Time: 1:40. Urn-p'-e:
Score, second game:
D.H.O.A E B H O A E.
Slink, rf... 4 1 0 PRu-ker, rf....4 1 I 1
Kh.-ikrcl. ..If 8 0 0 0 OLem-h, Ih I S J 1 0
Silintte. rf... S010 C!'rke. If i 0 4 0 0
Hefrntn. Id. . 2 0 111 ownr. 10 4 10
HtHnteldt. 3b 0 0 1 batXtttrh.. Jh.. 4 t 0 I 0
Kvrrs. 5h 1 1 2 3 cswurltij, lb... I fl 11 0 0
Tinker. n....l I t nwiiinn. cf.... t 0 t 0 0
M'irsn. r S 0 7 t 01l'S"n. c I 1 4 1 9
Pf-ikter, p.... 8 113 tUlllls. P I a 0 1 0
"v-ll. p.... ft o 0 1 H
Howrd 10 0 0 0 Totals J I !7 I
Totsli; t !7 10 .
Batted for Slagle In ninth.'
chicaeo fi n o o o o o 0 n n
Pittsburg 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Two-base hit: Abbat tlcchlo. Three-base
hits: Lwclrt lilts: Off Pfelster. 5 In eight
Innings. Sacrifice hits: Sehulte. Swaclna.
Stolen bases: Wagner. Loft on bases:
Chicago, 3; Plttehiiyw,. 4. First base on
balls: Off pfelster: 1; off Overall. 3; off
Willis, 2. Struck out: Bv Pfeister. 3; hv
Overall. I; by WllUs. 3. Wild pilch: Over
all. Time: 1:40. Umpire: O'Day.
ICven Break In At. I.onla.
ST. LOUI, May 10 Cincinnati and SI.
Louis broke evep today In a double
header. Cincinnati .taking the first. 3 to
0, while the home team won the second,
R to 7. The final game was long-drawn
out and poorly played. Score, first gumo
11 H O A E B H O A K.
Btisw, cf 4 2 0 cHiitilne. 2b.. 3 0 0 1 0
Byrae. 8b. .. 4 0 2 6 0l.obrt, It-ss.. 4 t 5 t 9
Murray. rf....4 1 i. i .tMlt hell, rt-Ib 3 14 0 0
Delehmty, 114 f'lUniel. lb . ..I 14 0 1
KnifUtlt. lb. 1 1 12 1 CMrLtan. r-tb. 4 0 4 0
O licurk, 3 I I I f Mowrey, Sb... t 1 1 I 1
Marshall, c... 1 0.4 ,Kn. ef. 1 I i 0
Ollbcrt, 2b. ... I 0 f I , OHnlawIlt, as.. 2 0 3 1 0
Karer, a I IT 3 IKwlnr. p 4 0 0 I 0
Horry 1 0 0 0 OPaakert. rf... 3 0 1 0 0
Bllaa, 0 1 00 OScblH, e 10100
Totals 31 4 27 16 2 Totala 21 27 10 1
Batted for Marshall In the seventh.
Cincinnati 10000002 03
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Two-base hit: I.obert. Three-base hit:
Kenetchy. Sacrifice hits: Kane (2).
Stolen bases: HiiKgins, Lobert, Mitchell,
arger. Double plays: Karger to Gilbert;
Libert to lcl.eanr . Iyeft on bases: St.
Louis, 7; Clnfdritr-.. .Sfiurk out: By
Karger, 2; by", ftwlng, '3. Time: 1:44.
UmpU'e: Ruddirham.
Score, second. Hume:
. D.U O.soW.i B.H.O.A.G.
Shaw. tf.f..-. 1' 0,1 i0Hugslna, 3b.. 4 1 i e 1
Barn, rf,...'..t TrVtK'fi lobert. if I 5 1 0
Bj-rse. 3b.,.. 4 I -2 vMlteJtll, rf.,4 1110
Murray, rf-rf. 41 .'-a, a Mi Lan, lb... 4 2 11 1
tltianty, U. ft 1 1. I .;MI,: o 4 17 10
Konatchj-, lb. 6 2 H 'l OMvwiey, ib... I 11(0
O'ltourki, aa. 4 1 8 t 2Ki, rf.-'.Vv. . 4 110 0
c 1 OS lHula,v ., 1 0110
budwls. c... 4 3 3 3 OMnOarthy. p..t 0 0 1 0
Gilbart, 2b.. . 3 1 7 3 lTowr, p j 1 0 0 11
Lh, p 0 01 espade, f .' 0 0 0 0
Hiajslarln. p-Ti.o-!.V' 'Paakeri '.:. t 't' 0 ' 0
ateuiyna, p.. . 1 0 0 4 0
-. U--.4,. ToUI....'..S3 3K 14 I
Tatala 37 12 37 -4,
Paskert batted for Tozer in the ninth.
One out when winning run waa scored.
St. Louis... 1 0 0..5 1 0 0 0 1 g
Cincinnati ....".....1 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 7
Two-base hlUi Huggins, . Sclilel, Mc
Lean, Byrne !), Ludwig. Hits: Off
Lush.kS In three Innings; off Higgln
botharh. I In otle Inning; off McOlyini, 5
in five Innings; off McCarthy. 6 In three
and one-third innings; off Tozer, 2 In
four , and one-third Innings; off Spade, l
In two-thirds Inning. Sarriflco hits:
HuKgins, O'Rourke. Gilbert. Stolen
bases: Kane, Murray. Double plav:
Mitchell to Schlel. Loft on bases: St.
Louis. 11; Cincinnati, 5. Mase on balls:
Off Hlgginbotliam, 1; off Mctilvnn, 2; off
McCarthy, 3; ofl"Tofcer, 2. Hit by pitcher:
By Tozer. Barry. Struck out: By Lush,
1; by Mr-Glynn, 2; by McCarthy, 8; by
Tozer, 2. Passed- bail: Bliss. Wild
pitch: MeGlynn. Time: . 2:20. Umpire;
MasTle City Teams Ploy a Close Game
of Ball.
Tho South Omaha Country club team won
from the Union stock yards team at the
Country club grounds Saturday afternoon,
this being the opening game of the season.
The feature of the game was the hitting
of Hachten and Cdll'.er and tne base run
ning of Mayfleld. ' Fletcher and Schulta
pitched for the Country club and both
showed in good forth. Score:
B.H.O.A.E. B.H.O.A.K.
Harhtea I 1 0 Keller ( I 1 l
Talbot 112 0 "Kennedy .... 0 t 1 0
Crandall 6 1- OMarfleld .... I I I 0 2
Binser 4 I 0 0 0 Nolan 0 1
Sherwood ....4 1 4 t 1 Van Clara ..I 1 10
Leber 4 I i 1 BHawklna 4 1 3 I 1
Murphy ......4 0 1 0 trolller 4 3 ( 0
l augher 4 1. OCaranaufk .. 4 0 3 t tt
Fleuh.r 0 0 0 OHinkia 4 ( 1 1
Bhults 41030
Totala 41 tit I I
Totala 3 11 S I
Struck out: By Fletcher, t; by Rrhults. 6;
by Cavanaugh. 6. First base on balls: Off
Fletcher. 4. off Schulls, 8; off Cavanaugh,
1. Time: 1:40.
Cleveland and Chicago Break Even tn
Doable-If eader,
CHICAGO. May 10. Cleveland broke even
with Chicago here today, winning the first
game. 3 to 1. with a batting rally in the
ninth Inning and suffering a shut out In
the other, 2 to 0, Score, first game:
B.H.O.A.E. . B.H.O.A.B.
tlousherty, If 4 1 0 0. Clarke. If. 4 3
Jones, cfs 8 0 0 small, "la.... 4 I 15 0
Uavla, u 4 1 4 2 OLaJoia. 2b 0 4 4)
Anderaon, rf. S 0 0 OUemla, c 4 I 0 1 0
Ixjoohue, lb.. 4 II OHtnchaian, aa. 4 8 3 1 0
Ala. tb 0 (iBIrm'sbaia. of I I
Tannehlll, Ib I 1 1 ( 0 Hickman, rf.,4 a I 60
Snlllvaa, e... I t I f OPerrtng. Io .. 4 1110
While, a I 0 0 I Vaeiuaa, p... 4 1 0 I
Totala 13 17 II Totals 84 IS 27 U "
Chicago 00010000 01
Cleveland 10000000 23
Left on bases: Chicago, I; Cleveland, (.
Two-base hits: Tannehlll, Perrlng. Thlel
man.4 Sacrifice hits: Labile. Stovall,
Birmingham. Stolen bases: Bemls. Double
play: Thlelman, Dajole and Stovall. Struck
out: By White. 4. Bases on balls: Off
White, 1; off Thlelman. 1. Balk: Thlelman.
Time: 1:45. Umpires: O'Loughlin and
Score, second game:
B H O A C. a.H.O.A E.
Douihertr, If. 4 I 4 OJ Clarke. If.. I 1
Jonea, ef 4 0 I OStovall, lb ... I 1 0
aa 4 111 HUjow. 20 ... Sill
Auderaon. rf. 4 1 N. Clarke, e. I 1
Donohue. lb . I 0 fl 1 tHim bman, ea 14 1
Ala. 3b I t 1 I 1 Blrm'shaal. el I 110
Tannehlll, Ib. I 1 1 OHl.-kman. rf.. 0 10
Sullivan. ... 4 0 t OPerrln,. lb .. I 1
Smith, p I 1 I OCbech, a I ft 4
Totals It I 27 II 1 Tola la 17 4 14 121
Chicago 000101 0 ej
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Left on bases: Chicago. (; Cleveland, t.
Two-base bits: Dougherty. Sacrifice hit
Stovall. Buso on balls: Off Chech. 2; off
Smith, 1. Time: 1:30. Umpires: O'Loughliu
and Kvna.
Games la Three-1 I.eaaae...
At Sprinfield-Sprlnglield. (; itovk Island,
At Decatur. 111. Decatur, I; fllnton, 0.'
At Peoria, 111. Dubuque, t; Peoria, 2.
Ever try The Bee Want Ad Columns T
If not, do so and get beat result.
it. ir.0.5.
Happy Hollow Club Formally Opened
Saturday for Season.
Oatdonr porta, Dinners aad Recep
tion for Admiral nod Mrs.
Schley Make tbe Occasion
Nsture never looked better and tho
weather coulef not have been more pleas
ant than on Saturday afternoon when the
Happy Hollow club bouse and grounds
were opened for the 1P08 season. Hundreds
of members of the club snd friends visited
the grounds during the afternoon and en
joed ait hour or two on the golf links, the
tennis courts, the base ball diamond or in
the cool shady porches, and In the evening
resolved themselves into a committee on
reception to Admiral and Mrs. Wlnficld
Scott Schley, who were honored guests at
a banquet served on the spacious porches
of the beautiful club hous situated mid
the green hills and hollows in the western
part of the city.
Tim grounds are In' excellent shapa, the
grass green after the recent rains and
smoothed by frequent mowing. The trees
and shrubberies have been trimmed, the
club house repaired where needed, and on
the whole everything at the Happy Hollow
club Is In a condition that could not very
wo!' be improved upon. Two new tennis
courts have been added to the two origi
nally laid out and the golf links Improved
the greens having been changed materially.
The ractlon company has laid Its tracks
to the main entrancevto the ground and
ran cars the first lime on the opening day.
Golf a Featore.
The feature in the evening of the open
ing day was the visit of Admiral and Mrs.
Schley nnd the feature In the afternoon
was the contest on the links between two
golf teams, one captained by F. H. Gaines
and the other by A. A. McClure. Captain
McClure's team won the match by a score
of 13 to 7. The scores of the contesting
players were:
Happy Hollow
...0 A. A. McClure 3
...1 L. J. Nedd 0
...1 D. Slfferson 0
...2 G. Liggett 0
...0 K. Martin J
...0 A. T. Austin 0
...0 F. Eelby 0
...3 H. K. Burkett.....0
...0 P. Flndley 0
F. H. Gaines ...
A. K. Smith ....
K. Reed
R. W. Gayward
J. R. Webster ..
C. H. Minor ....
.-. IlM-s
A. W. Clark ....
B. N. Robertson ..
T. W. Austin
W. W. Buchanan
R. A. Nordstrom .
F. H. Garvin
F. C. Havens
Tom Brown
..0 D. Austin 3
..0 E. R Klmberly ....3
..0 J. H. Royce 8
..0 C. C. George 3
..0 A. J. Cooley 0
..0 H. E. Mlllken 1
Total 7 Total 19
Bnrllnsrton Team Easy.
In the contest on the diamond the Happy
Hollow club was victorious over th;e Bui--lingtons.
composed of employes In the gen
eral offices. The score was 9 to 4, and the
lineup was as follows:
, o ft on eollnttra" '
Happy Hollow
W. 8. Hillis . .
Chester Weeks ,
f'. A. Wooster ,
leu Brown ....
.... Livingston
.Second .
.....Third ..
....Short ...
.. Pitcher
...Center ,
J. A. Lyou...
14. McKltricH
C. Linifter I-eft
J. B. McKilrlck ...First
John Bartlett Right
Burlington 0 0200011 04 6
Happy Hollow 2 3 0 1 1 2 0 0 9 18 3
The feature of the game was the heavy
hitting of the clubmen.
Individual games were played on the ten
nis courts, but there were no regular
JMilwaakee Score Another Sbutoat
. A . A bo lost Indianapolis.
MILWAUKEE. Wis.. May 10 Milwau
kee tied Indianapolis today for flr3t place
by shutting the vihltors out the second
time In two days by a score of to 0.
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A.K.
Robinson, is. 4 0 4 4 2Buah. as 4 I I
Green, rf 4 'l 1 0 OCook. If I 0 1 0 0
McCheeney. If I 0 S 0 OHayden, H...4 1 0
Randall. cf...l I t 0 OCarr. lb 4 INI
Ruth, r 4 111 ODavldaon, cf.. 4 1100
M Cnrmlrk, 2b 4 0 11 1 Howley. c I 0 10
Clarke, 3b ... 4 III lWllllams. 3t.. I 4 0
Brown, lb.... 4 41 OHopke, lb....l 0111
Dougherty, p. 4 1 0 8 OKubanka, a... I I I 1
Total! 14 2 1 Totala U I 24 It
Hayden out for Interference.
Milwaukee 1 0 0 0 1 4 0 0 6
Indianapolis 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Two-base hits: , Green, Dougherty, Ran
dall. Home run: Clarke, stolen bases:
Davison, Roth, Clarke t2). Double plays;
Bush to Carr; Brown to Robinson to
Brown. Left on bases: Milwaukee, t-Indisnapo-.ls,
6. Base on balls: Off
Dougherty, 4; off Eubank, 1. Hit by
pitcher: Randall. Struck out: By
Dougherty. 2; by Eubanks, 1. Paased
ball: Roth. Time: 1:46. Umpire:
Distillers Defeat Batchers.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., May 10. Inability
to bit Adams except tn one inning- was the
cause of the defeat of the locals today.
Wood, on the other hand, waa wild at
times and gave costly bases on balls, of
which Louisville touk advantage. Score:
B.H.O.A.K. B H.O.A.B.
Btanley, cf... 4 2 4 OHallman, rf.. 4 0 100
Woodruff, If. 1 1 10 tl Cross, si 0 I I
tVrrlne. Ib... 4 2 t OHeckley, lb... I
Petta, c I I I OBraahear, Ib. 4 1111
Sullivan, lb.. 4 1 11 Murphy. cf...l 0 10
Burke, Ib 4.0 I 1 Kerwla. If... I 1 I A
Harler. rf.... 4 1 0 OKrueier. lb. .. 3 0 0 0
Quintan, as... 4 110 OSulllvan. c... 1010
Adame, a 111 Odrlan, o 1 0 0
Wood, p 1 1 0
Totals: II 27 II lKllaon, p 1 0 0 0
Totals 2 I 27 1
Louisville 0 9100011 03
Kansas City 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 2
Earned run: Louisville, 1. Two-baae
hit: Quinlan. Base on balls: Off Wood,
4; off Adams, 4. Struck out: By Wood,
4; by Adams, i. Stolen bases: Pelts (2).
Sacrifice hits: Beckley, Krueger, Wood
ruff. Hits: Off Wood, In eight in
nings. Left on bases: Kanaaa City, 2;
Louisville. 7. iWild pitch: Adams. Passed
ball: Pelts. Base on errors: Kansua
City, 1; Louisville, I. Time: 1:40. um
pire: Owens.
Detroit Wins Both Games.
ST. DOUIS. May 10. Detroit took both
games from St. Louis todsy, the first game
by a score of to 2 and the second 11 to 4.
In the first game Shortstop Wallace was
replaced by Peity. In the second game
Graham started pitching, but was relieved
by Dtneen. Wild pitching by both men and
erratic fielding waa mainly responsible for
St. Louis' defeat. Score, first game:
Batted for Waddell in the sixth.
ST. LOt'19. DETROIT. M 14
B.H.O.A.K. B.H.O.A K.
Hoffman, rf.. 4 0 I MeIntyre. If. . ft lit
C. jonea. rf.. 4 1 1 0 He barter, sb..l 1
Btnn. It I 1 1 0 eorawloed. cf.. 4 1 1
William., lb. 4 1 I I OCobb. rf I 1 t 0
Wallace, as... 4 I 1 1 ORoeeman, lb.. I It 0
Ferrle. 3b 111 OCouthlln, Ib. 1 0 I
T. Jonea, lb.. I 111 I OPayne. I 1 t ft
Spencer, a ... 4 14 1 OO'Leary. aa...4 I I
Waddell, p... t 4 IDonoao, p... 1111
Cries 11
Petty, p 1 0 0 Totala 14 I 27 I 1
Sckweitaar ,.!
Totala II litll I
Batted. for Pelty in the ninth.
St. Iuis 00000010 1 2
Detroit 00100401 I
Two-bsse hits: Mclntyre 2. Criss, Spen
cer. Cobb. Hits: Off Waddell. 8 in six
innings; off Pelty. In tnree innings.
Sacrifice hits: Cobb. Rossman. Stolen
bases: Payne. O'Leary. Double play:
Schaefer to O'Leary to Rosamen. Ieft on
bases: St. Louis, 7; Detroit, S. First base
on balls: Off Waddell, 2; off Donovan, 8.
Struck out: By Waddell,, 1'; by Pelty. 1;
by Donovan, s. Time: 1:40. Umpire: Egn.
Score, aeoond game:
Hoffman, rf .l 0 MrIntrre. If . 1 1
C. Jut. re. cfrt Skaer. lb.. I 1
etoae. If 4 1 I crawfoe4 .cf . I I 4
Wllliama, lb.. 111! e.. rf 4 I 4
Wallaee, as... 4 II (Roaemaa. Ik.. I I 1 I
rerrte. Ib ... 4 1 I 8 Ci-oughlln, Ik . I 1
T -Jones. Ik.. 4 I ! 1 Orayae, a I 4
T Sleee.Ma.s4 til Kl'laarr, as., ft I I 1 I
(Ira ham. p.... IKllliaa, p.... I 114
I -ft liter, iri I t
r4 1 Totals 11131 I 1
Diaen. p I 1 A
Totala s I It II 1
Batted for Dlneen tn tho BlMa.
t. Louis 0 o 11 ii o a 0 I o.- t
Detroit 2 4 01 o 1 o j c 11
Two-hnae hits: Pchaefen). Kllllan. Craw
ford, Wallaee, Metn'yre. Stone. perils.
Hita: Off Orartatn. i In mir and a third
Innings: of." Hineen, 10 tn seven and two
thirds inninsa. Sacrifice tit: 'ohh Stolen
bases: Scboefer, Rresitma'V lft on haws:
St. Iiula. 7; Petrol!, s. Ktt-st base e,n halls:
Off Orahanv 2: off KllUan. 1: off plneen.
4. Hit with rltched ball: B- Kllllan. 1; bv
Dlneen. 1. Struck out- By Graham. 1;
by Kllllan. ?. Paeeerl ball: Stephens. Time:
1:20. Umrilre: Fgsrj.
Toledo Pit I n Bin- Score.
ST. PML, May 10 Toledo hit Walsh
freely today.jeretiln nineteen hits and four
teen runs. rVore:
rr. PAtn,. tolfio
wt.o i a B.H.O.A G.
R Meyers, rf. ft I I OPearhean, se 3 1 I 1
Flood. 2h 2 I OHInehman. 2b I I 4 It I
Tlmeyert In. . 1 ISmeol, rf ..... 4 3 K 0 0
Dane, rf 4 e I 0 rmbr'r. rf S 4 0 0
tieier. If 8 1 t iMeCaiihy, Ib. ! 0 1 1 n
J. Meyers, e. .1 1 1 8 1lleter, lh ... 4 I 7 ft
ftovan. lb.... 4 I tl 1 t Hopkins. If... I IADS
Whelr-r, ea 4 111 0l,and. e 4 100
walah. p t I O.Nsale, p 1 1
Totals 14 I 27 18 3 Totals. ..., 1 IT 11 t
St. Paul 100000. 1 00 1
Toledo 1 S 1 0 2 4 0 2 114
Two-base Sits: Armbrustnr (21. Three
base bits: Rat-beau, Hopkins, Snioot. Home
run: Barbeau. Stolen bases: Fk-od, Hlnch
man. IJcber. Double ptav: Hinrhmnn to
Liertter. First base on balls: Off Walsh.
8: off Nagle. 5. Hit with pitched hall: Bv
Walsh, Liester. Struck out ; Bv Nagle. 7.
Wild pitch: Walsh. Nagle.' Sacrifice hlta:
McCarthy fS), Hopkins. tft on bases:
St. Paul. 12; Toledo, . Time: 2 10. Um
pire: Kerln.
Millers Defeat Champion.
MINNKAPCIljn. May W Errors bv
Catcher Fohl gave Minneapolis a victory
over Columbua today by a score of 8 to 2.
Batted for Hall In the ninth.
Minneapolis 0210000ft 3
Columbus 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 12
Two-hit bits? Smith. Wrtgley. Sacrifice
hit: Kiehm. Stolen hoses: Freemsn. Qtill
len, Reldy. Left on raises: Minneapolis. 4;
Columbus, P. First bams on errors: Minne
apolis, 2; Columbus, 1. Hit with pitched
ball: By Flene. 1. Struck out: By Plena.
8; by Hall. 4. Passed ball: Fohl (2. Time:
1:46. Umpires: Hayes and Rlerhalter.
Aniatear W ho Mows 'Em .Down Three
Per Innln.
Faher waa the main works In the ball
game at the Field club, not permitting tha
High School Rangers to get one man as
far as first base. He pitched truly great
ball and but twentjs-seven players faced
him during the nine innings, aa be neither
hit a man nor delivered a pass, at the same
time striking out nineteen. Spellman,
Creight and Abbott played faat ball for
the Field club team, whlhs Hoagland, Spell
man, Crelghton and Martin were quite nifty
with the stick, all making- two or more hits.
The game was watched by a fair con
tingent of the large number who were at
the Field club in attendance of the formal
opening- of the club. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Hoagland. cf A 3 1-0 0 0
Daugherty, 2b 6 1 1 0 2 0
Spellman, c S 8 S 17 0 0
Crelghton, ss 5 2 3 1 3 0
Abbott, lb 4 0 0 9 0 0
Faber, p 5 1 1 0 J 0
Martin, Sb 6 1 2 0 0 0
Hauck. rf 4 0 0 0 0 0
Shaeffer, If 4 110 0 0
Totals 41 11 12 27 7 "0
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Kocher, 2b 3 0 0 0 2 0
Pickett, ss 8 0 0 0 3 2
Prentis. lb 8 0 0 10 0 0
Peterson, 3b-p 8 0 0 1 4 1
Bellman, If 3 0 0 1 0 1
Truelson, c 8 0 0 o 3 0
Woodward, cf 8 0 0 2 0 1
Shelberg, rf 8 0 0 0 0
Gtehrlng, p-3b 8 0 0 0 4 0
Rangers ...
Field Club.
27 0 0 24 18 6
00000000 0-0
30114100 -ll
Ashland Takes Second and Omaha the
' tho Trailer.
Council Bluffs cleaned up eight firsts in
tho triangular field meet at Diets park
Saturday afternoon arid won the contest by
scoring sixty-two points against Ashland's
thirty-four and Omaha's thirty.
The weather was Ideal for outdoor ath
letics and about 800 people turned out to
witness the contest, which proved Interest
ing In spite of its one-sldednese. The purple
snd white of Omsha mingled with the light
blue and white of Ashland snd the Bluffs'
red and blue was shown freely about the
grounds, and the school rivalry was Intense
and on the whole sportsmanly, although
the vlsltlnc teams did a little elbowing In
the 220-yard dash.
The long list of events was run off
smoothly by Referee Pentland and Judges
Hill. Knox and Anthua, and Timers Hunter
and Congdon were kept awake by a number
of spectacular finishes and fair records in
the races, for which Hugh Wallace was
.Omaha did not even seem td be there In
some of the events, aa It was suffering
from the loss of, several of Its best men on
account of sickness. McKlnney was the
only local who won a first, and only five
seconds and seven thirds were credited to
the purple and white. Fortunately, the
Omaha team expects to be in better shape
for the stats meet at Lincoln next Satur
Ten and two-fifths wss the record mad!
In the 100-yprd dash by Scanlon of Council
Bluffs, part of the track's being grass
making this performance not so slow for
a high school meet. He led the other
sprinters by five yards after they passed
the fifty. Welrick and Deems of Omaha
got the other places.
Tough luck was Omaha's share In Xhs
high hurdles, one of Its representatives fall
Ing on his last hurdle and the other win
ning second In bis heat on too slow a time
to get into ths finals. Meese of Ashland
took first.
The pole vault was run for twenty minutes
before a man dropped out, and finally went
to Peterson of ths Bluffs at 9 feet 4 Inches.
Omaha men got second and third, Burdick
wlrjilna- the latter place after a plucky con
test following a tie.
Everybody woke up suddenly when Red
fern won tho half-mils, for he seemed to
literally tear around the track with th
others way behind, and he added to his
lead by sprinting at the finish. -
The Iowa school has a coming record-
breaker In the weights. Martin by name
who won the shot put and discus. Perrine
and Reasoner of Ashland took first and
second. In the hammer throw, putting their
school ahead of Omaha by so doing. .
Only Peterson, McKlnney and Scanlon
qualified In the preliminaries for ths low
hurdles, . the others being- ruled out for
skipping hurdles. '
In the high jump only Peterson and Oliver
succeeded in clearing five feet, so they
took ths points for fiist and second with
out further competition. On the officials'
record Peterson was down as first because
of having won the event from Oliver at
Council iiiutfs in a recent meet.
Redfern was again the star in the mile
run, finishing over 1Q0 yards ahead of the
second mil. His time wss 4:6t. Leavttt,
also of the Bluffs team, took second place.
A powdoe to bo shaken Into the shoes.
Tour feci feel swollen, nervous and damp,
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with Kennedy of Omshs clr behind or
Deems of Omaha led till the last lot
yards in the quarter-mile run, . o fin li
gave out on account of lack of training snd
was passed by Wattrrmtre of Ashlar! snd
by Iwo Bluffs runners. ..
Burdick of Omaha was elbowed tn the
:?- ard dash by Ashland and Blurfs men.
who put up the only -unsnartsrrtsnlr play
seen during the afternoon. Burdick, how
ever, refused to psrtlcipsle In the liiltup.
end let the visiting runners pass him un
fairly rather than adopt underhanded meth
oda. '
The relay race was the last event and
when It started tbe Ashland tram was hold
ing second place In the meet. The lot- il
relay men attempted to brlntt their school
up to second by taking the event, but were
pocketed at the start snd were unable t
pull out of their position. Summary:
100-Tsrd DsAh-Seanlon, Council Rlufrs,
points; Welrick, Omsha, J points; Deems.
Omaha. 1 point. Time: 0:10H.
120-Yard High Hurdles-Messe, Ashland,
6 points; I.andls. Council Bluffs. 8 points;
Owen. Ashland. 1 point. Time: 0:20.
Tolo Vault-Peterson, Council Bluffs. 5
points: Weirt.-k, Omaha. 3 points: Burdick.
Omaha. 1 point. Height: 9 feet 4 inches.
Half-Mlle Run Red rem. Council Uluffs.
points; Rice. Council Bluffs, 8 points;
Neavles. Omaha, 1 point. Time: 2,111k.
Shot Put Martin. Council Bluffs, 6 points,
Burdick. Omaha, 3 points; Perrine. Ash
land, 1 point. Dletsnce: 37 feet 9 inches.
220-Yard Iw Hurdles-Peterson. Council
Bluffs, 6 points; McKlnnev, Omaha, 8
points; Scanlon, Council Bluffs, 1 point.
Time; 0:32.
High Jump Peterson, Council Bluffs f
points; Oliver. Council Bluffs. 3 poin1i
Welrick, Omaha, 1 point. Height: 6 feel.
Mile Run Redfern, Council Bluffs. 6
points; Leavitt. Council Bluffs, 3 points;
Kennedy, Omaha, 1 point. Time: 4.68.
440-Yard Dash Waltermlre. Ashland, f
points; Hardin. Council Bluffs. 3 points:
Rice, Council Bluffs, l point. Time: 0:hV
Discus Throw-Martin, Council Bluffs, i
Roints; Perrine. Ashland. 3 points: Burdick,
maha, 1 point. Distance: S6 feet 9 Inches.
220-Yard Dash Burdick. Omaha. 3 points,
Scanlon. Council Bluffs, 3 points; Walter
mlre, Ashland, 3 points. iCompromise.)
Time: 0:S.
Running Broad Jump McKlnney. Omaha,'
8 p.iints; Perrine, Ashland. 8 points; Am
stein. Omaha, 1 point. Distance. IT feet
V inches.
Hammer Throw-Perrine, Ashland. 6
points; Reasoner. Ashland. 8 points; Martin,
Council Bluffs, 1 point. Distance: 16 feet
10 inches.
Relay Race Ashland, 6 points; Omaha. 8
points; Council Bluffs, 1 point. Ashland
team: W. Waltermlre, Pattee. ServWe sari
C. Waltermlre.
Helen D. Clark of Boston Breaks Hlah
Jump Record.
annual field day nt Yasser college took
place Saturday. Forty students representing
the four classes took part In the varsity
Only one record w as broken. It was In
the running high Jump, in which Helen D.
Clark of Boston made 4 feet 2Tt inches.
The record was 4 feet 2 Inches, held by
Helen C. Babson of Gloucester, Mass. Sum
maries: 100-Yard Dash Margaret English, New
Haven. Time: 0:13ts.
70-Yard Dash Amelia Ware, Torcka, Kan.
Time: 0:6.
Basket Ball Throw Barbara Vandegiift,
Wilmington, Del. Distance: K7 feet 7 Inches.
Base Ball Throw Ines V'llholland, Lon
don, England: Distance: IX) feet Incites;
Ellen H. Whitley, Lancaster, O., 167 feel,
Fence Vault Helen D. White, German
town, Pa. Height: 4 feet 6 Inches.
Running High Jump Helen D. Clark,
Boston. Height: 4 feet l inches; Ruth
Presley. Cleveland, 4 feet I inch second.
Running Broad Jump Helen C. Dwlght,
Roselle, N. J. Distance: 12 feet 2 inches;
Caroline G. Sheppard, Washington, D. C,
12 feet Hi inches, second.
Standing Broad Jump Adrlana C. Felck,
Newark, N. J. Distance: 7 feet inches.
Ida Grove Beats Morntncrsldc.
IDA GROVE. Ia.. May lO.-(Speclal)-In
the dual field meet hold here Friday
afternoon between Mornlngelde rotlege and
Ida Grove High school, Ida Grove won by
a score of 8 to 60 In one of the closest and
most Interesting contests of the sort ever
.held In this section of the state. Summary:
v 100-Yard Dash Ward. Ida Grove, first;
Rogers, Mornlngslde, second; Come, Ida
Grove, third. Time: 0:10.
120-Yard Hurdle Corrle." Ida Grove, first;
Johns, Mornlngslde, second; Hester, Ida
Grove, third. Time: 0:1.
Pole Vault Fobes. Ida Grove, first;
Fennlng-, Mornlngslde, second; Rogefs,
Mornlngslde, third. Height: 10 feet.
Hammer Throw West herby, Mornlng
slde, first; W. Krlck, Ida Grove, second;
A. Krlck. Ida Grove, third. Distance: 12(
feet ( Inches.
230-Yard Dash Ward. Ida Grove, first;
Rogers. Mornlngslde. second: Weatherby,
Mornlngslde, third. Time: 0:2s.
440-yard Dash Ward, Ida Grove,' first;
Berkatresser, Morningside. second; Helk
enfeldt, Mornlngslde, third. Tlm: 0:67.
Mile Run Bingham, Mornlrgslde, flrit;
Henderson, Mornlngslde, second; Collins.
Mornlngslde, third. Time: 6:40.
Shot Put Will Krlck, Ida Grove, first;
Weatherby, Mornlngslde, second; A Ilia
Krlck, Ida Grove, third.
220-Ysrd Hurdles Corrle, Ida Grove, first; .
Weatherby, Mornlngslde. second: jUurry,
Ida Grove, third. Time: 0:29. '
Half Mile Run Berkstroeser. Mornlng
slde, first: Fobes, Ida Grove. second;
Hickman, Ida Grove, third. Time: 2:30.
Discus Throw Whlsmsn, Mornlnsslde,
first; Corrle, Ida Grove, second: Krlck,
Ida Grove, third. Distance: 64 feet ( inchen.
Broad Jump Corrle, Ida Grove, first;
Fenning. Morningside, second; McClure.
Ida Grove, third. Distance: 18 feet Inches.
Mile Relay Ida Grove won.
High Jump Phelps. Mornlngslde. firsl;
Pelt. Morningside, tteeond; Freeney, Ida
Grove, third. Height: 6 feet 3 Inches.
Half Mile Relay Ida Grove, won. Time:
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