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T r. . .
This institution U tbe sly ene
lr. the centri! Mt wUB separate
bu'Idixgs sitoated In their ova
a. pie rrooLds. yet entirely dis
tioct tsd renderics; It possible to
classify rase. The one bsildinr
beltf fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of Bacc-ontagloaa and
coo ice Lai diseases. io otters be
ns admitted. Tte crther. Rett
Oct tare, briar, deslrnea for ani
rotd to tie exclusive? treatnien
f select mtUl rases, rejnlrir i
or a tix&e watchful care aod
ia! anrcicc-
&o&LUire. ud Reality of Axt ricta
Eailroai Trait.
Vut, latrteate mm IMverw rte
TiMutiM ! ry, w,th
EMlin. rwU nad
I CoHsn
No! the Largest
The finest stock of )f " ' T
In Omaha that th story.
Corala. bracelets,
liiil. ptri. chains, fobs.
rjt baca. umbrellas, trav
eling sets, ahlrtWBist rten.
bimtwt, and all the nice -b-g
aod dainty llttl nov-
ties that mta aod wumea
An4 whit you nay bow to
power that levies love tax,
you may also amil at tbe
tin wiili which i-cm can
par th. love's tribal with
the feminine luxuries and
manr.ieh fancies from our
generoua stock "of happy
Com In the quiet cf tba
DORiiaf period and get J art
wbat yon wast.
Our Tuletid lirt book U
help you. It a Tree. -
No or.e tkat we knnw of
In the wrir.A makes a watch
for frtO that equals our
110.00 Omega.
1520 Doujlaa Strwa-t
Chocolates and
Bon Bons
Wi are baadijuailer for Chocolate.
I1 the well Ixtvi makes, always fresh.
Cawttaaawal Ckssnlst, tba peer cf
tbeca eu. per lb (c
la 1-lb. ta S-lb. be km.
WmrWr-s, 1.-1K to S-lh. boxes, per
pUOd . 4c
. SVewaey Ckecelstw aad Baa Bom,
-la -ih- la i-l-. Ixnti aad Saucy
baskets, per p-ound fwe-
Qila'a Stoat Christ Caeca
laus, per pound. toe
ADarrattfa OmiiiUtiaa, per Ib..S4e
1 ta S-lb. boxes.
Jvnlrs cla7Tt la package.
fror 1 fro 10
Jehaatcs' Swiss Oiannliaaa, lc U
. a boa
i"lca yoar orders bow, a wo deliver
free to ail parts ef Omaha or pack for
Beaton Drug Co.
mteeslli aid Faraiia
Tba Wrtrrt busies la tba coirtry to
If ali the raSroadi la tba couatry tber
ar 2.MS of tfetn comlS board from day
: day tie money they ratber in fai
.tig paw ctere and tre.tt. at tbe end of
a year there wouldn't be a dclUr left
aaywbeire elae la the country. Every
piece of aortal aod paper currency la the
country wold be In the railroad treaaur.es
Tba railroads earn In a year five v.mit
the whole world' a output of rt thirty
dices thie .uctry-a rold pnt
take la four tlmee as muc aoney as the
rteel corporttlon. five toes as much rocaey
as the g-overnment ltstlf-nora money than
than is represented la an our trade over
sea. Ita a b:c business that takes la
CMffl.n) la a year: tbla la r.W.W a
a day eevea million dollars a day!
And Oaj.flW of thla money, every day
of the year. oes ttito the pay envelop
of tba workers. For fcalf tba money
fathered la by tba railroads half of thii
fc.W. a year la the workers" ahare
of tbia birst American buslneasea. Bo
la two years the railroad workers recejve
ta their pay envelope as much money as
Lbera la la drcnla.tlon In tba whole coun
try. Bg rrores there! There la the bumble
trackman, sroaily aa allea from the slums
of Europe, who doe-edly obey a the ordeia
of the track foreman. Out cf every HOC
gathered In by the ranroada. K oes to
him five times as nrach oea to the oad
officlaia. The Crures are bic yau see.
srbether you start from tba botton or the
Let ca se what becomes of every tlW
received by the railroada la their two-and-
a-balf -bullion-dollar business.
Workers on railroads fl.70fl.mn men . . . -tlD
I Mien in r&Jroad maenaial ciieTlT
tba ateei and coal trades) S
The aia.ie ULxe I
Cmdltors rhundreds of thouaanda of
bond holder! . 11
The owners (. inrestora II
For tbe surplus iianprOTl&t tba property). 7
Total 41
Workers actuary set S3B out of every
flM. for from the S3 paid for material!
(raila. cars, e&cinea. boildlnca. etc)
rces to tbe w7kera la tbeae Industrie.
Every time you spend a dollar at a rail
road ticket of Dee or freisbt office, you are
peylnj 14 cents for was.
A Blllla-DIUir ray Kail.
Kow, let's sec lust bow tbe M out of
every tlf of railroad revenue ta d--
trlbuted tmnr.g tba railroad worker:
Total warea
ehripmea ...............
Trainmejn ..............
Encineroea ............
Ststwa mea . .....
Miscel aneana
Watchmen, etc
Total wares X.W.
When you look over this bHiioe-dollar
pay roll yoa t"t aa idea of tba bigness of
railroading. Take tba smallest ttam on tba
Lst paid la wage to tele
frapbers and dlapatcbera. aa army of V
(m soen "at the key." Tbia Is more money
than ail tba tdearapa companies la tb
country spend In waarea.
And tbea tbe Item at tbe top of ta list
C36-()U.0M ta wages to shopmen. Tsa
kitvw. perhaps, thai railroada have abopa,
they ssend broken wbeele and fat sew
palct oa caia.
InA you ever know that the railroad
abopa of th country employ aa army of
Xb.eM mec. earning (JUb.uDt.WO a year In
wages? This repair end of th railroad
basineaa la bigger than th business of tbe
Steel oorporaiioa Itself cnor mea and aare
ft SH '
C laeV.K'
U :(.
11 K.(
11 ii (.!
u a m.i.
t xxAi.m
i.m 4iini
l.x tr .
1 a.wiu.iw
f from the repoint f tbe l..
wrktra. it, va see bow It looks t t-L m..-
oTx -a The railroads earned last yeai.
, raes. tl...(Ht. Tb email end of ti.
oiroad bs.atss Is u. (eseexger uailn.
K rece j.;a from .(. paaetgtr.
tr iii.jw uw.. Itie tit.Mt I"
- trXe ever X tt-oj a m. Tee Iuit.
jo that the aterage Ainer.caa ii
-n raroad tnpa in toe J tar of aa
ge kcgih of tbirty-tse aa.lea. paya
-J fr u. aer-iaoe eo, tM mita au
j be th average i early traTtl I Ut
imerks on tb railroada. Tb rai-road.-
s reected more than (Kit.wai carryti-a
ail and express anatu, awtiy oa pas
rfngsr tralia.
But the I4.K freight car are tb big
arnera. They brought In fc.Wh.fWA la.
ear. five times aa much money aa ail tbi
gold m.ne of th country produced, feui
and a half times as much mosey as ail tht
rid truiHS of the world prodjcei Grea.
is the American fre.gtt car. even If It de
g batglrg along on a flat wheel. It earned
ihia bug amount of money by aheer wo:k.
for It charged only of a cent for carrying
a too of freight a xnlle. But even cf a
cent a toa runs Into money pretty fast in
ihe big wy we ran our railroads A fifty
ton car. at thia average rata, earna P
cesu a m3e: thla la fclTi a mile for a
fifty-car train and la tbe t,-a&ile Journey
across the corntry this runs up to CiKMu.
Big cars and lorg hauls make possible the
low Amerk-aa freight rate.
Wbere FTe-isat Cae Fraeau
A word as to wber all tbe freight cocoes
from, af or than half of all th teenage
carried on th railroada Is tb product of
tbe mines a third U eoei and ot ke. The
soft coal tocnag ia enormous, quarter
of all the trafT.o because thia is tbe great
fuel In Industrial piaats from coast to
coast. Hard coal the ttom-ixMert' fuel
is a big Item In freight, but not nearly so
big as aoft coal Manufacture rland Bext
to mine product m importance, with about
a seventh of tbe total tonnage, and in tbia
cilaas tbe steel Industry takes tbe lesd.
Lmber and other products cf tbe forest
rank third; agricultural products fourth.
with merchandise and miscellaneous freight
last. A l.("(iC-t&n train, loaded with freight
In tbe proportlona In wr.lch the country'
freight tonnage la divided, would carry:
Mine rrrdocta. ESI
MaTafacturo-a 18
Foreet producte Ill
Farm and ranch products 1W
Vfrcracdfce If
MiaceUaneous freiKht f'
fv much for bow the railroads ea
U.a-W.feV.onn. Now let us see what la done
wfth all tbe money. Two-thlrda of all tbe
money received by the railroada baa to be
pent to run them. Smf railroads spend
a good deal more than thl some, like Sfr.
Harrtman't aod Mr. HiU'a. a good deal lea
But the average twoft'rdi: tV.la la the
"operating ratio that tbe railroad ex
perts talk about. It ia tbe low operating
ratio on the Harrttnaa and HE3 tines thai
enables tbecn t return big drridends to
their hare-holders. Th railroad spent
on operation last year:
P.unnlne train .....$ f wamn
Va.imairln equirment jrwwr
Mair.tainlng roedbed. rtr SM (v
General expenses 4ii.4WC.finp
HPTA AT A rcr T1 TT IL. 11 i! 1
and pay for them a roar Income alk-wa, A little at a time win do. Ia Ihra way thx-re I no need to diarpoat the dear one who are locklne tor
wart) with patient ripe tatkns for I heir Xmas rrinernbranrr. There l nothlnit trait ao arrortate for a holiday gift as braaUfal and arrTiceabrr
farnitare. It appeal to old aod young and it K always la rrklrnre. a BrosmmeBt to tbe fried nlll of the slier.
Morrla rt:ri...
Fancy Kocker...
J4uc Cbir-e:a . .
lades LecK
. gS.? htxI up
1 TS ar d up
tTM and uo
r.fO a-d r
P.a-e Karka
Jardiniere ..
Cr.i.cren a R.Jten.
'1 re" . . .
TSe iM up 1 Certer TiMm srd ap
WeiMip lrary Talve MMii.itp
T5T1tip EteniM Tai-ie HTSisdsp
tLTS a-d vp ! id-r.ord tJT'-I'
O'na Clret tlCManlcp
CorcMr.aiioe Bookraeo. . HO 0 ki .1 ap
Cr.:ilren a H it Char. tNirlvr
B-fV" tlATSaaJvc
VL'JL! a 4t
1 1
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streotacs. ea ee aaor 4Ua
BMaaa, (rem eM tm 7a.
Women a at lid goM Knot Pns.
coaaund center. Ik it tu Hi frit.
The army of abopmea has a big Jc-b. In
the shops f ta big railroads looomottrea
and cars ar built as well aa repaired.
Tb smaller road buy their equipment
from ta Independent buildera, bat there
la no road so small but that It baa its
shops for repalru equipment. Tb rail
roads awa cars, of which 0.4 are
i r" t" cara. Made ap tsta oa train.
tbea cara would etretea around tbe earth,
and to every fortleta car thera would b
a locomotive, for tb railroada nav aVKia
ta aervice. You could carry every bu,
womaa aad child la Americas is this train,
allowing ony forty passengers to a car.
li s tb business of tb third of million
shopmen ti keep tbea two and a quarter
j million ears aad tooomotivea ta runn wg
1 A bigger army still la that ea tb track
I S0,eu men. made cp of aectxta fre-
I men tb bosaes and -I6JU4 bumbl work
i era, th lowest psid mea la tb service.
averaging St a week. But they take 14
, oat ef every fit of railroad revenu. or
: tlae.fKM.Ou a rear, aad no arra.l part cf tits
: mwttey fmda Its way back to tbe o.d
i country." Many a good Amerjcaa cit-an
of today earned hia first money la Lba
counirr aa a meinber of a track gang,
intra Lararest Btslti-Md Assay.
Tb train creaa. with ixiMV cciiiemes,
firemen, conductor aad trainmea. make up
Lb thud largest railroad arm. but they
I head the mage list llb Sl&iMO a year.
! They gel more than a dliar out of every
; tea received by th railroada.
Here ia ehc-n make-up of tba rsil
j cad army :
I Track mea
S r.-jirxf-n . .. k
! 1 n.nlit Uc
I F-reai-B .v f
I t-Tig.nen 41. a
Total operating expense SLTWflf w
Incroded In this r.7Se-fi(V ts the btl-lioa-dollar
pay roll. Tie other three
quarters Is spent on Tarirtus materlala
coal and steel being the principal ltema
Tbe coal bin for tbe locomotive 1 the
biggest single Item SIS. 400. arm. Beside
the coal bill there ia spent for loccmottrea
SU.am.lKW on water. K.WC.M4 on oC tallow
and wast and M.Ofth.rao on other supplies
more than 13 . 000 la all. Tba tie bill
la big ea.0W.Ke. bigger than tb raS bOl
S2.4(i4.0. Starioaery and printing costs
SM.a,4(ia. BrfrerHsCrLg TT .W4. wreck aad
otber damage SiuHO.f. clearing away
wrecks Sa,0KJK. killing and Injuring people
SlS.wa.6UU, tnsurance and aa on
through a acer of items all la tbe mil
lion. New Tort Times.
, Cuiiuucior
1 Ti-Lki of cres
f :on mm
! kn.JOu ,
. Vi'iiixom, elf.
..... afewwj
Jag KiTuaaik af Cblrasre Beaalers
Isapertaat Deelslea Recr4lag
It Rlgat aaa titles.
CHICAGO, rec. Ii Judge Kavanangb in
the superior court of Cook county today
rendered a decision of Importance to na
tional guardsmen throughout tbe country
la which be declared they bad a right.
under certain condltiona, to tak buman
life whll oa duty.
Tbe decision was rendered In tb case of
Joseph B. Klein, a private of tb First
regiment. Illinois National Guard, who la
under Indictment for th killing of Earl
Nelson at Kankakee, 111, last Au
gust. Tbe First regiment among oth
ers was on Its way to Springfield. EX.
te quell a race war. Klein, acting as a
guard of a baggage car ta which ammuni
tion was stored and under orders to allow
no unauthorised person to enter, stabbed
Nelson with a bayonet, when, aorarding to
his story to a court cf inquiry. Nelson at
temped to enter tbe car. Even then, Kiela
tated. he bad no intention of harming
Nelson. His Indictment, however, charges
that the "murder" was wilful and mali
cious. Klein applied to Judys Kavaaaugh
for release oa habeas oorpua, which th
court refused on the grounds that he has
not Jurisdiction.
Jadg Karanaugh held, however, upon
the facia aa presented by Klein, even fruit
ing that th killir.g was not accidental, but
in tbe execution of ordera of a superior
officer, no offense against tbe suite bad
been committed. Ia Cme of domestic dis
order In which tb National Guard, b Bald.
1 called upon ta act, tbe guardsman occu
pies exactly rb same relation to the pri
vate citizen as tb regular aoldier In time
of actual war.
The oldier repcnrrbPJtie and hie tra
monltlea ali follow Mm from th time he
falls Into En until be return home. Th
aolder must not uae hi power for op
pression, but In obeying ordera, even to
th extent of taking life, he ia not held t
a nice diecr-rnination or aa abaoiiitely cor
rect Judrmeat.
"He h assault or Interfere with a
sentry or guard.- ear the court, -may
nnder many drcumataBrea legiTy forfeit
his Hf for hi tranegreesioa.-
Jcg aavanaugh explained th r-,rt
o lOi:
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Ta reoplea raraitwr ft crpt Co. .rstabliaaad XaWT.)
Marked TXUUCS: tS-00
:a rials toe nklt
Figaiw. Wjvnout a doubt
this la f e best v. u
cbtainaiie In a guar
anteed Base Barmr.
Haa gas-procf ituga
Bine cover and n-.M
patented f Jvturr
that will commend
It. Hanawmely nick
eled trimmed In a
bigh grade nickeL I
an eonomtcal anu
firt-cls Base Bur
ner In every respect.
JTebiataa Federation Women 's Clubs
Boosts for Sstio&al Corn Show.
Clwb Vk 111 Este4
Cartey ta Weaea Saeskkers
Befare Mael kllrkrs free,
tlaa af CapMltlasw
Honie-Made Jingles
suo m oorr at an bsstBiii
Find theaa every Caj
by walchias tba aa
aocnewmex; la THE
BEETS Waal A4 Coi-
! ! 01 ,aJu!rT nLicB declared Klein gufltl
I coma not he held to
u ' g-jarfisman in leonardv
Total XTi.is
Or they may b d.vided Into thre gTeat
ami tea ia thia way:
Officer and staffs 4X two
Army of trie trans Tji
Arrc.r of tu tracks .
Arsiy ef to ei.opa S6u.
Totil foroes LM.M
The wages of tbeae worker vary from
lb dollar a day paid southern tratkmea
to th flve-flgur yearlj aalarie paid th
head of traaaooctlaeatal roads. Tb aver
age dally aarning of tb ffloer aad aaea
cf lb railroad force t her shewn:
General eff icer
Otrer ofOuera..
Clerks ......
eUatiua agents ...
it-r s: ioa caea.....
K'.g.riemos ...............
C"ct& m vrs . . .. ...... .. . .
Trsic mes ........
Madinisis . .
Carpenters .
l iirv arxpraea.. .......
ertifia forea.ea. ........
'"her tnrkmra
Watcbnoen. eta
Teegrapbera .........
4 It
1 a
Uavtas; takan a leek at tb railroad bvai-
fnD 1 -r nomiaae. Kle a plea., bow
ever, that a trial In th criminal court at
Karkakee would be placing him twice in
Jeopardy w&a ia error, la war. the court
eaid. a atliier is responsfbl only ta his
superior officers for bis acta, but in mat
ters of domestic disorder be is answerable
to the dva court when th exigency wkk
called fclaa ts arms has passed.
The following list of chairmen of stand
ing oommitieea of the Nebraska Federation
cf Women's dub has been announced:
Art lira. A. B. storey. Hastings; civics,
lira. C R. Glover. Thirty-sixth and Linouln
Boulevard. Omaha; civil aervice, lira. A.
W. Field. 1K2S N atreet. Lincoln; forestry,
Mra. Harrison. Tork; household economics.
Mrs. 8. F. Erskine, Norfolk; ind usLr.ai,
lira. Halleck Rose, No. 10. Potter apart
ment. Omaha; literature, lira George
Flmen. It27 Bootb Twenty-first street.
Lincoln; library. Mra. D. M. Carey, Sew ard;
program. Mra H. L- Keefe, WalthLU; re
ciprocity, Mra. D. V. Ptepbena. FTemont,
legialatur. Mrs. H. M. Buahnell, Lincoln;
constitution. Mra C B. Letton. Linooln.
Tb work of thla cxoepuocally efficient
staff of chairmen will be materially
strengthened by tb assistance cf several
former state presidents as committee mem
bera General Feaeratlaa Katea.
A caioa has beereffected reoenuy of tbe
Oklahoma and Indian Territory federa
tions of clubs and It was done unanimously.
Mrs. Frarkiin Ward Gerard has been ap
poitted cha.rman of the forestry committee
cf the General Federation cf Women a
Ccmmentlng upon tht anaoonoemeEt of
the Boston Herald that it comic surplt
ment ha been abandoned becauae It bad
ceased to fulfill tbe purpose cf an attrac
tion. Mra. Eva Perry M Jore. president of
the General Federation says: "Next in
order will be Mra. teck-TS suggestion to
o segregate articles cf crime that like
the sporting page and the financial page
rray be reed by thnse tlore who find them
an 'ait-action.' " The General Federation
and the club have long Bgitaud against
the allf-ged t-omlc suiplemer.t and these
effcrts sre Wnn'r.f to bear fr.-1t.
'BM.t' tmr tbe rra hew.
Vr. F. H. Cr.le. president of the Ne
braska red-rfi-.n of W' men's Out has
i ssued a clrculir to an the club presideri''
have placed the of the state, with drttlls tf tSe mr"1el
!nce it could not k't'hen set-ilo-i cf C( National C nt e-
Cblsars and Mrs. E. L. Fton r3 pour j
tea and Misses Gerald'.ne and Gladys j
Gifford. Nita Wolf. Ruth McDonald. Badie j
Cole and Helen Haarmon will assist. ,
Tuesday evening the women KptiiitTa of ,
tbe com show will be bcanr guests at a :
mueicale to be given by the current topics
department at the bone of Mra. Thomas
Brown in Kountxe Place.
Thursday morning Mra. Nellie Kedzle '
Jones of Kalamazoo. Mich., wbo will be
one of the princi;! ajeJcera beicre tbe
model k-ttbvn section, will aod.'tss th
household ecoCKmxa deiartment Tb
meet-ns; will b followed by a luncheon to
be served st noon at the Toung Men's
Christina il:-ch lauon to all club w:men de
siring to attend, each paying for bar cwm
plate. Mrs. Jcnes will be th guest of
honor and the luncheon Is g.ven that the
club women may bav aa opportunliy tf
meeting ber.
Friday noon the Current topic department
will give a luncheon at Hanson's in honor
of Mra George Sheldon. Mra. A. C Shal-
lerberger, Mra. W. J. Bryan. Mrs. NeiJe
n.t Jcnes and other womea ski wL4
be la aitenuanoe at the corn ahow. Ah
the club women wU be privileged to attend,
bat reservations must be maoe by Weines
cay evt n r.r through Mra. Vincent, 'phone
Douglas i.iu-
Several of the departments have sus
lnded their meetings until after the boli
daya Tbe current topics department will
not meet again until January 4. when It
will present the program at tb cpea day
meeting of tbe duh.
The department of ethlca and phllosopfcy
has adjourned until after th holidays.
Th oratory department will hold its last
meet-tg Tuesday morning ar 19 o'clock.
The Woman' Christian association will
bold its annual meeting Tuesday at lu
o'clock, at the First Presbyterian church.
Reports cf the year'a work and other busi
ness will be transacted. Tb women will
bring a box luncheon and coffee will be
served at nooa.
allivaa Lraales P tears.
CHICAGO. Iec. 1Z Tt decree cf di
vorce for which Jorn L. Suliivaa. th for
mer champion prize fighter, recently ap
plied for in this city, was granted today
on the grour da of desertion.
Give lasting rleksnre, service and satisfaction, are of cm daily, ara tba
kind roull ftaj ia onr rEkrEliiceiit Holiday ftoct. Don't delay but coma
In early and make your selection before the stocks are broken.
Card Cases, Address Sets Desk Seta,
lXtrr Hooka, Addreac Books, Portfolio.
Pocket books. Calendars, Writing; Cases,
Bridge Wbi Sets, Christmas Box Paper, Rubber Band Bona,
Cribhae Seta, Paper Cutters, Twine Boxes,
Poker Set, Ink Stands, Etr Etc
j 40A JfW
40 A
Oafr4 and CasbrlBTe Tie.
UC'NK'N. I"ec li The annual aaaocia
tioa foot ball game match between teams
representing Oxford and Cam bride-e uni
versti was played at Queen's c'ub. th'
ir. i-i-r ir.d resulted in a tve. Each Sid
stx ied a goal.
y Furs
Black Lynx
Rug llsfi ..
Black Ly-X
Pillow Muff
Black Lrns
Shawl Collar
Sable Squirrel
Staarl Cellar
Sabla Squirrel
Rug Muff .
Bum Martin
Neck Scarf ,
Mlbk Scarf,
Best quality
Mick Muff,
to catch .
f I-lf Said tm. n
Take Flae a stas Oatssw
as Basalt.
CTL-N. Dee. Ti There wra a rerr
reew explaeioa af dynamtt today at Baa
Obtepo. Tb saortalMy Is said ts be very
heary, but detail arc lack-tug. a apeel
train has yost left her for th seen.
aursea. doctor and hoapttal suppUsa. Baa
Obisp is a stanoa an tb raHread bee wees
hae aad Panama.
BeautSful tartial aanckerctlefs for Udias
a anea. Wetnlaadar n mlta. S3 ft jsu,.
Be Want Ada. Ar Baalnaaa Boosters.
slt.on. sr! askir.g that it be presented t j
lb clubs. The tardy ad im of the cor i
r-.anagen-ert in f.laclr g repres-ntative of )
the women's clubs and trie sta:e f'-d-ration j
v?" Its adv-s'-ry hoard, occasioned the j
d-lay in the issue of this Vtter Mra Cole
also car.s attention to M n".ay aft-rnu'B's J
cpt n day prosram of the Oman Woman's j
club and inv.te all V,t ting "c'.ub wriien J
to attend. Such adtnias'-on will 1 grxnt-d j
upon presentatica el a card irons their
bom club.
Clsb Xetes.
Mrs. Margaret Flair cf tbe University
of Minnesota, former chairmaa of the
General Federation a domestic acienre core
mirtee and on of the epeaker befor the
nodal kitchen section of tb corn show,
will address the woman's club at its npon
meeting Monday afterncoa. Mrs. Blair
m probably speak a Terulea" Her ad
dress wU follow tb business meeting si
SJ4. At tb rlnss of tb program aa bv
formal te will be held ta tbe club room for
Mrs. Blair, and axy of the other women
speaker af th cora anew who may be Is
tb city. Tb yauca; woaaea la th city
for tb laboratory work of th model
kite bra will b special guast. Mrs. C. U.
s m w - - . -
f. iiij;r-iv;j
Iron 6 to I O'clock
TaWea will be reaerred- Oat-bf-town
ilsitors are cordially La.
nted to visit Ocata's aavulflcent
new hotel "at th sir, of tba
Bed Arrow."
The Exclusive Quality Shop
The Hotel Rome, Suit 40-1
To Christmas
Please buy your presents early.
Early In the day and early In De
cember. That will be your biggest gift to
the holidays to the workers be
hind the counters and on the de
livery wagons.

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