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Thnrrpson, Bel
den 4 Co., just one
block west of the
Auditorium and ex
position buildings.
Look for the corn.
is a real pleasure
why, don't you try
Christmas Umbrellas '
Our great holiday line la now ready. Never before
hare we asked you to view Umbrellas that were as
rich In quality, appearance and style as these we want
you to aee Monday. Where can you select a gift that
will be half as much appreciated as at this depart
ment? The handles this year are especially wrrthy
of your notice. There la moat every kind, from the
plain natural wood to the beautiful gold and silver
, handles.
Umbrellas for men and women,' II. 00 to $20.00.
Ask to see the n ew Umbrella Cases. It adds so
much to the umbrella If you have It In a pretty lined
case. They are not expensive.
The Thompson, fielden '& Co. Store
Never saw such a holiday business. Everybody will understand now why we arranged the store so convenient and so
handy. Little crowding; no real annoyance this store seems to comfortably care for all. Come Monday to the most comfort
able Christmas store in Omaha.
Are invited to our store, we will try our utmost to make it pleasant for you. The resting rooms, the free checking depart
ment, the telephones ,the writing materials, the information bureau are all for your convenience . Come in and get acquaint
ed with Omaha's reliable Dry Goods store. Ask all the questions yfu like.
Leather Goods for Gift Giving.
Leather Bass, etc. For the holiday season we are
showing an Immense variety of styles In fine goods.
The prices are the most reasonable we know of for
the quality of the goods.
Fancy ralf leather lined Turses at $3.00 each.
Black seal leather lined Carriage Dags at f 2.50 each.
Black and brown seal leather Carriage Bags, leather
lined, at $3.50 each.
Double fold Card Cases and Bill Holders, made ot
black seal leather, $2.50 each.
Combination Bill Roll and Coin Purse, made of
black seal leather, $1.00 each.
Combination Pocket Books, made of black seal, at
85c, $1.00, f 1.50, $2.00, $2.50 and $3.00 each.
Christmas Handkerchief Days
Christmas Handkerchiefs all ready. And truly the very
finest you ever saw. The richest that Ireland, England
and Switzerland could give us. The demand for Thomp
son, Belden & Co. Handkerchiefs is so great that we have
doubled our selling space. Now Is the time to buy the best
of themcome.' Christmas Handkerchiefs from Bo to
$16.00 each.
Christmas Candies
Of course you will want some good Candyt Whether
you are buying it for pleasure parties, at home or for Christ
mas entertainments, you should be interested enough to
know that it Is absolutely pure. Our Candles are the pur
est made. And notwithstanding the fact that our Candles
are pure, our prices are lower than those of many of the
specialty shops.
Dainty Holiday Ribbons
The Ribbon stock Is bubbling over with the daintiest
sorts of Holiday' Ribbons. If you desire fancy Ribbons for
opera bags, sachets or fancy work or any holiday gift ar
ticle, visit this department and see how well prepared we
are to meet your every want. Our prices are always the
lowest for quality rlbbonB.
Pretty Kimono Silks Dainty Gifts.
Always acceptable to women who like pretty clothes.
Always useful. A particular, thoughtful gift for the woman
who travels much, they are so light in weight and take so
little space in trunk or bag. Beautiful line of these goods
to show you at 60c, 60c. 75c and $1.00 a yard.
Beautiful Black Dress. Goods Specially Priced
for Monday.
Come here Monday, the very place to look for
lovely and unusual values in black dress goods, the
kinds that are always welcomed. All this season's
most beautiful fabrics.
$1.10 and $1.85 Beautiful Black French Voile
Monday 82c and $1.33 a Yard.
$1.10 and $1.25 Parisian Novelty Stripe Wool Taffvta
and Serge, 75c and 79c a Yard.
A handsme black dress, will fit into daytime
and evening needs. It ia a wise choice for the woman
who must make one dress serve for many and various
occasions. You can make no mistake in buying black.
They are always good.
We make petticoats to your special measure.
See the new models, taffeta, Heatherbloom, satin, silk
luster, etc. ; -
Fur Coats
- Handsome Brook Mink Coats at $55, $75 and $9 5.
Handsome Hudson Seal Coats at $110.
Handsome Astrakhan Fur Coats at $50.
These garments are all guaranteed.
Stylish and Swagger
Velvet Coats, Seml-Evenlng Coats, Fitted Coats, Setnl
Fltted Coats, Hlplesa Coats everything that Is new in
Coats Is shown here.
"Wash Walrt Pattern,
nice gift at $1.26.
put up in neat box, a
Special Sale Eyelet Embroidered
Doylies Monday.
50 dozen 35c Eyelet Embroi
dered Dollies, In this sale at 19c
Special Sale Cluny Lace Doilies
25 dozen 26c Cluny Lace Doy
lies, In this sale at 12 He each.
50 dozen 50c Cluny Lace Doy-.
lies, in this sale at 19c each.
Sale Cluny Ice Pieces Monday.
All $5.00 Cluny Lace Pieces, In
this sale at $2.98 each.
All $7.50 Cluny Lace Pieces, In
this sale at $4.98 each.
All $10.00 Cluny Lace Pieces,
in this Bale at $7.38 each.
Furs, Valnt, Petticoats, Suits,
- Coats, Silk Kimonos All Kinds
of Wearing Apparel for Women.
Handsome, warm. Furs, choice
tyles and qualities.
Black Lynx Sets,
Fine Mink Sets,
Gray Wolf Sets.
Pointed Wolf Sets,
Black Fox Sets.
The beat Furs at lowest prices.
Waists In Mescaline for Evening
Wear at Reduced Prices.
$15.00 Waists at $8.25.
$12.50 Waists at $6.50.
$ 9.50 Waists at $5.00.
Long Silk Kimonos, Lovely Japa
nese Patterns.
At $5.50, $7.50, $9.60 and $10.50.
Women's Fine Tailor-Made. Suits.
$25.00 8ults Monday at $15.00
$35.00 Suits Monday
$45.00 Suits Monday
A Clearing Sale of Best Quality, 85c Colored Taf
. feta, Monday at 39c a Yard.
They are what are left of the same reliable
silks you have always paid us 85c for. Not all col
ors, but a very good assortment: tan, mahogany,
red, dark green, gray, old rose, French gray, etc.
In some cases there are parts of pieces, from that
to medium and short lengths Those getting here
when they go on sale at 8 A. M. will have fine
ASK to see the model of our new black taffet;
petticoat, which we are making to your specie
Bath Robe Blankets
The choicest styles In the right color
ings. We have them at $2. B0 and $3.60
each. . One blanket makes a bathrobe for
man or woman. Bathrobe cords to match
blankets, 3 pieces In set at 50c
Down Quilts
As a bed cover no thing, more
, luxurious. As a gift nothing more
appreciable. Prices: $5.00, $6.00,
$7.00, $8.00, $9.00, $10.00, $12.50,
$15.00, $20.00 and $25.00 each.
Christmas Aprons
You need riot look farther for the Xmas aprons,
as every dainty style is here for your viewing and
Fancy lawn and sewing aprons with ruffle all
around an dtrimmed with edgeing, at 50c each.
Round aprons of dotted Swiss with ruffle of
embroidery, at 65c each.
' Fancy Swiss aprons with insertion of fine lace
and ruffle of lace, at $1.00 each.
Large white aprons up from 25c.
Bib aprons in many styles, up from 25c.
Fine Swiss bib aprons,- beautifully trimmed,
$1.25, $1.50 and $1.75 each.
Special Sale
Embroidered Scarfs and Lunch
Cloths Monday.
All our $2.50 Embroidered
Scarfs, Monday sale price, $1.39
All our $3.50 Embroidered
LuncrTcioths, size 45x45, in this
sale at $2.38 each.
All our $2.25 Embroidered
Lunch Cloths, In this sale at $1.69
Special ToWel Sale Monday.
All 76c Huck Towels, sale price,
All $1.00 Huck Towels, sale
price, 75c.
All $1.00 Damask Towels, sale
price, 75c.
All 75c Damask Towels, sale
price, 60c.
Special Sale
Fancy Linens, la Economy Base
ment Monday.
Special Sale Tenerlffe Dollies.
100 dozen 10c Tenerlffe Doi
lies, Monday sale price, 3c each.
Bale Ilenaissanre Center Pieces.
10 dozen $1.00 Renaissance
Center Pieces, 79c each.
Broont Covers
Broom Covers, 15c each.
Ta. Broom Covers, 10c
Ca. Lis.
Modest Broom Covers, 25c
Knlt-tom Holders, 5c each.
Ripoff Polishing Mittens, 10c each.
Poro Cloths for cleaning, 10c each.
Chamois Dusters, 15c each.
A Christmas Glove Opportunity
The "Christmas Giving Time" is here. Why not remem
ber your friends with a nice pair of OlovesT Below are
some styles' specially priced for Monday
16-button Glace Kid Gloves of fine quality, In black,
brown.' tan and white, per pair, $2.98. .
12-button Glace Kid Gloves in pique and neatly stitched
backs, in black and tan. A moBt excellent glove. Per
pair, $2.69.
Fancy Embroidered Sheets and Pillow Cases,
put up In box, at $2.60, $3.00 and $4.00 per set.
Wool Eiderdown for Christmas
"Wool Eiderdown for Christ
mas slippers, in light blue, tan
and pink. Special at, a yard, 15c.
Phenomenal Sale, Just One-Half Price, of Colored
Dress Goods, Monday for Christmas Gifts.
A gift of dress goods is a gift fit for a queen, if
the dress goods are fine and of the required quality.
We are going to give you the greatest value possible,
Monday at the prices $1.00 to $1.25 qualities, one
half prices 50c and 62 y2c a yard.
Depend absolutely upon our representations as
regards quality and durability and be assured that
we never sell dress goods of inferior or doubtful
NOTE Buy for your own needs, buy for gifts,
allow us to make your skirts to your special meas
ure. Many pretty styles and models to show you at
dress goods department. We received a most beau
tiful one yesterday in black broadcloth. It is a
A Gift for Baby
Crib Blankets, in the new- Aesop
fable or Santa Claus designs, are
different from the common; dainty,
beautiful, soft and warm, $1.00 each.
President Roosevelt to Investigate this
great subject. I am sura the report of that
commission - will be of Inestimable value
not only to our farming population, but to
our -whole people; for If there Is anyone
Interest Jhat comes closer then any other
to the people It Is that of educational, social
and flnanotal condition In their relation
ship to the farmer.
New Br ia Natloa.
I believe we are reaching a new era In
our development aa a nation. We are the
most altrulstlo people In the world. In a
spirit of altruism we went Into Cuba In
IBM ta free those Islands from the hateful
and hurtful Spanish rule. We poured our
money and our best blood Into this task.
The ultimate outcome will, 1 am sure, be
to our benefit, aa are most altrulstlo move
ments. Now, I have no word ot criticism aa to
what we have done In the past, but It
seem to me that the question uppermost
In the. minds of the people at thia time Is
the necessity for Improved farm conditions
from a national standpoint. I believe that
some measure that will have an Increas
ingly greater tendency to keep the boys
and girls upon the farms will not only tend
to tmprore farm conditions, but will be a
matter of national defense. I am thor
oughly convinced that ultimately we mus'.
depond to a lane degree upa the man of
the farm In case of war, this seeming to
be the natural environment for the pro
duction of that sturdy determination and
that development of manhood, coupled with
the capacity for doing things, that is so
essential when men are thrown upon their
own responsibilities.
. I look upon the improvement of our farm
conditions aa a war measure, going so fat
In this belief that I ran aee no reason Whj
the government and the several state!
should not loin hand In hand In brlnalns
to a successful consummation the work
that W hope will be outl ned by the com
mission appointed by 1'resldent Roosevelt.
Breaks Qtwat Ub4 Aftat.
-Governor B. B. Brooks of Wyoming waa
greeted with three time three from a bunch
f cattlemen when he had been Introduced,
' He made a genuinely eloquent address upon
the potential. ties of his state, particularly
In an agricultural way. "In Wyoming all
the farmer has to do Is sit on the fence
and watch things grow." Thla. was one
Striking sentence. Another waa, "In Wyo
mlng we have learned that Irrigation is
' not a good substitute for rain, but that
" rain la a very, poor substitute for Irriga
tion." As a land agent Governor Brooks
Piles Cured
At Last
iiy Pyramid Pile Cure After Yearn of
- Intense Suffering and the Pallor
of Other Cures.
,Tt Trial raekag Sea la mala Wrapper
- "I (eel It my duty to let the world
know that after year of suffering from
bleeding. Itching and protruding pl'et, ao
that I ceuld not sleep, walk or sit down
without pain. Pyramid Pile Cur hat al
most entirely cured me and thla with only
a trial treatment and one box. I am us
ing the aecond box and feel I will be
cured soon." W. B. Langley. Atlanta, O.,
R. r. D. No. s. Box t.
These f unsolicited testimonials w can
show by the hundred. Pyramid Pile Cur
Is aal at every drug store, price fitty
cent. . Thla tell th tele of Ha popularity
and It merit.
Bend a your nam and address and w
will ad you a trial package In plain
w reaper by mall free. Address Pyramid
Drug Ca UJ PjrUAU AlAf Marshall,
. ,
would be simply peerless. He painted a
picture of the field and pasture of Wyo
ming blooming with rip fruition that made
almost all his audience consider whether
It would not be a good thing to move out
and take up a section or two.
Ho referred to the exhibit hi state ha
mad and It may be said in passing that
the Wyoming exhibit I on of tho best.
Quality and quantity both considered, of
all at the exposition. In closing, Governor
Brooks extended an Invitation to all Omaha
to com to th dry farming congress which
will be held In his state in February.
Ambassador's So) Iiak-Itah Boy.
An Interested spectator of the exercises
was a youth who looked at first glanoe a 1
typical specimen of the - American collago 1
tudent of about th junior year. This waa
Salvador Creel, son of Baron Creel, Mexi
can ambassador at Wash.ngton, and In h
third year at Ames. He did look the typi
cal 'rah-' rah boy, slouch hat ot felt, with
what George Ade oneo described a "en
circled by a tdy," trousers with a broad
reef at th nether extremities, low shoes,
fastened by broad brass buckles, and suit
ot a rich tropical green.
Mr. ' Creel sat with Senor Goroipe and
Oses. These Mexican delegate mis no
speeches at th exposition for they are
her to learn and will achieve their aim for
that matter. Benor Foex was also present,
sitting on the platform with President
Wattle and the governors.
In the afternoon, company after company
of handsomely uniformed young women oc
cupied the (tag of the exposition audi
torium competing for the cash price which
have been hung up, and for the satisfac
tion of beating th other girl. 'The men
drill thl evening.
Expoaltloa Warmlag U.
Th exposition Is growing better every
day. The attendance waa far larger Batur
day morning than on previous days and the
general air ahows more active life although
the first three days were far from tame.
The large audience of Saturday morning
waa highly gratifying for It la good that
the vlsltihg governor should have been
heard by a larg number.
Mr. Sheldon. Mrs. Brook. Mrs. Carat
and Mr. Wright wer entertained by Mrs.
Brands! and Mrs. Wattle at luncheon a'
the Omaha club and than to a box at the
Boyd to ee "A Doll's House." President
Wattle entertained 'the governor at the
am club at luncheon.
"It 1 glorious to wlni" sighed J. B.
Ovsrstrest, th rranklln, Ind., man
who ha won th prise for th beat
single ear of oorn at th exposition,
"tut there ' are mitigating ciroum
stanoea in my cup of joy. These other
Hooslsrs hav given m no peaoe over
th press notice which followed th
award and all th cut cut-up on th
delegation are aaklng m how much S
paid for them and so on. Th lif of
a novelist or a post would hav fewer
distractions, X fancy."
Mr. Ovrtreet ha besides th honor
cf winning th prtx mentioned, th
distinction of having originated, him
sslf, a variety of corn known a th
Peerless," and has gained som
acre a wall as glory thereby.
Cora ExaeMiltlea Strike lew Gov
traer aa Magatareat.
"I cannot conceive of anything more
beneficial or from which the farmer (and
the farmer la the man- who rule the
world) can learn more and profit more.
than thla National Corn exposition now
being held in Omaha. I knew th expo
ltlon would be a big affair, because I
have kept In rather close touch from th
very Inocption, but even I wae surprised
when I visited the show for th first time
yeeterday afternoon."
Thla la th meaaag of Governor Garat
of Iowa, who spent Friday afternoon and
Saturday In Omaha, a gucet of the di
rector of th National Corn exposition.
Whan seen at th Omaha club yesterday
afternoon h waa bubbling over with en
thualaaro. . .
"Even the casual observer cannot fall
to learn something at the exposition, but
th man who. really want to learn and
make hi land yield him a larger Income
not do better than to spend or longer at
that exposition. Why, If the farmers of
Nebraska would grow their oats as thofO
on display were grown the profit to them
would be ten time greater than what
thl exposition cost the people of Omaha
and the UnKed Btatea. And the natural
Interests tributary to Omaha would b
benefited fifty time If the farmer of the
territory would visit the ahow, see what
others' have done, take tho advantage of
fered and go homo and do likewise.
'It Is simply wonderful, that show, and
Attempt to Hake New Rules for
House Comet This Session.
Power of Speaker to Determine Who
I to Be Recognised to Be
Abolished Committee to
Be Called Weekly.
I wish that every man, woman and child
a my atate could aee It and would grasp haye th c0mmltt99 on ruie, elected
WASHINGTON, Dec. li.-One of th first
thing agreed upon by the member of th
Hepburn rule revision committee In the
house was a plan to make the right for
amendment at th present cession. Th
work was started at once by conference
between member of th committee and
Rpoakur Cannon and Representative Wil
liam, former minority loader, a well a
between the committee and other Indi
vidual amoig th element favoring re
vision of the rule. Word waa spread by
a majority of th committee, which con
slat of Representatives Hepburn of Iowa,
Hays of California, Townsend of Michigan,
Cooper of Wisconsin and Foster of Ver
mont, that th amendment would be con
servative. A practical disapproval waa
announced on such change a the selec
tion of a steering committee of the house
to appoint the committee and the proposal
the excellent lesson taught by tho almple I hjr th houi
exhibits there.
'"The man who owns land valued at Ilia
an acre will receive a fair profit from It
If hi land yield him fifty bushel an acre
and he sella it for GO cents a bushel. Th
man who own land valued at KO an acre
will receive a fair profit from It If it
yields thirty-seven and one-half bushel
an acre and sells for GO cents a bushel.
But the man who own land valued at $175
an acre will lose money it it yields him
but thirty-seven and one-half bushels of
SO-cent corn.
"Figure It out for yourself and you will
see that I am right. The Interest on the
1171 land will be 18.75 and the labor $3.60,
making a total of $13.25. Fifty bushel of
corn at GO cent would bring $26, leaving
$13. T5 net. The Interest on th $60 land
will be $3.50 and th labor $3.50, making a
total ot $& Thlrtyvaeven and one-half
bushel of corn at 50 centa would bring
$1S.7G, leaving $13.75 net. Exactly th same,
you see. But If your land Is worth more
or If the yield I leas, you will lose money,
"With the rise In the value of land there
must be a consequent rise in the value of
product. Where 1 there a business that
can increase It earning SO per cent with
out Increasing Us expenaesT But Mr. Funk
here by breeding corn and getting a better
grade Increased his yield from fifty to
alxty-flv buahels an acre and when a man
has tuO acre of land planted to corn that
amount to something."
Governor Garat left th middle ot the
afternoon for Council Bluff to Inspect the
state Institution for feebled minded and
from there he expected to go on to hi
horn at Ie Molne. The governor said
that politics are passe In Iowa now and
that there la not a doubt but that Albert
Q. Cummin will be re-elected by the leg
lalature thl winter for th Jong tiro In
th VnlUd State acuta,
Nameroaa Conferences Held.
Th outcome of the Individual confer
ence with the speaker Is a:d to hav
been an - understanding that the entire
committee will lay before the speaker alter
next Tuesday' night conference on the
rule the amendments that may be agreed
It I understood that the committee will
ask to be authorized to agree to com
promise that the speaker might suggest
It desirable. The members who talked
with the speaker today assured him that
they were his friends and that they wished
to avail themselves of hi suggestions. Re
publican Floor Leader Payne and Repre
sentative Dalxell will be consulted by the
Th committee of "reformers" Of the
rule are practically united on the Hep
burn amendment, which would require the
speaker a in duty bound to recognla th
first person upon whom hi eye fall. In
stead of allowing him to arrangs at the
beginning of th day a program, designat
ing -member who shall be given the pri
vilege of the floor throughout the day.
Regular Call of Committees.
Other amendments that appeal to the
committee are to require the call of com
mittee once a week ao that all bill on tht
"union" and the house calendar may be
reached In due time and to enlarge the
committee on rules, though leaving It to
the speaker to select the member. The
democrat are being Interviewed to ascer
tain If they will consent to th commit
tee being composed exclusively of republi
can. Recognizing that a rule committee
of fifteen would be cumbersome and dif
ficult to get together In emergencies the
special committee desire to limit th
membership to nine republicans. A It
haa been the reputed practice to Invite In
the democratic member of the committee
on rule only after the republican have
decided on a course of action, it la being
urged that the minority representation It
a farce.
Among the reason assigned for making
the fight on the rules at this session are
that a number of the so-called "refcrmers"
will hot be members of the next congress;
that even a losing fight thl session will
strengthen the "reformers" next session,
and that the new members are always
loath to take Issue with the loader of the
house on the first day of a congress, when
a fight would com If postponed until next
The democrat are remaining quiet, tak
ing little part In the discussion. Th "re
former" claim that th house leader will
be surprised at their strength at their
meeting next Tuesday night, which will
be open meeting to all who desire lo amend
tho rulea.
The Mission
Of the corpuscle In your blood
that hav boon callad "Llttlo
oldlera," lo to fight for you
gainst tho dlaeaao garma that
constantly andangar your hoalth.
Thoao oorpuooloo aro made
healthy and strong by tho uoo of
Hood'o Saroaparllla.
This mediolna U a combination of
more than 20 different remedial agents
in proportions and by a process known
only to ourselves and it baa for thirty
yeara been constantly proving its worth.
Hp. suUUuu, &oae "Just-aa-good."
President, President-elect and Vice
President Among; the Gaeat.
WASHINGTON, Dec. li-The annual fall
dinner of the Gridiron club, held at the
New Wlllard tonight, wa mad notable
by the presencl of a distinguished companj
uf guests.
An extended program made th night on
long to be remembered. Th president, the
vice president, the president and vice president-elect,
senator and representative
without number, an English loiV diplomats
of this and other countries, newspaper men
and men of affair generally were guests of
th club.
In an unusual degree the souvenir ot
th dinner, a miniature steam roller, wa
unique. It drew particular attention to
Chairman Frank 11. Hitchcock of the re
publican national committee, who waa on
of th gueats. Th roller wa a little bronse
affair with th nam "T-A-F-T" on th
obverse and the Gridiron emblem on the
reverse Ide.
President Roosevelt, President-elect Taft,
Vice President-elect Sherman, E. II. Harrl
man. Congressman Champ Clark, Vice Pres
ident Fairbanks and Governor John John
son of Minnesota wer among the dis
tinguished speaker.
One of th most delightful skit wa fur
nished by a roll call after the recent na
tional political battle. The mournful tap
of a drum waa heard In the anteroom and
there came marching in a battered and de
lapidated troop. Their uniform showed
they had been on th firing line.
President Henry announoed In solemn
voice that the battle was over and that
th slaughter bad been terrlfla. The mem
brs of Us troop anwr4 to e roll sail.
Sergeant Jim Watson waa reported as
ailltd while riding to th front on the
water wagon."
Private Charlie Land! "fell at Watson'
side;" Private Charles G. Dawes" passed
In hi check," and Private Frank Lowden
wa "hot In the pocket;" Corporal Norman
E. Mack waa reported a "burying tho
dead;" Corporal William J. Bryan ' wa
John B. Townsend and Henry F. Walton,
"among the missing;" Corporal Loeb was
In the hand of hi friend; Private Taft
waa reported present and Color Sergeant
Hitchcock waa announced as "hero with
the color."
Among the other guests were:
Jamea Elverson Jr., of Philadelphia In
quirer; Conde Hamlin, New York Tribune;
W. F. Haskell, Ronton Herald; A. F. Hol
den, Cleveland Plain Dealer; Lot Loe, In
dianapolis News; Lynn it. Meekins, Balti
more American-Star; George F. Miller, De
troit News; W. R. Nelson. Kansas City
Star; Victor Rosewater, Omaha Bee; John
B. Townsend. Philadelphia Press; EX, G.
Lewis, Lewi Publishing company, St,
I u la; George R. Ham, Montreal, Canada;
Frank N. Parksdale, Pennsylvania Rall
rced; Timothy K. Byrne, New York, New
Haven ft Hartford railroad: William M.
Collier, minlater to Spain; Solicitor Gen
eral William Pitt Kellogg. Virgil P.
Kline, Cleveland; Interstate commerce
Commissioner Lane. Ormsby, Haig,
North Dakota; Vlvtor 1 Mason,
Haron Von Rechtofen, German em
bassy; Dr. Leo Vogel, minister from
Switzerland; Xhomai V. Walsh, Colorado;
Dr. Harvey Wiley, Department of Agri
culture; Charlea G. Dawes, Chicago; Na
than Frank, St. Louis; George Harrison
Arasler, H. R. Goshorn, Arthur W. tHwall,
John B. Townsend and Henry F. Walton
all Of Philadelphia
Optlonlst Still Active.
MITCHELL, S. D.. Deo. 13. (Special.)
The defeat of county option at the late
election ha not dampened the ardor of the
supporters of the movement In the least,
aa I noticeable by the action of the Fed
eration Council of Christian Churchea of
the atate, which met In session here this
week, and among other thing started the
movement looking to another vote on tho
option measure. The new bill Is much
shorter than the one that was voted on In
November, and many of the restrictive
Ideas have been eliminated from the new
bill, which was framed by the member
of the federation. The Initiative and refer
endum will be Invoked on the new propo
sition, consequently It will not need th
sanction of the state legislature.
. int I ntA I MhNT OF
Delay in Applying Proper Men area
to Blame.
NEW TORK. Dec. liTh.r I. (..
In the history of nearly ever case of tuber
culosis wnen It la curable. Thl may seem
almost revolutionary for credence; never
theless, fact warrant the statement. If
true, why do we allow so many people to
die of thl disease? The answer I, because
cf a total failure or a delay In applying
the proper remedial measures.
Delay Is responsible for much of th Buf
fering, and much of th coat attendant
upon both asthma and consumption.
The proper time for treating tuberculosis
1 a aoon aa th diagnosis can be made,
and In case of doubt to take the ear
To prevent the' spread of tnberculoais
and to offer an opportunity of cur to
those who are afflicted, the American
Bureau, Third avenue and Tenth atreet.
New York, will send free to all those who
write for It. a treatise on consumption and
asthma, which give rule for diet, exer
cise, prophylaxl and medicinal treatment
for tho cur of these maladies If ther la
any dlseaae that need Immediate Intelli
gent treatment a soon as It is suspected,
It Is tuberculosis.
For those cheery nights before and
after Christmas when good friends
are dropping in, and good feeling is
running high, be prepared vvithacase of
tars and Stripes
Star and Stripes I th
ideal beer for home It It
Clear and sparkling and
pur aa th morning dew.
Don't put off ordering a
caa ' delivered to your
house, but make up your
mind bow to be prepared
for Christ ma festivities in
th beat possible way.
$3.00 In Stamp (10)
Siven with each two
oten caa of lrg
bottle, de- AA rtr
llvered In JVI)
th city for.. -
Out of town cue
toraar add fl.itS for
case and bottle.
Drop card or telephone
your burnt.
11.60 In 8tamp (II)
Slven with each two
oaen case of small
bottle, de- ff nr
llvered In J l.j
the city for..."' -
Out of town cus
tomer add 11. 21 for
case and bottles.
us to deliver a case to
Willow Springs Browing Co.
Office, lOT Xaraay tM
raoa Song. IK.
Brewery, aa and HUkory.
raoa Dong. IHt.

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