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Just 10 More
Buying Days
Just 10 More
Buying Days
U LI L A U lillLilivio
5 Men's S7c
In fancy Christmas
boxes, a magnificent
lino for selection ; at
25c to $5.00
Men's Silk
In all newest shapes
and colorings, almost
unlimited assortment
for selection
25c to $1.00
Magnificent assortment of fancy and holiday linens at specially
reduced prices Monday.
High Grade Linen Department
Elegant Pattern Table Cloths, size
72x72 Inches, dew bleached,
double damask; an appropriate
sift; worth $4.50; Monday,
oach $2.50
Warranted all pure linen Hem
stitched Table Cloths, different
sizes, some $3.00 values; all at
one price Monday, each. . .91.23
Grass Bleached Dinner Napkins,
strictly pure linen, fine selection
patterns, worth $3.00 dozen;
Monday, dozen $1.75
Splendid heavy double Damask
Dinner Napkins, size 22x22 and
24x24, exqulslt9 designs, never
sold less than $5.00 dozen; Mon.
day, dozen $3.00
A mammoth collection of fancy
linens. Including real hand-made
French cluny pieces, genuine
Irish hand embroidered pleceB,
high grade Mexican drawn pieces,
Rennalssance, Battenberg and
scalloped pieces, In scarfs, circu
lars, squares and ovals; secured
from en eastern importer at a
fraction of their original value.
Will be placed on sale Monday at
prices that are positively below
cost of production, ranging from
$50.00 each to, each; lUc
Gnaiest Sale of Christmas Handkerchiefs
, ' Ever Held in Omaha or the Wtsl.
10 Big Lots on Hale. Just Half
Ilcgular Price. .
lt lot Plain White Handker
chiefs, on sale, at, each. . . . .2
2d lot Fancy Bordered Handker
chiefs 3
8d loO Pure linen handkerchiefs.
Initialed, Embroidered and plain
at, each 5
4th lot Pure Linen Handker
chiefs, very fine hemstitched, em
broidered and scalloped Swiss,
at ....7tf
Lot B Extra Fine SwIbs Embroid
ered Handkerchiefs, each..lO
6th lot Elegant plain hem
stitched linen and fancy embroid-
' ered Swiss Handkerchiefs, each,
at 12H
7th . lot Heavy Embroidered
Swiss handkerchiefs, beautiful
quality, on sale, at, eaeh..l5
8th lot Embroidered Swiss and
linen handkerchiefs, extra fine
quality, each" 17 H and 25
Wth lot Hand-Embrrdered and
lace trimmed handkerchiefs,
magnificent assortment, at. 35
Thousands of Beautiful Gift Sug
gestions at the Jewelry Counter
When in doubt give jewelry, cut glass, sil
ver ware it 's always good and acceptable. Sev
eral Bousing Specials in this Dept. Monday:
3-piece Toilet Sets
Regular $8.00 values,
on sale at $3.98
3-piece Toilet Sets
Regular $9.00 values,
on sale at $-4.25
Men's Millitary Brush
and Comb Sets, $7.50
values, at '. . . . $3.00
$2.00 Mesh Purses 98 C
50c Mesh Purses 25c
Clothes and Hat Brush
es Regular values to
$1.50.. 50c and 75c
Jewel Cases Regular
values to $1.50; spec
ial, 69c, 75c, 98c
Jewel Cases Regular
values to $1.00; spec
ial, 25c, 50c, 69c
$1.00 Mesh Purses 48c
$1.50 Mesh Purses 69c
10th lot A choice line of Iland
Embroidered Pique Linen and
fancy lace trimmed handker
chiefs .v 50
In addition we show an immense line of Hand Made
Handkerpnlefs at JUST HALF PRICE. We secured them
at a bargain and they go the bargain way. Don't fail to see
Samples at Half
Comb and Brush Sets, Mirrors, Dressing
Cases, Manicure Sets, Single Brushes, Toilet
Cases, Etc, Etc. Entire House Sample Line of
Florence Manufacturing Co., New York.
This is the tenth consecutive year that we
have secured this line. No two sets alike, the
greatest lot of holiday gift bargains ever.
50c and 75c Hair Brushes 39c
75c and $1.00 Hair Brushes. 49c
$2.00 to $3.00 Toilet Cases $1.00
$3.50 to $5.00 Toilet Cases $2.50
$5.00 to $8.00 Toilet Cases ,...$3.50
$1.00 Military Brush Sets 50c
$2.00 Military Brush Sets $1.00
$3.00 Military Brush Sets $1.50
$2.00 Comb and Brush Sets $1.00
$3.00 Comb and Brush Sets $1.50
$1.00 Comb and Brush Sets 50c
Toy Fairy Land is Now Open at Hayden's. Come!
22 immense booths in our great south room, piled high with a prodigal array of gift suggestions.
The entire room glittering with array of Holiday beauty. Iron Toys, Dolls, Wagons, Mechanical
Toys, Doll Furniture, -Musical Instruments, Steam Toys, Sleds, Games, Teddy Bears, Children's
Furniture, Skates. Everything for the little folks and thousands of suggestions for the older ones.
Displayed to make selection easy; priced to make buying here profitable.
A Tremendous Purchase
of Women's Outerqarments
Over $75,000 worth of Women's Garments, secured by our
buyer from the New York manufacturers at less than 50c on the
dollar, results in bargain offerings this week surpassing any
ever shown here or elsewhere in Omaha at this season.
Two manufacturers' stocks of Fur Coats, Scarfs and Muffs.
Two manufacturers' stocks of Coats, and Suits. A manufactur
er's stock of wool Dresses. All the goods are here and will go on
sale, beginning Monday, at Phenomenal Prices.
$35.00 French Coney Coats
choice $16.90
XXXX Near Seal Coats, $40.00
values, choice, at..'. .$29.90
Genuine Beaver Fur Coats
$90.00 values everywhere, on
sale at $59.00
Fur Sets Immense assortment
for selection, matchless values
in this sale, $5.00 to $100
$5.00 Fur Scarfs at $1.98
Silk and Net Waists, all colors,
regular values to $7.50, on sale
at $2.98
$35.00 Satin Dresses at $19.50
All colors beautiful new
styles, the greatest values ever
offered, at $19.50
$25.00 Tailor Suits at $14.90
Over 200 in the lot, the newest
style ideas, fabrics and color
ings, at $14.90
One-Piece Wool Dresses
Splendid assortment for selec
tion, all eolors, well worth $20,
choice, Monday $9.90
Silk Underskirts Regular val
ues to $7.50; sale price $3.95
Scores of other great bargain offerings shown.
OUR BABY BAZAAR offers you every thing for baby's
outer clothing at lowest possible prices.
Great Sale of
Alligator Hand Bags
We have just received from the
largest manufacturer in the coun
try, his entire surplus stock of the
Genuine Alligator Hand Bags Not the
imitation but the genuine Horn Back
goods, value from $2 to $25
We closed the deal for this entire stock
Dec. 1st at 50c on the dollar and will
close the entire lot $2 to $25 values,
at $1 to $10
Seldom in a lifetime 1b such an oppor
tunity offered. Improve it
Many other splendid bargains
in Bill Books, Pocket Books,
Purses, Hand Bags, Carriage Bags,
etc., etc. Most complete assort
ments shown.
Curtains and Draperies
You will find the choicest of the season's offerings here at loss
price than you'd expect to pay.
lirussels Net Curtains, In immense
assortment of beautiful designs,
pair $5.00 to $15.00
Cluny Lace Curtains, with lace
edge and insertion, white or ecru
underprlced for Monday's sale
at, pair $0.50 to $12.50
New Fillet Net Curtains, all the
choicest designs, remarkable val
ues, pair $3.50 to $0
Brussels Curtains. . . .$2.08 to $5
Silk Festooned- Drapes, in all col
ors, great values, $.5.00, $5.50,
$0.00 and $7.50
Table Covers, all sizes and styles,
at $2.08 to $0.50
Tapestry Bordered 1'ortleres, in
red, green or brown, at $:i.08,
$4.SO and $5.00
Bagdad Couch Covers, CO Inches
wide 3 yards long $2.50 to $1.50
A Swell Line of Couch Covers,
great assortment for selection;
priced at $5, $0, $7.50 to $10
50 Styles of Itopo Portieres for se
lection, at lowest possible bar
gain prices.
All Kinds of Nets, Scrims, Cre-
tonos. Taffetas, Burlaps, etc., for
fancy work.
cIssAZ High Grade Linen Dept. Monday
91.10 Sheet, site 81x90.
each esc
fl.00 Sheets, slxe 81x90,
each TSo
Oo SheeU, (lie 81110, each 89a
So Sheets, slse 81x1(0, each.SSo
6a Sheets, slse 72xHO. each. 793
kao Sheets, else TlxHO, eav.i 66a
86o Sheets, slse 72xU, eiu li b3
7o Sheets. slxe 72x10. each 6to
k-x? 'J "llld oUl
each So
15c Pillow Cases, size 42x36. lOo
ISo Pillow Casus, size 46x3,
each 10a
18c Pillow Cases, size 45x36.
each llo
Bed spreads make a must use
ful and acceptable Xma
present. Special line for Mon
day In plain white, pink and
blue, heavy knotted frlnice,
full size, exquisite Marseilles
patterns, good value, at 8 7
each, Monday, each .... 93.98
Elegant assortment of high
grade Imported Marseilles
bed spreads, fringed with cut
corners, pronounced designs
worth 14.25, Monday,, each,
at 3.85
Orders through our mall
order department for Holiday
goods receive our careful attention.
Blanket Sale
100 pairs Blankets, worth 5c, at
100 pairs Blankets, worth s6c. at
100 pairs Blankets, worth 8100, at....
100 pairs Blankets, worth 81.25, at....
1H0 pairs Blankets, worth 81.5ft, at....
100 pairs Blankets, worth 82 00. at....
60 pairs of wool Blankets, morth 82.50,
to pairs of Wool Blankets, worth S3. 00.
60 pairs of Wool Blankets, wort
60 pairs of Wool Blankets, w
60 pairs of Wool Blankets, w
The largest line of Home-made Comfortables.
what we ask for them. .7o, 91-00, 91.60, 93.00
forth 84.00,
tortft 85.00,
vorth $6.50,
at. .
at. .
at. .
orth du
93.60, I
High Grade Wool
Dress Goods Sale
Priestly, Lupin and Fredrick Arnold
make the grandest line of goods in
the world.
Monday only, alt our fine Wool Dress
Goods (only one pattern to a cus
tomer), at exactly. . . .HALF PIUCK
Everything marked in plain figures.
Japanese Bankrupt Stock
China" Porcelain Bisque, Etc.
Monday we will place on sale 384 cases of Japanese ware, purchased
through the Yokohama Kixnie Hank, Ltd., from Kobe, Japan, worth
O00 yen, tor 1,250 yen, or 39c on the dollar yen in English means
fl.00; sen means lc. We did not expect to get these goods, our offer
was so Blow, and It Is so late we are forced to cut the prices now.
$1.50, $2.00 and $3.00 Articles tor 93c.
Salads, Cake Plates, Chop Trays, fern Dish, Vases. Nut Bowl.
Orange Bowls, Chocolate Pots, Tobacco Jars. Comb and Brush Trays,
Cracker Jars, Celery Trays, Drester Sets, Tea Sets and Jardinieres.
$1.00, $1.50 and $2.00 Articles for 50c
Sugar and Creamers, Cologne Bottles. Rose Jars, Salads, Plates,
Cuds and Saucers. Vases. Sugar Shells, Powder Boxes. Hair Receivers,
Nut Bowls Olive Dishes. Spoon Trays. Cake Plates, Tea Strainers, also
m. large assortment of Olive Dishes. Powder Boxes. Pickle Dishes. Hair
Receivers Match Safes. Plates, Salads, Bon Bon Dishes. Plates and
Cuds and Saucers, for... 5t IO4-5 15t "d 23
CA. ;AA:ar Ts-it UnuAan'c Plvc Headquarters tor your Xmas Grocerhs. Bitter.
I Ul UIUICUW 11 f no f tiviii J 1 iij , Chse cruit rockers. Veaetables. Candiet.
For your Xmas puddings, pies, and
cakes, try a sack of our High Patent
Flour; special sale Monday, per
sack $1.23
The best pure cane Granulated Sugar
at Uss than Jobbers' cost.
The best domestic Macaroni, pkg. 8c
Bromangelon, Jellycon or Jello, pkg.,
at THc
Fancy Candied Orange Peel. lb.. 15c
Fancy Candled Lemon Peel, lb.. 12 He
Fancy Candled Citron Peel. lb...20c
Fancy Valencia Almonds, per lb. .38c
Fancy New Cleaned Currants, lb. 8 He
Fancy New Muscatel Raisins, lb. 7 He
Fancy New Muscatel Seedless Raisins,
package H
Fancy New Muscatel Seeded Raisins,
package 8 He
Fancy New Cooking Figs, per lb. 7 He
3-lb. Cans Solid Packed Tomatoes, per
can , ." 8Hc
2-lb. Cans Fancy Sweet Sugar Corn,
per can 8 He
2- lb. Can Early June Sifted Peas.lOv
3- lb. Can Golden Pumpkin, Hominy,
or Squash 8 He
10 Bars Beat 'Em All or Diamond C
Soap ., 2.V
The best whito or yellow Cornmeal
Back . . 1 15c
Butter, Cheese and Itutterine
Extra Fancy No. 1 Country Creamery
Butter, per pound 20c
Fancy Full Cream Cheese, per lb.. 15c
Fancy Full Cream Llmburger Cheese,
per pound 15c
Fancy Full Cream Domestic Swiss
Cheese, per pound . . . 20c
Neutachtel Cheese, each itc
Our Freah Vegetable Prices For the
Another Cur of Extra. Fancy
Highlund Navels.
Regular 15c size, tier dozen.... 8Hc
Regular 17c size, per dozen .... 1U He
Regular 2c size, per dozen 15c
Regular 25c size, per dozen 18c
Regular 30c size, per dozen 20c
Regular 35c size, per dozen.,
Try IHIaydleini's FdgsH: "
Mens Silk Hose
The greatest show
ing in Omnha, every
i in n g i n a b 1 0 color,
plain or embroidered.
Prices range at from
$1.00 to $5.01
Men's Silk
Lisle Hose
Sample line, plain
and embroidered, val
ues up to $1.00 a pair,
Grand Sale of Christmas Silks
Over 10,000 yards of elegant holiday silks, Crepe de Chines,
Messalines, Poplins, Taffetas, Satin Princesse, Peau de
Cygnes, all the richest weaves and colorings, including a
complete assortment of fine Scarfings, in print, plain or
satin stripe ; all colors, actual worth QQmKQf llftr
to $2.50 a yard; Monday 2OL JZL-tUL
Black Silks make acceptable Christmas gifts. Monday
you can buy them at about half.
1.50 Black Rustling TaffeU 36
inches wide; on sale, yard. $1.10
$1.25 Black Dress Taffeta Medi
um weight, 36 inches wide, a
beautitul fabric, at 85o
K2.50 Blafk Posu de Sole Heavy
glace finish, 36 Inches wide at,
yard $1.01)
$1.55 Black Dress Pean de Sole
36 Inches wide at, yard.. 91.03
91.73 Black Chiffon Taffeta
Pure dye, 36 inches wide a
matchless bargain, yard... 9123
27-inch Black Tnffets The regu
lar $1.00 quality; on sale Mon
day, yard OOo
Gloves and Umbrellas for Gifts
Most complete assortments
shown in Omaha. Buying here
will save you time, trouble and
Men's and Ladies' Umbrellas,
swell line for selection, on sale
at $3.50 to $20.00
500 Sample Umbrellas, both
men's and ladies, many . ,
worth to $15.00; gold
plated and sterling
mounted handles, silk
and . linen covers, on
sale at, choice $7.50
Men's Kid Gloves, the celebrated
Adler brand, at. $1.00 to $2.00
Men's Lined Gloves
at $1.50 to $5.00
Ladies' Cape Gloves, fine imported goods, $1.00 to $2.00
Ladies' Long and Short Kid Gloves, of all descriptions, street
and evening shades prices from $1.00 to $5.00
Gift. Suggestions in Furniture
Rockers of every de-
jcription from the plain
'child's rocker to the
highest class Turkish
leather rockers, and all
priced at less than you'll
find them elsewhere.
Shaving Stands, Celler
ettes, Taborettes, Magazine
Stands, Music Cabinets, Mis
sion Lamps everything to
be desired in Holiday Furni
ture. Ladies' Writing Desks,
shown in great assortment,
from 95.30 up
Bed Davenport and Couches
of all styles plush, Span
ish and black leather upholstered.
933.00 Bed Davenport (like cut),
'Upholstered in chase leather
special next week at 920.50
$28.00 Genuine Leather Couches,
at 921.50
Center Tables In almost endless
variety of styles and qualities,
the greatest assortment shown
In Omaha; two specials Monday.
16-inch top Table 91.33
24-lnch top Table 91.43
Rugs as Gifts
A useful and lasting remembrance. Magnificent assort
ments at most surprising bargain prices Monday.
$30.00 Extra Axminster
Eugs Oriental and floral
patterns, 9x12 size, at, sale
price $19.98
$13.75 Kashmir Rugs No
wrong side, absolutely fast
colors, 9x12 size; sale price,
each $9.98
920.00 Seamless Brussels Hugs
9x12 Blze, special, at.. $14.75
925.00 Extra Axnilnster Hugs
8-3x10-6 size sale price
at $17.98
Hundhar Wilton, French Wilton
and Axminster Hug, 3Cx72 and
3CxC3 Blze, at About Hulf.
l.OOO Hample Hugs nicely bound,
Immense assortment, values to
$3.00, on sale $1.25. 98c. 75c
and 49
05c Quality Linoleums, at. .4t)
$15.00 Tapestry Brussels
Rugs 8-3x10-0 6ize, best
quality, at $12.98
$16.50 Brussels Rugs, 9x12
size, extra heavy quality
at $11.9S
Holiday H'dware Must Go-Id days more
,You can pay something- down and
we will save It for you until Xmax.
We cannot afford to wan. 1'r.cen
are lower now than they wll ever
be tliU ynur.
havoiy KjuHiers 883
i:numi'lej lloasters JO
liny' II Ice kuta. R It K W . OBj
JiOiI.M-I.-T. 1 VAMU
14-os. corrsa Btsx' siadii.
1 qt. Tea or Coffee i'ols 'o
lfe Qt 690 i qt. ...... 60
I it T6o 4 qt So
No. t slse Rome NlckK-plated Cop
per Tea Kettles worth 1.7i. A nU-o
Xinaa presents S1.C0
No. 7 slse 8o
Hest Brands Food Choppers bao
lioys $3.60 Wooden Coaster Wa"0.
tor aa.60
('hating- UUhes, 6 O'clock Tea 4,
liuklns 1'Uhes, Safrty ltaxort. 1'ot.ket
Knlvt-x, etc., reduced Monduy.
Go iran teed Kta Handle Carving
sen, for sa.ai
Hoys' Itiisby Foot 13 ilia Bio
lju.ay Air Klflcs, worm tl 76j
BLtrs fix.cs3 eiroa
UovV and ilrln' Sleds, all lz s an l
hupen. flexihUf flyer, blacK beHii
tvH, Kuans, Kic... this may Iw the
litfct snow Oil year. (in sale t.i;
S'ii: 6Ki! and up from. S8o
Aooestos Had Irons, full set In a lox,
for , gi.78
3 boxes Xmim candieH and one box
r-iiow, buy It now, all f r 80o
You may be able to buy these good
later, but we doubt It, at these price.

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