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Former Superintendent of Insane
Asylum Returns on Visit.
J nhnra t orr at Kankakee for Benrlt
f Doctors In that and Other
Asylams In State -.ew .
High School Building;.
cr arrested last night In a rooming
house at Wmnn and taken to( Falrbury
and lodged In JalL Tha officers forced thrlr
way Into the room occupied by the two,
where they found a lot of merchandise.
The property was later Identified by Diller
parties as the goods stolen from a store,
there laxt week. When the men were
arrested they had In their possession two
revolvers. They refused to give their
names. '
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Dec. 12. (Special.) Dr. Xames
L. Greene, formerly superintendent of the
Insane asylum here, accompanied by Mrs.
Greene. Is visiting friends In Lincoln. They
will leave Tuesday and before going back
to Illinois Dr. Greene may go to Ofcieola
and e former Governor Mickey.
Dr. Greene Is now superintendent of an
Illinois asylum located at Kankakee and
lie expressed himself as being will pleased
with, the place, though his heart still lln
fr around Nebraska and Lincoln.
"I secured from the legislature an ap
propriation of $.10,000," said Dr. Greene,
"with which to establish a laboratory In
which to study diseases of the nrtnd. This
laboratory la for the benefit of the entire
state and Is the central workshop of all
the Insane Institutions. All of the asylum
physicians of the various Institutions took
a course In this laboratory. Then Dr.
Singer, who was formerly at Norfolk, visits
each of the Institutions in turn and glvea
lectures. lie remains at each about two
weeks. All of the time we have two of the
employes of an Institution at work In the
laboratory for a short period. Then these
two give way to others and thus each
member of the medical staff secures the
benefit of the training.
"We give employment to a physician
when lie comes to us with gilt-edged en
dorsements, lie becomes an interne. Then
by merit he Is promoted to a Junior assist
ant physician, then senior assistant, and
finally physician In charge. All employ
ment Is solely on merit.
"I notice that Dr. Young has recom
mended the establishment ot a central lab
oratory, and 1 hope the Nebraska legisla
ture will follow that recommendation. It Is
a good one.
"Nebraska should not change the heads
of Its asylums every time an administration
changes. It Is bad for the wards of the
state. The physicians should be selected
and kept solely under the merit system."
Barnes MoTea to Lincoln.
Judge John B. Barnes of the supreme
court has removed with his family to Lin
coln and today Is getting located at 1104 D
i reei. i ne consuiuuonai amendment, re
cently adopted providing for an enlarge
ment of the supreme court provided also
that the judges should all reside In Lin
coln. It Is In accordance with that law
that the move Is made.
Year for Carrying; Revolver.
Gu Grlgsch got a year In the peniten
tiary from Judge Frost today because he
carried a revolver. Several nlghta ago
Grlgsch, who was Infatuated with Mrs.
Besslo Lloyd, saw his lady love walking
home with another man and he promptly
ent a shot after the couple. No harm
' was . done and all the parties were ar
' rested. Grlgsch told the court he had
been In the habit ot carrying a revolver,
for several years.
Boy Bays Cigarettes. .
Herschal Kline, a 18-year-old boy. bought
a box of cigarettes from Mamea Heagy, a
. clerk In the Cole-McKenna cigar store, to-
day, and as a result the clerk was ar
rested and his trial set for Monday morn
ing. t . . .
Jew High School Building.
m. j . . , . . ..
x tin cur icnoa no urn rraji invnpn in.
t Commercial club, the Women's club, the
,Art association and the City Improvement
society to appoint committees to assist In
Studying up on the matter of a new high
n n l. 1 ,,,, I . . I
,bi.iiuui uunuiiig hiiu uuer suggeeuons as
to what kind of a building should be
Honored Fifty Blnss Men Meet to
Form Organisation.
BROKEN BOW, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special.)
At the Temple theater last night ISO
representative business men and citizens
assembled to form a Commercial club.
At the close of the banquet Mayor
George, who acted as tonstmaster. Intro
duced prominent speakers who took up
various topics of Interest connected with
the city and the organisation of the club.
After this, the regular organisation was
effected and the constitution and by
laws taken up section by section and
The membership Is unlimited, anybody
who desires being eligible. There Is no
membership fee, but such assessment will
be made on the jnembers as the board of
directors find necessary to further the
Interests of the city, tha maximum of
which was placed at 110 per qoarter. This
amount will be graded according to the
business and property Interests of the
members and their assessments would prob
ably run as low aa fl for some who are
not in active business, or whoso Income
from business Is light.
A board of seven directors, consisting
of II. Lomax, E. C. House, W. A. George,
R. Ryerson. C. T. Bowman, C. 8. Martin
and H. B. Drake were elected by unani
mous action. This board has authority
to elect the president and secretary," ana
at a special meeting today elected H.
Lomax of the Custer National bank, presi
dent, and E. C. House, secretary.
It was expected that H. M. Bushnell of
Lincoln, president of tha State Association
of Commercial clubs, would be present
and deliver an address; but he was unable
to attend and his letter of regret, together
with other letters of encouragement from
people residing at a distance, was read
before the gathering. The banquet waa
served by the Ladles' Library association
of Broken Bow. '
Stolen Property Recovered.
BEATRICE, Neb., Dec. 12.-(Spedal Tel
egramsTwo more alleged crooks who are
thought to have been Implicated In the rob
bery of two stores at DUlcr and Steele City
Many Robbed at Seward.
SEWARD, Neb., Dec. 12. (Special Tele
gram.) Five business houses were robbed
here last night by persons who have not
yet been traced. Cash boxes "and safes
were pried open where possible, but the
entire haul did not net more than 15. The
losers were: Haynes ft Storey Lumber
company, Herpolshelmer's Implement house,
John Hughes' planing mill, Bell Telephone
company's supply house and the Harrison
Robert Metsler Not Gnllty.
PONCA. Neb.. Dec. 12. (Special.) The
Jury In the district court gave the verdict
of "not guilty" In the case of the State
against Robert Metsler of Newcastle. Jjdga
Groves dismissed the jury In the criminal
court for this term. The court has tried
five criminal cases, with four convictions
and one acquittal.
Nebraska Mews Notes.
GENEVA After a concert given by Miss
Claire Owen, music Instructor of the
schools, last night, the Gtneva basket ball
boys played Beaver Crossing, resulting in
a victory for the former, 20 to 42.
GENEVA The new Episcopal rectory la
about finished and Rev. A. E. Cash end
family have moved In. The line new
home of Mr. Sid Donlsthorpe Is also fin
ished. . These buildings are quito an ad
dition to the city.
GENEVA The Geneva Equal Suffrage
club gave a chicken pie dinner and supner
in tho basement of the high school bull 1
Ing today, the proceeds to go towards
the salary of the music teacher, which the
club pays.
VALENTINE A pretty wedding took
place yesterday out t the ranch of Mr.
Baker, about twenty miles south of here,
when Miss Lulu Kortz, a daughter of
Mrs. Baker, and Sam Hudson wens united
In marriage, Rov. Mr. Baker of the
Methodist church of thla city officiating.
VALENTINO Mr. Morrlsey, sn atwney
of this city, received a letter this morning
from a man mmed Thontijson from Brown
county, wanting him to have a certain
deed cancelled, claiming It to be a forgery.
The deed In question is made out to a
party named Sutton and he is not known
around nere, but Mr. Marty, a real es;ata
The New Stare
The Ho me ef Quality Clothes
CSirisfmas Gifts
A majority of people prefer trivincr useful
gifts. Tilings to wear are the most appreciated
and the least expensive. They bring thoughts
of the giver whenever worn and are not carelessly-thrown
aside. Give useful presents to
men-folks. Get them at the new store where
every article is new for this year, and you'll be
satisfied with the price and he'll be pleased with
the gift.
SJS . $io.OO up to 9-10.00
OVERCOATS $10.00 up to $50.00
Smoking Jackets $4.00 to 815.00
Lounging Robes $5.00 to $10.00
Bath Robes. . S2.50 to SK.nn
Mufflers ....
Suspenders . .
Fancy Hose
Collar Bags
Fancy Vesta
Gloves . . . .
I'lubrvlla .
Canes ;
Stuck Ties . .
50d to $3.50
...50 to $3.50
50 to $3.50
25 to $l.0O
23 to $2.50
.$1 to $3.00
..75 to $3.50
....$2 to $7.50
...$1 to $0.50
$1 to $10.00
$1 to $5.00
50 to 75
$3.50 to $io.OO
Fur Caps . ,
Silk and Opera Hats. n O0
Traveling Bags $4.00 to $25
Cowhide Suit Caea IM50 to f27.BO
Men's Slipper... $1.50 to $3.00
and a splendid line of Traveling sets,
Flasks, Jewelry, Etc.
tJ A
t ua
Furnlwherw ot Hotels, Clubs, Rcwtntirnnts rtf well ns frl vnto Mo in m
qi4'ie-13 South 16th Street.
The thoughtfulness of the donor is fully shown when
giving useful articles. They are much more appreciated
by the recipient This great store offers a much broad
er selection of articles for gifts than anyone would im
agine. They are the substantial pleasing kind. It makes
no difference what your appropriation may be we sure
ly can offer a choice from an assortment large enough
to satisfy the most exacting.
Toys! Toys! Toys!
First Floor. ' '
Our toy stock is the biggest, brightest and best
in the west. Stocks of the greatest toy makers of
France and Germany have been searched for nov
elties and we have imported for this display the
greatest number of novel, attractive, instructive
and interesting toys we have ever had the pleas
ure of showing.
We can not begin to describe the articles, but Invite
you to visit the greatest ot all toy emporiums.
Writing Desk
(Like Illustration). This Is one of our newest patterns.
Comes In solid mahogany. Inside and out. The top ltd la
supplied with the very best ot brass braces. The Interior
Is conveniently arranged and finely finished. Has one
large drawer under the writing bed. This Is 27 Inches
wide. Price, each.... $14
F1ANO BENCHES Golden oak, Imitation mahogany, solid
mahogany and ebony finish. Some arranged bo the lid
lifts up, which affords a receptacle for music. Some with
wood tops and others upholstered In hair cloth. A va
riety of patterns, ranging from $G.75 to $32
MUSIC CABIXETS Very pretty Muslo Cabinets, polished
finish, quarter-sawed oak or mahogany finish. A very
large assortment of the medium, popuar priced ones, rang
lng from $4.75 $0 $7 $8 $9 an $10
Borne exquisite patterns In genuine mahogany at
from $27 t( $50
TABOUHETTE8 A new stock Just received. TheBe come
In quarter-sawed golden oak, weathered oak, imitation
and solid mahogany. Some very pretty pattern
at $1 $1.45 $2 $2,75 $3.50 and $4
INDIA STOOLS The firmly constructed kind. In oak and
mahogany finish. Prices... $1.25 and $1.50
Rrt and Craft Rocker
(Like Illustration.)
We have this in tho
rocker or chair
made of the best
quality of oak,
weathered finish,
large full size rock
er, very comforta
ble with a loose
Spanish -leather
cushion. Price each
We are now showing ma extremely large Una of Arts and
Crafts Furniture, SUckley Broa.' make. In both the weath
ered and the new nnt brown fumed finish. Tables, deaka,
chairs, magazine stands, sofas, etc
FOLDING CAIU) TABLES in square and round tops, wood
and cloth covered tops. Some arranged with checker
board or cfcoss top. Prices $2.50 to $4.00
We are also agents for the Barrows Feather Weight
Card Tables.
MEI1CLXT3 CABIXETS ta solvtoa oai. mahogxay TtaSA and
white enamel, with and without mirror.
Prices $&25 to $25
Desk or Dresser
Liko Utastratioii
This is a pretty mission pas
tern, fitted with a pool time
keeping clock. The frame
work is finished in Early
English oak. Stands 7 Hi
inches high, base is 2Vj
inches wide, 4Va inches
long. Special, each. S2.50
Solid Mahogany Desk or Dresser Clocks at $3 and $3.75
Trunk and Suit Case
We lust received an almost entire new line and can show
you the greatest assortment In the city. Anything from a
telescope to a wardrobe trunk.
TIIAVKLIXQ BAGS for Ladles and Gentlemen. An unusual
assortment In new styles and shapes from $7.50 to $15
Fitted Ladlee Bags from. $18.00 to $45.00
SlIT CASE for Ladies or Gentlemen $2.75 to $15
Fitted Suit Cases from $15.00 to $25.00
VAIUIU)BK TltUNK The most complete trunk made fit
ted with trays and compartments, price from $45 to $75
v n
Bring the little ones to see our mechanical window.
The convenient Toy Department Main Floor.
Sale Oriental Rugs
We have just received the last shipment of the selected
Oriental Rugs for our Annual Holiday Sale. It 1b a beauti
ful display of choice pieces. These rugs were selected for
their richness in color, character ot design and perfection
in weave.
.This great display comprises a stock of more than
$40,000. We call special attention to the very large as
sortment of small rugs arranged In lots from $10 to $35
Christmas Rags
Our entire second floor devoted to the showing of Christ
mas Rugs. Here you will find Rugs to suit any taste and
30-lnchx60-Inch Utopia Azmlnster Rugs $4.25
27-lnchx54-lnch Sanford Azmlnster Rug ,
36-lnchx72-lnch Sanford Azmlnster Rug $4.50
18-lnchz3 6-inch Bundhar Rug.
36-lnchz36-lnch Bundhar Rug..
22 H-lnchz36-lnch Anglo Persian Rugs
26-lnchz64-lnch Smyrna Rugs
30-lnchz60-lnch Smyrna Rugs
36-inchzG3-lnch Amaxln Azmlnster Rugs
30-lnchz60-lnch Mohair Rugs.
2 8-lnchx6 0-inch Fur Rugs
Carpet Sweepers for Gifts
We carry a full line of Blusel Sweepers. The tamons Bls
eel Gold Medal Sweeper $3.00
Shirt Waist Boxes
. j..iMki.
maiviUK covers. a unuauio mc
Christmas gift $3.95 I
84.75 $6 $8.75 up. I
$1.25 eacn ftnd UP- I,
Couch Covers. 60 inches wide. C.
8 yards long, 85 each.
Bed Covers in Cretonne, with
bolster cover, $3.75 and
Bed Covers in IrlBh Point, with
bolster cover, $18.75 an(l
Candle Shades
With silk lining and fringe, 70
and up.
Candlesticks in brass, silver and cop
per, $1 each and up.
Japanese Bronze Vases, 05 up to
$7 each.
Brass Jardinieres, $1 each and up.
Brass Jardinieres (Tike cut), 7-inch,
$6.50. 9-nch. $9.
English Breakfast Set, $8.15.
Japanese Novelties In Trays, Bon Bon
Dishes, 35 each and nn.
Ash Trays, in hammered copper,
with cigar lighter ra center, at
each 1$2.00
Electric Heading Lamps a won
derful assortment in all styles
at, each $6.50 to $75.00
Special Mention
It is worth anyone's time to look through this,
the finest furniture and home furnishins: store in
the country. More than eighty thousand square
feet of floor space filled with attractive articles
for beautifying the home,
A most cordial invitation is extended to one
and all to "Walk In and Look Around."
Mission Library
Like Illustration
Made of select quarter sawed white oak, weath
ered finish, best of construction. Top is 36 inches
long and 24 inches wide. Has one large drawer,
also an under shelf; very special at, each. .$7.25 t!
BOOK BLOCKS in solid mahogany end quarter-sawed 'oak,
new styles for use on tables and desks, pair. $4.50 to $Q -MAHOGANY
Made of solid mahogany, dull finish. A number of do- .
signs, ranging from $1.25 eacn to, per pair. .$7 .
FOOT STOOIiS A very pretty assortment of Foot Stools '
In mahogany and oak. Some very pretty effects in colonial
patterns, upholstered in hair cloth.
VKR SPECIAL FOOT STOOL in solid mahogany, in a J
variety of patterns in silk velours and tapestries. Regular ,
f 3. CO values, each $1.75 ,
Morris Chair " i
(Like Illustration.)
This is one of our best
designs. Frame made
of solid quarter-sawed
white oak or birch ma
hogany finish. Back is
adjustable. Seat is built
up with springs, over
which is placed a loose
reversible cushion. The
baok also has loose
cushion. We have this
chair in choice of col
ors of velour covered
cushions, either plaln
or figured, at the spe
cial price of... $9.75
WORK TABLES Our large line of these pretty pieces
comprises all the latest styles in quarter-sawed golden
oak, mahogany finish and genuine mahogany. Some
very pretty ones at $8.50 others at $10 $11.50
$15.50 nl so on up to the finest at $55
GOLD FRAME MIRRORS A large, new assortment Just
arrived. These come In oblong square' effects and ovals,
In carved and plain frames. ThlB is a beautiful line of
Gold Frame Mirrors, ranging in price from $7 to $32
Smoker's Stand
Like illustration
Made of solid mahogany, fitted with
satin brass combination match box
holder, cigar holder, and ash tray.
.Stands 27 inches high, top is 7 inches
in diameter. Special, each. . .$2.50 i
Stove and Kitchen
In Basement
Here are to be found thousands of articles
that make suitable and substantial gifts.
Chafing DlBhes, nlcklc and copper, $3.60, 4 up to.. $25
Coffee Percolators, up from $2.00
Five O'clock Teas, up from $2.50
Crumb Trays and Scrapers, up from 25
Serving Trays, a large assortment, each, from 30c to.. $9
Carving Sets, up from .$2.50.
Berry Spcons, Gravy Ladles, Cold Meat Forks, Rorer's,
Knives and Forks, Etc., In great variety.
Aluminum Ware
In Tea Kettles, Skillets, Double Cookers, Pre-'
serving Kettles, Coffeo and Tea Pots, in a great
variety of styles and prices. .
Waste Baskets, Hampers and Bassonettes. We show a
large line of pretty novel and attractive waste baskets in our
House Furnishiug Department.
Automobile Lunch Caskets. $7.50 $12.50 "d $18.00
mun of this city. Is representing- him and sister, Mrs. William McCauley, resides. De
ls made una of tlio defendants In the case. otasi-d leaves a wlf,; and three children,
VALLEY The Independent Order of Odd , lWo ",n "d a daughter. e was 6t years
Fe lows' lodge No. 3H2. at .U annual meei-1 1 BKt-
"if ItH'lud ine 10 Hawing Quictr; juun i rui jdmui in i ne r raiernai urut?r or
1 M.-hl. N. il.: John Monuhan. V. U : Mons.
1 . V ...... an.l I..-antr Lan.....l1.
VALLEY The Royal Highlanders lbdge
held Its annual meeting- Tuesday evening
and tl.e following- werv elected: Tom M-'-Nlali,
1. P. 1 Ueorae Klan hammer, C. C.
Mia. Marg-utet HuldsworlH, secretary and
tieaxurer; Mrs. M. M. Presta, VV. E. ;
Cieurge Mi-Night, w.; Ernest Bmlih, C.i
Mons. Johnson, manager.
COLUMBUS Edward Kltzslmraons. who
I lined to live here Is under arrest In Chey
enne, Wyo., charged with getting money
tinder false pretenses. His plan was to
present a chock, claiming that he was a
big depositor In the First National bank of
Columbus, when the facts were that he
had not a dollar In the bink to his credit,
nor ever had.
COLUMBUS The funeral of Frederick
XV. Relrner was held this morning from
the family residence, under the auspices of
Lebanon lodge. No. 6s, Ancient Free and
Accepted Masons, of which the deceased
was a member for more than thirty-five
years. Kev. Mr. Dibble, pastor of the
Congregational church, officiated at tha
I M'COOK In district court here this week,
1 William Jeffrh-s, the well known horse
! man of this city, secured a verdict for DM
. In bis suit for damages against the Bur
lington Railroad company for Injuries to
; his fast horses In shipment and delays.
PONCA Two saloon keepers of Emerson
! were brought before the Dixon county court
f.ir selling lluuor to the Indiana on the
reservation. Hie names of these men are
John lleltsman and Alexander Welnaadt.
who were fined t3o and costs each.
FLATTSMOUTH The body of William
Latham was brought from his home In St.
Ixtula to this city for burial. Mr. Latham
formerly resided in this city, where his
taglts has .elected the following nam.-d
officers: president, William Weber; vlee
president, John Sattler; chaplain, R. W.
Toogood; secretary, J. J. Bwoboda; finan
cial secretary, J. C. Warga; treasurer, Jo
seph Hadraba.
M,INDI3N District court adloumed to
rrn-ft some day next week. In the rase of
George ii. Pt-teinon, who was charged with
and found guilty of the crime of incest.
the court overruled the motion for a new
trial and sentc-i'-ed him to the penitenti
ary for a t' i u. of three years. The cuse
will be ai, ith'tl 10 the supreme court.
O. B. Coiigu 1. .,f Wilcox, who was found
gultly of selling liquors on three counts
wis fined tJ"0 and coats. This was a pecu
liar caae and attracted much attention
cn account of the unusual way In which
the law was attempted to be evaded. The
defendant was a hotel keeper and as a
pit of the regular meal, without additional
cost served liquors by leaving a pitcher
on the table with the liquor the same
as water or any food.
PLATTS MOUTH The local lodge of Red
Men has elected the following nfiicers for
the ensuing year: Bachem. John C. Cory;
senior sagamore. A. H. Kaubek; prophet,
J. Anderson; treanurer, Thomas walling;
chief of records, Emil Walters.
PLATT8MOUTH The following named
officers have been elected by Cass camp
No. 83i Modern Woodmen of "America: V.
C, George Luschlnsky; W. O.. O. C. Hud
son; clerk, Hebry Goos; banker. William
Haulier; escort, O. O. Hale; watchman, J.
I). Parker; manager, Dan B. Bmlth; sentry,
J. L. Burrows.
BEATRICES Rawlins Woman's Relief
corps No. 2 met yesterday afternoon and
elected tha following officers: Mrs. Sarah
Hutchlns. president; Jennie Walker, senior
vice prrsioenc nary vaen, junior vice pres
ident; Sarah Werner, treasurer: Lucv Shot.
usurg. - cuapiain ; Hacnael Laymen, con
ductor; Sarah Huston, guard; Susan E
Oould, delegate to the department conven
tlon; Mary Hagy, allernaiu
FLATTSMOUTH William Palrd. the sup
eiintendent of the local Kiirllngtnn shop
gave the first of a serlea of lectures to the
members of the Young Men s Bible class In
the First Methodist Episcopal church.
BEATRICE The Gage County Farmers'
Institute will be held In this city Januar
6 and 7. A number of prominent speakers
have been engaged for the occasion.
BEATRICE E. M. Copeland of Wymoro.
who pleaded guilty Thursday to stealing
arness from a number of furmers ill the
vicinity of Wymore, was yesterday sen
tenced to thirty days In the county Jail.
Owing to tiie fact that Copeland has a
wile and four children dependent upon him
Judge Crawford made the sentence as light
as possible.
BEATRICE The Ellis Farmers' Grain
and Live Stock company rr, t yesterday and
elected these officers for t'.ie coming year:
Temple Pierce, president; Uamuel Pneasant
vice president; P. J. Zimmerman, secretary-treasurer;
Grant Cunningham, Samuel
Pheasant and H. W. Believe, directors. Dur
ing l! lav:, nfne months the company has
cleart.i Sl,-'j and has paid out -.6(G.7-l to
the fai neis of the Ellis vicinity.
BEATRICE Word was received here yes
terday from Lenora, Kan., announcing the
death of O. P. Bmlth, who was formerly en'
faged in the drug business In this city. Mr.
iniih was 50 years of age and leaves a
widow and four children. He was a brother
of William O. Smith, the druggixt at l'ick
rell, who left yesterday for Lenora to at
tend the funeral.
BEATRICE The basket ball teams of
t'nlverslty Place and Beatrice played last
evening at the Young Men's Christian as.
aoclatlon building, before a large crowd.
The locals won by the score of 36 to 22.
Stockton and Stout, for Beatrice, played a
star game.
YORK C. C. Cobb of the C. O. Cobb
company, dry goods, has offered to donate
bia museum to the city of. York, provided
a suitable place for Its Rccommodntlon and
olsplay Is provided. Mr. Cobb h:ts spent
years and considerable money in nather
Ing one of Tin' largest and finest display
of rare curious, u la.ger part i f which wa
gathered in European countries.
BEATRICE In tile hnwMtip -nntcst last
venlng In the City league the Njrseiy team
won from tne Clems tjy lae t,. ore of i.SIl
10 2.09X.
COLUMBUS The Modern Vvoodmen of
America have elected these officers: J. L.
Human, V. C; J. T. Boyd, A.; O. W.
Phillips, H. George Fairchlld, O. J. F.
Brewer, K. ; Theo G. Weber, W. : Joe
Thomas, W. ; Carl Kramer, manager; Drs.
L. C. Vosa, C V. Evans and D. I. Martyn.
Jr., physicians.
COLUMBUS Council No. 93S. Knlirhts of
Columbus has elected these officers: F. ank
J. Gerhurs, grand knight; Joseph H rrod
deputy grand knight; J. C. Byrnes, grund
chancellor; Mark Burke, recording secre
tary: Fred Gerber, financial secretary;
Mark T. McMahon, treasurer; El Khv
anaugh, warden; C. 8. Burke, advocate;
John Ratterman, lecturer; Timothy I gan.
J. G. ; Bas-il Gietxen, O. G.; Thomas Wade,
trustee; p. J. Hart was elected as dele
gate to the state convention that meets
In Omaha in May, with William O'Brien
and William Uregorioua as alternates.
COLUMBUS In the Royal Neighbors
these women are the officers Just elected:
P. O. Mrs. Mary Miles; O. Mrs. Minnie
(Jeer; V. O., Mrs. Sybillu Wilson; C., Mrs.
Oust Ramlell; R. Miss Bertha Cover;
receiver. Miss Llszle VVatkms; M. .Miss
Ella Poeschel and Mrs. Mary Koinarck;
8.. Mrs. Mary Novel and Mrs. Lena
Brunken; M., Mrs. Mary Reeder. Mrs. Kate
Savage and Mi. J. L. Brunktn. 'i his
lodge la among the most flourishing of any
In Columbus.
CENTRAL CITY A former Central City
boy has the winning one of the four prise's
awarded by Mss Helen Gould to men of
the United Slates who should memorise
and recite wUhgut ttror feu versea uw
certain designated portions of the Blbla.
llfThu,? G Huff- "on of Walter
Iluff of this city, and now connected with
a college ut Tnpeka. Kan., as professor of
penmanship. Tho prize awarded by M'st
Uould consisted of a handsome Bible and
Tied" ' eon,alm"" tho matter raemor-
CENTRAL CITY-E. A. Hayter, pro.
prl- tor of the Electrio theatrr. has b. n
working aljng quietly for some weeks
pat on an electric light project and his
solicitations have been so successful that
theie is a strong probability the city coun
cil will be asked to grant a franchise to
an electric company, backed entirely by
home cupltal and with a big list of cus
tomers pledged from the first.
CENTRAL C1TY-W. A. Hughes has ten
dered his resignation as secretary of the
hcal Young Men's Christian association,
the resignation has been accepted by tlie
board of directors and his successor has
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of Gentlemen's
Phone; Harnex 17TL

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