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tjnday Bee
Qos lot
Beit tlT. West
iwm Mini i rzmxmx'mKMMjjjj 3
T71 TTT Ttn iTTiETTi
Christmas Hosiery Silk, Cofton. Liste
Linens are the pride of every housekeeper. Aa holiday
remembrances they ere sensible and lasting. We Oder one of
the largest aaaortmenta of fine linens wver shown la this eso-
9-yard Dtmuk Cloths All pure linen, bent $1 50 quality. Im
ported, for Monday choice of many $1.98
SKSVi-yard Damask Cloths All pure linen, dainty design our
rpRUliir $3 25 line; one clay only ,19.49
8x3-yard Damask Cloths Heavy snhsthntlal linen, exqiilwlto
patterns. bet J4.00 quality; tomorrow 99.es
30-inch Bapkina, to matoh Making handsome seta, all ti b
regularly, per dozen UI
b 0 KM b
Make Ideal Gifts
Monday buy fine large four-pound
gray wool blankets, very soft and
warm, best 14.50 quality, 98.89
Comforters, 72xM-lnch. filled with
snow white cotton, sllkollne cov
Finest Imported hand-embroidered ettn tm
nd silk hone
from America's foremost
Women's Black. Lisle Hose,
hand embroidered
50 75 81.00 31.23
Women's Black Silk Hose
with cotton sole, very ser
viceable $1.50
Women's Black Silk Hose,
band embroidered
$3 $3.50 $4.50 $5
Women's Black Silk Hose,
double soles, spliced heels,
$2.00 $2.50 $3.00
Geneva Bilk Ilo, black.
white, pink and blue as
brilliant and silky an all
Bilk, worth 60c pair. Three
j Fairs $1.00
Hew Stairway to 94 floor now open, at Harney
Street Entrance.
ered, I3.7e value fi.vs
The Omaha
I I '
p 1 B " 1 r-r-TI
Sale Xmas Books Moay
Over 400 titles standard works by authors of
world-wide reputation, embracing fiction, ph
sayi, poetry, history, travel, handsomely bound.
Kilt tops publisher's price SI.OO, all QQ
in wonderful Monday sule OaC
Bacon's Essays.
Cloister on ti.e
' llHitrth.
Flr.-t Violin.
The Bone man.
browning s
Bryuiil's Poems.
Tlnrles O'Mally.
The Light That
The Scarlet Let
ter. Pru and I.' '
VnHtward Ho. .
Tiles. ,
Children of the
Uulllver'a Trav
els. Hiawatha.
House of Bevcn
Falrylnnd of
Lay of the Min
strel. Longfellow's
Poem a.
and hundreds of
Green Mountain
Tale of Two
Tales from
Queen's Neck
lace. Old Curiosity ;
. Lady of the
' Lake.
Lai la Rooke.
Keat's Poems.
Sense of Sensi
bility. Pelf Help.
ltory O'More.
$1.50 CoDvrlehts now. 49c
Ortattst line of popular titles ever assembled,
very hook pabllahed of any note. We mention a fewi
Lavender and
Old Lace.
Satan Sander
son. "
Little Citizens.
Kenny Lou.
The Spollors.
At the Mercy of
'. u.rrus.
TIiIjm of Barne
II lf a Rogue.
ltiKht of Way.
Barbara Wins
low, Rebel.
Princess Mar-
Temporal Power
To Have and to'
The Cost.
The. Deluge.
The Fighting
and hundreds of
Rosalind at Red
Garden of Allah
House of Mirth.
The Masquet-
rador. .
The Man of the
The Brass Bowl.
The Fifth
Marriage of Mr.
Lion and the '
Lady Rose's
Kimonos, Bath Robes, Knit Shawls, Furs, Etc.
Particular attention is called to our extra-
For Christmas
ordinary fine line of long and short kimonos.
We have many entirely new styles never seen be
fore in this country. Decided changes in styles
from those of former years. Most beautiful you
ever saw.
Short Kimonos and Sncques made of dainty teailedowns i
and moleskins, all new styles, with mandarin sleeves,
shirred waist line on rubber belt, with peplums; all de
signed along new lines.. 89 $1.25 $1.48 $1.98
Long Kimonos of fleeced Teazledowns in pretty patterns,
come are in latest Empire black and Nippon Bleeve, some
have waist line, shirred on rubber belts, others in new
clinging Directoire vogue with black Batln trimming
and silk cord girdles $1.03 $2.25, $2.50, S:I.OO $4.05
Long Silk Kimonos Styles that baffle description. One
particularly striking style is a full Mikado or butterfly
model with long flowing robes; some are the new short-
walsted Empire effects with sweplng Mandarin sleeves.
Another has entire fitted shirred waist and Bleeve. In
this same lot are plain silk traveling robes in brcrwn,
navy, Copenhagen and black. Something new ,
$5.05 $8.95 $10.00 $12.00 $1500
Albatross Kimono, lull lengths In white, pink and light
bine, satin trimmed $6.95 an $8.95
COAT SWEATERS A wonderfully large assortment in
collarleBs and soft roll collar styles; single and double
breasted, black, gray, navy and red '
$2.50 $3.50 $3.95 " $5.00
Women's Bath Robes In Teailedowns, nicely made with
girdle. . . $1.95 $2.25 $2.50 $3.00 $4.95
Women's Blanket Bath Robes in beautiful gray, red, blue
and lavender, white floral designs
$250 $3.95 $5.95 to $7.50
Ripple Eiderdown Bath Robes, all wool, reds, grays, etc,
nicely made and trimmed
$3.95 $5.0O $5.95 $0.95 to $10.00
Imported Gwnnan Knit Shawls Just the best kind of a
holiday gift for elderly women. These are the finest
all wool and silk end wool imported goods in new shell
patterns and other novel designs, white, black, also gray
'and brown mixtures
$2.50 $2.95 $3.50 $3.95 $5.00
Domestic Honeycomb Shawls, white or black
25 50 $1.00 and $1.50
Sale Genuine Mink Furs U Off Monday Only A pre
holiday sale to make a record-breaking Monday busi
ness. Our entire stock without a single exception, fin-
est, newest American Mink Furs, Scarfs, Ties, Throws
plain or trimmed, also large Pillow and Rug Muffs.
Marked regularly in plain figures $20 to $85, choice of
any piece, at -25 PER CENT OFF
Chidren's Furs, white Ermine, Thibet and Angora,
at $2.50 to $5.00
Girls' Furs Nat Oppossum, Chinchilla, Coney, Squirrel,
Etc .$3.75 $4.95 $5.95 to $8.95
Christmas Sale of Fine Dress Patterns Begins Monday
The dress roods department has planned aome real bargains in dress goods patterns for gift buyers. Xo mora appropriate and pleasing gifts could be made mother,
sister or friend than a fine dress length. Here's your opportunity to save:
We offer in the first lot choice of a wonderful range i Another assortment of the most fashionable ma-
of new styles, all material that soirt regularly at 1 lenais in every conceivame Kina or. areas ianrics.
iacK, I piAin Tancies or oiaca many nne nroaacioins in
the line choose from 11.50 and 12.00 pt Pft
goods. A full dress pattern of seven IW-DlJ
SI. 00 per yard; plain materials In colors and black,
broadcloths, etc. This season's newest f aa.
weaves. A full dress pattern of seven Jlll.llil
yards of dollar foods for.
yards choice $1.60 and $2.00 goods.
The last lot embraces high class Imported weaves,
very wide 60 and 64-Inch goods that sold for 12.60
and $3.00 yard, street and evening shades, broad
cloths, fine worsteds, etc., absolutely i A A A
none finer A run dress pattern or six Jl I If II II
T w w
yards finest 12.60 and IJ.pO gooda for.
Fashionably correct styles, new nobby furnish
ings to please particular men. You'll buy rignl
at lienneu, s. i"Y , x
Fancy Waist Coats, beautiful styles, plain or
fancy colorings, greens, grays, olives, browns,
etc., at.. $2.00 $3.00 $4.00 and $5.00
NECKWEAR All the newest effects long open
end four-in-hands and every other popular style
In a myriad of shades and patterns
at 50 75 $1.00
Mufflers reefer and square shapes, blacks, white,
pearl, wine, navy, brown
at $1.00 $1.50 $2.00 $2.50
Suspenders fancy and solid colors in holiday
boxes, at... .50 75 $1.00 and $2.50
Silk Half Hose, all the new colorings and black.
Xmas Handkerchiefs
Omaha's greatest handkerchief store Is
greater than ever this year. Visit the im
mense displays and booth. They are very
attractive and exceptionally strong holiday
Inducements made for tomorrow shop
pers. Our handkerchiefs are mostly aU pure
. linen,- bought direct and now offered aa
. cheaply as cotton handkerchiefs usually
cost. ' ' . . '
. , omen's pure linen hem
stitched handkerchiefs,
Oc. 10c, . IBc, . 23c. S5c
and 50
Women's .pure linen ini
tial handkerchiefs, 10c,
15c, 25c and 35
ITUUiril 0 yuiQ tiuvu -K.ua
broldernd handkerchiefs,
Til lac. 23c 85c, 60c. 7RC
Y V 'and upto .....$1.50
Men's piu'ti linen hand
kerchiefs, on sale at,
10c, 13c, 23c, 3c
and .. 50-
Men's pure linen ' ini
tial handkerchiefs
10c, 13c, 2Rc, 85c
and 50
Women's" fine Armenian
hand-made handker
chiefs, COc, 75c. $1.00,
$1.50 and ....$2.50
Women's fine Swiss em
broidered handkerchiefs,
. 10c, 15c, 25c and 35
Women's Princess and
Duchess lace bandker- '
chiefs, $1, $1.50, $2.00,
$3.00 to .$10
Men's plain silk and
Initial handkerchiefs,
35c, 50c, 75c and $1
, .U. .
s w
Busy, busy, busy every day bnsy buying throngs fill the department.; A wonderful city la Toyland np ,c tte
second floor. - Mot a thing la toys haa hee overlooked, and the beat of It Is, there's economy at every turn. Come
Xonday. Everything comes too lata fpr those who wait. Soma specials for tomorrow!
$1.25 Blackboard and. Desk,
: i.tO (jhautauqua j Blackboard, ''
fine hart and good de8k.$1.98
$3.50 Slate Board with chalk and
desk ..-$2.98
Folding Tables for Children. 50
Toy Carpet Sweepers, 10c, 19c
and .. 35
Kid dolls up. from 19
Jointed Dolls, up from. .... .19
35c Rag Dolls lOt
50c Rag Dolls 35
$1.00 Rag DollB. 68
Trimmed Doll Beds; large liner--I
at .x. 75 $1.00 and L5 ;
I Brass Dotl Beds, fine 2 4-ln. showy i
kind $1.50
Robber Tire Velocipedes, good and
. Btrong, all sizes. $2.7V $3.50,, $5
, and $8.50 .
'. Girls' Tricycles, iron wheels, all
, sizes $5 $7.50 $10 to $15
Driving Reins 5c,l 10c, 25c, 50c' ;
! and ....08
Doll Sweaters.. 10 15 25
Doll Hoods 5
Doll Hats 5 and 10
Musical Dolls.,:. J5 ad 25
'Miislcir !fop . -I.'..- m. 10
Horns ... . . .5 10 and 25i
12 pretty ornaments in box, per
box ... ........8
HeavyTlusel,. yard . . ... ...... 1
Candles, per box. . .. . . .9
10c Novelty' Ofnamedts. .'. . .'.5
Xmas '"Tree ' Mats ........ .' . 50
Xmas Tree Holder 25
Lotto, Jack Straws, Authors, Tld
dley Winks... 10
Pit or Block 19
Great Sale of Portables
An Electric Portable is a gift that
will please the whole family. We
have scores of beautiful ones offered
tomorrow at . . -
Fancy Ornamental Portables, com
prising any one In stork
worth up to $25.00; choice
Monday for
Electric Portables, complete with
shade, 10 different styles, worth to
110.00.; choice e5.00
rrenoh China Dinner Mats Pouyat's
china.' 122-plece - sets, handsomely
. decorated, ' actual l2t.00 va'ties.
for a:s.00
Kavlland hi Oo. Sinner gets 100 pieces, fancy
green floral decorations, gold stippled. MS
values 933.76
Also a pink rose decoration, 100-plece Huvi
land China 8et. 641.00 value, for Saa.BO
Trench China Sinner and gervlee Plate 18
different styles, worth to 1.00 doxen; spe
cial, at, . per doxen. -. 99.60
7renoh China Cups and Bauoera Bouillons or
tea cups and saucers, exquisite putt jin.
worth to $30.00 dozen, for $18.00
fffni9 Half Price
Greatest opportunity In years to buy at
remarkably low prices. Kla-ht distinct pat
terns, handsome decorations, aome white
and void, large assortment of various
article! all positively at half Monday.
V J gee the
I I .' Oreat
f. I Out-
fr' . . Prloa
m I " Tine
I ChLaa.
i X, AUat
you pleasce, best llnea imported, in all the fashionable styles and colorings.
3 I Qua" - ' V
( . ,
.... eJJ
Buy a Olove Oertiflcate If you do not know the size or color v anted,
we Issue them for any amount allowing recipient to make own ee
Inr.tlon at any time.
Women's z-clasp Prime Lamb
skin Gloves, all colors
at 91.00 and 8126
Women's 1-clasp Imported
Cape Gloves. English tans
at 91.00, 1.85, 91.80
Women's 2-clasp fine French
Kid Gloves, all color
at... 91.60, 91.76, 9X00
Women's z-clasp Mocha uioves,
red, brown, gray and blark
at 91.86 and 91.60
Women's 1 clasp silk - lined
Gloves, at 91-98 and 9L60
Women s lZ-button cap-
kt 81-9
Gloves. English tans.
Women's lt-button Real Kid
Gloves, at 83.9
Women's 1 (-button Ileal Kid
Gloves, at 83.49
Men's 1-clasp Kid Gloves, on
sale at.... 91.00. 91.88, 91-60
93.00 and 92.86
Men's 1-clasp Cape Gloves on
sale at 91-00, 91-85, 81-60,
93.00 and 83.36
tdlssns' lfclasp Imported Cape
Glovea, at 91-00 and 81.85
Misses' 2-clasp Kid Glove
pair 91-00
Youths' atlk-llned Cape and
Mocha Glovea $1.60
Music Rolls and Bags
Big porch as and sale. Savings average one-third.
Our New York office has Just sent us one of
the best purchases of leather music rolls we
have ever bad. An Eastern Maker's House
Samples. His entire line new up-todate styles
In every grade. We got them a third under
value. You buy them the same way. An op
portunity rarely offered to buy Xmas remem
brances at a nominal cost.
Sue kinds for .
$1.25. kinds for
$6.00 kinds for.
$2.50 kinds for .
$4.50 kinds for .
81. SO
In the Sewing
... Room
A praotical. useful
piece of furnltujre that
has a place In every
Just like illustration.
Stands at Inches -high,
14 inches square, four
compartment tray, vury
solidly built, . mission
flnUh. $1.00 value. Mon
day for
No telephone or mail
orders accepted.
When you come In; ask
about those solid quar-
"ter- jawed oak special
ninlnir Tables on sale
at .... 83376
Isn't there some family you know
would appreciate a gift of a ton of .
Bennett's Capitol Coal "The best
that Burns," is equal if e m en
not superior to any $8 ' f
coal, lump or nut, ton.... w -"
Sample Sacks for 30c.
Bennett's Domestic Coal
At a low price is not excelled. Gen
- uine bargains at these prices.
Domestic Lump, (T T IP
per ton 4J.aJ
Domestic Nut, C C f f
per ton pJ,tt
Arctic Nut, CI Cll
n p-JW V
per ton
Bennett's' Big Grocery
Tot your Christmas feast Just remember the Bennett grocery. It's a pure food
market that offers only ohotoest good things to eat. Xtuzurles, too, of every kind
to tickle the palate of the epicurean.
Benmett'e Capitol Flour,
including t alamos
Folk's Tomato Bo an. with
lu stamps, a cans....a3o
Orapefrultato, .very dell
clous, with Zu stamps
at 40o
Baked Beana, "Best We
Have" brand, S eaaa B60
sack 91-60
Bennett's Ooldea Coffee,
Including 30 stamps
pound , 880
Teas assorted Kinds In
. eluding 40 stamps
pound 38o
Flum Fuddlng, Fran-'o-Anierlcan
brand, can 10c
Batavia Cora or Gloss
ttlaroA, and 10 stamps
- package 80
Swedish Bread, and 10
stamps, package . .I8V1O
String Beana, "Beat
tlave' isa kind,
8 cans 35c
Strawberry Beets, lZVjc,
kind. 9 cans 20o
Fur Honey, with 10
stamps, full pint Jar 863
with 10
stamps, 8 cans.
Badlum Stove Follah, with
10 "stamps, can 15o
Capitol Xincsmeat, with
10 stamps, 3 pkgs...85o
Bwansdowa Codfish, with
10 stamps, 9 pkgs...86e
Maple Cream, with 10
stamps, 9 cakes 13a
Met sitae, for cleaning
silver, a 26c package
for ..10o
Candy Chain, 2 yards for 60 I Chocolate Frappe Assorted
Mixed Candy. pound lOo, 13 Ho, 15c I fancy pound boxes (20
Candies in packages 6c and loo ' for
flavors la
Wonderful Slipper Display for Men and Women
N. No. 3, ysc I - &ixj&-
'KV.. Tlie holiday lines of slippers are splendidly Wrv.Jr:
ik assortl. Kvery kind of comfortable house
IsW 1 ahoe can be found In our stink, all displayed ea6sj
No. 1, $1.5o
No. 1. Men's Black
and Tan Kid Nulll
flers, like cut, above
with elastic sides,
The holiday lines of slippers are splendidly
assorted. Kvery kind of comfortable house
shoe ran be found In our stink, all displayed
and arrangec. for easy choosing. Onr prices
are the most reasonable and fair.
No. 2. Men's Tan
and black kid house
tilippt'rs, soft, easy
and neat. Kverette
style like cut above,
No. 3 Soft kid bou
doir slippers, hand
turned soles, no
heels, just likecut
No. 4, $1,25
No. 4. Women's felt
Juliets with belting
leather soles, and
black fur trimmed,
Ilka cut above
Sensible Gifts in the Hardware Dept
Carving Seta Three-piece stag handle s-ih.
2.26 kind, for 81.65
rnanv others 760 to 913.C0
Gillette's Safety Basora Silver plat-d. wlin
12 blades. Including H) stumps 85.00
Xlttle Gem aad Bver XUady Safety Basors,
wiui til stamp ai.uo i at
Skates . The famous Darney
& Berry line for boys, girls
and men, all styles and
sizes 5 to $5
Air Itlfles to please the buys.
at 75c. $1. $1.25 $1.50
Ana tu, stamps
l a oob
Boasters Savory make, 79c and 8o and half
enameled , 91.60
Other Roasters, 48c and up and 40 stamps.
Mrs. Potts' Bad Irons Usual 11.10 set, for 73 o
Chafing Dishes Special 17. 60 line on sale
Holler Hkates, best quality
steel rollers, $1.25 kind,
Monday 08
75c Steel Rollers for. .40 v
Ball-bearing Roller Skates,
Monday $2.75
20 per cent off on all Iiase Burners and Heaters
RoelaJlatte Words ' pok By v
laeasaasFBt -t Hlah BaglUh
LONDON. 1J. i: -(Special.)-Though
much has been cabled about Dr. Cosmo
Octdon Lang, newly appointed archbishop
a "swell" audience gathered In St. Paul's
cathedral, he created a sensation by draw
ing a sharp contrast between the condl.t n
of the rich and poor, and he "slated" ti.e
well-dTesaed women of his congregation for
their extravagance. Among oilier things
he said:-
"All admire the graceful lady 4n the beau
tiful dress who flits about among the stalls
of the charily basaar. But suppose the
dress was not paid fur, aad aappose the tin-
of York with a salary or xoo.auo a ytar.
there axe a let of good atorkeanow being
circulated about mm. "l . p4d bill meant to some poor dressmaker,
, v. . -a . - A un nf Jr It.) l,a ,.f
losing the home which had kept the aged
parents and the Invalid sister In peace? I
speak of what I know.'
the Whltecharel district as
been the fate of a less forceful character. marry. God will give you a good wife."
' " l" power, exceca a 10 me queen a surprise the young vicar the "iiirhtins- h'ahnn" H won ,.n
only by the primate of England, the arch-, refuted her counsel with the characteristic . diately In the estimation tf the people who,
as a rule, don't cotton to the Drelacr in
a,mo known In
ar J the "fighting b
BtJ-") -) J" ss m it in ii i.jijij isasaiaaeiiiji in lamsm, .11 wnmrflpmmmmniim isiii i. Mwsepssawui iihshswhii y mJaV
ii , i i 1
vounx.it archbisliopa ever appointed
his oftloa ranks second highest In the
ChwrcU of England. Despite his years his
experlenco U w de and unique.- Aa bishop
of Stepney one of Xxmdoa s poorest and
'moat overcrowded sections he haa always
been In cloe. touch with Jfle poor, and ha
holds strong vleaa on social problema.
Mot kmg ago to tha course of a eeraien t
ell-dressed people In England do net
to be reminded of unpleasant truths.
but Uie revervnd gentleman bad sufficient
independeaca to . "rub it In," and, instead
of being asked to resign, as might have
bishop of Canterbury,
The new incumbent of the see of York
docs not owe his success wholly to force of
character, howtvur, (or the element of luck
played a considerable part In bis destiny.
He happened to be appointed aome years
go to a little church at Portsea, not far
from Osborne House, where he attracteJ
tho attention of Queen Victoria by hla work
among the poor, tie had organised a vig
orous society for making tha local church
attractive to tha working classes and his
"strfclght taUks ' were reported to the queen.
One iiy.lhe qdeen spoke to thi young
vicar about hla work. "Why don't you get
married?" suggested her majesty. "A good
wife Is better than half a dosen curates.
Take tha ad vie of an old woman f
"l, I have a curate I do not like I an
send ltlm away. But such Is not the casa
with a wife." He subsequently beca i e the
queen's chaplain.
From Portsea Dr. Lang went to Stepney
as suffragan bishop, having born "calUd"'
to that district through the Influence of hla
close iriend, Dr. Ingram, the preient bishop
of LonJon. Dr. Lang was not long In Step
ney before he had won the conf.deuce of
the people by "mixing up" In all their
local affairs; not even refusing to attend
prUe-llghllng contests, which are very pop
ular In that neighborhood. One night ha
went Into the ling at "Wonderland," tne
great East End sporting olub, and acted aa
referee. From this incident Dr. lung be
lli at part of London. Krcm the rlnj of
"WonderNnd" the minuter did not lose the
opportunity of making a speech. "I am
on a fighting platform," he said, "and It la
a good thing for tho old church o take off
Its coat In a good cause and put on the
Dr. Lang (a a fine orator and la never at
a losa for words. He holds his audlene s
better than most English speikers and has
a direct, incisive at) la that reaches the
mark. He is wonderfully apt at composi
tion, and in this connection an amusing
story is tokt concerning one of his Oxford
examinations. One day In a class-room he
was suddenly called upon for a philosophical
thesis which ha had not thought of prepar
ing, ne arose rrom ma seat, tiowever, with ! studied for the bar. Ha r,..H n i
great composure and begen to read from a nations with fivin ir. k.., .u
The cximircr was so pl-ased I ,, , . . -"-. -
y that he s.ked th. author , l nl"t w,ien ne wa to he sent a
wain tne egsiy that he asked the author to
permit him te copy certain passages. To
his antonishment, however, he found the
pagea of the suppose "manuscript" abso
tihgram withdrawing his name. Ha sud
denly renounced all intentions as to tha
legal profession, though his friends nr..
lutely blank. The student had composed his 'dieted that he would rise to the "woolsack.
essay extemporaneously.
In addition to his East End adventures
the archbishop has had much experience as
a prison chaplain. He shocked the world
of the elite recently by comparing the young
Oxford undergraduates to the men he had
had to visit in prison. "The difference be
tween them," he said, "is a mply one of
privileges, opportunities and aocial habits."
He also aald that young society women
were little dilfeient from girls of the lower
claaeea who give way to Intemperance. ,
When Dr. Laog began bid career ha first
that la, attain the pobitlon of lord chancel
Dr. Larg la a Scotchman by birth, hailing
from Aberdeen. He is the son of Rev.
John Marshall Lang, who has aa Interna
tional reputation aa a ich lar and theo'o
glan. He has held the. posts of honoraJb'e
chaplain to Queen Victoria, vicar of fori
sea, canon of St. Paul's, bishop of Stepney
and other Important positions, and la
recognised leader In political organisation
He haa written several pooka en theologloaj
t i (
- 3
3 t
t . '

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