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Dnra ia tit lpublis of Colombia,
SorJ. America.
VHOi fiat xcsrr nxmsHzs
aae the lik etee There Art
rfk Only A Wat Owe (hwnn
dreta ( Taetr Fawe Tel we
la tirkMI.
- Drva in the republic f Colambta to
South Ai rtca there Is sort af ewmte
cpern paper All trad theee Is t
eirc-uiatloa about a billion dollars wort
ef H, whirs i pretty good for a country
bm population la S.W,"A, sepecUvriy
When n )a 7Sinbri that raaay of these
folkc eerer w a cents rli ef the
A sign t U itmu rads:
K g Vutit." Tbe hesitating tourist rends j
U 1 : "Beer. t a slaae." Thei be wonders
what fwrt erf fiKTmoMly wealthy eouatry j
he haa struck for his misfortunes and be-
ne to betters that tns trid tales f tta.
Fpsaiea days dldnt exaggerate te the
rniess the little word "oro." aneanmg
tpML follows any statesnent sut money,
the tourist should dlTtrte by Free eol
lara wit this aunlirtretioa means Ee
cents. Caba II W f r awer a""
civilised rm.tr of from SI to
Ia the billiard parlor paying an boar
Im't aa estraeagunt aa It mm when tt
ia divided by W. Also, reducing tla ran
total of paper Tnee-y to lea enlon la o4
it cems ta tl wfl.ons. rather mora la keep
ing with the sine of the country.
It all began a"m years ago when Co
lombia waa solvent. Thee tbe money waa
won a hat tfce rare ralaa declared It o
.4. Bui when the first of a lom series of
revaJutione of recent times cams an tha
rorernment raa any of money ia tha treas
Beeiaty ef PriaHae Meeey
A report to that effect by tha treasurer
set the reaiy. Prtnt aoma aoara. it
IJm the aharea of a taaa rid mining con-
rara.. There ara bound to ba plasty aa
lonC aa the arlnttn prtaaaa bold aat. Thay
kent an urtouea; tha money bU1 araataaiUr
tbera waa ao jnuch that tha ralua fell ta
aboat y.m to 1. That la If a aaaa bad a baak
BHKa of aa) peaoa It waa worth Juat f canta
la real Booey or fd-
Een now the " urn fatal tadllty ta
prtnung money exlat. bat tha preaent gv
eramrst haa eet t work to maia tha anoaay
worth mora aeariy what it ealla tor. aoma
day it aaay retura t ile faoa TaJna.
Tha ColuBibiaaa hara aa conGdanoa la
their awa paper. They aead taktac It la
eaxhanaa tor gold. If poaalbia. A draft oa
Enland ar the United Sta-tea. payaoia w
cold, ciTC-nlatea praccaI!T aa
It cfcaea from oaa hand ta aaothar with
endoraenenta moitply'na. until naaay u. m
aoceaaary t add an extra allp af apT
carry tha aarplua af namaa. Tha owaar
doeaa t want to caah tt In for tha paper
raooey. beraoaa the ejtchana Tartae aa tram
day to day that ha may laaa moaay by
chaartns- .
Ia Colombia the mornlhl graetlnB'
mercfaanta n't -How ara yoaT bat. "How
U aehare?" Stoma daya a o dollar la
worth V peaoa. other 4aT It mar ba ap ta
3. Then. aa;a. nr f3 under Mi.
H baaa doaa that renently.
Buk ta a Ttat Waaa
Aa Eiicllah mmlnc ooanpaay raoantly
wantad to get a draft for eaahad.
That mean. , ar IMW.M aasar
aaoney. Tha draft waa preaaatad at tha
Banco Central.
Xba bask, bad ta da aoma tall acratebjac
to ret toarthef thla ua. Tha attain- ""
but cat a reaueat aot kmf after that ta
ba rood anaurh thereafter ta gtv about a
esoBth a Botloa when tt wantad aay aoch
aum at moaey. Ona of tha xzsea m tha
oompany aaid be had aa Idea that aaothar
ancb raquaat would meaa that tha gvrrrra
meat would hava to eabla ta Borland,
whera the moaay la printed bow. ta haTa
the prtntere ran eff a lot of tha atuft The
com pur had to bare the natree money to
pay aff ita bejpera. otherwlae It would have
beea rery loath ta let aa aooch raid ra
it la a oeaatry whera eountarfetaar
would aaturaUy be avppaaad ta ba ana of
tha loet arta. 'Vrhea tha pwrnwat made
ru owa money teataady of aaetar U arlatad
ahread whatever eouaterfalta there were
were ao mack better made tbaa the r"
erament money that thay aaeeed carreat
very readily. Every one recorataed thaaa
aa eeunterfelta. bat few aaraana eared:
they were much better enrraTel tbaa the
aremnkent money.
a la a atory told about a aealeue
cuatoia ffVr wha one day detected a
lara uaatity e-f counterfeat mooey
betrir brourit ka by a man wha rarae
fmra Gernuy. !! eelaed the lo ajd
wired to IWerta to the cectrvl aw em meet
to know what ba ahould do. He waa rather
aui ui laed ta aet back a rash anewer that
ba ahauld let the money coma m. Tha
rovernment rather weloomed frettirtr la a
lot of wa made mooey without paytnr
for it.
aafe traaa riekaerketa.
It takea a lot of money to make a
real aum. TrareJera hara to carry a bir
pocketful, r Inrtaaca. a maa roinr hy
ateamer from Poena Colombia to Santa
Marta waa etand'.or at the ran oa a windy
day wbea fcla'coat tSa blew uMa, Ia a
h'.p pocket waa aeen wtat ia caDed a mil
Wr enouirh to choke a cow. lie bad a lot
cC twenty-Ore peao Wila laid out flat and
tVed with a cord ahnat tha middle.
tJea. what a cinch for a plckjwketr"
aaid a Kew Torker who aaw tha exhibition
of wealth.
If a man bothered to ateavl that track
he'd ba prosecuted for tnaanlty. aaid a
not toe loyal Cdembiano.
It makea aa amuatnc aWtht ta aee ona of
the email Colonvbtaa children, without a
atrlch of dot hi n a on. amiylmr oat of a
houaa to a ator with a bill of eome hura
danonilaatloa, poeelbly 10 peaoa clutched
ta a chocolate colored haaA
"It doean't look aafe to Dd a chad out
wtth ao much money.' aaid a klnffiy die
poeed Amertcaa woman, catchlnr eight
of the "MKr oa the note. Then aha rot
aoroe InformaUon and added: "Well, eren 1
a dollar ia a lot of mooey to let a child
Ia aa office ona day a maa pointed to
hi raliae ataadlnr open oa the table.
t "Look there." he aaid. "See what truat
I hara la my aarraiita It tan't every maa
who would dare ro away and leare t2.X
lylnr ta a oar that's open.
The listener raapod and went to look
m the bar. Sure enourh there waa the
oulTalent f rs worth of real money,
aa the fore.ia.ucr Boon rata to call any
thing that lan't paper.
a the matter of amaH coina tha
Colombianoa keep ap tha deception. Tbera
la a piece made of lead chiefly, what la
called "cocobola' money down there. Thla
k marked "Five Peaoa. p m." Tha p m
means "papej moneda" and la to IndlcaXa
that tha euppoeed fS la really worth five
ceata. If they marked tha coin to read
five cents rold it would ba the rirht value.
CaCfornla with the "no coin smaller than a
Bicker boast is Quite out dona down ta
Colombia, whera tha peao at tha am ail est.
Irmamaf Plat oa at Dwrtea.
The enure South Amerfcaa continent la
accustomed to accent ridUee in the m
aremeat of Jta frnanrlai eonoerna. For in-
atanca ft la told ef TTruruay that thay have
a very Beat little device ba diacountlnr-
As almoat every one kaowa, the trld
dollar of the faited Stataa is not W8 per
cent rold. It eouida't very well be and
eUU ba a etroulatinr medium. The Repub
lic of rruruay proCted by that fact, which
aeo ia the case ta an eocatrfea where
taera la a raid atatasard.
ine rata aouar or irruruay Is a euppo-
aaauou com at such flncaeas that it ia
actually M per cent rold. It does Bat
circulate, except la the mind of the treas
urer of the country. ConaequenCy every
rold coin of every eouaty Is discounted la
Crura ay arminat that wonderful Imaginary
piece of money.
Para Bad some af the others have from
time ta time repudiated parts of their
currency. Perhapa that ia what Colombia
ye may do.
"As esatiers etand." one reatdeBt aaid.
"the dkoney iam't pretty anaurh for wall
paper aad tt lan't of much use tor aay
thing elaa."
There is some ramarkabie gold
ta circulation In Celombia.
aoins of Bpaalah Klnaa daiina- hk
the aeventeenth eaatury. TaeSa ara deub
loona. which paaa current at tha value
of fat. French and other arld aJam tn
ba found ta Colombia. Theiw t .
ail amount of rold money of tha re
public In circulation. That la gen ulna and
is worth what it purports to be. Idoat of
the persona who geia a ehaace at ona of
these coina is apt ts bury it.
Ambitioa that Grra ia a Kaiae Loj-Camp.
Ftaer-e Wet af
Athletes the
the Ba
Craatdaaeamev, the
aad Hie Creatteev.
Ct&ssj, Shsev Bxts, FaTtnhisg
Cs&ix, U&sv Basils.
Suck far Salt Ti Tit E;httt
Rxinm for Salt llsst Uirt
Willaa Tea Cjjj.
Vlatted, bet Xa
We are not atuck oa paying double ret
fcr the r rtr.Uga to remain la theae build
ings afti r the 1st ef Jaaaary. Every prcp-
a ra i ka ia b. ing made for ear removal to
)-raTJBe. Sew York. The entire atock of
tr.a Ooha Clothing Co.. located at Uia-ISU
Faiaaa street. aHl be cloaed out la part or
ia bulk r ia small lota to auit the pur
lier ia the apportunity yu deal.-ra IB
the amnll tewns throughout lorn a. Nabraaka
and in Dakaiaa have been wait Bg for.
Here la'ta vpportually ta buy gjoda bought
by enr rtpiwerntaiiva buyers in, Maw Te:k
at Imi (Haa B centa ofl the dollar. Our
lerata are aalcUy eavaa. aa Uma, So dating,
only the cold hard cash. We will give you
aa epBertaalty Ba any aay let you wtak.
Fat uat. nret aereed. Wa know It w U
lay you to onrne a kmr wars ta buy ima
Vl cheap.
fur ele. 1 M-Ioot hat eaaea. Kd feet ahi rv
Ing. I'D caah reg-.ater. 1 ateol iea. rat
ata.ng machae, X d.apiay case a, t-lS-toot
rurnmHuig caaea. I dealt a. aachas diapiay
! lit urea for tha wiadewa ail L a. a. Qaaaha
at the atare. Nethiar wUl ba picked aalaea
la bar la charged far.
We are gowr ta get cut f tia buildtnr
w;thia the Beat arvaa ta tea days. Ia tae
aneanusaa at yea aard anyUuag call at etaee
and buy gooda cheeper than we can car
a. na. Toa w U era the greauat valuta
yoa ever saw ia your life- Aeaarmber.
what wa cannot aen here wa ahaJl pack
if aad at-ad away. W'a must get out m
aevea as tea daya. If yea ara galH buy
a wintar owrc at. cravenere ar suit a(
cluthxa or aaiiim aaar do aa while tha caaaee
is here. Wa will take care ef the r ail
raatomer while we ara bare Juat tha aaaaa
aa aver. Ka aaie at toe sanaiL Every M tie
tZt Faraam atxaet.
A ward aa tha wise Is sufartect.
r a
Burglars were busy tha nlgt befara
Chrtataaaa. vtaitirg a number of bousee
and ptaoaa of basmeaa in hops of getting
something to provide a holiday eelebra
taea. A ladder burglar stole a watch, keys
aad money to the total af tat from tb
room of Mrs. Isabella Clow, who lives on
the second floor of the ITopia boardinr
houaa. Seventeenth and Davenport otreeta
He dim bed through window.
Wednesday and Thuraday night burglars
entered the cammiaatoa houaa of Copelaad j
Fly an. Twelfth aad Howard streets, aad '
stole ouanatiea of dreaaed duck a aad,
ehickeaa. Over pounda of fowla were
carried away oa Thuraday night alone.
The Kan nerd Glaao a Paint company.
Fifteenth aad Davenport streets, had about
HI worth ef supplies takea from Ita store
Thursday night, aionr with several hun
dred postage etampa.
Tha home of George W. Loom is was
riaited aad ranaacked. but the occupants
found Bothlcg auasiar Chrlsanaa morning,
la spite of the upaet coadlrloa of things.
- A aultoaae contaisinr several dollars at
paper money and a a umber of Chrtatmae
presenia last had umt beea purchaaed.
waa atolea from a buggy m front ef tha
Brandies building Chrcetaaaa ava. It be
longed to Mrs- J. E Vaavy of Beaaoa.
5EW TORK. Dc X The mod -la who
haunt the doors of the studios and art
arhoele of the city are ef any and every
nationality, and some of them have tried
pretty much every other ceiling. They
may coma from Oregcn. from France, from
Sicily, from tha Bowery or from Sixth
avenue, but If they earn a living by peeing
tber have always ace conapc-uoua trait
in common a high opinion of their persona
This is only the natural pride ef every
merchant ta his goods, for the face or
figure of the model ia her stock in- trade
One rir! of about 22 was brought up In
Maine twenty miles from a railroad. She
Bred in a logging camp, whera her father
worked and whera occasional old papers
and msfirtnns reached them. Onoa She
read eetaethtng about a model aad after
that shs used to' cut out the pictures, sot
of actresses, but of modela, and pasta them
ever the cracks ef the pine board In their
Utile room.
She dreamed for years af being a real
model and poslnr for a ptature at the
Madonna. Whoa her father died she
worked her way ta Mew Tork. eervmg as
waitreaa la summer hotels. For a while
she wandered around ta the streets hers
and lived about aa the sparrows do. but
finally found her way lata aa artiet's studio
and got work and waa passed on to other
painters as a useful little, being.
She haa aot tha traditional beauty of the
tnoceL Juat a email white face, brown eyes
and a certain' New England primness, but
aha lovea her work and can stand half
day without stopping ta rest.
"It's a business. she says, "same aa aay
other, but I like it, and the arUata always
treat me Just lovely. "
There la an old. eld lady well known In
Sew Tork studios who has a few conven
tional rrandmother poses head bent ever
her knitting, doslnr la her chair, which la
eften literally true, and reading her Blbla
She has been a model for sixty years and
is very proud of it. even claiming the dla
tlnctKm of being the first original pretee-
aionai model in the city.
She once posed for an adyertlsment ef a
patent medicine which has coveted fences.
stations and spaces ia street cars the coun
try ever. Tou recognise her at once aa be
longinr ts this remedy. She never gives yoa
time to mention it but tells you in two sec
onds, "My face is known from Maine to
California "
Some evening at dusk in a quiet part of
the city, you may chance on a taU. thin
maa having a yellowish face and a busby
mass of blue black hair. He weare a hat
of such wide and romantic proportions that
it lacks nothing but the traditional plume
to transform him Into a Dumas here. Ha
Is a model who has had much experience
aad baa posed m most of ths larger cities
the world over.
He haa am an beadlike eyee. high cheek
bonce, a narrow forehead and looka like
an exquisitely studied drawing af an old
master. Hs is graceful and so pot a enough
ts do aarthlnr with his body, hs can speak
a dosett languagea, all very brokenly, aad
sever fails ta go straight s tha bottom of
your box of cigarettes d wring a rooming a
He travels wtth a trunk of piuatitva
like an actor and haa many beautiful cos
tumes of various periods, besides foils aad
dagrers. which ba sometimes looks quite
capable of using. Ia a brocade oasA aad
ailk tlghte with a maedollu alung over hia
aboolder be ia the French troubadour, or
wrapped in tha red robs of a cardinal with
a mass book ta ana hand, looking slyly up
from under his sharp eyes hs seems to
belong to soma hot-blooded aouthera tale
of leva and bate.
He has figured ta tha pictures sf ilrua
tratora and painters, beea used by deoo
ratora, and ba lovea nothing so much aa to
tell you how he posed for the Princess
Loulae aad aaother royal lady and bow
many times hs baa hang oa the Uae ia the
caaveeea of famous artists.
Hs Is fantastic and uaraal, tremendously
impreaaad with hia ewa tmportaaoe and
must be handled delicately whea dismissed
If aa arnst grows weary of his methods
let him have a care how be espressea this,
for the model, half in French, half In
Italian, with an Eagliah word or two. will
aay wtth sxiook of scorn: "Monsieur doean't
wish me aay more, not wish ate. beta?
Hs wishes some other model? Hera? I
go away. Monsieur will never succeed.'
And he departa leaving the palmer with
aomewhat the aenaailoa that aa evil eye
has been cast upon him.
There la aaother Italian, a wistful eyed
lad who ground a hurdygurdy. aold baaa
naa and puahed a cart about the atracrta
before he became a modeL He goea about
with hia coat collar turned up even oa
mild daya and ia always complaining ef
the cold aad Baying. "I ro back to my
country :" but be never roea. for be apaaaa
all hia earning aad sever works until be
werkiar ftw a wfl arsowa srslrator ha used
ber for aa Andromache. After mating T
day saodel be started to rut the statue
frost the marble.
Tader hat ekined band the glrTa farare
flowered out of the rough strae. WTsea tt
waa partly rnlrhed a charwoman cam
Into the rrudie to sweep. Fhe stopped and
stared wth fier eoep in her hand at th
marble with the pgwre growing out of it
tbea she turned rowod ta the artist and
said alowry:
"How did yoa knew abe was tn there-
Whan the woman was gone the red hatred
girl said to the sculptor: "Foe is very
ignorant, lan't she?
To Which be responded enlgmaticurv--Child,
could either you or I have aa
aaeied her it would have beea to reveal
the Buret af ereatiua.
ra Swefety TEeta.
llBaes rue aaaatwrtaaa far
At the December jneetlng of the etecu-
t!ve council of tie Modem Woodmen so
ciety, held st the headquartera ef the
aociety In Back laland. XU-, It waa decided
to conduct that society's ssnstorlum. lo
cated at Colorado fprma. Cd1o for the
treatment af members af llcte4 wtth ruher
rulosts. free of an charge to laembtrs.
The Modem Waodmsa several months
straw aoa-alred Ufa acres of band wttha
seven cnDes ef Colorado Springs and bas
estabiiahed therens aa u4o-date aaxia
tortum. the tent colony plan heing ero
pkrred. The first ootocy plan win be ready
for the raceptlon of patmta en Jar nary 1
190s. acd ia equipped to ears for sixty
psrieuta. to which a umber admisaiona must
ba limited for tha present. '
The tents are ectagnal at rue area, wfch
ahtnrle roofs, canvas sadea, hardwood floors
oa solid cement feuaaattona. aeatad by a
central plant, equipped with all noam
cnnveuteitoa, each aa te"ephr.Hea, etc. and
each teat wfll accommodate baa patient
Aa admlnirtratioa building for phyaictnoa
aurera. dicing hall, baths of an kmda. etc,
stands tn the eeater of the colour.
Dr. J. E- White, formerly af the ?rrdrata
ranch aaaatartum. the medical director Ui
charge, states that only thaaa consumptive
members whe are curable, or a hose Hves
may be prolonged for B considerable length
of time, win be admitted aa pail rata. The
wisdom of tli la rule Is apparent. Rigid
medical examination as a condition prece
dent ts s amission will be tntdsted upon ta
every ease, and special blank Torras bsrs
beea prepared for this purpose.
It is expected that a nether colony of
sixty tents wfll be ready by July. 1. aad
that acceptable patients will ba ready -to
occupy it In full by that time. A move
ment la already under way ta equip ths
aeoond colony plant. Each tent, completely
equipped, represents an expense of K5
sad a a umber af local cam pa. or lodgee
of the society have derided to donate tents.
As there are over lAM local cam pa of
Modern Woodmen and over HXW.Sfl mem
ber, tt ia anticipated that several colonies
will aoon be equipped ta this way.
Ths members and local camps of the so
ciety bare voluntarily contributed to the
sanatorium fond over n.am, and at the
last national eon rem ion a permanent tag
cf a cent per memoef waa voted to the
support of this' wrrk.
The last official Woodmen reports show
that during the years 1HH-1S07, Inclusive.
lw per cant af the total mortality, or
a.l6S deaiha. were charged to tubrrulotla,
and that 11J per cent of the total insur
ance losat s ia these year, or t OK."",
resulted from this cause.
Each life aaved to tha Woodmen society,
by means of this aera-tcrrum. win. It is
stated, wisrsstut a raving of G.7(V-tho
average amount of the Woodmen policies
ia forte at an expense for treatnaeat cf
approximately one-twentieth of that sum.
Ia tha broader sense, each life saved means
the preservation to the family of Its bead
and bread winner, and ta the stats of a
useful, self-austalnlnr dtlsea.
Pending Settlement With Insurance Companies
It will be necessary to hold at our salesroom all Pianos,
Piano Players and Organs, ordered from us for future delivery.
As soon as our
Loss by Fire and Smoke on the Evening ot Dec. 24th
has been adjusted, delivery- will be made. Our entire stock of
Piancs, Piano Players and Organs will be offered to the public at prices
never before given east or west. Our loss through fire and
smoke will be Ycur Distinct Gain. Don't buy a piano until we
announce this sale. Watch the papers.
1311-1313 hum St., Osalia, Re..'
ttaaximc&zmfzmrjtt.ittA&ZKa .--Jr:yJroJC: r jr-3CsK33t:jCaKtaVicaa;
17th & Douglu St.
Douglas 647, Private
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All Departments
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Pleasant and Most
Is Located on Our
Second Floor.
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Diamond C Soap, box
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1-quart jars Manzanella Olives.
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Private Exchange Connects All Departments
Mrs. Ill
VCra. Ann Olmstaad Friday at tier
boroa. STtV Browns atrest. aced SB rsara
Shs had aea a reaodeat at Omaha for
thirty rars and was tbs aidow of Boraca
Otastead. Bb is sunirfd by two Brothers,
who lira la Omaha, and tares aiatrra liv-
ln Bear Bbsoo aad PapUIjaa. Tha fuasral
wlil as bald Sunday afternoon from the
late residenos ta FVirsst Lawn.
Hra. XaawUa U. Pstaiasa.
lira UabrUs D. Peteraon. a yaara of aa
aad wtfa sf A- T. Petaraoa. died Friday
nijrht at tha aoma. SS Saratoga etreet.
Tha hoar wis ba takea to Rromstmrx,
Ka.. Maaday for VuriaL
tir B.araU.
Tha Lady I harsn't murh la ths
houaa to siva yea. my poor man but
would yoa like a pkooa of pie?
Tha Hobo No. lady. Bat bars jro fat
sji aid aiarK ooatt
Tha Lrfady Why do you waat a Mack
Tha Hobo Zm fellsr yar a-ava a ptaaae s
pi da odder day was a paj a' mintj
Oavaiaad Laadar.
Peter Prepocio Will Pay for "Wreck
ing PriTilegr. '
Caaaty oard EiaKW
las Oat af Way ay
Whea Cradlaar
Have BaiM-
Frteaaa aala ta Paaiae ta Help la
taa aeatera far lllka
Ha ye.
Acquaint a nora of at he Nays, a yauca
maa waa haa beea la tha city ealy a sasrt
um, harm baooma warrted srer hia
haaana ataas last Moaday tram the Plaos
whera hs rooana, aad hara aaked tha poUea
ta aeia iocata hisa. at Aa Ttlahi. wha Beea
at 313 Hickory atreet. aear where Nay.
StajTd. taattaated ths search fur Um aad
has seea tha police a dtacrtptioa ef tlx
yaoas; aaaa. waa Is oaly it ar yeara aOd.
Wane U is aot thought That be has met
with foul piay. sa he had as mooey or
sorsuea that were kawwa ta hia eequaint
aacaa the latter weaid Uae to aUaeever
what aas become af haa. It is beUeeed
that be has merely laft the city ta work
elarwbere aad haa forarKtea to tell
ba was BoiBS.
htiaa daa Pearl Cammlnaa. tha daurbier
af Ida Cissisnlrts aad One J. ftchults wars
aisrrisd Oiristaaas eeeataa at ths reaideaoe
ef tha bride s parents. Mi Burst street.
A- W. Bouauet aad htiea Dorthea Brhuitz.
the aaaer af the groom, were the attree-
Charlea W. aavidee perforsaed the rera-
aUas Dara Barreld aad Fred Betapey
were man lad Tharaday eeealBC by An.
Caariea W. Sendfe at hia raautleaoa.
Thea there is a fair haired mite ef a
child who is always beiaa snatched away
by the Soricty for the Preeeatloa of Craelty
to CbOdrea or a labor law ofTV-lai. but he
aaaaasra to fiad hia way back ta the
studies- aad poaea witL aa m jch pride and
laterest hi the picture aa tha okleat model
ia the prrfeaaaoa.
Tbera la a yoong athlete who whea bs
caa't rt ao encaaamrat ta aay ef tha
studios gives exhibiUuaa of strenrta at the
rarlety ehowa. Last year there was a
aeDes;s bey Wha aas hard tap aad got a
chaste te peea. There b) a weatherbeataa
aid kMicsboremaa. wha haa found eneltea
fram the wtnda of the waterfront ef New
Tork nader tha earliest af the ata Boa
Oeer oa tbe East Bide ta a teaemeat
house there is a whole family ef medeis
hsadad by a stout, whits haired aid maa
aad tacludina; several reneratlaas sf trown
skinned men aad womea. youtha. rir la,
calldrea. rrawiiad' satsaa ar-d eeea a eat
and dor that each in torn poae. They (
oos be oae sad brina" aetae their earalors
ta keep the home, for they are tremend
ously clannish. They also da a thrtetac
buaiaeas m the aaie of braasns. eorais.
ahella and aetiqas Jewelry.
Aaother weil kaowa model is a taU
ateader girl wtth a eoiorteaa fare aad
maaa ef fair hair, was has the listlssa
(rare ef a Wnaserd or Boras Jones cm.
tloo. la street clothes aha wears a pray
ulster sad a bat wtth a bedraeTgled plame.
but take her tnts your stadia aad let her
red herself ef theae aad wrap aerself la
aay bit af aid caaaa ar drapery aad i
becomes as beaut-inl as a rreer ayvph
doa by a saaster.
There is another ctrL noted for her won
derful red hair, wtnra shines like barcushed
sopper la certaia Brhta. Bhe baa the
reaanst tatareat ta the ran easts which shs
puses fur sad ia always begeinr snatches
of hererlf. Once aoe went ta art arhoel
tor a week. She keeps watch af the warfc
af all the artists, aha pa ts tha aarhiba.
teuas, aha speaks wttk tha phrase ef the
studies, she crturtees and taiks art
a E. Mfllrr. reaeral freirht and naa
senser aent of tbe Northwesters, learae
aioadey aicat for Chlcaa.
Jnahua Lwa, jetieral arrat of tJis Tnion
Pnofic at St- Leuut. was in Omaha Satur
day, eiaitlnc with eld frlenda.
Dave I. Trail. traeeTina: naaaenser arnt
of the rnioa Pacific at Cincinnati, apect
Christmas ia Omaha with hia mother.
C. E. Bpesa seaerai frelrtit aaeat of the
BurllneTtoa. who spent Chrteimas in Chl-oaa-a.
returned to Canha Saluraay anera
inc Daa Pareena. chief clerlr to E. O. IfrCor
mictu aeeunaat trafHc director ef the Har
nmae line a. was is Omaha Saturday. Mr
Paraona has beea promoted to be peneral
Hwrrr asmnt ef the aoutneni Pmif c
9Utnera imee wilm w . a nrw
Orkoaaa. air. Parsons is weil known to all
the Cttau raiiroaa an. aa no larmeriy
lived here.
Bids fear the moirinf cf ths reHs from th
old jail ta the aew add'Ucm to tha city
Jail and fnr the wreckinc of the old build
mg were opened by the county board Sat
urday mernina; and diacloaed that the
county will be sMe to realise a small rum
oner the npense of reroovtne tha old Jail
buildlnc. Pater Pracopia. X sVrulh
Twentieth street, offered ta wreck ths
tufldluc aad remove it and pay tha county
fit, he to keep the meUrteL Be waa the
only contractor who offered to pay ths
county anything- Other bidders demanded
from CS0 to $772 In addition to tbe ma
The lowest bidder tor removinc the cells
and iron work from the mid building aad
ire! ailing It tn the new' addition to the
city Jail waa aubmiUed by the Omaha
Steel Construction company, which aaked
t.a. Other bade raa aa hl-h aa
The county beard expects to hare the old
building eat of the way by February 1 ta
order that tha alte can be graded down for
the aew court house.
W riant WIU Feed Piteaaaia.
Tbe feeding of county priaonera by Siia
Wright will be dune at the eame fig-urea
aa last year. Mr. Wright being the only
bidder. He bid cents a meal for ordi
rary priaoaera and or-ma for Juveuil and
tnaane priaoaera.
Tbe People a Ice and Coal cempany sub
mitted tha lowest bid for filling -ha Ice
hcueo at the County hoapiLaX They aaked
C.S a ton. parked in the ice beoea. C D
Woodward dt Co. offered ta deliver Ice
from their lake at Meadow for TS centa a
ton. but the county would have to pay
the freight and pack it-
Sherman A McConneil aubmitted a bid
ta fill all county prestTtptiaos for 17 cents
fach. B.da on drugs, meal a. groceriea
biiiklir.g aappuee aad lumber were alas re
ceived and referred for tabulation.
purpc ae of presenting to the public a good.
strong, subtlest:! car whii h alii S'.twer
Uia popular demand at a mrdium price.
Tha a ample car Juat reeelred fev the J ha
Deere Piuw Ox is fuiiy up ta espetta anas,
and It la doubtful whetr.er a hndaxmer
machine ran te found ar.rwbete rtgarlJesa
of pr ce. Tbe car la fl:t d with a 3ft horae
power ecg-ne, equipped e ith a m?w. aad
ail s unary appliances. The wbeel baae U
long, glnng a roomy and comfortable body
and tue tnienlicn of the manuf j turera la
that this car ahall be aa perf -t-t aa any car
ile-ing twk aa much.
The John Deere P!: w Co-, a ill be tlie
western distribators for the taach:n ant
intend te plus aawacine throushotit thla
lei i Itory for local ciotr.but! ; n. They have
Juat mceed into thear new leiaforced con
crete wareuouae oa XinUi etreel between
Harnt-y and Howard, the largeet Implement
distributing Wkrehtnsse In tr:e wor.d. A
oompkete stock of tha Veiia machinea wul
be kejt oa hand at all t-mea ia tiiia built, ing
and aa act ire campaign lor the aaie of the
machine wi 1 be started itr.mecUaitly.
J. J. Per.ght dt Co.. 18U Faraarn strsLJ
are tha local rpn aentatiees for Omaha and
Council Blufta.
together with tbe mayor, ts weicame
the New Tear tn thla manner.
Car at Flfteeata aae
Oeewpied by Greek Lav.
LleTkts Still Sail
Taeat Will I
area Peewl
le Aai
fee fU
ta and
Thotirh ChrhHmaa ia past, the weUvwne
anh wfll shine forth a welcome t Santa
Cla.ua again tonight- aa it did laet night
and on Chriatmas ere.
Monday lettera will be placed on the
arch ta welcome the delegates to the meet
ing cf the Interstate Literary A:h-:i: ion
of Kansas and the West, a colored or
ganisation which will ho4d a three days
seaatun ia the Zlon baptist cnurch on
Twenty-third &bd Grar.t atreeta. The
lettera which will be placed on the arch
will be "L-B. L A. of K. t W.
The colored peotle a Jaaeetir.g will doee
on Wednesday night and the following
night the figures l win be placed In the
panel ahoee the word "Welcome." it being
the eense cf the majority of the council
A report reached the ponce at J.U a etock
thia morning that robtaers had entered a
car at Fifteenth and Grace streets on the
M-aaoun Pacific tracks and aad robbed the
iamaMa and killed one man. It aer doped
laier the man waa not killed, but danger
ously hurt- The robbern aecured Utile
booty. They earaped. The oocu pasts cf
the car are foreigners employed by ths
railroad company. tViectires were at once
eent to the scene of the crime to aeareb for
some trace of the men whe did the work.
Fi T. Rilry of Tate Falla Idaho. B.
Whrte el Blair and H- C Bjraa af
ctrtn ara at tae lire Oread.
lieutenant Colonel L. P. Hunt ef tha
Ber-ond cavalry. Foct Les Moinee. haa beea
granted two snontha leare of absence.
F. B. Cornelius ef Markra. E. P. Moore of
IaureL L. D Remington of CTeerwaier aad
Ray Noel of PapUlHm are at the Marraj.
Captain I l. W 11 dm an. aignal eerpa.
L'nited ataua army, trram Fort Learen
worth, waa a riertor st army headquartera
sLoiday morning.
r K. Carae-e. chief clerk ef fhe Merekaata
hotel, wne haa beea seriously ill wtth aa
attack of pneumonia, baa now paaaed Uia
dmnger stage and ia etradily imprwrmg.
O. A. rt iiy of Kanaaa City. O. B. Carter
of LanrniB. W B. IeMar cf nVaneton,
Wto ; R.ILt Martyr ef Fremoet aad
P. J. Merlea ui blue Hill are at Lbe Millard.
Edward Srort ef Den.er. William 15.
rhn-a-irge ef Maywood. Will Laaetng, Paul
Ianio. Geerge W. Onldreea ef Lieeela
ind Mra A. C TUtea and soa pf aUtpartor
ire at tbe Rome.
R G E3Iiott ef Uncotn. W. Forreet ef
Cironrtlle. Cai.. J. C Sewrtst. L. J. Rejrtat.
E. C. Coihapp. A. J Barotella of Hurn
bwld! and ". K Paul ef Hotyoke, Ceia,
ire at Ui. Schlits.
Mr. and Mra L M. Talmage ef G-and
Inand. H 8. Mrfonnell ef j unman City,
Kan.: Mr. and Mra. Frd Butler and H.
Mr VI once ef L.eena and F. A. Patterson ef
lobx City are at tha Hotel Level.
Beat to IiiauaaaTraXa Uae Merita
Prramid FUe Care,
Waa n mas a Tee Otasea. a Oaa
Telle Car. lait ta Mellae, 111. Jena
Deere Flew feapaar ta Be
Weeaei a Deatrlfcetere.
J. i. Derigbt A Co.. Omaha Agecta.
The most important announnement of the
la at wetk in the automobile indua'ry ia that
of the VeJie Motor Vehicle company cf Mo
line, III-, which haa placed a ire marlurt a
thoroughly up-to-date machine ax CSu, re
markahiy complete in equipment, built by
workmen wta far yera hare beea rngaged
rw Tea. j la making vehicles, designed by an expert
We hava taatlmoalala by the k undreds whase work aae Decome recogniaea in
ah awing all stages, klads aad degrees ef ;rtor rcls aad marketed by men whose
plies which hare beea eared by Pyramid
PUs Cure.
If yea could read theae unsolicited let
tars you would as aeust ge ta tha aeareet
drag store aad buy a box ef Prrsjnid
file Cure at aaoa. price fifty eenta
Wa aa net aak yea ta aa sale.
yeas' aaaaa aad aaareaa aad we will send
you a trial package by maa free.
Ws anew what the trial package will
ae. Ia many eases tt haa eared (Ilea
without further treatmeat. If tt prsras
ita value as yea erser mare freta ywur
draggle. Thla is fair, la It net T gtmpiy
writs as a letter gl1ng your aaaaa aad
uliiaaa aad we wlU aead yea the trial
by aaaa. la Peta wsapaer free
ry i Hi Cra Ca, led Fyraaald
dc, Mai as a 1. IbQcX
the tmpieeaeat aad vehicle world. '
Tbe personnel sf the company Is naaJe up
of tae lailuwzng weil-kn-wa act: W. 1
V tji. preaadent of tha Telle Carriage Ca..
Moriae, IU.; C D. ' Velw. ascretary and
treaaurer of the Deere A Webber Co.. Mia
see pelts; C C Wabber. preaitlrnt ef the
Deere A Weaker Cj . Mlnneapelia; S. H.
Veile, secretary of the Xoha Deere Plow
Ca-. Kansas City; George N. Peek, eerre
lery rnd treaaurer cf Ue John Drere Piuw
Ca. Omaha: Major I M. Fu.ler. aauuger
af the Vtli Motor Vehicle Co.. M.ilae. m
The dneigner ef the car. Mr. C B. Ba.-
ef Datrait. as a aVstaaer whesa aerk woa a j
name Car aiai aaaa be waa eanaected with
the Tha anil tereata Mr. Baas has werkad
ta aaoaths aa tag aew ear wuh tha aecwed
The Closing- Out Sale of the l&te A. B. HTJ
BEEMANN STOCK of fine Diamonds, Watches,
Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Cat Glass, etc, will posi
tively close ;
January IFIpstt
Every article will be sold at any price, regard
less of cost or value. Don't miss the greatest oppor
tunity of a lifetime. Money for every pnrchaa
er. Jewelers, traders, dealers and the public in
general are invited.
1609i Farnam Street
Between ICtr. and lTtli Sts.

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