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TiieOmaiu Sunday Bfa
I Gophers Not So iy tt When Corn-
hnikeri Won Lu Year.
-HE failure of the American taiu'lt- !
rlA . r:- i . . . . I
the concession granted by the
National commission In January
and th consequent revocation
f thoae concessions by ths com
mission because of thHr nonarvept
enre leads up to. this questVn:
"What la It Mr. Tebeau haa In mlml?" Of
courae, we don't me an to nay that Presi
dent Powera of the tastem league and
Prealdent O Brlen of the American aorl-
tlon have nothing to do or say In the
matter, but when George Tebeau haa any
thing to aay the rent of the folks don't
have much. Tebeati la too ahrewd a man,
to let anything In the form of a concession
get by him unices by so doing he can
secure greater concessions. And that's pre
clsely the point. The American assocla
tlon'a agreement with the National com
mlselon haa this year and next only to rim.
At the end of 1910, If not before, something
big la going to be demanded. Doubtless
the conclusion has been readied that II I
well not to be fettered or hampered by
lesser concessions when the time cornea to
go after the big game. There la a belief
In some minds that Tebeau will not waif
two years to pull off his coup; that he Is
secretly planning an invasion of major
league territory and may undertake tt next
spring, precipitating a general base ball
war. Thla belief la shared by President
Kavanaugb of . the Southern league, af
fected by the- proposition. He plainly suvs
he bellevea the Eastern. and American are
preparing to outlaw and he protests to t lie
commission against Its action. But thai la
idle. Tebeau la going to get a bigger piece
of thla base ball pie and his mouth la
chocked full now. He has planted .his In
terests In several cttlee and he ennld m
L blltse his forcca without much difficulty
" To make a good start. How aucccssful
uch a move would be Is purely problem-
tlcal. One thing la plain the situation
must change. Too many good townp want
admission Into faater company to be long
barred. Tebeau, no matter what his per
sonal popularity or unpopularity may be,
la a fonje, a dominant force. In baas ball
and he Will be reckoned with.
Isn't the National commission a little
supersensitive about the authority vestedr
In It T Borne base ball manager are be
ginning to think ao. It ha suspended Dode
Ola of St. Ixiuia for failure to re-sign up
by May 1 and Manager McAlecr Is In
dignant about It. He exousea Crisa action
by saying that neither he nor President
Hedgea was available at the timev Crlas
wanted to algn,. hence ha couldn't affix
hie name to a contract. The Browns'
management la perfectly content to allow
Crisa to play and la very much displeased
at the commission's conduct. Johnny Evers
had the consent of President Murphy and
Manager Chance to atay out until he wae
needed and when he wa needed he
promptly hastened to the rescue of the
team. But here came the commission with
the notification that Bvera waa ineligible
because he failed to sign a Chicago con
tract by May 1. Evera observed the for
malities and la now at work. In the caae
of. Evera President Murphy aaya he waa
given a leave because the death of hla
mother necessitated certain adjustmenta of
buslnesa and family mattera. It looks like
the commission Is going pretty far when It
transcends a .point beyond which the
owners" and managere of teams can aee
no- reason or , cause for going or no; good
purpose to serve. Of courae, the commls
elon can"t be guided by the whim ot every
team, owner-and manager, but. aa McAleer
saya, "Even a policeman who arrests a
' man uses judgment." President 'Nell's
notification several daye In advance that
any player In the weatern league not
alaned by May 7 would be auspended waa
only fair to the players, for he gave tnem
ample warning.
Frank Bmlth says he will pitch every
day If neceaaary to keep the Sox In the
lead. That's what Walah started out to do
last year and you see what be got for it.
By the way, this same Bmlth last year re
fused to pitch any game for a while.
There's a wide range to his emotions.
"There Is no ulterior motive In abrogat
ing the agreement," aaya Oarry Herrmann
In referring to the commission's action In
revoking the order -making the Tebeau and
Powers leagues Class AA organisations
cinch. The other fellows beat Oarry and
bis bunch tojthe ulterior end of It.
Willie Keeler, the veteran atar of more
than a deoe.de ago. promised last year that
by thts aeason he would be back In hla
old form and he la making good on his
promise. The little giant la pounding out
wo-baggers and home runs In the same
Preaident O'Brien of the American ssso
elation, when asked what he had to aay
upon the National commission's abrogation
of that agreement, took the reporters cor
dially Into his confidence and aald: "Noth
lng, too busy." Betaha he snickered.
Wednesday Is the big day. That ia the
"flay when Omaha opens the base ball sea
on at home. It begins sixteen straight
games, all of which we are going to win
Just as a matter of convenience and
rainy day precaution.
Borne Hawkshaw lnslsis he haa aeen
Johnny Kllng shambling around Chicago
for days Irr disguise. That a certainly not
giving Kllng much show to make good on
hla war talk.
Some of the great pitchers tare aul yet
doing much great work. Brown. Mathew
son. Johnson. Covaleskl, some of the great
ones, have not yet struck their stride,
Timmerman rivets the contest." With
such bulletins from the arat of war aa
that ia It any wonder Johnny Evera wanted
to get back?
If going from Cincinnati to Chicago haa
the same Influence on Pat Kagan as it di
on Overall, let'i be glad, let s aay hurrah,
If Omaha's pitching staff ever gels to
working like Its bstting department may
the fates have mercy on the other fellows!
The annexation by the Cubs of Kegan
and Hlgganbothani looks very much like
Somebody waa going to be diaannexed.
The Giants and Highlanders have just
switched enda on that Now York aee-saw.
One thing, chancss are the backbone of
winter will be broken by Wednesday.
Those other towns have bad to do all the
shivering, anyway.
Johns, Rice, Iwer su n names ought to
bring something.
Inntial Deal Meet at Minneapolis
ril Saturday la F.asierte to !e
tele Seme ararles for leiBt
; roans of ttbletra.
LINCOLN. Miy (Special.) Coach Dr.
CLsip and ills Nebraska cinder path ath
letes are sangulpe of taking the measure
of Minnesota when the two schools meet
in their annual dual meet at Minneapolis
next Saturday. No repetition Is expected,
though, of the brilliant victory of last
spring, which gave the Cornhuskers H
points to a total of M for the Gophers.
Minnesota Is much stronger ths seaaiMl
than It was a year ago at Lincoln and
ought to give the Ccmhuskers a close con
test. An indication of the improved work of
the Gophers wss secured from their show
ing against Iowa last Saturday. A year
ago they were defeated by Iowa university
by a score of IS to 1 first places only be
ing counted but In the meet laat week
they tied up the final result, taking seven
firsts. Six of these first places were won
In the runs events In which the Cornhusk
ers are weak and in which they will do
their poorest work against Minnesota a
wrek from today on Northrup field. low
Is strong In the same events that Nebraska
In a leader in and won Its half from Min
nesota by msklng the host time In the KtV
yard hjrdlea and In all the field events
excepting the pole vault. Coach Clapp
looks for his men to win from the Gophers
next week by taking a majority of the
Urdsy. 8. Collins, one of the bst men
with the shot In the state. Is crrl:ift null
heavy university work that so far this
spring he has refused to g've any of his
time to the weights. Dr. Clapp 1ks iii
promise, though, that he will report tr
work Monday.
Big. Meet el Friday.
Local Interest of the students at the
atate school will b centered this coming
week In the annual interseholastic meet
which Will be held at the state fair grounds
Friday afternoon. Dr. Clapp. who haa
charge of the local arrangementa for the
games, says more school will be repre
sented thla season than In any previous
i year. Practically all the schoola that wore
repreaented in 19"W will send teams here
again. Besides the old contestants there
will be several new ones. The entry list
closed Friday night wtlh a total of over
alxty Institutions enrolled for the contest.
Fairbury, the winner of the meet last
season, la aendlng another strong aggre
gation, hoping to win first place for the
second time. This year, however, Fairbury
Will have some strong opposition from the
Lincoln High school, which has one of
the best cinder path teams that has rep
resented the local high school since 19"3.
Omaha also will have several strong ath
letes here and ought to make a strong bid
for one of the high places.
The meet will be started at i:45 Friday
afternoon Aa now planned three events
will run off at the same time, the runs,
weights and Jumps occurring slmulta
neons! y. Dr. Clapp - expects to have the
meet closed at i o'clock.
The Nebraska faculty and students are
planning to entertain the visitors to the
meet for two days, Friday and Saturday.
Friday morning the high school pupils
will be taken on a tour of inspection
around the university campus; Friday aft
ernoon they will witness the meet; Satur
day morning they will be( taken to the
ball game between the Cornhuskera and
Drake university at Antelope park; and in
fternoon they
1 !
points m all the field events, the hurdles, V" '' w
against Topfka.
Somehow or other the
Slants don't look
nd In one or two of the sprints.
Tolllaa la Relied On.
8. Collins ia sure toin the three weight
vents for the Cornhuskers against the
Gophers. Hia records are better than any
made In the Mlntiesota-lowa meet, In
which the Hawkeyea took first In the ham
mer, discus and shot put events. Captain
McDonald of the Cornhuskers, with rec
ords of 0:15 4-6 and 0:M In the 130 and S
yard hurdlea, respectively, ought to have
an easy Ime winning these two events.
for "Dick" Grant's men are extremely
alow In running the atlrka.
Both, the broad and high jumps should
be easy victories for Nebraska. Minnesota
ost these to Iowa. The record for the
high Jump at Iowa City was 5 feet VA
Inches. This wss several Inches lower than
he mark at which either Hamel or Ilum-
mell of Nebraska 'can clear the bar. The
broad Jump waa won with a record of 20
feet 4t, Inches. Perry, who set a mark of
22 feet 24 Inohes In the Kanaaa meet last
spring. If he geta Into condition ought to
win this event. He has been sick during
the laat week and may be In poor form by
next Saturday. In that caae Nebraska will
have to depend upon Hummell and Reed.
either of whom should do better than 20
Smiley of Minneaota won the 100-vard
dash from Iowa in 0:1B, thla being the
aame time Wlldman and Camnhelt null
In the Cornhuaker preliminary meet a
week ago. Wlldman la capable of ten sec
onds flat and ought to beat Smiley to the
tape. Campbell ia nearly as faat aa hla
team mate and with an even break of
luck ought to also beat the Gopher
printer or at least run him a tie race. ,
Claesi Has Good Yanlters. ;
The pole vault event, which Strain's it
Minneaota won from Iowa-with a height
of ten feet, probably will go to Dr. Clapp'a
men. He hss two vaultera who ran mil.
better than ten feet six Inches. They are
Russell and Hammond. The former la the
better of the two and haa gone close to
eleven feet without hitting the bar. He la
delinquent in hla studies Just now, but in
caae he passea faculty Inspection before
next Saturday he will be a favorite for
winning firat In the vault. Hammond may
get aecond. bi t If Stralne Is capable of ten
and a half feet the Cornhusker will not get
better than third.
At Iowa City Smiley captured the 440-
yard run, his time being 0:64',i. This rec
ord was slower than Reed made on the
aame day In the Nebraska preliminaries.
The young Cornhusker went the distance
In 0:&!. Smiley will have to run In im
proved form In the coming meet or else
Nebraska will . win thla aprlnt. Bealde
Reed for thia event Dr. Clapp haa Burke,
runner who waa a cloae aecond in the
aprint last week.
In the 220-yard- dash Smiley will be
called upon again to compete against Ne
braska's two best aprlntera Wlldman and
Campbell. Hla record for the Iowa meet
waa 0:23Vi. or two aeconda less than Camp
bell ran the distance here on the aame
day. The Cornhuskera will he certain of
two placea In this race, and one of 4heae
may be firat place, for Wlldman haa the
Nebraska record of 0:22' and bellevea he
can beat Gopher Smiley.
Lreaar Baas Are Doaetfal.
Nebraska's prospects In the three long
runs are not nearly so bright ua in the
other events. Minnesota easily defeated
Iowa In the two-mile, one-mile and half'
mile racee. The time for these runs, too,
was better than any of the Cornhuskers
have made tills spring. In the mile run.
however, Hull went the distance only threo
seconds faater than Aabury of Nebraska
ran It a week ago. Since thvt date th
Cornhusker has been running faater In
training and Dr. Clapp, lcoka fur him to
run Hull a neck-and-neck rare.
Asbury and Gable will represent N
braska in the tw-mlle run. In the half
mile run Anderson and George will contest
Coach Dr. Clapp doea not figure on win
ning either of these events, for the Goplv
ers appear to have them clinched. Mlnne
ota's time at Iowa City waa: Half-mile,
2 08; two-mile. 10:6TH- Nebraska's time
waa: Half-mile. 2:UV; Vwo-mlle, 11:15. For
Minneaota Connelly won the two-mile race
and Hull the half-mile. In the Corn
huaker meet Amberson captured the half
mile event and Bates, a freshman, won
the two-mile run.
In clashing with Minnesota Ni-braska
will have two or three men of nearly equal
ability entered In several of the events.
Thia will give th local school an advan
tage over the Gophers In the total scoring,
for Coach Grant haa nly a few individual
slara and does not figure on winning a
matority of points In many of th events.
Nebraska, besides winning the most finis,
should auo secure enough aecond and thtrj
places In both the track and field events
to give the Scarlet - and Cream a algnal
victory, which, while not being aa over
whelming like that of laat season, will
clearly show thft superiority of the Corn
huskera In the cinder path gamea.
At Sioux City In the meet with Morning
klrie today Nebraska wa badly handi
capped by the abaente of Perry. Curtis
Collins and Russell. Perry hss been sick
for tao week and he may be forced to
stay out of the Minteaota contest. Hi
loss te the team would probably give the
Gophers first place In the broad Jump.
Russell, the leader in the pole vault, is
delinquent in his school work, but will try
to work off thla condition before next Bat-
Ball Team Dolus Well.
The Cornhusker base ball team this week
haa beenpiaklng lta annual eastern trip
and winning a majority of the games
played. The tour was closed at Minneapolis
today In the second of two contests with
the University of Minnesota. On the Jour- I
ney the Nebraska men played two Mis
souri valley championship games, winning
one from Drake and losing one to Ames.
The fast Cornell nine waa defeated
Wedneaday In a non-league game.
One home game is scheduled for the Corn
huskers this week, Drake being booked
for a go on Saturday morning at Antelope
park. The game la to be played In the
morning because the grounds will be used
by the Lincoln leaguers In the afternoon.
Southpaw Ward will twirl this contest for
the Cornhuskers snd ought to win It.
Drake's chief weakneaa this spring Is In the
box, and the Cornhuskers anticipate no
trouble in the batting line.
The campaign among the atudents for
membership on the Nebraska Athletic
board came to a close tonight. It waa not
marked by any such show of Interest aa
waa manifested In the election last year.
Considerable campaigning has been done by
the various candidates, but It has nearly
all been ot the "gumshoe" variety. The
annual election will be held Monday.
The list of men seeking position includes
twelve names of students more or less
prominent In university circles. Eight ot
the candidates have won their' Nebraska
letter In one or more branches of Corn
husker sport. Five students will be elected
from the twelve aspirants. The namea ot
ths candidates sre Ohren Beltser, R. M.
Carrol, William Chaloupka, S. P. Dobbs,
C. EX Elliott, L. C. Hummell, G. C. Long,
Dale McDonald, 8. A. HahoodA D. C.
Mitchell, H. O. Perry and A. C. Schmidt.
The Gar
That Won the Vanderbilt Cup
The Locomobile International Racer that won the Vanderbilt
cup will be exhibited In Omaha next Sunday and the week following,
and the week followins. "
This la the first American car to achieve supreme triumph.
An American Car designed by an American, built by Ameri
cans In an American factory of American material and driven by, aa
f . - .
American. .
This race was a tPBt of reliability and endurance, and In pUe
of a slippery course, the 258 miles were covered at an average speed
of 64.3 miles per hour. Pretty fast when you figure it at 94 feet a
The New "301
The name Locomobile guaranteed superiority. The new "30"
shaft driven is strong, durable and above all, easy riding. Another
feature cot to be overlooked, is simple control, when studying power,
silence, grace, reliability. Three years of actual testing has thor
oughly developed and fully tested this car in every respect.
The Locomobile "40"
Is the logical choice of those who wish a high class, high power cnr.
The "4 0" is large and roomy Beating 7 passengers and is par
ticularly adapted to family use.
The riding qualities of the "40" are Buperb, and the uniform
strength of construction throughout make this car most desirable
for all around service.
The Roadster or Runabout type of the "4 0" is a high power car
with light body arranged to accommodate two, three or four pas
sengers. Llmougine and Landaulet bodies are also placed on "4 0"
chassis. For luxury and comfort, either of these are paramount.
Engine 6x6, 60 horsepower, actual chain drive, wheels 36-lnch.
Price $4,500. . j
Farnam St
Omaha Bee's Directory
Coach Grtflata of Iowa ratting Men
Throae;ai sprint? Foot Ball Work.
IOWA CITT, Ia., May 8.-8peclaJ.)
Good profrees waa made In the spring- foot
ball practice laat week and Coach John
Oriffith is laying hia plana for a aeries of
contests In passing and punting for com
mencement week. Two teama ran signal
practice yesterday and the men displayed
lots of pepr"" despite the warm weather.
The addition or the strong freshmen re
cruits has encouraged Coach Oriffith and
Captain Gross. A tackle from the fresh
men clsss by the name of Hanson has
proved the find of the spring in his ability
to boot the ball. He can kick it farther
than any of the varsity men and la ex
pected to prove a second Kirk.
The fact that a large number of foot ball
men have been Interested In other sports
has been a decided handicap to Coach
Griffith. Quarterback Stewart la captain
of the base ball team and has not been able
to report at all for the pig akin practice.
Wagner, the ei-weat high star has been
running signals at quarter, the position he
played oo last fall's freshmen team.
Murphy of the freahmen eleven and Alder
man are both on the freshman track team
and can practice Irregularly.' Ehret has
been unable to report on account of heavy
school work and many of the other foot
ball players are on the track and base ball
aquada. so that the foot ball practice haa
been held under difficulties.
The prospects for the second anniiul in
terscholaristlc field meet a week from to
day are good. Many more schools have
been heard from thla year than last and
the fact that the freahmen or Iowa and the
University of Chicago are to clash will
materially aid the Interest In the event
over the state.
The board of control of athletica ia atlll
undecided over a track coach for neit year.
i i poeaioie mat no aelection will be
made until net fall. Harold Thomas of
iob urove ia si ill one of the prominent
Automobiles and Accessories
Matt he son
1818 Firnam St.
Pope Hartford
Henry H. Van Brunt
Council BtBf.s, Itwi.
Brush's Misterpiece
24th Hear Firum.
WIH10TE Steamer
Wood's Electric
2024 Firaam St.
Jl 750 Fully Equipped -4 Cyl., 40 H. P.
W. L. HUFFMAN & CO., 1824 Firmm St.
2044-46-48 Firnata St.
J m Detroit Electric
Atlantic and Council Bluffs, Iowa
P F IMIK Distribattr Wttero Neb.
V.I.LUUn, notramam t.
2 Cylinder, 24 Horsepower, 4 Cylinder, 30
Horsepower. Boson Magneto
y tvenlnl,
Haa Klsaee- to Meet Joe Jea.ette, (be
Colored Fishier.
rB.rv iukii, Alay s.-8audy Ferguson,
me uosion neavye.ela-ht. who sailed for
England last week, has already been aigned
up lor a ngnt on llie oiher side. He haa
been eecured to meet Joe Jeanette. the
colored fighter, for twenty rounds, at a,
boxing show to take place before the
tirque ae raria, at Paris. Salurda
May IB.
jewneue is confident thai h our. i..
Fergueon. and aa soon as he heard that j
,..u, una sauea rrom thla country for
Kngland he had his manager, Dan Mc
Ketrlek. clinch the match. Tlieae big fel
lows ought to put up a ratiling fast battle.
Interest la ion la tkr II area S.-hed-
letf lor Neat tear.
NEW VORK. May Oare.i.n ar I
greatly InterealeJ In the coming interni
Uonal regatta whlca will 1 held i.n the
Zambesi river above Victoria falls. South I
Africa, In 110. Ii la expected that crewa '
from ail parts of the orld will c.mpet l
in the chaniplonsl.il. and the list la jie
10 include several representative teams
from Greater New York The regatta will
be managed by the British South ' Afrlc
company, with Guy Nkkalla, the famous
oarsmen, in supervision of the detaJla.
FREELAND BROS. & ASHLEY. 1102 Firoii St.
914 Jonts St.
1115-17 Farnam St.
Pioneer Implement Co.
Ca unci Blutfs, Iowa.
Wood's Electric
2024 Farnam St.
Wa L. Huff insn & Gil - simiiiiiM
KupmaQiie J a a
114 rirsimll.
H. E. Fredrickson Automobile Go.
t044-4-4Fsrnsm St.
Plsrc, Rapid,
Deright Automobile Co.
Henry H. Van Brunt
Yelii, Ovsrlind.
1814-16 Firnin
Overland, Pope
Council Bluffs, tewa.
GUY L. SMITH, 310-12 S. 19th SL
Goit Automobile Co.
2025 Farnam St.
Steverrc-Duryea, Cadillac, Stanley Steamer.
SOft Farnam Street.
See Waal Ada are Business iioostrrs.
MuiAM E7Iw.m Fu'.l Equipped S1I50. Competes
al IWII riyvS with aZ.auu ears.;;t;i;.'B'll,.,h.
Hartman Motor Car Co.
Office 653 Brandals Bli.
Car of High Clearance
International Harvester Co.
801 Capitol Arenui
Atlantic and Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Northwestern Automobile School Z!Z S
drirlnf ia ep-ta-data cars. Wrltt us. Omaha Commercial College Bide., Omaha. Neb.
OMAHA SCHOOL " Mmm E,,r&, !r,.,p""
Phones-Red 5338 A-1432.
2411 Leavenworth Street, Omaha, Keb.
Central Tire & Rubber Co.
The Firestone Tire
2127 Farnam St.
Tlior Motorcycle
Nebraska Cycls Company
Car. 15th and Harney
Merkel Motorcycle
Built For Cimfert an. Duraalllt)
1622 Capital Auoaa.
Win, H. Pfeiffer & Son
All Vehicles CfarbauleJ
25to Avenue lot
Leavenworth Street.
Kemper, Hemphill & Buckingham
14 euOi I3H St Telsehene Deu. 7
Auta Lamps.
Repairs d

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