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r U Pet, 61 1QTH flQIM KIACH A 1. 1. DrfT lid. A-114I
Values up to $3.00 por pair
Women's Modish
Very seldom do people of Omaha have such an opportunity to buy fine thread silk hose at
the prices we are going to sell them Saturday morning.
Over 300 pairs' to select from, all sizes, all colors and black. Worth up to $3.00 per pair,
Saturday commencing at 9 A .M., per pair $1.19.
Now Summer
Suits have
The daintiness and charm of these new
Summer Suits will appeal to every wo-
v -i i ? 3 ' j; j
'f man wno seess exciusiveness ana muivia-
Hn uality of dress. "Worthy of special notice
are the
New Wash Suits.
New Wash Dresses. v
New Wash Skirts.
New Wash Coats.
Two-piece Summer Suits at $5.00 and
Hundreds of new and stylish garments
at low prices.
Saturday Men's Pajamas 75c a Suit. Women's Dainty Waists Dutch Necks.
These pajamas that we want you to know about are - The new waists have beep coming everyday for the
made of soft finished percales in neat stripes and fig- past six weeks, so that now we are in a position to
ured 'effects, with button fastenings. Has all the ap- show you all that is really new In high class waists,
pearances of a $1.25 pajama; limited supply in Sat- Come Saturday and see the correct styles,
urday's sale at a suit 75c. , ' - Second floor.
Saturday will be Handkerchief Day at
the Bargain Square
If you are going to need handkerchiefs at any time between now and next summer; Satur
day will be your opportunity to lay n a supply at very small cost.
A Sale of Great Interest to Both Women and Men.
Women's all linen' initial handkerchiefs, fine ' Men's all linen hemstitched handkerchief's,'
value at 10c. In Saturday's sale E-r I good value at 15c. In Saturday's
at, each JC sale at, each . ,x f. C-'
See Howard Street Windows. Basement. f
. " ' Automobile and Furniture Dusters. v
This Duster has no equal for taking up the dust. Can be UBed on the most highly polished surface
without leaving a scratch. An excellent duster for Automobile owners, does the work quickly and thor
oughly. Saturday in the Basement, $1.00 each. Ask to see it.
South Dakota May Raise Enough
Money from Land.
Iwr.aM In Valae of Educational
- RmrTM Gives Promise of that
Aatoaal Within , Few
PIERRE, 8. D., May 14.-(Speolal.)-The
ales of state school lands this year mnkt
food showing for the state, when It Is
considered that the prices received were
for absolutely raw prslrls lands. Cultivated
lands In the same vicinity are held at (mm
$10 to 126 an acre higher, according to Im
provements. The sales this year bring; a
total of ISBU7196. to the fund, with an av
erage price of til an acre. The sales by
counties were: Aurora. CM acres, at an av
erage of $3.1; Charles Mix. 2,41 acres, at
$44.86 Clark, 8.477 acres, at $37.68; Day, 1.6s
acres, at 138.02; Douglas, 861 acres, at $16.70;
Gregory, 6.238 acres, at $39. 75; Jerauld. 3LD
acres, at $38.37; Miner, 1.480 acres, at $40.97;
Minnehaha, 1,110 acres, at $57.72; Sanborn,
80 acres, at $40; Bplnk, S.Z1S acres, at $45.23.
This Is a general average, of, $41 for tho
sales over tha whole stata.
With the rest of the landa of the state
sold st anywhere near the average fur
this year, the total school fund will go over
$100,o$0,000. and will bring a revenue which
will practically maintain the schools of the
state without local taxation. If the people
of the state vote at the next election for
leasing of lands for sgrlculural purposes,
the lease price will go to a point which
will bring in a higher revenue. It may be
possible that some legislature In the fu
ture will prohibit the further sales of such
lands, in case the fund reaches a figure
where Its profitable Investment become a
question'' of concern.
The stata will this year distribute over
$00,000 to the schools as the Income from
the permanent fund, and the mbney re
ceived from leases In future years will In
crease that sum. Some of the schools of
tha state are now being maintained through
this fund, and the number will Increase
each year as the amount of the fund In
creases, and In each such Instance there
will be no local taxation for school pur
poses. Up to the present the state has paid
$4,500,000 to tha schools of the state its the
Income from the state lands, and it will
not be long until the Income will reach
$1,000,000 a year at the present rate of In
crease, and It the claims of the advocates
of leases for cultivation come anywhere
near making good if that plan Is adopted.
the Income will run to a far larger annual!
sum than that In a short time.
If the state can eliminate school taxes
It will mean that the rate of taxation in
South Dakota will be the lowest of any
state in the union, as the educational tax
Is generally the highest of any of the
taxes levied.
Woman Kills Man;
Gives Herself Up
Wealthy Oklahoma Widow Aiki to
v Be Arrested Body it Found
in Yard.
LYONS, Kan.. Msy k 14.-Mrs. Myrtle
Brewer, a widow, the daughter of wealthy
psrents at kittle River, a small town
near here. Is In Jn 11 here, having confessed
to killing Frederick Am, a bridge carnen
ter. The case Is a strsnge one.
Mrs. Brewer visited the marshal s offl
at Little' River yesterday and said he had
killed a man and asked to he locked up
Officers who Investigated found the body
of Am In the yard of Mrs. Brewer- home.
He hd been shot through the heart and
the bullet evidently had been fired from a
window In Mrs. Rrewer's house. The
woman refused tn offer any explanation ex
cept to assort that Arn had annoyed her
and that she wns Justified tn killing him.
She had borrowed a revolver from a friend
the clay before. The community Is greatly
exalted over the shooting and Mrs. Brewer
was brought here and placed In jail.
All that Mrs. Brewer would say tnday
of the shooting was that when she was
putting her young daughter to bed she
saw a man crouching on the' roof and
peering Into the window. She fired arid
the man disappeared. The next morning
Arn's dead body was found. Mrs. Brewer
s the daughter of B. P. Troy, an old resi
dent. She Is separated from her husband.
Arn was 38 years old.
y Saturday Candy Special. . 1
. -BaldufCs delicious kjpera Cream Caramels, regular
price 40c a pound, Saturday at, a pound only. . .20
' W. B. " Erect Form Corsets.
They are cozy, modish and shapely garments In
which every dictate' of fashion is apparent. They in
flict no strain on the hips, still giving the sloping lines
so much desired this season. A certain style for each
figure. Prices from $1.00 to $3.00 each.
Women's Dressing Sacqiies. ; . I
Dainty styles to slip on for comfort sake. We an
nounce' for Saturday a complete showing of Dressing
SacQues and short Kimonos.
White lawn sacques trimmed with dainty lace aC
each $1.00.
White lawn sacques trimmed with embroidery at;
each $2.50, $1.50 and $1.25.
Dainty figured lawn sacques at each $1.00, 75c
and 85c.
Blue, tan, and pink sacques wjth colored figures,
made with square neck and belt at, each $1.00.
Special prices on "Yvette" Hair Goods, Saturday.
See the new
summer cos
ttcmea in. our 16th
street windows.
See the real
lace finery in our ,
16th St. Window.
Soath Dakota Physician Faces Crim
inal Charge of Man
, slaaabter.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., May 14. (Special.)
The trial of the most Interesting criminal
case to be disposed of during the present
term of state circuit court In this' city Is
now tik progress. The defendant Ise Dr.
Mllo B. Sttne of tha ifttle town of Crooks,
who Is charged with manslaughter In con
nection wtlh the traglo death of Mrs. Wil
liam prooks, who died as the result of an
operation. Those who are prosecuting Dr.
Silne charge that the death of the woman
was due to the manner in which he per
formed the operation. Not for years has
a case been so hotly contested in the cir
cuit court of this county. The defendant Is
represented at the trial by Attorneys D. J,
Conway of Sioux Falls and Patrick H
O'Donnell of Chicago. The case Is being
prosecuted by State's Aittorney Danfurth
assisted by R, W. Parltman and C, P
Bates, local attorneys, who were engaged
as special counsel by the parents of tho
dead woman. A number of physicians
have been summoned as witnesses and the
case will be decided largely upon their
Sioux City Liquor.
Dealers Caugh t
Twenty-Eight Are Arrested on Charge
' of Selling Whisky to Winae
; bag-o Indians.
; SIOUX CITT. May M.-Uslng a Winne
bago Indian as a decoy, T. E. Brent, a
.special government agent, secured evidence
by means of which he today caused the
arrest of twenty-eight Sioux City liquor
dealers on a charge of selling whisky to
Indiana. The minimum penalty In each
case Is $2ufr fine and a year In the county
VIM of State of Mississippi to Battle-
' skip Contains Slaty-Three Plrees
and Coats ST.aOO.
, ' PHILADELPHIA. May 14. - Carefully
packed and under closs guard the magnlii
rtent stiver aervlce for the " United' Slates
battleship Mississippi was shipped from
this city today to Meridian, Miss. The
service, which was made by a Philadelphia
jewelry house, was on public view In the
art gallery of the company all this wet-k.
It will be placed on exhibition In Meridian
on Monday for a week and will then be
taken to Jackson for public view,, after
which it will be transferred to Puscagoula.
where on June 1 it will be presented to the
big battleship.
Mora than the usual Interest waa at
ached to tha service while on view be
cause of the criticism relative to the en
graving of the portrait of Jefferson Davis
on one of the larger pieces of the set.
The service contains 63 pieces, weighs
about 2,600 ounces and cost $7,300. The
punch bowl has engraved on one side a
picture of the battleship Mississippi, which
was launched In Philadelphia In IS06, and
on the opposite side a picture of the old
U. 8 S. Mississippi, also built In Phila
delphia In lfcU and sunk by Confed
erate batteries In the civil war. Admiral
Dewel was executive officer of the ship
when destroyed. Mrs. Eunice Miller Lock
wood, of Crystal Springs, Miss., whose
father waa commander of the old Mis
sissippi, waa instrumental In raising the
funds for the silver service of the new
Mississippi and will formally turn it over
to the governor of Mississippi.
Elaborate Public Welcome Arranged
for Emperor aad Party at
Aastrlaa Capital.
VIENNA, May 14. The German emperor,
accompanied by the empress, reached
Vienna this morning from Pola, where they
arrived an the Imperial yacht Hohensollera
yesterday and were given a hearty and
elaborate public welcome. Emperor Francis
Joseph and all the Austrian archdukes and
archduchesses met their majesties at the
southern railroad station. The greetings
between the two monarchs were excep
tionally cordial, as also was the ovation
accorded them by the Immense crowds that
had gathered on the streets through which
the visitors drove In an open carriage to
the Vienna Hofburg. Rain somewhat
marred the effect of lavish decorations
along the route, but there waa no mistaking
the warmth of the demonstration. Aus
trian gratitude gues out to the German
sovereign for the unfaltering support which
enabled tha dual monarchy to score such
a notable success in Vie late Balkan crisis.
Emll Oberhoffer. director of the Minne
apolis Symphony Orchestra, has been
called the poet mualclan. His orchestra
Is one of the five greatest In the worlcE
- (Continued from First Psge.)
Second Term for Forgery.
SIOUX FALLS, 8. D., May 14. (Special.)
Chris Emercon, a young man from Lake
county, who only recently was released
from the Sioux Falls, penitentiary after
serving a term for forging notes In Lake
county and who within a few hours after
being reelaaed from prison passed worth
less checks on several Sioux Falls merch
ants, again Is occupying his old quarters
at the penitentiary. His trial in the circuit
court on ' the new charge of forgery re
sulted tn Ms conviction of forgery In the
second degree and Judge Jones sentenced
him to a term of five years In the peni
tentiary. The severity of the sentence was
due to the fact that Emerson did not at
tempt to mend his ways after serving one
term for forgery, but at the first" opportu-
nity committed other crimes of the same
' 41 I I, tauJ I I Jar 1 t4 J f i T I
Wa art all resolved that we will drink only
.HEsasrafll basics
Best Natural Laxative Water
And so preserve our food health and dear complexions.
some time notwithstanding the senator
from New Tork.
limalM' Amenduieat Defeated.:
The Oummlns amendments reducing the !
duty on round Iron and slabs one-tenth of
1 cent was then voted on and defeated on
a roll call by a vote of 35 to 42. Senator
McEnery (La.), democrat, voted with' the
republicans -against- the amendment, 'and
Senators Beverldge, Borah, Brlstow, Brown,
Burkett, Clapp, Crawford, Cummins, Dol
llver, L Folletta and Nelson with the
democrats for It.
Seeking free trade In ail farming imple
ments and tools used by carpenters and
blacksmiths, Mr. McLaurln (Miss.) offered
a namendment exempting from duty of the
only aritcles made of Iron and. steel, such
as trace chains, hammers, screws and door
hinges. The amendment was defeated on
a roll call. The vote was 62 against and 22
in favor.
"I see that the republican party Is now
reunited." said Mr. Bailey when the vote
waa announced, "and I ant unanimous con
sent that on Monday next a vote may be
taken on the Income tax amendment."
Mr. Aldrtch requested Mr. BaHey to
change his amendment to provide for a
vole on the tariff bill and all amendments
on June 1, which the latter sakl he fa
vored. Mr. Nelson (Minn.) objected to Mr. Bai
ley's request, saying he was opposed to In
cluding an Income tax In the tariff bill
unless It was necessary for revenue pur
poses. On motion of Mr. Aldrich the senate
agreed to meet at 10 o'clock dally, begin
ning Monday.
Harry Swains of Wlrklta Sold to
Osaaka aad la Now oa His
War Hera.
WICHITA. Kan., May It-Manager Hol
land of the Wichita Western league club
notified Pitcher Harry Swalm today that
he had been sold tu Omaha. He will leave
John Oliver Sines.
BOONE, la.. May lv (Special Telegram.)
John Oliver Bines, a prominent Boons
contractor, painter and decorator, died last
night after two weeka' Illness of paeu
monla. Tha funeral will be held Sunday
afternoon. For many years he was an offl
clal of the Northwestern railway.
Raymond Serva.
Raymond Serva, son of Mrs. Anna Serva
01 Battle Creek, Neb., died of acute appen
(Ileitis at St. Joseph's hospital Thursday.
The body Is now at the Heafey undertak
lng rooms and will be sent home for burial
Special Twenty-third yeany piano sale
until May l to reauce tne stocx: so per
cent discount off regular prices. Bourlclu
Piano House, 136 Broadway, Council Bluffs.
Nebraska Gets
Lower Coal Rate
Commerce Commission Makes Badical
Keduction in Charge from
Illinois to Wausa.
WASHINGTON, May 14.-A radical reduc
tion from $5.20 to $2.70 per ton In the rates
of bituminous coal from Sterling, 111., to
Wausa, Neb., was ordered today by the
Interstate Commerce commission. Com
plaint was made that the rate of the Chi
cago &' Northwestern railway was excess
ive and unreasonable, which the commis
sion sustained.
South Omaha Man
Caught in the Act
MAKSHALLTOWN, la., May 14 (Spo-
clal.-A man giving the name of John Arm
strong and South Omaha as his home was
arrested by the police early this morning
while in the act of attempting to enter the
home of Fred M. Wilbur. The family was
away, xselghbors saw Armstrong break
Into the summer kitchen, then they tele
phoned for the police. House breaking
tools, were found on him when he waa ar
rested. He has been seen in the city be
fore and the police believe It was he who
committed many successful house-breaking
jobs in this city during the last three
(Continued from First Page.)
This section as visited by a good rain lust
night, the first this spring. It will do
great good and give everything a good
start, NThe tytgh winds this spring have
done a little dumage to the wheat, but It
still looks good.
G'AAND ISLAND, May 14. (SpecUil.)-
The drouth of the IuhI six weeks in this
vicinity was Lroken last night by a fine
rain measuring .47 of an Inch. A trace of
hall fell, but no damage. A local paper
has reports this morning that the rain was
general over a territory of twenty miles,
though in a few places the fall was re
ported somewhat lighter.
Net Iteanlt of Itemarkaltle Accident
la 1'oar Killed, and Two &eri-
ously lujured.
LIEGE, Belgium. May 11. A remarkable
and fatal automobile accident occurred
here today. While one machine was try
ing to pass another on the road It skidded
against a wall and crushed the life out of
two children who were passing at the
time. The car then was .carried by Its
own power down an embankment and
thrown against a passing railroad train.
It was a heavy machine and aa It crashed
Into the train two passengers were seri
ously Injured, whl'e the chauffeur and the
owner were killed. The car Itself was re
duced to matQh wood.
Colby's Sob Arrested.
NORTH PLATTE. Neb., May 14. (Spe
cial.) The young son of General Colby of
Beatrice was arrested here last night with
another boy associate. They are charged
with breaking Into two cabooses In the
Grand Island Union Pacific yards and
stealing revolvers, clothing and several
other articles. Both confessed shortly
sfter their arrest. Colby, who Is a lad of
16 or 17, seems unconcerned over the affair.
and Teases
the Appetite
"Tho Test Lingers)"
rssalar ski. lie; Large F sally slzt lie.
Sold by Grocers.
Missouri Lea-lalatare Fixes Time for
Adjournment at Slay Sev
senate today concurred In the Joint resolu
tion passed by the house yesterday and
fixing the time for sine die adjournment
at noon of May 17. The action practically
dooms the prohibition measure, as the con
ference committee on that bill has been
unable to agree.
The conference reports on the prohibition
measure were filed In both houses, but no
action was taken in either: The committee
simply stated Its Inability to agree. Pro
hibition leaders are convinced that their
only hope of getting a vote on the subject
at the next election lies In tha Initiative
and referendum amendment passed last
The defeat of the antl-pass and public
utilities commission bills waa foreshadowed
when the senate refused to suspend the
rules in prder to give these measures Im
mediate consideration. Both were urged
by Governor Hadley and the republican
senators tried hard to have them brought
jp, d spite the adverse committee reports
recorded asalntt them. The democratic
majority, however. Insisted that the bills
should take the regular order. Whether
they will be reached before the adjourn
ment is problematical.
J ust Received
. 200 Suits
In all the leading styles and colors values up
to $30.00 your ehpice Saturday
only i
GOO Skirts
Panamas, series, fancy mixtures, white mohairs, J
plaited and French gores values from $5.00
to $0.00 your choice Saturday, only
100 Heatherbloom Underskirts In "black, blue, brown and
fancy stripes; valuvs Hp to $2.50; your unrestricted $ 1 on
choice Saturday, only . leuO
JsTsTaSBW'" m
" I '
and 16th Sis
9 P. M.
TF you want a profitable
farm in Texas here's your
1 142 acres; or will divide into small
farms. Plentiful water supply. Crops
and profits on Texas farms make north
ern farmers wonder if such things can be.
Values , advancing steadily. I bought for myself,
butTgood times have boomed my business here and I
- cannot afford to go to Texas now. Write for partic
ulars. They will interest you.
I will sell on time but will not consider a trade. I
would not own any other farm after seeing this one.
Located three miles from a large town.
' Address: F. J. Ringler
1571 Polk Street
Chicago, 111.
Till Wed. Cllay 19th
Big Store Heavily Overstocked
Don't Buy fer the Present-Watch for Particulars
he had chartered and loaded with a supply
of groceries, being also at the time the
president of a large wholesale grocery es
tablishment here. The Alps was wrecked
off the Honduras coast, but Adler and
others on board managed to reach shore.
After remaining In Honduras for some
months, Adler returned voluntarily to New
Orleans to face trial.
The Weather.
FOR NEBRASKA Partly cloudy In went,
showers In east portion Saturday; cooler In
eat portion Saturday.
lemperaiure ai uraarn jumt-iimj .
5 a. m. .
6 a. ni..
8 a.
9 a. m.
10 a. m.
11 a. m.
12 m....
1 p. m
. . . . i'l
.... 65
.... 6
.... 67
.... 59
.... SS
.... tW
.... 70
2 p. m 74
In. m
4 p. m
p. m. .......
p. m.
7 p. m..
I p. m
p. m
'rues. I
mors. I
1st. lar.st 1
May 17-1-19-M
ones: Doug. ltu; lnL. A-l
It Hits ths Heart.
un. Only "THB DBTIX."
May 17-ls-lB-Mrs. FIhKs In Salvation nan;
May JO-::-22-Sliubrt s Co. Ths Hlue Mousa
THREE NIOHT 8 Commencing
Monday. May 17. with Wednesday Matinee.
' A Divine Comsdy of that Slums"
Harrison Urey Klske Presents
Mrs. Fiskc
and the Manhattan Company In
"Salvation Nell"
Stomach Trouble.
Your tongue is coated.
Your breath is fouL
Headaches come and go.
These symptoms show that
your stomach is the trouble. . To
remove the cause is the first thing:,
and Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets will do that Easy
to take and most effective.
Electrical Show
. Friday Will Be I ,
Saturday Will Be
Wonderful Demonstrationa and Fine
Mimic Every Afternoon and Evening;.
Admission Ad alts 8Bo Children ISO.
0H1L L
President of Failed New Orleaaa Baak
ioBVit-trd of Mtaapplrlac
NEW ORLEANS, May 14. The Jury In
tha case of William adler, president of the
defunct Stata National bank, charged with
misapplying the funds of the bank, today
brought In a verdict of guilty. Sentence
was deferred.
Adler whs Indicted on seventy-two counts
for the alit-ged embt-salemj? nt of the funds
of that Institution to the amount of more
than '" The trial lamed nearly a
A few days before the rrash of the State
National came, Adler left New Orleans
for Honduras on llui steamer Aij'S, which
Hotel Rome
Summer Garden
connecting' With
Rome's Vineyard
will open
May 15
The Paxton Cafe
14th aad rarnata St. .
Ta ropala Oaia of Omaaa
Prompt service, reasonable prices, and
frfect appointments Uis reasons of
is popularity.
By ordering half portions at ths
"Paxton" you get mors variety without
adding to ths cost.
"atset Teas Crlsad at aa raxtoa"
MAY 12. 13, 14 and 15
All lunaw Eatragsment of
Weak Starting Honda? afatlnse, May la,
Scats Mow Boiling.
NOTE Curtain 8:10 Sharp.
I) O I' li L E BILL
Amateur hliow Afu-r the l'rofefcslonal.
fulcra I Oc, 2V & SOc.
LYRIC Theater
Dickerman School of Acting
In a Triple BUI of Bhort Flaya
Brut-fit of .
Union Ixdge 110 Royal Arbatea
Admission g&o aad I Ho

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