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lion City Laces
We are the exclusive selling
; agents in Omaha for the
famous Zion City and
Elyria Wash Laces both
being manufactured in this
country are free from the
00 duty imposed on for
eign made laces. They're
not only the best but the
most economical to buy. .A
grand clearing up sale of
these laces Monday; 10c to
20c values at, per
Including Plat Vala. German
Vals and Mechlin Patterns. Great
New Lots of Snowy Undermuslins at Matchless Bargains
From the EDWARDS MANUFACTURING STOCK. Values never surpassed in any
store in the land. Opportunities for profitable buying seldom if ever equaled in Omaha.
All most beautiful new designs of
the very highest order of excel
lence in workmanship and qual
ity; garments in these lots ac
tually worth to $7.50; on sale In
three big lots -
at 1.50 S1.08 $2.98
In almost endless assortment' of
dainty designs with deep lace in
- sertlon and embroidery flounces
actual values up to $3.00 on sale
in three lots
at 49k 690 and 980
Extra Specials In Sheets, Pillow
Doing In close touch with every
lung iiukui at a lower price uiau
All $1.25 sheets, size 81x90
each 85
All $1.10 Sheets, size 81x90
each 75
All $1.00 Sheets, 81x90, each
each 69
There's a Splendid Saving for You in
This Week's Furniture Specials
i mi
Look for the Blue Tags, they
Indicate extra specials.
FAIL TO Visit the Drapery Dept. Monday
200 samples of lace curtains to
select from. - Silk drapes made to
Brussel Net Lace Curtains with
elaborate designs that sold at
$12.60, go, at $0.08
Corded Arabian Curtains la from
J to pair of pattern, 'V of reg
ular price Monday.
Novelty Lace Curtains in neat pat
terns that sold at $3.50 pair
Wash Goods, White Goods and AH
in Our famous
A fair quality apron cnetks.u C
A good Quality apron check. 3
Best quality apron checks. . . .5
11 He and 15c printed organdies
at 5e
16c printed batiste 7tf
lc and 26c Wash Goods .. 1(C
10c Dimity Checks 5
Httc Shrunk Indian Head Muslin
for 7Ht
I5e and !c Lingerie White Novel
ties, at 10
J 60 Pongees 15?
80c Pongees IOC
Table Oil Cloth, all colors.. 15
Table Oil Cloth, marble or white,
t '.1GC
High Grade Wash Goods Dept.
An entirely new line of fine wash goods just arrived
bought late at away down prices. New batistes, new Egyptian
tissues, new Alberta satins, new India bordered pongee, new
Poistella pleases, new shirtwaist madras, new organdies, new
sateen foulards, new silk printed tissue. All the new silk
mercerized novelties of the late spring and early summer
weaves also a new line of English, French and Scotch- ging
hams all on sale in this department.
From 0 to 11 A. M. 100 pieces of Anderson's best Madras Ginghams, on
sale, at, yard 150
100 pieces of Anderson's Zephyrs, worth 25c, at 12V0
From 2 to 4 P. M. All 16c Batiste 100
All 60c Silk Organdies, (printed) -3740
All 39c and 60c Silk Mulls, plain and dotted, all colors, at, yard. .17 HO
Mail orders filled till Thursday.
Actual values up to $3.50. Scores
of pretty d signs, in low neck,
short sleeve or high neck, long
sleeve effects. Values never be
fore equalled at sale prices
49 69 98 91.50
Odd lots and samples, trimmed
with embroidery and wash rib
bons; actual values up to $1, your
choice, Thursday at 25
8:80 to 0:30 A. M.
Corset Covers and Drawers, sam
ples and odd lots, values to 75c
Cases, 8ei Spreads in our High Grade Linen Dept. Monday
eastern manufacturer of note, wo are In a position to supply your Bed-
uuj oliht nouse in imiana.
All 85c Sheets, size 81x90
each 59
All 65c Sheets, size 81x90
each 49
All 95c Sheets, size 72x90
each 75
All 90 Sheets, size 72x90
each 65
All 86c Sheets, size 72x90
each 59
All 79c Sheets, flze 72x90
each 55
All 60c Sheets, size 72x90
each 39
Here's Just three of the many
Monday specials.
$12.00 Princess Dresser, like cut,
all solid oak with two large
drawers and fine large plate
mirror, finely finished and a
great snap at Monday's sale
Price $8.50
Itaby Carriages and Go-Carts
Qualities and assortments that
Insure satisfactory selection. Spe
cial this week, a tine Collapsible
Cart complete with hood, any
color at, choice $5.50
Tlds 925.00 Bed Davenport, full
Bteel construction In fabricold,
substantial oak frame, finely fin
ished, a dandy, sale price
at $10.75
Sweeping Price Reductions on
Brass and Iron Beds all this week.
at $1.80
Rope Portieres for double doors,
Chenille Cord and heavy Festoon
Drape that sold at $5.00 go Mon
day, each ; $3.50
Tapestry Portieres in odd pairs
that sold as high as $7.50, in
one lot for, pair $3.08
Imported Madras, 45-inch wide,
that sold at $1.25 yard, Monday,
at 080
Kinds ot Sheetings, Flannels, ttc,
Dcn estic Room
xi-ot. Oram Sacks, worth 2 Sc
at 1GKC
14-oz. Grain Sacks, worth 30c
at I84
lo oz. Grain Sacks, worth 35c
at SIC
Vod Percales, 36-lu. wide, fast col
ors IOC
Percales, 36-In. wide, fast
colors ......1 7HC
li. ..scales, 36-ln. wide, fast col
or, at .
ltttc India Linons 5
15 India Linons 7'C
19c India Linons IOC
.--SiL iii Jia Long Cloths.. 7)1
See our time sales.
in one lot, at, each 15
0:30 to 10:30 A. M.
Big assortment of samples and odd
lots, values to $1.50, all in one
big lot at 59
10:30 to 11:30 A. M.
Skirts, worth up to $8.00 Made
extra long and full great snap,
at. each . . 98
Scores of other splendid Muslin
Underwear bargains that could not
be 'shown Thursday on account of
the size of the stock, will be offered
from day to day. Watch 16 th St.
All 14c Pillow Cases, size 42x36
each JO
All 17c Pillow Cases, size 45x36
each 11
All 20c Pillow Cases, size 42x36
each 14
All 20c Pillow Cases, size 45x36
each 14
One hundred high grade imported
Dimity Bed Spreads, $6 values
Monday, while they last at,
each $2.98
All Mail Orders filled with care.
Second Big
From the Alexander
Compare These Qualities
$11.00 Brussels Rugs Ten wire
quality, 6x9 size, 20 patterns to
select from, at, choice. .$6.50
$12.50 Brussels Rugs Ten wire
seamless, 7-6x9 size, 15 patterns
to select from, at, choice $7.98
$15.00 Brussels Rugs Nine wire
quality, seamless and 9x11 size,
big range of patterns. . .$9.98
$18.00 Roxy Brussels Rugs, 9x12
size, big line of patterns for se
lection; on sale, choice $13.98
Don't Borrow Your Neighbor's
Curtain Stretchers, or pin your
curtains to the floor. See the
bass wood stretchers Mondav,
at 98c
Big Drop in Hardware
14-ln. Hardaaad Stil $9 Livb
Mowr. at sa.89
fg.OO Ball Bearing guaranteed
Lawn Mower, at 84.49
Grass Catchers, all sizes
at 3o and 49o
Guaranteed (in writing) Pure
Kubber Harden Hose
at....lOo, latio and ISo foot
We have Garden Hose tor 60,
7ViO and 8VsO
4-Quart Zlno Ross Sprinkler,
one day, at ISo
10-pound capacity Ice Boies
for $9.85
Extra large boxes (or 913.60,
915.00 and 817.60
W carry the White Mountain
brand Ice Boxes "the chest
with the chill in If 20 years
the standard.
Beit titeel Wire Nails, per keg
100 pounds at, lb 8 We
8-oot Ceiling Feather Dusters,
each lse
Woven Wire Carpet Beaters,
each lOo
Padded Sleeve Boards, each lOo
Bcourini Cleanser, lbc cans, at.
each ...6a
Square Western Washer, the
old reliable, for 93-94
Round Western Washer, the
old reliable, for 83.98
l(-gallun heavy Galvanized
Garbage Cans, with cover and
drop handles, soldered insl le
only 8183
12-k-allon slxe Garbage Cam,
only Mo
ll.su Steel Wheel Roller Skates
at 8So
Is 58 Boys' Wooden Coaster
Wagou .84-48
Be Sure and Attend Our
Famous Time Sales
No mail orders filled on time sales
From 8 to 8: IS A. M.
1 case of 8c bleached Muslin, 10 yds.
limit 3?i
From O to 0:30 A. M.
1 case of IVt c Turkish Towels, bleached,
4 towels limit, each 3
From 10:15 to 10:80 A. M.
1 case of 72x90 bleached seamed sheets
made of Lockwood, regular price 56c
each, 4 sheets limit, at, each. . . .26
From 3 to 2:30 P. M.
1 case of $1.25 Cotton Blankets, very
large and very fine; 2 pairs limit, at,
pair G8
From 8 to 8: 15 P. M.
1 case of heavy unbleached Pillow Cas
ing, regular price is 15c yard, 10 yds.
limit, at, yard 990
From 4 to 4:80 P. M.
1 case of 12V4c and 16c printed wash
goods, 10 yards limit, at, yard. . . .50
1 case of 19c large, double wash towels,
19c quality, 4 towels limit, each.H
Pearl Buttons 2jc Doz.
See the line of Pearl Buttons, all
sizes, suitable for underwear and
children's garments, matchless
values at Monday's price. .2C
1 10c Pearl Buttons, dozen 34
10c Pearl Buttons, dozen 5
Big job of Pearl Buttons, dozen. . . .1
24-inch Hair Rolls 19
Finest quality, every one guaranteed
perfect, the biggest values ever offered
in Omaha.
Specials in High Grade
White Goods Z'ZT
A full line of white goods for
graduation dresses, including
French lawns, wash chiffons,
Persian lawns, opera batiste,
mercerized batiste, India linons;
at, a yard from 25c to 98c
St. Gall Emb. Swiss and Batiste in -all
the newest patterns
at, yard. .39 59 69 and 890
Mercerized Batiste in plains, checks and
stripes, regular 50c grade, yard. 30
Flaxon in plains, checks and stripes,
at, yard 39 25 and 19
Irish Dimities in checks and stripes, at,
a yard 39 25 and 18
Mercerized Jacquards and plain Madras
for tailored waists, at, a
yard. . . .39 25 19 and 12 H
Dress linens in all colors, at, a
yard 39 25 and 190
Indian Head Auto Cloth, shrunk,
mushy, yard. 18 15 12 K 100
Shipment of High Class Rugs
& Sons, Great
Boys' Tricycles, 91.68, 91.98
and 92.33
Boys' Iron Wagons, worth $2,
only 91.00
Large size
12-luoth Garden Kane xo
Hue Ho
iNuiural wood finish fancy
bcreen Door, extra tnick liaia
wood, any sUe, easily Wt,itu
13.00; one day only, at.. 8. J J
We are the only store In
Omaha selling a haru wood
bcreen Door 154 liichej tinea
any size, worth 12. uO
for only 91.00
Aojusiauie wi.e aceea
its any window, 83c, 89o
and 35o
ii,..ch extend t feel by 4 Ice
worth 60c each.
Double Galvanized Poultry
Wire, means galvanized be
fore and after woven, it Is
twice as strong, guaranteed
to last 6 years. Wo have the
sole agency for this wire in
Omaha; one day sale, by the
roll, Hi oat So
Anti-rust woven Fly Screen
Wire, one day only So
T riit., ioc size, fine Tot I
Paper 49o
10, 12 and 14-quart new Gal
vanized Water Palls, 16o,
'' U"
Extra heavy new -Galvanlz'd
Tub . ..65o
Medium size 6e
No. 1 size 46o
Knsrr.eled Dish Tans, 15 qt.lSo
Dust Pane
76c Japanned Mall Boxes. .980
20 lbs. best pure
y uiated sugar
Y T lus. best Kolled
Oatmeal Xao
10 bars beat brands Laundry
Soap 26o
Corn Flakes, pkg 7c
1-lb. pa. Culu Water 8 tare q
for 3c
6 lbs. choice Japan Rlce.,25u
Bruiuangelon, Jellycou or
Jellu, pag TViC
24-lb. sacus best Rye Flour
for 75c
Fancy California S e e d e i
Haluins, pkg 6c
Fancy California Muscatel
Cooking Kalslns, lb oc
OH or Mustard baruinea, per
can 4c
16-oz. sifted top can Lu Lu
Scouring boap 6c
Choice No. 1 Dairy Butter,
pur pound 2uc
F.i .i- .10. I Dairy Table But
ter, per lb 23c
Fancy No. 1 Country Cream
ery Butter, per lb 26c
Fancy Full Cream White or
Colored Cheese, per lb. .200
T-r.y Full Crcini trick or
Llinberger, per lb 16o
Most Popular Silks Greatly Underpriced
The superior assortments and values in Monday's showing
establishes us more firmly than ever the leading Silk depart
ment of Omaha. Try here first, it always pays.
$1.00 Foulards at 49c We are
showing immense assortment
of these most popular silk
fabrics at different prices, in
all the scarce colorings, old
rose, d a n u b e, champagne,
wisteria, conard, taupe, etc.;
Monday we offer 50 pieces in
large and small designs
$1.00 qualities, at, ZfQfc
Beautiful hand woven fabrics
10 pieces 27 inches wide, special
bargains, at, yard 59 and 79
$1.50 Black l'oftu de Sole, 36 inches
wide, soft, clinging, snap.. 9g
f 1.50 Black Taffetas, oil boiled. 3G
Inches wide, matchless, yard.95
$1.23 Black Taffeta, oil boiled, 36
inches wide, on sale, yard.. 85
Grand Opening Display Summer Suits ; Dresses
A queenly assortment of the most bewitching style ideas
in which every wish of the graduate, the bride or the sum
New York Ruction
Compare These Qualities
$27.50 Axminster Rugs, big line
of patterns, 9x12 size, on sale,
at ....$19.98
$25.00 Extra Axminster Rugs
8-3x10-6 size, oriental or floral
patterns, at $17.98
$65.00 French Wilton Rugs
Richest new colorings and de
signs, 9x12 size; values you'll
find It impossible to duplicate
at price $49.00
$22.00 Tapestry Brussels Rugs
Seamless, 10 wire, extra heavy,
9x12 size, at, choice. .$15.98
Buy Flour Now While You Have
an Opportunity at This Price
We have our last carload in on the old contract, and will sell
It at 25 per cent less than It Is worth today today this
Flour is worth t4.85 a sack, but as we bought It long be
fore thi last bits advance .t u c st. l to i;Ki the
people of Omaha the benefit. Monday only, per 48-pound
sack of the Highest Patent Flour 9L68
Cane Gran-
We have the goods, quality
and price.
Fresn Spinach, per pack. 7 He
2 bunches Fxesh Asparagus
for 6c
4 bunches Radishes 60
6 bunches Onions 6c
Freth Peas, per quart.... 60
Beets, Carrots or Turnips,
per bunch 4c
1 lbs. fresh Pie Plant.... 6c
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, per
pound 7V0
Fancy Wax or Green Beans,
per lb lOo
Fancy freih Cabbage, lb.. 3c
2 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce
for 6c
Fre.th Parsley, bunch . . . 2 Vj 0
Fresl Cauliflower, lb..,. 6c
TOM cask ma.
Each 6c. 7ttc lc. 12H?
Per doz , 86c, 5c, 81.10. f 1.35
Mason jars for Tour Pine
apples Pint Jars with caps and cov
ers, per dozen tic
Quart jam, with vt and
covers, per dozen 46o
Rough Pongees and Rajahs
We are closing out several
lines of these silks, including
the genuine Rajahs, the very
best sellers we have had this
season. Nice clean goods, no
job lots or seconds. To close
them quick we offer them
Monday at, 59 C
of specially selected qualities.
Silks in Domestic Room, long rem-
nants of the popular new weaves,
for summer. Taffetas, Messallnos,
Peau de Cygnes, stripe and check
silks, Pongees, plain colors and
fancy. Immense assortment for
selection, values to $1 a yard, at,
choice 39 a
mer girl finds fullest expression. There's
not only satisfaction but saving also in
selection from these lines.
Beautiful Wash Suits and Dresses, in linens, rajahs, reps, etc.,
shown in profusion of styles, at $10 $12 $15 up to $50
Women's and Misses' Cotton
Rep Suits, in tans, blues,
pinks and white, all newest
styles values up to $10.00
at S4.95
Several new lots of Tailor Suits, Jackets and Coats just
received from our New York buyer go on sale Monday at won
derful bargains.
100 Sample Tailor Suits $30
and $35 values, all beautiful
new designs, scarcely any
two alike; on sale at, your
choice $19.90
Fifty Handsome .Silk Coats
beauties, in braided effects,
$10.00 Dres Skirts, in French
voile and chiffon panama
seven different styles ; on sale
at, choice $5.95
Wash Dress Skirts of all de
scriptions, up from . .$1.00
$25.00 Silk' Dresses $14.90
Plain colors or fancies, fou
lards, messalines, etc.
A magnificent showing of
the new Dutch Neck Waists.
Splendid values.
10,000 pairs daily. The manufacturing cost is re
duced to the minimum as good materials and work
manship are used as in high cost shoes you get the
benefit. Let us show you the new spring oxford
styles; they're here and we're sole Omaha selling
Our direct Importations enables us to sell Linens at a lower price
than any other house West of Chicago. Specials in our
High Grade Linen Department Monday
All our heavy Irish. Scotch and
German Satin Damask, 72 inches
wide, pure linens, values up to
$1.25 yard, in one lot, Monday,
yard 890
All our high grade, full bleached
dinner Napkins, size 24x24 Inch.
Including values up to $5.00 dos.,
in one lot Monday, special, C
for 81.25
All our High Grade, all linen huck
and Turkish Towels, extra large
Sheeting, Muslins, Heavy Domestics-in ovr Famous Domestic Room
This la the greatest dept. In the
ity and less price than elsewhere
10-4 unbleached muslin, regular
25c grade 17 H?
9-4 Pepperal, genuine article
at IOH 0
Fruit of the Loom, bleached 70
'Lonsdale, Bleached 70
Hope, bleached 6C
Lonsdale Cambric, 15c grade )
Knight's celebrated 12 He Cam
bric, at 80
75e Sheets, 81x90 bleached. 54
69c sheets, 81x90, bleached. 400
59c sheets, 81x90, bleached. 3Hc
65c sheets, 72x90, bleached. 470
Embroidery Insert
inqs. We have too many of these
goods on hand and will make
sweeping price reductions
Monday for quick clearing of
5c Insertings, at, yard.2C
10c Insertings, at, yard 3C
15c Insertings, at, yard. ..5C
tic h
5C )
25c Insertings, at, yard. 10c
$200 Embroideries k9c
Very fine quality of corset
cover or skirting embroid
ery, regular $1.50 and $2.00
values; greatest snap ever
in Omaha, at, yard. . . .49c
Assortments that satisfy
Prices that please
We ask the privilege and pleas
ure of showing you our immense
stock of beautiful summer millin
ery modes. We're certain we can
show you something Just to suit
and save yon 13 per cent to 23
, per cent in iricc.
Women's Wash Suits, worth
up to $12.50; trimmed with
cluny lace' and insertion; all
colors the best values ever,
at $7.50
150 Half Length Covert Jack
ets and White Serge Coats
made to self at $7.50 and
$8.50; on sale Monday at,
your choice $4.95
$15.00 and $18.00 values, all
matchless values at price, $10
Women's and Misses' Jumper
Dresses, $2.00 values; on sale
at, choice 95c
$1.00 Wash Underskirts 49c
Lawn and Lingerie Waists
Values to $2.00, at.1 79c
Shoes selling at from ,
$7.00 to $10.00 the pair
are produced in small
quantities. The manu
facturing cost being
high the selling price
must, be in proportion.
"Queen Quality" shoes
are manufactured in tre
mendous quantities,
size, containing values up to 39c
each, in one lot, Monday, ea.l9
Grand assortment Turkey Red
Table Covers, full size, warranted
fasl colors, assorted patterns
worth $1.75, Monday, each. 980
One hundred pieces high .grade
. Toweling, warranted pure flax,
in Darnsley'B and Hucks, worth
. to 20c yard, Monday, yard. .120
Mall orders filled exactly as ad-
vertlaed while goods last.
west. More goods. Superior qual
69c sheets. 72x90. bleached. 300
60c sheets. 72x90, bleached. 33
Pillow . slips, each 70 100
13 M 0 150 and 100
19c bleaclictd Turkish Towels
at 110
15c bleached Turkish Towels
at 6k
12Vic bleached Turkjah Towels
8t 7H0
12 Hc bleached All Linen Crash
1 QUJ,
10c bleached All Linen Crash
O nt s
at 7H0
See our famous specials.

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