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CITY fRorr.Ri roH iali
BARGAIN Nh-fwm house newly
papered, painted, cement walk, lot flnxlfis,
twelve sheds trees, walking distance; one
and one-balf block from South Twenty
fourth street line. 253 Fierce. Tel. Red
MI, (19 M434 J9
Thin house ha large rcoms. beside
bath and hall: room and bath on first
floor, I bedroom on the second floor, full
basement, thoroughly modern, gas and
rlrtrlr light fixtures, nicely decorated, lnt
la ffxl.V) ft, pavtrtg paid In full; permanent
'dewalka. If ynu are locking for good
li me In e-sy Walking distance, sen this at
r :.
; ASTING3 . HEYDET. 181 iarney St.
. - n?-5 15
: :
Look! - Listen!
IVR day only we offer the full two
torv and attic house. 7 rooms and bath,
at 2tif. Decatur St., for $2,400 or. Phone ua
for permission to look through the house.
Douglas 416. ' ' Dodge St.
. (1 M -867x19
Five-room cottage; half-acre land,
garden and fruit," barn and chlcken
houRej high and sightly. Price $2,000.
.' $14 N. Y. Life Bldg.
Tel. Douglas-6133.
(19)-M35 19
Must Be Sold
A 7-room'm odern house, lot 40150 feet,
hot water heat, cempnt basement, first
class repair; one block to car line; house
been built four years, $3,500. For further
particular! Inquire of
R38 N. Y; l)tfe Hid.
T.la- Dou. or A-gW. M
; Acres, $750,
Florence boulevard, this aide Miller park.
Very sightly bullying sites. Number
limited. , . " - f
Harrison & Morton,
2.712 S. 2th Ave.? 6 room home for you.
lYtce, and terms tp suit you. We want
Suite 624 X. Y. Life Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
. 'Phone Red 1999.
; "GROUND, $8,000.
These two homes have 6 rooms, bath and
hall each, and "- are modern In every
iespet. Should be seen to bo appreciated.
We can sell them separately, but must sell
S3"?' first. There 1s room enough for one
more house, and any one Poking for an in
vestment 'or. a home, will find this a good
purchase. -
HASTINGS 4 HEYDJN.; 1614 Harney 8L
, .,. . . . tl!' 6t6 11 .
We want' large loan on well .located,
rlrai icJiua.clty pj-eperty.
W calt place lartie amounts at low ratea
Meters Trust Company,
. New Korlt LIU building.
U8)-705 Maya
LAKGK. new, mod. 6-r. cottage; corner lot,
l'KtxU I block from car lliu; Irame
dime bnsteislon. Oet a . home on easy
payments from the owner. Doug, 1653 or
...... -,!.. Yl lllAl Jltft Vi?
LIST your property wrth dhrla Boyer, 24
and turning St. U9-623 .
AVE., very, cheap. .Desirable lota 4n
Kountre Place: surprisingly low prices.
Suite (f-4 N. Y.. Life Bldg. Omaha, Neb.
' ... ' .'Phone Red 1999.
(19) M-918-19
NEW ii-room 'Strictly modern house, best
location In city, easy terms.
Suite S24 Y.'LIfe Bldg..
Phone Red MM. . Omaha. Neb.
(19) MH12 1
LEAL .ESTATE LOANS and Insurance
List yoi-.r property with us fcr sale or
exchange. . Walnut and Orchard Hills
healiy Co., 4c-l0 Hamilton St. 'Phones
Hamey 3765; Ind. U-1M2. (19 2tt4
TOR SALE "-room cbtt.igc, modern except
furnace, 1420 N. 25rh St.; large corner lot,
uthwct ;ornrr 26th and Charles. Sis.
Pflce $4,0ut). : W. H. (Jrifflth, 2623 Chicago
St., Tel. Douglas 4o!. t!9)-rM!7 18 ,
t a. Hat AN U HAN Ct ttNU fOR SALS
40 acres Joining townsite, twelve rn'ile
from Denver; fruit and vegetable land;
lies beautifully; fin view of th moun
tains. Ideal for noma or investment. This
will be sold ml one-half Its present valus
if at one '
Utt Hraudeia Bldg.. Omaha. Neb.
Hrltlsh Columbia.
BRITISH COLUMBIA farms and fruit
lands at Alberta and Suskutchewau price.
Kamoua Nechaco Valley, on Grand Trunk
Pacific Saskatuhewan ami Alberta land
beaten lo death. Soil superior. Climate.
far superior. Bigger oropa. surer crops.
hlghsr prices fur crops. Ctienper building
matertnj, cheaper lue.. w mi completion
of Qrund Trunk will come a fortune to
htm w he Invests now; fto.ooo acres sold In
Omaha alone. Price right and terms
i-mj-y. British Columbia Land Company
404 War Bludt. -Omaha, Net(
t20)-MT5i 17x
Nortk Dakota.
KJR BALE 5(,floO acres 'beat wheat and
flss land tn the northweet; for further
information call or write John J.. Doyle,
Wlshek. N. D. i20)-MlS J13x
4S 120 acres of upland prairie, black sandy
soil, near Cancy, Ka-n.. price $20 per acre.
4K7 701) acres of agricultural land In one
body; aome la leased for oil and gaa and
some Is not; located miles southwest
of Nowita; price t per acre. i
479 ) act re of extra good farm land, lo
cated near Wann, OKI.; 2o acres of this
is as rich aa you will find. 30 acres has
some draws 'In It; land raised ) bu. of
com and' oats to tha acre; 70 acres ts
leased for oil and gas and Is pay lug $1
per aero advanced royalty; big bargain
at tM per acre
49 1.04U acre of I rich valley land, all
smooth and 'art of same ia in a high state
of cultivation; this land ia located within
three miles of Watova. OKI., and six
mtlea from Nowata. Okl.. 8utl acres of
It la practically, ia one 4dy and 240 acres
ia located thro miles south; the land la
ll worth $36 per aora; an exceptionally
ood bargain at 4-0 per acre.
We havovland.ln Nowata Co. In 'any site
tract you may desire from 8 acres up at
price ranging from $10 to $35 per acre.
There are 4.o flowing oil Wells In No
wata Co. Naturaf faa is sold at 2c per
Uu ruble feet. Tou might get aa oil
well with your land.
The Oklahoma Cherokee Central R. R.
eaut and west through tltls county is a
certalniy. Land will probably double In
value within two yara. You can t afford
to mtaa this opportunity. Ask Mo. Pac,
ticket agent about low ratea to Nowata.
Come lo and see us or write.
Suite S24 N. T. Life Bldg
'Phone. Red JvMi. Omaha. Neb.
6jn( avoauif : t JaTli U
1 t
Snake River Valley Twin Falls Country
Engineering and Construction Work by
J, G. White & Company, Incorporated.
50,000 Acres Will Be Opened by Drawing
Under the Supervision of the Idaho
-State Land Board
JUNE 8, 1909
Registration Will Open. June 1st, .
Closes June 7, 1909
Mgr. Land Sales Dept.
1 - To the Famous
Tuesday, May 18, 1909.
A Land of the Present
The Scott's Bluff country Is ready for you NOW. It's not a question of
moving Into a new country. There are well Improved farms and good towns
all through the valley. Railroad farlllties are excellent and the farmer Is as
sured of a good market for his produce.
Unsurpassed Irrigation System
The Irrigation system Is second to none In the I'nlted States. The splendid
Trl-8tate Canal provides an abundance of water, and It is only necessary to
turn it on when needed. There, Is absolutely no danger of thercs ever being
a shortage of water.
We are offering the best Irrigated lands In Nebraska. Men who know de
clare they are us good or. better than the lands In the famous Colorado irri
gated (llatrli-ts, and the price is only a third or half as much.
Only a fifth cash is required to buy the balance can run from one to ten
years to suit purchaser:
Don't delay we can take only a limited number each trip, so let us know
at once If you wish to join our excursion ao that reservation can be made.
Call, see or wilte ' ' 4
General Colonization Agents,
(Or write, for name of our associate agent In your locality.)
''''" l20)-678 15
Nebraaita. ..
$3.90 rfr acre; MO acres Banner County,
Neb., 27-17-53; $1. 216.00. cash, balauce 8 years,
$180.00 each year, 8 per cent Interest. J. O.
BONB, 812 Shugart Bldg., Council Bluffs.
Bell phones Slt-8u3. ., t20k M714 21 x
SEND for long list. Farms $6 to $100
per acre. BEMIS, BrandeU Bldg.
' ' ' taot mm 21
A commercial traveler Is forced to sell
his section of Cheyenne county (Neb ) land;
must reallxe on it at once and $5.6U an
acre will take It; muat be .sold at opco.
This Is good farm viand .in farming com
munity. Is worth $S an acre. Write, wire
or 'phone us at once.
5S2 Bandela Bidg., Omaha, 'Neb.
120) M9o 17
oath Dakota,'
FINE farm lands In Hand and adjoining
counties, South Dakota. Htiatllng agents
wanted. Jay P. Morrill, 812 Palace Bldg.,
Minneapolis, Minn. ' () M747 Jl6x
DO YOU WANT a chance at Mo ACRES
of the finest -FARM LAND in the world
FREE? Over ONE MILLION acres of rich
agricultural land, ready for the plow, will
soon be thrown open for settlement by the
government, in Bfuth Dakota, the health
iest state In the I'nlon, and also the richest
ner canlta. OET A Ol'ARTKR SECTION
BE SECURE. This Is the last great gov
ernment land opening and you will never
have such an opportunity again.
LAR(JE. Handsomely, Illustrated Book
let telling all about this wonderful country,
how the great opening will be conducted,
Homestead Laws,-, and a great deal of
other valuable Information, together with
a big map of South Dakota, showing the
location of the land that. Is to he given
away, railroads, and everything complete.
All for only 25c.
The grandest opportunity of a lifetime
for every man, unmarried ' woman and
widow In the United States to become for
ever Independent.
Wrap a quarter In an envelope and send
at our risk. Don't put l off. Do it today.
Homestead Information Bureau. Pierre,
g. Dak. (20) M-809-14
OREGON farms, city ahd suburban homes.
Parties coming to Oregon might get some
- Information that will be a help to them
In selecting a home. Thirty years of
continual .- residence in the' Willamette
valley might enable ua to give you soma
Information that would save you soma
money. Direct your letters to Everett 6Y
McCleod, Room . 20i RothcbilJ Bldg..
Portland. Ore. .. . (20) M4TJ JelO
soil, abundant rainfall, mild climate: aak
for map of northwest. Oc. M. Reed.
Qranguvllli. Idaho. u0) M841 Je$
WHAT California oould give you twenty
years ago. Texas Southern Gulf Coast
offers you now.- wo-year-old Satsuma
Orange Groves are flow being developed,
$. per acts. Vegetables hat ween rows
give immediate Income. .. You bold title.
Ws do all work always, giving you cash
share cropa Dm., ISM, 1911. 1912. $.0 aero
yeaily; 1918. ttlt 1918, $71 acta yearly; liil.
1917, 1918. $100 acre yearly; 1919 to 19LJL
. $." oer acre yearly; . thereafter halt
profits annually. You can buy on acra
or upward Ne finer Investment plan la
exUteoe. Only limited amount for sale
Come ulck fcf you- want your share.
- Stirling- Improvement Co.. Dulutli, Minn,
- f Mas7 2x
WHEN you wrtta to advertisers, remain
ber that It takes but an extra stroke or
two of the pen (o mention Ilk fact that
you saw tba ad In Th w
(Continued )
(20 M2UU-J-- is:
Nothing sure but Irrigated
Land. We have It Colorado,
western Nebraaka, Wyoming.
Take your choice. See our land
at Denver's door; one of the.
great Irrigated tracts. Special
rates every day. Write us.
601-4 N. Y. Life Bldg, Omaha Neb.
(20) M90T 23
0 ACRES near Elmwood Park; 6 mllea
west of postofftce; .$4 per acre.
10ul N. Y. Life. Doug, or A 2152.
WANTED City loans. Peters Trust Co.
(22) 323
SECOND MORTGAGE loans negotiated.
Apply Room 417-18 First Nati Bank Bldg.
Bell 'phone Douglas 2318. (22) 324
WANTED City loans and warrants. W.
Farnara Smith Co., 1320 Farnam St.
Private money. $500 to $6,000; low rate.
PRIVATE money to loan. J. H. Sherwood.
618 Brandels Bldg. (22) 426
Good 6
Farm Mortgages
Always on hand and for sale in
amounts from $300 to $3,000.
(22) M833 17
REAL estate purchase money, mortgages
and contracts bought. Antelope Inv. Co.
Old Boston Store Bldg. Vt2y 837
$500 TO $200,000 on Improved property: no
delay. OAR VIN BROS.. 1604 Farnam St
$500 to $200,000 at current rates
W. H. THOMAS. 608 First Nat l Bank Bldg
(22) -S
$100 TO $10,000 made promptly. F. D. Wead.
LOWEST RATES Bemis, Brandels Bldg
to loan on
Omaha Business Property.
Room L New York Life Bldg
(12) 131
$oOO TO $5,000 In homes In Omaha. O'Keefa
Real Estate Co., luOi N. Y. Life. Doug
or A -2152. (22) 331 '
MONEY TO LOAN-Payne Investment Co
(22) 134
WE HAVE BUYERS for a 6-room house, a
4-room house and a couple of vacant lota.
Suit 824 N. Y. Lif Bldg.. Omaha.
Phone Red W9. Open Evenings.
(22 136
WILL pay spot cash for T-room house,
modern In every reaped, in western part
of city, If prlc la right.
Suite 624 N. Y. Lif Bldg..
Phon Red 19P9 Omaha. Neb.
Open Evenings.
100 Profit
If you have $100.00 or $10,000.00 to invest it will pay
you to investigate this proposition. YOU WILL BE
YEARS. This is a gilt edge, conservative, safe in
vestment for which we court the most thorough in
vestigation. We only need $15,000.00 and when this
amount is secured this unusual opportunity will be
gone. You will never again have an opportunity like
this, bo act at once. Best of bank references furn
ished. Address II. 365 Bee.
NEW furnaces; hot water and hot air com
bination heating, 2 and 4-hole laundry
hot water heaters, mantle grates, gas
stoves repaired, wafer fronts and flower
vases. Omaha Stova Repulr Works, i6
12118 Douglas St. 'Phones Ind. A-3621. rtcll
Douglns 960. 338
FOR SALE Mortgage. 1520, 7 per cent;
double (security, Omaha city property,
maker reliable and prompt. Address
Y-517, care Omaha Bee.
(24) M92H 18x
BEST price paid for secondhand furniture,
carpets, clothes and shoes. Tel. Doug. 397L
126) 0J
BEST price paid for7 Sd-hand furniture,
carpets, stoves, clothing, shoes. Tel. Doug.
640L (25)-Hi
STANDARD upright pianos. Phone Web
ster 3TM. (2S)-M63d
UEST prices paid for 2d-hand furnitura.
clothes, shoes, etc. Tel. Douglas 42A5.
2B)-8U May 28
HOUSES and vacant lots. Western Real
Estate Co., Room 411 Karbach Blk. Red
W7, A-345. (25) in8 2ox
WE are getting inquiries for well located
houses. Muki have sole agency. Nowata
Land & Lot Co.. suite 624 N. Y. Life
Hldg. Phone lied W9. Omaha. Neb.
Open evenings. ... Oi) M712
is hereby given that sealed bids will be
received by the Boajd of Commissioners
of the South Dakota State Soldiers' Home
at Hot Springs. South Dakota, at the office
of the commandant of salJ home on or
before the tirst day of June, 1909, at
S o'clock In the afternoon, for the erection
of a atone and brick, jrnokestack for thu
State Sohlleia' Home.' acco:d.ng to plana
and specifications prepared by Joseph
Swartz, architect, ". f"'1.. 8- D. . k
For tire furnishings tyid settings of three
new boilers and high pressure work for
the South Dakota State Soldiers' Home at
Hot Springs, South Dakota, according to
plans and specifications prepared by Ben
Cowler, chief engineer. Bids will be re
ceived for steel slack according to specifi
cations separately. Bida can Vie made in
lump sum tor the wnoie amount or tne
work except for the brick or steil smoke
stack, which must be a separate bid. All
bids must be accompanied by a certified
check equal to 10 per cent ot the amount
of the bid. The board reserves the right
to reject any and all bids. Plana and
specifications can he seeh and examined
at this office of the commandant or at
the oftlce of The Omaha Bee, Omaha,
Neb.; Sioux City Journal, Sioux City, la.;
Sioux Falls Argus Leader, Sioux Falls,
8. D. Dated this 7th day of May, 19i), by
order of the Board of Commissioners. J.
B. OEDD1R, Commandant. Mlldm
Townsite, Wyoming. United States l,and
Office, Lander, Wyoming, May 8, 19"9
Notice Is hereby given that on the 25th
day of May, 19n9 at the town of Powell,
Wyoming, beginning at 10 a. m. of that
day and continuing thereafter from day to
tiny as long as may be necessary, we will
offer at public outcry' to the highest bidder
for cash, at not less than the appraised
value thereof, all of blocks 1, !, 17, 18, and
all the lots in blocks 19. 28. 29, 30. 3d. 44, 45.
44. 47. 60. 61 and 62 in the townsite of
Powell. Wyoming, as shown upon the ap
proved plat thereof. Blocks 1 and 2 will be
sold together aa lne tract. The pjrehase
price must be paid In cash to the receiver be
fore 6 o'clock on the day the bid Is accepted.
All parties are warned under the penalty
named In Section 2373 U. S. Rev. Stats.,
against any cnmhlr.attnn or action tending
to hinder or mbtrrass the sale of said
lots or prevent free competition between
bidders. William T. Adams. Register.
Robert R. Heron, Receiver.
M 1S-17-1H.
Omaha, Neb., April 19, r9u9. Sealed pro
posals, in triplicate, for furnishing and de
livering fresh beef and nruton required
during six months beginning July 1, !!.
In accordance with specifications and condi
tions set forth in Circular No. 4, War De
partment. Office of the Commissary Gen
eral. Washington, D. C, March 27. 19t. will
be received at this office until 11 o'clock
a. tn., May 19. 1909, for the following posts,
vis.: Forts Crook, Omaha and Robinson.
Neb.; Fort Des Moines la.; Forts Leaven
worth. Riley and Military Prison at Furt
Leavenworth, Kan.; Jefferson Bnrnuka,
Mo.; Forts D. A. Russell and MacKensie,
Wyo., and Fort Meade, 8. D. Information
and blank proposals will be furnlrhed on
application to the commlasarlea of the re
spective posts or to undars gned. Envelopes
containing proposals should be marked
"ProDOials for beef and mutton, to be
niuiion, I 'I ie
fcddressed to the
in, Lieut. Col nel,
19-20-21-22 Mlo-17
opened May 19. lit." and i.ddressed
UHUerif IHltt-il. X t c-fc'.t"
a ! a u. O ruUm.n bii f
v. C. G.. U. 8. Army. a
Omaha, Nebraska. May to, ivy sealed
proposals. In triplicate, will be received
here and by quartermasters at the posts
named herein, until 10 a. m., central stan
dard time, June 14. 1919, for furnishing oats,
bran, hay and straw, during the perl id
from August 1. 19ot. to September 10, 1909,
at Omaha quartermaster depot. Forts
Crook, Omaha and Robinson, Nebraska;
Forts Iavenworth and Riley, Kansas;
Forts D. A. Russell and Mackenzie, Wyo
ming; Fort Des Moines. Iowa, and Fort
Meade, South Dakota. Proposals for de
livery at other places will not he enter
tained. United States reserves the right
to reject or accept any or all proposals o
any part thereof. Information
on application here or tn quartermasters
at stations named. Envelopes containing
r.m r. . , , 1 Vw . 1 1 .1 ) . u marltAil 'PrAnn.al. fi.r
Forage." and addressed to MAJOR D. E
M'CARTHY. Chief Quartermaster.
M 15-17-18 J10-11-12
Quartermaster, Fort Iesven woi th, Kan
sas. May 13. lHn9. Sealed proposals. In trip
licate, will be received her until 11 a. m.
May 28. 1ft. and then opened for cnnsiruct
Ing HM lineal feet water mains 4 anil 6-lmii,
1,116 lineal feet sewers 6 and 8-inch, 6S8
Itiital feet drains 4, 6 and U-tnrh, and for
two fire hydrants. Full Information and
blank forms of proposals furnished on ap
plication. Plana and specifications may be
seen here, also in office of Chief Quarter
master, Omaha, and Master Builders' Ex
change, Kansss Cltv. Missouri. United
States reserves the r'ght to accept or reject
any or all proposals or any part thereof.
Envelopes to be marked "Proposals for
Water Mains. Sewers, etc. ' and addressed
to Captain Wm. D. Davis. Quartermaster.
master, V. S. Military 1'rlson, Fort Leav
enworth. Kansas, Mhv 17, 199.- Sealed pro
posals, in triplicate, will be received at this
office until 10 a. in., central time, Tuesday.
June 15, 1U09. and then opened, for furnlsli-
I r tr onH I n at a 1 1 1 n It muchinerv and fumtaH-
Ing building material for one power r'nt
at Vnlted States military prison. Fort
Leavenworth, Kansas. Plans and speclfi
II he furnished hv this office
noon dnnoslt of 110. which amount will be
refunded when plana and1 specifications are
returned, or tnev may ne seen m in 101
lowliur offices: Depot Quartermaster,
iininhn N'eh Denot Clnartermaster. St.
I.outn. Mo.: Depot ji;artermaater. New
Vnric div. and Chief Quartermaster. Chi
rami information furnished on applica
tion. Envelopes containing proposals
should be indorsed "Proposals for Power
Plant" and addressed to MAJOR THOMAS
H. SLAV ENS. Constructing yuariermes
ter, IT. 8. Military Prison. Fort Leaven
worth Kan. Mayl i-18-19-20Junel2-14
f iff ce Depot Q M., Omaha rxen., April Z'.
19c9. Sealed proposals for shoeing animals
at Q. M. Depot. Omaha, NebrHHka. during
fiscal vear beginning July 1. 1909. will be re
ceived her until 10 a.m.. May 20. 1909, and
then opened. Information furnished on ap
plication. Envelopes containing propoaals
should be indorsed "Proposals for Shoeing
Animals," and addressed to Captain J. L.
HINES, .Quartermaster U. S. Army.
I'nlon Paeiri
Lesve Arrtva.
Overland Limited a 8:55 am a :40 pra
Colorado Express a 3:50 pm a o 00 pra
Atlantic Express a w.m am
Oregon Express ., a :10 pm a 8:00 pra
I.ns Angeles Limited. .. ,al2:55 pm a 8:50 pm
Past Mall a 7:30 am. a 5 :4fi nm
China and Japan Mail. .a 4:00 pm a 6:46 pm
North Piatt Local a 8:15 am a 415 pra
Colo. Chicago Special... a!2:10 am
i.w an
Beatrice A atromsDurg
Local ..bl2:40 pra b 1:40 pra
Valley Local (motor.
via Lane Cut-Off). ...alO:00 am a 1:46 pm
Valley Locil (motor)... a 6:30 pm a 9:00 am
Local passenger not carried on train
Noa, I and t. i
Chicago XortVwestera
Chicago Duyhght .
Twin CUy Kxpress
Chlcag - Local
Sioux City Local ...
Chicago Local ....
.a 7.25 am all:48 pm
.a 7:45 am a 10: 30 pm
.ail 30 am a 8 pro
.a 3:45 pin all :0 am
.a 4:30 pm a 8:23 anl
Chicauo Special
.a 6:02 pip t 8:23 sn
Minnesota-Dakota Ex. .a 8:4s pm a 1:80 am
Fast Malt a s:aa pm
Twin City Limited a 9:00 pm a 8 00 am
Los Angeles Limited. ...a 9:10 pm aU:36 pra
Overland Limited all:50 pm a 7:15 am
Nebraska and Wyoming Division
Norfolk-Bonesteel a 7:40 am 6:20 pra
Lincoln-Long Pin a 7:40 am al0:lfi are
Dead wood-Lincoln a :00 pm a 8:20 pm
Casper-Lander a 1:0 pm a 6:20 pro
Fremont-Albion b 5:30 pra b 1:35 pm
Hastings-Superior b 1:00 pm b 6:20 pm
Chicago, Hock lalaad A raclft.
Chicago Limited a 1:00 am all ot pra
Iowa Local a cou am a 4.10 pra
Rocky Mountain Ltd. ...a 1:00 am all:u6 pm 1
Des Moines & Eastern.. a 7:00 am a 4:80 pm I
Les Aioines rttaaejiger.. -vr pm ai4'au pin
Iowa Local bll:00 am b 9:56 pre
Chicago (Eastern Ex.).. a 4:40 pm a 1:10 pra
Chicago Flyer a 6:08 pm a 8:36 am
Rocky Mountain L,td...ail:U pm a 1:50 pm
Colo. & Cal. Express.... a 1:20 pm a 4:30 pm
Okl. & Texas Express.. a 4:40 pm a 1:00 pra
Illinois eatrml
Chicago Express a T:18 am a 3:46 pm
Chicago Limited a 8:00 pm a 8:30 am
Minn. -St. Paul Express.b 7:16 am
Minn. -St. Paul Limited. a 6.00 pm a 8:80 am
Omaha-Ft. Dodge L eal. a 4:16 pm ail .30 am
Chicago Great Westera.
Bt. Paul-Minneapolis.... :30 pm
St. Paul-Minneapolis.... 7:30 am
Chicago Limited 6:10 pro
Missouri Paclfle
8:16 am
8:20 pm
8:16 am
K C. A St. L. Express,. 1:00 am a 7 00 am
K. C A St. L. HU.preM..aa 16 pm a 6 60 pm
Wabash -
St. Louis Express a 4:30 pm a 6:21 am
bt. Louis Local (from i
Council Biuffs) a 8.-0C am all:jlra
Btanhtrry Ical (from
Council Bluffs) b 6:00 pm bl0:lj m
Chicago, llllvraokeo A at. Paal
Chicago & Colo. Special. a 7:25 am all .60 pia
Cal. A Oregon Express. 6:00 prr. a 8:16 pre
Overland Limited a 9 5S pm a 8:30 am
Perry Local b 6:16 pm bllJfc aa
lave. Arrtva. '
Denver A California. ...a 4:10 pm a 1:46 pm
Northwest Special
a 4:10 pm a 1:46 pm
Black Hills
Northwest Express .
Nebraska pclnts
Lincoln Fast Mall...
Nebraska Express ...
Lincoln Local
Lincoln Local
.a :jo pm a 8:10 pm
.al2:15 am a 9:08 am
.a :46 am a 6:10 pm
.b 1:20 pm al2:ll pin
.a 9:16 am a 4:10 pra
. b 9:( am
a 7:50 pm
.b 1:05 pm blO.IO am
b LiA pm
,.b 8:18 am
.012:35 pm u 1:40 pm
.a 4:10 pra a 7:06 am
.a 7:25 am all:45 pm
.a 4:20 pm a 1:56 pm
.a 6:30 pm a 8:80 am
a 3:15 am ail Wara
a 4:40 pra all 3D am
' .
I Bcllevue-Plattsi
! Plattsmouth-Io
I Bellevue-Plattai
Denver Limited
Chicagu Special .....
Chicago Express
Chicago Flyer
Iowa Local
St. Louis Express
Kariaaa City A St. Joe..10 4i pra a 6 30 am
Kansu city A r)t. joe. a :) am a 4:10 pra
Kansas City A St. Joe.. a 4:40 pm
St. Peal, BllaaaagtolU
Leave. Arrlv.
Twin Cltv Passenaer. ..b 4:80 am b 9:20 Dm
: Sioux City Passenger. ..b IKw pm bll:65am
I fcicux City Local 8:46 am c 6:80 pm
i Emerson Local b 6:56 pm b 3:10 am
tieoarl Paeifl
Auburn .,Local b 3:50 pm bUJOaa
a Daily.
b Dally except Sunday, a buiv
day only.
d Daily except baturday.
Wkiy SalUaf 3twa atoatiwaj. tioaaa
an Uvarpoo.
Two day on th oeauufui Bt. Lawrene
river and th shortest ocsaa rout to abr
Nothing setter on th Atlantic thaa our
tnpieases. Wlreleea tut all etrajaera.
jlrst claaa, $)90i aooad. $)60 a alaa
abla, 6.
Asa your ticket scent, r writ fag att
Ings, rales and booklet.
O. XL JAMTbT, t. A,
833 South Clack ftt. Galea
Top Price for Hog Wat Realized on
khortace In . Receipts of Hoas Mala
laase nf lllaa Price mni Cattle
' a4 I .am Its Also
The extreme too price for hogs this year
was paid Saturday, when a choice load of
sixty hogs brought $7.41 per hundred. The
prices have been mending for a week of
more and the bulk of the sales have been
close around $7 20. One reason for the
good prices of late has been light receipts.
After a good run for the season until May
1. the receipts dropped off. as compared
with last year, until a difference of nearly
So.nftrt has arisen since May 1. The actual
difference has been 70,000, representing the
decrease In hoga. but about the first of
the month the receipts, which had been
gradually gaining, began to toae again. One
reason for the decrease has been that the
late spring has at last brought all the work
of planting on with a great rush and the
farmers. In spite of the tempting prices,
have had no time to market their hogs.
Only 4n.ion hogs were received In South
Omaha during the week.
Cattle have gained 20 to'2o cents during
the week and the receipts show an Increase
over last year of about 10.000.
The prices paid for lambs have been
very high during the week. As high as
$!.35 for the tops has been paid. Receipts
have been light in all respects.
Live stack Kmchanae and Haaka. .
In Urn with the Investigations of the
comptroller of the currency respecting tne
application of the several banks of South
Omaha to be placed on the list of reservs
cities,' and what has been conceived as an
opposition to that appllcaMon on the part
of the banks of Omaha, the Snith Omaha
Live Stock exchange, at a special meeting
held May 13. unanimously decided to throw
the weight of Its Influence on the sldu of
the South Omaha banks.
The Investigations of the comptroller
have been In progrss for some weeks and
have previously been commented uprn. The
object of the designation of South Omaha
as a reserve city Is that the surplus re
serve of numerous country banks may be
deposited In the large banks of .South
Omaha as provided by the national bank
ing laws. In order to facilitate the In
vestigations and. to leave the way clear
the exchange adopted resolutions directed
to the Omaha banks that they might see
fit to. withdraw -tha objections at Wash
ington. It Is. variously estimated that if the
wishes of the South Omaha bankers are
granted In accord with the application fc
much as $000,000 In deposits may be very
soon .transferred to South Omaha. H Is
threatened by the South Omaha banks thai
they will Withdraw from the clearing house
i if the Omaha banks persist In opposing,
Daker Brothers Lost Game
A good crowd of rooters were out yes
terday ' afternoon to support the South
Omaha Country club team, which defeated
the Baker Brothers team of Omaha, at the
South Omaha club grounds. The day was
perfect, but the field was heavy. Both
teams did good work and the low score
of 4 to 8, . Indicates close playing. Cavan
augh and Fletcher for the South Omaha
Country club and Qulgley and Brugemann
for th Baketk Brothers team were the star
performers. Three two base hits were rec
orded. Qulgley was loaned to Baker
Brothers from, the South Omaha Country
club team, :
Sever!-' matdies In golf were enjoyed
during the afternoon. Honors of the day
were won by J. J. Fitzgerald. Richard
Laverty played ' close second during the
first 18 holes, but In the second game of
the afternoon had a streak of bad luck.
Many games will be played this after
noon. -
Want Street Car Extension.
A special meeting of the West Sldo Im
provement club Is called at Rex hall at
2 p. m. today. The object of the meeting
Is to discuss plana for an extenalon of the
street car services south from Thirty-second
and B streets, which is the present
termination of the west side Hanscom park
line. The club has grown tired of asking
for a viaduct over L street and a car ser
vice on that aide, and they now ask that
the west side park cur be extended to
the South Omaha yards. Such a course
will have bitter opposition.
Tuached While Asleep,
Paul Hackenholx, who Uvea at 2'i3 7
Jefferson, reported to the police yester
day that he had been robbed while sitting
asleep In a chair in one of the South
Omaha saloons Friday night. He said he
lost his watch and $11. He had no knowl
edge of arfyone being near him while he
was asleep. The police Investigated the
case, but have found little as yet on which
to base a clue. The saloonkeeper wheru
the alleged crime ia said to have been
committed disclaimed any knowledge of
It and said he had noticed Hackenholx
asleep In the chair for some time, but had
seen no one near him.
. Pavlagr Stakes Bet ou K.
The South Omaha engineering depart
ment et stakes on E street for the pav
ing of tBat street west of Twenty-foui'th
yesterday. Th time limit of the contract
la fixed for June 16. Hugh Murphy has
the contaact and la ready, to proceed with
th work. It will In all probability be
finished by the time the limit expires.
Th bonds for th payment of this pav
ing have been sold at a small premium,
but the money has not yet been received.
The other paving operations have not been
begun. Hugh Murphy holds none of the
other contracts.
South Omaha's newest and largest addi
tion was placed on sale Saturday morn
ing, llay 15. A great many people visited
th addition. All were pleased and nearly
all bought lot. ' The sale will continue
all day today or until all lota have been
Ntw YorU to Pari In 0 Days
Safety, Speed, Comfort
va Mvr U far;, tha City Beautiful,
Vast Trains to All Coatlaantal Points.
Compagnie Gener&le
Gigantic twin screw spress stesmers s0
very Thursday, 10 A. M. They ars soodera won
ders, with all convenience sod luxuries of most
palatial hotels, oa eves grander seal, Passen
ger elevators, roof cafe, orchestras, famous
cuisine, gyraneslum. dslly newtpsper. eiegsot
suite, provide greatest comfort. Navel officers,
naaa-o'-war disclpiia. wireless telegraphy, sub
n nine bU lgaelatB afford every provision
lor abtolat sateiv.
la sevote hter Wit Pretence June W
he Toereise kur ftl L s,ele June 1
Le Lorraine ......Jus 8 Le Lorraine June U
eeelal illil eee Swte (II )
40 te p., k-wiM fehedeir. e eee tug i-ta
ft-,.-. npitm M-.rt.
ajee, Ve -e)ewooa Demies fees ckea cMa)
eelr )4ee Be.
K. B. Moore
U Xesse
W. a. Beak
W. O. Delta)
weateB '!)
let hetlenel
is ri
u......u 14 Bo. Ik wet
sold There Is tery little choUe In thet
lots. ' So you can readily . that tlv
last purrhsser will fm p. almost. well
as the one who selected the first one.
All lots are on gradn All etieets er
graded. We have previously enumerate I
the great number of new Improvements
that will be secured by the pwpl of the
west aid this yesr. There w ill be a mas
meeting of the cltlsons of tha west sldo
held at Rex hall thla afternoon; object,
to hurry up the street car extension. The
rails will very probably le laid when L
trept Is paved.
The addition Is bounded on the north
by F street, on the west by Forty-fourth
street, on the south by I Street and on the
east by Forty-first street Come out and
look It over. Salesmen on th ground
all day.
This property Is owned by the Maiden
Investment company; H. M. Clnistl sec
retary. '
J. H. Koplets. agerri: at South Omaha,
Magic tltr Gonalp.
Dinner at the Burton will be fink today.
Wanted A Janliur.gt the Young Men
Christian association. ...
The home of A lie Mlnkoff, 25S Q la quar
antined for diphtheria.
The 3-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Nick Savich, 2MH It, died Saturday even
tng. The funeral Will be It i:W p. m.
today. . ..
Our men's "Waldorf welt shoe at $180
pair, are right. C-ressey, ,
J. P. Collins la building a. cottage horn
nt Thirty-third and V streets,
Our boys' low shoe; are- right;" all colors
and styles. Sep them. Cressey;
K. Bustier. Forty.thlrd end Q street Is
erecting a small cot,tg htune.; -
Unchurch- lodge 'No. 2, Degree of Honor,
will meet Wednesday-evening, May 19.
Just Reeelved-)ne pf th handsrmest
patent strap pumps for ladles eves shown.
Cressey. ' '
The South Omaha Qun club'wIH hoM Its
regular Sunday shoot at th target range
this afternoon.
The Presbyterian ladles' Aid society will
be entertained Wednesday, artemoon by
Mrs. D. L. Holmes. ; '
Oak council. No. 1332. Knight and Ladle
rf Security will give a grand bail Tuesday,
May IK, at Woodmen hall, ,
For Sine Modern cottage, five rooms. 1410
North Twenty-seventh street. Make offer.
The city expended $142.20 for street repair
last week. The recent rain will cause a
much larger expense' this- week...'
Indies flee the nobbv line of tan sandals
and oxfords we are' affrvwliig at $126, $2.50
and .$3. Cressey,. The Shoe Man.
The I. O. N. club will enjoy a day at
Pries lake today. Several wagona will help
the guests from the end of the car line.
Frank Randall. 735 North Twenty-sixth
street Is suffering from an attack of diph
theria. The residence Is under quarantine.
Mrs. H. G. Klddon Is In Lincoln nursing
her son, Guy Klddoo, who has recently
undergone- an operation for throat trouble.
Bo Wise Sace that dollar. Our "Stetson''
shoes at $5 are showing all the style and
quality thnt are shown elsewhere at $il
pair. Cressey. .
P. H. Toner has taken out a permit for
a $5,000 building at Twenty-fifth and N
streets for the accommodation of his har
ness store.
Jetter's Gold Top Beer delivered to any
part of the city. Telephone No. S.
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Heaverin, 25J
South Twenty-third, street, announce the
birth of a son, welcomed In th home yes
terday morning. '
Magic City 'lodW.'''"Krf,:h's4! ' Modern
Brotherhood of America, will meet at 1
p. m.. to attend the funeral ot Mr. Emma
A. Angermann. . ; "
An Ames avenue car struck th car In
front at Twenty-fourth and t streets yes
terday morning. Miw. N. C Hoag and Mlts
Jennie Ltchnovsky.- who were- passenger,
were slightly injured by the shock.
Members of South Omnha lodge No. 86,
Ancient Order of United Workmen are re
quested tn attend the meeting to be held
Monday evening. May 17, for the' purpose
of hearing the reports of the grand lodge
representatives, -, , i. ,
An K pi anile oa he-Klrlar Line at
Gettysbara aliahjr' (Inmor-
talleed. . ' ,r i
One of the ' monument's at Oettysbueg,
that . moat wonderfully preserved and
marked of all battlefields, where arl ts so
realistic that the vislfor 'can almost 'with
out aid live over again the scene of that
conflict. Is a marble effigy .showing a
young lud, the flag of his country In one
hand, turning, toward an enemy gnd shak
ing his flat.
It was on this Identical spot In the flrsl
day's fighting that this intrepid hero fell.
He was In the front of the union line
when the contest began, and the union
forces had not yet rallied to-the scene of
conflict In sufficient number to check th
Increasing hordes of Lee' men.
It was the duty of this hero and hi fel
low to hold the outposts aa long as pos
sible, so that the federal reinforcements
when they arrived would not have to fall
back ' on some disadvantageous poltnn
that could only be defended with greatest
difficulty, and would rot give", them a
proper chance In the struggle yet to come.
The color bearer knew that the sight o(
their flag would do more to keep them on
the spot and fighting, even In the face of
hopeless odds, than any words of their of
ficers could do. Bo Tie unflinchingly took
a place at the very foreground. In all th
fray the flag of the nation was held aloft,
aDd was the Inspiration of those who bat
tled there, the thinning line that steadily
grew less and less a the confederate!
cam closer.
At last a time came when It would hav
been suicide to continue the unequal fight
any longer. Those who had held the wen
there, the officers, at last grudgingly gav
the order to fall bark, -
The color bearer was the last to' obey.
He turned with his men. and was the last
In the retreat. He had bime a charmed
life. Bullets had flashed around him, hii
flag was riddled, but not one leaden mes
senger had managed to carry It mexsag
of death to him. But In the retreat came
his downfall.
Mad with patriotism apd i the' fighting
spirit, he paused to call back hi scorn of
the enemy. He was unarmed.. He had no
firearm with which to. send back on faro
well bullet, so he contented himself by
shaking his fist at the aoemy, and a he
did so a sharpshooter picked him and put
through hi heart the bullet that took him
Into eternity. . ....
Partisan and enemy alike admitted it wa
an exhibition ot wonderful courage, and
patriot reverently remove their hat when
they stand before his status St. LouU
Many weak, nervou women hav been
restored to health by Foley' Kidney Rem.
dy, It annulate th kidney so the'
will eliminate the wast matter from th
blood. Impurities depress th nerves, caus
ing nervous exhauettun and other ailment.
Commence today and yu will soon be well.
Pleasant to take. For sat by ail druggist.
l a t. ase ioe a Barer).
A country parson wa on day going hi'
usual round of visiting, when he was
stripped by one of his congregation, an old
farmhand, who suid: "A"' hoo be yer
darter this marnlng. yer reverend?"
"My daughter!" exclaimed th parson,
rather surprised! "oh; she 1 quit well.
tnana you.
"What!" cried the rustic.
"quit well!
ycle accident
nner tubing l
thy, I haerd she had a cyi
yesterday, an basted her inr
San Francisco Argonaut.
Aa Aato Collision
mean many bod bruise, which Burklen'i
Arnica Salve heal quickly, a It doe sore
and burn. 26a. For l by Beaton Drue

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