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Omaha Defeats the Denver Bunch; Sioux City Blanks Wichita; Topeka Wins in 'Fourteenth
League. Leaden Taken Into Camp in
First Game.
trlama Farra Utile Hatter at Haada
of Omaha Batter, Wfea Total
Tvrelve Hit renry aad
Klna rllfrr Ran.
"iniih. ; tienver, 1
By p:i1ntently hitting fh hall all over
the lot Omaha j'patarday took th opening
.am o( the aarlra from IVfiver by on
alijril cnre. although It looked at the atari
. though lhn harity mountaineer might
capiuif the hacon. liwfr wan quit
slinky In the hfglnnlng, hut when he hail
"tmp'l hlnialf In the May tun he had
t'lt- hard hitters who work for Ounthorpe
and Tnrkaril all on hla maff
rnvr came to Omaha in first place and
a Urge rrnwrl wrnt to thr park to eee what
rhangea had hnen wrhnght alnre Mr.
Teheau gavp up Him tram. They observed
an entirely not Infield and a hinrh of
g ants who hit the hall all the time. The
team which orate Denver In the pennant
race will have to do aome tall hatting.
The opening of the game aaw Ixwer
with little control and he did not help
mattera any by making a home-run throw
on the flra' man who hit the ball. Caaaady
minus hla burnaldea hit between the alab
nnd third. I.ower grabbed the ball and
threw It high ovev Kane a head. Whn It
waa pulled out of the bathtub In the club
hnuae Cafmady waa home. Thla hotherid
Lower eo much that he lilt Manager JnneB
n resounding crack in the slats Ira Bl-d-n
then h:t out to Piaher. who doubled
the hall back to the diamond In time lo
comiilel a double play on the manager.
Then Omaha started. Ftaher walked and
King give him the flrat Omaha run by a
douhlc. Tendry sacrificed King to third
and Kane irnt In the eecond run by a cut
ting single to Manager Jonea, who Ipt the
ball acoot by him fa- enough for Kane to
i fitch thud. Welch hit a sacrifice fly to
('aj.aily, making three for Omaha In the
first round.
Denver came bnck with one more In the
ecrond on a base on bails to Lindsay,
Thompson's single and Maaga sacrifice
fly. In the third Manager Jones crossed
the plale with the third run. He was given
n life on Captain Buck's hum throw, which
nllrwed htm to reach second. Ira Belden
rru,:c a single which put lilm on third and
aco ed on Lindsay's sacrifice fly to Bel
i.pn. tilllen Ratted from Bos.
Hfird drives gave Omaha two more runs
n the thlrtl Inning. King and Pendry sin
sled and Welch scored them by a drive
along the ground by first baae. That was
the last of Mr. Olllen. He whs put away
In the garage and Rick Adams trotted
om. It msde no difference to the Rourke
family, however, for they simply kept hlt
tng tlte ball and continued to hit until the
gnme was over.
Lindsay was asleep at the switch and al
lowed the speedy Omaha base runners a
rin or two to which (hey were not en
titled In the fifth. Both King and Pendry
had again singled when Kane hit to Hart
man. They had already excuted a double
steal on RdUle . Zinran and war perched
on second and third when Kane grounds!.
Both slurted for home. Lindsay acted a
though he might concede a run to King,
but did not think. Pendry would have nerve
enough to kp coming He' waa where
he frilled to reason .correctly. If he rea
soned Ht all. and when he. ca'ma to. both'
were across th? relate. ; ' 'i
In the sixth: Captain Buck singled and
atole eecond wlian Grinding scored him on
a double. I'.ocr, hie anher doirtile -1n
about the same place and Oondlng scored.
Three bad errors by Pendry and King
uuve Denver another run In the seventh
Inning, bin tin khe score was pot el'se no
une cHied. The same loams this afternoon,
when wu'nien w II be admitted free.
The score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
Fisher. If j 3 1 0 ' 3 1 0
King. 2b 4 3 3 3 0 1
Pendry. lb 3 IS 1 1 4 2
Kan.- lb 3 1 S 11 0
Welch, i f 2 0 1 0 0 0
F. UteiR : V cf:-. 4 n 1 4 a o
Fi-arc!.. 3 1 1 0 I 1
ponding, c 4 1 1 ti 0
Limn, p 4 0 1 0 . 2 1
30 -9 12
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
iuu.:y. rf 6 1 0 t 1 0
Joi.cs. cf 3 1 0 2 0 1
ieWleii, I.. If 8 0 3 4 0 0
Jlartman, ss ..4 0 0 1 1 0
Lindsay, lb 3 10 6 10
Thompson, . Sb I 0 2 0 0 0
Mu.ig. 2b 2.0 1 4 0 U
Zlriri.il, c 4 10 8 2 0
OUlen. p 1 ' 6 0 0. 1 0
Stanard 1 0 0 0 0 0
AtUoif. p 2 0 0 1 2 0
Totals 36 i 8 24 8 1
Hatied fur Gillen In the fourth.
Rum 3010 2 200 '-
Hits 2 0 3 1 2 3 1 II '-12
Runs 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 ft 0 4
Hlua 0 1 106002 1-8
Two-rase hits: King, Gondlng. lviwer,
Mang. Bases on halls: Off Lower, 3; off
Olllen. 1. Struck out: By Lower. 8; by
Adams, 4. Left on bases: Omaha, 4;
Denver, 9. ' Double plays: Fisher to
Franck to Kane. Innings pitched: Gillen.
3: Adams, ft Hits: Off Gillen. i; off
Adams.. 7. Stolen bases: King. Pendry .
Franck. Sacrifice hits: Pendry. Kane.
Welch (.'I. Fraucka. Lindsay. Maag. Time:
J ii Umpire: Clark: Attendance: 1,10.
Stole of the fimmr.
.Mid the Itaders fell.
Manager Jones was not there with a hit
all day.
King -three runs and three hlta what
wuuld he have done If h had been larger.
They call them Cuba In Denver. Because
tbev are so different from the Chicago
Pendry made his two error In succession
In the seventh Inning, but with a lead of
kix. who minded.
Maag fell In catching Pendry s single In
the second. He dropped the ball and hurt
himself, but waa able to continue th
Kane drove home a run every time he
came to bat except the last time. He
was then the first man up and made a
Owner Gunlhorpe has gathered a likely
bunch if ball playera and Just because
Omaha won a game It Is no sign that
Denver cannot play ball.
Pendry pulled off the sensational catch
cf the day when he lifted high foul
away from the bleachers" . fence. The ball
did not miss the feme by an Inch
Every man on the Omaha team got a
hit except Fisher and he was simply
laving off to bit th ball on those day
when the feat of the bunch could not hit.
Del llaerraan ritekea Kxaeedlagl
Crook re ta Oalr SU
SIOUX CITY. Mary 50.-ltcher Alderman
of the Cbsmplons twirled one of the heat
game ever sen on the heme grounds to.
dv. shutting nut Wichita and giving but
two hlta. He did nor pa. 'man and but
tenty-lgM faced him during the nine
Inning. Cole bit a twn-bagger In the
seventh, he being the only man to reach
second base Weaver's aingt allowed the
catcher to reach first, but he waa doubled
up by the man. . 4
ffloug City ured ita first run on a clean
Standing of the Teams
W.L Prt I W.L.Fft.
Denver 11 .57 Milwaukee .19 11 .KM
Des Moines .13 .aTli txitilavlllr ...H 14 ,a
Wichita ....11 .v Indl polls ...1 l
Topeka 11 ! ..ViO Minn poll" ..14 1H..W
Ptoux City. .10 ! .SV St. Paul 13 Id .tct
Omaha 11 .4 Kansas City IS 1 .4
Pueblo 3 12 .nn Toledo 14 17 .4f3
Lincoln "11 .3S9. Columbus ...14 2" .412
W.L. Pet. i W.L Pet.
Pittshi.rg ,..13 11 .aji Detroit in it .fifl"
Uhlrago ......It 13 .Ml1 Boston l 10 .R15
Phlla 14 12 .5WNew York....! in .in
Brooklyn ...1.1 14 .41 Phlla 16 in .fim
Cincinnati ..IS 17 .19 Chicago 12 1
New York. ..12 14 .l2Bt. I.oula 11 li .W
fit. Ixiils....l4 13 .4.18 Cleveland ...10I7.;I70
Button 11 1ft .407 Wash ton ... 7 IK .11
Western I .ea-;ue Denver at Omahi.
Wichita at Bloux City. Topeka at Lincoln.
Puehlo at Des Moines.
Kttln.t.1 l..,.Il...k . V.
Cincinnati at Hrooklvn. Chicago at Boston.
mruin h i r niianeipnia .
inUfd-ln fl ...... 1.-...UI . .
--'''" ''-- u' tiriiiiiiiin ai i icve
land. Philadelphia at Detrn't. New York at
gt tiula IlnilM . Pl.l...
. "'"I IWV ,lll BK'l.
American Association Columhija at To
ledo. Bt. Paul at Milwaukee. Minneapolis nl
Kansaa City.
home ri'n hit by Welch over the left field
fence. The other two came In when Welch,
Hunter. Btovall and Alderman singled.
Altchlson pitched n good game, but th
better work of Alderman precluded any
show of beating the Champions. Bcorc:
AB. R H. O
Campbell. If
Holmes, cf
Andreas. 2b
Welch. Sh
Hunter, lb
Ptovall. rf
Smith, ss
Shea, c
Alderman, p
..4 0 1 0
Totals 27 3 9 24 11
AB. R H. O. A.
Petltgrew. cf 4 ft o ft 0
Anderson, M 3 ft A 2 2
Cole, rf 3 0 1 S ft
Pennell. If 1 0 0 0 0
Hughes. 2b 3 0 ft 2 3
Holland, lb 3 ft 0
Westertll, lb 3 0 0 2 3
Weaver, c ft 1 it 3
Roberts. 1 0 0 0 i)
Aitchlson. p 2 0 0 0 1
Middleton 1 0 0 0 o
Totals 2 0 J 27 12 0
Batted for Altchl.son In the ninth.
Sioux City 0 1 ft 2 0 0 0 0 3
Wichita 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-0
Two-base hits: Smith. Cole. Home run:
Welch. Sacrifice hit: Holmes. Double
play: Andrrus to Hunter. Struck out: By
Alderman. 4. by Aitchlson, 6. First has on
balls: Of Aitchlson. 3. Time: 1:45. Um
pire: Millen. Attendance, l.ftiio.
Fenlon, fast Off by Lincoln, Brought
In .Winning; Ran.
LINCOLN. May ao-The third extra In
ning gam on the Lincoln grounds within a
week resulted today In a victory for To
peka by a 2 to 1 score, the visitors pushing
(n the winning run In the. fourteenth Inning.
A base on balls to Geler, Kunkle's secri
flce and a hit bv Fenlon. a Lincoln castoff,
sent Geler to the plae In the final Inning
Waldron led off .with a hit In Lincoln s
half, and moved to second on McManus'
passed ball, but Fox. Jude and Thomas
c2uld pot locate Kaufman's benders for
the drive that waa needed to again tie It
up. The Greenbackera both out-hatted and
out-fielded Topeka. but Kaufman's steadi
ness In the pinches had the locals safe.
N'agle pitched hla first game In a Green
backer unlorm and twirled superb ball
despite the fact that It was a free pass to
drier that led to Popeka's victorv. Kalil
accepted eleven chancea at second for the
visitors, .while an unassisted double bv
Thomas and a spectacular running catch
by Davidson In center were other -fielding
features None of the errors counted In
the scoring. Score:
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
.. 0 1 1 ft ft
. . 0 1 j ft ' ft
. J, 0 I S l t
.. 8' 1 ! ft o
0 - 2 4 3 0
.. S 0 1 ft 2 1
.. 5 0 ft R j 0
.. . . 0 0 1 s o
47- 1- t 42 22 1
AB. R. H. O. A. E.
.. 11 3 0 0
.. 4 ft 0 21 tft
.. 8 0 0 0 1 1
.. 4 0 0 7 ft
.8 0 0 4 3 0
.-8.1 2 8 S 1
.. 6 0 1 0 4 0
. 44 2 ft 42 21 "i
OlftftftOrtft 01
Davidson. McManus.
Jude. If...: .
Thomas. 1h.
Davidson, cf
Gagnlcr. ss. ... .t. .
Prltchett. 3b ......
Mason, c...
Woolev. cf
Geler. " If ........
Kunkle. lb
Fenlon. rf
Andrews. 3b....
Kahl. 2b
Downey, ss....
McManus, c...
Kaufman, p....
Lincoln 0 0 0
Topeka 0 0 1
Two-base hits:
loubie plays: Thomaa (unasslated) ; Nagle
to Thomas; McManus to Kahl. Stolen
bases: Thomas (2). Wooley. Sacrifice hlta:
Gagnler, Wooley. Kunkle. Struck out: By
Nagle. 8: by Kaufman. 4. Bases on balls:
Off Nagle, 5: off Kaufman, 1. Passed ball:
McManus. Ixft on bases: Lincoln, 7; To
peka. ft. Time; 2;30. Umpire: Wheeler. At
tendance: 1.200.
Hearthrealtlnar Finish Palled Off,
with lowan Winning.
DES MOINES. May 20-Pueblo gave De
Moines Hn awful battle today, thp local
winning out the victorv. 3 to 2. with
Spencer on third and Cochran on aecond In
the ninth and the count "three and two."
Miller fouled off four strikes and then hit
a I'ne drive which Colllgan barely reached.
Three hits an.1 two walks gave Dea Moines
two In the first Mlte dropped Hogrlever'a
good throw heme in the third, permitting
Mertens to score. Two Infield hits and a
thre-bagger by Walter gave Pueblo two
In the seventh. Score:
AB. R H. . O. A E.
Colllgan. ss 3 1 2 3 2 0
Bder. If 3 1110 0
Mattlcks. cf 4 0 1 3 0 0
Mertens. lb 2 1 2 6 0 0
Dalton. rf 3 0 0 10 0
Nelhoff. 3b 2 0 o 0 2 0
Gllinartln. 2b.., 3 0 13 ? 0
Hecklnger. c. 3 0 0 3 0 0
Miller, p 3 0 0 0 2 0
ToUU 26 3 7 27 I 0
AB. R. H. O. A E.
Kensel, 3b 3 rt it o 9 ft
Curtis, cf. t 0 0 1 0 0
Claik. lb 4 1 2 IT! 0 0
Spencer, cf 4 1 2 2 ft
Hogrlever. rt 4 10 0 10
Walters.' 2h 4 0 1 4 ti 0
Corhan. ss 3 0 0 2 4 0
kiltie, c 1 0 0 3 2 1
(ialgun". p 3 0 0 0 3 0
Miller 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 32 2 I 24 16 1
Batted for Mine In th ninth.
Dea Moines 30100000 3
Puehlo 0 0 0 0 O 0 2 0 02
Three-base hit: Walters. First base on
halls: Off Galgano. S; off Miller. 3. S'ruck
nut: By Galgano. 2: by Miller, ft. Stolen
bases: Curtis. Corhan. Double plav Cor
han to Waltera to Clark. Sacrifice hit:
Dalmn. Left on bases: Dea Moines. 6;
Pueblo. . Time: 1 in Umpire: Haskell.
Attendance. 9ft0.
Friend Bentea at Home.
FRIEND. Neb.. May 20 ("petlal Tele.
rram 8 St-watd won from the local today
n one of the beat games ever seen on the
home lot. Score:
Seward 2 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 06
Fiiend 0 1 0 1 u 0 1 03
Batteries: Seward Trimble and Neff;
Friend. Jarrott and McDonald. 8 ruck out:
Bv Trimble. 7: by Jarrott, 4. Hlta: Sew
ard. 2. Friend. 10. Two-base hit: Kir
rell. Double play: Friend. Errors: Sew
ard. 4; Friend. 3 Umpire. Simpson. At
tendance: 4a. The ssme teama play here
again tomorrow and Corner comes Satur
day. titer Creek Reala Osceola.
SILVER 4'REEK Neb.. Mav Jn gpe
rls! Telegram. Sliver Creek defeated
Oscrnl here todav by a score of to 7.
lialterirs: Sllvtr Creak. 8rper. Bond and
rnank; ticeola. Beltzer. Snank and Mr.
Beth. Hits. Bllvrr Creek. 7; Osceola. .
Struck ojt. By Stepper. . by Shank. 4.
ft4K. 1
White file I n Hla; eore anil
Break Their Losing Otreak.
CHICAGO, May 20 Chicago broke Its
losing streak tod:iv by overwhelming Bos
ton by the score of 12 to 3. The game was
close until the eighth Inning, when Chicago
fell upon Chech for eight hits, and. aided
by two ern rs. scored eight runs Morgan
waa driven from the box In the fourth In
ning, when Chicago lied the score. Score:
Hshn rt 4 I 0 0 M ConnHl. Itil 1 I
llMiShertr, It 4
lhll. lb I
White, c t . .. I
rtirtall. 2b...
Ttnnetilll. h. I
Parent, a , . j
Os-ena. r i
Smith, p I
.' it
I 4
0 li netmer. rf.. . . h
s e Slasher, rf. .. S
0 (t Hnopw. If ... 4
1 0
I II 0
1 I
0 14 I
1 I 1
I t I
I Ml. .lb .
J 1 tVasner. Mi
I lrarrian, r
V 1 Mnrsan. B.
a i o o
c I 0
1'r.erh. p .
ST IS 14 I wolier ...
0 I
1 1 0
Tmalr. 4 7 24 14 I
Batted for Chech In ihe nin;h
Chicago 0 ft 1' 2 o I ft 12
Boston 0 2 1 0 ft o 0 0 03
Two-bnse hits: H.shn. Parent. Isbell.
Tits: Off Morgan. 8 In three and one-third
Innings; off Chech, in In four and two
thirds Innings. Sacrifice hits: Parent (2),
Smith, llahn. Nlles. Stolen bases: Speaker.
Wawner. Nlhs. McConnell. Double play.
Stahl to Wagner Ieft on bases: Chicago.
B: Boston. . First base on halls: Off
Smith. ".: otf Morgan, 3. Hit with pitched
hall: Nl'es. Struck out: By Smith. 6;
by Morgan. 2. Passed ball: Owen. Wild
nlt-h: r-mlth. Time:' 3:10. Umpire: Per
rine and O'Loughlln. .
Browns Win from Athletics.
ST. LOUIS, May 3.-Bt. Louis, with a
greatly changed lineup In the field, today
won the second game (if the series from
New York. 2 to 1. Patterson supplanted
Tom Jones and Arthur Griggs waa .In
Jimmy Williams' place. Stephen' home
run won the game for the local. Score.
v H.H.fl.A E. R.H.O.A.E.
MrAleeae. It. 4 0 I fl flCree. rt 4 0 0 0 0
Hariaell. rf .4 1 1 0 0 Kt.lfP, 4 110 0
Hofrman. t. . 1 0 1 0 Olhaae. 1H....4 1 in t 0
Ferrla. 1 . . . 4 1 1 I 1 Bnl. If ...410 0
Grl. 2b.... 4 1 A I ilKnlsht. lb... I 0 I 2 I
Pativrann, lb 2 Oil 1 0 Laporta. tb. . . 4 0 0 6 1
Wallsie. aa.l 1 1 t OAualln, aa ... J I) J t
Strphtna, c..2 1 1 1 Blair, e I 1 IS
Waddrll. p .. S 0 14 1 RriK-kett. p. . I I (I 0
Hfmphlll ... 1 0 (I ft
Totala 10 5 27 12 lIlbrrftl4 ...14 0 0 0
Totals 11 I 14 10 I
Battel for Austin In the ninth.
'Batted fm lll.i.r In the ninth.
Rt Louis 00 0 00020 ' I
New York t 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Home run: Stephens. Double play: Chase
to Austin to Chase. First base on balls:
Off Waddell. 2: otf Biockett. 2. Struck
out: By Waddell. o; by Brocket t, 3. Lett
on bases: St. Louis, ii; New York, 7. Tlmm:
1:45. Umpires: Connolly and Egan.
Titters Win from Athletics. "
DETKOIT, Mich.. Slav 20. Today'a gam
was always In doubt until the finish, but
resulted In Detroit's favor 5 to 3. giving
Mullln his seventh straight victory. Plank
waa knocked out In one Inning und Vlcker
was sent to the bench in the sixth. Ross
man's hitting was the feature and won for
Detroit. Both teams backed their pitcher
in brilliant style. Score:
Baiter for Livingston In ninth.
Batted for Dygert In ninth.
Detroit 3 0 000200 6
Philadelphia 00012000 03
Two-base hit: Rossman. Thre-be hit:
Faker. Hit: Off Plank. 8 in one inning;
off VUkers, 4 In five innings; off Dygert,
1 In two innings. At bit against Plank, 5;
Vltkcrs. 17; Dygert. 8. Sacrifice hlta; Bueh,
Murr.hy. Stolen bases: Crawford. Cobb,
Collin.' Double plays: Barry to Davis,
Barry to Collins to Davis. Ieft on bases:
Detroit. 4: Philadelphia. . Base on balls:
Off Mullin, 3; off PJank. 1. off Vlckers. 3.
Hit by pitcher: By, Alullln. 1; by Living
ston, 1; by Vicker. 1; by Ptange, 1. Struck
out: By Mullin. 4; by PlHnk. 1; by D gert,
1. Time: 1:5a. Umpires; Evans and Hurat.
Senators Win In Tenth.
CLEVELAND. May ..-Washington de
feated Cleveland 3 to 2 In ten Innings today.
Johnson won his own game with a single
after McBride had walked and taken third
on Street's single and Hlnchmans bad
throw to third. Scores
Washington 0 0 0 2 00 000 13
Cleveland 1 0 01 0 .0 0 0 0 0-3
Base ' on errors: Washington. 1. Two
base hit: SHUaii. Three-bane hlta: Turner,
Donohue. Sacrifice hit: Bradley. Bases
on balls: Off Joss, 1; off Johnson, 1. Left
on bases: Cleveland, 6; Washington, 5.
Struck out: By Jobs, 1; by Johnaon. 10.
Time: 1:46. tJmplres: Kcrln and Sheridan.
Let Several Men Go, Now that He
Has eT One.
With the signing of BUI Schipke and
Bert Keeley and the recovery of Cadman
Pa Rourke has begun the weeding out
process on hi team. Goode, the catcher
Igned in Denver, Rice, the pitcher se
cured from Cincinnati and Hanaon, the
Council Bluft lad, have all been re
leased Claire, who played flrat during
the exhibition series, ha been signed by
Tekamah Beala Bancroft,
TEKAMAH, Neb., May 20 (Special Tele
ram. The Tekamah White Sox went
to Bancroft yesterday where they defeated
the team at that place by a score of 8
to 1.
This is the first game they have played
this season and all thu players are in fine
condition. The opening game will be
played here May 31.
Benson Merchants.
The Benson Merchanta have reorganised
for the coming season and Include some
fast players. They would like to arrang
games with any team under 19 year of
age. the Mid City, Hanscom Parks and
Bpauldlngs preferred. Address John Shlf
flower. Benson.
Rain Hinders Weston.
DENVER, Colo.. May 20 Edward Pay
on Weton was compelled by heavy rain
to stop late last night at Weskan, Kan.,
near the Colorado state line. He reaumed
his Journey thi morning, although It wa
till raining.
Hhelton Beat Kearney.
KEARNEY. Neb.. May 20-Bpeclal Tele
grami. A hotly contested game of base
ball waa played Tuesday at the Athletic
park between Kearney and Shelton. The
reauit wa 4 to 3 In favor of Shelton.
Oateome of School Athletic Meet Will
Be Friday Might.
The final In the public school contests,
for which the preliminary trials were made
Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday bv the
twelve participating public schools, will be
given In the Auditorium Friday evening
Three include a twenty-yard dash, relay
race, fourtn cf a mile race, running high
Jump, running broad Jump and tug of war.
About list of the public school athlete
will participate In the contests.
The evcius will begin at 8 o'clock and
these f -liools will enter the contest: Cen
tral, Lomenlu. Farnam. Kellom. Lake,
Leavenworth. Long, Ijthrop, Omaha View,
Train and Walnut Hill.
Playlaa Trnnl lB Kisaai.
LINCOLN. May 20 (Special. ) The Ne
braaka tennis team left for Lawrence.
Kan., thla afternoon to hold a tournament
with the Jayhawkera tomorrow and Sat
urday. The Cornhusker team la composed
of Weaverllng. Flower, Smith and Hub
bell. The Cnrnhuskera will be up against
a strong team at Kansas and will have
to play brilliant tennis In order to win
Watson, Wood. Farnsworth and Blglow
are the Jayhawker representatives. These
men are all veterans and wer members
of th team that came to Lincoln last May
and trimmed the Cornhusker In boih the
single and double. Weaverllng. who la
manager of the Cornhuskers this spring,
was on the Kansas team last year when
Nebrai-ka was defeated.
Hacea at lloaeaater.
DONCA3TER. England. May JO.-The
Zeeland Maiden 2-yar-old plate of 1V
overelgns, distance five furlongs, maa run
here today. Halve and Vart finished in
a dead heat. Mclntyre waa third Among
the fourteen siartera was H P. Whitney s
e'ALISFil'R Y. Englsnd. M-y M.-TIi
Salisbury slakes of five sovereigns each
for 2-year-old. five furlongs, waa won by
Muiden Aunt Wash., owned hv 1'. 1 ar.
roil, an American realdant of Paris, wa
second - .
Raymond ii Big- Factor in Victory of
New York.
He Also Drltrs la Winning; Ran Hth
a Single Os-er Secnnd Score of
Other liamea In allnnal
NEW YORK. May JO Pitcher Raymond
was a big factor In New Ynrk'a defeat of
Pittsburg today by 2 to 1. He scattered
the visitors' eight hits so that only one
run resulted and drove In Bridewell with
the winning run by a single over second.
Camnlta. who pitched for Pittsburg, lost
hla first game of the year, having won
even successive victories. Wagner wa
presented with the George Evans cup for
leading the major leagues In batting last
year and Miller received a diamond ring
from friend In hla home town. Kearney
N. J. Miller batted In Pittsburg's lone
nbw YORK. piTTsnt;nn
. R.H.O.A.E. Barheas. Sb I 1 I (I
Tenney. lb. .. 4 1 1 Leach, cf 4 1 I 0 0
riorls. Jh 4 1 I a u Clara. If 4 I I 0 0
VrMT.nn's. If. I 0 iTitatr. a ..4 1 1 0
Murray, rf . 4 0 1 1 0 A Minn. lb.. 4 1 II 0
O Hirt, cf ..l 1 " n " Miller. Sh . . 4 t 1 I 1
rerun, lb .. . . t 1.4 Owilaon. rf....l 110
Brldwall. sa.. 1112 Onihaon. c 9 110 0
Schlel. e I 0 ! "Hratt I 0 0
Raymond,, p. I 12 0 Camnlta. p .. I 011
Toisla :-T I 17 14 0 Tols I 24 11 3
Batted for Gibson In ninth.
Pittsburg .....0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
New York 1 0 0 0 1 0 o 0 x-2
Two base hits: Bridewell, lach. Home
run: Tcnney. Sacrifice hlta: Brldwell,
Schlel.' Left on bases: Pittsburg, ; New
York... 6. Baae on errors: New York, 2.
Double plays: Miller, Wagner and Ab
ateln. Struck out: by Raymond, 0. Base
on balls: off Raymond. 2; off Camnlt. 2.
Time: 1:36. Umpire: Emalle and O Day.
St. I.onls Easy for Philadelphia.
had little difficulty In defeating St. Louis
today. Moore, who took Morens place In
the second Inning, fsnned nine of hla
opponents. Hulswitt was put out of the
game for disputing. Score:
. . - R.H. OAS B.H.O.A.R.
Grant. Sh ';.. 12) OBrrna. 3b.... I 0 1 1 0
Knahs. 2b.. ..,4 Oil Ofhaw. rt i 1700
Tltua. rt I 2 1 0 0 Rreanahan. c. ( 2 I i 0
Mum. If .4 t I 0 OKonsirby. lb. i I I I 1
8han. lb 1 1 I 0 0 Rrana, rf 4 0 0 0 0
Of horn, cf . . I 1 I) 1 t Bills, rf I 1 I 0 0
noolin, sa ... 4 0 3 1 OHulawltt. as.. 1 1 i 2 fl
Doom, r I 2 0 2 IRellly. as...l 0 110
Morcn, .p 0 0 0 0 ncharlaa. 2b... 4 1110
Moore, p I 1 A 0 1 Rhoadaa. p...O (I 0 0 0
' Hlsslns, p.... 0 0 0 0
Totals. M 10 27 7 2 More, p 1 0 0 0 0
nslehanty .. 1 0 0 0 0
Pbalps 0 t 0
Totala 24 t 24 t 1
Baited for Rhoades In th.
Batted for Higglna .In 6th.
Philadelphia 0 0 4 0 0 1 0 0 X 6
81. Louis 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Two base hits: Magee: Breanehan. Three
base hits: Magee, Snaw. Hits; off Moran,
4 in 1 Inning and none In second; off
Moore, 4 in 8 Innings; ott Rhoades, 4 In
3 Innings; off Hlgglns, 1 In 2 Innings;
More, 6 In 3 Inning. Stolen bases: Grant,
Tltua, Osborne, , Doolm, Moore. Bresnahan.
Double play: Monetchy, Bresnahan and
Charles. Wt on bases; Philadelphia. I;
Bt. Louis. 12. Base on balls: off Moren. 1;
off Moore. 6; off .Rhoades, 2; off Hlggins,
1; off More. 2. Baae on errors: I'nlla
driphla, 1; St. Louis. 1. Struck out: by
Moore, 4: by Hlgglns. 2. passed balls:
Dooln.. Wild pitch: Hlgglns. Time: 2:05.
Umpires; Rigler and Truby.
Cab Win at Boalon,
BOSTON, May . Four hit a. a ba.se on
balls and two error In the eighth Jnning
of today game gave Chicago four runs
and a victory ovef Boston 6 to 2. Pfelater
wa a puisle to the locals. Score:
B.H O A g B.H.O.A.R.
Evera. 2b 4 0 5 1 I Pahltn, a. . t n s 1 1
si.eckard, if.. I ft a e 0 Bates. !(. .. I I I 0 0
S hulm. rf .4 rt ft 0 ogsaensy. 2b. - 4 112 0
Hofman. cf... I t 1 0 0 Beaumont, cf 4 0 110
stelnfaUt, III t 1 I 1 Ritchey, 2b.. 4 0 4 4 1
H.iward, . IB. . 4 S 13 0 0 Bstkf r. rf....4 2 I 1 0
Tinkei', ia....l 2 1 0 Bowerman. e. I 0 I 2 1
Moran; t 4 14 2 OBecS. lb...... I 0 1 0
Pfaiatar, p...( 0 0 4 "Llr.daman, p. t 1 1 i
Toisla...... 12 10 2T 14 t Toula 4 27 14 I
Chicago 0 1 0 1 0 o 0 4 0
Boaton 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 02
...Two-base hit: Tinker. Sacrifice hits:
Hate. Tinker, Dahlen. Sacrifice fly: Pfela
ter. Left on bases: Boaton, 4; Chicago, 7.
Bases on balia: Off Lindnman, 6; off Pfeis
ter, 1. Basees on errors: Boston, 2 Struck
out: By Pfelster, 6. Time: 1:30. Umpire;
Klein and Kane.
Brooklyn Defeat Cincinnati.
BROOKLYN. May 20. Cincinnati out
batted Brooklyn today, but loat 8 to 2 be
cause of fast fielding behind Mclntyre at
critical point. Gasper waa taken out In
ihe sixth to let Mowrey bat for him, Bwlng
taking his pl.ice. Lennox batted In the win
ning run in thhe eighth. Jordan was out
of the game owing to a lame leg. Score:
JI.H.O.A.E. R.H.O.A.K.
Burrh. If 4 1 1 0 0 Sgan. 2b 4 2 4 t 0
Hummel, lb . 2 1 11 A sOakea. cf 4 2 0 0 0
Alperman, 2b 4 Oil OLnban. lb.... 4 2100
Lennox, lb. .. 4 I I 2 U Mitchell, rf . b 0 0 0 0
kuatua. rf. .1 1 4 0 AHobluiel. lb 4 ill 0 1
t'atiaraon, ef. I 1 1 1 Oowney. a.., 4 11(0
McMillan, aa. 2 1 2 2 0 Bmcher, If . .3 fl I o 1
Htrran. C....I 1 2 2 0 McLean. C ...I 1110
Mtlntyr, 1 0 0 6 Oliaapar, p 1 0 0 2 0
, . 'Moyray 1 0 0 0 0
Totals 2 11111 I Bwlni. p 1 0 0 2 0
Totala.. 24 10 24 II I
Batted for Gaaper In alxth.
Brooklyn 00300001 3
Cincinnati' 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 02
Two-base hit: Kgan. Lohert. Kuatua,
McMillan. Hits: Gasper, 4 In five Innings.
Sacrifice hits: Oakes.' Lobert, Hummel,
McMillan. Mclntyre. .Stolen base: Beacher.
Double piay: Creeper to kgan to Hoblitzel.
Ieft on baaea: Cincinnati. 11; Brooklyn, 4.
Basra on balls: Cuf Gaaper, 2; off Mcln
tyre. 4. Base on error: Brooklyn, 1.
Struck out: By Gasper, 2; by Mclntyre, 2.
Time; 1:60. Umpires: Cu1ck and John
Topeka Manager Shot Off Home Fana
Who Are tinylngt.
Dick Cooley scored a home run hit with
several fana who were roaatlng him and
hla team after the game Wednesday The
fana aw the Topeka bunch In the cab
turn Into Farnam street at Sixteenth going
Into the Merchanta hotel and began to
Josh. They kept It up nntll the Topeka
playera began to get out of the cab at
the hotel. By this time two of the fans
who had been getting off aome pretty
good sayings,' were atandtng In front of
the Henshuw cafe.
Dick Cooley nud taken a hand In the
repartee oy now and as he leaped out of
the cab ha turned on th two fana over
the way and yelled:
"Go on in that dining room and put on
your apron and go to work now."
The cheering of the crowd around forced
the two fellow In.
Real t'roa Wins Game.
GRAND ISLAND. Neb.. May i (Special
Telegrami. The Grand Island Red Croas
team Won from the bulne college team
here today by a score of 2 to 1.
Score by Innings:
Red Cross I 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 -2 4 1
Business Coil ge O0 0 1U000 O-1 3 4
Batteries: Jonea, Glade and'KUlng. Hoff
man. Ford and Blnn. Two base hlis:
Etting. Bsird and Thomas. Sacrifice hlis:
Philip Glade, 2; Maddox and Gorman.
laakloa Beats I alveraltf.
YANKTON. S. D.. May 30 iSpeclal Trle-
fram.) Yankton College defeated Slate
'mverslty In a game here today. I 10 1.
Yankton 1 3 1 0 0 0 1 0 -
Vermillion 0 0 0 0 1 000 01
Starr HrleaeL
SIOUX CITY, la.. May 2fl.-"ltip" Burr,
a member of the twirling laff of th Sioux
City club lnoe Ihe beginning of the 1K
season, haa been unconditionally released
by Manager Holme.
M. g. at B. t.ae lo Dodge.
Th Millar, Stewart Beaton team will
go to Dodge. Neb., to 01 en ihe season Sun
day. The learn will leave Union station at
7:30 a. m. Sunday. The following la the
line-up for Sunday s same:
Miller. Stew art Beaton. Dodge.
Carlon First Base Mendllk
Avery j.. Second Base Mllnarik
Marsh Third Base KulUe
Millett Shortstop Huff
Hoonev Left Field Clements
Anderson Center Field Hlttdorf
Johnson Right Field Janacek
lingers Catcher 7.acek
Manan Pitcher Harrle
Siephcnson Pitcher
Rig Policeman anil Tedalr Brolhera
mil Fill In.
The mistake or the Golih-Perrelll wres
tle was that the preliminaries were ni t
elaborate enough. There will be no such
mistake at the Gotch-OIson match at the
Auditorium next Monday night. Manager
Glllan has contracted with two giant.
Charles Chapman, who has never appeared
In Omaha, and Charles Jensen, a police
man, and also with the Teddy brothers,
Jnhanson and Kounaeman, for the pre
liminaries. These ought certainly to supply
a vast am'.unt of Interest. In addition to
these. Mr. Glllan haa secured a talented
colored quartet to furnish music, when
there Is a moment not taken up bv the
wrestlers. He proposes to give his friend
who attend this match three time th
worth of thoir money.
Ootch took on all comer In Salt Iake
Cltv today and now he pri poses to come
directly to Omaha, getting here a day In
advance of his match with the big Swede.
The champion Is In great form; he haa been
working dally for months and Is gaining
speed every day. Olsnn. however, Is a top
notchor. and will make Gotch work to
throw him Olson hss thrown Beell within
the last year and la getting better every
day. He Is ambitli us and doe hi best
all the time. He la far and away ahead
of either Ferrelll or Bransfleld. the two
last men seen here with Gotch.
In all probability this will be the last
time for Gotch In Omaha. He expect" to
retire after his wrestle with Hackenschmldt
In January.
Manager Glllan still hopes to get Dr.
Roller and W'estergaard for a match early
In June.
Olamhals Win Prellmlnarg Kea
tacky Derby In Kasy Style.
LOUISVILLE, Ky., May 2A.-Olambala.
a 3-year-old colt by Ornu. belonging to
J. G. Green of Naahvllle, beat Wlntergreen.
the winner of last year s derby, and Miami,
at a mile and a elxteenth In the preliminary
derby trial thla afternoon. Olambala' vic
tory wa an easy one. ao easy In act that
he will be a hot favorite In Iatonia derby,
which will he run next Tueday. He broke
the track record today, almply galloping
the distance in 1:46 flat, which is one-fifth
of a second under the local mark. In the
last race, Rem pro stumbled In a Jam,
throwing Jockey Rice, who wa badly
shaken up internally, Buffering hemohr
rages. King's Daughter wa the only favor
ite to win. Weather cloudy; track fat.
First race, selling, six furlongs: Boser
rlan (106. Heldel, straight, 338.06) won.
Deuce U(I3. Roblnon, place, 131. 6) aecond,
Borrel Top (103, Qlasner, ahow, $23.06) third.
Time: 1:13. Tackle. Select. Boema. Rebel
Queen, Laaaoeur, Paul Rulnart, Beatrlca
K., F. T. 8hlpp. Come On Sam, Hartlng,
Harold Hall, Addlax. Pal. also ran.
Second race, selling, 2-year-old, 4H tit
longa: Colli Ormsby U2, Page, straight.
865.661 won, Cherry Ola t!W. Martn, place,
87.75) aecond, Iveno 1 113. Devenport, ahow,
$7,661 third. Time: 64:v. Inferno Queen.
Metila, John Mct'lure. Halleck. Lady Mel
ton, Alaxie, Brunehhde. Ethel W. Delf
and Southern Gold alfo ran. '
SerKeant Walsh Is Lost.
KANSAS CITY. May 2D.-Sergeajit John
Walsh, the retired cavalryman who Is
wsiking 'westward and saya he will beat
Wesion to the Pacific coast, could not be
located here this morning, and It was be
lieved he had made an early, unannounced
atart. On Tuesday Walsh left Fort Leav
enworth for Topeka over the Union Pa-
Iflo right-of-way. Late last night he
returned to Kansas City, saying the roada
were bad and that he Intended to make a
new start, thla time, following . the line of
the Santa Fe railway.
Thnraton Rifle Seek G mes.
The Thurston Rifles . base, ball team
would. like, to schedule games with fast
amateur teams' In or out of the city and
would Mke to hear from the West Sides,
Florence. Hollys. Rangers, or Berg Cloth
ing company. CaH or - address C. H.
Beeves, manager, 142 North Thirty-first
avenue, 'phones Douglas 1781. during busi
ness hours, or Ind. A-1048, evening.
A. A. I. Meet at Seattle.
NEW YORK. Miy 20. Bartow 8. Weeks,
chairman of the champlonahlp committee
of the Amateur Athletic union, today an
nounced that the national Junior, aenlor
track and field championship of the Ama
teur Athletic union would be held at th
Alaska-Yukon-Pacific exposition, Seattle,
on August 13 and 14.
Glldden Car leaves Topeka.
TOPEKA. Kan., Mav 10. The E. M. F.
Glldden pathfinder car left Topeka for
Kansas Cltv at 8:30 thla morning. Owing
to the muddy condltlona of the roads the
party does not expect to reach Kansan
City, sixty-five mile away, before late thla
American Colt Favored.
LONDON, May 30 The American colt.
Sir Martin, has shown up so well In his
recent gallops that his price for the derby
waa todav ahortened to 7 to 2. King Ed
ward's Mlnoru. however. Is still tha
fvorite al 9 to 4.
n.nnml l In, Tnamrf.
IOWA CITY. Ia., May 30 (Special.) M.
r ii.... 1 .. - .a r PunrtM lu wnn in annual
spring tennis tournament In the University
of Iowa ner yesteroay oy ueirntms
Gregory 6-2, 6-2 and -4.
Gossip with the Sport.
Some game, that at Lincoln.
Wichita Is getting hers all right.
Yes and Pa has another one up hia sleeve
he's going to spring in a day or two,
Up to date George Stalllngs is sure de
livering the goods. Guess he'a nobody in
Gotham, eh?
Sanders passed five men in that last
Topeka game; more than he usually pa
In five games.
Burns, for whom Comiskey swapped
three men, got bumped for ten hlta In th
first eight Inning he pitched for the Sox.
Whew, things are tightening up in thi
ould Western lesgue. One game makes a
whole lot of difference these daya. Ditto
the National.
Tills Western league lias some names to
conjure with this year: Westerzil. Slap
nicka, Crulkshank. O'lmarten. Maag. Stan
kard. Hecklnger. Blcrsdorfer, et al.
Has Ruelhach won a gme this season?
These pitchers who require until the mid
dle of the summer to get Into condition,
are. at least, not the most valuable.
The prettiest race Just now Is that be
tween New York and Boston National.
They have tied for days. Which remind
one of the fact that Detroit ha no walk
away. Cadman is needed with thst stick of his.
He certainly made himself an Idol bv
denning up the bases Wednesday. It
looked like Topeka s gsme up to that
Jiggs Donohue Inaugurated his advent
with Washington aa It first baseman and
captain bv eelting three hits In three times
up. H" also took the ten chancea that come
to him.
The showing .Isck Johnson made against
O Brlen should be a cue to those folks who
are talking about his whipping Jeffries. If
Jeff ever Rets that fellow In the ring the
result Is liable to be a crime.
Gotch and Olson will he here nxt Mon
dsv night for the last big wrestle of the
season at the Auditorium. This man Oleon
Is a tnuah proposition and the fans are
likely, to see some fine work on the met.
Austin made six assists and five putout
placing short Wednesdav. As Im Porte,
the" second baseman, didn't have a putout
and hut one chance st an asisl which he
took, it is evident Jimmy was sent over
each time to cover the bag. Alao he got a
hit. Bad player, that.
Roger Bresnahan seems to hsve his
Csrdlnals down to a working basis He
has taken a couple of games from Bower
man's Beaneaiers. These two old rival
who did the ratchlng for the Olsnts ao
long r manager now and perhap not
so envious of each other.
Chances are if the fight had gone on
O'Brien would have whipped Johnson. If
there's anv posslhle mav bv which Johnson
can aet that fight with Jeff called off he
would lve wise to locale that wav He
will have h much show to ll.-k Jeff a a
ralf would have to kill a butcher.
Johnson-O'Brien Boat Should
Called a Draw.
Ha Makea Freoeat Rashes, hat Falls
to Land Effectively O'Brien
Does Greater Part of
PHILADELPHIA, May 20 Jack John
aon, the big colored heavyweight champion,
failed to win over Jack O Brien. the Phila
delphia light-heavyweight tonight In a
alx-round bout. The fight waa even and
the consensu of opinion wa tht It hould
have been a draw, had a decision bean
permissible. O'Brten'i marvelouiy faat
foot work and hla superior boxing saved
him from damage' In aeveral close mixes,
and three time he waa forced to hi knee
by the great strength of Johnon In the
It wa a fain fight, O'Brien doing th
greater nart of the leading. Johnson wa
low on hla feet, and appeared not to be
In the best condition. Repeatedly the
champion rushed hi smaller antagonist,
but seldom larded effectively. A right
hand counter In the fifth cut O'Brien'
right eye and thla was the sum total of
damage done In the six round.
O'Brien wa In and out like a flash In
nearly every round, stabbing Johnson In
th face, but the blows lacked force and
had no effect other than to make tg big
black man grin and wave hi hand at the
crowd. The spectator cheered wildly every
lime O'Brien lnnded and hooted Johnson
for his apparent rough work In the clinches.
Referee MeGulgun said after the fight
that O'Brien did remarkably well undor
th circumstances. He weighed 1024
had no effect other than to make the big
weight waa 206.
''Johnson looked tired and anxious In
the fourth round and O'Brien appeared con
fident throughout the bout. He certainly
fought a game fight," said McGulgan.
Johnson had nothing to say after the
bout except that he thought he had the
better of It. O'Brien wa enthusiastic over
f his showing. H said today he had accepted
a proposal to meet Al Kaufman In San
Francisco In th near future.
Preliminaries Cause Delay.
Three tiresome six-round preliminaries
prolonged the wait until 10:20 before John
son, the first to appear, ahouldered hi
way through the crowded aisles and
climbed Into the ring. Hla reception waa
cordial, but not enthusiastic and there wa
even some hooting by the galleries. O'Brien
came on a minute later and sprang nimbly
upon the platform. The crowd cheered
him frantically. He grasped Johnson'
hands perfunctorily and took his corner.
Johnson quickly came over, looked over
O'Brien bandaged hands and appeared
satisfied. A telegram was read from Billy
Delaney challenging Johnaon on behalf of
AI Kaufman for a fight at San Francisco.
Johnson had Yank Kenny, George Cole
and Frank Nadoll, while O'Brien a were
Abe Attell, Joe Riley, Jack Havilon and
Jack Hagan.
"I weigh 162 pounds," said O'Brien, aa lie
sat in hi corner, while the gloves were
being drawn on. Johnson looked forty
pound heavier aa he stood up and dropped
hi big bath, robe..
Stanley Ketchfl came forward to be in
troduced. He shook O'Brien hand and
Wished him succe, then crossed and
greeted Johnson.. The big black fellow
Commencing May 23d
No. 9 is a new dynamo electric lighted high class train of
chair cars, diners, standard and observation sleepers, and will
leave Omaha at 11 :50 P. M., arriving Denver the next afternoon.
No. 3, Overland Express for Denver, continues at 4;10 P. M.,
with standard and tourist sleepers for California, chair cars,
diners, observation sleepers, connecting with morning trains from
Denver through scenic Colorado and Salt Lake by daylight.
Very attractive tourist rates to Colorado, Utah, California,
Seattle, Yellowstone Park. Inner circuit tour of scenic Colorado,
Salt Lake, through Yellowstone Park via Gardiner and Yellow
stone Gateways. Coast circuit tour through California, Portland.
Seattle, including scenic Colorado and Yellowstone Park.
Call or write
route privileges,
trip. ' ' ;
1 Alaska-Yukon-Pacific
SEATTLE, June 1st to Oct. 16, 1909
A splendid opportunity to rombine education with
pleasure. I.earn' about the New Weet and the Great
I'nlon Pacific trains traverse the heart of these
beautiful and Interesting lands. Persons traveling via
this line can arrange for stopovers at Omaha or Kansas
City, Denver, Salt Lake City, Vellowmorve National
Park, Portland and many other points.
Writa for Alaska-Yukon-Paclflo Folder. Call on or
City Ticket Office, 1324 Farnam St., Omaha, lieb.
sTMa. .. f 1 1 srv tana -J i s t at a a
i ii"iir jnru iwuuu
altcd Kctrhel up carefully, smiling broadiy
as he acknowedged th greetings.
O'Brien looked In b In splendid shp'
a he took off h' bth robe. Johnson ap
peared father bulky about, the waltt-llnr.
but hla splendid muscle stood out In arms
and shoulders.
Fight by Honnd.
First Round-It was 10. 36 when tha gong
Bounded and Johnson ruhed O Brlen to
th rope. O'Brien came back with a left
to the face and In the clinch Johnaon
rushed O'Brien off hi feet. O'Brien p.it
left to face lightly, but Johnon only
grinned and forced O'Brien to th ropes.
Shoving him to hla knees. They feinted
and fiddled carefully. O Brlen trying to
draw Johnson on. Johnson put left on
O'Brien face without damage and
O'Brien landed left lo face In return.
O'Brien was In and out like a flash ami
Johnson sel him elf for a counter, but it
wa motherd. O Brlen quickness or
foot stood him In g'd stead against
Johnaon. The round waa even.
Second Round O Brlen led for th fac
but wa blocked and Johnson lifted him
off his feet in the clinch that followed.
Th crowd hooted Johnaon, but he only
mlled and rushed O Brlen to the ropes.
Marvelous ducking saved O'Brien from
damage and thev sparred cautiously.
O Brlen caught Johnson with 4 stiff left
on the face three times and the rrowd
cheered frantically. Johnson rushed him
to the p pes, landing left on th body
lightly. Until appeared winded and John
son waited for O Brlen to lead. Johnson
went after O'Brien like a whirlwind, but
quick foot work took the Philadelphia man
out of harm a way. O'Brien did the
cleaner work in this, round.
O'Brien' Work Cleaner.
Third Round Johnson missed left hand
hook and look a left In return. O'Brien
waa In and out like a flash, landing left
011 the face, but took a stiff left to the
stomach at close range. Johnson forced
O Brlen, shambling after him rather alowly
and awkward, missed two left and a
right for tha head. Johnson set himself
for O'Brien's lead, but waa alow In
countering and took a left stab on thu
nose. Johnson went after him vlcidusly '
and a left had O'Brien's mouth bleeding.
Johnson appeared somewhat winded at the
end of the round, which wa about even
with O'Brien's work showing cleaner.
Fourth Round-O'Rrlcn put left to the
face and took right on body and they
sparred cautiously. O'Brien caught John
son a Jarring smash on the face with hia
left and Johnson's mouth showed the' ef
fect. Johnson slowed up and wlted for
O'Brien to lead. The crowd yelled for .
O'Brien to "come and show him up," but '
Johnson only grinned and walked In. He
caught O'Brien a glancing right on tho
head and a left on th body, but O'Brien
wa going away and the blow lacked
team. O'Brien feinted and missed a left
wing going to hi knee from the Im
petus of the blow. Johnaon appeared alow
and had no advantage In the round. If
anything It wa O'Brlen'a advantage.
Fifth Round Johnson caught O'Brien a
left on th face and O'Brien went down,
but up like a flash and fighting atrong.
Johnson tried to send In hi right upper
cut that proved so effective with Tommy
Burns, but wa blocked. A right to th.
face cut O'Brien's right eye. but he came
hack with a left flush on Johnaon' mouth.
Johnson rushed viciously, pinning O'Brien
to the rope and wrestling him down.
O'Brien did most of the leading at thla
stage, and as the gong sounded sent a
hard left to Johnson's face.
Sixth Round They shook hand gingerly
tor the wind-up and spsrred cautiously.
O'Brien led a left which landed on the
body good and hard. Johnaon only smiled
and held up hla hand to indicate that he
had blocked It. O'Brien rushed in again
and tried hard to land on the face and
body, but waa blocked In hla efforts
Finally l aent a stiff left to the face and
took a hard right counter on the head In
return. Johnson met O'Brien with a left
to the face as he stepped In and th round
ended in a clinch.
Dr. Roller Slain Siegfried.
KANSAS CITY. Mo., May 30 -Dr B. F. '
Roller, the wrestler, who has been 111 here
with ptomaine poisoning, has sufficiently
recovered to sign a match to tak on Sieg
fried In Kansas City on May 31. In th
meantime he will spend a week resting ltT
Illinois. ,
oversight Wlaa Race.
PA'R IS. May 20. The Prix Daru at Long
champs today was won' by W. K. Vander
hilt's Oversight. His Cornstalk ran un
placed In the Prix Marlln.
for publications,) rates,-diverse
and let me help you plan your
P. A. . 15 02 Farnam St., Omaha, Neb.
l rrn ni inn.. .1)1.

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