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Ball XMrag. ait BOTX PBtOVKSj KSAOI AX.I. DIFTS. 1mA. 1-1HI
We're more than ready for the
sweet girl graduate and the June bride
Well hare we 'provided ourselves with all the requisite
needed. From the fluffy ribbons, the lustrous silks, the sheer
white fabrics to the spotless gowns all ready made and ready for
service'. It s a gathering of special interest to those who are
. seeking gifts for the graduate or June bride. Come. It's for
you to enjoy.
Paris Made Underwear
is much wanted right
now for gifts.
Paris made Llngeile forms a class
by Itself. A class unapproached by
any other group of undergarments.
Kvery stitch of embroidery Is hand
done; so la the sewing of the seams,
except In the cheapest garments.
We have French garments as low
as $1.00 and then we have the more
costly French Lingerie as well some
of It very costly. But thoroughly
worth It.
Select from these for gifts. French
Gowns, French Corset Covers, French
Skirts. French Drawers and French
Chemise. Second floor.
v 1
She Will Surely Need
Light Weight Hosiery
White silk Hole or gauae
lisle hose, 50c per pair.
White llk hose, plain. $2.50
per pair.
Embroidered silk hose, do
mestic or French, 14.00 to $10
ptr pair.
Very handsome patterns con
fined strictly to us.
Main Floor.
She Will Enjoy the Dis
play of Dainty Parasols
All the newest effects are
on display directly Inside our
ltli Street entrance.
Tretty black and white Para
ol with Persian and Rose
Novel effects In reen, taupe,
old rose and pongees.
Mts-e- plain linen parasols
In blue, pink and tan, $1.75
and $2.i0 each.
Main Floor.
New Neckwear, Fans and Real Laces That Will Suit
Her to Perfection. -
Charming display of real lace Dutch collars, also linen in the soft
effects, stocks and Jabots, all made of the finest materials.
Beautiful fans In gauze and real lace with bone and pearl sticks.
Handkerchiefs that will captivate you, In all linen, embroidered
ami real lace.
Rich laces and embroideries for trimming the bride's or the grad
uates gown. The handsomest showing In the city.
Real Cluny, Irish Crochet. Baby Irish Vals and Torchon laces.
txceptlunally fine display of Swiss, Nainsook Embroideries, In
sertions and Galloons to match.
Have a handsome girdle or eash made to order at our ribbon de
partment by Mrs. David. This department will surely Interest you.
Main Floor.
A Bag, Too, Is Needed.
To carry the many little things In. that are so dear to the femi
nine heart. Never have we shown as complete a line of bags as this
season. It matters not whether you want a small medium or laiije
bag. The chances are we can suit you to a nicety.
Nmall hand purses In brown, tan, navy and green seal. All have
silk linings and chain handle.
Medium slse hand bags of fancy calf and seal leather with strap
handle. Large bags in black seal and Walrus leathers, leather lined
with strap handles.
Silver and gun metal mesh bags In small and medium sizes.
W B-5-23-'09
1 ' ' ' 1 ' ' - ' - 1 !' 1 . . . . .. I
Continuation of our great sale of Trimmed Hats
Resting Rooms and Manicuring Department, 3d Floor.
A Great Sale of Hair Goods This Week
Commencing tomorrow nnd the balance of the week we will place on special pale many of our
best styles in "Yvette" Hair Goods at greatly reduced prices.
Kead the following interesting items: x
Long Hair Switches
16 Inch long hair, $1.50 value, at . . ( 79c
18-Inch long hair, $2.50 value, at $1.23
20-lnch long hair, $3.60 value, at $1.79
22-Inch long hair, $4.00 value, at $2.23
24-Inch long hair, $3.00 value, at $2.59
Natural Wavy Switches
20-Inch natural wavy hair, $4.00 value, at ....$1.08
24-lnch natural wavy hair. $6.00 value, at ....$2.89
16 and 18-lnrh natural gray hair, $5.00 value. $2.49
Transformations for all round the head. $10.00 and
$12.00 values, for $5.49
Puffs at Reduced Prices ,
Coronet Puffs (4 to set), $1.00 value, at 59c
Coronet Puffs (6 to set), $2.00 value, at 98c
Coronet Puffs (8 to set). $3.00 value, at $1.59
Physrhe Puffs (3 large puffs), $2.00 value, at . . . .$1.19
Cluster Puffs (14 to 16 puffs) $4.00 value at $1.98
Salome Puffs, a new line, $5.00 value at $2.49.
Triangle Puffs, can be matched In most difficult
shades. $5.00 value at $2.98.
Single Puffs. $1.00 value at 50c.
Single Puffs in gray, $1.50 value at 75c.
Hair Rolls, Sanitary and Net Covered
14-16 Inch rolls, 35c value, at 25c
24-lnch Sanitary rolls, 75c value, at 39c,
24-lnch net covered rolls, 50c value, at 25c
Crepe Wnol. regular 5Qc value, at. yard 25c
Tourist Nets, large 25c size, two for 25c
Pompadours of Natural Curly Hair
Small size 49c. Medium size, special $1.39
Marcel Pompadours, special . . $1.98
Use "La Madeliene Hair Restorer. It restores
faded and gray hair to its natural color. Price 9Sc
per bottle.
Mall orders receive prompt and careful attention,
send sample of hair. Write for illustrated free catalogue.
May Sale of Aprons
. Monday, morning we commence our
man will be interested. Girls who have
to attend this sale. ' 1
25c for lawn apron with hemstitched skirt,
bib and reveres.
25cfor 36-inch lawn apron with 3 wide
hemstitched tucks.
25c for 45-inch wide Amoskeag Gingham
kitchen apron with pocket.
35c for bretelle apron of fine lawn, 36
Inches wide, Bkirt straps and bib hemstitched.
35c for extra quality black sateen apron.
great May Sale of Aprons. Every wo-
many showers to attend will do well
B0c for fine lawn 45-lnches wide apron,
surplice straps.
60c for Amoskeag gingham apron, low neck
and sleeves cover all.
65c for fine lawn apron with straps, or em
broidery insertion and fine embroidery edge.
65c for Amoskeag gingham aprons, double
bib and collar with buttons and button boles.
Gloves for June Brides and Graduation
For the daintiness of finish for a graduation or wed
ding gown nothing is more attractive than a pair of our
silk gloves.
16-Button Embroidered White Silk Gloves. All the
best makes per pair. $2.00, $3.00 and $3.25. '
16-Button Kayser and Fownes White Silk Gloves,
per pair $1.50, $1.75. $2.00 and $2.50.
Kayser's White Silk Gloves, per pair 50c, 76c, $1.00
and $1.25.
Wash Suitings
In all the latest weaves,
both plain and fancies.
Linen finished Suitings, at
10c per yard.
F. F. Linene. at 15c per
Newport Suitings, at 15c
per yard.
Real Indian Head Suitings,
at 15c, l4sc and 20c per
72-lnoh wide Sea Linen. Im
ported fabric, made In white
only. Washes and looks like
linen, wears better, fiOc per
UHlatea Cloth; at 15c per
Fa loon Linen, at 25c per
Ride band Suitings, at 15c
and 18c per yard.
Mercerized Poplins, at 18c
and 26c per yard.
In all the latest colorings,
Imported Plquette Cloth,
at 26c per yard.
Grecian Kepp, at 15c yard.
Shadow Stripe, Bengallne
at 20c per yard.
All linen Suitings. 36-Inch
wide, at 40c per yard.
French Lina, 46-lnches
wide, at 25c per yard.
Mercerised Linen Shan
tung, at 35c and 40 per yard.
New Cunvass weave Linen,
at 30c per yard.
All Linen Crash Suiting,
at 40c per yard.
Himalaya Cloth at 30c
per yard.
Silk Shantung, at -etc per
And many other novelties.
East Basement.
Extraordinary Value Favorite Gray Panama,
$1.00 Quality, 54 Inches, Monday 59c a Yard.
In the loveliest shade of mixed gray you could
Imagine. Not at all the harsh, hard finish, but the new
finish, much gentler to the touch, though curiously
enough has retained all its springiness. It will tailor as
well as broadcloth. For traveling, outing or hard wear
you cannot afford to miss it.
Special Announcement
See Skirt Model 379. Specially designed for outing,
traveling and made of the same materials we are going
to sell Monday. $1.00 quality, 54-inches wide at n
cent a yard. See It early. Main Floor.
Special Sale of Lace Curtains Monday
The variety and styles are bewildering and the spe
cial values are appreciated by eager buyers.
Dainty white Brussel Net
Curtains, at $2.48. 13.29, $3 69,
$4.25 and $4 48 a pair.
Curtain Nets, at 25c, 30c
and 40c a yard.
Curtain Swisses, new line
Just received, perfect goods,
at 10c a yard.
Curtatn Rods, 10c special,
at 6c each.
West Basement.
Swiss Curtains With muffles
. 45c values, at 20c a
85c values, at 39c a
ll.io values, at 73c a
$1.35 values, at 9Ka a
Without Burnet
ii. an values, at vhc a
$1.75 values, at $1.29 a pair.
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
white, at 39c. 8c, 88c. 98c
$1.49 and $1.98 a pair.
Special Sale of White Gradu- M
uatton Dress Fabrics for 1909.
Monday we commence our (Jreat Sale of Beautiful
Sheer Dress Fabrics for Graduation nnd Wedding
Fine Sheer French Lawns
All 60c 4 5-Inch French Lawn, Monday's price 35c per yard.
All 60c 46-Inch French Lawn, Monday's price 45c per yard.
All 66c 45-Inch French Uwn, Monday's price 49c per yard.
All 75c 45-Inch French Lawn. Monday's price 69c per yard.
All 85c 45-Inch French Uwn, Monday's price 69c per yard.
All $1.00 46-Inch French I-awn, Monday's price 76c per yard.
All $1.25 45 Inch French Lawn, Monday's price R9c per yard.
All $1.60 45-Inch French Lawn, Monday's price $1 per yard.
Fine Sheer French Batistes
All $1.50 45-Inch French I,awn, Monday's price $1.00 per yard.
All 75c 48-inch French Batistes, Monday's price 59c per yard.
All 85c 4 8-lnch French Batistes. Monday's price 69c per yard.
All $1 48-lnch French Batistes. Monday's price 75c per yard.
Special Sale Linen Sheetings for Ladies' Suits
and Skirts
3 pieces $1.25 90-lnch Linen Sheeting In this sale 89c yard.
4 pieces $1.00 72-inch Linen Sheeting In this sale 69c yard.
Special Sale of White
Linen Waistings
6 pieces 60c Tfv'hite Linen
WaiBttngs In this sale 39c
per yard.
Special Hale Sheer Striped
Colored Waistings.
6 pieces $1.26 Sheer Lin
en Waistlng In this sale 75c
per yard.
Special Sale White
Crepe Waistings
10 pieces 60c White Crepe
Waistlng in this sale 25c
per yard.
Special Sale Brown Dress
15 pieces 35c 36 Inch
Brown Dress Linens in this
sale 25c per yard.
From the Philipine Islands
"We have just received from Manilla another ship
ment of those beautiful hand embroidered Waist Pat
terns. Special Sale Remnants of White Goods
Economy Basement.
Monday one case, Remnants of 16c, 20c and 25c White
Madras, Checked and Striped Lawn and White Waistlng, your
choice 6c per yard.
There's not a woman in the
country who knows anything
about dress that isn't interested
in the Directoire gowns. Natur
ally the proper corset for this
effect is a matter of interest.
The "Directoire" or Kabo
style No. 880, is the latest and
most striking thing in the field
of fashionable corsets. Ex
tremely long over the hips and
back, it reduces the form to per
fect lines for the 'now famous
Directoire effect. It is especially
adapted for wear with Direc
toire gowns. Price $5.00.
We have Kabo corsets from $1.00
to $5.00. All guaranteed non-rust-able
and unbreakable.
We Sell Mc Call's Patterns.
Achieve Big Victory by Getting Into
Portland Gateway.
Flgraree Prepared by W. H. M array
f Talon Paelfle, aa Hate Eiperl,
Are Freely Quoted la the
Harrlman officials are elated over the
decision of the Interstate Commerce com
mlaalon, which throws open the Portland
gateway, after a fight of aeveral year
with the Hill tinea.
Contrary to the general opinion, the fight
has not been a mere matter of revenue,
aa there waa no queatinn of the division
at stake, but It waa a caae of Hill keeping
Harrlman out. so that the Hill line would
he Ahl im .o( tha litnu Viotnl ffmn all at.
ern points and from the middle weat.
w. H. Murray, assistant general pas
aenger agent of tha I'nlnn racltic, waa the
rate expert for tha Harrlman lines before
tha commiaelon and the finding of tha
commission 1b full of excarpta from Mr.
Murray's testimony.
By this decision the Harrlman lines will
be able to participate in some of the
enormous passenger business expected this
summer to the Seattle exposition. Ona of
tha reaaona given by tha commission for
making Its decision was that there was
a great demand for an open route to Seattle
and other Puget sound points through the
Portland gateway, and for thla reason It
waa no mora than right for the Hill lines
to accept through tickets when billed
through Portland.
Chief Arssneal.
Ona argument put up by the Harrlman
lines was that the Hill lines granted the
same concessions to the Canadian Pacific
which they refused to the Harrlman lines.
They would accept passengers through
Seattle for Portland from tha Canadian Pa
rifle, but would not accept passengers for
Seattle from Harrlman through Portland.
This Suit was not brought by the Harrl-
Thousands enjoy
; every day
The Tilts Llniera"
Pep. pk. Itci Ura Fa ally (M lie.
cold by Grocers
man lines against the Hill lines, but was
brought by the Interstate Commerce com
misalon In behalf of the people. The Hill
llnea, by the decision, are required to estab
lish through route and Joint rates, Ala
Portland, before July 1. and maintain these
rates and routes for at least two yeara.
Thla decision will make the matter of
choosing routea to the Seattle exposition
a simple one, as the traveling public may
now go by Way of any route It chooses and
return by any other route.
Hill officials In Omaha were reticent
about he decision and did not care to be
quoted in any manner on the subject, while,
on the other hand, tha Harrlman officials
were Jubilant.
Fears Blindness,
Kills Himself
Farmer Superintendent of Street
Railway Company at Kama
City Takes Own Life.
MUSKOGEE. Okl.. May X-J. W.Carter,
formerly superintendent of the Metropol
itan Street Railway system at Kansas
City and previously a res. dent of Chicago,
eommltted suicide In a room In the Com
mercial hotel at Council Hill, Okl., last
night, shooting himself In the head. Mr.
Carter left a note assigning financial
troubles and the Jact that he waa growing
blind aa a motive.
Mr. Carter waa W years old and ba leaves
a widow and four grown daughters at
Kansaa City. He came to Muskogee
Thursday with ts.000 and went to Council
Hill to purchase a ranch. Remains wera
shipped to Kansaa City last night.
Belmoad and Dea Moines Mea Meet
Their Death la Tnls
MARSHA!J,TOWN. la.. May K.-tSpectaJ
Telegram. )-Whlle fishing on Twin lake,
near Belmond. late last night. Jama Man
tague. a Belmond rool hall owner, and a
life insurance agent named Peck ham of
Dea Moines, were drowned. The boat they
were In turned over. How It happened, no
one knows. The lake la being dragged for
Manlangue's body. Peckham's body waa
recovered last night. Peck ham haa a wtft
and three children living In Dea Moinea.
Mantangue leaves three motherless children.
Rogers' Funeral
' Held in Private
at Fairhavcn
Dr. E. E. llBafrlta ( Boost Will
Xot Aeeept Vie Presidency
at Slsapeaa.
BOONE, la.. May It. (Special Telegram
-Dr. E. E. Ilgenfrlts. auperlntendent of
Boone district for the Methodiet Episcopal
church, living here, has been tendered the
vice presidency of Simpson college, a
Methodist Inat'tutton at Indlanola. Dr. Il
genfrlts will decline, aa he owne ona of tha
' city s finest homes. Ha prefers not to re
move from Boone.
Birthplace of Standard Oil Financier
is Draped with Flag and
Black Banting.
FAIRHAVBN, Mass., May 22.-Falrhaven,
th birth place of Henry H. Rogers, today
paid final tribute to the memory of the
deceased financier. Proud of his success
in the Industrial World, grateful becauae of
his benefactlona to hla native town, and
cherishing him aa a pergonal friend, tha
residents of the village united today In
giving expression to their respect for him,
and their grief at hla death. From 10
o'clock in the forenoon until i o'clock in
the afternoon business was suspended.
Draplnga hung from all tha public build
ings, moat of which had been presented tj
Fairhaven by Mr. Rogers, and throughout
the town flaga were at half maat. Every,
where were there evidences of the sincere
grief of the townspeople.
The funeral party arrived here on a
apecial train from New York last night,
and the body of the capitalist waa taken,
to hla ajminer home at Fort Phoenix.
This afternoon It was carried to the t'nl
tarian Memorial church, which waa built
by Mr. Rogers aeveral yeara ago aa a
tribute, to hia mother.
The funeral aervlces, which were held
St !:30 p. m., wera private and were con
ducted by Rev. Dr. Robert Collyer, the
venerable pastor emeritus of the Church
f the Mcaalah, New York. Rev. Frank
U Phalen, pastor of tha Memorial church,
I The interment was In the Rogers family
tomb at Riverside cemetery, where rest the
bodies of Mr. Rogers' mother, hia flAt wife
and his daughter, Mlilicent. Tha tomb la
a replica of a classic Greek temple and Is
situated on a knoll overlooking tha Acush
net river.
NEW YORK. May 12.-H. H. Rogers, a
short time before his death distributed a
portion among hla four children. It la
understood he gave H.tiAO.AOO each to his
son. H. H. Rogers, Jr.," and to hla three
daughtera. Mra. V. E. Benjamin, Mra.
Urban H. Broughton and Mra. V. R. Coe
$1.000.W10 in all. The remainder of hia ea
late, mainly In the form of stocks and
bonds of railroads and industrial coni
panlea. will be diapoaed of by hia wlil.
which has not yet been made public. Ex
cepting an public bequeeta In which Mr.
Rogers' early home ot Fairhaven, Maaa.
may share, the mala part of the eaute la
aald to be divided between Mr. Rogers'
widow and hla son and daughters.
Detective James Malone of this city.
Storrs was made administrator of the
estate of Mra Helen Horn. He loft the
city a month ago and is charged with tak
ing $7,000 of the funds of the estate.
Indian Guides
for Auto Race
"Bine Hawk Him" and "Long Feather
Pete" to Steer Machinei
Through West.
NEW TORK. May K.-For the long
transcontinental automobile race from this
city , to Brittle for the Guggenheim cup.
which starts June X, L. H. Perlman has
engaged two Indians to guide the Welch
car across the fur western states. Mr.
Perlman announced that Col. WULam F.
Cody has recimmended the Indiana and
he had engaged "Blue Hawk Him" and
"Lung Feather Pete" to act aa guldea.
Mr. Perlman la now Instructing "Ixing
Feather Pete" how to handle the car.
French Aeronaut Remains In Air
More Than Thlrt) si-even
BOl'OY, France, May 22. Herbert
Latham, the French aeronaut, made a
record flight In a monoplane here today.
He atayed In the air thlrty-aeven minutes
and thlrty-aeven aeronda at a height vary
ing from thirty to ninety feet.
J. H. Starr. Charged with Takla
Moaey Beloafla Katate,
tst(t) at Seattle.
Harvard Cornea la Second aad Peaa
aylvanla Third at Phila
delphia. PHILADELPHIA, May t2.-The Inter
collegUie boat race waa won by Cornell;
second, Harvard; third. I'niverslty of penn
vanla. Time: ;26V
Kemper Hemphill A Buckingham.
All Kuida of I'lauiirf.
j LINCOLN. May S2.-J. H. Storrs, alias i
,j McCarthy, has been arrested In Seattle at
jiuiaiu lu a Ulvfram received today Lv
4a Buw f BaaU
This Institution Id the only one !
la tha central west with separate
buildings situated In their own
arcule (rounds, yet entirely dis
tinct and rendering it possible to
classify cases. The one building
being fitted for and devoted to the
treatment of noncontagious and
non mental diseases, no others be
ing admitted. The other. Rest
Cottage, being designed for and
devoted to the exclusive treatment
of select mental cases, requiring
for a time watchful care and spe
cial nursing.
(Continued from First Page.)
home," she writes, "end wish I could fly
there." Citizens of Omaha who are from
other stntes, or have relatives high In the
older, have Informed the committee they
will tuke a hand in entertaining, and will
organize atate receptions and picnics for
off hours.
Mr. Bennett's committee has In prepara
tion a folder, of which probably avi.OOO
copies will be sent out to the different
aeries, several hundred to each. It will
contain matter concerning Omaha and
viewa of lake scenes, military scenes at
the two forts, the balloon house and air
ships and ballo ns, public buildings; in
short, will be a compendium of what the
city la. what it la doing and the varied
attractions to be enjoyed here In balmy
In the circulars to the states, of which
a acpoj-ate and distinct one will be aent
to each state, the committee will dwell on
the possibilities of making distinctive and
attractive showings in the big parade by
floats or otherwise, and it la expected that
commercial clubs ail over the country will
Join with their home atrtes in accentuating
aomethlng for which their atate Is noted.
"The whole thing la organised system
atically now," says Mr. Bennett, "and we
are getting busy fur keeps. We have three
and a half aolld months ahead of us In
which to work, and If any buntnesa man
who has contributued to the fund, or who
Intend to contribute, doubts that his
money will be well spent well, we are
willing to ahow him."
Opens Big Tract
to Settlement
President Taft Issues Proclamation
Covering 700,000 Aores of
Western Land.
Mystery of New
Graves Solved
Old Negro Says God Told Him to Dig:
Them and Excitement
LAUREL, Miss., May K. The mystery
of twenty-one newly dug graves, discov
ered on a plot of ground adjacent to the
negro cemetery near here, has been solved
by the arrest of an aged negro, obviously
demented. He declared that God ordered
him to dig 1Z1 graves and to work at night
only. He has been engaged In the occupa
tion nearly three weeks, at night. The dis
covery of graves caused Intense excitement
in the community.
Tulsa Grand Jury
is Still at Work
Reported Two Land Fraud Indict
ments Hare Been Voted, but
None is Returned.
TULSA, Okl.. May a Another early start
was made this morning by the federal
grand Jury that la Investigating the Mus
kogee town lot frauds. It waa rumored
last night that the Jury late yesterday had
reached a partial decision and would return
Indictments today against two of the men
formerly Involved in the alleged frauds.
When the Jury convened thla morning,
however, the examination of witnesses wai
continued and there was no intimation that
the Jurors were ready to make any report
of their findlnga.
May Option
Still Goes Up
Reaches $1,32 3-8, More Than Seven
Cents Above Patten's High
est Prediction.
CHICAOO. May 22. With only six mort ,
days In which to deliver wheat on May
contracts that option early in the scsslor
un we Duuru ui inuo uiuny iu in purr
to u.xi'h. una mams an aavanoe oi im
cents since the close yesterday and is more
than 7 cents over the most sanguine pre
diction made by Jamea A. Patten, the but'
leader two months ago, when the bull cam
paign waa in full awing. It took only a
small purchase today to send the price
up. July alao advanced a cent.
Hold ritlseas at Bar with Kspre.s
Tracks While They Bob
OTTAWA. Kan.. May 22. Robbers early
today dynamited the vault and safe e the
Princeton State bank at Princeton, near
here, and escaped with 12,675 In currency In
a stolen livery rig.
Citlxens heard the explosions, but a
formidable barricade of express truckf
commanding the tret approach to tha
bank frightened them away.
WASHINGTON. May 2! -President Taft
today Issued a proclamation providing for
the opening up to settlement and entry
of about 440.UU) acres of land in the Flat
head, Montana; 3"0.ono In tha Coeur d'Alene.
Idano, and between 5O.U00 and 100.000 In the
Spokane, Washington., reservations.
Americana at Hoadaraa Who Were
t ader Heavy leatear Finally
WASHINGTON. May 21 Word reached
the State department today from Honduras
of the acquittal of Eugene O. Griffith and
Mrs. Caroline Beauchamp, who had bean
sentenced to twenty-five years Imprison-
, ment on a charge of arson. Griffith and
' Mrs. Beauchamp were partners In several
bualneaa ventures and their success had
' arouaed the enmity of tha natives. Oriftlta
; asaerta their arreat was merely a trick to
. ruin them.
A beer just suited to quaff at home
a night-cap for the sociable evening
a refreshing draught for the late
supper a delightful glass to ip under
the evening lamp. Stars and Stripes
ia a foaming, sparkling beverage for
the keen palate for th connoissieur.
Have a cass delivered to your tiome.
Trading Stamps
$1.80 la Stamps ll)
Slvan with each two
oxen case uf email
bottlea. da- fll nr
llvered In 11 3
iheciiy for...,,fcu
3.00 In Stamps )
Slea with each two
oxen ease of jirg
bottles, da Sfl OC
llvered In 1 H
tbe city for.. .
Out of town cut
tomels add ll.Jf for
case and bottlea.
Willow Springs Brewing Co.
Offloa, OT Itrtif
Fheae Pea-. IMC
Brewery, M aad Blakary.
memo Dow, less.

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