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Omaha Makes
Omaha Continue! Its Streak of Win
ning, Making Eight Straight.
Itral Bum Like HffMKhlftM and
Walk A war with Paeblo, with
Hotleabeck Pitching Steady
Line of Ball.
Omaha, 1; Pueblo, 2.
And mill we win.
It 1 Retting: to be a case of meeting all
comfri and putting them out as they ap
pear at Vinton street park. No sooner do
the Penverltles leave town than Pueblo, who
1 cornea and haa to take ita medicine. The
, Champa were a little aluw starting after
i the, Pueblo, scalps, but in the fifth round
. something waa started that was finished
at the close of the game.
From his managerial box Captain Kranck
i aeotited Mr. Miller, a southpaw, warming
i tip, ao he decided to play Pendry In the
' field In place of Belden, aa Pendry can
; connect with those sldwheeler better
than Belden. Hla Judgment waa good;
Pendry took his only fielding chance and
' made a run. a hit, a sacrlflc and, stole two
' basea. "
Miller now wishes he hay! never warmed
up for the Rourke family took aeveral
grod slied fnlla out of hla delivery. They
lamhaeted him all over the lot for twelve
lilts anil stole six bases. Miller issued
pnsrs to three and hit two so with all he
had n h'( tiay.
Kor four Innings the game was a battle
royal and then the string broke. Cadman
started the fun.' t 'adman, the man with a
hrrken I'd who .plays on one leg. Cadman
started the winning streak" with a neat
single and that was not all he did. He
held the Puebs so close to their bases that
not a sack was pilfered. Cadman caught a
prftty game and will be a great strength
to the team as he can spell Oondlng and
besides Oonding ia better when he can rest
once In a while.
That fifth Inning" won the game for the
Ilonrkes and every player went to bat once
and Cadman twice. He tried to equal
Bihlpke s record of two hits In one Inning,
but only made one. Cadman opened with
a single and Hollenbeek beat out a bunt.
Then came Red Fisher with a neat double
which jrored them 'both. ' King waa hit
by the pitcher and Schlpke sacrificed them
both along In his inimical style. He Is a
pretty hunter. Welcli hit safe and Fisher
was caught at tho plate on an attempt
to steal. Pendry walked, filling the bases
and Kane drew a pass, which forced King
to go ho.ric with Uio third run of the In
ning F.i'ck Fr.tnck ilojted a hard , one
thi nigh pitcher and over second and Welch
nrd Pendry scored.
Welch mado the next run In the seventh
Inning on a hit, a sacrifice by Tendry, a
stolen -'baser :'es sir. Harry Welch stole
i , . i . ,
... . . ..,.u,..uirU..:i,ii rismiii nacrunc ny
to left.
Pour singles scored three runs In the
eighth ' Inning. After Holly had retired
Flshet singled and King beat out a bunt.
Schlpke alngled and Flsli'r scored. Welch
fouled out. Tendry singled and King i
scrlred and Slugger Rill stole home. He
stole it in 'connection with Mr. Pendry,
who was, on fiist rind while a wrangle was
go'ng on ut the plate, Ptndry went on to
Uuahlo. tJid. all its -scoring in the sixth
Inmnfc'. With one out Kensel singled and
went tr third on Curtlss' double. Kensel
scored on Clarke's Infield out. Curtlss
scored on Spencer's single.
The S'lino teams will play this afternoon.
The more:
AB. R.
H. O. A. E.
2 2 0 0
"13 3 0
2 2 4 0
2 1 00
110 0
1 10 1 0
12 0 0
15 10
2 15 0
13 27 14 0
H. O A E.
10 10
2 3 0 0
0 9 10
2 3 0 0
1 0 1 0
2 0 1 0
14 2 1
0 0 0 0
0 6 10
10 3 0
10 24 10 1
Fisher. If ..
King. 2b....
Kchtpke. 3b.
Welch, rf ..
Pendry, cf
Kane. lh....
Franck. ss..
Cadman. c...
Hollcnbt-ck, p 4
Kensel, 3h.
Curitlss, If 3
Clark, lh 4
Spencer, cf...-. 4
Hogrlover, rf and 3b.. 3
Hallman, 2b 3
Cohran, ss 3
Oehl. rf 1
Mi' is. c 4
Miller, p 3
Total! 32
Runs 0 0
Hits 0 0
Runs 0 0
Hits ;....o i
0 0
0 1
6 0 1
6 2 1
3 9
4 13
0 0
0 1
0 2 0 0 0-2
1 4 2 0 110
Two-base bits
Fisher, Kane. Curtlss 12),
Hogrlever. Passed ball: Cadman. Base on
balls: Off Hollenbeck. 1; off Miller, 3. Hit
hv nllrh.,1 hall- Uv Hollenbeck. 1: bv Mil
ler. 2. Struck out: By Hollenbeck, 4; by Mil- !
li-r, l.Left on bases: Omaha. 9: Puebio, g.
Double plays: Schlpke to King to Kane,
King to Kane. Stolen bases: Welch 2,
Kane. ScMpke. Pendrv (2). Sacrifice hits;
Klsher, Schlpke, Pendry, Franck, Hog
riever. Time: 1.55. Umpire: Clark. Attend
ance. 650. I
... Notes of the (lame,
Schlpke started a double which h.ifl a
large amount of speed attached to It. Ktng
waa the pivot.
Six stolen bases for Omaha either shows
that the Omaha players are fast or else Mr.
Mitie was loafing.
Cohran made the only error of the nam.
and that was a high throw lo first to
catch Slugger Bill.
Quite a number of the fairer sex were on
hard in spile of the Inclement weather.
Many are learning to ye. I at the right
Cadman played a splendid gam on his
Initial appearance. He did not allow a
plitr-r and he did several other things that
were all right.
Every man on the Omaha team mad
one or more Mts at the expense of Mr.
Miller. If a few more of these tvams will
only come along from the mountains the
Rourke family will soon lead all the world
in hitting.
A fast double play In the seventh In
ning was all that prevented Cohr.n from
scuring. He was on third with ont out
and Miller, who had Just made a hit. wss
on first. Kensel hit to King, who lagged
Something mora than an ordinary tonio ia required to restore health to
weakened, run-down system; the medicine must possess blood-purifying
properties as well, because the weakness and impurity of tho circulation ia
responsible for the poor physical condition. The blood does not con t a tr
ite necessary quantity of rich, red corpuscles, and is therefore a vek,
watery stream which cannot afford sufficient nourishment to sustain tho
system In ordinary health. A poorly nourished body cannrt resist disease
and this explains why so many persona are attacked by r spell of sickness
when the use of a good tonio would hare prevented the trouble. In S. .' . -will
be found both blood-cleansing and tonic qualities combined. It builds
up weak constitutions by remoring all impurities and germs from the bl-od,
thus supplying a certain neans for restoring strength and invigorrting
the system. The healthful, vegetable ingredients of which S. S. S. is : '
posed make it splendidly fitted to the needs of those systems which ere
delicate from any cause. It is Nature's Perfect Tonic, free from all harmful
minerals, a safe and pleasant acting medicine for persons of every re.
6. 8. 3. rids the body of that tired, worn-out feeling so common at this season,
Improves the appetite and digestion, tones up the stomach, acts with pleasing
Sects on the nervous system, and re invigorates every portion of the body.
it Eigiit Straight; Des Moines Wins From Denver
Standing of the Teams
W.1..PH W KPot. I
Pes Moines. .!! ,WV Mil waukee ..23 11.7t
Topeka l:l 10 .Mn Louisville ...illS.MS
Bioux City.. ..13 10 .Kf,! Indianapolis 19 19 .60"
ftmaha 13 11 .M2 Minneapolis 1 17 ,4KS
penver 11 12 .47" Knnsis City. IS 17 .
Wichita 11 12 .Cs'Columbus ...17 II .447
Puehlo 15 ..Wolerio 16 V -
Lincoln 7 H .333 St. Paul 13 1! .
W.UPrt.t W.L.P.1.
Pittsburg 11 .rVW Detroit :) U .6
Chicago 20 13 .; Philadelphia 17 11 ,'50i
Philadelphia 14 13 .519 Roaton 17 12 .KM
Rrooklvn ...13 IS .VU'.New York...1i 13 ,57
flnelnnatl ..11 17 .4So Chicago 15 17 .49
New York. ..12 15 ,444'St. Ixuls ...13 1 .4
Pt. fouia ...15 IS .45', Cleveland ..12 18.4")
Boston 11 1S .3791 Washington 8 21 .2
Western League Puehlo at Omaha. Wich
ita at Lincoln. Topeka at Sioux City, len
ver at Des Moines.
National League-Plttshurg at Roston.
Cincinnati at Philadelphia, r-nicago at
Brroklyn. St. Louis at New York.
American League Washington at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Cleveland. New York at
Chicago. Boston at flt. I,ouls.
American Association Pt. Paul at Kansas
Citv, Minneapolis at Milwaukee, Indian
apolis at Toledo, Louisville at Columoua.
Miller aa he passed and then nailed Kensel
at first.
Two Basea on Balla by allien Re
salted In Bonn and Clnrhed Game.
DE9 MOINES. Ia.. May 24. Miller
pitched great ball for Des MWnes, only one
Cub reaching second base. Two of the
bases on balls given by Glllen resulted In
scores. Kerner waa the star hatter, getting
three hits. On the last ball he caught he
split his hand and will be out of the game
for a long time. Jones, Gilmartin and
Bader each made a swell catch. The day
was dark and Miller's speed baffled the
AH. K.
3 0
H. O A. E.
12 0 0
12 0 0
1 10 0
19 10
10 0 0
12 3 0
0 2 2 0
3 8 10
0 12 0
9 27 9 "o
H. O. A. E
0 4 10
0 10 0
2 10 0
12 2 0
0 110
0 4,1 0
0 6 10
0 5 1 0
1 0 2 0
4 24 9 0
0 1 0 0
0 0 0 0 0-0
Colllgan, as.
Radfr. If
Mattick. cf.
Dwver, lb 2
Dalton, rf 3
Nlehoff, 3I 4
Gilmartin, 2b 4
Kerner, c 4
Miller, p 4
Totals 30 3
AB. R.
Cassldy, rf 4 0
Jones, cf 3 0
Belden, If 4 0
Hartman, ss 4 0
Maag, 2b 3 0
Thompson, 3b 2 0
Lindsay, lb 3 0
Zlnran, c 2 0
Glllen, p 3 0
Totals 29 0
Des Moines 1 0 10
Denver 0 0 0 0
Earned runs, 3. Two-base hits: Niehoff,
Dwyer, Belden. Base on balls: Off Miller,
2; off Glllen, 3. Stolen base: Hartman.
Double plays: Gillen to Ztnran to Lindsay,
Cassldy to Hartman, Hartman to Lindsay
to Thompson, Dwyer to Colllgan. Sacrifice
hit: Bader. Time: 1:50. Umpire: Haskell.
Attendance, 700.
Games Postponed.
i L.JUCU1I1 -Ljiiicoiti- lunula iue pcioi-
poned ; wet grounds.
At Sioux City Sioux City-Toueka game
postponed; rain.
Friend Defeats Wllber.
WILBER. Neb.. May 24.-tSpeclal.)
Friend defeated the locals here yesterday
In a game marked by hard hitting and
slow fielding, as the diamond was a sea
of mud. Carothers pitched a fine game
for Friend, but retired In favor of Leaoh
In the sixth. Leach passed one and hit
two, and with two errors and four hits
following the locals scored six rjns.
Carothers finished the game and held the
home boys safe. Score. R.H.E.
Friend 3 1 0
3 0 0 8 1 8 14 Hi
Wilb. r 0 0 0 0 2 6 1 0 O 9 11
Batteries: Carothers. Leach and Mc
Donald; Sliimonek and Prucha. Two-base
hits: Shestak. McDonald. Three-base
hits, Shestak. Leach, Reed. Double play:
Trobough (unassisted). Umpire: Evans of
Strikes Oat F.laht Men.
W.AHOO, Neb., May 24. (Special.)
Wahoo dnfenaed Weston on the
lattrr's grounds yesterday by a score
of 5 to 0. The feature of the game was
the pitching of Kondele, "Wahoo's crack
second- baseman." He allowed no hits,
no runs and struck out 14 men, striking
out every man on the team but one.
Varman made a sensational stop on second
base of the only batted ball that would
have a show for a hit.
Score by innings: R. H. E.
Wahoo 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0-5 12 0
Weston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 4
Batteries: Wahoo. Kondele and Johnson;
Weston: Warren and Wolta. Three base
hit, Yarman. Umpire: Warren.
Atlantic Wins from l,.-J.-A.
ATLANTIC. la., May 24. - (Special.)
The L. G. A. team of Omaha was
defeated by the Atlantic Merchants Greys
In an exciting game or the local grounds
by a score of 4 to 3. Though the locals
were out bat led, they played tighter ball
In pinches and on base running, having
five stolen bases to their credit.
Batteries: Atlantic Sargant and Frank
iln: I.. G. A. Bunnell and .Clair. Hits.
Atlantic, 7: L. G. A., 11. .Krrors: At
lantic, 2; L. G. A.. 1. Struck out by
Sargent, 10; Bunnell, 9. Bases on balls:
Sargent. : Bunnell. 2. Ntxi Sunday (lie
last Kxlra lima team play the Greys on
tue local grounds.
t'aleatine Beats Long Pine.
VALENTIN K, Neb., May 24. (Special
Telegram. I Lone Pine croased bats with
Valentine here yesterday and it proved a
very interesting g ime. The score was 3 lo
1 In favor of the home team. Scn " by
Valentine 0 1 1 0 0 1 0 0 X 3
Long Pine 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 01
Batteries Valentine, Grimes and Cox;
Long Pine, Drew and Kirby. Strike out
Grimt'H. lt; Drew, 4. Umpire, Jackson. Time
of game, 2 hours.
F. V. A. Bests Timers.
The Fraternal Union of America team
bent the Tigers, 7 to 6, yesterday at Thirty
recond and Decatur. A one-handed catch
in deep left field by Parr-tt of the Tigers
was the feature of the game. A neat
double p!ay was pulled off by Kimmel and
Koch ot the F. U. A s. Batteries: F. U.
A s., Forsland and McGrath; Tigers. Dyke
and Kdmonson. Umpire: Burk.
Injured Boy May Recover.
RACINE, Wis., May 24. Karl Burwell,
a member of the Oahknsh team of the Wis-
j consln-illlnois lesgue. who yesterday was
struck bv a thrown hall while run
ring to first base, suffering concussion of
the brain, has regained consciousness and
physicians belies e he will recover.
Park Defeats Tabor.
TA BOH. la.. May 21. ' Sped jl Te'ejrairO.
Park college defeated Tabor today by
the score 2 to 1.
Brooklyn Tiei Up Game in Ninth
After Two Are Out.
Barker Has Better of It, bat Hla
Team Lost Throogh Looae Field
Ins. Other National League
BROOKLYN. May 24. With two out p
the ninth and the score t to 1 In favor f
Chicago. Alperman tripled and Jordan
slammed the ball over the right field fence
for a home run, tieing the score. Chicago
had twa men out In the eleventh when
Hofmun sent a low liner to center. Cat
terson tried for a catch, the ball got away
and before It could be recovered the runner
had tallied the winning run. Rucker and
Brown had a pitchers' duel, but loose
fielding lost for Brooklyn. Score:
B.H.O. A.E
Vara. !b
I OBurrh. If 3 1 1 1 1
0 1 OHummell, aa.. I ft 1 10
0 10 0 Alperman, 2b I I 4 ft 1
1 4 0 0 Jordan, lb.... I t 11 0 1
I 0 I Ou-nnox. lb... I 1 I 1 0
1 li 1 OKualua. rf.... 4 0 10 0
t 3 1 ucattereon, cf. 4 0 1 0 0
111 0Brsen, 0 4 0 0
10 4 0 Rucker, p 4 0 0 i 0
Sharker. If. . 4
Brhulte, rt i
Hofman, cf . . . a
Btalnfaldt, lb t
Howard, lb.. I
Tinker, aa.... 4
Mnran. c 4
Brawn, p 4
Totals 40 88 1(1 0. Totals 17 M 18 I
Chicago 0 011000010 14
Brooklyn 0 001000020 0-3
Two-baas hits: Tinker, Brown.. Three
base hlis: Stelnfeldt, Alperman. Home
runs: Hofman. Jordan. Sacrifice hit:
Jordan. Double plays: Rucker, Hummell,
Lennox and Alperman; Barch and Bergen.
Left on bases: Chicago, 4; Brooklyn, 8.
Base on balls: Off Rucker, 1: (iff Brown, 1.
First base on error: Chicago, 1, Struck
out: Bv Rucker. 7: by Brown, 6. Time:
1:44. Umpires: O'Day and Emslle.
St. Louis Defeats New York.
NEW YORK May 24. St. Louis con
quered New York. 3 to 1, today, because
of costly errorc made behind Mathewson
and the locals inability to hit Lush with
men on bas. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. H.H.u.A.s.,
Brrne. lb 4 i 4 4 1 Tenner, lb... 5 111
Shaw, rt a 0 3
Bresnahan, c. 4 0 2
Konatchy, lb. 8 0 IS
Bvane, rf 3 1 2
Ellia, If 4 0 8
Charles. 2b... 4 11
Hulawltl. aa.. 3 0 0
Luah, p 4 1 0
0 0 Pnyle, 21) a J
0 1 Mi rorm'k. It 4 1
0 UMurray. rt ... 4 0
1 OO'Hara, cf.... 4 0
0 a Perlln. lb.... 4 I
1 1 Hrldw.ll, aa.. 1 1
2 0 Myra. c i 0
I o Mathewaon, p I 1
Totala 33 8 27 12 3 Totala 38 7 27 17 3
St. Louis 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0-3
New York 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Twixhase hit: Bvrne. Sacrifice hit:
Rrldwell. Sacrifice fly: Bridwell. First
hnu on halls: Off Mathewson. 4; off Lush,
S. Struck out: By Mathewson, 6. First
ha Be nn errors: St. Louis. 3; New York,
Time: 1:38. Umpires: Johnson and Cu-
flnelnnatl Defeats Philadelphia.
PHILADELPHIA, May 24.-Clnclnnati
defeated Philadelphia today by 6 to 1.
B.H.O. A.E
B.H.O. A.E.
Kan, 2b A 1
uaklay, cf 4 0
Lobtri. 3b. ... 8 0
Mitchell, rf . 3 0
Hoblltial, lb. 8 1
Iiowney. ra. . . 3 1
hni'hrr. If... 3 0
Roth, c 4 3
Fromma, p.,. 4 1
3 8 I' Grant. 3b 4 10 11
2 0 0 Knar. Lb.... 3 3 13 1
1 i 1 Titua. rf 4 0 1 0 0
4 0 0 Masaa, If 3 0 3 0 0
1 OShean, lb.... 4 1 13 V 0
4 0 OOiboriia. cf... 8 3 3 0 ft
2 0 0 Doolln. aa 8 0 3 i 0
2 10 Oonin, r, 3 0 5 2 0
1 i 0 Covalcskl, p.. 1 0 0 I 0
MrUulllan, p. 0 0 0 0 0
Totala 32 37 17 lllninger . . 0 n 0 0 i
Clement .... 1 0 0 0
Totala 2i
Ratted for Covaleskl In seventh
Batted for Mcyulllen In ninth.
lo 2
Philadelphia 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-1
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4 o
Two-base hit: Hoblttxel. Three base hit:
Osborne. Hits: Off Covaleskl, 3 in seven
Innlim: oft McUuillen. 3 In two innings.
wi..: ,.r, halle lirr (nvateskl. 4: off
5lFromme. : off McUuillen. 1. Struck out:
By Covaleskl, 2: by Kromme. ii; by Mc-
quillen, 8. Passed ball: Dooln. Time: 2:0;
Umpire: Klem.
Pittsburg Wins from Boston.
BOSTON. May 24. Pittsburg took advan
tage of, Ferguson's wildneas and defeated
Boston today. 8 to 2. Leach was put off
the field for disputing a decision. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O. A.E.
Barbeau, 3b. . 3 1
2 t l Batee. It 8 4 3 0 0
1 0 0 Becker, rf.... 0 0 0 ft
1 0 u Sweeney. 3b . 4 1 2 3 ft
4 2 0 Beaumont, cf 0 2 I 0
i 3 1 Starr. 2b 2 0 1 0
7 1 li Dahlen, ea.... 3 10 6 0
I 1 l Hei-k. lb 4 0 9 0 0
4 0 OSmllh. c 3 0 & 8 0
5 0 0 Kersuaon, p.. 2 2 0 8 0
0 2 0 White, p 2 1 0 0 0
II 0 0
Totala 84 27 14 0
!.rh. rf 2 1
v. Miller, cf. 1
i t iarke. if 2
Wagner, aa... 4
i Abeiein, lb... 4
J. Miller, zb. 4
Wllaon. rf.... 4 0
Otbton. c 3 1
Lettleld, p... 1 0
Willie, p 3 0
Totala 30 I 21 U 1
Pittsburg 3 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 0-
Boston 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 02
Two-base hit: Bates. Three-base hit:
Abstein. Hits: Off Ferguson, In four and
one-third Innings; off White. S in four and
two-thirds Innings; off Lelfleld. 6 in four
innings; off Willis. 3 in five innings. Sac
rifice hits: Lelfield. Clark. Stolen bases:
Bates. Clarke, Barbeau. Double plays:
Clarke to Gibson; Beaumont to Starr. Left
on bases: Pittsburg. 3; Boston. 11 Base
on balls: Off Ferguson, 4; off Lelfield, 3;
off Willis. 1. Hit with pitched ball: Willis,
Starr. Struck out: By Ferguson. 2; by
Willis, 2; by White, 1. Time, 1:46. Um
pires: Rlgler and Truby.
Chicago Makes tt Two Straight from
New York.
CHICAOO. M-ay 24. Chicago made it two
straight from New York this afternoon,
winning, 2 to 1. It was either team's game
to the finish. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O.A.B.
Hahn. rf 4 1 ' orrea. if 3 0 8 0
Whlia. cf I
W alflay. If . .. 4
Attizer, lb. . . 8
Puriall. Sb... 4
Tanuthtl), aa. 8
An. 2b 8
Sullivan, c. . . 8
Smrt. p 8
Poughartjr .. A
Smith, p 0
0 3
1 t
1 10
1 0
0 0
0 4
A 3
l 0
0 0
I" n Hemphill, rf. o "
1 Orhaas. lb S P 11
S 0 Pammltt. rf . 8 3 0
2 0 Elharfald. Jb ! 1
4 1 Laporta. ib... 4 1 8
2 0 Auitln. aa. ... 4 1 1
1 ODIalr. c 4 1
1 OBrtxkatt, p .. 2 0 1
0 0
1 0
Totala 28 8 24 12 1
n 4 .7 li 1
Batted for Scott in seventh.
Chicago 0 0 10 0
New York 0 0 0 1 0
1 0 -2
0 0 01
Two-base hit: Hahn. Three-base hit:
Altlzer. Hits: Off Scott In seven innings.
4: off Smith in two Innings. 1. Sacrifice
hits: DemmiU. Tannehill. Br.H'kett. Stolen
basi-s: . Immitt 2, Elberfeld, Austin.
Double play: Welday to Tannehill to Al
tiser. Reft on haws: Chicago. S; New
York. .7. nrat tase n cans: ur rou.
A- nlf nru-li.lt A S, mr.1. nut' Hv HcAtt
4; bv Smith. 1: by Brockett. 5. Wild pitches:
Brockett. 1: Smith. 1. Time: 2:05. Um
pires: Perrine and O'Roughlln.
Kapa Wis from Athletics.
CRKVERAND. Mav 24. -Cleveland took
the firrt game of the series from Phila
delphia today. to 2. Baker drove In both
of Philadelphia's runs. In the fifth Inning
Cleveland bunched three doubles and two
singles and scored four runs. Youngs
batting and pitching were features. Score:
B.H.O. A. K
. 4 l 1 0
fjoorla. rf ..
Bradley, lb
Turner, aa..
Lord. If ...
Laloia. !b..
Slnvall, lb..
Eaatartt. c.
0 (I Hartial, If
S SOaniay. cf.
2 OColtina. 2b.
0 OMurphv. rf.
1 0 Pavla. lb...
1 ARikar, lb...
1 o Barry, aa . .
0 (i Livlnsaton,
Hinchman, cf 4
Younf, p 4
I OPysart. p ..
Totala 81 14 13 0
Totala t t4 11 1
Cleveland 0 0 0 (I 4 0 O J
Philadelphia n 1 1 0 0 0 0 02
Hits: Off Dygert In five Innings, 1";
off Vlckers in three innings, 4. First bane
on errors: Cleveland. 1. Two-baae hits:
Ijijoie i2t, Rord, Stovall. Murphy. Three
base hit: Hinchman. Sacrifice hits: East
erly, Davis. Stolen bases: Easterly, Tur
ner. Double plsv: Rajole to Stovall. First
base on balls: Off Young, t Hit by pitched
hsll. Bv Vlckers, Turner. Reft on basea:
Cleveland. S; Philadelphia, S. Struck out:
By Young. 1: by Dygert, 1; by Vlckera. t
Wild piU-li: Dygert. Time: 1:40. Umpirea:
6hrridan and Kerln.
Tlarra Pile I'p Bl Seare.
DETROIT. May 21 Altroek made his
first appearanoe In a Washington uniform
snd d forced to retire in the th.rd in
ning. Smith, a bo reDlactsa him, was nit
hard and Indulged In three expensive wild
pitches. Score:
B.H.O A.E. B.H.O. A.E.
MMntrre, If.. 6 2 8
1 s Rrnwne, If - 3
Hn.h. aa 8 3 3
'rawford, cf. R 3 8
I'ohh. rf a 4 -0
0 1 rnnmr, 8b. . . 4
0 0 Delehantr. If. 4
o f Donnhue. lb.. 4
Vonarlty. lb. 4 2 10
0 OMOan. cf ... I
n'Leary, 3b.. 4 1 3
Schaafer, ib.. 8 1 2
Stana. c. ... 3 1 8
0''lmer. rf. ... 8 1
4 a M-Brltf. aa.. 4
rt 0 Street, c 3
1 n Blank' ahip. c. 1
SrbmHt. c... . 1 S 1
Pun-iraer. p.. 4 ft 0
4 OAltrock, p.... 0
Totala 39 18 27 lfl t
Totala 32 7 54 l! 8
Ietiolt 0 1 4 1 0 0 2 2 10
Washington 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 01
Two base hits: Morlarltv. Oleary. Mi
lan. Three bse hit: Mclntvre. Hits: off
A It rock. In 2 1-3 Innings; off Smith, 9 In
5 2-3 Innings. At hat against Altrock. 13:
Smith, IK. Sacrifice hit: Browne. Stolen
bases; Cobb, I; Morlarity. Double plays:
Schaefer, Morlarity; McRrlde, Delehanty,
Donahue. Left on bases: Detroit, 7;
Washington. 8. f'iisl base on balls: off
Summers. 3: off Smith. .. First base on
eirors: Detroit, 2: Washington. 1. Struck
out: by Summers, 4: by Smith. 1. Wild
pitches; Smith. Time: 1:45. Umpires
Kvana nnd Hurst.
liamr Postponed.
ST. LOUIS Boston-St. Louts aame oost-
ponen, rain.
t'olamhna Hits I,attlmore Hard and
Wins from Toledo.
TOLEDO, May 24. Columbus hit Lattl-
more nam today and won the game
handily, 5 to 2. The features of the game
were Abbott's home run Into deep center
ana unwell h tt ni. he mtk ni three
cuts out of five times up, a two-bagger
ana a triple, score:
B.H.O.A.B. B.H.O. A.E
J. ciirne. li. 8 l 3 0 Mt earthy. 3b. 2 0 0
Morlarity, sa. i 2 3 5 i.hman, 2b 1 3 4
Kruser, cf..,.5 1 1 it. cf 3 0 1 ft
t'rnsalton. rf. 8 3 . kman, If.. 1 0 0 0
uoweu, ib 5 8 10 v oiKia. rf...4 1 - 1 9
James, e 4 6 1 ci.Abbntt, aa....4 3 1 0
O Rourke, 2b. 8 2 J 0 Paubert. lb.. 8 2 1 ft 3
rrlei, 3b 3 2 0 1 UW Clark, c..2 0 8 4 0
Link, p 8 0 3 OLattlmnre, p. 2 0 0 2 ft
'Elwert 1 0 0 0 0
Totala 37 15J7 80
Totals n ft 17 14 8
Batted for Lattimore In ninth.
Toledo 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 02
Columbus 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 1 06
Two base hits: Daubert, O.lwell, James,
Kruger. Three base hit: Odwell. Home
run: Abbott. Double plays: Hinchman
and Daubert: Clark and Daubert. Left
on liases: Toledo, 9; Columbus, 9. Base
on balls: Linke. 6. Sacrifice hits: Smoot,
Daubert, ORourke. Frlel, 2. Struck out:
by Llnke, 4: by Lattimore. 1. Wild pitch:
Llnke. Time: 1;30. Umpire: Conahan.
Distillers Defeat Hootlrra,
INDIANAPOLIS. May 24.-Loulsvlle took
Ita third of a series of four games with
the local club here today, 4 to 2. Score:
B.H.O. A.E. B.H.O.A.B.
Punleavy, cf. 8 2 2 0 OChadb'rne, If 4 0 2 1 1
Woodruff, 3b. 4 0 0 1 OCrosa. aa 1 0 1 2 1
Helehanty, If 4 0 3 0 OHaydan, rt...4 0 10 0
Olaen. 2b 4 0 1 2 OCarr. lb 4 4 12 0 ft
l.andreth, rf.. 4 1 : 0 0 Davidson, cf , 4 3 0 ft 0
Wulnlan, a... 4 0 3 6 ft Burke, 3b.... 2 0 112
Sullivan, lb.. 4 114 1 oshaw. c 4 0 2 0
Pie". 1 0 2 0 1 Wllllama, 2b. 8 1 1 4 0
Puttmann. p.. 3 1 1 OOlate. p 3 118 2
Howlev 1 0 0 0 ft
Totals 31 5 27 15 1 'Wakefield ..1 0 0 0 0
Totala 30 S:6 14 6
Pieta out for Interfering.
Batted for Williams In ninth,
Batted for Glaie in ninth.
Indianapolis 02000000 02
Louisville 13000000 04
Two-base hit: Carr. Three-base hits:
Putmann, Glaie, Carr. Struck out: By
Glaze. 7; by Putmann, 1. Double plays:
Wulnlan to Olsen to Sullivan. Putmann to
Wuinlan to Sullivan, Sullivan to Quinlan
to Sullivan. Hit by pitched ball: Burke.
Umpire: Hayes. i
Leaders Defeat Tallendere.
MILWAUKEE, May 24,-The league lead
ers won the fourth straight game from
the tallenders today by a score of 4 to 2.
B.H.O.A.B. nun k v
romnaon, as. s u
Muran, lb.... 3 1
.Mi-Corm'k. 2b 4 0
Randall, cf... 4 1
( lark. 3b 3 2
Douahert , rf 3 1
Hnnctter. cf. 3 8"
Olllns, If 4 3
Manske, p.... 4 0
4 1 f Parle, cf 4
7 0 OArmb'wer. rf 3
3 0
0 0
3 3 V Hoey. If
6 0 OFIinn, lb.... 3
3 0 0 O'Brien. 2b... 4
1 0 ft I'arlach, c 4
t"i 0 Perrlne, aa. . . 8
2 0 OCukman, 3b.. 3
0 1o Laroy, p 8
1 14
0 1
0 0
Totala 31 10 it 8 0 Totala 80 1 84 16 1
Milwaukee o- 0010003 4
St. Paul -....0 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 12
Two-base hits: Moran, Dougherty. Home
runs: Clark, Flynn. Sacrifice hits: Moran,
Hostette, Dougherty, Cockman. Stolen
haae: Randall. First base on balls: Off
Manske. 3; off Leroy, 1. Struck out: By
Manske. 3; by lroy, 2. Time: 1:50. Um
pires: Owens and Eckman.
May Bar Sunday Rail.
IND1AXAPOMS, Ind., May I4.-Anaffi-riavit
today was filed In criminal court
against Manager Carr of the Indianapolis
base ball club for playing professional
base hall yesterday. A committee of
churchmen Is supposed to be back of the
proceedings. This action Is the beginning
of a test on the constitutionality of the
law permitting professional Sunday base
ball in Indianapolis.
C'happrlle to Cincinnati.
NEW YORK, May 2-4.-The Cincinnati
Base Ball club todav secured the services
of Pitcher W. H. Chappelle from the Bos
ton Nationals.
Weston Leaves I.lmon.
l.IMON. Colo.. May 24 -After a stop of
nearly forty hours at Hugo. Colo., Edward
Payson Weston, tne pedestrian, left there
at 4 o'clock this morning on his walk to
the Pacific coast. Weston said he haa
been much refreshed by his over Sunday
rest and expected to walk at least fifty
miles today. Ho reached Limon, fifteen
miles west of Hugo, at 8:30 a. m.. and, after
a brief stop for breakfast, resumed his
westward Journey.
JUNCTION CITV, Kan.. May 24-8er-geant
Walsh, who is walking across the
country trying to catch Weston, arrived at
Fort Riley at 9:91 this morning from To
peka He will remain here till Tuesday
I.nmplrls Defeats gtrlll.
BOONE. Iowa. May 24. (Special.)
Rueas Lamplrls. the lightweight Greek
wrestler, met Kid Strill 'in this cltv
Saturday and took the go two out of
three. I,amrirls hails from Des Molnrs
0;Jut now and Strill from Kansas City and
me iu pui up a ciassy uout. Birui loon
the first fall In eight minutes on the toe
hold and Ratnpirls rm back with the
rame hold and secured a down In twenty
minutes. He also secured the third fall
In eighteen minutes in the bar lock and
half Nelson. The bout was pulled off on
th stage of the Vandette theater to a
packed house.
Uo to (irrnd Island Shoot.
W. D. Townsend. Charles Thorpe, Ayles
worth, Frank Dworak and John Doyle left
Monday for Grand Island to attend the
three days' shooting tournament, which
oneni, tnere Tuesday
Cotter Wins Marathon.
HAMILTON. Ont.. May ;4 The Canadian
Marathon race was run todav from Brant
ford to this city, the exact Marathon dis
tance, and was won by E. Cotter of the
West End Younr Men's Christian associa
tion, Toronto. Time: 2:61 :53.
An Inhxtatlol for
Whooplnq-Cough, Croup,
Coughs, Colds, Catarrh,
Bronchitis, Diphtheria
Craeatene la Boon t Asthma tics.
lloaa it sol scam mora tltrtiw to blaatka ia s
raaart for diaa,Ma ol Ua bruiting organs Ui&a
u uas tha raaaar into ths atuBsdil
Otaaleaa euros baesnaa ths air, readarad
i Ln i. urid cm tha tflaaaaod
...pf w,,h hrea.ni. ilrlns Brolosscd sad
eonavaat trastmast. ll Is tuTaJuahla to saotUra
wtia amail chlidrsa.
ror tmtta urosi
tnera If noiriias bcur
loan t reaoiwi ADUaeptis
TLroat Tabicia.
Sand 6c m postage
for aastpla botilt-
all brtuooisra.
fcaad Doalal lot da
script id Jooklai.
V a s aC re a.' 0H
W l altos btntfa
I (KsUbi1iht4 H7t) I
Prof. VVigman
Hopes for Manual
Training House
Wants City to Vote Bonds This
Fall to Fay for Such a
The people of Omaha may be asked to
vote this fall on a school bond Issue In
the sum of 1125.000, the bonds to be set
aside for the express purpose of erecting
a building for manual training and
domestic science for the Omaha High
school. This Is the hope of Prof. J. li
Wlgman, head of the department, who will
use his influence to have the Board of
Education submit the proposition to the
voters at the next election.
Tne original plans of the additional work
now being done at the high school colltd
for the expenditure of frlO.OOO In erecting
a new building to be used Jointly for a
boiler house and for manual training, but
later it was decided that this building
could not be put up this year as the funds
are needed elsewhere. At the time Prof.
Wlgman was greatly disappointed, but now
he says he is glad that the board decided not
to build aa If It had tne building would
have had to answer the purpose of his
department for several years. By putting
It off for a year or two he hopes to get
a building better suited to his needs.
The Central High school on Grand
avenue In St. Louis with an enrollment of
1,400 has Just erected a building for manual
training at a cost of 1125.000. Omaha has
an enrollment of over 20ti0 and therefore
Prof. Wlgman contends that an expend!
ture of ISO.OfO on a building here would be
utterly inadequate. The new St. Louis
building is a three-story structure with
iron works on the first floor, wood works
on the second floor and domestic science
on the third floor.
Speaking Dates
for President
Will Address Colored Students
Wednesday and Western Yale
Clubs on Saturday.
WASHINGTON, May 24.-Howard uni
versity, situated on the outskirts ot Wash
ington, and which Is devoted to the higher
education of members of the colored race,
is fortunate In having aa its commence
ment speaker this year the president of
the United fe..ites. The exercises are to be
held Wednesday and President Taft will
speak In the afternoon.
The president's public engagements this
week provide also for his attendance at
the fifth annual meeting of the Associated
Western Yale Clubs at Pittsburg on Satur
He Haa Vitalised and Appealed to
the Conscience of the Nations,
Says Publicist.
NEW YORK. May 34.-Oscar 8. Straus,
formerly secretary of commerce and labor
and recently appointed ambassador to
Turkey, was the principal speaker tonight
at the dedication cf a window In honor
of the Roosevelt administration at tho
Metropolitan temple. Mr. Straus" speech
was principally a review of the adminis
tration of Theodore Roosevelt. He said:
"No other of our presidents possessed
in an equal degree a mind so enriched
with an historian's knowledge of the past
combined with a statesman's foresight of
the future. His measures have all been
conceived under the guidance and Inspira
tion of this dual equipment of retrospec
tive knowledge of national growth and
prospective insight Into national tenden
cies. With great confidence" In and deep
sympathy for the plain people of our
country, upon whose judgment and whose
sense of Justice all of our great presidents
In time of transition and stress placed
their ultimate reliance, Roosevelt has
vitalized and appealed to the public con
science of the nation."
Crowd at Hiise Ball Game Haa Fun
with Condnrtor of Train that
Waa Held I'p.
"Pop Wallace, conductor of the Union
Pacific Overland Limited that was held up
Saturday night, was greeted with cheers
as he loomed up In one of the boxes at
the Omaha-Denver game In Vinton Street
park yesterday.
Mr. Wallsce is a great fan and never
misses a game he can attend. As a result
he Is known and liked by many fans. He
was the center of a hot fire of Jokes and
twits yesterday, to all of which he held
up his two thumbs.
One man, directing attention to Mr. Wal
lace's Immense proportions, declined to ac
credit the report that the robbers hid
fired at and missed him.
Its Forebold la Fall of Water
and a Prooeller Blade
HALIFAX. N. 8.. May 24.-Wlth fore
peak full of water and one blade of its
propellor smashed, the Allen line steamer,
Mongolian, from Glasgow, arrived here to
day with the story of Its exciting Ice
bondage for three days off St. Johns, N. F.
rolleae I Cornerstone l.ald.
TECUMSEH. Neb.. May 21 (Special. )
The cornerstone of the Martin Ruther col
lege, the new educational Institution at
Sterling, was laid today. Rev. S. Swadel
of Avoca, president of the German Lu
theran district presided at the services.
Rev. H. Miller of Syracuse gave an address
In English. Rev. A. Meyer of Tipton, Kan.,
preached in German. The attendance was
Kirk I .ad Wanders Away,
FREMONT, Neb.. May 24 (Special.)
Frank Kent, a 19-year-old son of J. E.
Kent, wandered away from hia home yes
terday while convalescing from a severe
attack of typhoid fever and the family
have not yet succeeded in finding him.
He was alone in the nous tut a short time.
He wore hla winter clothing and a heavy
(kf)'aar Appraisers Appointed.
WASHINGTON. May 24 A commission
to Inspect, appraise and value lands In
the Cheyenne River Indian reservation.
South Dakota, has been appointed by the
secretary of the Interior. Carl Gunderson
will act as chairman and represent the
Bureau of Indian affairs. Frank A. Oulton
will represent South Dakota and Henry
W. Fielder the Cheyenne River tribe of
Rota Noble Wlaa.
PARIS, May 24 -The Prix Rocher. run
at SL Cloid today, was won by H. B.
Durliea'a Rose Noble.
Iti I i':--- : -it' -t:-;,i l, r : a::,T- 2!CJ2. uJU-B.
A Pleasant Way to Spend the
Summer Go to Colorado
Union Pacific
Colorado's cities are famous summer resorts.
Its climate, mountain scenery and trout-filled
streams offer pleasant, healthful diversions.
; ."Write for our new booklet entitled, "Colorado
and Its Attractions."
Call on or address,
1324 Farnam Street, : : Omaha, Nebraska.
'Phones: Bell, Doug. 1828, and Ind., A-3231.
nnir n imt:
The successful specialists of today are not the ones who try to cover tha
whole field of medicine and surgery and know -fust a little about every ail
ment, but the ones who are thoroughly experienced and conversant with a
certain class of diseases and the complications that ensue The physician or
specialist who tries to explore and conquer tne whole field of . medicine and
aurgery does not become expert or proficient In any particular branch. Ybu
cannot place the same confidence In the ability of a doctor who scatters bis
faculties as one wno concentrates all n
we are living in an age or specialism:
an age when success can beat be obtained
bv the concentration of every thoutrht
upon the unswerving pursuit of a single
object e are precisely aucn special
ists. We have confined our-practice ex
clusively to diseases of men and mastered
them. Years of close study, thousands of
dollars SDent In researches and scientific
Investigation, reinforced by an immense
practice, enables us to prescribe a system
of treatment that la a thorough, prompt
and safe cure. All that deep knowledge,
expert skill, vast experience and scien
tific attainments can accomplish are now
being done for those who apply to us for
the help they need.
if you are suffering from any of the
diseases peculiar to men. call and consult
us in time. The least expense Is always
incurred through the early employment of
genuine professional skill. It will cost you
much less to secure proper treatment at
the commencement, than to experim-nt
and place yourself under the doubtful
ahillty of a mediocre. It is better to be
safe than sorry.
Wt treat man on:y, and onre promptly, lately and thoroughly, by tt
latest and best methods, BROSCHITIS, CATARRH, KEBVOTJS BEBH.ITY.
and all Special Diseases and their complications la the shortest time possible
and at tha lowest cost for skillful ssrrtoe and aueeessfol treatment.
and Examination.
1308 Farnam St., Between 13th and 14tb Sts.. Omaha. Neb
Take Cities
Generals Camaoho and Felice Seem to
Be Making; Headway in
TAPE HATTAN. ' Haiti. May 24 (By
Courier from 'Mctte Chrlatl, Banto Do
mingo.) The revolutionary movement Is
spreading. General Camacho. the former
jjoverncr of Monte Chrlstl, who is working
In unison with General (Juirlto Felice for
the overthrow of the government, has at
tacked and relied Ouayubln and Dajabon,
which are situated on the Haitan frontier,
the Paiabon river being the northwest
boundary between Haiti and the Domin
ican republic. There has been fighting
between the revolutionists and the loyal
forces at Monts Chrlstl. The fate of Jose
Bordas. governor if Pueito Plata, la not
known, but It is reported that he is either
dead or a prisoner.
American Locomotive Company to
Bnlld New F.nalnes at Brhenee
tady and Brooke.
DI'NKfRK. N. T.. May 24. It Is reported
that the Union Pacific railroad has placed
an order f . r 100 engines with the Ameri
can ljncomotive company and that they
will be built at the Schenectady ant"
Brooks plants.
Stomach Trouble.
Your tongue is coated.
Your breath U foul.
Headaches come and go.
Theae aymptoma how that
four atomach ia the trouble. To
remove the cauae ia thef irat thing,
and Chamberlain's Stomach aniV
Liver Tablet will do that Easy
to take and moat effective.
a mm... i I iii,
wear Loot rittu-tf
B.V. L. S
Til a.- IsSmsI t t tVMfl (tfW
Co.t Cut Undershirt
Knee Length Drawers
SOc. and aswardi a aaf eiast.
YW1I aatar the rlraant deed am of mWl wf
Dial tney amw. Ywi n dcliatit si iht coal cars
Ian that B.V. D i afford. Yoal be trabhta'
with rbew lanf waar. bacauit they are siade
her ihsraufhly totted wmm siatcnak.
Yavl ba plraatd with the tut and bath.
Evar B.V. D. garment it
laeaufied Only By This Rsa Wovea
Naw Yarfc.
Mtaan at I. V D Um Sm P.t 4.1047) sad
a. v. u.
run. 'iiii.ii ,": imiii"
' i i - p : i - vi -,i i'i i.'i -i. .inn, ii 'f"r
.Mi ;! ": ': il
;; N
!i ' I
aUsJ';iJttljISUi.'ilii:jILrak uX,isavJaUlaiiiJiu,,loiiuaMUU,
Tiling inrni i
is lorcea on a particular (specially.
Of.'lce Hours: 8:00 a. m. to 8:00 p. m.
Sundays, 10 to l only. II you cannot
call, write.
Your Tailor
Does he satisfy you?
We recoginse that a wel satisfied cus
tomer is the most effective agent for the
extension of business. That's why NleoH'a
business Increases generously with each
season's trade.
It Isn't alone the price; if a better fab
ricsbetter tailoring better trimmings
better all around satisfaction than you'll
find with the average tailor.
But you'd better drop In today and have
a chat with one of our salesmen.
Trousers SS to $12 Suits $25 tc $59
pmm ami iy i iff
2UIM1 boutii 6U it. it
Knows how hard It ia lo kar-n iha skin smooth
sad clear. Victor's Tonic Lotion ia lbs ba.i
Preparation lo pi. ni and curs barber's ilea,
eruptions snd other faie infectioas. snd to
keep the akin in brahhv ronm'.ico. It siisX
itching snd toreceaa. 5 Cents a Bottle.
Manufactured and foi sals by
Sharman A McConnall Drug Ca.
tath ar) Dedge, Omaha.
lath mn4 Harney.
fetlrVgl y.' :Ww.. , . 1

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