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White Goods and nil kinds of
Washable Drni Goods (or the
economical buyer at far less than
ran be bought anywhere In the
Apron Check Ginghams, 6c, 3C
and 2H-
Dress Ginghams, 12 c, 10c, 7 Vic
and 5
Batiste, 10c, 7 Vic and .... 5
Organdies, 10c, 7 Vic and.... 5
A fine line of Organdies, fast col
ors 3H?
Pongees, worth 35c 18?
Poplins, worth 35c 180
Short lengths in 25c Satin. . 15
26c Linen Brodine 100
Remnants ot Spangled Silk 200
12 Vic Percales fc
12 Vic Red 8eals 7H0
12Hc Toll du Nords 74o
16c White Goods 7H0
26c While Ooods 100
Remnants of 10c Mufdlns 80
Remnants of 12Ho Muslins 6o
16c India Llnon THo
10c India Llnon lOo
16,000 yards of fine mill ends of
some of the swell good of the sea
sod, at, yard.SHo, 5c, TVio and lOo
75c Embroideries 25c
Monday we will sell a beau
tiful line of extra wide Skirt
Flouncings and Corset Cover
Embroideries from the New
York Embroidery Auction.
Cambrics, Swisses and Nainsooks,
regular 60c to 75c values, yd. 250
16c Embroideries 50
A grand lot ot Edges and Insert
Ings in Swiss and Nainsook to select
Don't Fail to Visit Our Up-toDate
Drapery Dept.
Most complete line of draperies In
Saxony' Brussel Lace Curtains, pair,
at $30, $25, $18.60 and ..$15.00
Princess Lace Curtains, pair, $27.60,
$25 and $20
Duchess Point, pair, $18.50, $16.60,
$15.00 and $12.50
Brussels Net Lace Curtains pair, at,
$17.60, $15.00, $12.60 and.. $10
Cluny Curtains in ecru or white, at.
$15, $12.50, $10, $8.60 and. $5.00
Novelties In Cream Ecru or White, at,
pair, $7.50, $5.98, $4.50. $3.9S,
$2.98 and $2.50
Cable Net Curtains in Ecru or White,
at. pair. $6.60. $5.98, $4.98. $3.98,
$2.98 and $1.08
Brusselette Curtains at, pair, $3.60,
$2.98. $2.60 and $1.08
Nottingham Lace Curtains in 25 differ
ent designs, at, pair, $1.98, $1.75,
$1.49, $1.36. $1.25, 98c. 75c. 560
Madras Curtains, 48-inch wide, 3 yds.
long, worth $8.50, it, pair.. $5.08
Madras Curtains, 46-lnch wide, worm
$5.00 pair, at, pair $3.08
32-inch Drapery Silk, Monday only, at,
yard 37 0
48-inch Filet Net in white or cream,
that sold at $1.60 and $2.00 yard,
go at, yard, Monday $1.25
Madras, 45-lnch wide, in any color, at,
86c 76c, 60c and 300
Couch covers CO-inch wide, 3 yards
long, at, each, $3.50 $2.98, $1.89
and $1.40
Rope Portieres for double doors at,
each, $3.25, $3.60, $4.60. and $5
Single Door Portieres, at, each. 800
Flour Has Taken
Another Advance
It will go to $2.00 per sack Is our
prediction, before Aug. 1st; by buying
now you will save 35c on a sack. The
best flour now Is retailing for $1.85
per sack. We have Just got in five, car
loads before the last raise, and will
sell it for this sale only.
Per 48-lb Hack r $1.65
Remember this is the best Patent.
24-lb. sack Best Rye Flour 76c
10 bars best brands Laundry soap. 25c
The best brands Lye, per can 6c
16-01.' can Lu Lu Scouring Soap ..6c
16-ot. can Condensed Milk ....7 Vic
8-os. can Condensed Milk 4c
The best domestic Macaroni, pkg. 8 Vic
Bromangelon, Jellycon or Jello, per
package 7 Vic
1-lb. cans assorted Soups 7 Vic
011 or Mustard Sardines, can 4c
The best crisp PreUels or Ginger
Snaps, pound be
Fancy Golden Santos Coffee, lb.. 15c
The best Tea Sittings, pound.... 15c
The best fancy No. 1 Country Cream
ery Butter, pound 25c
Good, choice Dairy Butter, pound. 20c
Fresh Vegetables, Cheaper than you
can grow them.
fresh Spinach, per peck..' Bo
V bunches fresh Onions 6o
bunches frenu Uaulshea 6o
J bunches fre-ih Asparagus 6c
Fancy Wax Beane tl pound la equal
to two quarts), per lb 8o
Fresh Peae, per quart bo
4 bunchea freli Pie Plant 6o
1 large Cucumbers 60
Fresh Beets. Carrots or Turnips, per
bunch 40
cab toubi rarxAmiXs wow.
Each -Bo, THo, 8H, 10c, WHo
per dozen BOc, Boo, Sbo, $1.10, SI .33
Stupendous Reductions on Guaranteed Black Silk
Too many Black Silks on hand and in order to reduce stock quickly we will make
sweeping price reductions on our regular stock during the next few days, beginning
$1.50 Black Feau de Soie
36-in. wide, firm quality,
unbreakable, at 05c
$2.50 Black Peau de Soie
lleavy glove finish, double
faced, 36-in. wide . .$1.59
.Shantung Pongees, Tussah,
etc., every weave in rough
silks, 24 and 27-ins. wide,
special at.. $1.00, 59c, 39c
$1.75 Black Swiss Messaline;
chiffon finish, 36-in. wide,
a snap at $1.15
$1.50 Black Taffeta, oil boil
ed, 36-in. wide, all silk a
great value at 98c
85c Foulards 59c A tremen
dous assortment of silk and
satin foulards, beautiful
colors and patterns, 85c
and $1.00 qualities, at 59c
27-in. White "Habutai" Jap Silks Very heavy, launders
perfectly, just the thing for graduating dresses, at ,59c
$1.15 Black Taffetas; 36-in.
wide, heavy quality, splen
did bargain at 79c
$1.00 Black Taffeta, 27-in.
wide, at, yard 59c
19-in. Black Taffeta; 27-in.
wide, at, yard 39t;
$1.00 Silks 29c and 39c; Chif
fon Pongees, Jacquard Taf
fetas, Bengaline Cords, Jap
Silks, all colors, truly phe
nomenal values.
lion City and Elyria
Wash Lace Specials
The two great lace factories of this
country have given us the exclusive
sale of their products In Omaha. Not
only are they the very lest laces pro
duced, but on account of being manu
factured In this country are exempt
front the OO er tent tarirf duty im
posed on foreign products.
See the SPKCIAL values Monday, In
cluding German Val. and Mechlin
putterns, at 5 nd 7H
fgg$& White Goods Dept.
Wash Chiffon, 45 inches wide, at, a yard, 89c, 79c,
69c and 49
Sheer opera Batiste, 45 Inches vide, regular 6Uc
grade, at, a yard 50
Sheer Batiste, 36 inches wide, at, a yard, 49c, 39c
Persian Lawn, 45 Inches wide, regular 69c quality,
Monday, at, a yard 50c
Persian Lawn, 32 Inches wide, at, a yard, 39c, 25c,
19c and 15?
St Gall embroidered Swisses, 32 inches wide, at, a
yard, 98c, 80c, Coc and 50
Mercerized Batiste, in checks and Stripes, at, a yard,
39c 30c and 25
Flaxon, 36 inches wide, In checks and stripes and
plains, at, a yard, 39c, 30c, 25c and lf)
A full line of Dress Linens, In all colors, at, a yard,
46c, 39c, 25c and 19
Auto Cloth, Indian Head, and shrunk Muslin, at, a
yard, 18c, 15c and 12 t?
Sheetings, Muslins, Tickings, Shirtings, Flan
nels and Domets in Our
Famous Domestic Room
No other hoiiBe in the west carries so large a stock
of high grade domestics at as low a price as we do.
Yard Wide Bleached MuMiim.
Our celebrated No. 290 .Brookdale 4?4?
Merry 6A
Thistledown 5
Hunter's Choice 6H
Hope 7
Lonsdale 7)
Fruit of the Loom.... 7Hf
Berkley No. 60 Cambrics 9i
Lonsdale Cambric IOC
Lonsdale Nainsooks
Hill's Cambric 10?
Knight's Cambric 8i
Bleached Sheetings
Pepperal, 9-4 genuine article lfHi
Newbery, 9-4, genuine article 17is
Lockwood, 9-4 genuine article 20?
Dreamland, 9-4 genuine article 18?
2 cents per quarter more above 9-4.
2 cents per quarter less below 9-4.
See our linen ads.
The Rug Buyers' Opportun ity
$50,000 Stock, of High Grade Rugs From the
Alexander Smith & Sons " Auction
All new 1909 patterns all guaranteed perfect.
You'll find it impossible to surpass the quality.
You'll find it impossible to match the low prices.
On Sale MONDAY and TUESDAY. Mail Orders Filled.
$30.00 Axminster Rugs
9x12 size, 18 patterns to
select from, at ..$18.98
8-3x10-6 size, same as above
$25.00 value. . .$1G.98
$15.00 high spire Tapestry
Brussels Rugs, 9x12 size,
guaranteed meshed top,
12 patterns to select from,
choice, at $9.75
$10.00 Seamless Tapestry
Brussels Rugs, 10-wire
quality, 6x9 size, 19 pat
terns for selection; choice,
at $6.00
Same as above, 7-6x9 size,
$12.75 value, at... $7.50
$5.00 Axminster Rugs
3-6x7-2 size; special sale
price $2.98
$45.00 Royal Wilton Rugs,
9x12 size; they're stamped
Royal Wilton; just 12 in
the lot $28.98
$35.00 five frame Body
Brussels Rugs; 9x12 size,
beautiful new patterns, at,
choice $24.98
$13.50 Tapestry Brussels
Rugs; seamed, 14 patterns
to select from, 8-8x11 size,
sale price $8.48
$16.50 Seamless Brussels
Rugs; 9x11 size, 9 patterns
to select from; choice, at,
each $9.98
$3.00 Wilton Velvet Rugs
27x54 size, choice, $1.49
$3.50 Axminster Rugs
27x60 size, on sale, choice,
at $1.98
Many other grand specials Everything goes. Extra
salespeople to wait on you Monday.
Dependable Linens at Less than Cost of New
Material in Our
High Grade Linen Dpt. Mond'y
Ten pieces pure linen Table Damask, two yards wide,
grass bleached, good value at $1.00 yard, Monday,
yard 69?
Ten pieces German silver bleached Table Damask,
C6 inches, wide, very heavy and good for wear, well
worth 75c yard, Monday, yard 45?
Twenty dozens strictly pure linen dinner Napkins,
size 24x24 Inches, beautiful range of patterns, worth
$5.00 dozen, Monday, 6 for $1.29
Fifty unhemmed Pattern Table Cloths size 8x10,
warranted bfst German linen, never sold less than
$3.50, Monday, each $2.00
Hundred dozen extra large size Turkish Towels, come
bleached and cream, heavy twisted thread, worth 19c
each, Monday, each 11?
Hundred dozen strictly high grade linen hemmed and
fringed fancy Towels, largfb size, worth 39c, Monday,
each 19
All mail orders filled during this sale till Thursday.
Led Spreads, Sheets and Pillow Cases, at Less Than
Cost of Production in our High
Grade Linen Dept. Monday
All $1.25 Sheets, size 81x90, each 85c
All $1.10 Sheets, size 81x90, each 75c
All $1.00 Sheets, size 81x90, each 69c
All 85c Sheets, size 81x90, each 59c
All 65c Sheets, size 81x90, each... 49c
All 95c Sheets, size 72x90, each 75c
All 90c Sheets, size 72x90, each G5c
All 85c Sheets, size 72x90, each 59c
All 79c Sheets, size 72x90, each 55c
All 50c Sheets, size 72x90, each 39c
All 20c Pillow Cases, 45x36, each 14c
All 17c Pillow Cases, 45x36, each 10c
All 15c Pillow Cases, 42x36, each. 10c
60 hemmed Crochet Bed Spreads, full size, heavy,
Btrong and good for wear regular $2.00 spread,
at. each 81.19
'Kt" Mann-Kretchmer Stock of Tailor Suits Dresses
Seldom, if ever before, have such values in Women's High Class Spring and Summer
Garments been offered in Omaha, not only are prices, surprisingly low, but assortments
of style and qualities are bound to meet with the enthusiastic approval of the most
discriminating buyers.
Beautiful Wash Suits, in linens, reps,
etc., all colors, trimmed with laces,
appliques and self -trimmed, made to
sell at $18.00 and $20.00, all at one
price Monday, choice $10.00
Women's and Misses' Lingerie
Dresses All colors, $5.00 to $6.50
values, at $2.95
Women's Long Pongee and Linen
Dusters A swell new line, at
each. . .$10.00, $12.00, $15.00, $20.00
Women's Jap Silk and Net Waists;
values to $5.00, at $1.95
House Dresses One big lot, $1.50
values, on sale at 98c
Women's and Misses' Wash Suits
Made to sell at. from $10.00 to $12.50
all colors, clever new designs, 125
of them to select from; in Monday's
sale at $6.95
High Class Tailor Suits Man
ufactured to sell up to $40.00;
by far the choicest lot of values
of the season on sale,
at $14.90 and $19.90
Gingham Underskirts; regular $1.00
values 59c
Dainty Lingerie Dresses; that were
made to sell at $8.50 and $10.00
pinks, blues, lavenders, tans, white;
choice new styles and great values;
Monday at $5.95
Misses' Serge Suits $15.00 values
greys, reds, blue and brown, nobby
new styles; choice $7.95
Women's $5.00 and $6.00 Silk and
Covert Coats, on sale Monday, at,
choice $3.95
$5.00 Jumper Dresses at $1.95 Big
assortment for selection.
Women's Long Crepe Kimonos; val
ues to $4.00; choice $1.95
A I- - J
Very Special Furniture Bargains
$30.00 Dining Table; solid
quartered oak, 45-in. top,
6-f t. extension, fully
hand polished; special,
at $19.75
$18.00 China Cabinet; fine
quartered oak frame,
bent glass ends, 3 shelves
-r-a beauty at. .$12.75
L- X in .
$1.25 Dining Chairs; high
back, brace posts, golden
finish; snap at 89c
Lawn Swings, Settees,
Chairs and Rockers of all
descriptions, at lowest
possible prices. The big
gest assortment and best
values in Omaha.
Try HAYDEN'S fipst
China Dept. Specials
100-piece Dinner Set; Meakin's
best English porcelain, snap,
at $6.95
Water Tumblers, six for. . ,5c
Flow Blue Cups and Saucers
per pair 10c
Majolica Water Pitchers; half
gallon size, at 25c
Fish Globes, all kinds, up from 30
All glass Salt and Pepper Shakers,
at 10
Imported brown and white earthern,
covered baking Casseroles, at, up
A have the Kmndett lino of
new Mimnicr wash good ever
plnred on wale lu thin rltjr. Our
prices arc by far the lowest, and
quality awuy ahead
89o Waah Good a, 38o Arnold's nllk
OiRamlles, JaiqunrcK nllk tisane.
La liolle. Sole, cpaiiKlnl bUH. etc,
old everywhere at iDc; our prion
yard 38o
BOo Waah Goods, 3So Yard KnKllsh
merrerlaed poplins. Kngllsh moivrr
Ixed pongees, French silk KlnghHiu,
French tlxsuon and other fine ioodH,
worth up to 60o. yard at. yard..36o
35o Waah Goods at 18c Tard Do
mestic ponnees, domestic poplins,
Kgyptlan tissues, Anderson's Scotch
aephyra, Alherta sateen and other
fine goods, worth up to Hoc ynrd;
all one price, per yard 18o
8Se and S9o Wash Goods at, 15c Yd.
Domestic pongees, all colors; French
batiste, French percales and thoua
ands of yards of other goods
worth up to 29c ynrd; all at. vrt.lBo
Wash Goods, also, yd., lOo, lli,o 16o
Extra Specials
for Monday
No dealers sold at these prices.
No mail orders filled at these
prices. i
From O to 0:30 a. ni. 50 pieces ot
10c muslins, full bleached, 36 ins.
wide. 10 yards limit, at, yard 3
From 10:30 to 11 a. m.
One case 19c Bath Towels, bleached,
at HO
One case 19c Bath Towels, brown,
at 11
One case 124c Printed Lawns, per
fectly fast colors, 10 yards limit, at,
yard 50
One case of Indigo Blue Prints, C de
grade, 10 yards limit, at, yard.30
From 2 to 2:30 p. ni.
One case of 36 inch Bleached Mus
lins, regular 8 '4c goods, 10 yards
limit, at. yard
From 3 to 3:30 p. m.
One case 15c Linen Huck Towels, 4
towels limit, each QO
One case Wash Cloths, 6c grade, at.
5 limit, each 10
' ' Queen Quality ' ' oxfords
fit a littlo better than the
best of the average oxforda
for women. They are made
over real oxford lasts, not
high boot lasts as is often
the case. Judge for your
self. $2.50, $3.00 and $3.50
the pair.
lYe Show Complete Assortment
ot New Styles
New Hard Wood
Screen Doors $t
New natural finish hardwood fancy
Screen Doors, 1 V Inch thick, worth
$2.00. each $1.30
Screen Wire, extra heavy, per foot. 2c
Double GalvanUed Poultry Wlre
at He and fcc
Double galvanized means galvanized
before and after woven. (We are sole
agents in Omaha.)
Padded Sleeve Boards on sale Mon
day 10c
( 98c Wool Wall Dusters, only 83o
lleavy Galvanized Wash li'dlers 890
60-pound Decorated Flour Cans 89o
75c Perorated lireitd lioxes 490
75c Japanned Hleel Malt UoxeH 3o
35c I'arlor Iirooms, only 88o
Heavy Galvanized WuhIi Tuhs 6o
45c and 35c Tails ISo and 30o
Gleanings from the Story Teller's Pack
A t'rui'llrul Politician.
OR M El I Governor Sara Hauser,
Fl ths Grand Old Man of Mon
I tana, u one of tha witnesses
in tho investla-atlon held by
the United Statee Senate to
And out whether the mining millionaire.
William A Clark, " entiliea o ins
"What did you do, Mr. Hauser T" the lute
Senator Hoar asked.
"I went to see Mr. Clrk."
"Where did you aee him?"
"In llutte City."
"At hie house?"
Tee, elr."
"What did you say to him?"
"I told him If he would loosen up he
mlpht have a chance to be elected to the
"Loosen up?" ald Senator Hoar.
"Loosen up? J done understand what
you mean."
"Maybe you dou't," snapped Hauser,
"but Clark did." Denver Poat.
' Bor'a Bod? Like a Slat.
Edward Faran of Cincinnati, 19 year old,
la a human elate. Letters or figure
written on his back with a blunt Instru
ment eaa be read at a distance of to feet,
barren a a patteot at the City Hospital,
where hie peculiar ailment la causing
sTeneral interest
Bate disease from wtiloh be suffers U
Ki.own as urticaria. It la characterized by
a redness of the akin, due to an Inflamed
condition of the tips of the nerves. It la
said to be due to becoming overheated and
then rapidly reducing the temperature of
the body.
Letters written on Farran'a back with a
slate pencil or the end of a match rise in
welts and become as white us snow. They
rtmaln visible for an hour, and then grad
ually fade away, or they can be erased
with a wet sponge.
Phyklclajis suy Furran will be Weil in a
few day a.
A JaUae's Usplanatloa.
There's a prominent Judge living In the
rural diatrlcts of Virginia, where bathtubs
are not to be found In every borne, who was
the proud possessor of mch a luxury, which
he permitted no one else to use. One day
ho found that some one hud been using his
tub, and, reaching the conclusion that It
could be none ether than Mary, his housu
maid, he summoned her to uppear before
him and charged her with having trans
gressed his unwritten law.
Mary confeases her fault, and the Judge,
after enjoining her to sin no more In this
manner, as freely forgave her. Observing
that the maid seemed somewhat hurt at the
"calling down" which he bad thus given
her, the Judge, by way of softening bis
rebuke, aald:
"It la aot that I object to your using my
tub, Mary, but X hate u Hiiiik u.at j a
would do anything behind my back that
you wouldn't do before my face." Rich
mond Courier.
A Poor balesmaat.
Carey Johnson Ludlam, the southern
philologist, said at a dinner: "I hope
that the salesman who accosted me on
my way here thla evening will take In
one of the many schools of salesmanship
an eight or nine years' course. I'm sure
he needs It.
"This sulexrr an, a shabby young man,
laid his hand on my aim and said:
" 'Say friend, lemme sell ye a box of
this here patent cement?'
"I sl.eok off his filthy paw.
. " 'Cement!' I sneered, annoyed at his
familiarity. "What do I want with ce
ment Y
" 'Why,' cried the man. In apparent sur
prise, 'ain't ye broke? You look It.' "
Hark, tv Earth.
Ill let the morning paper slip from his
hands and wrinkled bis forehead lu a fit
of deep abstraction. .'f
And than bis wife antared the room,
"Well," she demanded, "what's the
weighty subject that presses so heavily
your burdened mind?"
He luuked up with a quick start
"I was Just wondering ke si plained.
"how a man would go about It If he set
out to collect, the S10.nuos that Prof.
I'Ickering says would bo required in order
to communicate with the planet Mars." -
"Oh. come back to earth," said his wife,
coldly. "The Iceman Is at the kitchen door
and saya you'll have to pay hlin that 7U
cents you owe him or he'll cut us off bis
calling list." Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Do CkarTTable.
An American was stolling about Paris
with a French friend. They entered a
shop, made some small purchase, and while
wultlng for the change the American said,
In a low voice:
"Will you Just look at the diamonds that
pretty little sales girl Is wearing? They
mubt be worth Ji'.OOii."
"They are not real," the Frenchman aald,
with a shrug.
"But they are I know real stones when I
aee them that Is my business," the Amer--ean
Again the Frenchman shrugged.
"Hut, my friend, be charitable," he pro
tested, gently. "Figure to yourself and
consider that the diamonds are Imitation.
For If the stones are g.od the little maid
lan't."-Phlladelphla Record.
Dr. Charles A. Eaton of the Madlaon
Avenue Baptlat church said In the course
of an afternoon speech In Cleveland:
"l-iines la responsible for too mucb
of the ndsery we see about us. It Is all
very well to blame alcohol for this misery,
to blame oppression and Injustice; but to
what heights might we nut all have climbed
but for cur laxiucss?"
lie puusod unu smiled.
"We are too much like the supernumerary
In tl.e drama," he Went on, "who had la
enter tium the lifclit and buy, 'My loid,
the carrlace walls.'
" 'Look acre, super,' Bald the slago man
Ufcer one night, '1 want you to co.iic on
I rum the lett Instead of the right after this,
and 1 wunt you to transpose your speech.
Make is run hereafter, "The carriage walls,
my lord.'
"The super pressed his hand to his
" 'More study! More study!' he groaned."
New York 'iribusie.
l.lked tbe Irraliurul.
A slater who was engaged upon the roof
of a house in Gia-uw fell from the ladder
and lay in an uiuuiisclous statu upon the
pavement. Due if the pedestrians in tho
sltect v'ho runliej to the aid of the poor
man chanced to huve a fhuik of spirits in
his pocket, and to revive him U gnu to poJr
a little dowu his throat.
"Canny, mon, canny," i- vid a man looking
on, "or you'll choke him."
The "unions, ious" sinter opened his eyes
and said quietly: "Pour awa', mon, pour
awa,; ve re doln fine." Ottawa Journal.
Aa laarrtttd Trait.
"My father," said Chauncey M. De-pew,
"was. a frugal and saving man. He never
approved of the waste of anything, Includ
ing time.
"One night be went to a prayer meetlrg.
The brethren were backward. After a wait
of a Quarter of an hour my father arose
and said: 'It Is a shame to waste all this
valuable time. Will not some brother tell
his experience?"
"No one rose and my father continued:
"Will some one led us In prayer?"
"There was no response to this appeal
and my futher said: 'in that case I will
Improve the time by making a few obser
vations on the tariff.' "New York fsun.
When the Tramp Turned.
Senator Norris Brown, in an address In
Watdnngtcn, praised an Iowa millionaire.
"His success Is a lesxon to us," said tien
ator BroiMi. "There are men In Maijuokcta
who still remember him as a tramp, a com
mon, homelens tramn"
The speaker smlhd.
"One afternoon in New York," he said,
"rs the millionaire and I were walking in
Filth avenue, a beggar stepped up tj him
and whlmd:
" 'Bns, ) guera you ain't never went cold
and hniiKi'y. slee.iin' In wet fields and gil
t in' klckej from '
" 'Oh, yes, I have, though,' said the mil
lionaire. He looked the tramp up and down,
handed him a quarter and said, as he
passed oiu
" 'But I had ie decency to wash myself
once or twice at year, by George! You
make me kind of sick.' "Washington Star.
Tulktn te Kllsabrtk.
Denver Elks are having a lot of fun with
a member of their lodge, a Fifteenth street
Jeweler. Tbe other day Ms wife was In
the Jewelry store when the 'phono rang.
She answered it. '
"I want to Kpeak to Mr. H. ," said a
woman's voire.
"Who Is this?" demanded the Jeweler's
"Well, Elizabeth, this la his wife. Now,
madam, what do you want?"
"I want to speak to Mr. II ."
"You'll talk to me."
"Please let me speak to Mr. If
The jeweler's wlfu grew angry, "Lo4ft
here, jyoung lady," she said, "who are
you that calls my husband and Insists on
talking to him?"-
"I'm the telephone operator at Ellia'beth,"
came the reply.
And now the. Elks take turns calling; the
Jeweler up and telling him It's Elizabeth.
Denver Pout.
Would Wed for Mnrtr Days.
Appearing IrV tho office of City Clerk
Buckley of I'lilcopee, Maxs., with a trial
marriage contract, which they had drawn
up fur the puriio.se, Sadiu Androwles and
Kami l(u-zpozka. both of Ludlow, re
quisied that they be married for three
mon.hs, after which they would again
eoniu to C'hicopee and have the knot tied
hard ami fast for life, provided they got
along together and they liked the experi
ment. The youni( foreigners said they
have been In this country about a year
and had believed their friends when lold
that they could ome to town and get mar
ried for a short time on trial before mak
Ing the bonds Mrmnent,

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