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d Ball. Dnnt, SIS BOT1 'fQtl
Sl.50 Fine 42-Inch All Silk
Voilo at 39c a Yard
Come Friday I No guesswork in that valuation. If any
one line of gbOtja is specially well suited to the present style
of "frowns, it is these pretty all silk voiles. Choice, pretty
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Otft of -f (is and Dnr brought to j
Onifths'".Ty" Cetrctlve Wwdonald substan
Hate njuch that. .has already been pub
lished. twfcTerfttlni them. ThS picture of
Tbrs:rw ahws; his left ear, with the
peculiar piec cvt Put ' th uPPr Prt of
the" lobaf -hKb was one of the first things
noted In . Ortiahfc ' about the man. Hli
veittern-reCbrda'eorreeporKl with his state-'
mama-mAO Kee hbout his Danish nativity
nod bV u jdf '.V a baker and cook.
Iwner' home, la Blven as Minnesota on
both refxfrjL ,fs "Bd hlB n"v"y Fin
nlsb is.stwedo.Uie Bpokane record.
I A lettiif WMlvetf Ms 'Chief of Police Don-
ahii ' Thursday Ir.wnlng from Chief of
'. r'oTie':Ma.nmaH.'ftf jjverett, Wash,, told
the (former b:foiw ht learned it from'Oe
teetlve Macdonald that Torgensen was
known oimvely at Kverett as one of two
me , arrentei there on Ootober 23, im, for
having- a- safe blowing ' outfit. A man
khwwr? a"Dan Downer exactly fitting
thil, I MecfljHon . of Woods, except as to
mumehe,' :;aa the other man. Detective
MacJenald WWI the aatrie thing when he
', waaj 'men tor' tha-local pelioa," railway and'
fedfrat rauthoritie. , t
' tWf history' tf the arrests bf "the two
' men. vitipverett was than they denied own
, Ing-Sfcej grip that contained nitroglycerin
. and bur alary - teela. . secured their release
by habeas corpus proceedings, then hired
a lawyer wno bhqrcu "ml "
two suspects for the grip and Its contents
' and' started' replevin proceedings, and
finally left Everett while the suit was still
Several former partners of Downer and
Torgenson have been concerned In recent
train holdups on thn Great Northern rail
road, aocord,lng to suspicions of Detective
MacdonaM and his fellow officers at Spo
kane. M acdonald Is exultant over the cap
ture of the men, whom he says nave been
the worry of police, detectives, railway and
postal Inspectors for. some- time. '
Accompanying MacdonaM are A. Alnrian,
chief ot the Great Northern secret' service
and Detective McFitrldge of the Northern
Pacific They say (they do not think
Downer, Torgensen and Gordon, of Golden,
were in the "Slg registered mall., train
; hold-up at Morse Siding the middle 'of the
, month. Detective Macdonald will remain
In Omaha only Thursday, and Friday In
all probability, and will return direct to
Spokane, without golnaj to DanveV'tti hope
of identifying hq suspect Sbeltoi ,S,t that
rclty. ... a ' ' .f. '"V-iV
" The third V(vom nsed y the train robbers
"is at a South Thirteenth street.' In the
Unton block. The police located U Sun
day, but have'urUH now withheld the in
formation, as they wished vork -in clues
secured at the time It was . found. It is
said that Woods and the fifth member of
the gang occupied the room, part of the
time preceding the hotl-un. When the
room was searched clothing and other bo
lpnglngst of 4he , men were found,, but no
part-olhe; booty taken from the matt ivas
found, ' , .
Trial of Bandits k Uncle
' Means" fltg' Thins:.
jr ai or the three bandits., in fed
eral1 frOurt means t considerable . expense
to the 'fH ted tates government ftnd' ltke
wla; alp 'eotiart savin t Dodgla 'emmty.
J. St. -'Mafitariartn, ctMnwrf forhe trio,, de
clared fmiriiday that1 net-urfijrhl'for sep
arate trials for the men and that if this
were- don-in ' the fltatrrct witirf It would
post Iougia county fuHvc $3000...- : . -
i , r 1. 1 i e '. '
'., ' ''!' . .;! :":.-.''
Chief Perkins, with Randall and
. Moaibr .Maya.-foe 4iraivd inty.
-jj ; Poa tfttfjo inspector "C. aE.;. Llewellii of
Chicago left Thursday afternoon for Chi
cago, having .been caUed to Omaha on the
Investigation ' ot' the Overland- matl rob
bery. Inspectors Perkins, Randall nd
Moaby will remain in Omaha until after
the grand Jury . meeting'1 next -week. " The
other inspectors will return ; to Washlng-
COLN- LIQUOR STOCKS which we bought at tr geart'
sacrifice. V'-- ,,' '
These BIO BARGAINS in fine Wines, Liquora, Whis
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ud Cctlavr Ilrvol; ;
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11.00 bottles Lincoln Club Whiskey...
75c'boU) Cai.'Fort, Btorry and Angelica Win'..
60c bottles Port and Sherry Wino
$1.00 bottlea (loo Rock and Rye .
$1.00 bottlea Canadian Malt Whiskey
.$1.00. bottlea Apricot, Orange and Banana Cordial.
$1.75 bottle. Three bur French Cognac
91. to bottlea Ooldea Eagle Whiskey '
$1.00 bottlea Blackberry, extra fine
2.00 Per Gallon aj 4n $4.00 Pe Gallon Mk
; S110 ssr . $2,45
- OKJUKRS BMA1L wlU bo received iinUI Jnue 7th j
City Orders of
$1.00 or More DeUveml.
MiCTI A 1. 1. DtTTl-Inl. A-H4U
- '09.
ton and St. Louis to resume their duties
there; until after the trial of the mail
robbers, should they be ; Indicted, when
they will return to take part In the hear
ing in the United States district court,
when the case la called.
Mnnarer Says He Dors Ttot tare to Bee
Those Pair Sticks.
The paraphernalia of the bandits found
by the Brown Park school children has
been turned over to United States Mar
shal Warner. It Includes the slouch hats,
rain coats, automatic and other pistols
and cartridges found near the school
house with the electric lash light.
. These flash lights are of the best make,
of great power and somewhat larger than
those on sal among Omaha dealers.
The four sticks of dynamite and the
valises recovered from the rooms are also
among the truck that will be held in evi
dence against the accused men. .
"Would yon, like to see "the dynamite,"
said Marshal Warner to Judge Munger, to
whom he was showing the other stuff?"
Not any dynamite," remarked Judge
Munger. "There will be no dynamite In
cluded In 'the' visible exhibits In the court
room, either, when this esse comes to
The automatic guns sre also of the best
make, and were provided with extra maga
zines each. All of the lUuff .bears the
Strong odor of Iodoform whlch.lt is al
leged by secret service offices and de
tectives Is used by professional Wacks-
men to prevent their being trailed by
Attacks Sister with
Hatchet and Acid
New 0rlean Mnn Disfignrei Girl for
life Because Sh Wanted '
to Wed.
NEW ORLEANS, June S.-Flylng into a
rage when told that his 20-year-old sister,
Bessie, was to" be married tonight, " Wil
liam". Blessing, SO years old, attacked the
gflrl' In, their home here today with a
hatchet, Inflicting several' serious wounds.
He then threw aci -tn her - eyes and
mouth.' The girl may recover, but will be
disfigured for life.
Men Past Fifty In Daagtr.
Men past middle life have found comfort
and relief in Foley's Kidney Remedy, es
pecially for enlarged prostate gland, which
Is very common among elderly men. L. E.
Mornls, Dexter, . Ky., writes: "Up to a
year: ago my father suffered from kidney
and bladder trouble and several physicians
pronounced It enlargement of the prostate
gland and advised an operation. On ac
count of his age we were afraid, he could
not stand it and T recommended Foleva
Kidney Remedy, and the first bottle re
lieved him, and after taking the second
bottle he was no longer troubled with this
complaint." Sold by all druggists.
Donk of England Statement. .
LONDON, June 3 -The weekly statement
of' the Bank of England shows the follow
ing chanKes: Total reserve, decreased,
n.0.V!.0lO: circulation. Increased, 1216 000
bullion, decreawed, i40,t0; other securities
increased, flJM.000; other deposits, in
creased, l,B.t7.U00; public deposits, de
ceased, 1.056.000; notes reserve, decreased,
t'1.001,000; government i securities, . un
channed. " The proportion of the bank's re
serve to liability tha week Is 46.61 per cent
oM4iMi ii. oi pei ccni mm ween.
' . . . .
fUltft. '
NEW YOhK....
Ocotale -v.. .
, ,. i .'..--....,.. .
, Alloa. ...
K. P. llt.
, Teutonic. .
, FrlMlnl.
QI KBN8TOWM... Htvsrfor. .
Adriatic '
Madonna :
K W. r Grous
.. ..M...,
...1 .ar.,V...M
Order by Mall
w Telephone,
This week will probably enJ ,'
the BIO SALE of the LIN.
91.2S Bottle
Wedding Jlello
Rjo liUkcy
for .
1 505
. .4
CO., MMFarnam'sl
Both Phones,
Open. Evenings.
Two More Addmsei and Jury Gets
Testimony na that Line Exolnslvely,
tint Coart Asked for Instructions
with Regard to geNDefease
and Accident.
August Zlebell may know, what Is In
store for him by nightfall for the trial
Is nearly done. Opening addresses were
made yetserday afternoon by Deputy
County Attorney Coad for the state and
H. G. Meyer for the defense. A. S. Ritchie
and County Attorney English will argue
this morning.
The defense introduced only witnesses to
prove Zlebell of unsound mind yesterday
and none of these touched on the shooting.
Most of the afternoon was occupied by
Ritchie in an argument for a directed
verdict and for Instructions regarding self
defense and an accidental homicide. All
of these points will be replied to and ruled
on by the court today.
Zlehrll Had Pecallar Notions.
Sane or mad, Zlebell entertained some pe
culiar notions.
Testimony in behalf of the defendant
Thursday morning developed the fact that
he thought his head was as big as Omaha,
that being 60 years of age, someone had to
pay him 14 a week, no matter whom, and
that American women have too great a
fondness for rich, red tomatoes.
Attorney Harry Fischer was the star wit
ness for the defense, although Mrs. Zlebell
herself was on the stand. Fischer recited
SO theatrically Ziehen's conversation with
himself on one occasion that County At
torney English's first question on cross
examination was, "Are you a member of
a dramatlo company?"
"Protect me, Mr. Fischer, protect me!"
the witness swore Ziobell said to hlm ono
day in his office. "My God", they will rob
me. My head, It Is as big as Omaha. The
womens. The womens. Oh, my Ood, the
woinens! They eat too many red toraa
Zlebell Objects to the Plea.
But August Zlebell himself does not take
kindly to the idta of being proved insane.
During the trial he reached over and whis
pered to his lawyer:
"Ach, 1 would so soon go to jail as der
mad house."
But his counsel continued to put . wit
nesses on to swear that the defendant -had
behaved in eccentric fashion and was in
their opinion not normal mentally. ...
Mi's. Ziehen's testimony, given through
an Interpreter, was brief. She declared
that for two or three years before the man
shot his son she had deemed him of un
soutfd mind.
Other witnesses for the defense, which
began its case Thursday morning, in
cluded Attorney John Loss and Fred Roop
a neighbor. The first witness was still
another lawyer, W. R. Patrick. Patrick,
vho !s a partner of one of the attorneys
for the defense, deposed as follows:
T saw Zlebell a number of times when
he came to our offlce.'N declared Patrick.
"His manner was highly excitable. He
would ' gesticulate wildly, stamp up and
down the room, swing his arms and swear
that hla family- was trying to Rend htm
to the penitentiary.,' His eyes were pro
truding on each of these occasions."
Ames to Observe
City Will Celebrate Fiftieth Anni
rersary of Locating of College
AMES, la.. June S. (Spectal.)-Ames will
celebrate Independence day July t with a
Jollification to which all the towns ' In
Boone and Story counties' have' been "in
vited. The celebration will be combined
with an observance of the semi-centennial
of the location of the Agricultural college
here. The pioneers of the two counties
voted bonds and subscribed $20,000 to se
cure the school, and on July 4, 1S59, had a
monster celebration of the fact that they
had been successful in landing the sThool.
D. McCarthy desires the names of all
who were here at that time and the names
of the young ladles who cameyfrom Boone
and represented the states, of the United
States. All these are to occupy seats on
the platform ant their photographs are to
be taken to preserve in the historical
archives of the college.
The program of the day will be confined,
as far as possible, to those who took part
In the program of fifty years ago. A son
of John A. Hull,, who was the principal or
ator of that occasion, Is to be the orator
for tho coming celebration. The Declara
tion of. Independence will be read by the
me man who performed that duty fifty
year' ago.
Child rrlta . rernllar , Habits In
Hospital rt Iowa
7 City.
IOWA CITT, la., June l-(Speclal.) Llt-
orally eating Its fingers and toes, .a 30
months' old babe in the university hos'
pttal furnishes the most unique ease ever
treated In the local' Institution. The child's
name' is Roy Harklens, but his home Is
kept a secret by the hospital authorities
In the hlstot-y of the local clinic there
has never been .a similar esse.' The child
cries when the bandages are applied ' to
Its hands and feet and when first brought
to the honpllal the child succeeded In tear.
ing away the cotton fastening and gnaw
lng at the stubs of one.
The toes of the baby are In the same
condition as the hands. The flesh had
been torn away and Inflammation set in
before the child was brought to the hos
That there Is no feeling In the Injured
members is self evident or the child would
stop because of the palnHowever, whether
the -cntla can te cured is the subject; in
teresting the local physicians at the pies
nt time. . . ' . i ,.
New Park for l,ogis.
IOQAN, la.. June J. Special) Engineer
McCabe has completed the surveys of tho
new addition to Logaj on the west; aldo
the survey of the six-acre tract of land
which J. C. Mllllman dedicated to Logan as
a city park. This gift is but one among
the many acts of kindness on the part of Mr.
Mllllman toward Logan. As Logan has
long since outgrown the original park,
Mr. Ullllman's generous gift will be doubly
appreciated by the public. The new ad
dition to Logan contains twenty-two acres
of land covered with natural forest shade
trees set In heavy blue grass sod, and is
located west of Logan's new high school
Harrlsoa Coaaty Rica.
LOQAN. Ia., June S (Special ) Accord
ing to the assessor's returns, Harmon
county ranks third In wealth and popula
tion in the western half of the state. The
oounty has 437,974 seres of farm land. Last
season farms produced the owners from
fifty to seventy bushels of corn per acre,
for which there was ready market at
from 50 to 65 Cents per bushel. Farms of
eighty to 100 acres near Logan sold last
season from $100 tn HA per acre
law tllf Pott tiM'I'i Order For-
hlddlnar . Icaratlon of Con
federate Graves.
IOWA CITY, la.. 'June 8-Speclal.)
Commandant E. Y. Ely's recent order for
bidding the decoration tf the graves of con
federate soldiers has been expunged from
the record books of Kirkwood post. Grand
Army of the Republic.
Commander-in-Chief Nevlus ordered the
confederate graves decorated the same as
the union soldiers', , on Decoration day.
Ely thought differently, and published his
order In the dally papers. The members of
the post called a special meeting, passed a
motion repudiating the stand of Ely and
censured him for refusing to abide by the
order of a superior, pfflcer.
Electrical Dlstarbonce and : Heavy
Ral nla Porta of Iowa,
FORT DODGE, la., June 1 (Special Tel
egram.) A very severe electrical storm
and downpour that w'as almost a cloud
burst visited this. city this afternoon. The
H. Vaughan residence, the Swedish Beth
lehem church and the Presbyterian church
were struck by lightning, slight" fires and
damage resulting.
Drownlna- Stops Commencement.
IOWA CITT, la., June 3. (Special.) No
girl was drowned ' with Gail - Huggett In
the Iowa river yesterday noon, according
to the statement pf Paul Schmidt, a work
man on the bridge north of where the
drowning occurred. Ih a statement male
yesterday afternoon he testified that he
saw the boy alone In tho eanoo pass under
the bridge a few minutes before he heard
the call for help.
The high school graduating exercises
scheduled for this evening In the auditor
ium of the natural "science building have
been called off. Lieutenant Governor ClarkeT
was to have' been1 fhe speaker. Huggett
was a member of the class.
.Latter Day, faints at Boone.
BOONE, Ia.,"t Jxui'e 3, (Special.) The an
nual conference apd .JBiaiday school con
vention of the Latter Day Saints ,of the
state convenes In thft' city 'Friday evening
and lasts through Saturday and Sunday
Many people of promlrienoe"will be in at
tendance. On Friday evening the Sunday
school peopl- will glvo a 5 program, and
sessions Will, follow through tho two days
without . Interruption. The .conference
closes wltft a big mttng, Sunday, evening.
. . J .1 Vr. -4- i
Former Boone "Editor Dead.
BOONE, la... . June S. (Special.)--Word
received In' this city-yesterday from Kan
sas City tells of the death of a former
editor, Edwin O. Erwln, of this city. Mr.
Erwin was really the founder of the Boone
News and for . many years backed it. K.
d. Goldthwalte, the present owner of the
Boone News-Republican, started out on his
Boone career under Mr. Erwin, and he was
very much affected -,by the receipt of the
death message yesterday-; ...
'" Heart Fa liar 'fcllo ftwlmmlnar. '
MASON CITT, !.Ta , June 8. (Speclal.)
Whlle swimming lrt Lime creek today,
Fred Nagel, aged 1 years, was seized with
an attack of heart 'failure and fell back
wards Into the water, lifeless. Companions
with whom he was swimming dived for hie
boly and dragged him to shore. He gave
one' gasp And dled'-Kfter he' was" reseuea.
By the time the phyMclan arrived he was
lifeless. He deefeVedniftl the boy had died
Instantly and had -not been urownea.
- ' . ri m , i,.- U
Drape rate hootias;
pains in -the fchest require, quick treatment
with Dr. Klng'a New Discovery. PfYents
pneumonia. BOo and $1.00;'-"Tor sale tiy
Beaton Drug Co. "
Association In Option Coanty Fledge
Meainema to Hell No Mure
ITHACA, N. T., June S Even the drug
gists In this local option county (Gratiot)
have rone "dry." At a meeting of 'the
County Druggists association at Alma
formal resolution was adopted binding all
the drugglHts not to sell liquor even on
prescription after the expiration of their
government licenses, June SO.
Riprtaa Company- Receivership.
NEW :TORK: June S. Supreme Justice
Ouy today heard argument and reserved
rWlslsn on the annllcatlorv of John L. Dud.
ley, a stockholder In the TTnlted 8.tates
Kxpress company, ror tne appointment oi
a temporary receiver Tor mat' corporation
Counsel for . Dudley .told . the court : the
trouble was tnat tne enarenoioer naa jia
voice in the- management.
Lydla E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Vienna, W. Va "I feel that low
the last ten years of my life to Lydla
" ; '"'I E. Pinkham'a Vege
table compound. -Eleven
years ago I
was a, walking
shadow. I had been
under the doctor's
ca rebut got no re lief .
My husband per
suaded me to try
Lydla . Pinkham'a
Vegetable Com
pound and it worked
like a charm. It re
lieved all IDT pains
and misery. - 1 advise all suffering
women to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound." Mrs. JEmma
Wheaton, Vienna, W. Va.
Lydla E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound, made from native roots and
herbs, contains no narcotics or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
for the largest number of actual cures
of female diseases of an v similar medi
cine In tha country, ana thousands of
voluntary testimonials are on file in
the Plnkham laboratory at Lynn,
Mass., from women who have been
cured from almost every form of
female complaints, inflammation, ul
ceration, displacements.ubroid tumors,
Irregularities, periodic pains, backache,
Indigestion and nervous prostration.
Every sucb suffering woman owes it to
herself to give Lydla E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound a trial
If you would llkegpeolal advice
about your caa writ a confiden
tial letter to Mrs. PlnVhaiu, at
Lynn, Mas. Her advice) la free),
aud always helpful.
!i " i-
.: Continued from First Tage.)
to operate cars last night by imported
strike breakers. '
The point at which the most serious
rioting occurred Is known ss the Kensing
ton Mill district. In this section of the
city there lives every known nationality,
the foreign element predominating. When
the company announced yesterday that the
cars would be run last night nearly all
storekeepers In the Kensington district,
knowing the temper of the residents there,
Ciosed their stores promptly at o'clock.
As one car after another left the car barn,
crowds stood on the streets in sullen si
lence. Finally a boy cried "scab," and
Immediately he was pursued by a police
man who was riding on a car. As the
officer started for the youth the crOwd
closed in upon him and so quickly was
this done that he was unable to draw his
revolver. This weapon was taken from
him and 1 believed to have been the same
revolver with which Patrolman Levy was
shot a few minutes later.
even 'Cars Wrecked.
The fire, whlcn nud been smouldering,
now burst Into a flame of, fury. The
objective point was Allegheny avenue, and
in less than half an hour seven cars were
wrecKCd, five being completely demol
ished and burned. The police officials
were powerless at the moment to combat
the mob, but a riot call brought a halt
a hundred bluecoats to the scene and the
crowd was driven back. But the damage
had. been done arfti there was little need
for the preservers of the peace so long
as ho attempt was made to run cars from
the barn.
There were also incipient riots at' tha
earns at blxteentli and Jackson streets In
the downtown district and at Forty-ninth
street and Woodlawn av.nua nA rn, ..
first street and Haverford avenue in the
West Philadelphia district. The crowd
grew menacing when an attempt was made
to run cars from the downtown barns. A
policeman who endeavored to quell the dis
turbance was ducked In a water . truh
Twenty-five plain clothes men and police
men were rushed to the scene on a special
trolley and after the cars were run back
into the barn there was no further trouble.
In West Philadelphia some strike sym
pathisers pulled the trolleys from the wire
nd cut. the rope. Several arrests were
made, but In many instances the policemen
were unable to get thqlr prisoners to the
station houses on account of the crowds.
The saloons were allowed to remain open.
out they were not patronised to any great
extent Dy the trolley men., thev having
been cautioned by their leaders earlier in
J A . .. .
"i uay to remain away.' . :
In W est Philadelphia dynamite cans were
placed .on . the tracks and, crowds stoned
the strikebreakers when they attempted to
bring out cars, forcing them to return to
the barn. In the downtown section con
auctors and motormen were pulled from
their cars and their clothes torn from their
backs by mobs of strike sympathisers. Jn
some cases the terrified strikebreakers-had
io no taxen to private houses and guarded
by police to save them from bodily harm.
Murder Suspected
in Binkley Case
. i ' .
Granddaughter v of Aged "Physician
. Says Man Grabbed Her as She
Left Room.
CHICAGO. June S. The coroner's Inquiry
Into the death of Tr. John T. Blnklev. ar..
of KvlnsV1lle, Ind.i who was found dead
In a local hotel last nle;ht, was continued
todjry until June 10, after Coroner's Physl
oinn. Reinhardt had made a -post mortem
essmlhtttlon of the body and discovered
what he declared to be evidence In support
6f the theory that the aged physician did
not commit suicide. . i
-According to Deputy Coroner Kennedy,
UlliO opened the inquest, .Dr. . Reinhardt
found that Dr. Blnkley's left hand was
crippled with rheumatism and expressed
the belief that It would have been diffi
cult for the physician to have shot himself
in jthe left cheek.
A startling statement supporting the mur
der theory was made by Miss Eleanor UP'
church, a granddaughter of the victim of
the shooting. "My grandfather was rour
dered, for I am sure It was the murderer
Who seized me Just as I left the room right
after discovering th body." said Miss
X'pchurch ' when she appeared before the
coroner's Jury today. "When I and ' my
Aiotfier found grandfather dead in hHjt)alr
ana mamma was fainting, tn the hall I
ran -toward the elevator to go downstairs
to get a doctor. A man met me and
grusped me by the arm.
'Whero are you going?' he asked.
"I replied that I was going downstairs.
, ", 'You can't go downstairs,' ho said, and
started to drag me toward a room. I
broke away from him and ran down' the
stairway, as he was between me and the
elevator." , . : , .
According to dispatches from Evansvllle,
Ind , the dead physician's revolver has been
found In his residence at 222 Mary street
In that city. The discovery of the -weapon
wad made tody by a domestic.
Pair of Tragedies Iteaalt from
JlaadlluK of Klrearaua hy
, Children.
SIOUX FALL, S. P., June f.8peclal.)
The accidental shooting and killing of
Floyd McCormlck, aged 18, by his brother,
Cecil, aged It, on a farm north of. Blouz
Falls,- In the western part of Lake county,
was attended by unusually distressing cir
cumstances, the boys had been hunting
vlth a 2i'-callber rifle and had returned to
the house, where they cleaned the weapon.
Cecil, unaware that his brother had placed
a cartridge In the weapon after 1t had
been (leaned, graxped the gun and cocked
It, Intending to playfully snap It at his
brother. The bullet struck Floyd in the
breast at close range and pierced hla heart.
He called for his father and then crawled
Into a bedroom where his mother lay with
a 6-days-old baby, and died on the floor be
fore his mother's eyes. For some time both
the mother and the boy who caused his
brother's tragic death were In a critical
condition as the result of the accident.
While he and another boy were playing
with a rifle, the weapon was accidentally
discharged In some unknown manner, kill
ing the 11-year-old son of E. C Harrison,
cashier of the Qlenham State bank of
Glenham, Walworth county. At the time of
the accident the weapon was In the hands
of Harvey Wilson, aged i, a playmate of
the unfortunate little fellow. Ths bullet
struck young Harrison squarely In the
heart, causing Instant death. "V
Levi Ward Killed by Train.
BEATRICE. b., June !.- Special Tele
gram.) A man supposed to be Ievl Ward,
who has been working at the stone quarry
of Pavls &. Mayne, cast of Wymore, was
killed by Burlington train No. 13 near the
Blue river bridge east of that place this
morning. The body was mangled beyond
recognition. An empty half pint bottle
which had contained whisky was found
near the body. The coroner Is holding an
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(Continued from First Fage.)
That stitement bearing upon the German
report as It did, was necessarily made
with reference to, that, report, the docu
ment which the German government had
furnlRhel.' ' "
Hotn speakers hoot warm.
'I said 'nothing of the kind," hotly re
torted the Rhode Island senator. "I was
discussing the general proposition of any
effort to Influence our tariff legislation."
Continuing. Mr. Aldrlch said he did be
lieve the course of the German manufac
turers had been pursued w 1th a viow of at
fectlng American ' legislation. Mr. Aldrlch
then rehearsed the entire incident and said
he had been at a loss to account for Mr.
Plone's intention Ih the matter unless he
appeared as a representative of the Ger
man government. ' This Intimation made
Mr. Stone mad. His face flushed and there
was far more than the usual animation In
his reply. His manner was tense, his
language terse. "That v statement," he
said, "is an Inpertlnence," and apparently
feeling that his, characterization1 had not
been strong enough, he added: ."Yes, it Is
worse than an Impertinence."
. This remark ihad been Interjected in Mr.
Aldrlch's - speech and apparently without
losing his temper ho proceeded with his
recital of the details of the whole transaction,-
concluding With a ststement which
hsd reference to the Missouri senator.
. "fow," Jie eald. ;'-'he may : explain .-why
b .takes such a-greai.lnterest In the mat-1
tor if he,.oan do- so?"
. Mr. 6lone, manifesting his resentment of
Mr. Aldulch's effort to connect him with
the occurrence, said;., "I am an American
and I represent American Interests on this
floor as much.' as does, the senator from
Rhode . Island aid , I resent his effort to
place a. stigma-upon me. I repeat that his
expression in an impertinence, a gross im
pertinence." He deqlared there had been
absolutely , no-, excuse for .Mr. Aldrlch's
statement concerning himself. "I do not
call on him to retract,." he continued, "but
I do say that no senator should make
such an utterance of, affront to a, great
and friendly power as was originally mads
by this matter." ' ..
Admiral loa . tor Germans.
"I hare as gpeat an admiration for the
German people and, for , their great m
peror as anybody can possibly have," re
sponded Mr. Aldrlch with energy.
"I Insist this is. a regrettable circum
stance," continued Mr, Stone. "It is to be
regretted that a senator widely known and
with such' large. Influence as the senator
from Rhode Island should. have so far for-
gotten himself . and so far forgotten .tha
proprieties, however great the exigency of
the moment, as to offend, a rriendiy gov
ernment as he did. with so little provoca
tion. The German ... jroveroment was not
guilty of. any . Impropriety nor" Imperti
nence." ... . . - ... .
Mr. Stone said the German government
could not. Itself, directly, nor ' through any
of Its diplomatic, representatives, .call the
senate to, answer "for what. has taken
place In that body."
"It Is for that rsaeon," , continued the
Mlsourl senator, . "and tfcat the German
government and people may , understand
that the senator from Rhode Island' in what
he says -and th--senatar from New York,
Mr. Depew who spoke In the fame fashion,
stand alone in the senate of the United
States and In this -matter do not have the
sympathy or the support of their col
leagues, that I have brought this matter
Up hers." ; ,
- Itoarree' for .gcrtar Wilson...
MONTREAL,, QuebeO. June -3. At a spe
cial convocation ttf the governors of Mc
Glll university this afternoon, the degree
of doctor of laws 4vas conferred upon
Jutim Wllunn. secretary of agriculture:
Glfford Plnchot, chief of .. the forestry.
service or the united states, and nr. James
Karl Russell, dean of the teachers' col.
lege of Columbia university. New- York. '
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