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is the fire-proof substitute for
the inflammable wood lath.
It Prevents Crocking. and Falling
of Plater cn Valls and Ceiling.
Adopted by the U. S. Govern
ment and used everywhere in
all good buildings.
Write for circular.
84 Van Burn Street, CIIICAQO
Tried and Time Tested,
A durable light weight roofing for flat or
steep surface on Store Buildings, Ware
houseB, Factories, Barns, Sheds, Farm
Buildings, etc. Applied with a liberal
guarantee by a reaponaible concern.
Sunderland Roofing and SudpIv Co.
1006-8-10 Douglas Streei Phones: Doif. 871; A 1225 j
. I .. . ' . r i. . i ; I v x .',.;; I. , .
ptoh?i cold. The IrlMl vMtlbul I one
thut Is at loat nix lnrhr grralrr In width
thnn the UJth of the front door and from
two to two Ohrt on-hlf tlmen the width
of the front door In lenjtth, with both In
KMe onl ontfldp doors In thi center of the
' vpMilmle. If tlirre In attll room at rttlie:
' or loth end of the veMibole fur a cloak
! cloret. ao much the letter. Tlieta need not
: have dooro, a hanging curtain will eerve
' jtist as well.
VI. Question What wooda make the
hrst floors? How often ehould they be
, flnh.(l.
, Answer Maple, birch or oak aro all good
floors, with prefcrenoe. for .the maple. It
Is a very clofle-irralned wood and la, thero
i fore, very easily cleaned ai.d can also be
obtained of even color. In reRiud to the
proper flnlxh for n floor, thi-re are a pre.it
many of thcin on the market that are roikI.
and whether It be waxed or varnished.
' makes but little difference In the perma-
nency of the finish, for the finish on all
I floor must be kept up. They should ha
rone over at least twlre a year, especially
not less than lf-0 panels of fai'lnK brick
that comprise all the color of tlio rainbow.
In worn spots. There I no finish that Is
i absolutely permanent.
I It 1H.AC01. ic
Your Children!
Will point with pleasure to the "Old Home" where
they spent their ehildhodd. They cannot do this if their
childhood recollections are filled with moving days and
different houses, as is the case with the family that rents.
Will they know what the word "Home" means, its
advantages and the joy and pleasure in striving for,
and attaining it T
The home may be theirs and yours if you take ad
vantage of our easy monthly payment plan. No more
moving. You live in your home while you pay for it.
Our Secretary will explain our plan. x .
Omaha Loan & Building Assn.
S. E. Cor. 16 th and Dodge Streets.
Geo. W. IiOotnia, Tree. O. M. Nat linger, Secj. and Inm.
V. B. Adair, As t. Sec'j. -
Asseta, f 2,600,000.00. fteaorre, $00,000.00.
m - I " . I MM
LaBBnBaaamaajsapi J Y'Tz ji ji c.sin.i .
I j -oovn ; ji 111 imnlfc HVi tlAl I L 0- jmma j
hi 11 l '
t M n 8?
I vE.xriF5Tioy-t ' 111
I I .HHw.ii -X3ll IC' ffl I
p !7",fc' i i
k I . Ill
. I f I -J
a rtp, rt -1
Marked Increase la Ve f Tkla JU.
terlal In Omaha I Xote4.
This seon marks a distinct tncreaso In
the use of brick Instead of frame f;r resi
dence construction. Thr hrlc!; "hnh'.t" Is
taKlnt bold of home builders nil over the
country and not without pood reason.
While the first cost may be slightly htjrhcr
than that of frnmo It Is obvious tlgit tho
cost of annual painting and tho natural
deterioration of wood v.-lll !n n few years
luru the figures In favor of brick. Another
ract that has developed from a study of
brick residence construction In other cities
Is the fact that such houses will, after a
period of ten years, sell for from 10 to 20
per cent higher price thon the same frame
houses of equal orlRlnal cost. Therefore,
a an Investment brick houses are afer
than frame.
Comparing the rental value the argument
also favor brick as a material for build
ing houses. A brick exterior I Indestruct
ible and handsome. A home builder can
well afford to think several time before
housing himself within frame wallx If a
brick house can be built within his means.
Omaha architect are among the best housj
designer In the west and yet they have
been seriously handicapped by owner who
persist In building of wood.
It Is a toplo of common conversation that
the new residences are more beautiful than
those formerly erected. Brick la the most
faithful medium through which to express
architectural beauty, and at this time there
Is so great a variety of facing brick of high
quality and remarkable color that there
may be seen on every street aome new
building that Is an ornament and credit to
the city.
In one establishment alone may be seen
Solving the Home Building Problem
ier Co.
Independent LumI
PHONES A-3216; C0U6. H-639
40th and Leavenworth Sts., Omaha
New Company Hew Bright Stock
Arthur O. Clausen, Architect.
Our Cuts strengthen yaur adj; In
crease your sales, sell your goods.
Baker Bros. Engraving Co.
Note For several Sundays answers to
questions of general Interest on home
building will bs given In this department.
1. Question Can an architect absolutely
guarantee the cost of a home or building?
Answer Many people have the mistaken
Idea that It 1 simply necessary to tell their
architect the amount of funds they desire
to Invest and that he can, as a matter of
course, build for them just the house which
their fancy pictures, regardless of Its slse
or how many bays, porches or other lux
uries ar desired.
When an architect tells you frankly that
you are attempting to build a home beyond
your means, do not blame him afterwards
for having wasted bis time and yours, if
you Insist upon having your way. Also re
member that your architect is not a con
tractor and cannot tell you exaotly In ad
vance Just what your house will cost. The
architect and contractor bear the same re
lation as doctor and druggist the one pre
scribes and the other fills the prescription.
Tour doctor can seldom 'tell you the exact
cost of the drugs ha prescribes, yet the
architect Is often expected to estimate ao
ourately in advance the cost of a house
without knowing what builders will be in
vited to bid upon it, or bow anxious the:
may be for the Job. For example:
A borne builder went to an architect am
had him plan a home which was to co:
KOOC." Five contractors wero Invited .
give, estimates and their bids ran fro
fi.tQO to 15,500. with only one contractor gh
ing an estimate within the require,
amount. Had this one contractor, throug.
some chance, not been invited to bid o.
the work. It can easily be seen that ttv
architect would h.ve been blamed for has
Ing run up the cost of the house. For tin.
reason it may be taken for granted tha
any architect who claims that a certain
house can be built for a certain specified
amount, regardless of locality, Is not deal
ing with his prospective client honestly
An architect can estimate the cost, but no
reasoning person would blame him for no.
correctly guessing the amount of the low
est contractor's bid.
Experience has proven that It Is best U
at least double, and some times treble, in.
cost estimate placed on designs which wero
published by most catalogue architects
These so-called architects have been quick
in recognising the weakness of the averati
home builder for wanting to put up a larg.
house at small expense and have arranged
the cost estlmato In their catalog ueaecord
Ingly. It - is a dishonest practice whic)
should be roundly condemned.
II. Question Why does one home some
times cost so much more than another of
the same slse?
Answer One of the easiest ways In
which to run up the coat of a house, Is to
Include too many odd iliad window,
Mr. Clausen 1 the author of a
well Illustrated book containing a
J treat many designs of modern
ion.es. complete p.ans for which
will be furnished to Bee readers at
reduced prices. The book Is enti
MBirr or xoms bceld-
48 Chapters 300 Illustrations.
A beautiful and practical book con
taining complete Information on the
planning and designing of every kind
of home. It contains extensive article
on that popular style of home, The
American Bungalow, also the Two
Btory Bungalow, BUNQAIOWS
BUILT FOK TWO, Homes of Dis
tinctive Character, Planning tha Cot
tage, the Country Home, the Farm
Home, Homes for Special Flaces, The
Duplex House, eto. There are ex
tensive illustrated articles on en
trances, windows, stairways, fire
places, porches, kitchens, pantries,
cement construction, articles on what
not to do In building a home, the Let
ting of Contracts, the Practical Bido
of Home Building, the Sentiment of
Home Building, etc., etc. Price, post
paid to readers of The Bee, tl. Send
all orders to Arthur C. Clausen,
architect. Studio, 10)3 Lumber Ex
change, Minneapolis, Minn.
Officers of t'. . Hall In,
The C. W. Hull company, with offices at
K03 Fattinm St., hove recently added a
faco brick department to their nh ly well
established business. Tl.ls dcimrtiiienl la.
pertmp. the most complete ono of It i kind
In the west. The red press brick naturally
Is tho one that Is most re.jc.lreil, of which
they carry twenty-flvn different 1 linden;
the following are a few of the other va
rieties of face, front and press brick they
are showing: Light buffs, yellow buffs,
dark buffs, light grays, lucdlnm Frays,
dark grays, buff Iron sk.U. pray Iron
spots, old gold Iron spols, buff mottled, red
mottled, chocolate mottled, pray muttlcd.
lemon Impervious, red tnpestry or oriental,
chocolate tapestry, vitrified taco puvers,
colonial brick, Antique bi Icli, mantle brick,
glased brick, enamel Illicit, ornamental
brick. In addition to their regular II inn,
which are coal, cement, plaster, lime, sand,
concrete stone, sewer pipe and drain tlie,
they now sell the tnoM complete Hue of
special con"s( ruction material, such a
metal lath, woven w,od lath, metal cen
time mid shingles, i'Xuu!.d icl.it nclnrf
metal and reinforcing steel bars, curuuf
bends, wall ties, wall pl'.i, floor plules,
post caps, joist hangers, anchors, coal
chutes, sidewalk lights, motul windows and
doors and strips, the best gradc.i uf roof
ing, waterproofing, mortar colors, fioot'
tile, roofing tile, etc. A visit to iln Ir new
yard on South Twenty-fourth diet, one
lilociv Dortli of Vinton, wi.l convince tho
most skeptical of their excellent facilities.
The warehouse at this yard Is built of sle 1
and concrete, exclusively. It Is ono blocli
long and has a capacity of np proximately
15 000 tons of coal and 2 cm I null of
cement and other package nmttri.il.
word "Dlrf
Clever June.
The mistress wrote the
across tho dusty table.
Then sin called 1 the attention
"Jane," she chillingly said, "do you fceo
And she pointed di amalicnlly nt tho writ
ten word.
The nnild looked down and studied the
"What Is It. ma'am." she mildly asked;
"vou'ro family name?" Cleveland I'lalu
m m
Courtland Oeacli
Picnic Grounds
Special Inducements to Lodae So
cietiea nd Irlvate Picnic Parties
, W. R. GOURLEY, Mgr.
Courtland Beach Amusoment Co
ays, lnglenooks, window seats, fireplaces,
oiumns, beam ceilings, etc., requiring a
onslderable extra amount of work. Ono
I replace is enough for the average sized
iome. It Is a little cheaper to let separate
ontracts for the heating and plumbing,
.t does not pay in the long run to try
md economize too much on the cost of
.he heating and plumbing, when one Is
selecting the fixtures; they should be good
and sound. A tin bath tub Is a poor In
vestment and a one piece enameled lava
tory will save much annoyance and plum
bers' bills.
III. Question Why do many beating
plants fall to heat properly?
Answer There are probably ten poor
eating plants to one good one, and tho
ault Is more often due to a lack of
natlng capacity In the butler or furnace,
as the case may be, than to any othur
single cause. No matter how much radiu
lion, or In other words, how many regis
ters or radiators, there may be In the
ouse, If the heater has not sufficient
capacity to keep them hot the house will
not be comfortable. It is a good 'plan to
order the boiler or furnace a llttre larger
than the required capacity, for It Is Some
times found after the homo Is built that a
certain room requires more radiation to
make It comfortable, or when this Is not
necessary If future additions are made to
the home extra radiators will bo re
quired. And In the meantime a large coal
bed in the heater, with plenty of good
heating surface In the boiler Is cheaper
and less annoying than a heater off small
IV. Question Is a fireplace an unneces
sary luxury? What are the best materials
to build them of?
Answer There is nothing more cheerful
on a winter's evening than a bright wood
fire in an open fireplace. Yet this Is
luxury which everyone cannot afford. A
fireplace Is not only a means of getting a
quick fire, but when properly designed It
Is also an ornamental addition to any room
and a good ventilator at all times. More
mistakes are probably made In the "buUd
Ing of fireplaces than In any other one
feature of the hpuse, both as to structural
build and artlstlo appearance.
The home builder Is advised to have his
architect design the fireplace and have It
built especially for him. There are but
very few read-made mantels on the market
that are worthy of going Into any modern
home. The extreme of oddity, lnharmony
and freaklshness seems to have been
reached by cabinet makers In the designing
of some modern fireplaces, a neat shelf
projecting ten or twelve Inches and a
plastered wall above, on which to hang an
oil painting, looks far better, shows better
taste and Is less expensive than most
ready-made mantels. Red Is a good color
for a brick mantel, although there are sev
eral good shades of buff, green and other
colors which make neat appearing mantels.
If desired, the mantel can be of tile or of
stone. When the latter Is used, however,
It Is not advisable to burn coal In the fire
place, as the Intense heat Is apt to chip
the stone work off on the edges toward tho
V. Question Do you advise a vestibule?
If so, what Is the proper size to make It?
Answer Many people in building their
homes apparently do not take Into consid
eration the real object of a vestibule at
the front door and they make this feature
so small and cramped that Its usefulness
Is lost and it becomes a nuisance. The
vestibule, to be practical should be large
enough to allow the hostess to close the
Inside door behind her, close the out
side door and then enter tho hall. In this
waf the cold north wind does not force Us
way Into the house and but little heat Is
lost. Taking the overage small box-like
vestibule, here Is the program:
The lady of the house enters the vesti
bule, but In order to open the outside door,
she must leave the Inside door open so
that she may back In and allow for the
swing of tho outside door. Her guest, who
is so glad to see her, must, of course,
shake hands, and the lady of the house
gradually pull her into the hall during
that ceremony; then leaves her abruptly
to go and close the outside door. In the
meantime the entire house has been floodeil
with the chill north wind and the baby
We are now in position to show
from a large list .of agencies the
finest Press Face, Enameled and
Common Builders Brick, out of
the largest stock, west of Chicago.
We especially invite Architects,
Contractors and all who expect to
build, and who are exacting as to
material and dispatch, with which
orders are filled, to confer with
us. Get our estimate See our
show room is on the
1805 Farnam Street.
And we invite you to inspect our
Estimates and all information
pertaining to building materials
furnished cheerfully.
, C. B. Havens & Co.
1805 Farnam Street, Doth Phones
Our new
main floor,
Selection, of the right Pace Brick' assures beauty
of appearance. Bee the residences and buildings
erected recently in Omaha. The ultra attractive ones
are faced with Sunderland Artistic Brick.
iT"her'a a difference? Yes.
Do you want our Just-off-the-press catalogue? Full of facts
and figureg of interest to every person interested in the con
struction of buildings. Ask for KpeniaJty Catalogue
"D" No charge of course.
I Fence YoiirTam

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