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unday Bee.
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The Omaha
Upheaval in White Goods
A general stock overhauling, a clearing, a quick rid
dance of all odd pieces, short lengths, etc. Embroidered
Swisses, .mercerized ' goods, lawns, dotted Swisses, every
thing. Goods worth 19c, 36c . Cd I Goods worth 65c, 7 Be and e(
39c. for . ZeC 85c for .0C
Long Cloth 36-inch, absolutely I Nainsook 40-Inch, fine for under
free from dressing, 26c quality, I. garments, 10 yards to box, worth
dos. yards ?2 or per yard. .18 $2.60, for $1.75
A timely mark down on our finest, sheerest poods.
4Vinch Persian Lawns.
39c quality for 22J
60c quality for. 32
C5c quality for. 45
76c quality for 50
regular 29c quality, Monday, at
auwra v a nit 1 r 1 p
Girl Graduate. . .$1.3.1
High School Days
for $1.25
My Graduation. .$2.48
Riley's Poems 95c
Orison Sweat Martlen's
Every Man a King,
Peace, Power and
Plenty $1.00
1 I 1 I I f
I cummer ntjie uooic ana any ioc Pattern- 1
v tor - 200 J
Shoe K
We have Installed a
new shoe shining stand
main floor, shoe sec
tion. It's especially
convenient for ladles
6 shines for....25
ii Oliiliiil UW MM ULOM UOUfllLCI
We are fortunate in having the very newest Eastern
craxe, the natural linen shades in suits, secured by our buyer
in New York last week. Shown for first time tomorrow.
4H-inch tTencii Lawns 1
35c quality for l9t
40 quality for -220
60c quality for .' 320
CBc quality for . . .450
75c quality for., 500
Unbleached Sheeting, full 90-inch,
Monday We Will Sell All the
Bleached Sheets, 81z90-lnch, torn and hemmed, 89c line, Monday, at,
.-yard 690
Bleached Sheets, 81x90-tnch, torn and hemmed, $1.00 line, Monday, t,
yard . 750
Bleached Sheets, 72x90-lnch, soft finish, 68c line, Monday, yd... 390
Bleached Muslin, cambric finish, 36-lnch, c quality, Monday, yd.. GO
Bleached Indian Head for suits and coats, 36-Inch, 15c grade for. -100
Unbleached Mualin, 1 to 20 yard pieces, usual 8 He quality, yard. .5
L . '
Furniture Clearance
A June stock reducing event with prices down to bed
rock. Our regular stock all new and thoroughly reliable.
p i iiifWe offer choice of hundred or more beautiful three-
rarior-OUUe3plec0 parior suites, our entire stock without excep-
25 Pr CtUi Off tion. Fine oak or mahogany suits, leather, silk or
plush upholstering, selling at $16.00 to $76.00, and now at off.
Hrfxiri und Chiffoniers In altered oak. Tuna Mahogany,
uressers ana v-iuuuuiera DuU Mahogany and BlrdBeye Maple.
10 to 25 per Cent Oil 17 patterns includes our entire
stock regular goods. Opportune savings for young couples just going
to housekeeping.
KITCHEN CABINETS Eight style We show Monday cabinets with
large flour bins, two linen drawers and four drawers in top and
bread board; made of satin finish white Poplar. $6.98
Larger Cabinets with nickel zinc covered work table, flour bins, sifter
attachment and numerous drawers and dish cabinets $16.50
Torch Fnrniture Swings Of oak complete with 20 ft. of tinned chain
and celling hooks; great value at. i . . i $3.48
Swing Solid weathered oak, complete for. $5.25
Swings Rustle Bamhpp, complete with ropes $5 and $B
Porch Chairs Many styles 700 980 and $2.48
Porch Settees . . -750 980 $1.25 $1.75 "P $5.00 .
Porch Itockers Good, strong, durable rockers and comfortable re
ducing stock with lowered prices, up from. 75 $1.25 $1.75
Four special lots iron beds, usually sell-
D6C1S 0 Ji6SS ln at 10-00 and 12 00, on Bal8
Brass Redsr All perfect, newest designs,' our regular carefully selected
$20 Beds $16.50 125.00 Beds. $21.50 85.00 Beds. $27.50
SANITARY COUCHES A new kind, full size, drop sides, supported;
: special this week . . . .- '. . .' . . . $3.25
M "Bennett's Special" A $12.00 'mattress for
ftfl3lllP0Q $7.60, full size, weight 60 pounds, filled with
lllUlll.ViJiJVtJ fresh, clean- elastlo felt, covered with high
grade art. ticking;: each. mattress In burlap, bale. . . . . .'. ...... .$7.50
"Bennett's King" Mattress,, guaranteed tea years, heavy, $15.00 mat
tress, Monday, special, .v. . . ; It . ... $10.00
Lawn Mowers, Hardware
Challenge Lawn Mowers, 14-inch width, ball bearing, high
grade crucible steel blades and high 'wheels. : . . . .$3.95
Same machine,' with'plain bearings... : . . . ... . .'. . .$2.85
Grass Hooks or Sickle, handy to
have about,' each -250
Galvanised Wash Tubs
1 9c Tubs, tomorrow ....... 390
79c Tubs, tomorrow 490
89c Tubs, tomorrow .590
Galvanised Garbage Cans
$1.6 Cans, tomorrow 980
$1.75 Cans, tomorrow. .. .gl.25
Grass Shears Good grade, special
Monday, for 190
B. O. E. Sad Irons Worth $1.35
per set, special 980
Family Scales with dial and plat
form, special .' 790
Family Scales with dial, platform
and scoop 980
From the Jos. Brown & Co. Bankrupt Stock
. WW
1,000 clocks of all sorts, fancy, gold clocks, iron and wood
enameled mantel clocks, automobile clocks, traveling clocks and
large hall clocks.
. . This is the first and only lot of clocks
from the Brown stock we have had or will
have. "We bought entire lot. So immense
is- the line we were obliged to hold the sale
separate and distinct from the jewelry sale.
Ample salespeople who can talk clocks
intelligently to wait on you
Uiia ft lrJ
We anticipate a sale fully as big Monday as last Saturday's wonderful
jewelry success. There never was such a clock sale ever held in Omaha be
fore. The bargains will be simply astounding.
Every Clock Less Than Half Price
-Mantel Clocks
8 Day Clocks
Green enameled mantel
clocks, cathedral gong,
strikes hour and half hour;
Brown's price $ft AO
r r -a.
r' uruuze uucks
Copper bronze, with porcelain
enamel dial, visible jeweled es
capement, 8 day cathedral gong;
strikes hour and
half hour. Brown's
price $27.50,
Gold bronze, very beautiful and
ornamental cathedral gong;
strikes hour and halt hour; 8
day clocks C n ss
Brown's price
$30.00 and
$35.00, for
for .....
- Gold Clorks-
ClOCks in genuine
case, worth $2.50,
Large lot all regular
$3.60 and $5 values $1.98
Gold Clocks, very fancy designs,
entire line $5 to $8 clocks, at,
each $2.98
Gold Clocks 2 4-K plate, magnificent
designs, $8 to $12 values. .$3.98
Automobile Clocks Solid brass, mag
nifying bulls-eye crystal; $8.60
clocks $3.9S
Iron Clocks Enameled. 8-day; cath
edral gong, regular $10 value
at ... $4.98
$40 Clocks
Copper bronze, larg and massive
with two images, 8-day, cathed
ral gong; strikes 9
hour and half
hour; Brown's
price $40, for. .... ...
$60 Clocks
Very fine gold and mahogany, 8
day clocks; cathedral gong-
Browns price $60.
One of the big'
f bargains In the '
'sale. Our price . . :
$150 Clocks-
Hall clock of golden oak; 8-day;
strikes hour and half hour on
cathedral bell, pierced $
gilt dial showing'
i moon changes; almost
8 ft. high,... .......
Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry
We continue the sale through the week, while stock lasts,
opportunity for big economies. Buy wedding gifts now.
Pask to But Paint at Bennett's Double stamps, too, Monday.
Best quality Ready Mixed Paiat. Carter's White Lead, 100-lb. kegs,
gallon ; ...$1.30 1 . 'lor q7.S3
$15,000 Stock DIAMONDS Unset Diamonds to
carat, good color and perfect cut, at rate of per carat
Mounted Diamonds run of stack.
$226 grade, carat. .. .$175
$210 grade, carat $158
$175 grade, carat $185
$100 bracelet $50
$200 brooch $100 x
$126 brooch .$09"
Truly there never was a better1
Men's $12.60 7-jewel, 20-year watches $5.08
Men's $14.60, 7-Jewel. 20-year watches $7.50
Men's $16.75 16-Jewel, 20-year watches $8.95
Men's $20.00 17-Jewel, 20-year watches $10.50
Men's $25 and $30 Elgin, Waltham, Hampton and Illinois,
17-Jewel, 20-year watches, 16 and 18 size, for... $13.75
Motor Cloth Suits in natural linen
shade, 36 inch coats, Jet button
trimmed, at, each $5.00
All Linen Suit., 36 inch coats,
plain tailored, Jet buttons, at
each $7.50
Rep Cloth Suit, in tan or white,
38 inch coats, Jet button trim
med, at, each .......$7.95
Knglifth Hep Suit, tan or white,
4 2 inch coat, tan has white trim
ming, white has blue trimming
with pearl buttons, at $12.00
Katnral Belfast Linen Suite. 42
inch coat, collar and cuffs, white
embroidered Flque, at $13.50
White Skirts six styles, fancy
panel and strapped effects, beau
tiful stylish models, at $5.00
Cloth of Gold and Tussah Silk Long Coats, in tan only, 52
inch lengths, with black satin collar, very largo black jet'
buttons, fancy outside pockets $19.50
New Wash Dresses, tan percale,
with blue or brown check and
piped to niatch, low square cut
neck and short sleeves. $3.50
Fine Lawn Dresses, ln best colors,
foot pleated bottom, low neck,
ribbon and beading trimmed at
cuffs, neck and waist, real pearl
buttons, buttoned through $5
Silk Coat Dress, blue and white or
black and white, Shepherd's
cljeck, buttons all way down the
front, lace cuffs and Dutch neck,
at, each $12.00
Whit Lawn Tailored Waist, with
pocket, laundered cuffs and col
lar, pearl buttons size of 25 cent
pieces, all sizes, at.... $1.50
Any Tailored Suit
In Cloth, Black
or colors
SilksDress Goods, Embroideries
Newest Merchandise at Less Than Half
25 Pieces Pongee Silks In natural tan shade, 27 inches
wide, best $1.25 silks, perfectly even and semi-rough
' .weave; tomorrow at , 59c
Black Silk Coating Very similar in weave to old time pop
lin, heavy and lustrous, 3G-inch width; correct thing for
coats; $2.00 quality 95c
Dress Goods 100 pieces miscellaneous styles to clear plain
and striped grays, new blues, 50-inch novelties, novelty
voiles, black herringbone serge, cream French serge, etc.;
all goods worth $1.00, $1.25 and $1.50; tomorrow, at. .50c
Embroideries and Laces
EMB. FLOUNCINGS Lot 24-lnch widths, fine quality, neat, dainty de
signs, desirable for children's dresses, 69c values, at 19
WIDE FLOrNCINOS Very choice Swiss Nainsook goods with elabor
ate designs among them are waist frontlngs, values here $1.00 and
$1.50 yard, our price 39
43-INCH CHEAM NETS Also ecru and white, for waists, yokes.
sleeves, etc., neat pattemB, 75c quality, yard. . 19
i VAL. LACES 500 dozen French and German Valenciennes Laces and
Insertions, imported to retail at 10 and 12Vc a yard. On sale tomor
row, at, yard ' 5
WASH GOODS Standard Ginghams, such as Tolle du Nord and A. V.
C, everywhere selling at42c and 16c, wonderful variety. 350 pieces
yard 7K?
DANISH CLOTH 24-inch cream and colors, half wool, regularly sells
at 16c to close stock, at, yard...... . . 9
Bennett's Big Grocery
Bennett's Breakfast Coffee, -lb. can..v 48o and 60 green stamps
Bennett's Teai. assorted, pound 48o and 60 green stamps
Bennett s Tea Sittings, pound 16o and 10 green stamps
Wiggle Stick Waxers. each . 1....60
FBVITXS Special Monday, Cali
fornia Prunes, lb .o
HEAL Whole Wheat Meal, 10-lb.
sack and 10 stamps 8 So
pie Preparation. S packages
Shaker Table Halt, X packages
BULLHOX' 40 dozen No. l'tlat cans
Bex Lye. three cans
Hartley' Pure Fruit Jams, Jar
Pure Honey, Maaon pint Jar.......
Bayles' Herring, two Jars
Marshall's Kippered Herring, can..
Broiled California Mackerel ,
Strait's Cube pineapple, can
Yankee Kose Toilet Koap, three for.
Wiggle Stick Wonder Wax, six' for.
95o and 20 grean
85o and 10 reen
Tupee Salmon, regular price 16c;
OSo and 10 green
850 and
8O0 and
SOo -and
16o and
,80o and
10 green
10 green
10 green
10 green
10 green
10- vreen
BSo and 10 freen
. :86o and
Revelations of the "Sweating"
- System in London.
Farts Bronikt Oat T Sesuitrew'
Attempt at Suicide Home Work
ers Who Kara from 03 Caata
to ai.lO a "Weak.
. LONDON, June 1 A poor little seam
stress attempted suicide ln London re
cently. She Jumped Into the Thames and
was Ignomlnlously fished out, not drownod
and, not in the least repentant. When
questioned as to reasons for her aet sh
had only on to give. She simply could not
keep body and soul together by working
her hardest at her trade, and ln utter fa
tigue she had decided to end her struggles.
There was nothing very new ln he
siory, du wnen she explained mat sue si
ways had plenty of work to do, the only
difficulty being to live on the prices paid
for her labors, London was aroused from
its apathy long enough to protest against
the "sweating" of women thus revealed.
The House of Lords onoe defined sweat
ing as a condition under which work is
carried on In unsanitary surroundings and
for low wages. There are those who would
add that It is a condition of labor which
does not give the laborer, la return for a
fair day's work, enough to maintain him
self and his. family on la ffectney and
comfort. , 1. ,
Wsaea the taSrerers.
lu England It Is women who are the
greatest sufferers from sweating. Their
average wage, taking It all the year rouad
and "allowing for sickness and slackness,
la Jiot muoh more than S17S a week The
Lancashire, textile trade avaragaf,tl7B, and
la some distrlota as muoh. as $& But this
comparatively hlgh rata Is pulled down by
the East End borne worker, wbo earns
anything from Ct oants to $1.10 a week.
Jo the anskilled women's trades there U
no standard by which wages are computed.
For Instanoa, one famous firm of cocoa
manufacturers pays women far filling bags
with 0000a It cents par tM bags, and
sxaotly the same work Is done Kr 1 cents
for another firm. Iq East London there is
a firm whose girls urn 1H a weak by
passing tea. In the same locality there Is
another firm,'' the bead of whloh Is a well
known sportsman and yachtsman, where
the earnings ef the girls do not average
more than SL87 a week.
The manager of a tlnplate factery re
cently fixed time rates at 11.60 a week for
his women workers, and he openly guvs
the reason that they had taken advantage
of piecework rates to make too much.
Soma of them had actually earned $4!
The average wage paid to waitresses ln
tea shops or restaurants throughout the
oountry does not exceed $2.50 a week. On
this the girls must keep up a neat and
well dressed appearance. ' Then wages are
liable to be Interfered with and reduced.
What Oaa Firm Dwi,
Many firms don'.t pretend to pay their
girls a living wage. The head of a large
company was asked recently bow he ex
pected the girls In his employment to live
on tl.&O a week.
."I don't expect It," he answered. "Imme
diately we hear that a girl has lost her
father or that she has no outside means
of support she Is discharged."
This same firm employes what it calls
"half day waitresses." They work from
11:9 a. m. till 6:M p. m. for U weekly. All
tips are forfeited.
Tho lot of the homo worker is the worst
of all. Miss Mary MacArthur, secretary
of tho Women's Trades Union league, gave
a picture of the home worker In tho Cast
End In an Interview not long ago.
"So terrible Is their llfo that I wonder
that they take the trouble to exist at all,"
he said. "Here Is a single room ln a
Stepney slum. The furniture consists of a
table, a chair, and a bed covered with
vermin. The unfinished trousers at wnlch
the woman stitches serves as a blanket at
"She slaves from daybreak until her
eyes fall, and she never earns more titan
I shillings a week. She sustalua herself
ms Inly almost entlroly upon weak tea.
pome days she drinks fourteen eupa, mak
ing the same tea leaves do service again
and again. That Is one of the women
slaves of England, and there are thousands
in similar plight
"I know many women who make men's
shirts at Is or 8d a dosen. I have even
found the actual worker making at 8d a
dosen. shirts which bad originally been
given out at Is a dosen.
Karainaa at Oaa Girl.
Thar Is a girl In Woolwich. She has
one ahlld. aged I years, entirely dependent
upon her. She Is a shirt finisher and does
buttoning and buttonholing by hand. She
Is paid es a dosen for collars. Remember,
this Is high diaas work. Cotton costs her
from sd te 4d a week. Her average earn
ings are 4sd weekly, or from fed to fed
per hour.
"Swrf day she has to apeod an hour
and a hair la fetching her work, as It Is
only given out ln small quantities. Some
times she has worked with hardly any
break far twenty heurs, from 8 a. m. until
1 a. m. the following -morning. The rent
of the room s Js 64 weekly.
"All this she told the parliamentary
committee. The members of parliament
were aghast. Some were Incredulous. 'But
how do you live, you and the child V asked
one M. P. We don't live,' the woman
replied with a passion In her tone I had
never heard before. 'Often we have no
food at all."
Miss MacArthur contends that goods are
not sold any cheaper when made by
sweated labor. She tells of a fur lined
motor ' coat marked at (106 which was
made for $1.88 by sweated labor and of a
15.26 night dress -for which the home
worker who made It got 6 cents 63 cents
for a dozen of these night dresses. The
employer of the girls who made these
night dresses said he could not pay more,
as there was no profit In his trade at ay.
There are many persona who are strug
gling to organize and help the women
workers of England. There is a scheme
for a trades board which shall fix a legal
Scenes at. the Annual Inspection of the Omaha Police Force
I BS 1 I i Saf kaT'-i
"fi -'to' II
Appearance and Discipline of Men Draws High Compliment from the
Mayor and Commissioners Who Examined All Carefully and Critically
--"i"nn v . -'-i jj--t- 1
.'r 1
-aat- M
Back Row: Sergeant Samuelson, Sergeant Tony Vanous,
Sergeant Cook, Sergeant Slgwart, Sergeant Whalen. Front row: Cap
tain Dunn, Chief Donahue, Captain Mostyn, Sergeant Hays. . No. 2:
Officers lined up for roll calls; No. 3, Inspecting the emergency squad.
Special Officers Morgan and IUegelman; No. 4, Inspecting the Automo
bile patrol wagon. From left to right: Captain Dunn, Chief Dona
hue, Mayor Dahlman, Commissioners Wapplch, Karbach and Hunter.
Commissioner Hoye waa unable to attend the inspection on account of
minimum wage, and there are other prop
osition which will help to do away with
the present sweating system If they are
ever put Into practice.
Brandeis Corner
Once Very Cheap
John Longpre, Father of Mrs. J. E.
McVann, Bought it for $200,
Old Papers Show.
John Longpre, father of Mrs. E. 3. Mc
Vann, who died last Sunday at Kock
Springs, Wyo., from throat trouble, was
the former owner of the corner of Six
teenth and Douglas streets, where the
Brandeis building now stands, having
bought It at one time for t200.
This fact became known ln looking over
Some of Mr. Longpre's papers. Ills for
mer home was on that corner, and Mrs.
McVann was born In the old resldenoe of
the family at that location.
When Mr. Longpre sold the lots It was
to "move closer to the city, as he was too
far out." He moved to a home on South
Tenth street.
Mr. Longpre was with the Union Paolflo
Railroad company when the road was be
ing constructed, being ln the telegraph
department, and It has been learned he
was one of those heroic men who followed
Or went ahead of the construction gangs
and put the first telegraph line across the
desert which made Instantaneous communi
cation across a continent possible.
Italt Saya Judge's Instruction Cb
detuned Ilia Client, the Greek,
to Scaffold.
Argument over a new trial for John
Masauredls, the murderer of Officer Ed
ward Lowery, Saturday morning was not
as perfunctory as arguments of the kind
usually are.
Attorney James Rait told the court that
his instructions had "condemned and con
victed the Oreek"; J. II. Maofarland as
serted that the "verldct was the result of
passion and prejudice"; County Attftiney
English In reply said that one of Mac
farlttnd's contentions was "the most out
ragtous proposition ever advanced In a
court room."
Judge Sutton did not decide the motion
and said he would not for two week' at
least fcluce authorities had not heen
quoted to him, be asked the attorneys to
file briefs on the polau ef law advanced.

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