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Well Here we are again !
' An old acquaintance back.
Just as happy, just as snappy,
just as gingery, just as enticing
-int.i.ij mmmar
' 111
Transfer of Stock Givei Rii to An-
iwer ia Affirmative.
Water rower Moaopolr fall to Hare
Tarawa Its Tratarlra Ahoat tae
Bab-- PraJ-ct la Tilt
New Seminary .
for Omaha in
Biblical Institute
Erection of Building an J Enlarge
ment of Work Plan of Swed
ish Free Church.
909 J U N E 1909
I 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10 II 12
13 14 15 16 17 18 19
20 2122 23 242526
2728 2930
Hav Boot Print It.
Xndolpn T. awoboda. Public Accountant
ain.aart, phatorraphar, 18th Farnam.
Kaya, photo, removed to lath Howard.
. S. Comba. axpert optician, 1620 Doug-.
JCqnlfal llfr Policies. at.ht drafu at
Maturity. H. D. Neely. manarr. Omaha.
Qaorr X. HOora la now with the
Union Outfitting Co.. 1316-17-1S Farnam BL
kdlawild Sutter la churned from paataur
. Ixd cream and aold only in cartona. David
Jole Creamery company
Tar Ar Sa-aral Ways af aavla; The
Nebraaka Savings and Loan association
way, and others. - Our way fay a- per
tent., Board of Trade building.
Ksstdemoe toll far $40O Mr. and Mrs.
. K. Lovtll Dunu have sold their residence
at 11H South Twenty-eighth street to
Charlea W, Klse and Green A. Denham
for H.B0O1-;
Memorial to Thomaa A. Oralgh Grant
Tost', Grand Army of the Republic, -will
Void special memorial service Tuesday
m-enlng- ln-honor' bf the lata department
and 'post commander, Thomaa A. Crelgh.
Baglea Postpone Their Tlalt The offi
cers of the grand aerie of the Eagles who
acre to. have been In Omaha Monday have
postponed their visit for a week. It was
planned to give them a dinner at the
Omaha Field club end to take them to th
den In the evening to the Ak-Sar-Ben Ini
tiation. . Damage Molt Settled Oat of Ooart The
suit of Peter Wolf against th Cudahy
Tanking company for damages following
Injury by th explosion of ammonia tanks
' has been settled, th attorneys for the
Cudahy company allowing 13,750. Twenty
Alt Who
W6uld Enjoy
rood hoaith, wK& Ha Mssafags, snort tm
derstaod, quit dmAj, tha f favolro tha
question af riht living wish, all tk tena
impliea. With proper kBOwfedf of what
Li beat, each hour c4 woraeioa, of anjoy
BaMi, tt mtapUtoa and of sSort may
ba mxte to aontrSbuta ta frrifif aright;
Then tist hm of tmdktaae aaay be di
peoaed with to advent ga, but ondsr of.
; dinatr aonditioag to many Instances a
rimpie, vbolaaoma romady may ha Jnvaltt
sbie if takan at the proper tins and tha
California fig Syrup Co. hold that it ia
alike important to preaent tba subject
truthfully and to supply ths one perfect
Laxative to those dasiri&g It.
' Cooaequcatly, tba Company' Syrup of
rigs and Elixir of Senna gfrva general
atkf action. To get H beoafteial effect
buy tba georina, maoufaetarad by the
California Pig Syrup Co. octj, and for aalo
T all leading druggist
The Cost
CAeaaesa aa
Ppera La tka
It' Inter
esting and
It s Pre.
Band for a
1521 Howaru (Jt., Omaha
wltnestea had been summoned to testify
for the plaintiff.
ad Tim to Carry a Trunk While Jack
Payne, 1W0 North Thirty-sixth street, was
away from home Sunday someone entered
his house by using a key In the front door
and stole a small trunk which contained
a variety of goods. Later the trunk was
found unopened In a ditch a short distance
from the house.
Bicyclist Srae atret Car Company
Karl Krauss, a minor, has 'brought suit
through his mother, Frederlka Krauss,
against the Omaha c Council Bluffs Street
Railway company In district oourt fur
S5,000. He was riding a bicycle at the cor
ner of Tenth and Pierce May 7, this year,
when run down, as the petition asserts.
Tent Thief, Pad A tent burglar
visited one of the canvas dwellings at the
Young Men' Christian association park on
the east end of Cut-Off lake Sunday night
and stole some clothes and a time book
containing two checks from W. H. Cleve
land. The matter was reported to the
police, although It occurred outside of the
city limit.
eaa th Barglar pie A burglar helped
himself leisurely to silverware, revolver
and other articles in J. C. Doedyn'a house,
Z70S Fort street, Sunday evening while the
family was at Florence. Just as the thief
was about to leave with his haul Doedyn
came home and saw the visitor running
out the back door. The police are looking
for him and the stolen property.
Come Par for Jury Serriaa Scott Dunn,
formerly of South Omaha, I a good cltl
en. He traveled all the way from West
Point to Omaha Sunday to report for Jury
service, having been drawn- on the new
panel. Dunn who took up his residence In
West Point a few days after registering
last fall in South Omaha, Is, of course,
now Ineligible for Douglas county service.
He was unaware of this and so cam to
Tooth Own th mingv After holding A,
L. Parker and Louis Kasa, two young men
.from Stockton, Cal., since Saturday be
cause they had a valuable diamond ring
and wer trying to sell It at a low figure,
the police have released them. It was
learned by telegraph from Stockton that
the youth were known to possess such a
ring. At first they were thought to have
stolen It.
geld for Abandoning Children On th
chtxrg of children abandonment, Fred Mc
intosh, a painter, was bound over to the
district court Monday morning from police
court Hi wife, from whom he Is sep
arated and who lives on Wool worth ave
nue, was th complainant. She testified
that Molntosh told her he no longer cared
for her last winter and left her and three
children without support On of th chil
dren ha died sinoe.
bad la Bartons Trouble On the charge
of breaking seal on Northwestern box
cars, Seigel Lovclady, who live between
Seventeenth and Eighteenth on Dodge
street and ha been In th clutches of
Mogy Bernstein before, was arrested Sun
day night. Two other lads who wer with
him escaped. It is said the trio broke
three car seal and stole some empty bot
tles from one of the cars. Officer Bern
stein took charge of the case.
JTUoa Wins th Oertifloet Alfred A.
Nixon baa won th membership certificate
In th South Omaha Live Stock- exchange
held by hi former partner, Cassius
Sparger. Judge Troup banded down Mon
day afternoon a decision sustaining th
contention of plaintiff In th case. The
certificate was deposited as collateral on
a note, when th partnership of Sparger A
Nixon was dissolved. It was asserted by
defendant that Nixon assumed and failed
to pay obligations accruing from the old
partnership of Sparger Linberg, when
rixon displaced the latter. On this the
court held otherwise.
X-awyer Charges Klsooadast A charge
of misconduct - made by T. J. Mahoney
against C. J. Smyth enlivened the suit of
Blair against th Kingman Implement com
pany before Judge Iay In district court
nonvay morning, int orusn cam ovr
questions put to Calvin Blair, the plaintiff,
on cross-examination. Following objection
by Mahoney, Smyth proceeded to argue the
competency of the testimony. It waa In
the course of thi argument that Mahoney
interrupted to declare that th other attor
nay was wilfully trying to lnflueno th
Jury rather than argue the question. Fol
lowing a denial th Jury waa excused and
th question then argued out. .
Director of the Nebraska Power com
pany, which proposes to harness the Loup
river to secure electrical power, have au
thorised the secretary to exchange shares
of common stock for the common stock of
th Nebraska Central Irrigation company,
which corporation ia capitalised at 11,000.-
000 has out 28,000 shares of stock and In
vested (.100,000 In an Irrigation ditch.
It is the claim of the officers of the
Nebraska Power company that a tentative
contract ha been signed with one of the
great electrical companies and the perma
nent contract only awaits the return to
New Tork City of some of the heads of
the company, as the engineers of the cor
poration have made a favorable report.
In the organisation of the Nebraska
Power company H. E. Babcock has been
more or less associated wtlh the General
Electric and th Westlnghouse Electric
and Manufacturing company. Mr. Babcock
has always said it was at the Instance
of men high In these great Industrial cor
porations that he started the proposition
of furnishing electrical power to eastern
Nebraska by harnessing the Loup river.
This association and the positive assertion
of officers at this time that one of the
largest electrical companies In the coun
try has signed a preliminary and agreed to
sign a permanent contract upon a favor
ible report from one engineer, who has
reported favorably, leads to the belief that
the Loup river has been annexed by "the
water power trust."
RooaeTelt Pointed It Oat.
The monopoly waa pointed out by Presl
dent Roosevelt and since his attack it has
been discovered that one or two com-
That is the Deft of the "Traitor" l" fa'h'r?? Ln.
aw w :a avs i v J (ai a, v. i w wnti j
Democrats in Council.
He Expects to Sead to the Coanell
Aboat the flam Domany List
that He Babmttted Last
According to Councilman Berka council
affair a far as the mayor' appointment
are concerned are In statu auo. No con
ferences have been held, he says, the coun-
ollmen have not ben to see the mayor, and
the mayor has not been to see the council
man, and, a far as he knows, there has
been no change In the condition since last
Councllmen Berka and Hummel say they
do not know what will be the outcome or
when. President Burmester and Councll
men Davis say they have no intention of
paying heed to the city attorney's recom
mendation regarding the appointment.
Councllmen Brucker and Sheldon, "traitor'
democrat, say th mayor must eventually
"come across," and the mayor continues
to declare that he will stand by his guns
to the last ditch and will never run up a
flag of truce.
Mayor Dahlman expects to tend to the
and secured the water rights.
It I generally supposed the General Elec
trie ha secured the Loup River company,
which means the company will make elec
trical power cheaper than It can with coal
but whether the consumer will get the
benefit is a matter of conjecture.
Her are some of the enterprises which
the General Electric control according to
the government reports:
United States Electric Securities. Elec
trlcal Securities corporation, Electric Bond
and Share company, Schenectady Power
company, Carolina Power and Electric
I.irht coirmanv. RorklnKham (North Caro
lina) Power company, Animas rower ana
Water company (Colorado), Central Colo
rado Power company, Montgomery (Ala
bama) Lleht and Power company, Summit
County Power company (Colorado), Butte
Electric and Power company (Montana),
Montana Power Transmission company.
Billing and Eastern Montana Power com
rianv. Madison River Power company,
Washington Water Power company (Wash
Inaton and Idaho). Great Western Power
company (California).
Former Weattnshonae Man.
The enarineer who -has Just completed a
report on the Loup river Is E. B. Church,
and President Babcock of the Nebraska
Power company says he waa formerly an
engineer of the Westlnghouse people, but
now "has no connection whatever." The
following are classed by the government
as the Westlnghouse group of power com
panles, and, as Is Well known, the West
council alwliit th nm )( h iAnt lAt
time. He ha been advised by th city lnghoue and General Electric pooled their
legal department that h must stay In the patent in ww ana are generally con.mc.c.
city eVery day and be on th Job constantly
li he wants to be sure that the council will
not steal a march on him. Assistant City
Attorney Rln ha told him that th eoun
cil can pass th first two readings of odl
nance abolishing the ordinance office and
close together" edrhpetitors
Atlantlo Water and Electric Power com
pany, Ontario rower company, Niagara.
Lockport and Ontario Power company,
Albany Power ana juanuiaciurins com
nanv. Savannah River and Power com
nanv. Oainsvllle Electrlo Railway and
pas other ordinances recreating them and ! company, Chattanooga and Tennessee River
then hold them for a year, perhaps, and Power company. North Colorado Power
in an unguarded moment call a special company.
session of the council on an off day wTien Water right on the Loup river are owned
the mayor might be out of town and Dass by the Central Nebraska Irrigation com-
them with the coucurrence of the acting pany, while an officer of th Omaha Watar
mayor. comoany holds the water rights on the
If thi I the case I will stay In Omaha Niobrara river, near the old town of Nio
every blessed minute," declare Mayor brara. which I th best point for a plant.
Jim." "If I have got to be kept her a Two attempts have been recently made by
prisoner Ilk Napoleon On th Isle of St. the general manager of a street railway
Helena I will keep the councllmen prison- and electric power company in which J.
ers, too, and we will see how long one man Oaden Armour Is deeply Interested, to e
can match his wits against nine. Anyway, pure the water ri-hta on the Niobrara
I will not spend as much money If I stay PiVer In Nebraska.
at home." x
Woodward Will
Go Under Knife
Assistant Postmaster is to Be Ope-
rated On for Appendicitis
Tuesday. ,
Assistant postmaster J. 1. Woodard is
suffering seriously from an attack of ap
pendicitis complicated with kidney trouble.
He was takan to St Joseph' hospital Mon
day morning and will undergo an opera
tion Tueaday morning.
Javealle Are) Raising- Grain to Be
Exhibited at tha National
While even the (olid and conservative
New England states are planning a corn
exposition that their best sample may be
sent to Omaha, the Interest ha spread
from th "grown-up" to th children in
th weatwrn state, who are working to win
som of th prtxea.
Some Idea of the llttl fellow who are
growing corn to exhibit at the coming 'Ni
tlonal Corn exposition may b gleaned
from th following report received Monday
from weatern Nebraska:
M'COOK, Neb., Jun 11. 1909 Dea
Mr. Woodard ha been In falling health Friend: My corn grow good. My corn 1
The Biblical Institute which the Swedlah
Free church conference at Rockford, 111.,
decided to locate In Omaha amounta to
the opening of another theological semi
nary In the city, the erection of a build
ing and enlargement of an Institution al
ready In a prosperous condition.
C. Sundell,' contractor In the New Tork
Life building and August Pwensen. car
penter at Thirty-second and Charles streets,
who represented the Free Mission churcti
of Omaha at the Rockford conference, re
turned to Omaha Monday. They are re
sponsible for securing the Institution which
has been located In Chicago, but the dlrec
tora believe It steady grom-th will be surer
In a city such a Omaha and thi city
was selected.
At present there are twenty to tblrty
students In the seminary training for the
ministry of the Free church, and It is
headed by Dr. P. J. Frlnrell, with O. A.
Toung as assistant to the president.
A the conferences of different Swedish
churches have reported favorably on unit
ing, the Institution in Omaha Is likely to
become the training school for the Swedish
Congregational. Mission Covenant a well
as the Swedish Free church.
Rev. A. P. Youngberg, pastor of the
Free church In Omaha, ha been assigned
to TOysberg, Pa., and will, leave for that
city at once with his family. HI suc
cessor will be Rev. J. Westlund of Chicago,
who Is a graduate of the Biblical Institute
and one of the workers for the seminary.
J. C. Olsen and J. F. Hansen of Holdrege,
Trvlng Haleen of Holcomb and Mr. Sundell
of Omaha are three newly elected mem
bers of the board of trustees of the Biblical
institute from Nebraska. All trustees are
western men.
Shakes His Teeth
on Altar of Court
Colored Han Gives His Hand a Crap
Fling and Oat Come Two
With a flourish and a rolling of his
palms, as If he were playing "craps," Wil
liam Singleton, a negro crawdab vender,
909 North Twenty-ninth street, scattered
two of his shiny front teeth on top of Po
lice Judge Crawford's altar of Justice Mon
day morning as exhibit "A" to show that
when he and Charles Murphy, a white
man, mixed in a little fistic argument con
cerning wfio was the best fighter. Murphy
loosened the colored man's teeth by way
of emphasizing his pugilistic superiority.
The trouble occurred Saturday night and
had therefore given Singleton ample time
in which to prepare hi display In den
tistry. After watching the negro Juggle
the teeth around hi bar for a few min
utes. Judge Crawford decided to paaa th
case until Tuesday, when Singleton may
perhaps see Murphy sentenced for smash
ing the former's teeth loose.
Tear Madly Down the Street, Shed
dine Hla Apparel ai Ha
Racing madly down Douglas street, pull
ing off his clothing and throwing It aside
as he went, R E. Dahlgren, who say he
Is a bell boy at the Paxton hotel, was
Intercepted Sunday night by Emergency
Officer Lahey. After running a brief but
strenuous Marathon with Dahlgren, Lahey
managed to get him to Jail In part of hs
clothing. The young man was discharged
by the police Judge, who directed that he
be held for the Insanity commission, as
he seemed mentally unbalanced. While
waiting In the matron's department of the
city Jail a short time afterwards, Dahlgren
again became violent and had to be re
moved by five officer to th cell room.
tor several weeks and has been reluctant
to give up.
Vut Acitm iur tuur jaoney xou a;l
that by using The Be advertising columns
Man Charged with Heaian OaTeasa
Eased Down . Because at
-HI Family.
Albert P. Phillip family of four small
children secured him temporary freedom In
dlatrict court Monday afternoon.
- Phillip, after being arraigned on a grave
Statutory charge, pleaded not guilty. Hi
attorney thea asked that bail b set
not to exceed (1,000. County Attorney Eng
lish held that th seriousness of the charge
against Phillip would necessitate a larger
bond war It not for th -fact that th
man' family would help to keep htm
within th Jurisdiction of the court.
Phillip was arrested by Alfred Millard
some week ago after Millard had tyund
mm in a vacant bouse owned by Millard.
Loeea It Mat ion tm Enfore Allejred
Confession of Jadaanent of
Water Board.
about eight Inches high and I tended it
good sofar. What Is the forst brlse of corn.
Rite soon ana ten me, i win try ana get
the best corn around, and what Is the brlse
of butter, and so goodbye, from
All these letters are answered by A. E.
Hildebrand, In charge of the children de
partment and Junior work. From all Indi
cation the children and young people will
play an important part in the next Na
tional Corn exposition.
Word ha been received from New Eng
land that the six states will send individual
exhibits this year and In the fall of 1910
will hold a New England corn show. The
Judge T. C. Munger ha denied th appll
cation of th attorney for th Omaha
Water CAmiunv Ia mnttr th. .ll.v.J n.
fesslon of Judgment In the United States "nllm" -- -"
Permit Issaed for Addition to Acad
emy of Sacred Heart Which
Will Cost $49,000.
A permit for the erection of a south
wing at th Academy of the Sacred Heart
wa Issued by Building Inspector Withnell
Monday and the work of construction will
begin at Once. The south wing will be
forty-five wide and ninety-eight feet long
and will be three stories high above the
basement. Brick will be used In Its con
struction and the addition will cost (46,000.
Th Sacred Heart academy holds an en
tire block of ground bounded by Burt,
Thirty-sixth, California and Thirty-seventh
streets. The main building and the north
wing were built several years ago. The
new south wing will contain a chapel on
the ground floor and sleeping rooms
Permits for the erection of three double
dwellings have also been Issued. Two of
these were taken out by J. G. Arthur for
dwellings to be erected at Fortieth and
Davenport streets at a cost of S4.360 each
These will be of brick. The third permit
was taken out by F. C. Wllmoth for a
double frame dwelling at IK19 Emmet street
to cost M.000.
J. H. Lite took out a permit for he
erection of a frame dwelling at Thirty
first and Haskell street to cost (1,960.
circuit court, wherein It waa claimed by
th water company' attorney that a con
fesslon of Judgment would follow the dec!
ioa of the circuit oour which waa ad
vara to th city In th two hydrant
rental cases.
Th attorney for th Omaha Water board
had flld a motion denying th Intention to
confess Judgment pending th decision of
th two hydrant rental cases, which con
fession would virtually apply to the four
oases still In th circuit court of th Ne
braaka federal dlatrict The ease will now
the National Corn exposition.
Jaly 10 Fixed as Date of the Event
by the Omaha Presby
Rev. John R. Bennett wa granted a
dismissal from the Omaha to the Kearney
presbytery at the adjourned meeting of the
Omaha presbytery Monday afternoon.
A letter was received from Governor
go -to trial on their nrlta. Th date ( nhallnbrgr. acknowledging his apprecla-
th hearing 1 yet to be fixed.
Paste It
la your hat
coffee DOE3 cauaa a weak
heart in soma persons.
If you're one. quit and un
"There's a Reason"
In th BhoppUg
tlon of th action of the spring presbytery
meeting In endorsing his signing the "day
light saloon bill."
Resolutions were adopted recommending
tn appointment of Rev. R. M. L. Braden
aa pastor-at-large for the presbytery for
th year.
The committee on church extension
recommended to the general board of
church extension that a loan of (300 be
granted to the manse fund of the First
German Presbyterian church at Omaha,
now being built.
July IS waa decided upon aa th date for
th observance of th 400th anniversary
of th birth of John Calvin. The commit,
tea having charge. of th celebration Is
Warren Swltsler and the Rev. K. L.
Wheeler, Charle Herron, C H. Jtnk and
C. M. Juokln.
Hotel Kupper
llth and SCotr.
- Kansas City. Mo.
In th Shopping Dlstrlot,
Hear all th Theater.
BOO Beautiful Booms.
100 Private Baths.
Mot and sold water la all roam.
Bpaolea lobby, parlor.
Telephone la every room.
Beautiful Cafe, Perfeot Oulsia.
$1 to $2.50 Per Day
Buropeaa Pisa.
r. a BKvsoar, ic-.
Superb Blue
Serge Suits
Even the word "superb" fails to
give adequate expression to the many
excellent qualities which distinguish our
Blue Serge Suits for men and young men.
You'll find that in every point of
style, color or fabric these are the neat
est and dressiest garments you could
wear, and they're correct for nil occa
sions, too.
Up to tho usual "Nebraska" high
standard of perfect-fitting, hand-tailored
"We show those Suits in single
breasted and double-breasted styles for
regular, slim or stout men, in sizes up
to 48:
You should see these today at
"Tho House of High Merit
" rr """
Any Cold Can be Cured
tt . . tt t 9t J
f witnout cold cure, couen mixtures ana
... . . . . 1 t All t A -
r the nice opiate niiea mcaicinca. vii run ns
do is to open your bowels wide with
fC u. .s Mflr or nee
That will carry the cold R-ermi nd tyttemlc poiion twar and
you 11 W well in no time, u you iit mm
trpated or nave rneumauim, nvcr or
take an NR tablet to-night ana you u ie
better in the morning.
;4 Get a 25c Box
The I
Service Is of paramount Importance In
travel. That afforded by Rock Island
Rocky Mountain
Is pre-eminently the finest, fastest and
most luxurious of any train to and from
Colorado. Every -"convenience and com
fort of modern railway travel provided
and every detail that tends to make a trip
one of pleasure carefully looked after. A
well ballasted, well-kept, well-graded road
bed insures unbroken rest In a full-site
snowy berth.
Open Omaha Union Station, .
9:30 p.m.
Low round trip fares In effect dally,
write or call,
14th and Ka mam St. Omaha, Neb.
For that tired, run-down feeling eat
I It has all the body-building material in
the whole wheat prepared in a digestible
fr m Trr Sfr frt l-i slrfif
Broadway, Fifth Avenue and 27th St., NEW YORK.
Vv In tha Cantra of
wLAfiS Shopping and
aj3W W'Jv Thoatro DlatrloL
raaarN PUN.
Rooms l.50 per day and upwards.

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